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Passages From Within The Eastern Barrier [Part 2]

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Kaguya realised that Yuyuko could never be reborn again.

She watched the woman converse with a few wayward spirits that had found themselves near the Saigyou Ayakashi so she directed them back to where they should be with nothing short of impeccable mannerisms. The spirits danced around happily, engaging with Yuyuko despite the lack of a physical form and the princess easily conversed with them.

Kaguya found herself enthralled, conduced by Yuyuko's mere presence.

She wasn't fully aware of Yuyuko's background, only hearing vague snippets from Yukari whom avoided the conversation like a human would a virus. There wasn't enough certitude from Eirin's knowledge on Yuyuko either which perplexed Kaguya further. She found that detail, how both Yukari and Eirin seemed to avert the subject, anomalous to begin with and as much as she wanted to press it, the way the two sages bristled made her refrain from doing so.

Yukari couldn't look her in the eyes.

But what the lunarian was aware of made her reassess her immortality.

Her lover had experienced death, a horrific one.

A death that Yuyuko couldn't return from, unlike herself.

It was a denouement to years of suffering. 

Her heart ached as Yuyuko made her way back to her and the scene itself was haunting. Even if the lifeless tree no longer bloomed according to Yuyuko, there was something in its foreboding nature that made Kaguya's skin crawl. Just its mere presence, hanging around like an odious stench marred the otherwise pristine location. 

She wanted to urge Yuyuko to pick up the pace, to get away from the vicinity of that tree, to deracinate her from her past. 

Its vein like branches swept with the breeze, reaching out in Yuyuko's direction like they were trying to claw her back into the hell it was created from. Each branch resembled a skeletal hand, a multitude of them connected to the emaciated body of the tree.

Kaguya balled her fist tightly and inched forward as Yuyuko was finally at a safer distance and the minute she approached her, Kaguya quickly closed the space. The lunarian flung her arms behind the other princess's neck, her hold possessive, protective as her brown eyes remained on the demonic tree behind her.

Yuyuko was startled, her arms enclosing over Kaguya's waist, "Kaguya? Is everything alright?".

It was unusual to witness such an expression on the lunarian's face but Yuyuko had long realised that whomever she brought with her to visit the Saigyou Ayakashi also belied such a forlorn look

Even Yukari. 

Yuyuko had yet to understand why

Her fingers ran through the dark hair as Kaguya exhaled, her chin resting just below Yuyuko's shoulder.

"I'm okay" came the woman's unusually timid reply, "Can we go back home?".

Yuyuko pulled back slightly and lifted one hand away from her lover's waist to place it on her cheek, "Of course. Kaguya.." she said gently, "Are you scared?".

The princess opened her mouth to answer in a blithe manner but found that she couldn't, her eyes darting back to the obtruding figure of the tree. Her hands tightened behind Yuyuko's neck as she moved up closer to the woman, almost like she was attempting to shield them away from its gaze. 

"It's cold here. I suppose it makes sense you cannot tell".

"I hear that a lot" Yuyuko chuckled and pressed a kiss to Kaguya's forehead after brushing her fringe away.

"Do you not feel it at all, Yuyuko?".

The inquisitive brown eyes peered up at her, a flicker of uncertainty glazing over.

Yuyuko had wondered that often.

"I think it is a part of me".

A cryptic answer from an even more mysterious woman.

Kaguya found it all befitting, even though her question hadn't necessarily been answered.

Another frigid chill swept around them which led to Kaguya seeking refuge in the crook of her lover's neck, eyes closed, not wanting to see the mirage of a girl loitering behind the back of the tree.

Her wrists and neck were bloodied, a throng of internecine black butterflies hovering around her. 

What made Kaguya's skin crawl further was the resemblance the girl had to Yuyuko. Her eyes widened as she pulled the woman closer to her, trying to ignore the girl covered with the skeletal branches. 

"Shall we return back to the manor?".

Yuyuko smiled, "Of course".

She led her away, hand in hand as Kaguya attempted to keep her face forward even though there was something calling out to her, pleading with her to look back.

The voice was soft, haunting, familiar

This place plays tricks, Yuyuko had once told her.

Kaguya wondered just how many of those said tricks were a reality that Yuyuko had once lived, endured.

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When Noroiko arrived at Reimaden, the sight she was greeted with was utter carnage. 

A part of her felt relieved that it was nothing personal, Reimu just had no tact and ploughed through whatever enemy faced her. 

But she wasn't going to take her defeat from a mere teenage human so graciously. Not even the wounds on her form would halt her as she landed on the scarred ground of the location that had been devastated by the fight here. 

Noroiko hobbled to the surface, clutching her arm that was bleeding as she looked around for signs of Reimu but she couldn't locate the priestess. 

While she wasn't unaccustomed to visiting Reimaden, this was the first time she had seen it in such a declivity of a state. 

The windmills in her vicinity were decimated, barely left standing as the red coloured sky mirrored the blood she could see splattered on the rolling hills. Zephyr of smoke billowed into the sky as the tantalising scent of scorched earth wafted around the area. She wrinkled her nose while she muttered complaints beneath her voice, looking around for a patch of purple. 

Which she had uncovered not a moment too soon, "There she is" she exclaimed with a sharp grin and bound up to lump laying on the floor, "Wait, did someone actually manage to defeat Reimu?". 

Noroiko certainly wasn't expecting as such as she watched the figure on the ground become closer the more she inched towards it, picking up slight movement. 

"Oh.." she gasped out, red hair flowing behind her as she jumped over a few rocks, "That's not her".

The redhead scooted closer, taking in the large white wings that were dusted with red as the face of the victim was staring skyward.

She looked worse than Noroiko did. 

"Who goes there?". 

Noroiko jumped slightly, wondering how the person knew she was there. 

The cawing of the crows above her felt reassuring to hear through the silence which permeated the area, making the meeting that much more histrionic. 

But the way they were circling the sky was not a positive omen. 

Noroiko stepped closer to the figure on the ground till she was besides her. 

"An angel? Maybe. She is here, after all" she mused before answering, "Noroiko, who are you?".

The woman smiled and closed her blue eyes, her hands spread to the side just like her wings were, "A curse" she chuckled which the redhead glunched at, "Well, we can certainly call Reimu that. I see you've met her too". 

"Uh, you could say that" the redhead shrugged, "Who are you?". 

"Matenshi, it's a pleasure to meet you, Noroiko". 

After dealing with the audacious Reimu, it was unprecedented to expect such politeness from Matenshi but Noroiko figured they shared a sense of comradery considering who they were defeated by. 

"Yeah, you need a hand?". 

Matenshi opened her eyes, looking at her unexpected visitor that was peering down at her with unrestrained curiosity. 

"I wouldn't mind, thank you, though your arm looks like it has seen better days". 

"Stupid orb" Norioko muttered, "It's fine, I won't use that one. Besides, you're even more beaten up than me". 

Matenshi couldn't refute that as Noroiko offered her hand so she used some strength left in her wings to hover upwards to a seating position, "Thank you. Come to think of it, I've seen you here before". 

"Wait, really?". 

Matenshi nodded and stretched her wings to ease some of pain as she smoothed down her torn blue dress, "You visit Mima most likely, I could be wrong but you're quite fast on your travels".

Once the surprise settled, Noroiko plopped down next to her and looked over the woman's wings, "This isn't the kinda place anyone wants to stick around. I'm all about curses but.." she said and glanced at the crows, "It feels weird. You live here?". 

"I do. One adjusts to it quite well considering the creator". 

Noroiko wasn't sure whom that was but she couldn't waste anymore time. She had to catch up to Reimu for a rematch.

"Anyway, I have to go and find Reimu so, hopefully you'll be okay". 

"Is that really a wise idea?". 

The redhead raised a brow and remained seated under the angel's gaze, "What do you mean?". 

Matenshi's sanguine expression offered a reason for Noroiko to stare unabashedly before glancing away, "One round with Reimu is enough. I don't think she will be that lenient in sparing you if you get in her way. She's quite unlike her predecessors".

"No kidding, I liked this dress" Norioko pouted and gazed at the distance to where Mima and Marisa were, "But I need to fight her again. Don't you wanna get revenge?".

"The talk of vengeance from a being named curse, how apropos". 

"I don't know what that means but you're mocking me" Noroiko frowned at Matenshi's coquettish look as she swept some silver strands out of her eyes. 

"Perhaps. That is most likely due to not seeing you in our neck of the woods for a while, so it is marvellous to have you here again. It would be an awful shame if it happened to be the last after you fight Reimu again" she said in an obvious playful tone. 

"H-hey, don't talk like I'm dead!". 

"You might be if you tempt fate". 

Though Matenshi was clearly teasing her, those bright blue eyes sparking, Noroiko couldn't deny that she did have a point, as abstruse as the woman was being. 

Reimu was terrifyingly strong and she herself was still weak. 

Could she take on the girl without being killed?

The redhead sighed and sat back down fully, picking at the burnt edges of the dress. 

"I guess I can wait. I know where she lives. Who knows, maybe Mima and Marisa will succeed" she reasoned and took in the woman's expression, "And it has been a while since I've visited Reimaden so I can enjoy it since I'm here". 

"That's the spirit" Matenshi smiled and took in a breath, "I have a feeling that once Reimu is done with Mima and her human protégé, they might be able to join us". 

"And what, wallow in defeat?". 

Noroiko's fire was charming, that much the woman couldn't deny.. 

"I prefer the term 'bond'". 

"Sure" the redhead laughed before a pensive expression formed, "You think they're gonna lose?". 

Matenshi inclined her head to the right, humming before answering, "Without a doubt".

A ruminative look came over Matenshi's face as something was brewing in the distance where her blue eyes were locked onto. 

Noroiko thought so too, but it appeared her defeat wasn't in vain. 

Her vision took in the figure of the woman next to her, resting back on her palms as the feathers of her wings were in the midst of mending beneath her tousled hair. 

"Well, there could be worse ways of healing. Alone and at home and not with some strange and attractive angel, or whatever she is".

"What was that, Noroiko?". 

She hadn't realised that her inward thought wasn't quite as inward when pale blue eyes were rather close to her face. 

It prompted Noroiko to falter backwards but an arm wrapping around her waist quickly halted her fall, which in theory should have helped but it had only moved Matenshi nearer to her. 

"N-nothing!" she ended up almost yelling in the angel's face, the tips of her ears reddening, "I said nothing! You can let me go now" she added quietly. 

Matenshi's crooked smirk was far too telling, and alluring. 

"Hm, no. I believe I'm going to keep you here, forever".

"You can't do that!".

"Oh? Challenge accepted". 

Protests aside, Noroiko wasn't opposed to that at all. 

Her journey for a rematch had provided her with something more permanent. 

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Yukari's touch was electrifying. 

That was the only term Alice could use as the gloved fingers stroked down her abdomen languidly. 

Her knees buckled when Yukari's breath misted near her ear, asking her if she was ready. 

It was merely a taunting gesture, such was the nature of being involved with someone like Yakumo Yukari. 

The erudite youkai's penchant for being like that had come to be something Alice enjoyed, desired, because it usually meant one thing. 

It led to moments like this with the sage in her bed, sat on the edge of it as Alice remained upright and on her knees with her back pressing against Yukari's bare chest. The buds of her breasts were hard, this much Alice could feel as she swallowed down a groan when Yukari bit down on her shoulder, suckling the flesh. 

Alice's body convulsed, almost toppling forward had it not have been for Yukari's arm around her hips, keeping her steady from the way her balance was vacillating over her. It wasn't that much of a reprieve as her right hand was nestled between Alice's legs from beneath, a long finger extended into her vulva and slowly moving in and out till it was perched near the entrance. 

The magician could only wince out a yes followed by a gravelly rendition of Yukari's name. It was anguish of a pleasurable scale as Yukari's tongue dug into the bite with her teeth still stuck into her flesh. 

Alice was about to fracture, drift away. 

But the woman knew that waiting would be worth it as she closed her blue eyes, body shimmering given the light hue from the moon that was streaming in from the window. 

Yukari smiled and retracted her teeth out as Alice shuddered at the loss of that paraesthesia. She kissed over the marks, nuzzling against Alice neck as she urged her to lower herself down, to finally move. Relaxing her finger and stroking the puffy lips from the front to the back, Yukari made sure she was properly lubricated with Alice's wetness for when the blonde would ease onto her. 

She was expecting the woman to slide in slowly but Alice was far from delicate and aseptic, her body slamming down, engulfing Yukari's finger greedily. The turbid release smeared over Yukari's thighs as she moaned, feeling how tightly she was being squeezed. Yukari chuckled against Alice's neck, saying how impatient she was and Alice couldn't refute it, her hands resting on Yukari's knees as she began to ride her. 

The movements were nimble, gyrating back and forth as Yukari's other hand journeyed to her breast, pressing firmly as her lips kissed over Alice's nape, drawing into each other. 

All that could be heard was the creak of the bed, the slickness imparting over Yukari's finger and thighs and the concupiscent moans from both women. Yukari did what she could to regale to Alice's need, pushing up inside her as she continued to slide along her finger. 

It was quite an experience for both, Yukari being able to sense the peak of the younger blonde's orgasm and Alice feeling the tipping point of the multitude of sensations running over her. 

She leaned forward, burying herself over Yukari's phalanx that was burying against a certain point that made her thighs quiver, her nails digging into Yukari's knees till one final slam into her made Alice come. 

A cry escaped from Alice's mouth, body lurching forward when Yukari quickly stabilised her and lowered her down to the bed. 

They were gasping, sensitive and drenched in every way possible which made repositioning their bodies onto the mattress quite a task but they got there eventually. 

Alice embraced Yukari ferociously while she came down from her high, feeling the youkai's gaze on her as her lips kissed over her cheek, saying her name softly. 

Soft questions followed from Yukari, asking if Alice was okay, running her hand over the magician's thigh and stroking her hair with her other hand. Her words were whispered in an effort to curtail the incendiary of Alice's hormones, assuaging her for now. 

Alice was more than elated as she laughed, gasping for air whilst gripping Yukari's upper arms. She drew her fingers up the other youkai's shoulders till she could cradle her face and bring her in closer. 

Alice reassured Yukari, bloodshot blue eyes gazing into violets, looking up in adoration, want

It was in the youkai's arm that she could find a semblance of solace when her mind was in dissary, coping with the transition of turning into a youkai. 

The woman just knew what to say and do to alleviate her. 

Something she reminded Yukari as she brought the woman down into the crook of her neck, wrapping her legs and arms around her body. 

Because it was in the privacy of her home with a woman that was perceptive to all, where Alice could unshed her masks. 

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There were few times in Mima's life, both before and after her death where she could admit that she had bitten off far more than she could chew given her disputatious and risible personality.

Right now would be one of those moments as she picked herself up from the scorching grounds of New Hell. a trail of dirt and debris had risen from the ground in which she had been skimmed over by a particularly powerful throw from her enemy. 

She wiped her mouth with back of her tattered sleeve, surprised to see blood.

As was expected of the bearer of such power to make a spirit bleed.

The woman smirked as she eyed up her opponent, "Now then, 3 against one 1 seems somewhat unfair, do you not think?".

"I don't know, you seem to be enjoying it" Hecatia grinned back as she reunited with her bodies, "But I'll go easy on you, Mima. I haven't had this much fun in a while. Maybe I have a soft spot for vengeful spirits breaking into my home" she winked and floated to the surface.

Mima laughed, raising her staff, "Well, I'd hate to disappoint your standards, shall we continue this dance of ours?".

The voluble redhead readied herself as Mima came at her, the two meeting in the middle with a collision of their fists slamming together.

"I insist, your idea of a warm up makes me want to see what else you could do to me" Hecatia answered in a flirtatious tone and Mima wondered if she had met her match.

Hell's goddess was quite the arcane figure and she was intrigued by her enough to seek her out. However, Mima wasn't expecting to be tossed around the infernos of the underworld like a doll by the charming woman.

But she wasn't one to be outdone, plastering on a priggish smile as she used her wings to propel into Hecatia, grabbing the chains around her neck and swinging her to walls of her home.

The goddess went through the exterior given the celerity of Mima's throw but quickly managed to upright herself, shaking off the mess and adjusting the collar on her throat.

"Mima, isn't that a little kinky for this fight?" she drawled out in a feigned disappointment. 

The spirit merely chuckled, appreciating the tenacious tendencies of her opponent and flew up into the air, summoning her black bullets, "Something tells me you're enjoying it".

Her attacks surrounded the goddess who dodged the onslaught, zipping around as Mima followed her, the flames on the outskirts of her home lapping at the spirit. The danmaku immersed the area with barely any space for Hecatia to move in fluid motions, the goddess whirling around to find cover till it was her turn.

She couldn't help the smile and glimpsed Mima's own as the two went head to head again. 

They'd been at this for a while now and one of them would have to succumb first and admit defeat before the entirety of hell felt their battle.

The last thing Hecatia needed was Eiki to drop by since the judge really had the talent of being able to kill hell's vibe.

With that thought in mind, Hecatia summoned her final spell card and it engulfed Mima completely. Her green eyes widened as she was consumed by the bullets and felt pressure to her wings that were tugged by one of Hecatia's forms.

She gritted her teeth as she was dragged down and let loose to barrel into the ground again as a rapid fire of danmaku slammed into her right after, burrowing her a few more inches into the floor.

"Fuck me..".

