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Hildy and I

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Kinktober Prompt 20 - Robots 


Buddie/ Hildy with Hildy telling Eddie how to fuck and ride Buck 


Evan Buckley and Eddie Diaz had one very kinky relationship, and they loved it. Eddie was Buck's, Buck was Eddie's and Eddie has had some of the most intense orgasms with Buck. Case in point, Eddie has to listen to anything Buck says today, like most days Christopher is at school, so he's currently face down in the living room, bent over the couch. Buck is fucking him hard, hitting his prostate every thrust and he wants to come so badly. But he can't. 


Because Buck has introduced a new person into their relationship and it's fucking Hildy. He has her live streaming everything they do, to Buck's phone. She controls the fucking machine they bought, butt plugs and has been programmed to tell Eddie to come when Buck tells her. 


He didn't expect to like it the first time it happened. Buck had left him tied up, the fucking machine going in and out of him, then says "Hildy, please allow 10 minutes of this speed, then lower it the next 10 minutes. Continue this pattern for two hours. And make sure to record it." 


Eddie was currently gagged with a ball gag, hands tied to his spread thighs and Buck was going to leave him with Hildy? And livestream it to whom? 


"Who do you think, baby? You know who enjoys seeing you crying and begging to come." Buck and Bobby, their captain, have trained Eddie to come on command. His brain has hotwired his needs for orgasms to their voices. Adding Hildy to the equation terrified and aroused Eddie at the same time. 


They like to tease him about his hatred of the Artificial Intelligence, but she manages his schedule, Christopher's and Buck's. Hildy has become a friend. Buck managed to program her to speak dirty things when he was being fucked by the machine powered by her. Sometimes Buck told her she had control about it, and by the time Buck comes back, he has tears running down his face, cock red but has no permission to come. 


Bobby had introduced him to having a cock in his ass, but ultimately ceded the power over to Buck, who excelled at taking Eddie apart. Bobby, even his wife Athena would join them, but mainly it was Buck and him. The blonde was exceptional at controlling Eddie, his orgasms and his schedule. 


It also helped that they were trying for another kid soon, and Eddie would be plugged all day. People were used to Buck just bending Eddie over on any surface, stuffing him full of cum. The father of one was on birth control until recently, so Buck had taken to leaving Eddie naked and hard most days. Buck had first chance at impregnating Eddie, tracking when would be the best time fuck with Hildy, and then after this kid, then Bobby and Athena would have their chance since Athena can't carry anymore. 


Today though, Buck had to run some errands, so he left Eddie in the hands of Hildy, ensuring that the fucking machine pushed Buck's spend further into him. The windows were open for anyone to see, and so far an Amazon driver, Ana Flores, his ex and the postal worker have come up to see Eddie being fucked because Buck had the stamina of a stallion. He was getting close, while the brunette knew he wouldn't be able to come til well into the evening, as he sat on Buck's cock while they ate and watched tv. 


Buck comes, grunting, reaching for the vibrating plug and inserting into his husband, ensuring his cum would stay. Eddie stays where he is, legs spread wide as Buck inspects his work. Buck has set up the fucking machine, the Sybian and dildos on the floor for Eddie to ride throughout the day. A camera was at a level where anyone could see them enter him, so for now Buck leads him to the kitchen and sits him in the chair. 


"Today I don't have to leave until noon. In those two hours, if you're not on my cock, you will ride the dildos and the Syban, and then I will tie you up with the fucking machine so anyone can see," Buck states, making food and coffee. "Then when I come back, Christopher is staying at Abuela's while I come in you at least twice, ensuring this time we get a baby out of it." 


Eddie is nodding, when the plug starts vibrating, causing a shriek from Eddie when Hildy goes "As you wish, Mr. Buck. Mr. Buckley-Diaz will be supervised by video as I fuck him." 


Buck says thank you, and sets food in front of him, along with coffee. "Are you the one controlling this right now," Eddie gasps when the vibrations skyrockets, dick leaking. Buck smirks, "That's all Hildy baby. You know how she likes to play with you." 


"Eddie, you are not allowed to come," Hildy's robotic voice states, leaving the vibrations on high, making him squirm and moan. He cannot believe he allowed Buck and Bobby to control his orgasms with one word from their mouths, and they included Hildy now. "Eat your food, then you can ride your choice of dildos. Mr. Buck has stated `` I have complete control today." 


"Open your legs baby, show me where my cum is," Eddie slides down the chair a little, legs splayed so Buck can take his view of his stuff hole. He eats and drinks until it is clear, and signals he needs to go pee. Buck nods, following Eddie till he gets to the restroom and relieves himself. It's always fun to go pee when he has an erection and plug buzzing in his ass, but he makes do. His husband is still naked, hard again, when he signals Eddie to turn around and bend over in front of him. 


He takes out the plug and points to the Sybian, so Eddie slides over it and sinks down on it, waiting for Hildy. It powers on a low setting, the tip of the thick cock at his prostate, when it starts getting higher and higher, making him rock back and forth in it, where it hits his cervix, making the cum go inside. Between the two sensations he's in heaven, and throws his head back reveling in it. This time the pregnancy will happen, he can feel it. 


