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Christmas Ornaments, Baby Sheep And Chocolate-Coated Fruits

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"Here you go, Jun."

"Thanks Dae, oh WOW that's hot HAAAAAAA."

"What did you expect mulled wine to be, cold?"

"I certainly didn't expected it to be this hot, so don't laugh at me Sehun."

"I can kiss it better if you want.~"

"Ja ja you would like that, wouldn't you. Maybe later."

"See it positive Myeonie, at least your fingers are not going to freeze off now."

"Thanks for your concern Minseok, but I am rather afraid for my tongue right now."

"Oh no not the tongue we need it!"

"Can you like not think with your dick for a second, Baek?"

"Think about it my lovely Soo, and tell me to which conclusion you came, maybe I will tell you then."

"By the way where did Yeol, Nini and Yixing go?"

"Oh I lost Jongin and Yeollie when we walked past the sweet stand and I think Yixing wanted to look at the baby sheep at the crib?"

"And you decided that it's a good idea to just leave them there, really Baek?"

"Ah they will find us eventually."

"I seriously can't with you sometimes."

"I will go search Yeol and Nini, I feel like buying some chocolate coated fruits or something?"

"Oh can you bring me a banana, Hunnie?"

"Baekhyun, for fucks sake!"

"What I really want chocolate coated banana, jesus Jun! C'mon Sehun let's go search for the tall doofuses but don't come to me Junnie if you want a blowjob next time because you won't get one!"

"I give him three days until he deep throats you to wake you up, gosh this mulled wine really is hot."

"See, Minseok agrees with me, it really is hot."

"Why are our two oldest such cry babies?"

"Honestly Soo I was just wondering the same."

"I hate it when Jongdae and Soo both tag team me, that is never fun."

"Except they do it in bed, Jun, then it is pretty fun."

"Minseok, please not you as well."

"Well great if you don't like my company I'm gonna search for Yixing and see if I find a bunch of hay where we can make out in, see you in 10-20 minutes."

"Gosh now I wanna join them."

"No Dae, you gonna go with me and we are going to look at the Christmas ornament stand because we still need something for the top."

"Oh nooo why?! Why don't you take Jun with you Soo, he likes this decoration bullshit why gotta drag me into it?"

"Because someone's gotta carry the stuff I buy and you can't seriously expect me to do that myself."

"For a man your size you sure know how to get what you want, Do Kyungsoo."

"What else do I have 8 boyfriends for and now stop complaining Dae, or I am going to show you what size I am."

"Jesus and you were calling Baekhyun out for dirty talking."

"Hey were are the two going, Jun?"

"Searching Christmas ornaments for the tree and what do you have there Nini?"

"Caramelised almonds, want one?"

"Yeah sure - oh they really sweet."

"Just as sweet as you Junnie."

"Flattery will get you nowhere, Chanyeol, what did you do?"

"What do you mean what did I do, can't I compliment you? The disrespect!"

"You can compliment me as much as you want but you never do. Only when you either want something or did something that I won't like."

"Why the fuck do you know me so well."

"Because we fuck pretty frequently, not to speak of cuddling and kissing, it would be weird if I didn't while simultaneously calling you my boyfriend."


"So what did you do?"

"Nothing, really..."

"Then what do you want."


"He saw that really cute hat over there but he doesn't have the money to buy it."


"What? Should I lie about a fucking hat?"


"Hey guys, we back, look I nearly fit the entire banana in my mou- oh hi Yeollie and Nini there you are."

"Sehunnie, why couldn't you do us the favor and lose Baek somewhere?"

"Because we need him, Junnie."

"Totally, without me you all would never actually get shit done."

"But we also wouldn't get in half as much trouble as we do normally."

"You are no fun Sehunnie, you cuddle too much with Myeon."

"Where are the others by the way, Jun?"

"Soo kidnapped Dae to buy Christmas ornaments for the tree and Minseok went making out with Yixing in the hay."

"Oh that sounds fun."

"Sounds rather itchy to me, but no surprise that you find it fun, Mr. Byun."

"Not my fault."

"By the way, Chanyeol here you go, go buy that hat you wanted."

"Oh! Thanks Myeon, gonna pay you back for it."

"Just shower with me later that will be enough."

"Basically already done!"

"I am hungry."

"Didn't you just like eat a bunch of sweets, Sehunnie?"

"Yes but now I want something savoury, like something grilled or something."

"Let's go fetch something to eat over there then, so so the other guys can find us easily."

"For once you are using your brain for relevant things Baek I'm positively surprised."

"Oh, fuck you Jun."

"Nah, that is what I have all of you for, for some good dicking."

"Don't pretend like you don't like us, because you totally do."

"Of course I do Nini. Let's fetch something to eat before we collect the rest and then Yixing and Minseok in the hay. We have to prevent them to get arrested because of public harrassment or something."

"Making out in the hay sounds fun though."

"But I rather make out with all of you in front of our sofa or in our bed than in the cold between a lot of hay, and I know you prefer that too, Baekhyun."

"Yeah god you are so right, I hate it."

"No you don't.~ Let's get going there."

"First one finding MinXing gets to choose who has to do all the work later and who can relax."

"Why am I not surprised that this is your idea, Mr. Pillow Prince Oh."

"Because you know me so well, Nini and I win anyway, so let's go."

"Hey wait for me!"

"Ugh, literal children where is Kyungsoo when I need him."

"Probably shoving his tongue down Jongdae's throat and you know that, Jun. We can do that too if you want.~"

"Oh shut up Baek and just kiss me if that's what you want to do."

"Ugh so impatient.~"