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" The Avían are a descendant species of the Elytran, being that these still maintain some similarities with them, but they don't have the same abilities and characteristics as these. 


They vary in appearance depending on how dilute their Elytran genes are, so if they are lucky some may be able to develop enough to be considered Elytran. Its most recognizable characteristics are the presence of predominantly light-colored and striking plumage, the most common areas where feathers grow are on the face, behind the ears, neck, forearms and the tail (if they present one).


 Some are capable of obtaining wings like the Elytran, but given their small size they do not allow them to fly, only to reduce their falling speed and thus avoid their damage.


 Being bird hybrids, they keep their bones hollow, which, although it makes them more fragile, allows them to be faster and more agile when it comes to moving. 


Avians are unable to eat meat foods, as their digestive systems are unable to digest them, making them sick if they try. 


Despite its hollow and fragile bones, its legs remain strong and resistant as the species has been unable to take flight, allowing it to fall from great heights without suffering any damage. 


The legs of this species, like other features, can be seen as those of the Elytran or like those of normal humans, sometimes they have an intermediate appearance between both species.


 Although they are incapable of taking flight, the Avian still have the need to be in the sky, being thus they are incapable of falling asleep if they do not sleep in the heights. 


This species, like the Elytran, are capable of bonding and communicating with birds, all of whom maintain similarities in behavior and language. 


The Avían have less strong primitive instincts than the Elytran, yet that does not mean that they lack them or that they aren't capable of developing stronger ones. But that depends on the environment you are in. 


These species tend to live in groups, preferably with more of their species, although it is not always necessary."


Since that day Phil's and Tommy's plumage seemed to have grown to be visible to the naked eye. Wilbur was curious to see them like this, and if it weren't for Tommy pushing his hand away after the first time, he'd be playing with the feathers that came out behind his ears.


 They also confirmed that his discomfort was due to the food, because once his diet was changed, he began to feel better, returning to be the same energetic teenager as always.


 And it seemed that things were getting better, although they still hadn't found anything about how to get home, they had managed to be calm and in tune again, in a new routine where luckily Tommy was calm and did not have many worries.


 They were now outside the Pube, next to the wheat fields in front of Tommy's cave.  Wilbur was playing the guitar that he had found inside his antique shop under the shade of a tree, because lately the sun had begun to bother him, but it was not something that worried him much, it was not like he had sunscreen to help him or something like that. 


 Tommy was quietly playing in the lake next to the wheat fields and in front of Wilbur's antique shop, playing with the few axolotls that were left in that pool.


 Wilbur did not know how Tommy could always be distracted by animals, not hesitating for a moment to stop to appreciate the little creatures and their beauty.  He was almost touched .


 It was starting to get late, so if they wanted to be in time for dinner, they should head back to the Pube soon, where Phil had decided to stay because he was feeling a bit tired.


 Tommy said it was because of how old he was, that it was his osteoarthritis.  Both young men laughed at these jokes, even Phil, but Wilbur knew that maybe Phil was hiding something.  After that discussion they had over Tommy, the brunette knew that the older man had decided to avoid telling them about his concerns.


 He knew that he should talk to Phil about it, it would not be healthy for him to shut everything up, in the end he would end up exploding like that last time, but it was not only that.  He was also worried about his friend, he knew he was having a bad time, like everyone else and maybe talking about it would help him feel better.


 He stopped playing the chords that he was practicing.  Maybe once Tommy went to sleep he could talk to Phil about those things.


 "Hey Toms, we should go back to the Pube. I don't want it to get dark while we're out "


 The blonde stopped paying attention to the water and turned to see him before starting to complain as he got out of the water, taking in his hands the slippers that he had left at the edge of the lake before walking barefoot to where he was to lie on the grass.