It definitely signalled the terminus of the battle when Hecatia glanced at her with her hands on her hip, a satisfied smirk on her lips, "Well, that does sound tempting. But maybe after you're patched up" she grinned and helped the spirit up, "Unless you like it that rough too, which I'm all for".

"Goddesses are such a pain" Mima scoffed after laughing as Hecatia led her into the mansion.

"I've heard. But I gotta admit it was brave of you to come here" the redhead teased, "Clownpiece? Where are ya? I need your help!".

Mima raised a brow as she settled onto the couch, arm nestled over her abdomen, "What on earth is a Clownpiece?".

"What on hell would've been better here" Hecatia joked as Mima chuckled at that, "She's a fairy. Don't worry, we'll have you back in shape in no time".

"So hospitable" Mima grinned, "If I had known that the denizens of hell were so charming, I would have visited sooner".

"Hey, manners are universal, you know".

The vengeful spirit couldn't refute that which is how she found herself breaking into the underworld, getting together with its goddess and adopting a reckless fairy as their daughter.

All's well that ends well.


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The back door to the shrine slowly slid open, allowing a hint of the silver moonlight in. 

This should have been her home, she should have harnessed the power of the Hakurei. 

Purple eyes ran around the interior as she removed her katana out of its scabbard, the movement stealthy enough that one would assume it was merely the wind. 

Meira had been training for this moment for far too long to make amateur mistakes, to be bested by nothing but a teenager. 

The sting of that loss had never truly faded and had been the fuel to her choler which resulted in pushing herself to any extremes for improvement. 

But she knew that it would all be in vain considering what she was about to do as she crept up to the sleeping figure, the occupant on her back with her face at a slight angle as she slept peacefully. 

Meira almost faltered at the sight of the beautiful woman. 

Reimu had truly flourished over the years. 

There were a few injuries scattered over her face and chest due to resolving an incident. She was as vulnerable as could be, body worn from her tasks and oblivious of the threat looming over her. 

The samurai blinked rapidly. 

A flicker of sense sparked in her mind, trying to ignite the rest of her reasoning to not do this, to extinguish the need for retribution. 

It would go against everything she was taught, the essentials of being a samurai. 

But Meira was only human and felt bitterness, had allowed it to fester to a point where any sense and decency of her mind and soul had been rotted away. 

The only way to free herself was to kill Reimu. 

There was no other way so she readied her katana, clutching the handle with both hands and aimed for Reimu's heart. 

Reimu's light snores continued to permeate the room, reminding Meira of her state of living, one that she had worked hard to uphold considering the nature of her job. 

It was almost a shame that she was going to die this way, a quiet yet peaceful death. 

Meira figured she was doing the priestess a favour of killing her this way compared to the way she had seen other priestess's perish over the years. 

Macerated, bludgeoned and torn apart by monsters. 

She was going to give Reimu a humane death, one she deserved rather than being tainted by a youkai. 

With that thought in mind, the samurai steadied herself, a quick breath finding its way to her lungs as her eyes remained on the area of Reimu's chest after one more glance at the resting face. 

All it would take is one plunge to the heart and Meira would be released from the chains she had been shackled to.

Just one plunge. 

There was no need for hesitation and yet there she was, hands sweating and shaking as her knees buckled. Her lips thinned as a pained expression took over her stoic face when Reimu flinched whilst she shifted in her futon.

The brunette was already in so much anguish when her arm was freed from beneath the blanket, most of it bandaged up and immobile.

Reimu wouldn't even have a chance to defend herself from Meira's envenomed strike.

Disgust cumulated in Meira's stomach as the black fog lifted from her tortured mind, the imagery of what she was about to do to Reimu evanescing.

Her katana dropped to the floor, as did her knees and the noise of both woke the bleary priestess up.

With whatever strength Reimu had, she lifted her hand to raise her yin yang orbs in preparation of exterminating an enemy when she realised who it was near her.

Her mouth opened in surprise, "Meira..".

Meira appeared devastated, eyes bloodshot and filled with guilt as she leaned forward when Reimu relaxed her posture a tad and sat up properly. Her hands found themselves on the brunette's shoulders, taking care to be gentle as she brought Reimu to her chest and wrapped her arms behind the woman's head.

Confused beyond reason, Reimu succumbed to the feeling of the samurai, her head resting over Meira's chest, their bodies close together.

It felt familiar yet so distant.

She had so many questions in regards to the woman's reappearance but those could be asked later. Right now, Reimu was content in being in Meira's arms, feeling the woman's chin on her shoulder.

Meira whispered into her ear and what she said further perplexed the tired brunette who could feel Meira's heart hammer against her cheek. 

It was disconcerting, the pace it was beating.

"Reimu, please forgive me".

"For what?". 

A silent yet tangible plunge shattered the reunion. 

Reimu understood. 

The blade pierced her lungs from the back, going right through and into Meira's heart. 

The guard of the katana rested on Reimu's back as the point protruded from Meira's, crimson sliding off of the silver blade. 

Meira's hands slackened as Reimu slumped impossibly closer, through no accord of her own but the sword wedged between their bodies. 

Meira's eyes drifted close as she felt Reimu's final exhale over her neck. 

Reimu understood it all now. 

"I forgive you". 

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The gambling den had finally cleared out for the night as Sannyo bid farewell to the stranglers whom had clearly enjoyed their evening, not wanting to depart. 

A rowdy bunch of youkai would have been quite difficult for her to control had it not have been for her smoking pipe but even now, Sannyo didn't really need to use the item in question.

She closed the door, well aware that there was one person left in the premises, smirking at her as she turned around after locking it.

Saki said nothing, a small tug of her lips prevalent in the corner of her mouth which was enough for Sannyo to walk towards her, chuckling. 
"Your disagreement with Yachie must have been rougher than usual".

The youkai shifted her gaze, "I don't want to talk about her".

Yachie's face flickered in Saki's mind, that oleaginous grin making her stomach turn. 

"Oh?" Sannyo expressed as she neared the other woman, pipe in hand and an air of smoking exuded from between her lips, "Then, what do you wanna talk about?".

Saki said nothing, her wings twitching behind her as Sannyo approached her, the sway of her hips lulling her in. 

She didn’t want to talk at all.

With Sannyo, words were unnecessary, the women knew what was needed, required.

Her crimson eyes stared up at her when Sannyo finally reached her and straddled her waist, planting herself down on the woman's lap as she encircled her arms behind Saki's shoulders.

"Or wouldn't we need to talk at all? You don't mince words, after all".

"If you already know.." Saki said with no levity, hand sliding up Sannyo's kimono, over the swell of her chest till she could curl her fingers over the side of the woman’s throat, "Then you know, Sannyo".

Sannyo smirked, her pipe balancing in one hand as she watched Saki's eyes roam over her, hard and needy.

She loved seeing this side of the usually unreadable youkai who bore her emotions whenever Yachie was involved, the reaction volatile usually. 

It appeared that neither were ever on good terms.

So, Saki needed her, yearned for a distraction 

Sannyo was all too contented to provide that as she leaned forward, pressing herself over the youkai's body. 

Saki stifled a groan as her hands went down and gripped the woman's hips, her lips straying over Sannyo's throat, kissing the column of it. 

Her head tipped backwards to allow Saki more access as her own hands worked on removing Saki's bandanna after she placed her smoking pipe down on the table. Saki's encouragement was certainly enticing and even though Sannyo was curious to know what had happened between the two, right now, her mind had gone elsewhere, a place that Saki was intent on taking her.

"Eager" she breathed out when Saki nipped over her collarbone, her hands tugging Sannyo's kimono lower to reveal more of her chest.

Sannyo in turn managed to peel Saki's top down enough to touch her, to fuel her up as Saki shivered against her throat.

"I'm not the only one it seems".

Sannyo chuckled, threading her fingers through Saki's hair enough to pull her face back so that she could peer down at her.

Her fingers hovered against the side of Saki's jaw, lips ghosting above the woman's as she smiled, a smile which made Saki's stomach tighten.

"Then, get Yachie out of ya mind and let me take care of you, Saki".

The youkai mirrored Sannyo's smirk, hands crawling up Sannyo's thighs till she could remove the obi from around her waist, watching the red material fall off of the woman's curvaceous form.

"If you insist".

Her mouth loitered over Sannyo's chest, one hand creeping down the space of her fallen kimono, descending till Sannyo trembled, hands winding and clutching into Saki's wings. 

The added stimulation of her wings was working wonders and Saki knew that Sannyo was aware of it, gripping harder, matching the pace of Saki pleasuring her till she lifted them off of the chair and draped Sannyo on one of the tables. 

Sannyo's coquettish expression beckoned Saki, skin shimmering and mouth open as Saki kept up the ministrations of her fingers, the woman beneath her yanking her in closer. 

It was working, the strain on Saki's face diminishing till nothing but desire remained. 

This was the norm and Sannyo was only delighted to be Saki's outlet.

Deep into the night and beyond. 


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"Shit, what was that word?!". 

Tenshi's fingers skimmed over the pages of the dictionary she was holding. 

Behind her, gargantuan mechanical sentinels were parading around the streets in near obliquity, looking for rule breakers that had broken the 10 Pm curfew. 

Such was the state of the world where A.I had taken over, surpassing the intelligence of humanity. 

"As if we didn't have any warnings" Tenshi grumbled, red eyes darting backwards to the street behind her, "But sure, keep funding super intelligent robots. What could possibly go wrong?". 

The dictionary in Tenshi's hand slipped as she stumbled on the spot, knocking on the door ahead. 

Really, getting back with an ex in the year 2200 was such a pain. 

But Shion was worth it. 

Tenshi kept her head down low beneath her wide brimmed hat as a siren blared in the distance. 


Just as she was about to drop the dictionary, the door to Shion's place opened, revealing the shocked woman. 


Tenshi grinned sheepishly, "Oh, hey, Shion. Nice night for a stroll and evading the main radar, huh?" 

Snow fluttered down, illuminated by the flickering street lamp in the corner as Shion took in the sight of her dishevelled ex whilst looking in the distance, the shadows of the robots skimming the atmosphere. 

For Tenshi to be here was a fatal risk and yet, there the woman was, all smiles and holding a dictionary, one from Shion's homeland. 

The woman had too many questions. 

"Why are you here?" Shion enquired, "You'll get yourself killed". 

Shion's eyes were rigid, a sharp contrast to how Tenshi was used to seeing them. 

"You're worth the risk" she replied and clutched the dictionary in her hand, "Look I, I just wanted to apologise again. I fucked up, like big time and it'd be easy to blame Yukari but she didn't make me". 


Shion appeared defeated, thoughts of the blonde and Tenshi in a far too amorous hug and then some. 

The image was stapled to her mind and she couldn't get rid of it, no matter how the view of her ex just stood there, eyes expressive made her want to succumb. 

The cheeky smile from Tenshi's face disappeared as she scooted closer, guilt all over her countenance now. 

The siren went onto its second warning. 

Tenshi didn't have much time. 

"I know you don't want to hear it but please, Shion, I'm so sorry" Tenshi pleaded, "I had this idea to recite that dumb poem I wrote for you when we first met, back in school and in your language but damn, it's harder than it looks". 

So that explained the dictionary. 

It was so Tenshi like, unpremeditated.

"But I know it won't be enough and I just need you to know that I love you, always have and always will. My fuck up is my fault and I admit it. I wish you could give me another chance to prove myself to you, Shion". 

The woman sighed, hands folded across her chest, taking in Tenshi's veracious demeanour and thought back to 5 months ago. 

It was a rare occasion that they all managed to meet up beyond curfew which was difficult these days after the world's hierarchy was sunk.

They met at a literal underground get together at Remilia's fortified hideout, evading the bigwigs now in charge. 

Tenshi had had one too many than she could handle and ended up in Yukari’s arms, too coterminous and cosy, kissing her briefly but sobered up the moment it happened. 

More so after hearing Shion's devastated gasp of her name. 

It was a mistake intended without any iniquitous intentions but a dreadful one nonetheless and Tenshi hadn't stopped trying to get in touch with Shion, even going as far as to break curfew now. 

"Tenshi, you should go" Shion replied, "I don't know if I can move past that, past you and her". 

"There is no me and her" the woman strained, "Its only ever been you and me". 

Shion ran a hand through her let down hair as the cold swept into her home. Tenshi's eyes just radiated truth, glistening now with the starting tells of tears forming. 

"Even if we can never get back together, it's only ever gonna be you, Shion, so I, I wish you the best. I'm sorry". 

The final siren went off and the thud of the sentinels were close, too close for comfort. 

A searchlight hovered near Shion's house, her eyes widening as she quickly pulled Tenshi inside, "Run!".

Not a moment too soon did the sensor pass by Shion's doorstep, the blustering snow aiding in concealing Tenshi's form just as Shion took her in. 

The duo landed against the wall with Tenshi being pushed into it since Shion was grabbing her by the lapels of her jacket. They were breathing heavily at their close call, faces a breadth apart and Tenshi's hat being dropped to the floor. 

Calming blue's took in fiery crimson, the pulsing in both tangible. 

Shion could feel Tenshi's breath on her lips, the fullness of her body over hers and Tenshi was about to stammer out an apology for her fatuous behaviour before Shion crumbled. 

How could she refute Tenshi considering that she had put her life in jeopardy just to see her. 

Tenshi felt the kiss against her lips, hard and desperate as her hands wound around Shion's waist, her small frame feeling complete in Tenshi's arms. Tenshi thought she was dreaming, still asleep and picturing the ways she loved Shion but no, the small groan reminded her that this was reality. 

That Shion was kissing her. 

"Shion" Tenshi exhaled when their lips parted, her gaze looking down into Shion's.

"Don't make me regret this" Shion panted, fighting down the state of becoming lachrymose whilst her hands bunched up against Tenshi's shirt, "I missed you so much but please don't make me regret letting you back in. I mean, it's not like I would let you be captured by them but you know-". 

"I promise" Tenshi chuckled, answering before kissing the woman again, "I won't let you go this time, Shion, I love you".

Shion believed her, her own smile more genuine than it had been in the last few months when she broke it off with Tenshi. 

Tenshi was reckless but she wasn't a liar. 

Her hand went into the light blue strands, nestling on the nape of Tenshi's neck to pull her in closer. 

They had a lot of making up to do and since Tenshi couldn't leave the premises, they had plenty of time to do so.

To rekindle what was almost lost. 

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Eirin's proficiency was limitless.

It's all the laudation I could muster up as a thought, the rest occluded, retreating elsewhere to only allow the sensation of Eirin in.

She is all that I could feel as my back rested against the wall of the living room, clothes dishevelled and gasps ripping up my throat with everything Eirin was doing to me.

To picture her between my legs like this was something I hadn't come to terms with, nor our relationship but it was happening. She was here, only for me, only with me, making me sing out her name.

Her blue eyes, so piercing, were watching me, spectating the way my hips curled upwards as her tongue lathered itself over my bud, tracing each line of the protuberant muscle that disappeared into her mouth.

She sucked it and I couldn't muffle the scream even after I slammed both of my hands over my mouth, a stream of unintelligible mumbling trying to escape. 

I could feel her smiling, could see the abstruse glint in her eyes as she pulled, softly, ever so gently.

It was enough, Eirin didn't need to go any rougher tonight and she was well aware of this.

My lover was perceptive as to how close I was, knew how facile it would be to take me apart tonight with her tongue alone.

My hips ached from contracting, prolonging my orgasm for as long as Eirin was doing so but we both knew it wouldn't be long till I surrendered to her, to a goddess that was lavishing me with all the luxury and attentiveness that should be possible. I craved it, needed Eirin desperately as I twirled my hips forward, my body almost slumping to the ground now.

From that look, it was plain to see how Eirin was thriving off of bringing me to a rapture so grandiose that I'm sure the forest outside could hear my cries. She didn't need to utter a vocal rejoinder, that smile alone was enough. 

Eirin was a woman that prided herself in her skills, regardless of what they consisted of. 

Something she was executing repeatedly as she tugged on my clit that was trapped between her lips, stroking it with her tongue and I could feel my mind become frenetic. 

My knees kept drawing upwards as her hands remained pressed around my thighs, keeping them from locking around her head. She wanted to sweep her tongue over every crevice, every fold, every nerve that was at its peak.

I can't hold on anymore, my hands reaching desperately for her head, pushing her in further as my teeth slammed shut over each other.

The control I had left had evicted the moment Eirin flicked her tongue, over and over, not releasing me till I was trembling in her mouth, offering her everything she had coaxed out. My centre ground against her mouth, jolts of the muscle convulsing till I collapsed back onto the wall and my grip on her lessened to weak tugs.

It was excruciating to breath with the pleasure running laps within me as my dress stuck to my skin, body alight with the remnants of what Eirin could do to me.

Whether it is was planned or carried out aleatory. 

What she would do to me for the rest of the night as she crawled up, keeping my legs spread with her thighs as her hands rested on either side of my head. The glistening of her chin and lips was too much, I couldn't even look at her without my face becoming engulfed in flames and that rich chuckle only amplified it.

I was lost to her, lost in her ardour.

My skin needed her again and she was cognizant of it, placing her body down on me whilst releasing the red ribbon on my dress slowly, tossing it to the side.

Eirin smiled, gratification on her expression as her fingers then parted me below so smoothly, compendious, considering how wet I was.

I was ready for her again and I yearned for her to know as her lips locked with mine.

