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The Adventures Of Schrupert

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Jim and Dwight had just had an argument.


Jim had put his stuff in jelly again, and Dwight had reacted angrily.


This was one time too many for Dwight, even though Jim was his boyfriend he had to stop crossing the line.
After this joke, Dwight completely ignored Jim for the rest of the day.


It was even worse on the way back, the two men were driving home together.


While normally the drive home was lively and a really good time that both Dwight and Jim enjoyed, it was quite the opposite that happened.


The drive was long, and tense despite the silence that reigned in the car at the time.


When they had returned home, Jim had tried an approach.


"Hey Dwight!"


Dwight began to ignore him until Jim took his shoulder and turned him to face him.


"Dwight, come on talk to me!"


Dwight focused on Jim's eyes to avoid looking at his lips and admitting defeat at the temptation and their sudden closeness.


"There's nothing to talk about Jim, you did what you usually do act stupid and push me around."


As soon as those words came out of his mouth in a particularly hurtful tone, Dwight regretted his words.


Dwight regretted what he had just said even more after he saw the look of sadness on Jim's face before he saw him leave for the front porch of the house.
Dwight sighed.


It was the same at home, their jovial routine that they both looked forward to every night.
Jim cooked a quick meal while Dwight continued to work on his computer in the living room.


But the worst news of the day came for Jim, as the argument flared up again, and Dwight forced him to sleep on the living room couch.


Both tried to sleep and both failed.
Dwight missed Jim and Jim missed Dwight (and also missed his mattress a little).
They had gotten so used to sleeping together that they could only do so much.


Jim always needed a soft shoulder to rest on to sleep, and Dwight always needed Jim's gentle snoring to fall asleep.


After tossing and turning for at least an hour on the couch, Jim realized he couldn't sleep all night.
Neither could Dwight.


Jim sighed, took off the blanket that was keeping him only minimally warm, stood up, and muttered:
"damn it."


His feet touched the cold living room floor and Jim felt the cold sensation throughout his body.
He sighed, put on his slippers, and headed for the kitchen.


When he reached his destination he turned his head to see the clock reading 1:57.


Jim made himself some hot milk.
He often drank it with Dwight during the fall and winter, but never now that he was with Dwight did he think he would be drinking it alone in the unlit kitchen of Dwight's farmhouse after or during an argument.


Jim heated his milk in the microwave, got lost in thought and was finally awakened a few minutes later by the loud beeping of the microwave.
Jim panicked, hoping that Dwight hadn't woken up because of the microwave noises, and took out the cup of hot milk.


He put it to his lips to drink some when he heard footsteps on the stairs.


"Shit." muttered Jim.
He had woken up Dwight.
Jim turned toward the kitchen entrance to see seconds later Dwight was coming in.


"Sorry I woke you up," he said.
"Um... No it's okay I couldn't sleep anyway without... You."
Jim smiled at that.


"Me too."
"Can I get you anything?"
"Um... Nah... Nah I'm good but thanks."
Jim set his cup down on the kitchen counter.
"Are you okay?" he asked.


"No." replied Dwight.
"No, no I'm not..."


Jim smiled sadly at Dwight before walking over to him and hugging him.


"I'm sorry Dwight, I'm so sorry." he whispered.
Well when in the middle of an argument, Dwight accepted Jim's embrace and he too cuddled him.


"No, it's me. I shouldn't have reacted so badly and said such things to you.
"Your words just went over your head."
"No, I wouldn't even think that about you Jim, I just said that to hurt you God."


Jim stopped the embrace waiting for Dwight to start breathing heavily.
He almost had tears in his eyes.
"Hey, hey Dwight, I'm here okay, I love you, and it's okay I should never have crossed your line and pushed you too far." Jim said as he took Jim's head and put it on his shoulder.


Dwight was a little fragile when it came to their relationship and especially an "end".


"Jim you know what."




"You're an idiot sometimes sure, but you're my idiot and you'll always be my idiot," Dwght did as he lifted his head and looked directly into the depths of his boyfriend's eyes.


"I'll be your idiot until our last breaths, Dwight,


"Even forever, it seems so little."


"And for infinity?" said Dwight.


"It's already better."

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Would you like me if I was super annoying, and had a lot of flaws? "
"The answer is yes Jim, I love you despite that."

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Everyone stands around the broken coffee pot.


Dwight: So. Who broke it? I'm not crazy, I just want to know.


Jim: ... I did it. I broke it.


Dwight: No. No, you didn't?


Dwight : Andy?


Andy : Don't look at me. Look at Stanley!


Stanley: What?! I didn't break it.


Andy: Uh, that's weird. How did you know it was broken?


Stanley: Because it's sitting right in front of us and it's broken.


Andy: Suspicious.


Stanley: No, it's not!


Jim: Okay, let's not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it, Dwight.


Dwight: No! Who broke it!?


Stanley : Dwight... Andy has been awfully quiet.


Andy: Really?!


*Everyone starts arguing.


Dwight, interviewee: I broke it. I burned my hand so I hit it.


Dwight: I predict that in 10 minutes they will be at each other's throats with war paint on their faces and a pig's head on a stick.

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Dwight was chatting with Pam and Andy on their break.
"I bet I can get a compliment in less than 15 seconds," Dwight quipped.


This made both of them laugh at first.


Dwight smirked and defiantly said to Pam and Andy.
"What, you don't think I can do it?"


"If it's easy for you, go ahead, I bet you ten bucks you can't." said Andy.


"If you want we'll up the ante a little, you buy me a restaurant for two, any restaurant, I'll pick!"


"What?! But I'm never going on a date with you." panicked Andy.


"No, not for you and me... For me and... Someone else."


"Ah... I win I'm going to love seeing your face after the 15 seconds." quipped Andy, laughing a little at Dwight.


"Ah ah ah" began Dwight pretending to laugh.


"Stop laughing and watch." he finished.


Dwight walked over to Jim who was quietly eating his sandwich alone.


"Your taste in men is horrible," began Dwight.


Jim turned his head toward Dwight.


"What the hell are you talking about, you're with me!"


"Yes, that's what I'm saying, he's horrible."


"What! But no! Dwight I forbid you to say that! You're perfect for me, I love you the way you are... You are so beautiful! Please stop, I love you Dwight." Jim reassured him.


"Thank you, I love you too." said Dwight.


The two kissed and then hugged and Dwight turned to Pam and Andy during the hug and smirked at them in amusement at the situation and their reactions, mouths open, eyes round.


And that's how Jim and Dwight got to eat for the first time in a fine dining restaurant.

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"Is it hot in here or is it me that's hot?" asked Dwight with a few beads of sweat talking on his forehead and almost messy hair.
"It's you." said Jim with his eyes glued to his computer screen.
"What?" questioned Dwight a little confused by Jim's answer.
"What?" replied Jim.

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Jim: Rules are meant to be broken.


Dwight: Not to be followed.


Dwight: Nothing is meant to be broken.


Jim: Pinatas, glow sticks, karate boards, spaghetti when you have a little pot, and rules.


Dwight: And your pretty face too I guess ?


Jim: Only if you kiss me first.

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It was the annual Christmas party, although the atmosphere was nice, but fatigue took over, Dwight was really tired, so Jim decided to bring him back.
The two men's friendly and professional relationship had improved over the past year, they had a good relationship.


The car ride was quiet, pleasantly quiet, the little smiles and blushes of one when he saw the other looking at him, and the snowy landscape as far as the eye could see, with the little flakes dancing in the wind, punctuated the trip.


They had finally arrived at Dwight's farm.
For a few seconds Jim watched him carefully and then turned to Dwight who had fallen asleep.
Jim smiled at the sight.
He had fallen so deeply asleep, so quiet and so vulnerable.


Seeing Dwight sleeping so soundly, with a little tuft of hair falling and going on his forehead, with a wintry background, was a pleasure to the eye.
Dwight's skin looked soft and white as porcelain and Jim wouldn't be lying if he thought he wanted to touch it, kiss it or caress it.


Jim alternated his view between the farmhouse and Dwight and decided to take Dwight and put him in his house.


He turned off his engine, gently opened the door so as not to wake Dwight and after gently closing the door he walked over to the door to open it before he could get Dwight in his arms, he took the spare keys that Dwight had given him and opened the door then walked over to the passenger side of the car.


He opened it slowly and recompleted the same view, which after only a few minutes of seeing, he couldn't do without.


Making as little noise and being as smooth as possible he took Dwight in his arms and closed the door with his foot.


He walked through the snow, trying to take the fewest steps possible, then walked up the stoop and into the house.


He closed the door the same way he had closed the car door.


He remembered everything that had just happened, Dwight and he had spent a good evening at the party and then the trip that was the same despite the constant silence, then he had seen Dwight asleep and had almost not thought about it because it seemed obvious to him, he had carried him in his arms to take him to his room.