 "Wilbur, I don't want to go up to Pube.  It's too far and my feet hurt "


 His voice sounded somewhat hoarse, as if he had a cold, days before he had been complaining about how it hurt


 "That's what you get for playing barefoot. Don't lie, just say you're lazy and you don't want to walk "


 He said putting the guitar aside and getting up to approach the blonde while he stretched.  His back ached.


 Still, he did not hesitate to carry the blonde on his back, letting him wrap his arms around his neck.


 "Hold on tight or I'm going to let you fall, okay?"  


 "But what about the guitar?"  


 "I can't take it if I'm taking you, don't you think?  It's nothing, we'll pick it up tomorrow"


 "No, give it to me and I'll take it."


 Tommy said to slap him and annoy him while he insisted that he let him carry the guitar.  The tired chestnut simply gave in and with care to keep his balance brought him closer so that he could carry his guitar.


 Already happy, both of them headed for Ranboo's cave to pass through the portals, as he did not believe himself capable of climbing the stairs carrying Tommy.  He wasn't anywhere near strong enough to do it.


 The walk back to the Pube was just as pleasant as the afternoon they had spent in the meadow, chatting about trivia.


 Hopefully, traveling with portals no longer gave them such exaggerated dizziness as the first time, just mild dizziness and disorientation.


 When they got to the Pube, Phil was waiting for them.


 "Hi mates, how was the ride?"  


His voice sounded a little sore, just like Tommy's. Maybe both of them had got a cold, or maybe it've to do with the origin thing


 "Tommy started playing in the lake with the axolotls. The strange thing is that he still hasn't named them"


 "Take that back, bitch!"  


 The older one just laughed and motioned for them to sit down so they could all have dinner together.A quiet day like any other.


 During dinner they talked about what they had done that day, despite not having been a big deal.  Wilbur could see Tommy's attempts to steal food from Phil, but Phil was obviously aware of that even though his attention was on the conversation, as he slapped Tommy's hand away from him.


 "Stop trying, you little shit. You know perfectly well that if you try to eat that you're going to get sick"


 "But Phiiiil, eating only vegetables is boring. I miss being able to eat other things"


 "We know, Tommy, but for sure if we make you an omelette or something like that, we'd offend Hetta or you would make an excuse for anything we do to you. In addition, with this kitchen it is complicated and here we do not have much variety of food either.  Maybe one of these days we should try to go to the village passed Beau's house or the one that is going straight far after Snegg's house"


 "But that walk is very long! I don't want to walk that much. Can't you two go while I stay here? "


 "No way, Tommy, there's no way I'm going to let us split. Also you said it yourself, it is very far. So we wouldn't know how long the trip would take. Not to mention, I don't really know how many emeralds we have, or how much we would need.  For now we should focus on gathering what is necessary to make the trip. We should make a map or something, because I don't know if you can look at coordinates"


 The younger blonde just rolled his eyes, putting the remains of his food aside.


 "I'm tired, I'm going to sleep."


 "You didn't even finish your meal "


 "I'm not hungry"


 He simply said to walk slowly up the stairs to go up to his room.  Seeing him walking like that seemed like he was telling the truth when he said about the pain in his feet.


 Now that the two of them were alone, Wilbur decided to push away his concern for Tommy's reaction for a moment to talk to Phil about what he had been thinking earlier.


 "Phil, I know you've been more tired lately, but I think it's something we should talk about. Are you sure you're okay?  I know I said I didn't want you to upset Tommy with your worries, but I didn't mean to completely ignore them and stop talking about it.  We are still going blind about all of this and if we don't talk about it, I don't think things can get better"


 "Wilbur, I know your intentions are good, but it's really nothing. It's nonsense and I don't need you to worry about it, I'm an adult to deal with it by myself"


 "Bullshit Phil, I'm also an adult for you to avoid having conversations with me about problems. It’s okay if you don't want to talk to Tommy, but you should at least be able to talk to me instead of behaving like a six-year-old who was scolded"


 "Stop, would you? This is what I wanted to avoid, more stupid fights that are not going to lead to anything. I'm fine, I'm just trying to get used to all this shit and I can't stop thinking about Kristin, okay?"