I was hers to take, over and over.

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Momoyo was becoming restless as she paced around the cave, waiting for Tsukasa to return with the promise of fighting someone as redoubtable as Reimu. 

She grinned and slammed a fist into her other palm, brimming with excitement, "Been way too long since I have had a good fight. I wonder who she's gonna bring back" the woman mused as she began pacing again, "That knife maid maybe? She was scary but strong!". 

Momoyo laughed with zeal as the anticipation fuelled her veins, further amplified when she heard light footsteps approaching her chamber. 

It was indeed Tsukasa but she was empty handed. 

"Hey, what's the big idea? You said you were gonna get someone for me to fight". 

The youkai fox sighed, bringing one hand to her ear and twisting it, "I tried but nobody was nearby. Looks like there's some festival at the Hakurei Shrine so they are all there. Besides, everyone stays away from here even during the nights so finding a prey for you really isn't easy". 

Momoyo's eyes lit up in excitement, not deterred by Tsukasa's thinly veiled insult, "Alright! I'm gonna head there and fight them all!". 

Tsukasa put her hands out, "Hold on a second. Do that and Reimu might actually exterminate you this time". 

Not just the priestess. 

Tsukasa had felt the eyes of the gap youkai and her shikigami on her. 

She concealed a shudder before focusing on Momoyo's querulous expression. 

The princess may have been somewhat of a simpleton, but she was fun to fool around with. 

"But I'm getting bored again, Tsukasa". 

Momoyo grunted in frustration, kicking a few errant rocks. 

Tsukasa needed a plan to keep the woman busy as Megumu had returned to where the rainbow crystals were. 

The instructions from the great tengu were simple and clear; keep the youkai busy by any and all means. 

And Tsukasa was nothing if not proficient at being a distraction.
She smiled, taking advantage of Momoyo's weakened state to slip into where she wanted. 

"You know, I've got a good way to keep you busy for a while".

Momoyo perked up, "Yeah?". 

The fox youkai threw her arms around Momoyo's shoulders, kissing her hard enough to topple the princess backwards and onto the floor. 

Momoyo's surprise was prevalent, her blue eyes expanding and not due to the hard floor slamming against her back, imprints of stone and rubble melding with her body. 

The soft body on top of hers was a satisfying contrast to that, as were the lips and tongue inching into her mouth. While she wanted to gain the upper hand and make the blonde whimper, Tsukasa didn't let up, sliding over her tongue slowly, ensuring that all Momoyo could feel was her tastebuds and canines.
Her fingers clutched at Tsukasa's upper back, the others going lower and brushing over the voluminous tail, marvelling how soft it was to touch whilst running her digits through it. 

Tsukasa purred into her mouth and all sense evicted itself from Momoyo's mind, along with the boredom and restlessness she was enduring. 

When the blonde pulled back, she smiled slyly as her arms framed Momoyo's face since they were resting on either side. Her golden eyes were hazy, tongue following the shape of her own lips to wipe them clean from Momoyo's apparent inexperience. 

All throughout the action, Momoyo's eyes never left her mouth as her hands increased the grip around Tsukasa, fingers sliding up her exposed lower back, the skin warming.

"Didn't I say before? You have to trust me" she laughed in an airy tone, "I have plenty of ways to keep you busy". 

"I'm lookin forward to it" Momoyo beamed and latched her fingers behind Tsukasa's head to bring her down again, unaware of the smirk on the fox's lips. 

She flipped Tsukasa over in a swift motion till her back met the futon before trapping the blonde by pinning her wrists down. The slight surprise in the constantly scheming golden eyes only amplified Momoyo's excitement as she used her knee to separate Tsukasa's legs.

Not that Tsukasa put up much of a fight when these clandestine endeavours benefitted her as much as it did Megumu and Momoyo. 
She had her own desires to satiate and Megumu was a busy woman.
So for Tsukasa, it was simply the case of killing a bird and centipede with one stone.

Momoyo may have been an idiot, or indifferent, but she was an intriguing one nonetheless that Tsukasa found recklessly amusing. 
Such as the way she was impertinent in taking off her clothes, or excessive in the usage of her teeth and claws and the aggression in the manner she would take her.

Tsukasa had no qualms with it at all.

It made her job easier, proving her fealty to Megumu and receiving guerdon in return. 

Tsukasa wasn't completely devoid of rectitude in regards to her double dealing behaviour, however transient it was.

Megumu could do more to meet her own objectives than Momoyo or Chimata ever could, that was all it simmered down to when it came to whom Tsukasa sided with. 

So if keeping Momoyo under their wing meant that she had to part ways from Megumu for a night, Tsukasa could allow it.

It wasn't as if Momoyo's company was a noxious as she made it out to be.

There were some quaint charms to the princess's primitive mannerisms, a contrast to what Tsukasa was used to.

She turned on her side to analyse Momoyo's sleeping face as the flickering flames from the fire resulted in Tsukasa falling into a reflective mood. Her hand reached out to tuck some of the pale blue strands behind Momoyo's ear as the arm around her bare waist tightened. 

"This is purely business" she mused to herself, "We're nothing but tools".
Even she understood that about herself to a certain degree.

Her finger traced over Momoyo's eyebrow, the action making the woman mumble in her sleep.

Tsukasa grinned, "We're just pawns in their game".

Perhaps she had more in common with the beast that haunted the caves than she would ever admit. 

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Yumeko was playing with fire and she was completely aware of it. 

A part of her felt like Shinki was already privy of the situation, waiting for the right moment to spring her wrath on her. 

All hell would well and truly break loose. 

But if that was the case and Shinki was aware of why she was eager to visit Alice, wouldn't the goddess have put a stop to it? 

Too many questions and scenarios wafted around in her mind, most of them involving Shinki using her own swords to cut her in half for what she was doing with her daughter. 

Her colourful myriad of thoughts regarding how she was going to meet her demise was suspended when she felt a kiss to her jaw and the woman in her lap shift as hands went into her hair, being made to look into blue eyes. 

The gorgeous shade that matched Shinki's abated her instantly, as did the mellifluent tone of the voice. 

"You're thinking about that again". 

Yumeko smiled, rubbed Alice's legs that were outstretched onto the sofa as her other arm remained around the blonde's hip.

"My apologies, princess" she answered whilst feeling Alice's nails rake through her scalp in a comforting way. 

"You don't have to call me that" Alice admonished playfully and brought one hand down to Yumeko's jaw, stroking her thumb over it, "At least not when we are alone like this". 

"What if I was to say I enjoy calling you your title for more than one reason?". 

Alice grinned, a small yet teasing variety, "Yumeko, was that you trying to flirt with me?". 

"Trying being the operative word as I'm not quite apt at it. Which I'm sure you are aware of already". 

"I don't know, that was rather smooth" Alice giggled whilst gazing into golden eyes since Yumeko was at a lower angle, "I like being your princess". 

Her intonation of the words were expressed in a light hum which brushed over Yumeko's lips and the demon couldn't help herself, couldn't refrain from inching her head upwards to kiss the magician. 

Alice was only happy to reciprocate, lips pressing over Yumeko's before she faintly flicked her tongue against the blonde's when it peaked out. It only magnified the heat between them, their kiss becoming fervid as Yumeko took the reigns, sliding her tongue into Alice's mouth to tease her before pulling back out. 

Her hand on the magician's legs slid up, squeezing over the black material of Alice's tights as they trekked upwards to rest on her stomach. The hand on Alice's hip was enjoying its own journey, going down to the woman's inner thigh and running her fingers over it. 

The actions caused Alice to moan into Yumeko's mouth when she stopped to breath, to meet her lover's lips dotting over own. 

A fistful of the demon's hair was in one hand as the other roamed up and across Yumeko's neck that was free of its confines, her uniform in disarray from an earlier moment in the evening when she had the younger blonde pinned to the kitchen table. 


The throatiness of Alice's moan sent a tingle between Yumeko's legs, more so since Alice was working her up in other ways, pertaining to squeezing her chest harshly. It led to the demon releasing Alice's mouth in order to trail her tongue up the blonde's neck which was already marred with her teeth marks. 

She wanted to add more so she sucked on the delicate skin of Makai's princess, of her mistress’s daughter. 

Yes, it was probably a death wish to even initiate this relationship with Alice but it was mutual, sought out by Alice herself and Yumeko could never deny the woman of anything.

As much as she felt compunction in regards to her actions, Yumeko couldn't necessarily bring herself to disrelish what she was doing. 

Having Alice back in their lives was something she hadn't imagined occurring again after she left and the demon didn't want that distance to form again. 

She wanted Alice close, Shinki did too. 

The desire she felt manifested as Yumeko's thoughts on their predicament vitalised the need to love Alice, to feel her so she gently manoeuvred them around till she could rest Alice down on the sofa. 

Needy blue eyes gazed into her own, the woman's skin wet while her fingers trembled when she began undoing the bows on Yumeko's clothes. 

Alice smiled in a hazy way as her chest rose and fell with each desirous thought, "Yumeko, don't worry about what is to come regarding my mother. We will deal with that when it happens" she whispered, pushing the red article of clothing away to reveal Yumeko's skin, throat drying at the sight, "Right now, I need you". 

Yumeko took a sharp breath in, treasuring the words and the woman beneath her. 

Just like she had always done so. 

Her hands worked steadily to remove Alice's dress whilst she was seated on her knees between the magician's legs that were curled over her hips. 

Yumeko then lowered herself down with her hands resting on either side of Alice's head, their skin meeting once Alice's hands wound around Yumeko's shoulders and they were face to face. 

With the exchange of another delicate kiss, Yumeko yielded to Alice. 

"Anything for you, princess" was the final coherent sentence to form before their lips met. 

Yumeko took a leaf out of Alice's book and put the present first, more so since consequences of her actions would be worth it. 

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The sun's rays seeped through the gap in the curtains, alerting Kotohime to the start of the day. 

She was expecting to be met with the cool winter air to paint her skin but that wasn't the case when the heat emitting from behind her cancelled that out. 

The woman snuggled back against the body and arms around her waist which tightened, pulling her in when a kiss to her shoulder blade made her moan out lightly. 

"Good morning" the familiar voice called out, trenchant to Kotohime's disrelish of the winter season. 

Kotohime couldn't deny that, lifting a hand and moving it into her lover's hair as more small kisses dotted her shoulder. 

"It certainly is, Yumemi" she enunciated, "Do you have work today?".

"No, Rikako is covering for me at the lab". 

Kotohime shivered as teeth grazed her earlobe and a hand slid down her stomach, the other remaining solidly around her hips. 

"So, that means.." Kotohime started but the words died in her throat when Yumemi slipped a finger over her clit, sliding it down to her entrance before moving back up, "Yumemi". 

The redhead behind her grinned, pleased to have a rare day off from working on her projects to render her lover to such a state, her body acquitting to her touches with little resistance. 

"You feel good, Kotohime" she murmured, pressing down whilst trailing her tongue over the side of Kotohime's neck. 

Kotohime couldn't reply whilst gripping Yumemi's wrist with one hand while the other reached for her pillow. She was sensitive already from the night before and the current stimulation was making her mind blank. 

Yumemi went inside, rubbing her walls and the angle allowed her to move in deeper which resulted in Kotohime opening her legs. Her lover sped up the movements, swirling within her as her lips pulled at Kotohime's shoulder between kisses. 

If only she could tell Yumemi how divine she was making her feel, her body succumbing effortlessly but she figured the woman knew, the wetness coating her finger with warm liquid being tangible proof of that. 

Yumemi gasped at the texture, more so when the other redhead arched her spine, head tipping backwards. 

Her veritable pleasure was doing wonders for Yumemi's ego, maximising with every squirm and spasm which coursed through Kotohime. 

"Keep going" Kotohime breathed heavily, hand turning white against the pillow, "There..just don't stop". 

Yumemi adhered while pushing up to her lover, bodies tinged with sweat again as she plunged in and out with vigour, feeling the muscles clench her down, fitting around her finger. To get Kotohime to such a state was euphoric, something worth taking a day off for. 

She leaned in, whispering into Kotohime's ear, urging her to let go, to come for her and so she did. 

Kotohime groaned whilst slamming he thighs shut to keep Yumemi inside of her, her release pooling against her skin. 

"Kotohime.." Yumemi shuddered along as she moved with her, slowly bringing her down from her high. 

The small convulsions running through Kotohime stilled eventually as they caught their breaths, Yumemi's faced buried in Kotohime's hair as her own centre throbbed given the way the redhead was undulating back on her. 

She wanted to give the woman a moment to recuperate but despite the shakiness, Kotohime turned over with Yumemi's fingers still inside her till she was on top, sheets falling away. 

Yumemi gulped at the exquisite and ebullient sight, the feeling of her lover nestled around her finger, the liquid spattered on her thighs which was shimmering. 

But it was the look in the red eyes which made her stomach tighten with want and Kotohime was well versed with that look as she leaned down, biting down on her own lip whilst cupping Yumemi's face. 

Yumemi was thankful that it was going to be the weekend after her day off. 

Neither were going to be going anywhere, the apotheosis of their desire for each other manifesting in ways which they could yield to. 

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Yuyuko was startled to see someone in her home.

She was the only one here, would be till the day she died.

While Yukari she was familiar with, the woman sat in a strange chair was one she didn't recognise.

"Ah, forgive the intrusion, Yuyuko" the stranger said as she smiled, "I'm a friend of Yukari's".


Yuyuko remained on edge as the woman moved closer to her but left enough space to not startle her further. Even sat down, she could tell that this woman was tall as she didn't have to crane her head up too much.

"That's right, my name is Matara Okina. It's a pleasure to meet you".

Okina reached for the woman's hand, fingers brushing before Yuyuko pulled it back, panic in her dark eyes.

"No, don’t, you'll-".

"Don't worry, I'm the same as Yukari" Okina grinned.

'The same..".

She took Yuyuko's left hand and cradled it between her own, golden eyes looking up at Yuyuko.

There was disquietude and intrigue on her expression but she didn't pull away.

Okina could only imagine what it would feel like to not be able to touch anyone, to be on the receiving end of constant splenetic confabulation.

She dropped her usual antics, face earnest when looking at the affable woman whom was surrounded in death and pain.

She could feel it against her skin.

"Yukari has told me a lot about you. I had to come and see you for myself".

Yuyuko gulped, felt the warmth of the woman's hands, "Why?".

The goddess felt the tell-tale signs of death trying to clutch her, felt it on her skin, like the claws were trying to dig in through her flesh.

She felt the icy touch seep in, crawling up her arm.

Yukari must really love her considering the many hours she spent with her and Okina understood why.

Just that look of hope, of something beyond sadness made Okina endure the woman's curse.

She removed her right hand to reveal Yuyuko's knuckles, "People treat you differently, like an outsider and I understand that all too well, Yuyuko".

Yuyuko's anguished cries were often heard by Okina considering what she was the deity of. There was only so long she could stand by till Yukari formulated a plan to support Yuyuko.

The goddess could no longer ignore her.

Gently, she lifted Yuyuko's hand as she bowed her head till she could press a light kiss to it, just above the centre knuckle before glancing back up.

Yuyuko's cheeks turned to a hue of roseate, unsure of what to do or say but the immense joy she felt was tangible.

That there were others like Yukari whom she couldn't harm with her cruel fate.

"You won't have to endure this alone any further. I promise".

Yuyuko believed her.

She placed her fingers on Okina's wrist, movements tentative like the goddess would crumble and bleed to death.

But the reaction didn't occur, a flood of relief coursing through Yuyuko's veins.

A smile formed on her delicate lips, veritable in its entirety, something Okina had longed to see with her own eyes.

"Thank you".

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"It's no good to mope around, you know".

Yorihime groaned into the desk that her face was against, mumbling out a "Shut up" to her sister who giggled at her. 

"Come on, what is the worst that could happen? She says no?".

"If only, the worst that could happen is that vampire getting in the way. While Yukari's insufferable nature has its charms, Remilia’s most certainly does not" Yorihime reminded and sat back up.

"Ah, but she took a liking to you too, so if it doesn't work out with the maid..".

"I can't believe you actually said that".

Toyohime chuckled and hit the back of her fan over her sister's head lightly. 

"Just go already, take some peaches with you. I hear she likes to cook".

Yorihime sighed and ground the heel of her palm near her temple, not appreciating her sister's nonchalance over this but she knew the woman was right. 

There was no point in drawing it out. 

If she was rejected, not the end of the world.

If Sakuya agreed, then perfect.

Which was how she found herself in Gensokyo, residing in said mansion with the cultivated maid herself. 

"I apologise for the imposition" Yorihime said as she took a seat and accepted the tea Sakuya handed to her.

The maid smiled, all composed and regal that Yorihime went into her own world for a second.

Every action was so refined, precise and alluring despite the simplicity of it. It was as if Sakuya was charming her by simply existing and the lunarian wondered if the woman knew what she was doing to her. 

The maid's tone brought her back as she took a seat next to her, brushing down her skirt.

"Not at all. To be honest, I assumed you had business with the mistress so it was surprising to see you here and requesting my company".

Said mistress was stalking outside of the room when Sakuya had politely asked for some privacy. 

"That is to be expected but no, I.." she paused, eyes avoiding curious blues, "I wished to meet you".

"Is that so?" Sakuya smiled, though the smile belied how elated she was to hear such a detail. 