Wow, despite their friendship Jim didn't even know if Dwight would let him do that...


Jim had been to Dwight's house a few times so he knew the place pretty well, he headed for the stairs, climbed the steps four by four so that Dwight wouldn't hear the squeaking and then finally headed for his room.


After opening the door he went to Dwight's bed and tried as hard as he could to push his blanket off after a few failed attempts he finally succeeded.
He looked at the man he was carrying.


Still deeply asleep, Dwight was making adorable little snores, which he could not lie about getting used to.
After enjoying the view that could have made him miss a nuclear bomb explosion or an apocalypse.
He put Dwight down as gently and calmly as possible.
After that he took the blanket and put it on him.
He tried to stuff him into the blanket like they do with infants.


As he was looking at Dwight, his eyes suddenly fell on a small sheet of paper on his bedside table.


He finally laid his gaze on what it said:
"Tell Jim."
Tell Jim? What? What did he want to tell him? Did he want to end their friendship? Jim began to panic and didn't notice that Dwight was starting to wake up.
Suddenly those thoughts stopped swirling.


Dwight had woken up.


"Oh! Hey! Dwight! Are you okay?" said Jim in a somewhat slow, low tone.


Dwight yawned, blinked, and wiggled toward Jim.
"Oh, Jim what are you doing here?"


"Um... Well good question... I was asking you again, but I'm going to... I'm going to leave again, don't worry!" Jim said in a slight panic.


"But what's in your hand?" asked Dwight.


Jim remembered he had a piece of paper in his hand, crumpled it up and put it in his pocket.
"Humpff... Um... But... Nothing, nothing Dwight!"


Jim began to panic in earnest.


Dwight noticed him.
"Hey." he began, putting a hand on his shoulder.
"Jim, are you okay? You know, you can tell me anything."
"Um... Yeah yeah... I'm fine... Don't, don't worry..."
"Are you sure?"


"Says Jim, remember when I told you about my favorite Christmas traditions?"
"Um... Yeah sure."
A few weeks ago he had had a discussion about their respective families' Christmas traditions.
"I forgot to tell you about one last tradition."
"Um... Uh...Yeah go ahead and tell me about it."


"According to ancient stories that I'll spare you the details and scenario, the Schrute's must embrace their former worst enemy."
And suddenly Jim understood what the note was about.
A few seconds later Dwight added:
"On the mouth."


"So?" asked Dwight.
"Well, I don't want to disrespect your family or its traditions... So let's go!"


Dwight took his elbow to help himself up a bit and Jim leaned in.
Their lips were only inches apart.


The two looked deep into each other's eyes, Dwight thought he saw stars twinkling in Jim's.
They both took one last deep breath before sealing their lips together to form their kiss.


Both expected kisses as they are shown in the movies: perfect.
But they were better than these.


It was a kiss on which no words could be put, no sphrases, no expressions, no words, nothing.
The two of them put all their hearts into it, all the feelings they had kept for themselves, everything that at the beginning they had repressed and then slowly accepted, so that the other one could understand the immensity of their feelings and the love that carried them.


The kiss ended, lack of air.


After having resumed, they looked at each other.
"Reassure me... This tradition is wrong, I'll be able to kiss you more than once in a year?" asked Jim.


"Of course you can, anytime you want." replied Dwight.
"Happily." said Jim before sealing his lips with Dwight's one last time.


A few days later on camera...


Dwight: The plan was simple, pretend to be tired, ask Jim for a ride, pretend to be asleep in his car, have him pick me up and put me on my bed, then have him see the note and finally have me tell him about this fake tradition. Anyway, the plan was simple and it totally worked

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"You can't die, please don't die Dwight."


"Jim I just have a cold."

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Jim and Dwight are at work.


"I know this sounds like a weird question, Dwight, but do you think that if Michael saw or heard us having sex, whether it was in the office or somewhere else, that he would be drunk or tipsy or an alcoholic?"
laughed Jim.


Dwight looked at him and raised his eyebrows.


Pam was coming out of Michael's office with Michael.
After Michael told everyone that their last review was very good, Michael answered Jim's question.


"Hey Jim!"


"Um... Yeah?" said Jim as he turned his chair back to his interviewer.


"To answer your question, I think the whole office would be dead by now from drinking too much."


Michael said, leaving the two companions speechless.

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Jealousy attack.


Dwight and Jim had just arrived home from their little date.


A date that was at first very enjoyable in a restaurant that seemed to be just as enjoyable.


Until the two men ran into and had Jim's ex-boyfriend as a waiter.


The evening had gone very badly, between Jim's ex-boyfriend who flirted with Jim at every opportunity, Dwight's tongue almost burned from a sweet potato that was too hot, a dish that was too spicy for Jim, and the couple next door who were breaking up. In short, according to Dwight, it couldn't have been a worse date...


Without a sound they arrived at their home and then in their room.


There was one thing they could agree on: This evening was a disaster.


They brushed their teeth and then after putting on their pajamas they got into bed.


They still didn't talk and both went to bed.


"Dwight? Are you asleep?" said Jim first.


"Yes, and I talk even in my sleep," Dwight said sarcastically.


Then the man turned back to Jim.




"We have to, we have to talk about it right?"


"About what? The hot sweet potato, the overly spicy dish, the couple that was breaking a few feet away from us?"


"No you know exactly what I mean."


"Look... Jim..." began Dwight before being cut off by the man :


"No, we need to talk about this, I don't want him to break our communication, please Dwight, we need to talk about this."


Dwight sighed in defeat.


"Thank you."


"Look Dwight, I know you're not comfortable with this but..."


"No it's not that I'm not comfortable it's that I know I'm not infinite, I'm pretty sure one day you'll dump me for someone younger."


"Wh... What?!"


Jim was stunned, he knew Dwight's insecurities especially about their relationship but he never would have guessed it was this bad.


"No... No... No, Dwight who told you that?! But it's not okay to think that! I love you, damn it, I love you for you! Your imperfections, your flaws, your habits, your strengths and qualities, but never just for your looks, look honey I know you have insecurities okay, and I'll be honest with you, I'm not an expert at dealing with insecurities okay but... Here... Close your eyes!" said Jim.


Dwight sighed.


"I swear to God, if I close them and then open them and see your ass in my face, you're going to see!" said Dwight.


"I'll see what? Your cock?" laughed Jim.


Dwight blushed a little.


"More seriously, go ahead and close your eyes."


Dwight closed his eyes.


Dwight felt Jim take his hands in yours.


He also felt Jim's breath rush to his ear and whisper to him:


"Go ahead and open them."


Dwight slowly opened his eyes he saw Jim smiling.


"Well what?"


"I'm still here and I'll always be here, nothing can break us up Dwight, whether it's a couple breaking up, a spicy dish, a sweet potato that's too hot, or an annoying ex, nothing, I'll always be here for you, I'll be here, until your last breath, you're the man in my life, my soul mate, okay Dwight?"


Dwight smiled widely.


He kissed Jim gently, pouring out the feeling of comfort and love that he had just offered him so easily.


After the kiss, they glued their foreheads together.


"Thank you, you're the man in my life too Jim, I love you," Dwight said before continuing the kiss.


The two things that are certain is that first of all Dwight and Jim had a very good night, secondly, Jim's ex had a very bad time with Dwight.

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The two men were watching a shooting star shower.


Dwight had his head on Jim's shoulder and Jim had his head resting on Dwight's head.


Normally Dwight didn't like this kind of thing, but he made an effort for Jim, this man is worth the world, he is his world so one little effort isn't going to kill him.


Finally they saw a shooting star coming.


"Make a wish." asked Jim.


"I already have everything I want and wish for." replied Dwight.

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Jim and Pam talk about Jim's love for Dwight :


Pam : Are you going to tell him ?


Jim : Wh.. What ? No never, he won't love me back, and especially even if he did love men, he wouldn't love me I'm his enemy.


Pam: sigh


Jim: What ?


Pam: Again and again excuses! Go tell him how you feel.


Jim: But why am I telling you he won't like me.


Pam: And how can you be sure ?


Jim: Well... Well... Well... And how can you be sure he'll like me, huh?


Pam: Jim, you can tell like a jam stain on a white shirt, he looks at you exactly the same way you look at him.

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Love and anger are inseparably linked. The more you love someone, the angrier that person can make you.
And Dwight Schrute just realized that the person he hates the most and is also the person he loves the most

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Dwight : Why are you using all the hot water !
Jim : Because unlike you, I don't need it to be, I'm hot thanks to her, you don't need it.

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A few minutes ago Dwight had just kissed Jim in the break room, and after a few minutes of total incomprehension on Jim's part alternated with little touches of the kiss on his lips.


Jim finally decided to look for Dwight and found him in the bathroom.


He had both hands between the sides of the sink and was looking at his reflection in the mirror.


"We're going to talk about... About all of this because well..." he began.