 "We're all the same, Phil. I understand you perfectly, but for that reason you cannot withdraw into yourself. So get your head out of your own ass and just talk things over to me, okay? "


 "Wilbur, I'm too tired to deal with this shit. We'll talk later, I'm going to sleep"


 "Phil, don't try to run away from this conversation. This is serious, I'm trying to help you"


 "Well, save that help for tomorrow, I'm going to go right now. I'll clean the dishes tomorrow"


 And without allowing him to continue with the discussion, the older one just went upstairs. Now Wilbur was upset, why couldn't they talk things like normal people?


 He tried to clear his mind himself by cleaning the dishes despite what Phil had said and once he was done, he tried to go to sleep.


 Before entering his room, he stopped to look at Phil, who was resting on his many blankets thrown on the floor.  Since he had made it he had refused to pick it up and now it seemed that he didn't want to sleep anywhere else other than there. Honestly, he wouldn't be surprised if his restlessness was because of how badly he slept there on the floor, but despite his insistence Phil still refused.


 He turned his back on her and simply lay down on his bed to try and sleep. The key word was trying, because lately he was unable to sleep because of insomnia. He didn't understand it, he spent the whole day sleepy but when night came, despite his fatigue, he was unable to sleep until dawn.  He didn't know if he was anxious or something else, but it was annoying.


 Despite everything, he continued trying to fall asleep, tossing and turning in the bed with the intention of finding a comfortable position.


 He didn't know how long he spent doing that, but his attempts were interrupted when he began to hear a silent cry.


 That was not good.


 Worried, he left the room in search of the owner of that crying.  He glanced in the direction of Phil, who despite seeing himself spinning awkwardly in his pile of blankets on the floor, didn't seem to be crying.  So there was only one person who could be the one crying.


 Distraught, he quickly enter Tommy's room, seeing him lying on the bed while he is sobbing clinging to the blanket


 "Tommy? What's happening? Are you okay? "




 Hearing Tommy speak in that shaky, broken voice shattered Wilbur's soul, he had never heard Tommy so badly before.


 "Hey, take it easy, I'm here. Tell me what happend"


 He said as he approached the side of the bed and ran his hand through his hair to reassure him a bit.  Maybe he had a nightmare?


 "It hurts... It hurts a lot."


 "What hurts you, Toms?" 


 "The legs ... FUCK, they hurt like hell Wil ... Why do they hurt so much?" 


 It was painful to see him this bad, but he didn't know how to help him. Maybe Phil could know what to do.


 "I don't know, but we're going to ask Phil to see if he can help us. You haven't broken anything, maybe one of the axolotls bit you? "


 The blond shook his head as he bit his lip, perhaps to distract himself from the pain in his legs. That was quite worrying.


 "Don't go please"


 "I'm not going anywhere, okay? I'm going to go out the door to call Phil to help us"


 He said in an attempt to reassure him, staying in his field of vision the entire time, until he reached the door and looked at the older man from afar.  He hoped yelling at him was enough to wake him up.


 "Phil! We need you, it's an emergency! "


 The major shifted in his pile of blankets and raised his head from the pillows.


 "Wilbur, what's wrong?" 


 "It's Tommy, he says his legs hurt and he's crying and I don't know what to do. He hasn't fallen or anything to have something broken or an infection"


 "T-the legs, you say?" 


 Phil's tone of voice seemed to sound guilty.  Why had he asked him that way?


 "Yes, Phil, the legs. Can't you hear? "


 "Wilbur, I think he may have something to do with the origin."


 "What?  Why the hell would it have to do with it?"


 "Because they hurt me too to the point of not being able to get up ... Would you please bring him here with me so we can see how to help him?"  


 Wilbur was shocked by the older man's words. So that was what he had been hiding from him.


 "Phil for God's sake, why didn't you say anything ?!" 