She couldn't deny the enchantment to the lunarian, thinking back to the battle on the moon and how she effortlessly defeated them all. The sheer sophistication in which she transuded captivated Sakuya, circling her and tugging her in. 

It was something else.

The few occasional sightings of the lunarian were during the parties and the two exchanged eyes numerous times, neither approaching the other as they danced around the attraction.

Until now.

Yorihime relaxed and sipped the tea before placing it on the table, "It is. The tea is delicious too".

"Why, thank you" the maid chuckled, "I have to say that the feeling is mutual. It might go without saying that I am not particularly well versed in such relationships".

"Nor am I, if that evens the playing field" the princess laughed, "But I believe it is a part of the journey, no? To find a path together while courting?" she stated, thinking back to Eirin's words, "So coming here to see if you'd like to go on a date with me is an applicable start, I believe".

Sakuya smiled, taking in the woman's determined aura but there was the flicker of nerves prevalent, which she could understand.

"I'd like that, Yorihime".

Yorihime grinned, a small one that did wonders for Sakuya.

To see such expressions on the aloof princess was a change, something she wanted to see more of, wanted to invoke with her hands and words.

And then some. 

Yorihime was attaining the same conclusion as Sakuya, the woman's beguiling features and mannerisms ensnaring her.

"Wonderful. I'll be staying at Eientei for a few days so perhaps we can arrange something for then". 

"Take her to the Human Village!". 

"Flandre, bad idea. Sakuya would much prefer a picnic near the Garden of the Sun". 

"Hm, Remi has a point. But perhaps a meander around Misty Lake would truly set the mood". 

"Lady Patchouli, that's so romantic!". 

"I dunno, napping near the Phantom Meadow seems better, Sakuya has been there before too". 

Sakuya internally sighed at the recommendations though they did hold some merit to them. Even Meiling's idea in regards to returning to the meadow. 

The duo chuckled, sharing a look at the support they were receiving as Sakuya spoke up, "As you can see, Gensokyo offers a range of places to attend". 

"So I hear" Yorihime answered as her eyes landed on Sakuya's again, "Any location is fine, it is the company I mostly look forward to". 

"Oh, I.." the maid stammered, a coat of pink landing on her cheeks, "I couldn't agree more". 

"I look forward to it too, Sakuya".

A blushing Sakuya was something else that the lunarian was looking forward to, clasping her hand over the woman's gently.

"I look forward to it too, Sakuya". 

Chapter Text




Shinki doesn't quite know how Mima manages to break into Pandæmonium and avert the many patrolling guards, including Yumeko.

She had long stopped enquiring as the vengeful spirit sauntered into her throne room. While she noticed Mima enter, Shinki was too detached to comment on her presence.

Her thoughts were already occupied.

"Hm, what is this? The goddess of Makai is brooding?".

Shinki sighed and rested her head back on her throne as her fingers tapped over the armrest. Normally, she'd be all too willing to entertain and be entertained by Mima but at this moment, she didn't feel like it.

"Is there something you required? I really do not have the time today, Mima".

Mima floated up the steps and hovered in front of Shinki, bending down slightly to peer at Shinki in a curious manner.

The goddess's eyes gazed through her, even when Mima waved her hand in front of them.

"Why so glum? You command a universe and have every creature at your back and call" Mima chuckled as she took a seat on the armrest that wasn’t occupied by Shinki's arm.

Her lower spectral half rested comfortably on Shinki's lap which was a familiar routine at this point.

Mima shuffling on her was a distraction enough for the goddess as she answered her, "What use is that kind of power when I couldn't keep her here".

Mima tilted her head, "What's going on, Shinki?".

She was further intrigued by the lugubrious response, wondering what could have rendered the woman to this state.

Though the vengeful spirit did have her assumptions as to what it was.

"Alice left".

"Is that so? No wonder you're looking rather morose" Mima commented, "But you know, it isn't a negative thing".

Light blue eyes met her gaze, the flicker of something minacious in them.

Mima merely shook her head and pressed her finger to Shinki's chest, “Before you attempt to kill me, hear me out".

"I am not sure that is possible even if I wanted to, Mima. Yumeko has tried" Shinki said and clutched the probing finger by grabbing Mima's hand, "Continue".

The spirit grinned, "You've got to let their wings spread. To stymie their growth would be such a waste. Let me guess, she wanted to work on her magic?".

"Yes, however, she can do that here. I can provide her with whatever she requires to better herself. She has only turned into a youkai and doesn't understand what that entails".

"You really do baby Alice too much. It's a miracle she has her own thoughts" Mima laughed, "Look, I get your worries. Hell, I was the same when Marisa left for the forest so I know why you feel apprehensive".

Mima rarely let her sombre side show but Shinki often caught glimpses of it, especially when Marisa was involved.

She had come to find out that Mima, the redoubtable vengeful spirit, had taken a human girl under her wing, much like she had done with Alice.

"But I understand that that's how they grow. We can't keep them forever. They're both magicians, reckless yet brilliant and I can see great things from them. Also, Gensokyo is close enough to see her when she is settled".

The gelid hand in Shinki's squeezed as Mima's green eyes met hers, offering her a quirky grin.

Shinki wanted to refute the logic but found it difficult to do so, knowing that Mima was correct in her observations.

As Alice's mother, it was only natural how she was going to be embroiled in solicitude but Shinki was aware that she had to accept the ultimate truth.

Alice wasn't a child anymore. 

She had to hope that what she had taught Alice would manifest in her work and life.

This was the role of a parent, to nurture and observe, nothing more.

The woman relented, allowed some of it to seep out which Mima took as a victory.

"I suppose you are right".

"Naturally, I'm rarely ever incorrect about matters like this. Humans of any age are so temperamental".

Shinki smirked, "That explains much about you".

"Hey, less of that" Mima frowned, "Not the thanks I need".

The goddess tugged Mima closer, their hands still joined as she provided her with a much more pleasant example of her gratitude by kissing Mima.

Really, for a being formed from vengeance, Shinki had always found it amusing how much Mima cared about things which were a complete contrast from her objectives.

Chapter Text





Within the Hakurei Shrine, an intense procession was occurring. 

The atmosphere was terse as Reimu peered over her cards that she had lined up to see Sannyo's all too pleased face. 

"Sannyo? You sure your name isn't Smugyo cause that would suit you". 

The youkai grinned, "Attacking me just gives away your terrible hand, Reimu. You wanna fold?". 

"Hey, I didn't say that. Besides, you don't know what I'm holding so I haven't lost yet". 

Honestly, she wasn't expecting to win against Sannyo in this game of poker but to lose three times was wounding Reimu's pride. 

Sannyo was living for it. 

She inched forward, vacillating a tad, exposing much more than was necessary as Reimu's eyes darted to and fro her curvaceous chest. 

The priestess opted to stare at her feeble hand given that the sight of Sannyo added to the already febrile effects of the alcohol, clouding her judgment and she couldn't even blame it on Sannyo smoking since her dragon pipe was nowhere in the vicinity. 

"Since I'm sweet on you, I'll let ya lose with some dignity" Sannyo offered with a grin. 

"I don't need your pity" the brunette huffed, "I need a miracle. Where's Sanae when you need her". 

"In that case, show me your cards". 

Reimu paused, tentatively lowering the five cards in her hand as her fingers clutched onto them in the centre for dear life, like squeezing the cards would change them. 

It was Gensokyo, anything could happen. 

Sannyo laughed after downing her sake and reveling in the prickly priestess's pout. 

With an exasperated groan, Reimu revealed her set fully which only increased Sannyo's effrontery when she revealed her own. 

"Ya know, you're bluffing wasn't that bad considering how terrible your hand is. I mean wow, is Hina hiding somewhere?". 

"Shut up" the woman griped whilst fumbling with the sake bottle, "You just got lucky". 

The fact that Reimu was already drunk aided in Sannyo's victory as the brunette's blunders were entertaining enough. 

"Let me get that for you" she said and rounded the kotatsu on her knees, taking the bottle from Reimu's shaky hands to pour her one, "Though that's the last one for ya, Reimu".

"You don't get to tell me what to do just cause you beat me once". 

"Three times" Sannyo corrected with a pleased smirk. 

She watched Reimu consume the drink with ease after exhaling contentedly, cheeks flushed. The brunette's alcohol tolerance was certainly worth the lauding which was clearly a result of years worth of doing so. 

While Sanae was quirky, Marisa was fun and Sakuya was sharp, Sannyo definitely preferred Reimu's indifference which added a charming aspect to her personality. 

"Yeah, yeah" Reimu retorted, "I beat you in a duel so that counts for something".

"Sure it does" the youkai chuckled as Reimu toppled to the side and landed on her shoulder, her head almost sliding off considering the silken material of Sannyo's kimono, "You wanna lie down?".

"Ya taking advantage of me?".

Sannyo could feel the smirk Reimu had against her neck, eliciting a tremor to flood throughout her body.

"Reimu, what do you take me for? That thieving magician you hang around with?".

"Hmm maybe" Reimu slurred and buried her face further into the youkai's neck, "Except..that y-you are hotter. Kinda remind of a samurai I had a crush on once. And a-" she hiccupped, "A moon princess who absolutely floored me, like literally on the moon. So lemme see what you can do".

Sannyo laughed softly at Reimu's inebriated yet risible mumbling, curious about these two doppelgangers of hers whom she had heard so much about.

She grabbed the nearest cushion and gently laid Reimu back onto it.

Brushing aside some of the awry brunette strands from Reimu's face, Sannyo took in the now sleeping woman, the one that had resolved the incident and put a halt to the excavating of the caves. 

She was interesting enough that Sannyo wouldn't mind pursuing the Hakurei priestess whom had lived up to her reputation. 

"I'll take up that offer some other time, Reimu".

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Koakuma walked back into the library after doing some errands and was surprised to find that Patchouli wasn't alone.

She recognised Alice's gentle voice before she reached the centre of the library but she had no idea as to whom the other voice was.

It didn't belong to any other resident of the mansion. 

"I'm back, Lady Patchouli" she called out with her normal jubilant gusto, "Hi, Alice".

"Ah, did you see to the problem at hand?".

Koakuma nodded as she handed the mage a sizeable tome, "Sakuya was as helpful as always when it comes to Marisa".

"Interesting" Alice mused, "She must have attempted from another entrance".

"Some habits certainly do not change".

Koakuma's eyes went to the imposing figure stood next to Alice as the magician introduced the two after smirking in regards to Sakuya dealing with Marisa and Yumeko recalling Marisa's habits.

"I don’t believe you two have met but this is Yumeko" Alice said, pointing to the blonde before mentioning to Koakuma, "And this is Koakuma, Patchouli's familiar".

"It’s great to meet you!" Koakuma beamed and stuck her hand out to Yumeko.

The blonde took it, the small hand in hers a stark difference, "Likewise. Familiar..are you a demon, per chance?".

"Little demon, at you service" Koakuma winked when their hands parted.

Patchouli shook her head whilst on her chair at the main desk, eyes on the two as Alice chuckled.

"I see. How fascinating".

"Yumeko is also a demon, my mother's second in command to be precise" Alice clarified as she took a seat next to the mage, "I recall spending most of my time following her as a child".

"Wow, you must have some adorable stories of Alice's when she was a kid! I bet Lady Patchouli would love to here some".

"She absolutely will not be hearing any".

Patchouli was definitely intrigued as her gaze fluttered to the other magician whom had an erubescent hue to cheeks.

"Well, if the princess permits me to divulge said stories one day, I would not mind" Yumeko answered as her eyes went to the wings of Koakuma, "May I ask how you came to be here as a familiar? Are you from Makai?".

"That would be a small world" Patchouli muttered.

Koakuma grinned, feeling the curious gaze sweep over her, "I'm not from Makai. Though it would have been amazing to see Alice back then. I would recognize you too! I could never forget a face like that".

Alice watched on, noticing how the blonde was looking at Koakuma, intrigue mixed with appraisal. Yumeko only ever focused on her mother that way and since they seemed to be going nowhere, this might be an opportunity to help Yumeko with a chance to meddle.

She elbowed Patchouli, motioning with her eyes at the scene unfurling.

"Is that so? Well, I must say it is welcoming to meet a demon from elsewhere".

Koakuma placed a hand on her own cheek, smiling widely, "If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them, Yumeko".

Even someone as socially dense as Patchouli could see through her familiar's flirtatious nature while she sighed, understanding Alice.

"Koakuma, why don’t you show Yumeko the rest of the mansion? Alice and Yumeko will be staying for dinner anyway".

That was news to Yumeko as she glanced at Alice whom smiled, "I've told my mother that you will be here for a while so it's fine. You two have fun" she said, tone laced with something of a teasing lilt.

"Oh, I see. If you insist, princess" Yumeko said with a bow and then turned to Koakuma, "I'll be in your care, Koakuma".

"Great! You are going to love it here" Koakuma insisted as she curled her arms around Yumeko's upper arm, unintentionally, or not, leaving Yumeko flustered, "Let's go!".

And with that, the two demons left the library.

Alice raised her brow, smirk increasing as she glanced at Patchouli.

"So you can be romantic at heart".


Chapter Text




The subtle yet textured whimper that exuded from Sanae's mouth was riveting, causing Reimu’s spine to tingle as her own body reacted feverishly to the way Sanae was responding to her touch.

Sanae’s blue eyes rolled back into her head as Reimu's fingers inched in deeper, passing the second phalanx and the brunette could feel the woman clench around her, keeping her steady as she slowly moved in and out. The wetness was blissful, to know that Sanae was in complete ardour as she writhed against the futon, back arching to meet her lover's thrusts.

There wasn't a sight more irresistible and beguiling for Reimu as she watched Sanae's lips part, a particularly gravely moan exiting her mouth, paired with a rough praise of her name. She smirked, her free hand squeezing the futon beside Sanae's head as the living goddess turned her face to the side, legs parting further to accommodate Reimu's movements. 

If what Reimu was doing to her wasn't making Sanae's insides turn molten, the perfervid stare in the crimson eyes which were watching her merely enhanced the fervid situation. Her hands crawled down the brunette's back, between her shoulder blades, skin damp and hot.

She was close, pulsing around her lover's fingers as the propelling became rapid, hitting the alert system of nerves within Sanae till the muscles of her walls went rigid and the purge of liquid accumulated, dripping down, staining the bedding.

Sanae's movements became frenetic as Reimu was finding it difficult to restrain her, slamming her body down over the other woman's as her lips scattered over Sanae's lips and jaw, muttering taunting yet sweet nothings over the rubicund skin.

It made Sanae wilt as she threw her head back, ankles locking around each other, her thighs crushing Reimu's back as she came undone.

Her chest was heaving, eyes blinded by the fading sight of the woman on top of her, in her.

Reimu was enthralling, deft yet delicate, strong yet meaningful.

Sanae was radiant, ravenous yet demure, wholesome yet brutish.

Opposites collided.

Two priestesses who couldn't be more antipodal of each other, finding a common ground, locating a place where they could collide and yield to each other in ways many wouldn't have anticipated.

Such was in their essence as divinities for the goddesses they represented. 

Sanae laughed, full bodied as her forearm rest on her forehead, hiding from Reimu as she felt her thighs shake when the remnants of her eruptive orgasm come to a halt. Reimu couldn't have been more enthralled by the sight of the charming priestess, lowering her face down to kiss her given how pliant Sanae made her feel. 

The prickly priestess surrendered to Sanae, knew of the hooks she had in her, could feel it in the way her fingers remained inside of Sanae, connected fully, throbbing. 

Reimu called out Sanae's name which led to Sanae removing her arm away to reveal bright blue eyes opening with a tinge of heaviness to them.

The brunette gulped, bit her lip as soft hands caressed her face and pulled her down again, pressing two kisses to the corner of her lips before the journey ended with a full kiss. 

She smiled, felt Sanae do the same.

The action was undoubtedly meaningful, irrevocable in a sense where they had promised to complete each other.

To become a united entity over Gensokyo.


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The doors to the throne room of Shinki's palace flung open as a billow of smoke poured in. 

Shinki had been alerted that there had been an intruder causing havoc in Makai and she was curious to see as to whom the person was that had managed to get to her. 

Yumeko was by the goddess's side, broadswords sheathed which made Shinki smile, endeared that to this day, her loyal retainer would be willing to put herself in the line of fire. 

Her eyes awaited for the intruder to arrive as more shouts could be heard. 

"Yeah? Well this is a message from heaven! Go eat peach, you piece of shit!" the voice yelled back in a contumely manner to a guard that had cursed at her. 

The retort was nothing if not whimsical and even Yumeko quirked a brow at the exchange. 

So their guest was from heaven, that certainly caught Shinki's attentiveness.

Not a moment later, a figure surfaced from the debris and smoke which was still accruing, wielding a sword that had an orange hue to it. 

Yumeko's interested also amplified at the sight of another sword wielder. 

"Welcome to Makai" Shinki fêted as gracefully as ever, "And whom might you be?" 

"Hinanawi Tenshi" the celestial grinned and pointed her sword at the duo, "Remember my name, demons, it will go down in history for taking over Makai!". 

Shinki chuckled, "Is that so? Well, that was quite the introduction" she smiled and stood up, "It is a pleasure to have you here, Tenshi". 

The woman's imposing figure was certainly worth marvelling at, "Oh, fuck, why are demons so tall" she mused. 

Shinki placed a hand on Yumeko's shoulder to get her to stand back, the blonde shooting her a worried look. 