"You kissed me." finished Jim.

"You kissed me back." said Dwight.


"And I'm not here to apologize."


"It's a good thing I don't either. "

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Dwight: If you keep looking at me like that, we won't work all day.


Jim: I'm fine with that.


Dwight: Me too.

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Some time ago, Dwight's farm was being rebuilt, so he had to go and live for an indefinite period with Jim, his colleague, until the work was finished.


At the beginning the cohabitation was only punctuated by the small glances here and there, the smiles and the few roars of one or the other.


During their cohabitation, they spent more time together, so they shared more, talked more and had more fun.


Until one morning when Dwight went to get the mail.
There was nothing, only a letter, from a stranger, a secret admirer.


At first, Jim and Dwight were a little confused by this fascinating letter.


"At one point, Jim asked :
"Are you trying to pull a fast one on me?"
Dwight nodded in the negative, then asked him to open the letter.


"I know this may sound scary, especially if you don't know me, but I want you to know that I look at you, from the depths of your eyes, to your smile that can melt me, to your wonderful hair and I fall in love with you all over again."


And that's how the investigation began.


Jim preferred to tell only the people they could trust: Pam and Dwight.


Jim followed the methods of a detective show.
Watching his entourage, everyone (except Dwight and Pam) was carefully observed.


Jim didn't know if the letter he had in his possession was just a joke, or a real secret admirer.


From the people around him he found nothing conclusive.


The more the days went by, the more Jim became paranoid.


From coming home an hour later than he was supposed to to avoid being "followed", to scrutinizing every street corner, to inspecting his mailbox almost all the time.


One day, Dwight blocked him in the break room.


"Look, Jim, this can't go on any longer, okay?" said Dwight.


"Huh? What, I get chips every lunchtime, why are you mad?"


"No, it has nothing to do with that, it's just this secret admirer thing is going on too much, you're getting paranoid, you're coming home at ungodly hours!"
"What do you want me to do, Dwight, for God's sake either it's a kid making fun of me, or there's someone following me, who knows my address and says they love me?"


"I don't know! Just stop it!"


And Jim had an idea.


Today Jim came home early and began to write a letter


A letter to whom ?


To his secret admirer.


"Dear Secret Administrator/Administrator, I hope you are well. If you're really a 13 year old kid making fun of me, ah ah, can you stop?"


If you really exist, I'm going to avoid getting angry or asking my friend Dwight to break you some ribs, I'd like to get to know you."


Jim finished the letter and placed it in the hole in the mailbox.


He really wondered how the person would react.
Until one day, when he walked past his mailbox
The letter had disappeared and was replaced by another letter of a different color.


"Dear Jim, thank you for your kindness. I can't tell you my name at the moment, nor my first name. Nor any information about my personal life that is too personal," he wrote.


"But you can call me : Mrs. Blue."


And this exchange of letters had lasted 2 months, 2 months, discussing with his secret admirer.


And Jim was lying if he said that every day he fell more and more in love with his secret admirer.


Neither of them really knew what stage of the relationship they were in.


Jim had only told Pam who seemed very happy for him and Dwight who was also very happy.


On any given day, Jim was in front of the cameras, talking to the cameramen about his secret admirer.
The directors were a little fed up with this, Jim had almost nothing else to say.


Jim, who had no idea how bored the crew was, asked:
"Can I tell you about the time he sent me his first letter?" asked Jim happily.


As the camera crew rolled their eyes, Jim began.


Then suddenly, Jim told something that challenged the cameraman.


"Dwight was downstairs getting the mail, and he came back up and all he had in his hand was this letter... At first I was scared, but..." began Jim before being cut off by the cameraman.


"Wait?! Dwight taking the mail?! Without you begging him or him waiting for something?!" how he kind of mocked the cameraman.


"Hey! You're really not ni..."


But Jim suddenly stopped in the middle of his sentence.


"Bah what?"


"But wait..." said Jim.


After a few seconds of thought for Jim he shouted:
"OH MY GOD !!!!"




"What?!!" shouted the cameraman.


Suddenly Jim ran out of the room, the cameras followed him.


He went to Pam :




Jim really started to panic and turned around.


And looked around before focusing on Dwight's empty seat.


Jim turned to Pam and asked :
"Whe... Where is Dwight, tell me!"


Jim's atidude had for a few minutes now glued the entire office together, which was as confused as Pam and the crew.


"He had a day off, he's home."


Jim mumbled a small thank you to Pam and then fled the office to Dwight's house.


He ran red lights and didn't look at the road, just thought about the situation.


He eventually arrived at his colleague's house.


He parked his car awkwardly and sprinted to the door of the newly repaired farmhouse.


Jim stopped dead in his tracks, looked at the door, there was no turning back.


But he decided to knock on the door anyway.


He waited for muffled footsteps at first to learn to hear them clearly and end up with the door opening on a Dwight directly shocked at Jim's condition.


"Oh Jim are you okay?!"


And Jim stopped, his breath caught, his eyes shining for the first time he noticed how beautiful Dwight was.
His cute little nose, his piercing eyes, his hair.


"Hey, oh, Jim!" shouted Dwight which brought Jim out of his thoughts.


"Huh... Uh... Yeah what?"


"Are you okay? Because from the state you're in and the way you've been looking at me for the last two minutes, I don't really feel like I am."


"Is that you?" It's you isn't it? "


"What are you talking about Jim, come on in." did Dwight as he opened the door wide.


Jim stepped into the farmhouse.


"You're my secret admirer, how could you have found his first letter when you didn't have a key. You wrote it and gave it to me. That's it, right? I'm right."


Dwight sighed.


"Yes, and I really did get out..."


But Dwight never got to finish his sentence.


Jim took his lips and sealed them with yours.


It was a lovely, loving kiss.


After this one, the two of them stuck their foreheads together.


You could wait for the two men to breathe (especially Jim.)


Ios looked at each other deep in the soul and they kissed again.


Between the kisses you could hear :
"I love you I want you, you are so perfect."


"You like the parts of my body that you see, but the one you didn't see before you want?"


"Of course Jimmy." replied Dwight.


"Um... Is Jimmy my new nickname?"


"I like it I feel like we're going to have a lot of fun.

Chapter Text

Jim wakes up with a hangover.


Jim: It's okay I wasn't too drunk yesterday.


Dwight: Yes, you were.


Jim: What?! What do you mean, you were?! What did I do?!


Dwight: You hit on me.


Jim: So what? I have every right to, you're my husband Dwight.


Dwight: When you asked me if I was single and I said no, you burst into tears.

Chapter Text

"Hey, Jim what's your favorite color ?"


"Um... Uh, blue."


"Why ?"
"I think it's really pretty, but mostly because it looks so good on you."


Dwight smiles at that.


"Thanks Jim."


The next day for the first time in ages, Jim arrived at the office before Dwight.


He was quickly bored until his colleagues arrived.
Finally Jim started to work, and put his attention on his computer and phone.


While he was concentrating on his work, Jim noticed that Dwight had just arrived and was putting his things down.


He glanced over at Dwight before noticing something.
He finally turned to Dwight and began :
"Since when do you have a blue tie Dwight?"
Dwight sat back in his seat and looked at Jim.
"Since I know blue is your favorite color." he said casually.


Jim smiled.


It was a bit of an I love you without saying it in his opinion.


He looked at Dwight who was starting to work quietly.
Then he looked into Dwight's eyes.


And he came across his favorite shade of blue.

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"Please, please, just give me another chance."


"You had a chance to stop before you hurt me, and you didn't. Do you think you deserve a second one?"


"You're right, but love can't be earned, it's there where it's not, and we can't control it."


"You broke me, and believe me what you did what control but you didn't, you didn't want to or maybe you couldn't, but either way you broke me, I thought we were strong, but we're not in the end."


"No! Yes it is! Look at me, look at you, look at us, I love the us and you love the us, I can't allow that we will live on love and fresh water because it's impossible, but I can promise that we will live and survive this."

Chapter Text

Currently it was New Year's Eve, and instead of being at a table with their respective families or colleagues Jim and Dwight were sitting on the shore, facing a lake.


Dwight had rested part of his head on Jim's shoulder, who had responded without flinching to the comfortable position Dwight had adopted.


Dwight could feel Jim's warm breath coming over him from his position, and it just made him give a half smile.


The moon as well as the night had long since fallen.
Silence reigned supreme over the situation.


And then the first firework exploded in the sky, followed by the others which exploded in a colorful dance that reflected on the lake.


Jim was as captivated as a child, watching the swirl of color that frolicked in the dark night.


Dwight slowly turned his head toward the man who was focused on watching the fireworks create their colorful display.


If only Jim could look at him like that, he would kill for Jim to be something in his life.


He was so cute, his mouth gaping at the show, his eyebrows raised, his eyes sparkling and the colors reflected on them.


