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Passages From Within The Eastern Barrier [Part 2]

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When Eirin awoke that morning, she slung her arm to the right side of her bed, surprised to find it empty. Her eyes lost the bleary sensation to indeed find that the space was void of Yukari who had definitely stayed over the previous night.

There was something disconcerting about the scenario as she rested on her back, eyes closed slightly to ruminate where her enigmatic lover could be.

It was far too early for Yukari to be awake, this much was prevalent.

So the fact that she was awake usually meant one thing for Eirin.


"Incoming one lunar princess".

Eirin opened her eyes quickly enough to see the gap before something else exited from it.

Kaguya landed on Eirin's abdomen with slight pressure, her hands going to the woman's stomach to steady herself through Eirin was quick to stabilise her on top of her. 


"Good morning, Eirin" Kaguya grinned and gave a light wave, holding back her giggles at Eirin's perplexed state.

"I have a second opinion about that" she answered as she saw an elegant hand wave at her from the gap before disappearing.

"Eirin, you wound me. Are you not happy to see me?" she pouted, "Yukari thought you'd be lonely when you woke up since she had something to attend to so, here I am".

The goddess rolled her eyes as she sighed, wondering what Yukari was up to and whether Kaguya was in on it.

The two did share a unifying brain cell of being seasoned trolls, after all.

She was just as culpable since her capitulation to the two women came too easily. 

"That isn't what I meant, princess" Eirin replied as Kaguya lowered herself till they were face to face, "Has Yukari roped you into whatever she has planned?".

Kaguya smirked whilst not denying it which was enough of an answer.

"Hmm, I wouldn't say roped..though, that can be arranged".

The mischievous look in Kaguya's eyes indicated something more lascivious, especially given the item in discussion and Eirin had to bite down a blush at the implications.

It was far too early for her blood to be rushing to places it shouldn't be. 

Not that Kaguya would allow that blush to settle as she slid her hands beyond Eirin's robe, up her abdomen, rib cage and chest, loitering her hands there in approbation at what she was feeling. 

"Princess.." Eirin exhaled as her hands went backwards, clutching the futon beneath her as Kaguya touched her, deliberate and firm, "We really ought to-".

Kaguya silenced her with a kiss, peppering the doctor's jaw while her hands went up to Eirin's wrists and pinned her down.

It was clear to Eirin that Kaguya's time with Yukari was only enhancing her already eccentric quiddities, which included her libido.

"We really ought to have a nice lie in, Eirin" she hummed into Eirin's mouth after parting her lips with her tongue, "I insist".

Eirin relented, intending to have words with Yukari as she submitted to the princess on top of her.

Kaguya and Yukari truly were two of a kind.

Not that Eirin had any qualms about it since she was complainant, yielding to their wiles without much resistance.