"This won't take long". 

"Says you!" Tenshi yelled out, clearly offended at not being taken seriously, "I just wiped out all of your guards!". 

Which is what Yumeko was thinking, that the celestial shouldn't be taken lightly as their natural enemy. 

"I have a feeling she isn't quite like the rest in heaven" Shinki smiled as Yumeko relented, stepping back with a bow. 

Tenshi gripped her sword as Shinki moved closer to her, bright blue eyes familiar to a certain magician that warned her not to come here. 

Though Alice knew that the warning would go over Tenshi's head. 

"Allow me to introduce myself" Shinki said when she came closer to the other woman, "I am Shinki. The goddess of Makai".

"Wait..goddess? I thought that you were just a demon queen or something" Tenshi queried after gulping, "Alice never mentioned that!" she thought inwardly. 

Shinki chuckled, bending slightly at the waist to get a closer look at the rambunctious celestial, "Well, I am those. But as the creator of Makai and everything in it, my title as goddess is more applicable".

Tenshi held her ground, though she was now more concerned and laughed wearily, "Y-yeah I can see why". 

"So, Tenshi" Shinki said in a teasing tone, wings outstretched, flickering with specks of violet and crimson, "What was it you were saying? You wish to take over Makai?". 

To the goddess's amazement, Tenshi stood tall, no sign of any diminution in her audacious nature, tensing her jaw as her red eyes remained on hers.

It made her beam further, she always appreciated a challenge. 

"You heard me. I'm gonna take you down, Shinki!". 

"Oh, please do" the woman laughed in a sensual tone, "Take me wherever you wish". 

Tenshi, no stranger to the wonderful world of innuendos now, turned scarlet at the amorous implication. 

"I didn't mean it like that" she attempted to refute but the goddess's overwhelming presence could bring anyone to their knees, "I meant that I'm gonna nail you to the wall!". 

Shinki grinned as Tenshi spluttered at another faux pas, her hold on her sword completely relaxed now as she waved her arms around.

"Oh, how forward" she hummed and placed her fingers beneath Tenshi's chin, "I do like it when a woman takes control". 

Yumeko was a little dumbfounded to even think. 

Tenshi couldn't blame the demon's diffident reaction as her eyes expanded, the gentle hold on her chin feeling searing as she gazed into Shinki's eyes. 

After a pause, her bravado reappeared as she smirked, "Lucky for you cause I'm all about control". 

"Hm, we shall see about that, my wayward angel". 

The goddess laughed softly, lips dangerously close to Tenshi's as her other hand encircled the celestial's waist to draw her in close, bodies now flush together. Tenshi's sword dropped to the ground with a clatter but it was the least of her concerns as more pressing matters swirled in her mind. 

Like the pressing of the demon goddess's lips over her own. 

It was blistering, making her feel light-headed so she reached out, clutched onto the woman's upper arms. 

Shinki was only elated at the celestial's necessitous hold on her as she pulled her upwards, her grip on Tenshi's hip exuding possessiveness, just like the tongue twirling around Tenshi's. 

Tenshi's temerity had withered, reduced to being Shinki's latest dalliance. 

Her assault on Makai hadn't exactly gone as planned but she had no qualms with that. 

Making out with a demon goddess was the biggest up yours she could give to the denizens of heaven and really, who wouldn't want to do either of those things. 


Extra Stage

Alice, somewhere in the background being restrained by a laughing Reimu: Mother, stop hitting on my friends! 

Chapter Text





"Say it".

"I can't".

Kaguya smirked, "Then I won't get up, which means you will not be able carry out your duties, thus leading to Eirin being mad".


Reisen frowned as she looked up at the woman on her lap, arms folded across her chest, unadulterated elation across her face.

Really, Kaguya's whims were always extreme but this was pushing the boundaries.

How could she dare to say it so casually? It was equivocal to traducing Kaguya to her face.

She'd rather incur Eirin's wrath than say..that.

Not that Eirin would actually reprimand her, especially if Kaguya's request was the reason for Reisen being interrupted.

Kaguya chuckled and made a specific movement on Reisen's lap, the other lunarian flushing red at the shift.

"Reisen" she cooed, "It is only one word and three syllables".

"But it's your-".

A dainty finger pressed over her lips as Kaguya shook her head, her dark locks swaying with the action whilst placing her other hand on Reisen's chest.

It led to Reisen's hands going behind on the floor to steady herself as Kaguya leaned closer. This was as audacious as she was planning to be but evidently, her princess had other ideas.

"Even more of a reason I want to hear it".

Her tone dipped, the elegance and slightly archaic pronunciation just adding a sultry tinge to it.

Reisen could feel herself crumble as she gulped, lips closed before Kaguya moved her finger down to her chin, lifting it up.

"So, indulge me. Consider it an official request as my bodyguard" she added with a suggestive wink.

The feeling of Kaguya's full chest against her own really wasn't de-escalating the situation.

Kaguya could wait, she had thousands of years worth of patience.

If this is what Kaguya wanted, then Reisen had little will power to resist and obliged.

Seeing the woman happy was her source of light so her fists clenched on the ground, red eyes gazing up at the woman on top of her.

Her throat felt arid, lips parched as she readied herself to commit a crime which could be compared to sedition.

Okay, she was well aware that that was an exaggeration and Kaguya's request wasn't as unreasonable or impossible.

Regardless, it was crossing certain boundaries.

A hand stroked her warm cheek, Kaguya's soothing tone lulling her.

"You can do this, Reisen".

"R-right" she managed, "Ka..".

The princess waited, anticipation building at finally getting Reisen to say it.

Reisen took in a quick breath again, eyes set in determination to please Kaguya.

She sounded it out in her head, tasted the letters on her lips and vocalised said word.


Reisen was suddenly toppled backwards to the floor, Kaguya's delighted laughter careening around the room as she hovered above her.

"You finally said my name" she grinned, her dark hair cascading down and tickling Reisen's neck, "I want to hear it again".

The sheer joy in Kaguya's eyes was worth breaking protocol.

She laughed as her hand cupped the princess's cheek, watching the way she nuzzled into it.


The woman's smile only broadened as she leaned down, lips brushing over Reisen’s, brown eyes lidded.


Chapter Text




Byakuren's visit to Eirin's clinic was only meant to be a quick social call since the doctor had a bit of time between her patients. 

A quick chat, some tea and a kiss. 

That was all Byakuren hand in mind when she dropped by Eientei but clearly Eirin had something else in mind, something more dissolute. 

She saw it the moment she stepped into Eirin's office and the woman embraced her, the hold powerful, arms wrapped around her frame like they hadn't seen each other for a thousand years. 

The chat was brief yet fulfilling, the tea flavoursome enough to quench a certain thirst and as for a quick kiss, it only led to more. 

Led to Byakuren sat on Eirin's lap behind the desk and facing the door with the goddess's middle finger parting her slick folds and sliding inside her. 

"Eirin.." she gasped after a particularly deep thrust which made her gut spasm, "There".

The doctor already knew how and where to angle her finger to make her lover's spine bend, her head resting against Eirin's shoulder. 

"You don't have to be quiet here" Eirin whispered and kissed Byakuren's neck, traveling her tongue up the side, "It is just us". 

Byakuren slammed her mouth shut as she gripped the edge of the desk, swirling her hips to match the lunarian's pace, feeling the strong finger part her walls. 

It was true that they were alone but Byakuren didn't want to risk it, the scream accumulating in her lungs dying to burst out when Eirin's other hand grabbed her left breast, flicking her thumb over the hardened point. 

Byakuren's moan was succulent enough as she writhed on Eirin's lap till her fingers gripping the edge of the desk became painful. Eirin exhaled, feeling her palm become drenched as her mouth sucked on the priestess's neck, marking her. 

She had been craving the woman, always missing the opportunities to get her alone so she had to take it into her own hands. 

Utilising Byakuren's own need to come out and see her. 

They ensured that their relationship didn't border on becoming negligent given their onus roles in Gensokyo. 

"Byakuren.." she panted, "Look at me". 

The woman could just about turn her head as Eirin used her own strength to support Byakuren's rigid form. 

Hazel met blue, both darkened and oozing out words that couldn't be conveyed by the love making. 

Byakuren managed a shaky grin as her legs spread further, taking in the radiant goddess's eyes and moving her hand, placing it in Eirin's hair and cheek. Her skin was damp, a light sheen over the surface and the corporeal feeling of Eirin touching her enhanced Byakuren's delectation. 

The fact that Eirin hadn't relinquished the speed of her finger pumping inside of her vulva couldn't be ignored, more so when Byakuren's clit throbbed given the stimulation Eirin's palm was offering. She tightening around the finger, muscles aching as her orgasm neared. 

"Kiss me, please" she coveted from Eirin. 

Both out of the need to kiss her lover and to conceal the moan that was about to cumulate and course throughout Eirin's office. 

Eirin was only happy to oblige as she continued twirling her finger in Byakuren till she pressed her palm up and the digit slid in deeper than anticipated. 

The priestess's tongue in her mouth lost all control, leading to the doctor to kiss her on the lips to muffle the pleasure coursing through her lover. Her lap was drenched from Byakuren's release, more so when she pulled her finger out and the priestess's body shook violently. 

Byakuren had grabbed Eirin's wrist with her free hand where her dress was hiked up and trapped against Eirin's arm. With her legs parted and beneath the desk still, the mess of her skin matted with her release was concealed as Eirin slowly rubbed her lower lips, bringing her down. 

They remained there in the glowing aftermath of their quixotic love making, Byakuren running her fingers through Eirin's hair and Eirin placing delicate kisses over her lips and jaw. 


The woman hummed in acknowledgement, mouth dry and chest heaving. 

Contentment appeared radiant on her lover, this much Eirin could see as she took in her red tinged face. She rested her free her against the priestess's throat, stroking it lovingly till hazel eyes opened to peer at her. 

It made Eirin's mind spin.

Byakuren was resplendent but after bringing her to pleasure, seeing the vulnerable expression, it was something else. 

She could feel Byakuren's fingers on her cheeks too when the woman spoke up, "I love you, Eirin". 

Tone soft, Eirin could feel said emotion. 

The goddess kissed the palm on her face, sighing softly, "I love you too". 

A kind of love so honest, so unexpected and unheard of in the Lunar Capital. 

Other than Kaguya and the Watatsuki sisters, everything else was merely work, a profession. 

But with Byakuren, saying those words that earthlings resevered for those special floated out with ease. 

Eirin was still adjusting to it, had the rest of her life to do so and to show Byakuren just how much. 

Chapter Text





Breaking into the Scarlet Devil Mansion at this point felt like second nature to Marisa.

It was almost ineluctable that she would attempt it. 

Even if all of her other intrusions were not successful, at least she had the knowledge of various routes planned when heading to Patchouli's library. She knew the woman had acquired new stock and was eager to get her hands on those shiny new tomes. 

Marisa also had another goal in mind for visiting the Scarlet Devil Mansion. 

As she jumped down from the window, landing with a not so subtle thud, Marisa looked around, golden eyes squinting in observation, just to make sure she was alone.

Satisfied that she would not be disturbed, the magician made her way down the long winding hallways, feeling uneasy about the isolation.

The mansion certainly had an air of foreboding energy that conjured the hairs on the back of her neck as her footsteps gently creaked throughout the hallway. She might be familiar with the building by now but it didn't make it any less macabre.

The blood red western style mansion in the middle of Gensokyo. 

"Can't believe its been that long since we stopped Flandre and Remilia from taking over" she laughed to herself as she pressed her back flat against the wall to have a peek round the corner, "But they're still no match in keeping me out" she grinned and proceeded further when the coast was clear. 

A flicker of a shadow in her peripheral vision made the woman freeze, clutching her broom in her hand.

It had to be a fairy, at least she hoped so as she slowly shifted clockwise. 

There was nothing there but red carpet and red walls. 

"Huh" she shrugged her shoulders, "Weird" and veered forward to make her way to the library again, following a different route. 

The slight interruption had the blonde on alert as she continued looking around, ears trained to apprehend the signs of any sounds but she knew she was walking amongst devils now.

Devils that preferred to make a scene as opposed to hiding away more than they had to do.
But she didn't let it deter herself as the stretch of hallway that seemed to go on forever started appearing repetitive.

"Haven't I been here before?" she mused, looking around to see if there was something different that she could distinguish. 

But it all appeared the same. 

Which usually meant one thing.

"Uh oh". 

"Welcome, Marisa".

The breath coated her ear as she jumped ahead, whirling around to see Sakuya stood there.

Her hands were behind her back as she had an amused expression on her face, "Hey, don't sneak up on people!". 

"I would not have to if you used the front door like everybody else" Sakuya chuckled and stepped closer, almost menacing.

The blonde gulped and started walking backwards, "Yeah, sure. I'll keep that in mind for next time. Anyway, gotta go!".

She attempted to hop on her broom but time froze. 

When it commenced again, Marisa quickly went into defence mode as she whirled her head from side to side to see where Sakuya had taken her.

She knew she was in for it.
How many times could she test the maid's patience before the woman skewered her with her array of knives.

"Look, I was gonna do that so you know, let's not get too hasty" she grinned warily as Sakuya tucked away her pocket watch, "Sakuya?". 
"You truly are a troublesome one. My Mistress and Lady Patchouli were aware of your arrival the moment you stepped in".

"What, how is that even possible?!" Marisa asked as she scratched her hat, "I even took a different entrance".

The perplexed expression on Marisa's face was endearing as Sakuya smiled, a flash of teeth showing which made Marisa snap out of it again and stumble out a few apologies. 

"Turn around, Marisa".

"Wait, why?".

Sakuya shook her head and told the blonde to do what she asked, "Do not worry, I will not hurt you".

The knives strapped to Sakuya's thigh indicated otherwise. 

"You sure? Ya kinda look like you wanna feed me to Remilia and Flandre" Marisa quipped in her garrulous ways to prolong her demise as she watched Sakuya's pensive blue eyes take her in, "O-okay, fine. Just..make it quick, yeah? Tell Reimu I'm the best exterminator in Gensokyo and let Alice & Patchouli know that it was a pleasure stealing from them".

"Honestly" Sakuya muttered to herself when Marisa did finally turn around and gasped.

How she hadn't noticed the set up to begin with she wasn't sure, but fear did that to you, shot circuiting your brain into thinking irrationally. 
"What the.. ".

It was then that the magician realised that the room was actually a small living room with a fire set up to keep it toasty. The table she couldn't keep her eyes off of had a meal prepared with drinks. Two chairs facing opposite each other were present, as was a cart with various foods. 

She was expecting a different set of tools but there was nothing but normal cutlery on display. 

"Assuming the worst is not always an applicable way of thinking, Marisa" Sakuya laughed softly and walked up next to her, brushing her shoulder with hers, "Perhaps you can make your way to the library after a meal?". 

Sakuya was worried that Marisa wasn't eating well considering the winters of Gensokyo that were bleak and food was scarce.

"Ya did this for me?" Marisa asked, dazed as her golden orbs went from the table to the taller woman stood next to her, "Wow, I'm speechless!".

"That is a first" Sakuya smirked and moved forward to pull Marisa's chair out for her, in all her chivalrous nature and the blonde couldn't help but to chuckle with a blush, "Please, take a seat".

Marisa approached the chair when something crossed her mind, digging into the pocket of her dress, "I'm glad I got this with me today" she grinned and pulled out a gift for her, "This is for you".

The item in question was a chain similar to the one that was attached to Sakuya's pocket watch. 

The maid's eyes enlarged a tad as Marisa dropped the chain into Sakuya's hands, her fingers resting in the woman's palm, clasping over the gift, "It's perfect, how thoughtful, thank you very much, Marisa". 

Marisa smiled and squeezed Sakuya's hand in hers, her fingerless gloves running over the woman's palm, "Don't worry about it. Yours looked like it was rusting so I looked around for a while to find the right one. I don't always take stuff" she winked. 

Sakuya was taken aback by the magician's considerate gesture as it was the truth in regards to the condition of her chain. She smiled and brought Marisa's hand to her lips, placing a chaste kiss on the back of it which made the blonde flush more. 

"Thank you". 

All of Marisa's efforts had been worth it to surprise the assiduous maid as they took a seat at the table. 

While she did have her own intentions of coming to the mansion to 'borrow' from Patchouli, Marisa had arrived with the gift to present to Sakuya and seeing the gleam in the blue eyes made it all worth it. 

The strange western mansion had brought about a myriad of gifts for Marisa, after all. 

One in the form of a dashing yet austere woman with incomparable cooking and knife skills. 

"No worries" Marisa grinned, not at all feeling like her chest was about to burst from the way Sakuya was looking at her, "Anyway, let's eat. I'm starving!".

The maid chuckled, "Well, that would sometimes be too accurate for you considering your mushroom habit. Have you used any of the recipes I taught you?".

"Hmm, kinda? It still doesn't taste as good when you make it" Marisa sighed and sat down as Sakuya plated up, "I don't know what I'm doing wrong cause I followed the instructions ya left".

"Did you really?".

The blonde swallowed down her bite of food, laughing, "Well, I did make some stuff up. Just to add more flavour, ya know?".

"That sounds just like you" Sakuya laughed as she watched Marisa grin.

While much had changed for the residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, one in particular had remained with them.

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Byakuren noticed how unusually reticent Kanako was as they got ready for bed.

They had returned to the Moriya Shrine after a gathering at Reimu's.