Dwight would have been hard pressed to know that these beautiful gems that were just eyes were part of his "worst enemy".


But they were.


Dwight was no longer paying attention to the fireworks, he was only busy looking at Jim from the depths of his soul, the show was beautiful, not the fireworks but Jim.


And today in these minutes, Dwight was very happy that it was dark, not to let Jim see that he was blushing.


The show was over, to the great displeasure of both men, who had not moved a millimeter.


They were both enjoying themselves, and they didn't seem to want to leave.


Suddenly Dwight felt Jim breathing heavily. His back contracted and he gasped.
Dwight lifted his head off Jim's shoulder to give him a look.


Jim did the same, and the two men looked at each other for a long time, their eyes darting to each other's.


Until Jim spoke the first sentence.


"I'm so sorry, Dwight," he said.
Dwight looked at him quizzically.
"What are you talking about?"
"About your Christmas present."
Indeed, a few days ago, for Christmas, Jim had told Dwight that his present was overdue.


"Hey, Jim, it's just that it's late, it's not your fault."
"No, I lied to you."
Dwight frowned.
And Jim continued.


"I lied to you, I don't have any gifts for you, the truth is... I've spent the last 31 days looking for the perfect gift for you, the one that would make me see a smile on your face that would make me melt, the one that would make you turn as red as a tomato, the one that would make your eyes sparkle with happiness, that would make them sparkle so much that they could be mistaken for gems, but I've found absolutely nothing, nothing is good enough for you it seems."


Dwight was shocked at what Jim had just said, he had completely killed himself with it, without finding anything for him to be a reaction? Only for this? Wait a minute. Did Jim just admit to him that he loved him?


"No, no way," Dwight thought.
"But what if? What if Jim loves you?" the little voice in his head said.


In a second Dwight stood up and exploded.
"No! No! Impossible!" he shouted.


Jim got up almost immediately and took Dwight by the shoulders, and he brought his body close to his.


The closeness of the body made Dwight and Jim shiver.


Jim took the back of his colleague's head.
"Hey, hey Dwight." said Jim in a soothing voice.


Jim rested his forehead against Dwight's.
"It's okay, eh, come on, breathe." he continued.


"No, no, no, no that couldn't be right," Dwight thought.


The man was afraid, of all the likely and unlikely endings.


Dwight had been concentrating on Jim's breaths and then had finally returned to a normal rhythm.


"Are you okay?" asked Jim.
"I don't know." said Dwight quickly.


Then the two men finally noticed the totality of their sudden closeness.
Their foreheads were pressed together, one felt the warm breath of the other and the other felt the warm breath of the other.


"Come on go try it." said the little voice in Dwight's head, who at the voice's request closed his eyes and cut himself off from reality for a few seconds before returning.


Dwight took a breath then began.


"Jim the only thing that would be able to do all this to me is.... You, you're the only gift I want and need for Christmas."
"Rea.. Really?"
"Yes." nodded Dwight.


The looks alternated between the eyes of the one opposite and his lips.


Until for the first time, they sealed their lips together.
Although the fireworks were over, another one was happening to both men at this first contact.


Dwight had tears in his eyes, they could not believe that this was really happening, he was still waiting for his alarm clock to ring but nothing would come.


The kiss was stopped for lack of air.
Jim watched as Dwight slowly opened his eyes.


Tears began to fall down his face.


Jim took his finger and wiped them away.


"And why are you crying, am I such a bad kisser?" asked Jim.


Dwight laughed a little at his comment.
"No... It's actually the opposite, they're tears of joy Jim."


The man smiled a little at this discovery.
"How I love you Dwight Schrute." Jim said with one of the biggest smiles Dwight had ever seen on Jim.


"I love you, Jim Halpert," he replied, before bringing their lips together again in a second kiss.


As the evening wore on, Dwight and Jim talked, laughed, and continued what they had started, then fell asleep facing the lake.

Chapter Text

Discussion between Dwight and Jim


Jim : Hey !

Jim : Honey

Jim : Dwight

Jim : Why don't you answer me !

Jim : Are you ignoring me ?!

Jim : Dwight

Jim : Dwight K. Schrute !

Dwight : What's up Jim ! I'm little busy !

Jim : Jim ?

Jim : Am I not your baby or your Jimmy anymore ?

Jim : Bye.

Dwight : Come on Jim...

Dwight : Jim

Dwight : Honey

Dwight : Jimmy

Dwight : Love

Dwight : Cute

Dwight : Baby

Jim : That !

Jim : I want a baby !

Dwight : Wait, What ?!

Chapter Text

Jim had just woken up, it was dark.


He looked around, and a bespectacled Dwight was sleeping next to him.


After a few minutes of contemplation, Jim decided to go downstairs to find a snack despite the time.


He pulled himself out of his embrace with Dwight, stood up and walked to the door and down the stairs.


Once he arrived in the kitchen he went to the snack cupboard filled with cakes, cookies and candies.


He opened the cupboard and discovered, the world of Narnia version of junk food.


He rummaged through the cupboard looking for the perfect snack when he came across a small package of candy.


He picked it up and discovered that it was a package of candy that Dwight had bought after work.


These candies were his favorite but they always shared them with Jim because he liked them too.


He took the package and looked at it.


No, he couldn't do that, it was Dwight's.


But on the other hand it was tempting, and he just had to take one, his boyfriend didn't mind.


He opened the package of candy and took a piece of candy and put it in his mouth.


Twenty minutes later, Jim found himself on the living room couch with his hand on the package of candy, which (as Jim had just discovered) was empty.


He panicked, he had eaten Dwight's favorite candy, oh boy! What had he done? He had eaten a bunch of candy in 20 minutes !


Jim panicked so he hid the empty package in the outdoor trash can and joined Dwight, it was 5:58, both of them were about to wake up.


Jim landed next to Dwight who was still snoring and started to sleep.


Then the two men were awakened by their alarm clock.
Dwight woke up right away, took his glasses and stayed in the embrace created during the night with Jim.


"Hey. Jim wake up." Dwight whispered softly in his ear.


"Npffhh... I... Uh... Yes."


After Jim finally woke up properly, they reluctantly stopped the embrace to sneak downstairs for breakfast.


As the two ate normally, Dwight came out of nowhere :
"You're an idiot Jim."


"Huh? What? But why?" quizzed Jim.


With a charming smile on his face Dwight replied :


"Your tongue is all blue."


Jim understood.


"Oh, uh... Look Dwight I'm really sorry."


"No, Jim I don't want that apology." began Dwight.


At first Jim frowned, then he understood.


Jim wore a consistent blush.


"And you know how to make it up to you?" whispered Dwight sweetly in his ear.


"No." Jim said with false innocence.


"Make every square millimeter of my body turn blue."
replied Dwight looking at Jim who shivered a little at Dwight's request.


"I can do a lot more." made Jim following the direction on which Dwight was leading the discussion.


"Well, gotta do what you do best then."


"If we weren't going to go to work in an hour, to be on time I'd have my head between your two legs, and you'd gem my name until you didn't know yours." made Jim.


"Is that a threat or a promise?" asked Dwight.


"Both." said Jim.


"And who says we had to be on time?" finishes Dwight before smashing his lips together with Jim.

Chapter Text

It all started with a message from Dwight.


Dwight: I'm a dick.


When Jim saw the message he tried to reassure Dwight.


Jim: No! You're not a dick! Why would you think that!


Jim: You're not a dick! You're perfect for me, and that's all that matters! You're handsome, cute, creative, funny, you're perfect! I love you Dwight!


Jim: You are perfect! You are not a dick!


Jim: Please answer me! You are not a dick! And believe it or not, I know it and I see it every day, that's the most important thing!

Dwight : Sorry I wanted to write "I'm sick" but thanks anyway.

Chapter Text

"I have a question for you," said Dwight.


"What if we went back in time? What if we go back in time to be together again? So I can be in your arms again, so I can smell you and touch you again."


"If we went back in time to relive those laughs, those hugs, those moments together. How about we go back in time so I can so I can see your face one more time?"


"What if we just... Let's go back in time?"


"That would be nice Jim."


"I miss you a little more every day, there's no one left to kiss away my tears, or place sweet words, sweet things, perfect memories in my soul."


"I can't get you out of my head, or out of my mind, you are part of my soul."


But I know we'll see each other again very soon."
finished Dwight before leaving Jim's grave.

Chapter Text

So yes, he had already been kissed by Dwight, yes the man may have been his enemy yes, but the difference between a half-drunken kiss with no feelings or ulterior motives and the kiss that had just occurred was that in the second Jim had enjoyed the kiss and so had Dwight it seemed.


Why did Jim think that ?


Because Dwight had just slammed him against the door, one hand on his joy the other on his neck, alternating between swirling kisses on his neck and mouth and passionate kisses where Dwight drew out all of his feelings and poured them into the kiss.

The difference is huge, and that a difference can change a lot.