 "It wasn't important, can we focus on Tommy? And maybe we need to look in the books or something to see what to expect or if we can find some way that it doesn't hurt him so much"


 Wilbur was upset and frustrated, he wanted to hit Phil hard. Why hadn't he said anything to him? They were supposed to share everything that happened to them to try to be prepared for possible changes of the origin.  And now because of him they were at that point, where they had Tommy crying in pain and Phil unable to move and now it was Wilbur alone who could help them because he didn't know how.


 But there was no time now to get mad at Phil, he had priorities to focus on.


 Without saying anything, he simply went to carry Tommy being careful not to touch his legs too much to avoid hurting him and tried to reassure him until he left him next to Phil, who soon approached Tommy to try to help him and calm him.


 "Tommy I know it hurts, but I need you to breathe, okay? You have to calm down so we can try to know how to help you... Wilbur go get the books "


" What?!  No way am I going to leave Tommy like this


 "Wilbur, you're the only one who can go down for them. I'll take care of Tommy, okay?  He is not alone, I will be by his side all the time"


 "But what about you? What if the pain gets worse to the point that you can't stand it? "


 "That's you're going to go get the books. Perhaps there is some potion that serves as a calming or something useful. Because I don't think a regeneration or health one will be able to help us in this "


 The brunette nodded uncertainly.  He didn't like any of this, but Phil was right, he was the only one who could do it.


 "Wilbur, please don't go ..."


 "I promise to be back soon, okay? Phil is with you, it won't take long"


 He decided to stop dragging out the moment and wasting time to quickly go downstairs to the basement of the Pube and quickly search for the books he needed. He needed an origins one and a potions one, luckily during those weeks they had been studying, so he soon found the books he was looking for and without further ado he ran up the stairs to be with Phil and Tommy again.


 Obviously the situation had not improved, if anything, Tommy was trying not to cry while Phil tried to calm him down, despite the fact that his face reflected that he was not well either.


 "Okay, I have the books. What should I look for exactly? "


 "I don't know, maybe the characteristics of the species?  Maybe we missed some important detail "


"Phil, there is nothing specific regarding the legs, it only talks about how similar the species are to birds... "


"That's it!"


"What? "


"Wilbur, the legs of birds are special and very different from those of any other species"


"And what the hell does that mean?" 


"Phil, are you serious saying I'm getting fucking chicken legs?" 


They heard Tommy intervene with an annoyed tone in his voice that mixed with the pain he felt. Arguing sometimes they forgot that Tommy was still present.


"WE are getting. And I don't know if specifically chicken, but it's the only thing that comes to mind. That is to say, we already have feathers, honestly it wouldn't surprise me"


"Ugh, I don't want to be a chicken, I want this to stop…"


"Oh Toms... I'm so sorry, but we can't do anything to stop it... Maybe I can find a potion to make it painless, okay? That sure helps"


He said in an attempt to improve the situation, but he was aware that this was not going to cheer Tommy up much. He only hoped that the whole situation would one day end up being just a bad memory.


"Don't think too much about it, okay? And anyway, we'd go the same, don't you think that's funny? "


Phil stepped in to distract him a bit from the horror of what they were going through. Maybe it wasn't the best way, but at least he accepted what they were experiencing and tried to accept what was going to happen.


Wilbur preferred to focus his attention on the potions book, surely there had to be some that would help them, although he didn't remember any in the game, since they arrived they discovered that not everything was the same as in this one, which was somewhat appreciated. So maybe he would be lucky to find something that would work for what he needed.


He leafed through the pages until he finally found a weakness potion, it wasn't exactly what he wanted but the effects of it were just what he needed. The recipe didn't seem complicated, but he had to first make sure he had all the necessary ingredients to make it, which meant leaving the two blondes alone again to go down to look for the ingredients, if he didn't have them all it would be a problem, because he didn't know if they would be able to hold out through the process if he didn't get them.