It was a standard occasion with a myriad of guests and prior to reaching the shrine, Kanako was her usual loquacious self.

So it worried the priestess when she turned to see Kanako's aura tense as she changed into her sleepwear, the grey material of her robe clinging to her back.

She finished tying her own gown and made her way to the goddess, resting a hand on her shoulder, "Kanako?".

The woman turned as she was about to release her hair from its high ponytail.

"We should get some sleep, it's late".

Byakuren's hand slid down Kanako's shoulder to her upper arm as her other hand rested on the taller woman's cheek, "What is it? You've barely said a word all evening".

"Well, it isn't like you were not entertained throughout".

"What is that supposed to mean?".

Kanako shook her head, took a quick breath, "Nothing. I'm turning in for the night".

She moved away from her lover's hold but Byakuren stopped her, hand going back to her shoulder.

"Kanako, you cannot say something like that without an explanation. If I have upset you then tell me. Is this about Shinki?".

Just the mere mention of Shinki's name threw the last of Kanako's patience out to curb, invoking such odious sensations as she spun on her heel and grabbed Byakuren by the wrist, pulling her close before she leaned down and kissed her. Her other hand gripped the other woman's waist, moving her back till she could shuffle her onto the desk.

Images of Shinki and Byakuren talking at the shrine came flooding back.

How close they were.

The way Byakuren's hazel eyes were filled with mirth as she laughed.

Shinki unabashedly undressing Byakuren with her eyes, reliving the past.

Their draw to each other so tangible, the gravitation unmistakable. 

The manner in which the goddess would send Kanako a blighted look, reminding her of her blood ties to Byakuren given their magic and relationship.

Each thought was the conduit to what Kanako was doing now.

Forcing her tongue into Byakuren's mouth.

She yanked her nighgown down with one hand as the other roughly moved up her thigh, lost in the haze till Byakuren pushed her away, grabbing a fistful Kanako's robe to get her to stop her officious actions.

"That’s enough".

Kanako swallowed thickly, baring her teeth, "Because it's me? You would respond differently if it was Shinki doing it with you like this, right?".

Byakuren didn't get a chance to reply as Kanako latched her mouth onto the side of her neck, biting down on the sinews. Her fingers had snuck underneath the waistband of Byakuren's underwear, fingertips inching closer and closer till she heard Byakuren's whimper.

"Stop, please, Kanako".

Rationality dawned back to the goddess as she released her teeth and both of her arms moved away before gripping the desk.

"Damn it" she castigated herself, feeling the slight fear in the priestess, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..".

She couldn't look her lover in the eyes, kissing the bite before Byakuren's hands pulled her face up. The warm hands were gentle as Byakuren's thumbs caressed her cheeks whilst she caught her breath. Kanako's red eyes remained on Byakuren's exposed shoulders, wanting to lift the white sleepwear up but she didn't dare to touch her now.

"Look at me".

Kanako bit her lower lip as her hands went to her side, her gaze finally meeting Byakuren's.

Her fingers stroked down till she could cup Kanako's jaw, "That was in the past, Kanako. Shinki will always be important to me".

The goddess's jaw tightened but Byakuren continued.

"However, I love you. Whatever may be going on in that head of yours" she said and kissed the woman's forehead, "Whatever you are imagining, stop. Those were different times and without Shinki's helps, I am unsure of if I would have coped. But I did, in order to be here in Gensokyo. With you".

The woman finally relaxed as her palms rested on the desk again, either side of the Byakuren's legs. The hands on her face remained as Byakuren smiled, ensnaring her like she often did.

It was different to her other smiles, including those given to Shinki.

Kanako inhaled softly and lifted a hand up to place on the side of her lover's neck, brushing the skin tenderly.

"I'm sorry, Byakuren. I let my emotions get the better of me".

"They often do when it comes to those you care about" Byakuren reminded softly, her thumb caressing over Kanako's lips, "I love that about you. You are still human in some ways".

"Is that a polite way of insinuating how I am flaw filled, Byakuren?".

Byakuren chuckled at her lover's grin, "And offend a goddess? I wouldn't dare. Certainly not you".

She ended her sentence with an ardent kiss, reminding Kanako that she was hers and her alone.

While fragments of the past remained, it didn't have to hinder the present.

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Partially concealed behind Byakuren and Okina, Kokoro offered her jaunty companion a shy wave as she came bounding up the temple stairs with a terrified cat clinging for dear life to her shoulder. 

"As lively as ever" "Byakuren chuckled fondly and encouraged the menreiki to head to Ellen, "Have fun, Kokoro". 

Kokoro tilted her head at Okina who gave her a squeeze to her shoulder, "You've got this, just enjoy yourself with her". 


The response may have been monotonous but the mask of joy around her stated otherwise. 

Byakuren rounded behind Okina's wheelchair after they gave a final smile of encouragement to Kokoro and left the duo when Ellen approached them, "Hi, Ellen". 

The rambunctious blonde launched herself at Kokoro, hands behind her shoulders and Kokoro just about managed to keep her balance in check, arms wrapping around Ellen's waist to steady them both. 

"It's good to see you again!" Ellen smiled up at Kokoro, pink eyes expressionless but Ellen could feel that the sentiments were mutual, "Socrates missed you too!". 

Kokoro released her hold on Ellen's waist and glanced at the cat in question who looked like he was getting his bearings together. 

She smiled. 

"I..I'm happy you are both here". 

Ellen's eyes visibly pulsed as her hands cupped Kokoro's face, "Aw, Kokoro! Same here, I can't wait to hang out with you today. It's going to be so much fun". 

There was no understatement in that, this much Kokoro was aware of. 

There was rarely a dull day with the charming magician who had enough energy in her to liven up the Myouren Temple Cemetery. Her temerity was infectious, as was her vigour and curiosity to see and experience all. 

It was a complete contrast to Kokoro's chary nature. 

She reached out for Ellen's hand gingerly, "Me too". 

And so, Ellen pulled her towards the exit of the temple with a basket in hand and Socrates tailing them to revel in some time with her favourite menreiki, well, only menreiki that she knew but she was content with that. 

Their escapades began at the cemetery, engaging in entertaining Kyouko and Yoshika, the two falling into Ellen's whims with ease. 

Kokoro could understand all too well as Yoshika pet Socrates as herself, Ellen and Kyouko chatted amongst themselves. 

Their garrulous conversation was bound to disturb the residents in an eternal sleep but that did little to disturb the group, conversing for a lengthy amount of time till they had to leave. 

Following that encounter, the trio found themselves at the Hakurei Shrine with Reimu and Alice. 

The two magicians kept their significant others entertained via their magic, drawing in a crowd. Reimu smirked at the way Kokoro was depicting enough amazement at the spectacle of the two blondes, her eyes rarely parting from Ellen's. 

She couldn't blame her, the two magicians were out of this world.

Ellen winked at Kokoro and the slight splutter made Reimu chuckle but then Alice did the same to her and the brunette actually saw Kokoro smirk. 

Stranger things had occurred in her shrine.

The trio then went to Mayohiga at the insistence of Chen who crossed paths with them. 

Also, Ellen decided it would be good for Socrates to mingle with other cats. 

So they followed Chen to the abandoned village and enjoyed their time playing with the many other feline friends that Chen watched over. Kokoro was caught in a pile up of fluff as numerous cats found her to be a comfortable napping pillow and Ellen was inclined in agreeing as she grinned at the spectacle. 

They remain at the location for a while till night fall bestowed them and they made their way back to the Myouren Temple. 

There was a delicate summer breeze lingering over the vicinity as they got comfortable on the roof of the building, just staring up at the stars with Socrates nestled between them. 
Ellen was face up and resting on Kokoro's chest as she pointed at various constellations they could see. 

"Pretty.." Kokoro murmured, hand interwoven with one of Ellen's as they was resting down her chest. 

"The sky beyond Gensokyo is that way" Ellen agreed, sighing contently, "But Gensokyo is filled with pretty things too. Like you, Kokoro!". 

The blonde could see Kokoro's blush and giggled when the menreiki muttered her name. 

Ellen was strange, unexpected, something Kokoro could never tire of. 

Kokoro was quiet, unreadable, traits that Ellen found loveable.

In the silence of a land which had homed them when the Outside World couldn't, the two had found more than the solace they expected.

Regardless of the masks they donned. 

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Eirin was in the supply room, taking stock of everything after a particular busy day of patients visiting her.

Such was in the essence of the winter season, one which exposed the fragility of humans.

She glanced down at her notepad and jotted down how many vials of cold medication they had left before moving to the next shelf, blue eyes roaming over the remedies required by youkai, a stark contrast to the ailments which plagued humans.

Her hand reached out to check a vial of serum that Patchouli required, taking note of how many remained behind it before placing it back.

"I see you have not considered Kanako's suggestion to go fully digital? This onerous process would be shortened drastically, darling".

Eirin smirked at the voice coming from her desk, lilted and saccharine.

"It would be too reminiscent of my time at the Lunar Capital where such technology was available. Call me old fashioned but I quite enjoy Gensokyo's quaint charms, including the menial tasks carried out".

Yukari chuckled, "Ancient goddesses and their ancient ways".

"If you are implying that I am resistant to change..".

"I would never" Yukari said, tone coy as Eirin turned around, "Although in this case, it would be beneficial. Even your recondite ways must find going through all of this tedious".

She waved her fan around the supply room, the many shelves and storage cupboards stretching out as far as the eye can see.

"Gensokyo's population is manageable compared to the Lunar Capital so it is not burdensome to do this. Also, Udongein is a diligent apprentice, as is Kaguya when she isn't trying to prank me".

Eirin smiled as she walked over to the youkai, lounging in her chair like she owned the place.

"Valid points, Eirin. However, it is an inconvenience for me" Yukari insisted.

She tugged Eirin down after taking her hand so that the goddess was bent at the waist before curling her other arm behind the woman's neck. She smirked, pulling Eirin's eyes to her refulgent lips which was her goal.

"I can only imagine how that is the case but do go on, I am intrigued".

Eirin held the arm of the chair with her free hand, trapping her pen beneath it as the wisps of Yukari's fringe brushed against her forehead. The woman's redolent scent was as captivating as ever, drawing her in and Eirin had stopped resisting.

"Your time spent pouring over the stock could be utilised in far more enjoyable ways with me. Recumbent moments intermingled with those of a more frenetic nature".

The lunarian grinned, expecting such a coquettish response from her lover.

Any riposte was silenced when the youkai kissed her, lips slightly sticky with a flavour Eirin had adjusted to.

In the back of her mind, Eirin knew she had a lot to do but Yukari was the perfect distraction.

Her pen and book dropped to the floor as she lowered herself down to her knees, arms going around Yukari's waist while she deepened their kiss, feeling the softness of Yukari's mouth graze over her own.

Yukari tugged on her lower back whilst her other hand remained on Eirin's neck, breathing in the goddess as her fingers crept down to the ribbon on her braid.

She pulled it free as Eirin pushed her against the back of the chair, eyes opening slightly to see the sensuous expression on Yukari as she kissed her.

In her convoluted ways, Yukari wasn't wrong.

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Mokou wasn't quite sure how she got herself into this situation but she was adamant that she was not regretting it.

Though she could not think adequately considering the dexterous hands which were working the buckle of her belt in an agile manner, loosening it till her jeans were tugged down to her knees.

She tried to work some sense into the mess whilst kissing the throat of the lubricious blonde she had backed up against the kitchen counter after hiking her skirt up and placing her bare thigh between the woman's legs.


Toyohime's breathless call of her name urged Mokou to ram her thigh up against the woman's clit, the wetness seeping down instantly. The hold on Mokou's silver hair was bordering unendurable but the woman didn't mind as having sex with the alluring blonde socialite was worth it. 

Still, how they got to this point felt surreal. 

She was there for a simple house call; to mend the boiler in the kitchen, nothing out of the ordinary. 

Mokou had done this aforesaid job before but today was different, today, Toyohime made her move and Mokou was resistless to her senses and beautiful women. 

Even if they were married and their spouse was in the living room ahead, headphones on as she focused on her laptop while her wife worked herself over Mokou's leg, grinding fervently. 

Mokou felt a tad iniquitous but Toyohime was so persistent, too convincing and utterly comely. 

Attributes that were amplified by the muffled groan when the woman rocked harder as Mokou lifted her up slightly so that she was sat on her thigh, stimulating her clit that much more. 

Mokou kept a hold on her hips, scarlet eyes barely open as her teeth were clenched, back muscles being tested and gripped by her obscure lover. 

"You're gonna have to let go" she whispered, "We don't have a lotta time and she might check". 

Toyohime chuckled richly as she hurtled down harder, stomach twisting when she felt her orgasm cumulate. 

The thought of her wife catching her being fucked by the handywoman sent a jolt up Toyohime's spine, turning her on more than she already was. 

Keine was a jealous woman and would probably kill Mokou. 

Something she stated when she leaned forward and closer to Mokou's ear, biting her earlobe whilst telling her to fuck her faster in that case. 

Mokou grunted, pushed her thigh further up and into the tangible bud as her skin was dribbling with stickiness now. 

Toyohime was nothing if not a provocateur, hedonic to the core and Mokou was captivated by her. 

She lowered her hands, cupping the blonde's rear and squeezed forcefully which made Toyohime moan into her neck and increase her cadence. Her back curved inwards when she latched down with all her might, releasing her climax in small shudders all over Mokou's thigh as she continued to bounce on it. 

Mokou knew her truck had definitely heated up by now considering how gelid of a winter it was and Keine could still see it. There weren't many excuses other than she was packing up her equipment to make if she caught them going at it. 

It wouldn't be a complete fabrication. 

There was certainly some unpacking of equipment as Toyohime's ragged breath painted the air between them when she leaned back, her elbows on the counter and slow movements of her hips making her breasts shimmer due to the sweat beneath her opened blouse.

Mokou grinned, bit down on her own lip as  Toyohime's clit pulsed against her skin, her hands grasping the blonde's rear again before her eyes went to her wife's form. 

"You good?". 

Toyohime smiled hazily, amused by Mokou's casual parlance as she tilted her head, chest heaving erratically, ushered on by Mokou's taunting tone. 

"Hm, satisfied, Mokou. But I want more. Well, more to the point.." she drawled off and moved one hand down Mokou's open shirt that was loose till she could curl her finger beneath the waistband of her underwear. 

"Hey, you don't have to". 

"Let me help you clean up, Mokou" Toyohime pleaded sensually as she dipped her finger inside her lover and brought it to her lips, sucking the tip clean, "And before you say, no, you wouldn't be asking for much. Come upstairs, my bed is more comfortable". 

"But what about your wife?" Mokou managed as her own centre pulsed since it was being squeezed considering the position she was in. 

To be invited to the woman's bed so nonchalantly with said wife in the opposite room startled Mokou. 

But it all made sense when Keine took off her headphones and turned her eyes to them, her lips turned up into a smirk. 

Mokou almost dropped Toyohime who giggled in her ear after gripping her shoulders. 

"Oh, don't worry. She knows". 

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Kotohime wouldn't deny that right now, she was fearing for her life. 

It was imprudent to stalk the buildings at midnight, gun in one hand and a stake in the other as she jumped at every shadow to cross her peripheral vision. 

But she had no choice but to reclaim some dignity by taking out the culprit of the string of crimes that had been occurring in Kyoto. 

Women were going missing with no bodies to be recuperated. 

The entire city knew what was taking them, the question was who would be brave enough to take her down?

Kotohime took it upon herself to stop the vampire's tirade, her injudicious bravery being the leash to lead her there.

Rainfall pummelled down to the ground, her hat and uniform soaked as she slowly rounded a row of apartments that opened up into the park. This was suicidal but she had no choice, she had to do this and it was the motto that rang in her head. 

The woman felt a sizzle rip over her back as the spiny branches of the trees created ominous shadows, the crescendo of rain not mollifying her perturbation. 

But she hoped to use the rain to her advantage; vampires deplored running water. 

Apparently, this one didn't adhere to the rules. 

"My, did my prey for the night bring herself to me?". 

Kotohime jumped at the rich mellifluous tone and aimed her gun and stake at the figure which had emerged behind her. 

The vampire had blocked off the only and ingress and egress. 

The redhead cursed and gulped down the apprehension, "Stop! Put your hands and uh, wings, where I can see them, Yakumo!". 

Yukari laughed as the rain poured down on her, ineffective and just enhancing her eroticism. 

Her large wings fluttered behind her, edges glowing violet as her black dress complimented her pale skin and blood-red eyes. 

It's like she was everywhere. 

"I don't know if you are stupid or brave for coming to me at all, let alone unprepared. Is that how little you mean to your force?" she derided, "Lonely little Kotohime, wouldn't be missed despite how hard she works". 

The words dug deeper than any wound but Kotohime did her best to conceal it. She was still a professional and would adhere to the procedure. 

"If you come with me, nobody needs to be hurt" she said calmly. 

Yukari chuckled, admiring the woman's resilience. 

She liked it, had done so since the moment Kotohime took on her case. 

The woman stepped forward, displaying her fangs as her blonde hair followed her trail. 

"No, somebody will be hurt and it'll be you". 

Kotohime fired her shots, the sounds polyphonic with the rain and wind and Yukari dodged them with ease as the redhead moved backwards with each bullet passing. 

"Shit.." Kotohime groaned in irritation, turning on her heel to run. 