Chapter Text

Dwight : But in the great chess game that is our relationship, Jim sees only one step forward, me I see dozens.


Dwight : That's why he'll never mate me


Everyone listening Dwight :


Dwight clears his throat : That's a term of failure.

Chapter Text

"You know Jim, a fairy tale always makes me smile."


"And currently you're smiling?" said Jim, referring to their current situation.


"No, I'm the happiest man alive."

Chapter Text

"And that's how you make a good jam!" feigned Dwight playfully.


"Can you repeat it all?" asked Jim with a closed fist against his cheek, smiling.


"Huh? What? You didn't hear what I said!" exclaimed Dwight.


"Oh yes I did, don't worry, I just like your voice."


Dwight smiled at the comment and then started over, the long recipe he had explained to Jim with a big smile on his lips.

Chapter Text

"You interrupt me, once again in my reading and this book, will become a deadly weapon." made Dwight annoyed to that use of an umpteenth time when Jim interrupts it.


Suddenly Jim approached Dwight with both hands on his cheeks which were becoming red, knowing full well what was going to happen, and after approched his face quickly from Dwight's, rubbed his lips against his own passionately.


Very quickly began a tongue contest, where the two tongues met and almost danced.


Jim unfortunately stopped the kiss.


And returned to his normal position leaving Dwight stunned.


Dwight gently placed his book on the small coffee table next to his chair.


"Now what?" said Jim, giving Dwight a small, innocent smile.


"It will only become so if you don't continue what you started."

Chapter Text

Dwight : I wasn’t that drunk.
Jim : You colored my face with a highlighter because you said I was important.

Chapter Text

Computer: Please enter a password.
Dwight : *types in Jim*
Computer: Your password is too weak.
Dwight: How fucking DARE YOU-

Chapter Text

Happens during lockdown.


Dwight was tired, weakened, exhausted, overworked,, whatever word you use, you just have to understand that right now his only desire was to fall onto his bed slowly and gently, to feel his head hit the pillow, to just want to wrap himself in his blanket and drown in the softness of his bed.


But unfortunately he couldn't do any of that.


Why would you ask me ?


Well, it's simple because Dwight had to finish all his files by Thursday and it was Wednesday, 8pm.


Since some of the employees had caught this nasty virus, Dwight had gotten everything he needed to do.


So Dwight stood there, alternating his gaze between his computer screen, which hurt his eyes terribly, and the many important things he had to do.


Dwight regularly ran his fingers over his eyes to rub them.


Between the eye pain, the dozens of files on the table that represented hours and hours of work and the sudden headache that had just arrived Dwight stopped his activity.


He closed his eyes and sighed.


Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder.


He panicked for a few milliseconds until he felt the hand of someone he knew very well.


The feeling of the hand on his shoulder was really soothing


In a few seconds he felt better.


It's funny that such a small act made him feel so much, and that it felt so good, but it did.


Dwight smiled at this.


Finally Jim moved his head forward so Dwight could see him.


He gave him a sympathetic smile.


His hand moved delicately from his shoulder to Dwight's wrist.


Dwight, whose eyes were riveted on Jim's hand as it moved over his shirt and then over his skin, making him shiver a little, looked up and saw Jim.


Jim unlocked his gaze on Dwight's to show Dwight with his eyes the stairs.


There were no words, but the two men could understand each other without them.


Dwight responded to Jim's look at the stairs with a look at the large files scattered across the table.


It was a real staring contest.


Suddenly, Jim stroked his wrist a little and went to his hand and grabbed it hard.


He made Dwight stand up even though he didn't want to.


Still gripping him with force he took him to the front of the stairs.


At first Dwight tried to struggle a little.


But he soon realized that Jim was right, he couldn't work now and even less in his conditions.


So he let himself go, hand in hand.


They almost felt like they were flying because of the fatigue.


When they reached the top of the stairs, Jim had no trouble taking Dwight in his arms.


He felt really weak, Dwight was struggling not to let his eyes close, but already that the fatigue was a very hard opponent to fight then Jim was the ultimate fighter, impossible to beat, the final boss in a way.


So unfortunately, even though it was to be expected, Dwight lost the battle.


He rarely woke up to see Jim putting on his pajamas, Jim wrapping him up, and to hear Jim say "I love you" in his ear.


Dwight, a little sleepy, mumbled to him as sincerely and lovingly as he could: "love you".


Finally he let his eyes rest for he hoped all night with Jim at his side.

Chapter Text

The first snow days had arrived, so as usual, Jim got up very early, so he could enjoy it as much as possible.


The alarm clock rang, giving Jim the alarm and he woke up at the first beep.


He didn't immediately remember why he woke up, so he didn't open his eyes until he did.

His eyes opened slowly, adapting to the first rays of sunlight that came through the window.


After blinking several times he turned his head towards the window and saw a breathtaking sight :


In front of a small sun that was already very sunny, snowflakes were dancing in the morning light.


The snow covered the fields as far as the eye could see and the small forest at the back of the farm.


The leafless trees were covered with layers of snow, the plantations and the fields were drowned by the snow that seemed to spread as far as the eye could see.


The view was magnificent, fantastic, almost magical.


It was like one of his Christmas stories, where children without snow asked Santa for snow, and on Christmas Day, the snow filled the town from top to bottom.


Jim's eyes prickled with excitement and wonder.


Jim, still with a big smile on his face, turned to his boyfriend, Dwight, who was currently sleeping.


Jim approached the man and lowered himself to his level.


Dwight's little snores filled the room. He didn't want to wake him up too abruptly, although he was in a hurry and eager to get out and have fun in the snow.


So he gently woke Dwight up.


First, he gave him a quick kiss on the forehead and then he ran his hands through his boyfriend's disheveled hair.


He felt that Dwight started to wake up for his greatest pleasure.


Then finally he put his head close to Dwight on a part of the pillow.


And he whispered his words in his ear :


"Hey... Dwight, it's snowing."


These little words were waking up Dwight completely.


He quickly managed to adjust to the light of the sun's rays that were being projected into the room.


Jim, anticipating Dwight's request, took his glasses from the bedside table and put them on him.


After a first failed attempt, and Dwight's help, the glasses were finally in their place.


"Thank you," Dwight whispered.


Jim smiled.


"You're welcome, you're coming, it's snowing."


Dwight smiled back, to think he missed it, seeing Jim with the same expression as a child on Christmas morning in front of the snow.


He finally got out of the warm blanket to be wrapped in Jim's arms.


A warmth that he couldn't ignore, and one of his favorite sensations was created in the hug and kiss that came right after.


After that the two men snuck off to the kitchen to have a nice breakfast.


Jim was in such a hurry that he wanted to go outside without a coat, mitt or scarf, but luckily Dwight caught up with him at the last moment and told him to be sure to protect himself from the snow and cold and to get dressed.


As Dwight was putting on his scarf, he saw Jim rush to the door, open it, and walk out into the yard with the same speed.


Dwight quickly joined him and with his boyfriend he was able to be dazzled by a winter wonderland of untold beauty.


The vast expanses of field that Dwight normally cultivated were covered with snow.


The trees had covered their bare branches with a short and thin layer of snow, a pure white color.


Dwight hadn't had much time to admire this sight when he woke up or during his breakfast, so he observed every corner of his farm in long, lingering stares.


Even though he was a "big guy", he could easily say that this picture of his own farm in the middle of December was more enchanting than he thought.


Unfortunately, Dwight didn't have much time to discover this panorama.


In just a few seconds he felt a sharp wave of cold, which carried throughout his body, making him shiver a little.


With his hand he touched the thing that had reached his face, he took a part of it, the other one having already fallen.


He took in his hand that was obviously protected by a glove and he observed it.


A piece of snow.


He looked at the one person who could have sent him that snowball.


"Jim..." he muttered.


Dwight raised his eyebrows, Jim replied with a smile and a shrug.


Dwight gave his boyfriend a small, sly smile.
"He really wants revenge..." he mumbled before running, while taking care in the process to take a little snow, towards Jim and throwing him a little snowball.
And a snowball fight began between them.


Only to stop suddenly about 15 minutes later.


As Jim had a solid snowball, and Dwight was in his sights, he dropped it while frantically shaking his hands and making little groans of pain.


Dwight looked up from the ball he was making to see Jim doing who knows what with his hands.


"Hey Jim are you ok?"




Dwight approached slowly and on the lookout for a potential feint from Jim but in the end nothing happened and he came safely to the other man.


Dwight took one of his hands and immediately understood the problem and its source.


Jim didn't have any gloves on at the moment, it just so happened that in the rush to have fun in the snow, Jim forgot his mittens, so he had the beginnings of frostbite.


"OH! It stings! It stings!"


"Hey, calm down Jim, you're just getting frostbite that's all, nothing really serious."


"What an idiot! Why did I forget my mittens!" scolded Jim.


