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Passages From Within The Eastern Barrier [Part 2]

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The field of sunflowers was as majestic as ever.

Elly marvelled at the glorious stalks, rising high above as the yellow flowers glistened with the sun.

Yuuka had insisted that Elly depart from her duties for one day and enjoy some time in Gensokyo. While she was unsure about leaving the mansion unattended, Yuuka's convincing nature won her over.

Elly could rarely refuse anything Yuuka asked of, completely uxorious to her. 

Besides, Orange and Kurumi were still there watching over the place. 

The two women were located near the centre of the field where Elly was seated on a blanket, watching some fairies in the distance play around before Yuuka approached them.

There was a minute of silence, a raise of brows and chatter of teeth before the fairies relaxed and surrounded Yuuka when she offered them miniature bouquets. 

The sight warmed Elly's heart.

As surprising as it was when Reimu, Mima and Marisa barged into their home, Elly couldn't bring herself to regret or dislike their appearance since it had awoken something in her mistress, something that had prompted her to live again. While life with them at Mugenkan was one Yuuka seemed to be content with, Elly couldn't help but wonder if Yuuka ever got lonely with just them around.

And that in turn made her wonder if she wasn't doing what she could to make sure Yuuka was happy.

She fell too deep into her thoughts that she hadn't notice the youkai appear, taking a seat next to her.

Yuuka watched on with humoured wonder.

Elly's range of emotions had certainly increased and she loved each one.

But seeing the light frown was disconcerting so she proceeded to snap her lover out of her thoughts before Elly became too immersed in them.

Gently, she cupped the blonde's cheek and brought up her other hand. 

A rose materialised in her palm, the verdant stalk and thorns forming as the crimson petals made Elly gasp.


Yuuka shook her head.

Elly blushed, "Ah..Yuuka".

"Better" Yuuka smiled and handed the flower to her, "What are you thinking about so deeply?".

There was no point in sugar coating the truth from Yuuka as she had a penchant for being able to read those around her rather well so she sighed softly as her gaze turned back to the fairies still playing. 

"I wonder if..if I'm perhaps failing in ensuring your comfort".

"What makes you think that you are failing, Elly?" Yuuka enquired and rested her hand over Elly's that were on her lap.

"It's.. just a thought. When you speak of Gensokyo, I can see the joy radiate from you. Perhaps we..I am holding you back by insisting you return to Mugenkan?".

"Elly" Yuuka chuckled and interlaced their fingers together as her red eyes held Elly's golden ones, "I do love Gensokyo. It provided me a home to settle in when I had to find somewhere to live, somewhere we wouldn't disappear. But that is no way a reflection as to what you do for me. The way you make me feel" she revealed.

Elly took in the flower youkai's serene expression as a bustle of summer wind swept by them, ruffling her green locks.

Yuuka was at peace with Elly's hand in hers, providing the gatekeeper with a steady grip for her to hold onto, to pull her back from her doubts and efface them away. 

That had been the composition of Elly's life after all, questioning her existence and what her purpose on this earth was. 

But that changed after she met Yuuka. 

Sometimes, the doubts would sink her in again and when that happened, Yuuka was there to pull her back. 

Yuuka lifted her free hand and ran her fingers through the soft curls of Elly's hair, the golden strands being released like a spring.

"Home is where we are all together, isn't it?".

Elly felt her chest bloom in a manner in which her lover made forests come to life.

No matter how far the uncertainties would drag her out, Yuuka was there, "It is, Yuuka. I'd like for us to remain as we are, for as many years to come". 

"That's not an unreasonable request at all" Yuuka teased and leaned forward to place her lips on the woman's cheek and Elly found herself leaning into it, the action making Yuuka's lips press on her own. 

The fragrance of flowers were what the two were embroiled in.

Yuuka had bloomed, but she wasn't the only one.

A garden brimming with life, with acceptance. 

Yuuka had created one for her, a home she was going to share with Elly for the rest of her days.