She needed to reload but with a powerful, pulchritude of a vampress locked on her trail, that wasn't going to be elementary. 

"I do love when they give me a chase" Yukari laughed sonorously and watched Kotohime's figure dart through the dark, "It does render my meal that much more piquant". 

She hovered into the air once Kotohime thought she had placed enough space between them, but both were aware that she couldn't outrun a species that could fly. 

So when Yukari flew around the park and zipped in front of her whilst expanding her wings, she pounced on the police officer, pinning both wrists above Kotohime's head and using her own handcuffs to keep the them still. 

A slight struggle ensued with Kotohime yelling for help and using her legs to lurch up but it was futile considering the blonde on top of her. 

The stake had only managed to slash Yukari's ribs in the collision when Yukari barrelled at her much to Kotohime's dismay as she squirmed beneath the woman that was sat on her hips now. 

But upon closer inspection, evidently the wound had dug in deeper than anticipated as Yukari's flesh had been exposed, dark blood weeping from it. 

"Let me go!". 

Yukari smiled, running a nail down Kotohime's cheek till her palm cupped the woman's jaw and she leaned down. 

"Oh, sweetheart, I have every intention of freeing you from this miserable life you live".

Kotohime was in tears now as she yanked her arms forward but Yukari pushed them back to the wet ground as her thumb stroked Kotohime's jaw. 

"Please, just stop".

There was a brief silence with nothing but the sound of the wind and rain melding together with Kotohime's piteous weeping. 

Yukari's eyes took in the broken woman beneath her while she swept her thumb over Kotohime's lips, her other hand loosening its hold on the hands above her head. 

"Tell me, Kotohime, is this the life you imagined for yourself? To be weighed down by those that have no respect for you, reducing you to nothing but a sacrifice?". 

"It isn't like that. This is my fault!". 

"Really, do you believe that?" 

Yukari's face above hers was stopping the rain from landing and she stared up into the red eyes, seeing sympathy with a tinge of something else.


"Why do you care?" she snapped, "If you're not going to kill me like you did with all of those woman, then let me go!".

The blonde's lips parted, flashing her fangs and Kotohime stopped moving, her breath scratching up her throat. 

"But I didn't kill them, not in a technical sense" Yukari answered cryptically and released her hands that were pinning Kotohime down, "All of those women that are supposedly dead are alive. In more than one sense". 

"What are you talking about?". 

"You see, I provided them with the option of letting them go to return to their unappreciated, mundane and abused lives. Or, turn and live with me, unshackled and happy. I gave them an out, I rescued them from a society that treated them as nothing more than second class citizens". 

Yukari's usual simpering behaviour was gone, carmine eyes pulsing as she rested her hand over the side of the police officer's neck. 

Seeing this serious side of Yukari was even more frightening. 

"You're lying..".

"No" Yukari quickly followed, "I protected them. I want to do the same for you so, agree to join me. Or I'll let you go and you can return back to your life".

What life, Kotohime's conscience screamed at her, thinking back to her prescinded existence. 

Everything Yukari was saying was accurate and she despised that truth more than being caught by the vampire. 

"Let me help you".

In her 30 years of existence, this was the first time someone had offered her help rather than it being the other way round. 

Kotohime's dispirited sobs punctuated the air as Yukari gently soothed her, breaking the handcuffs to free the woman. Her hands went straight to Yukari's chest to push her away, at least that was what she wanted to do but her brain knew better and yanked at her dress, pulling her closer. 

Yukari was correct, she had been nothing but bait for tonight. 

Whether she lived or died, her team didn't care. 

She had no parents. 

Hardly had a true friend. 

No loved one to come home to. 

Yet this vampire, this being of the night was offering her everything

She knew exactly who the zelig Yakumo Yukari was in the ranks of vampires; her clan was at the top. 

"Kotohime" she said gently, lips grazing the redhead's neck, "Breath". 

Kotohime did so, her fingers relaxing, "Yukari". 

"That's it, nice and slow" Yukari smiled and pulled back, wings spreading above them to shelter them fully from the rain, "You don't have to decide anything right now. But, please do come with me. You have a home with me". 

The redhead exhaled, an incredulous sound as she blinked away her tears and pressed a hand near Yukari's rib where she was still healing. 

"This is ridiculous". 

"I'd say that this is delicious, darling" Yukari laughed softly, "Though, I noticed that that wasn't a no". 

The woman beneath her closed her eyes and shook her head before opening them, "It wasn't. Are they..really alive?".

"They are. I don't kill without reason or unless I'm truly in a fractious state..or hungry".

"How dignified" Kotohime chuckled, her left hand going into the blonde locks, "More so than humans". 

Yukari grinned, lightly planting her lips over Kotohime's before moving back. 

The redhead blushed as Yukari spoke up again. 

"To humans, we may be monsters. But to us, it is humanity that repeatedly shows its ugly side. To us, towards its own kind, the monstrosity of humans cannot be rivalled".

Kotohime had experienced that first hand. 

Which is why her answer to Yukari's offer passed from her lips with ease as serenity environed her. 

There was nothing keeping her here. 

"Take me home, Yukari". 

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In the quietness of the Myouren Temple, Byakuren was in the midst of finishing of some sutras, her brush gliding over the scrolls.

The candle on her table flickered as the sounds of the wildlife around the temple set a soothing scene.

She felt calm, a sense of tranquillity floating over her which prompted her to smile.

Not only that but the slumbering form on her back added to that warmth.

Byakuren lowered her free hand and placed it over Yuyuko's which were circled around her waist as the woman's head rested on her shoulder.

The amalgamation of Yuyuko and the tranquility was a balm for the priestess which allowed her to work on the sutra, just revelling in the atmosphere.

That being said, it resulted in Byakuren trying to finish off the rest of the scrolls with a tad more haste, the need to go to bed with Yuyuko a constant temptation, one she couldn't help but submit to.

"I fell asleep".

Yuyuko's somnolent voice against her ear did the opposite to Byakuren, "You should head to the futon. I'll be there soon, Yuyuko".

The princess squeezed her waist, "I've heard that one before. You're all workaholics, you know. You should take a leaf out of mine and Yukari's book, relax".

"I'm not sure that would bode well" Byakuren chuckled and used her free hand to run it through Yuyuko's hair, "As for being relaxed, I believe I am at a very comfortable level with you here".

Yuyuko smirked, pink eyes blinking lazily at the feeling of fingers in her hair and the way Byakuren was looking at her when she turned her head slightly.

It only made the woman want to sway Byakuren away from her task, to lead or drag her to the futon and lay her down to embark on a gamut of much more pleasurable activities.

Her inner thoughts, usually so unreadable, were deduced quite easily from the way Byakuren laughed so Yuyuko led with it.

"Come to bed, Byakuren".

The priestess couldn't hold back the way her expression shifted at the tone of Yuyuko's velvety voice.

Yuyuko pressed against her back closer, the corners of her lips going up at the idea of pushing Byakuren's buttons, taking them apart. Her hands swept up the woman's robe, finding the gap and sliding one of her hands beneath it.

Byakuren asped at the gelid touch, the way her lover's fingers skimmed the edge of her curves before resting above her heart.

Yuyuko was all too proficient in making her desirous side rear.

She gulped, lips being wet when she pursed them, "Five more minutes" she hummed after a particular hard pressed, "I mean it".

Yuyuko smiled and pressed a kiss to the corner of Byakuren's mouth whilst extracting her hand out of the woman’s robe, but not without sliding her fingertips down to Byakuren's abdomen. The toned skin reacted with each stroke, Yuyuko's digits slowly going to her naval and then her hip before slipping out.

"Okay, don’t keep me waiting".

With that, Yuyuko removed herself from Byakuren's form and stood up, slowly walking to the futon on the other side of the room. The soft glow of the lambent candles provided a ruritanian ambiance, apropos for what Yuyuko had in mind.

She could feel Byakuren's stare on her and proceeded to give her one more incentive to join her.

Her hands went to the sash of her black robe and she undid it before pulling the material apart to let the garment drift down her body and onto the floor.

Byakuren was finished with her work in 2 minutes.

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If someone was to hand Meira any sword, she would be proficient enough to cut through her enemies without breaking a sweat.

Apparently, her all time adversary would end up being a needle, thread and cloth.

She was not cut out for making dolls which caused quite the conundrum considering who she was dating.

A soft giggle from opposite her made the swordswoman frown, purple eyes showing her betrayal.

"I am glad that you are enjoying my strife, Alice".

The blonde smiled and stood up to round the table to take a seat next to Meira, pressing a kiss to her cheek in apology.

"Your concentrated expression is endearing considering what you are attempting to make" Alice quipped, "If the doll was an enemy, it would blench in fear".

Meira relaxed her rigid posture, ever so slightly.

She was still in the presence of a princess, after all.

Her own.

"The detailing requires patience which you clearly have abundance of in light of how doll making is one of your many skills" she stated as she watched Alice swiftly stitch together the base of the doll, ready to be customised.

"Perhaps, but practice does play a role. Your progress might be slow.." Alice said, eyes focused on giving the doll an expression, its purple hair and blue eyes making her feel warm whilst she crafted the mouth, "But it is progress, regardless. There we go. She is adorable. You did well, Meira".

"I do not require your pity".

Meira almost moping was giving the magician life as she chuckled and handed Meira the doll back, clasping her hand in the process and squeezing it.

"Not pity, just honesty".

Meira's confusion melted at the touch and Alice's words, amazed at how the blonde had such an ability to assuage her with such effortless actions.

She placed her hand over Alice's hand, feeling the silver bands on the smaller fingers as she smiled.

Alice in turn felt a pang of fulfillment at seeing the reticent samurai smile at her like that.

She often did when they were alone.

Meira would be willing to go along with whatever task the magician required.

Be it accompanying her on walks, having tea or doll making, Meira found comfort in carrying out these activities.

Whatever Alice wanted, she hoped to provide.

Other than being able to spend time with the princess, it allowed Meira some respite from her onerous training and work. She had a feeling this was exactly why Alice insisted on attempting something like this. 

Her care and consideration went hand in hand. 

Looking into the piercing blue eyes reminded the woman why that was while she ran her fingers over Alice's hand that was still in hers, along with the doll.

Meira wet her lips, urging her control to remain when the blonde glanced up eagerly at her, the felicity notable. 

"You are beautiful, Alice".

Alice laughed quietly, lips lightly brushing over Meira's before she pulled back, "And you are a woman of many words to distract me like that. You still have to complete this but nice attempt".


She grinned as she lifted the doll, making it kiss Meira playfully before pressing it to her chest where Meira grabbed it.

"I'll brew some more tea, shall I?".

Alice was out of her sight and the samurai couldn't help but smile whilst looking down at the half finished yet resplendent doll.

"Your master is quite the character".

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The sight of the Fallen Shrine neared as Konngara floated to a lower altitude during her flight.

In all honesty, she preferred not to approach and enter Makai unless it was absolutely necessary.

Despite roaming the depths of hell, there was something about Makai that disconcerted her.

The fact that it was Sariel's home didn't extinguish the dreaded sensation as she landed and saw the angel waiting for her.

The glistening of her staff reflected the starry sky above, the cold coloured eyes remaining impassive until she saw Konngara. 

Her feet touched the ground as she walked to Sariel, offering a greeting.

Sariel smirked, "Why so formal, Konngara?".

Konngara didn't bother to justify that with a response considering where they were and walked to Sariel. The angel of death's risible behaviour may have been entertaining, however, Konngara was far too astute of her surroundings to feel the jovial mood.

"Let's go inside, shall we?".

There were eyes and ears everywhere in Makai.

That being said, given who Sariel’s creator was, Konngara was aware of her but they had been acquainted long enough to bypass such formalities.

She followed on as Sariel led her to the main living area and motioned to take a seat at the low table. She noticed the gourd attached to the swordswoman's hip so she went to procure a dish since Konngara had her own.

"Sounds serious. Is this about your recent encounter with the Hakurei priestess?".

Konngara left her sword on the ground next to her, a sigh escaping.

"Something of that nature. How did you fair against her?".

The angel grinned and sat down next to her, "As well as you did I imagine. She's a force to be reckoned with despite her age"

Konngara was aware of that as she twirled her arm and rested back on her hands, analysing Sariel's dissimulated answer.

There were definitions between the lines, this much the swordswoman could glean.

The angel poured the sake Konngara had brought and poured it into the dish, the brief moment of silence ringing around them.

"Well, she made it out of hell in one piece so I'm inclined to agree, regardless, I hadn't arrived here to discuss business. This is a casual affair".

"Oh? The stuck in the mud swordswoman wants to relax, in other words? All hell has broken loose".

Sariel chuckled as Konngara glared at her whilst drinking from her dish, not appreciating the angel's badinage.

Though at this point, she was used to it.

Admittedly, Sariel’s company was enjoyable.

For a harbinger of death.

"Bold words coming from you".

Sariel sipped her own drink as Konngara rested back on the floor to stare at the ceiling.


Sariel shuffled forward, her finger hovering over the point of Konngara's horn, not quite touching it.

She had learned her lesson from the first time she had touched it, now incontestable of the threat.

Instead, Sariel moved her hand down and buried it into the dark locks.

Konngara shivered, Sariel was always cold.

Her lucent wings too as she reached out and brushed her fingertips over them when Sariel leaned down, nestling against her shoulder.

But neither minded, the contrast was welcoming for their peculiar relationship.

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The field of sunflowers was as majestic as ever.

Elly marvelled at the glorious stalks, rising high above as the yellow flowers glistened with the sun.

Yuuka had insisted that Elly depart from her duties for one day and enjoy some time in Gensokyo. While she was unsure about leaving the mansion unattended, Yuuka's convincing nature won her over.

Elly could rarely refuse anything Yuuka asked of, completely uxorious to her. 

Besides, Orange and Kurumi were still there watching over the place. 

The two women were located near the centre of the field where Elly was seated on a blanket, watching some fairies in the distance play around before Yuuka approached them.

There was a minute of silence, a raise of brows and chatter of teeth before the fairies relaxed and surrounded Yuuka when she offered them miniature bouquets. 

The sight warmed Elly's heart.

As surprising as it was when Reimu, Mima and Marisa barged into their home, Elly couldn't bring herself to regret or dislike their appearance since it had awoken something in her mistress, something that had prompted her to live again. While life with them at Mugenkan was one Yuuka seemed to be content with, Elly couldn't help but wonder if Yuuka ever got lonely with just them around.

And that in turn made her wonder if she wasn't doing what she could to make sure Yuuka was happy.

She fell too deep into her thoughts that she hadn't notice the youkai appear, taking a seat next to her.

Yuuka watched on with humoured wonder.

Elly's range of emotions had certainly increased and she loved each one.

But seeing the light frown was disconcerting so she proceeded to snap her lover out of her thoughts before Elly became too immersed in them.

Gently, she cupped the blonde's cheek and brought up her other hand. 

A rose materialised in her palm, the verdant stalk and thorns forming as the crimson petals made Elly gasp.


Yuuka shook her head.

Elly blushed, "Ah..Yuuka".

"Better" Yuuka smiled and handed the flower to her, "What are you thinking about so deeply?".

There was no point in sugar coating the truth from Yuuka as she had a penchant for being able to read those around her rather well so she sighed softly as her gaze turned back to the fairies still playing. 

"I wonder if..if I'm perhaps failing in ensuring your comfort".

"What makes you think that you are failing, Elly?" Yuuka enquired and rested her hand over Elly's that were on her lap.

"It's.. just a thought. When you speak of Gensokyo, I can see the joy radiate from you. Perhaps we..I am holding you back by insisting you return to Mugenkan?".

"Elly" Yuuka chuckled and interlaced their fingers together as her red eyes held Elly's golden ones, "I do love Gensokyo. It provided me a home to settle in when I had to find somewhere to live, somewhere we wouldn't disappear. But that is no way a reflection as to what you do for me. The way you make me feel" she revealed.

Elly took in the flower youkai's serene expression as a bustle of summer wind swept by them, ruffling her green locks.

Yuuka was at peace with Elly's hand in hers, providing the gatekeeper with a steady grip for her to hold onto, to pull her back from her doubts and efface them away. 

That had been the composition of Elly's life after all, questioning her existence and what her purpose on this earth was. 

But that changed after she met Yuuka. 

Sometimes, the doubts would sink her in again and when that happened, Yuuka was there to pull her back. 

Yuuka lifted her free hand and ran her fingers through the soft curls of Elly's hair, the golden strands being released like a spring.

"Home is where we are all together, isn't it?".

Elly felt her chest bloom in a manner in which her lover made forests come to life.

No matter how far the uncertainties would drag her out, Yuuka was there, "It is, Yuuka. I'd like for us to remain as we are, for as many years to come". 

"That's not an unreasonable request at all" Yuuka teased and leaned forward to place her lips on the woman's cheek and Elly found herself leaning into it, the action making Yuuka's lips press on her own. 

The fragrance of flowers were what the two were embroiled in.

Yuuka had bloomed, but she wasn't the only one.

A garden brimming with life, with acceptance. 

Yuuka had created one for her, a home she was going to share with Elly for the rest of her days. 

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Sometimes, just sometimes, Sanae wished she could take Reimu's machine gun and proceed to empty out the chamber into the doctor that was with her. 

The tent they were in was being battered by the wind as she strained her voice, hoping that the obdurate woman would get the hint. 