"You're not an idiot, you just forgot, here come on, I'll help you, let's go inside I've got everything I need."


And Jim just wanting this excessively stinging and horrible pain to stop followed Dwight at full speed.
They entered the house, Jim plopped down on the couch, while Dwight went to the kitchen to make a hot water bottle, using his own sock, some rice and a rubber band that was knitting, he heated the kettle in the microwave and went back into the living room to be near Jim who was still squirming.


He went in front of Jim and lowered himself down.
He took his cold hands in hers.


"The kettle is getting ready okay? It will be ready in a minute or two."




"You're welcome." smiled Dwight.


"Wow... Your hands are really cold." said Dwight, who had actually held his hands for about twenty seconds.


"But I think I have an idea how to make it cool down a little bit." said Dwight.


"Yes, the hot water bottle."


"There's more to it than that." did Dwight before taking Jim's right hand.


He started by kissing the palm and then worked his way up to the extremities, the side where he knew Jim was coldest.


He was only kissing with as much warmth as possible.


He soon heard Jim relax, letting out a slight moan as he kissed his fingers as warmly as possible, hearing his soft noises, which Dwight had grown accustomed to and he hoped for a very long time.


He then moved to his left hand, repeating the same pattern that brought the same reactions that made Dwight smile in his kisses.


Finally the sound of the microwave was heard, which stopped Dwight in his action, to the great displeasure of the two men especially Jim.


Dwight went into the kitchen and returned a few seconds later with the hot water bottle in his hands.


He walked over to Jim and placed it on him.


Amidst the silence that stretched from minute to minute, Jim's long, relaxed moan was heard, followed by a soft thank you to Dwight.


A few minutes later as Jim lay on Dwight's lap on the couch, he broke the silence.


"I'm the one who won."


"Huh? Um... What?"


"I'm the one who won." he repeated.


"What? No, you didn't! It's me!"


"Huh, what are you talking about, I was going to throw a big snowball at you!"


"Then you dropped it, so you lost, because you stopped the battle, you sort of forfeited."


"What?! But that's nonsense... I didn't forfeit..."


"Eh.. Hey... I don't blame you for that... It's just 2 to 0 for me that's all!"


"But no... Dwight, we're even!" said Jim.


Dwight, at a loss for words, whispered to Jim :


"Come on... Come on... Jim, you're tired."


"You're telling me this to avoid conversation and/or because you have no argument.




"Now will you go to sleep?"


"If you scratch your hair, maybe... I say maybe, I may unintentionally forget this conversation..."


And Dwight began to stroke his hair, they only stopped when he heard light snores from Jim, looked at him and saw his favorite sight, which he said was better than a sunrise or sunset, or a snowy farmhouse combined, Jim.

Chapter Text

"But no! Jim, I'm telling you it's impossible !"


"Pam! Since I'm telling you it's true! Damn it !"


"Jim... Listen." began Pam.


The two were currently chatting during their break.


They were just talking about Dwight, at first, but eventually the conversation rambled and Jim and Pam found themselves almost arguing because according to him, Dwight didn't seem to have any major flaws.


But for Pam it was quite different.


She kept saying that no one was perfect and that everyone had flaws, but that apparently wasn't enough for Jim.


As Jim took a bite of his sandwich, Pam said :


"Okay, look, Jim, I have an idea." she began as she stood up, looking for an old piece of paper that she found near the microwave and then a pencil that she handed to Jim.


"You're going to write on this paper, I don't know... Um... Let's say. 5."


"5 flaws that Dwight has, you'll see, I know he's probably the man in your life, but you'll find some."


Jim snorted and then sighed but did as Pam asked, and after writing down flaws, he gave the short list to his friend.


Pam looked at it and read it aloud :


"Number one, Too uncaring, Number two, too angry, Number three, really dumb, Number four, not attractive at all..Number five, really annoying and lazy... "


"And, well you see, even though it hurts and it's pretty horrible, besides let's all pray that Dwight isn't hearing this, be well at least you recognize it!" made Pam, satisfied though troubled by all these flaws.


"Read, number six." said Jim, taking a bite of his sandwich.


"There's a number six, I think it was already a lot but hey..."


"I hate to give Dwight completely false defects," read Pam.


"Oh, but Jim! We're not getting anywhere !"


"Why do you refuse to see that everyone has flaws, even Dwight."


"But I see it, Pam."


"Well, why are you wasting my time like this! You see that Dwight has flaws, so why won't you admit it ?"


"I recognize it... I just don't want to see them." Jim said softly.


"I mean, when you like someone, you don't find flaws in them, otherwise it's just sucide, or you just don't pay attention."


"Pam, I'm aware of all the mumbo jumbo of human imperfection, I know that to be truly happy you have to acknowledge imperfections, but then you just have to learn to live with it, learn to look past it, over time, and love it goes by quietly, and all of a sudden you almost don't realize that he has really weird social attitudes and that he has mostly little, that he can spend a day watching his favorite show, that he can be really huge angry for anything, no matter how big it is... But you learn to live with it, and yes you still see it but less and moreover you get past it."



"What ?"


"So you really like him..." quipped Pam.

Chapter Text

Dwight : You deserve more than me


Jim : What do I deserve then ?


Dwight : You deserve the sun, the moon, and the stars, you deserve the world.


Jim : You are my sun, my moon, and the stars, you are my world.

Chapter Text

Every day, at the same time, when he arrives at work, Dwight makes the exact same joke, and Jim always laughs at the same joke, even though he already knows it.


The reason ?


Dwight loves Jim's laugh.


Jim loves hearing Dwight talk and tell his joke.


And for both men, it provides a fun time before their long day at work.


It's also kind of a code, if Dwight doesn't do his joke, something is wrong, and if Jim doesn't laugh, something is wrong.

Chapter Text

Dwight: Hey, you look cute today.


Jim: Are you saying I'm not cute on other days?!

Chapter Text

Jim : Oh come on, you I'd never do anything to embarrass you !


Jim : Speaking of which, that video I posted on YouTube the other of you falling down the flight of escalators in the shopping center has reached over 1000 views !


Dwight : You posted what ?!?!

Chapter Text

Dwight: You did what ?! If I was there, I'd put a bullet in your leg to teach you a lesson!


Jim: Wow, only in the leg, good for you, you're getting better, I'm proud of you Dwight.


Dwight: I'm trying.

Chapter Text

Jim : Hey you look a-maz-ing !


Dwight : Really We're lost in corn maze, and you're making puns ?


Jim : It's not my fault, I'm corn-y.


Dwight : This is how all horror movies, start, isn't ?

Chapter Text

"You don't need a hot spot; you are the hot spot."


"... Did you just try to flirt with me using a commercial slogan ? "


"Yes... Does it work ?"


"I'm ashamed to say it... but... Yes, unfortunately yes..."


"It's getting easier and easier..."


Dwight roll your eyes.

Chapter Text

Pam : You know, for people who apparently hate each other, you spend an awful lot of time getting close


Dwight : I don't hate them, I hate losing to them. And everybody knows that proximity is used to establish physical dominance.


Pam : Yeah, yeah, sure. And what do eager looks establish ?

Chapter Text

Jim : Please be my friend again, not the guy I just told my unrequited love to.


Dwight : Who says it's unrequited, I can be the guy you'll hopefully kiss in a few seconds.

Chapter Text

For the past few days, Jim had noticed that Dwight was kind of depressed.


He didn't smile at anyone, he had lunch alone, the only thing he seemed to have any passion for was his work.


In short, Dwight was depressed.


And Jim hated it, more than he was really supposed to.
It's true that for the past few weeks, he's been getting weirder and weirder in front of Dwight, as soon as their fingers brush against each other when exchanging documents, Jim feels dozens and dozens of butterflies fluttering around in his stomach, as soon as Dwight pays him a little bit of attention, Jim feels like his heart is going to come out of his chest, he's even surprised himself by looking at Dwight, and this time not for a joke or anything.


No, just like that, for pure... Pleasure... Yes, it was weird to say, but Jim liked watching Dwight.


Anyway, back to that Friday.


Like every weekend, everyone leaves work early, apparently Dwight doesn't seem to do that anymore.


So he doesn't know why, but he waits, Jim waits for Dwight for no reason.


Suddenly Dwight drops his gaze from his computer screen, resting it on Jim.


"Well, listen Jim... I'm... Am really not in the mood."


"You never were anyway." replied Jim quickly.


The only response Dwight gave him was a long sigh.


"Sorry... Go on," Jim said.


Which shocked Dwight a little... Jim apologizing for one of the first times in his long years of being humiliated by Jim and his stupid jokes, it was weird.


"What?" asked Jim, having noticed, his eyebrows furrowed, and the thoughtful look on his colleague's face.

"Uh... Well... No... No... Nothing... Anyway, listen, if you're going to pull a prank on me, please, give it up, do it to me in a few days, or not, but I'll owe you my life as long as you don't do it now."