He preferred not to think negatively and with the book in his arms he went down to search the chests for the ingredients he needed. The potions mostly used similar ingredients, though luckily, they still had the ones needed to make the potions. The downside was that he didn't know how much they would need, but he hoped they had enough ingredients.


He rummaged through the chests and hopefully found the spider eyes, but they weren't fermented. It was honestly gross, but there was no time to lose. He took the spider eyes and some assorted mushrooms and took them to the crafting table to create the fermented eyes and with a couple of water bottles he went to the potions station to start creating the potions. Now it was just a matter of waiting, hopefully this would give them three potions, which with a bit of glowstone dust would create a more effective potion, which would serve to weaken them enough to hopefully fall asleep throughout the process. He hoped that a single dose would be enough, but he did not know how long the changeover process would take.


As he waited for the potion to finish brewing, he had plenty of time to think the situation over a bit. The physical changes were increasing and the level of these was quite different to a couple of feathers growing on the head, because the fact that body parts began to change was terrifying, he did not want to imagine how far these changes would go. God, what would happen to him? He had begun to suspect that perhaps he had begun to develop sensitivity to sunlight and maybe his problems sleeping also had something to do with it, but beyond that he did not know what kind of effects it could have on him. Go through walls? That didn't sound like a scary change like the ones Tommy and Phil were going through.


Maybe that was something he should look into once Phil and Tommy were better, he should focus on this first.


When the potions were ready, he went up with them again to that kind of nest that Phil had set up in the middle of the hall. If he looked at it in retrospect, now he made some sense of it, but it was still strange.


Once with them, he went to hand the potion to Tommy, trying to help him sit up so he could make him drink the potion without fear of choking on the liquid.


"Okay Tommy, I need you to drink this, okay? In theory this will ease the pain and hopefully help you sleep the rest of the night"


"But it smells weird..."


"Tommy, all meds do, sorry we don't have strawberry flavored meds in minecraft. Now shut up and take it"


He insisted and with Phil's help they managed to get him to drink it all despite his face at the bad taste. After that, they laid him back down and waited to see if the potion would take effect.


"Well? How do you feel?"




Tommy murmured as he snuggled deeper into the sheets of the nest. His eyelids looked heavy, as it was not difficult to see that he had a hard time staying awake until he finally ended up falling asleep, generating immense relief for both adults. One less problem to worry about.


Calmer, Wilbur looked at Phil, noticing that he still had discomfort on his face, even though he offered him another of the potions. Seeing the offer, he tried to refuse.


"I don't need to, Wilbur. It doesn't hurt enough to need them, I'd rather save them for Tommy"


“Phil, don't be an idiot. There's enough for you and Tommy, and if not I can always get more. Stop trying to be tough when I know it hurts too and take the damn potion to sleep. I'll stay on lookout in case Tommy wakes up from the effect"


"No way, you're going to sleep too. We can continue working on this in the morning"


"Phil, I'm the only one who can go downstairs to prepare things, let me organize it however I want. I promise to try to sleep, but I have to be attentive in case there are more changes"


It was clear that Phil wanted to continue arguing with him, but they both knew that he was not going to be able to convince him, and Wilbur also knew that he was not going to be able to sleep at all even if he tried, and even less so in this situation.


"Okay... But you better try to really sleep. Tomorrow we will continue discussing this"


Phil said in order to take the potion while he made a face of disgust at knowing about it.


"God, it tastes bad"


Wilbur couldn't help but laugh lightly at the comment, feeling a bit of relief after that stressful night.


"Yes, we have many things to discuss. Let's hope the change doesn't last long, I hate seeing Tommy like this"


"I know... Me too..."


Phil muttered, beginning to look just as tired as Tommy before settling back. Those potions did seem to be effective enough. It seemed that the blond tried to say something else before falling asleep, but the effects of the potion got the better of him, falling asleep before he could say anything else.


"Good night Phil, rest well."