"I'm telling you, moving her whilst she is like this will cause the injury to become disturbed. If we clean it now, wait-". 

A whistle of a grenade near them went off, followed by an explosion that shook the ground. 

All the individuals within the tent almost lost their footing as they ran around to secure the other patients. 

Sanae quickly sat up and went to her patient, a woman with strange violet eyes looking at her with nothing but mischief, like she wasn't bleeding out of her perforated abdomen. 

"Reimu, cover us!" she yelled out to the brunette who took down the rogue mercenaries surrounding the medical bay. 

"On it!".

"Busy day?" the woman on the gurney asked smoothly. 

Sanae laughed at her patient's antics, "Not really, just the 7th gun shot victim I've stitched up in an hour. No biggy". 

"How refreshing to see someone imbued with a sense of humour during these formidable times" the woman chuckled, concealing a wince as Sanae began cleaning her wound, "What is your name?". 

"Kochiya Sanae" she smiled before shooting a glare at the doctor who was about to move her patient, "I swear if you touch her now, I will end you for this". 

The doctor grunted, exchanged looks with the others before leaving Sanae and a few nurses with her to help. 

"Remind me not to cross you, Sanae" the blonde teased as another nurse helped Sanae start suturing up the wound, "Not a fan of the hierarchy?". 

"What hierarchy, we're in a dystopian world where doctors seem to lack common sense" Sanae replied and glanced up at the patient, noting her insignia embellished on her torn shirt, "Speaking of which, it's unusual to see the higher ups getting their hands dirty, preferring to look down at us with their vacuous stares" she grinned, "Just who are you? Storming into the medical bay like that, carting in injured personnel?". 

"I could be your sweetest dream, if you like?". 

Reimu rolled her eyes, "That smartass Director over there is Yakumo Yukari who's flirting game is similar to a-". 

"A wet sponge" a nurse said as she handed the item to Sanae. 

"Yeah, exactly that" Reimu deadpanned. 

Sanae chuckled at the soft scowl on Yukari's face, enjoying the back and forth between them, "Yakumo Yukari huh, you certainly know your way with words". 

Yukari took a breath in as the final sutures were steady, her tousled blonde hair matting against her skin, sullied with dust and blood. 

Sanae still thought she was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen in her 30 years of existence. 

"What can I say, Sanae? I have such admiration for a woman who can hold her own in this environment and still remain charming" Yukari flirted back as Sanae gently pressed her fingers over her abdomen to make sure there were no internal injuries. 

Sanae winked and then adjusted her cap, "Save that smoothness for later. It's going to be a bumpy ride back to base, you still require antibiotics and more treatment". 

"So there is going to be a later, hm?" Yukari hummed and sat up with Sanae's help, arms resting on the nurse's shoulders, "I look forward to it".

Sanae could only laugh as she buttoned the woman's shirt up, lingering her hands on her chest, "If you play nice and survive the ambush, you can buy me a drink, Yukari". 

The blonde's sultry delight was tangible as she leaned forward, eyes locking into Sanae's, "It would be my pleasure" she purred. 

"I hope somebody takes me out" Reimu suspired with feigned disgust at her friends. 

Tenshi sidled up to her after balancing her rifle on her shoulder and grinned, "On a date or with a rifle, Reimu?". 

"You know what, surprise me". 

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Reimu remained at an impasse with Kaguya. 

She was ambivalent of what the princess had just proposed, almost convinced she didn't want to do what Kaguya had asked of her. 

The brunette was well aware of Kaguya's way of life and the way it meandered from the norm, from average mortals. 

"Pain is a virtue, Reimu. You'd be doing me a favour. Please?". 

Kaguya writhed beneath her on the futon, pale body already vitiated with the remnants of the sex they had been having since night fall. But the princess wasn't satisfied for some reason in ways that she usually would be. 

Her brown eyes were expanded, pleading with Reimu. 

"I can't" Reimu stated as her robe slipped off of her shoulders, courtesy of Kaguya's legs still wrapped around her torso, dragging the material down, "I might actually kill you". 

"It isn't possible, you have no idea what my body can handle, Reimu" Kaguya reminded, cupping Reimu's neck and running her thumbs over the taut muscles, "Just the one, just a try, baby". 

Reimu bit the inside of her cheek at the reoccurring endearment Kaguya used with her as she balanced on her arm over Kaguya's body, the other flat against the floor with an ofuda trapped beneath it. 

There was a look in the lunarian's eyes that craved it, desperate and lascivious, more so than Reimu had ever seen before. The hands on her skin simply urged her, assuasive and reassured her that it will be okay. 

That the pain would be amenable. 

But Reimu knew that anyone on the receiving end of her ofuda did not agree, even Yukari called it a hindrance but easily removed them when they fought. 

However, Kaguya wasn't a youkai, even if she was an immortal. 


The woman's tone was firm. 


It was soft. 

"Just one". 

Reimu gritted her teeth, breathed out, submitted. 

That is all she would put on her. 

The amulet glowed under her closed fist as she brought the ofuda up, the paper emitting a vibrant red. 

Kaguya's eyes flashed with the same intensity as the ofuda when Reimu hovered it up to her stomach, her flesh tinting the same colour. She dropped her arms from Reimu and clasped the futon, her legs remaining coiled around Reimu's waist. 

"Are you ready?". 

Kaguya nodded, "Yes". 

The priestess sighed, not on board fully but if this would sate Kaguya's curiosity once and for all, then she'd have to do it. 

Gently, Reimu lowered the ofuda down beneath the woman's ribcage, just at the centre of the diaphragm. 

It was irrelevant as to where she placed it, it would hurt regardless. 

As expected, Kaguya's hiss permeated the air between them when the amulet was placed fully. 

It singed, sticking to her skin and a line of smoke flew out. 

The rise and fall of Kaguya's chest became erratic as she gasped out, balling the sheets under her. She writhed as the thrill rushed to her, to feel the raw pleasure of a priestess's weapon clinging to her skin, soaking it in with edacious fervour. 

Her thighs trapped around Reimu's lower spine, head going back as she sighed, mouth opened and panting out Reimu's name. 

Reimu herself was captivated by the sweltering sight. 

The way Kaguya's body was sporting a layer of perspiration that was being accentuated by the glow of her charm. 

The manner in which her dark locks were strewn out messily over her shoulders and their futon. 

The viasge of her breasts that were reddened and bitten given the rise and fall of her chest. 

Reimu was mesmerised. 

She watched her ofuda stick to her lover's body, waiting for Kaguya to tell her to remove it but she didn't. 

The entirety of Kaguya's form was rigid as the pain ran through her, making her feel, making her think of nothing but the ofuda and the woman whom had put it there. She felt like she was burning from the inside, melting till her legs shook and collided with the ground. 

There was nothing quite like the feeling as she opened her dilated eyes, reaching for Reimu with shaky hands. 

"I'm taking it off, Kaguya". 

"No, not yet. This feels so good" Kaguya whined and gripped the woman's wrist with her left hand, "A bit more" she begged when she rested Reimu's palm below her stomach, the cool touch a contrast to the burn she was enduring, "Come here and hold me". 

She lowered Reimu's face down to her neck, ensnaring her arms over Reimu's shoulder blades as Reimu did the same to hers. 

With the added pressure of Reimu's torso now on hers, the ofuda was practically digging into her. While it had no effect on Reimu, it did on Kaguya who panted out, feeling Reimu kiss her neck, pushing against her between her legs. The mixture of pain and arousal blended in tune with the way the brunette was slowly moving on her.

It only amplified the adrenaline flowing through Kaguya's veins as she groaned deeply due to each kiss to her neck, jut against her bud and breathlessness from Reimu, all of it drowning her. 

Kaguya's consciousness felt like it had ejected itself. 

It was the right move, the right idea to enact this. 

So charged. 

So sweltering. 

So painful. 

Reimu couldn't understand Kaguya's quirks as a human but she wanted to aid to what made her feel good, encouraging the felicity coursing through her.

But this had to be a one time thing, lest Kaguya became addicted to the feeling. 

Addicted to the immeasurable pain her ofuda could create. 

A pain that an immortal could come to be infatuated with. 

"More, Reimu".

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Eientei was more spirited than usual which was a given considering what was ongoing.

It wasn't everyday one got to witness a lunarian princess and a demon maid embroiled in a sword fight.

Yumeko and Yorihime both took a moment to catch their breaths as they remained in their fighting stances.

Both were impressed with the other's finesse and skills, rearing to go again so that is exactly what they did as they charged at each other again.

Eirin and Shinki did ensure some rules were there to cause as minimal damage as possible, to each other and the environment despite the commodious make shift arena.

No flying.

No spell cards.

No summoning any deities.

Yumeko could only use one sword.

So it was an evened out, old fashioned fight, a katana against a broadsword, a duel between two swordswomen.

Though one was created by a demon goddess while the other was taught by a lunar goddess.

So the stakes were high given their respective strengths and the women they were representing.

Yorihime ducked hastily just as a swift horizontal strike from the demon's blade was close to decapitating her, a thin crimson line oozing over her throat. She shuffled to the side and brought her katana down, clashing against Yumeko's, a loud clang reverberating around the grounds.

Yumeko smirked, a laceration on her arm seeping blood as they became entangled in an altercation which consisted of practically gliding. The sheer speed in which Yorihime was mirroring her was impressive but Yumeko had no intention of losing as she dragged her broadsword upwards. 

The lunarian in turn returned the gesture, pushing Yumeko's blade back as her dress was turning darker due to a slash to her abdomen earlier on.

While this fight was friendly, the pressure was on since their respective goddesses were watching so naturally, both women wanted to prove their skill which was apropos to their nature.

So they continued, advancing forward, blades meeting in tandem before Yorihime skirted to the side but Yumeko shadowed her every move. Not only that but the demon was ambidextrous so she had no issue in switching hands when required.

The red eyes were astute, monitoring her as the double edged broadsword deflected and skimmed too close for comfort.

Yorihime pivoted out of a sharp lunge from Yumeko, jumping to the side before swinging her katana down and catching the upper blade of Yumeko's broadsword hard enough that the blonde felt the vibrations travel to the hilt. It was a sort of strength imbued with elegance and sharpness, laborious to evade.

The level of manoeuvring and quick reactions kept Yumeko on her feet, making her have to think fast and predict Yorihime's moves

There seemed to be no end as both matched so eventually, a draw was called.

The two had shed enough blood with the close encounters, sporting a myriad of injuries on their bodies so any further altercation would be detrimental.

For their spectators and the two goddesses, Yorihime and Yumeko had proven their worth.

After being seen to by Reisen, they found themselves seated on the veranda, enjoying the spectacle from the residents as they shared a drink.

The conversation flowed, about their techniques, about their masters, about their weapons.

Neither were one to waste words, careful with each they uttered.

Yorihime found this to be comforting as the blonde poured her another drink, her composure and sophistication enticing the princess to converse more, to obtain more knowledge on this remarkable woman.

Something Yumeko was all too eager to comply with, enraptured by Yorihime's beguiling presence, the smoothness of her voice and the sincerity in what she was saying.

It was a case of similarities upon similarities, two beings which were different to each other yet had abundance of mutuality.

Eirin and Shinki were watching on from the side, commenting on the turn of events.

How two of their most decorated and reticent right hand fighters had formed a connection.

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Shinki admired the sleeping figure next to her, the ombre hair scattered over the pillows and beneath her.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect to see Byakuren again.

For the woman to go out of her way to visit her again after her escape touched Shinki.

Her fingers slowly crept over Byakuren's abdomen, the fading lines of her imprisonment still lingering. The scars around her wrists and ankles were more prominent, another testament to Byakuren's strife.

Guilt amassed as her finger curved over Byakuren's hip when she leaned down and kissed the woman's wrist since her hand was tucked beneath the pillow.

Had Shinki have known of the ordeal the aspiring magician was put through after leaving Makai, she would have acted.

Majority of humans were detestable.

She whispered an apology, pressing her lips against the scars again.

Byakuren stirred, aware of the demon goddess's presence around her. The touch to her hip and wrist were so gentle which was the only reason she wasn't panicking.

With Shinki, a being whom had taken her in and showered her with compassion, Byakuren could never feel fear.

She smiled up at Shinki whilst bringing her other hand up and placing it behind her head, stroking the silver strands.

The apology wasn't for Shinki to provide.

A statement she reminded the woman of as she brought her down, her arms going behind Shinki's bare shoulders, moving her back on top of her own body before kissing her.

Shinki succumbed with ease, only one of two beings she ever would yield to.

The ambrosia Byakuren offered her was unlike anything she had feasted on and she could taste it in her mouth, each swirl of her tongue mapping out the magician's.

Her hand swept down Byakuren's body till she got to the woman's thigh, brushing her fingertips over the inner space. She braced herself with her other hand against the bed as Byakuren released her lips, hazel eyes opening, filled with longing.

A longing which was reflective in Shinki's expression, feeling Byakuren's fingers on her cheeks.

Her euphonious voice urged her to continue.

To not dwell on the past.

How there was nothing to forgive, only to be thankful for.

The goddess felt such an immense warmth pool in her heart, captivated by Byakuren just as she had been the moment they met.

So she took in the magician's words and reassurances, her index finger brushing over Byakuren's lower lips, parting them whilst watching her.

There was a bite of Byakuren's lips, her head hitting the pillow again, hands tightening around the goddess's shoulders.

Shinki took in each action as she felt Byakuren keep her inside her, a long leg wrapping over her lower spine.

Byakuren had endured enough pain so the only course of action the goddess wanted to follow now was to provide her with pleasure.

Enough so that when she returned to Gensokyo, Byakuren would still be feeling her and their worlds wouldn't become achromatic without each other.

Shinki's free hand nestled behind Byakuren's neck as she kissed her, deep enough to sense the tremors of her tongue when she increased the pace of her finger before adding another.

Byakuren's hips jut sporadically, meeting Shinki's as her hand grabbed a fistful of silver hair while the other clamped down on the goddess's shoulder.

She could feel blue eyes observing her every move, taking it all in and it only served as a conduit to Byakuren's orgasm, making the process much more intense, whimpering the goddess's name against her jaw.

Shinki held onto Byakuren to steady her as the pace of her fingers gradually halted, the dampness covering the phalanx of both before she slid out. She gulped at the heat, at the way Byakuren tried to keep her immersed in her while the twitches followed.

How she had missed bringing the woman to such a state.

She hoped that this wasn't the last time, she wouldn't allow it.

They were analogous to each other, fitting perfectly, rough fingertips against smooth.

A sentiment she whispered to Byakuren as her fingers behind her neck tightened, thumb brushing the skin while her lips hovered over Byakuren's.

Byakuren had no objections, pulled the woman down on her to kiss her softly.

They had much time to make up for, thousands of years worth. 

Chapter Text




When Eirin awoke that morning, she slung her arm to the right side of her bed, surprised to find it empty. Her eyes lost the bleary sensation to indeed find that the space was void of Yukari who had definitely stayed over the previous night.

There was something disconcerting about the scenario as she rested on her back, eyes closed slightly to ruminate where her enigmatic lover could be.

It was far too early for Yukari to be awake, this much was prevalent.

So the fact that she was awake usually meant one thing for Eirin.


"Incoming one lunar princess".

Eirin opened her eyes quickly enough to see the gap before something else exited from it.

Kaguya landed on Eirin's abdomen with slight pressure, her hands going to the woman's stomach to steady herself through Eirin was quick to stabilise her on top of her. 


"Good morning, Eirin" Kaguya grinned and gave a light wave, holding back her giggles at Eirin's perplexed state.

"I have a second opinion about that" she answered as she saw an elegant hand wave at her from the gap before disappearing.

"Eirin, you wound me. Are you not happy to see me?" she pouted, "Yukari thought you'd be lonely when you woke up since she had something to attend to so, here I am".

The goddess rolled her eyes as she sighed, wondering what Yukari was up to and whether Kaguya was in on it.

The two did share a unifying brain cell of being seasoned trolls, after all.

She was just as culpable since her capitulation to the two women came too easily. 

"That isn't what I meant, princess" Eirin replied as Kaguya lowered herself till they were face to face, "Has Yukari roped you into whatever she has planned?".

Kaguya smirked whilst not denying it which was enough of an answer.

"Hmm, I wouldn't say roped..though, that can be arranged".

The mischievous look in Kaguya's eyes indicated something more lascivious, especially given the item in discussion and Eirin had to bite down a blush at the implications.

It was far too early for her blood to be rushing to places it shouldn't be. 

Not that Kaguya would allow that blush to settle as she slid her hands beyond Eirin's robe, up her abdomen, rib cage and chest, loitering her hands there in approbation at what she was feeling. 

"Princess.." Eirin exhaled as her hands went backwards, clutching the futon beneath her as Kaguya touched her, deliberate and firm, "We really ought to-".

Kaguya silenced her with a kiss, peppering the doctor's jaw while her hands went up to Eirin's wrists and pinned her down.

It was clear to Eirin that Kaguya's time with Yukari was only enhancing her already eccentric quiddities, which included her libido.

"We really ought to have a nice lie in, Eirin" she hummed into Eirin's mouth after parting her lips with her tongue, "I insist".

Eirin relented, intending to have words with Yukari as she submitted to the princess on top of her.

Kaguya and Yukari truly were two of a kind.

Not that Eirin had any qualms about it since she was complainant, yielding to their wiles without much resistance.