Right now Jim, felt a little sorry for Dwight, he just wanted to reassure him, tell him everything will be okay, slumps do happen, pick him up and give him a huge hug... Even if he knew that Dwight was not going to accept.


So he did the best he could do.


"Dwight, I don't have anything on my mind if that's what you want to know... But I have a serious question... And if you don't want to answer it that's fine..."


"What's going on?"


"Oh nothing too serious, don't worry, I mean, really, could you care less about my life!" said Dwight.


"But of course I do."


"Huh... What... But... I mean... Aren't we supposed to be enemies or something...?"


"Yes... But not when you're in this state."


"Um...if you say so..."


Finally after a few minutes of silence, Jim started the conversation again.


"Here, come on, I have an idea!"


Dwight looked at Jim waiting for an answer.


"Let's go to the bar!"


"Jim, you're not hoping to get me drunk so you can get compromising information about me, are you?"


"What, no... Not at all, I just want to have a nice Friday night, with my... Friend Dwight."


This new though surely temporary made both colleagues react.


"Really?" said Dwight with a little too much hope in his voice, which he regretted almost immediately after the words left his mouth.


Jim walked over to Dwight and placed a hand on his shoulder.


"Really, you need a shoulder to lean on and a good dose of alcohol, so trust me I'm the man for that."


Dwight sighed not in defeat, just a small sigh letting out all the emotions and feelings he had repressed during the week.


"Come on, it'll be fine."


And after they put their stuff away and left, they arrived at the bar.


"So we're supposed to get drunk to the point of euphoria and extreme bliss?" asked Dwight.


"Exactly you got it all figured out!"


"It's no different than what you usually do so..." quipped Dwight.


Then he caught himself a few seconds later, realizing the huge mistake he had made.


"Oh, I'm so sorry Jim."


"No, don't worry... It may be a little mean, but it's a little true I guess and funny."


"You sure are."


"Hey Dwight, we came here, to drink and have fun, not to make us feel better."




They had ordered drink after drink without really realizing that their goal was already long gone, they were just having fun, laughing...


They talked about anything and everything.


Following that magical evening, Jim spent the entire weekend with Dwight, the horrible hangover didn't stop their interactions.


The following Monday, Dwight arrived, with a big smile on his lips, presenting people wanting to enjoy the view, a big smile, especially to Jim.


"How are you doing?" asked Dwight.


"Fine and you, my friend."


Dwight smiled at the change.


"Great. I'm great."


In front of the cameras :


In the end it wasn't such a bad weekend, it was one of the most awesome great

Chapter Text

Four Seasons




The snow makes the landscape disappear, the trees become white forms, surprisingly beautiful and elegant, silky, sumptuous fabrics... The ice forms, the translucent frost throws luminous flashes... cold colors of winter, white and icy blue.
While Dwight and Jim warm themselves skin against skin in a pile of blanket and pillow.
This is love : to fade away like a breath in the warmth of a skin softer than his own, to forget himself and be reborn.




Winter is slowly retreating to give way to the beautiful days of spring when the colorful flowers can finally bloom.
Just like Jim and Dwight.
It was Dwight that Jim was looking for when the first days of October rolled around.
It was Jim that Dwight wanted to smell, hug, love, kiss and more, until he hoped their last breaths.




The sunset glistens with a thousand lights, half hidden by the beautiful and big calm sea. One feels a pleasant wisp of light air, a smell of fresh air brought by the sea. ... There is not a cry, nothing, except the palm trees whipping their leaves at the first gust of wind.
They were in a state of calm and total bliss, which no drug could give them, except one or the other could make them feel this feeling of intoxication and perfect balance.




The whole landscape is blazing, the foliage forms a harmony of colors, a picture of sparkling flames... How we love the autumnal nature, this different world that opens to us, the autumn leaves shaded with a thousand colors, the perfumes of autumn loaded with woody smells.
It's been a year but they feel like they've been through and lived a lifetime together.
They are just eager to see where the future takes them.

Chapter Text

The world keeps spinning, while we have just lost a fantastic man, the world doesn't care and I'm standing there with my hand clutching yours, the memory of your last kiss replaying in my head.


The world continues to turn and to be fine, but I could never again.


I suffer it and that's all I do, I see you crumble, I see my world crumble, and I crumble in my turn.

Chapter Text

Dwight: Are you masturbating ?


Jim: Yeah.


Dwight: Do you need help with that ?


Jim: Especially if it's coming from you.

Chapter Text

Dwight : I'm going to take a shower.


Jim: Can I join you'?


Dwight: Not even in your wildest dreams.


Jim: In my wildest dreams, we do a lot more than shower...


Dwight blushing hard : Well... Come talk to me about your dreams in the shower...


Jim with a wry smile : I'd love to.

Chapter Text

Jim had just made another joke, to Dwight.


And that was enough.


"Jim..." sighed Dwight.


"Um... Yes... What ?"


"Why, is all my stuff stuck to my desk ?"


"Huh... But... Wait... Really ?"


"Jim, don't play innocent I know it's you..." muttered Dwight who was getting impatient with Jim's act.


"But... I'm telling you I don't know, it's not me !"


"Jim." said Dwight curtly.


"What's the use of talking! You never believe me! If I told you right now that I love you, would you even believe me?!" exploded Jim.


"Will you?! Wait what ?!"


"I didn't want to tell you like this, but I don't have a choice apparently...I'm only going to say it once, so you better listen."


"I love you." repeated Jim still shouting.


He didn't know by what means, whether it was Jim's bad joke, or his confession, or a mixture of both, but Dwight too began to scream.


"Well, that's the best news I've ever heard because I love you too !"


"Huh what ?!"


"But I... I made a joke to you..." he began, realizing his mistake and trying to make up for it.


"Uh... Um... Well... I... Me too..." said Jim.


A few minutes after this incident Jim addressed the camera :


"Pam told me to do this, and make it look like a joke to see how he would react. I really hope he's not making a joke."


And then Dwight did the same thing Jim did :


"I hate humor, and the fact that people are playing with my feelings... I really hope that wasn't one of his damn shitty jokes!"

Chapter Text

A few minutes ago, Jim had inadvertently kissed Dwight.


And that "mistake" had just happened again.
Dwight sighed.


"Oh... Dwight... I'm really sorry, it was a mistake I don't know what's happening to me..."


"Jim... Stop lying to me and maybe to yourself... You can't make the same mistake twice... Because the second time is no longer a mistake it's a choice.... So jump at my neck if you want, but don't make excuses..." said Dwight.


This left Jim speechless.

Chapter Text

As Dwight looked at the last few pages of the small magazine he was flipping through in the doctor's waiting room.


As he read a simple news story about a dog that had saved its owner from drowning, his eye twitched and focused on the other page, the one about astrological signs.


Dwight didn't believe in such things (unless the news was positive), he even despised some people who did.
He thought to himself :


"Come on, let's see what these idiots have planned..."


And he read, the little box about him.


Work and money wise everything looked good, then Dwight read the little one about love.


Unfortunately everything looks bad in your couple, it's not the right one.


Although he knew it wasn't really addressed to him (and probably not true), Dwight felt very insulted.


He ran away from his offended thoughts and looked down at the compatibility with sign.


The sign that would be the one with the least amount of compatibility was the one that panicked him : Libra.


Jim was a Libra.


He read :


The partners involved have great difficulty in adapting to each other, so great are their fundamental differences. Their union seems to be very risky and has very little chance of working.


Dwight was really annoyed, he closed violently the newspaper and tackled it on the small table with magazine, frightening in the passage the other patients.


He crossed his arms and muttered :


"Fucking astrology shit, fuck you..."

Chapter Text

"Well." beginning Dwight as he sat down on a vacant part of Jim's desk with his arms crossed.


"They say you have to know your enemies. And, believe me, before the end of this week, I'm going to learn everything there is to know about you. All your weaknesses, everything that makes you tick, all your sensitive little buttons.You have to at least buy me dinner first. That can be your consolation prize for losing." made Dwight.


And that's how it had started, as a simple challenge, but this challenge was going to have huge consequences, and that's what Dwight would hope for.




On Monday they were to attend a conference to which Michael had invited them. After the lecture (which was, let's face it, very boring) the three men went to the bar, where there was a small buffet.


Dwight looked around the room for Jim, only to find him standing by the buffet, looking at the appetizers.
He pushed his way through the crowd, grabbed a glass of wine from one of the waiters' trays, and made his way to Jim.


In one quick movement he laid his head on Jim's shoulder.


"So you're having a good time princess." said Dwight with a slight smirk.


"Oh damn, Dwight you scared the crap out of me!"
"Hey, get your head off my shoulder!"


Dwight slowly pulled away from Jim.


"And to answer your question, yes I'm having fun, but don't call me that."


"Okay my queen." replied Dwight.