"Yes, that's it baby, take that pleasure, knowing Hildy can take it away at any moment." Buck says, hearing the hand on that long, thick cock stroking it. Hildy turns off the machine, causing Eddie to whine. 


"Bobby wants to see you ride my cock, but also hear Hildy instruct you." Buck says, leaving his husband to yank himself off his favorite machine and to the blonde sitting there, cock at the ready. Straddling Buck, he looks back at the camera and smiles, before sinking down on the cock when Hildy tells him to stop. 


"Go slowly, Eddie." He stills with half of Buck's cock in him, waiting for more instruction, "Lower down another inch." 


Hildy keeps instructing him until his ass is flush with Buck's hip, making Eddie feel full and giddy. If he could be filled all the time, he would sit on cocks all day, preferably Buck's or Bobby's. "Kiss Mr. Buck," the robot voice states, as he leans forward to kiss his husband, who is resting his hand on his stomach. "That is it Eddie, let us see where Buck fills you." 


He continues kissing Buck, tongues battling when Hildy tells him to grind his hips against the muscular hips. He leans back and does it, relishing Buck's cock hitting all the right places. "Now go up enough to have Mr. Buck tip in your hole and slam down." 


"You're so good at taking direction, baby. Bobby sure knew what you needed," Buck states breathlessly as Eddie rides him roughly, when Hildy tells him to stop. 


"Make it last, Eddie. Make Mr. Buck cum," Hildy croons, so Eddie rides Buck until he thrusts up into his womb and fills him full of his seed. "Good boy, Eddie. Good boy. Mr. Buck has to leave now, so he is going to set you up so I can fuck you while he's gone." 


With weak arms and legs, Buck lifts the older man off his cock and leads him to the chair facing the picture window. It was cushioned, but ropes signaled it was custom made. Positioning him while the cum drips out of him to the window, making sure Eddie's ass shows out the window and into the camera, he ties Eddie open for the fucking machine. 


Setting it up, ensuring it would fuck into him deep, he takes his phone and keys, leaving Eddie in Hildy's care. The first thrust always takes Eddie by surprise, but somehow Buck manages to ensure his cum would go deep with him, so it starts thrusting slowly, barely glancing at his prostate. His dick is still leaking, red with arousal, and he won't be able to come for a but. 


The thrusts increased and Eddie cried out in pleasure, never knowing if people were gonna come by to see him at the mercy of the machine. It cost them a pretty penny, a gift from both Bobby and Athena, but it was fancy and programmable. Hildy has complete control over it, and since Eddie is the one primarily using it, he can never figure out Hildy. Buck and Bobby have both used it, but Hildy doesn't control it when they get reamed by it. Only Eddie, because he belongs to them, and Hildy apparently. 


He loses track of time, his shrieks and howls of pleasure causing tears to cascade when the thrusts stop, but the dildo is still completely in Eddie. "Warm my cock, for a bit My Eddie. Mr. Buck is on his way home. Ana came by again, then ran away seeing me fuck you. Your neighbor wants to tell you that you take dick very well, and he looks forward to more. Captain Nash says you're a very good boy, and so does Sergeant Grant. They cannot wait to see you full of baby." 


He knows he loves his job, but he's been the man behind this entire cycle after the birth control stopped. Buck always gets an adrenaline boner, and fucks Eddie full after every call, then sits down with him, Eddie splayed on his cock, shirt on but naked underneath. Sometimes they will be in Bobby's office and Bobby will suck him off, saying he can… 


"Oh this is a sight Hildy, you have made him so loud and are those tears? My, my. Should we let him come yet?" Buck asks, walking in to Hildy turning the fucking machine on again. 


"Not yet, Mr. Buck. He does need a break, maybe he can warm your cock while you nap." Hildy suggests, completely turning off the machine, leaving Eddie empty. He whines, hands grabbing for anything when Buck unties him and carries him to this room. He strips, and slips his cock into his husband, causing him to quiet his whines. 


They fall asleep like that. They wake up a couple hours later, with Buck fully hard in Eddie, thrusting shallowly. "Make him come, Mr. Buck. He deserves to come now after being such a good boy for me." 


Buck smiles, and flips Eddie on his stomach, fucking into him roughly. This time though, Buck leaves the word up to Hildy. Just as Buck comes deep in him, he hears the magical word from Hildy. 


"Come, Eddie. Come for me," she says, as Eddie cums so intensely he passes out for a good hour. 


He wakes up to a plug again, Buck in the kitchen and Hildy telling him what a good boy he is. When they sit down for dinner, Buck puts Eddie on his cock, hand feeding him fertility foods. Eddie hasn't been empty all day, and he loves it 


God, he loves days like today, especially now when everyone was trying to make sure he got pregnant, Hildy included. 


(He found out he was pregnant a month later, after Hildy sees him puking every morning. They are ecstatic, so is Christopher. He gives birth to a little girl, with Buck's eyes and nose, Eddie's hair and Buck's curls. They give him a six month reprieve before Bobby tries to get him pregnant. It takes after a day with Hildy again. Suffice to say, he has intense orgasms and three beautiful children because of her. 


Hildy is his favorite, just don't tell the others).