"Oh my god, but Dwight stop it is even worse!"


"Oh... Hey... Well okay, we'll stay on princess."


"What?! But no!"


Dwight ignored Jim's complaint.


"Need any help?" he asked.


Jim frowned.


"For the appetizers."


"Ah... Um... I don't know which one to get, but it doesn't matter I don't think I'll have any, you know... Since the holidays I have gained a lot of weight... Plus this suit doesn't fit me at all... And...and I don't even know why I'm telling you this... It's really not interesting..."
muttered Jim before being cut off by Dwight.


"What the hell are you talking about... It's true you've put on a little weight... But you've only gained two, three pounds."


"Huh... But how do you know?" questioned Jim.
Dwight ignored his question and continued.


"And most importantly, I like that suit, it looks good on you, you look cute in it."


"Huh what? Are you kidding me?!"


"Anyway, why don't you take your favorite, the sausage rolls, take the sausage and give me the puff pastry, since you don't like it..."


"Huh? But how do you know all this?"


At the same time, the speeches were starting, so Dwight took the opportunity to leave and duck into the crowd, with a satisfied smile leaving a stunned Jim with the discoveries Dwight had made.




On Tuesday, all day long there had been high heat.
Everyone had taken off as much clothing (while respecting the work ethic of course) as they could.
Some people had sheets of paper that they had wet in the bathroom, while others had glasses filled with water that they were splashing on their faces.


As everyone worked, the door to Michael's office opened, a sweaty Michael with his shirt sleeves rolled up and his tie hanging slightly loose emerged from the office.


"Hey... Everyone..."


"Due to all this tremendous heat, I've decided to close the office, you can all go home... Because wow, now I feel like we're all going to melt like vanilla ice cream, or chocolate or caramel... Anyway, you know what I mean," said Michael.


Everyone thanked Michael except Dwight.


"What about sales?!" he almost shouted.


"Look, Dwight, everyone's burning up, so sales can wait..."


"But no... We have a sales quota to meet every day!"


"Dwight... Please..." mumbled Jim as he turned to face him with the help of his chair.


"You see, we're all dead... We can't work under these conditions."


"Well listen... Dwight." began Michael.


"It always takes two or more employees, when the place is open, so you want to work?"


"Yes of course!"


"And Jim, do you want to play pranks on Dwight?"
"Yes, of course!" grinned Jim.


"Well you'll both be here until 6:00."


"Huh?! What! But why me!" shouted Jim.


"Look, Jim, it's a win-win situation, you prank Dwight, he works, or tries to work... And we all go home!"


Jim knowing he couldn't discuss this or negotiate it back to his computer with a sigh.


A few minutes later, everyone was now gone except Jim and Dwight.


While Jim looked pretty much the same as Michael, shirt rumpled, tie hanging and slightly drawn, and sleeves rolled up to the elbow, Dwight hadn't changed a thing.


"Seriously? How can you not be hot?" asked Jim.


"Jim I'm trying to work here."


"Ah, yeah... Sorry." he muttered.


At Jim's little apology, Dwight stopped frantically typing on his screen and clicking around with his mouse, he looked at Jim.


"Hey, I have a question too, you too... How do you do it?"


"Are you kidding me, how do I not get hot? I'm so hot, I'm practically glued to my chair with all the sweat!"
"Yes that was my question, how do you get so hot? Heat?" asked Dwight, emphasizing the last word.
Jim frowned.


He spoke slowly :


"I'll... Give you the benefit of the doubt." he began.
"Oh, thank you, that's very kind officer." smirked Dwight.
"Oh... Dwight please!"


This reaction made the other man laugh and he went back to his computer to work.


Jim was in the mood to piss Dwight off, so he started typing frantically on his screen.


At first Dwight just told him to stop, but then he lost patience and picked up his keyboard and violently put it in the trash.


"Hey, what the hell is wrong with you?"


"You're the one saying that?"


"Pfft..." said Jim.


Then a few minutes later, Jim got up, walked to the kitchen, and came out with a spoon and his empty sandwich dish.


He tapped the two objects together and shouted:
"I'm hot, I'm hot." continuously, all to get Dwight riled up.


After a few repetitions, Dwight, stopped his work, sighed, stood up and charged towards Jim.
In one swift, fluid motion, he snatched the spoon and plate from his hands and threw them across the desk.
He slammed Jim to the nearest wall, forced Jim's body together and held Jim by the shoulders.


Jim felt their bodies close, he could even feel at times, that Dwight was almost rubbing against his pants, he had even felt, what he thought was Dwight's cock!
"Listen, Jim, you want to leave, fine don't bother, but don't bother me with your bullshit screaming! If you want I'll give you a real fucking reason to scream! And don't bust my balls with your heat and your fucking sweat! Or I'll give you a real fucking reason to be hot and sweaty so hard you'll slip on anything!" he shouted.
Before backing away from Jim and going back to work.
Jim was left alone for several minutes before he came to his senses.


Had Dwight just rubbed his cock against yours during the argument?




On Wednesday, Dwight totally ignored Jim, not a word, not a look, nothing.


Jim's numerous attempts to get Dwight to look at him, smile or say something were all without exception unsuccessful.


It was exactly the same during lunch.


Jim ate alone for once, accompanied only by his thoughts and questions.


Had he hurt Dwight's feelings? Or was it something else that caused him to be so completely unaware? Was Dwight okay?


Jim's thoughts were cut off by Pam's arrival.


"Hey Jim."


"Uh... Ah... Hey, Pam!"


"You okay?"


"Um... Yeah, yeah, it's just that Dwight... Dwight's ignoring me..."


"Oh, what happened?"


"Well, yesterday I took my empty dish and a spoon and yelled that I was hot... Just to piss him off, but he took it really hard..."


"What do you mean he took it badly?"


"Eh... Well, he... He slammed me against the wall and told me to stop."


"Oh wow..."


" Like you say."


"Do you think he'll continue to ignore me?"


"Well yes, you don't ask for his forgiveness, yes."


Jim looked down at his sandwich, put it down and walked over to Dwight.


"Hey... Dwight..."


Dwight didn't look at him or speak.


"Dwight please..."


After a long silence, Jim turned back to Pam, who waved him on.


He turned back to Dwight and sighed.


"Dwight, come on, I'm sorry okay... I wish I could tell you that I didn't do it on purpose, but I did... But now I regret it..."


Jim was getting seriously impatient.


"Dwight." he said as curtly as he could.


Jim closed his eyes, opened them again, then slammed his hand on the table.


This hurt a little, and in the process scared the other people who were eating.
But Jim wasn't done, seeing that Dwight wasn't reacting, he grabbed his tie, which took Dwight, close to him.


"Look, Dwight, I apologized twice, I tried to be as sincere as possible, what more do you want! What more do you want, so you'll stop ignoring me!" he shouted.


Dwight, who had dropped his sandwich and was looking Jim in the eye, just replied :


"Do you prefer, the steakhouse near here, or the all-you-can-eat restaurant near you?" he asked as nonchalantly as possible when talking about the challenge, which Jim might lose.


Jim gently let go of Dwight's tie, which he gently put back on.


Jim frowned, not understanding anything.


Dwight was frustrating him and making him so angry.
"Well?" said Dwight with a small smile.


Jim calmed down, took a slow breath and answered :
"The one next to my house."




By Thursday, everything was back to normal, although the little teasing looks from Dwight and the slight shifts from white or red for Jim, were not normal.
Nothing really interesting happened on Thursday.
This was to be expected according to Dwight, Thursdays are boring days...


Phone calls poured in, all day long, the files of the many clients were filling up fast, the balance sheets just as much.


Dwight had offered a small chocolate bar from the machine.


In short, nothing really important.




Friday, everything went well, it was especially the end of the day that everyone was looking forward to, but for different reasons.


As the first people had already left, it was Jim and Dwight's turn.


"Jim, you haven't forgotten about our challenge," said Dwight.


"Oh." said Jim, well now he remembered.


"Um...if if why."


"Well, it's almost time."


"Yeah, but then how do we know if you really know me as well as you seem to be pretending to?"


"Well...Pam will ask me five questions, and I'll have to answer all five."


"One mistake, and you lose?"




"You don't even take a margin?"


"No, no." smirked Dwight.


Jim shrugged his shoulders and turned around in his chair to ask Pam some questions.


After explaining the rules of the game, Dwight turned to the rest of the office.


"Colleagues, today I'm going to show that I know Jim, inside and out,"


Everyone looked at the three colleagues.


"Anyway, I think you know the stakes of this challenge so was watching and enjoying."


Some had stood up others had just looked up then refocused on their tasks.


"What is Jim's favorite food?" asked Pam.
"His mom's lasagna." replied Dwight softly.
"Wh..what?! But how do you know that!"
Dwight didn't answer and looked at Pam waiting for a second question.


"What is Jim's secret talent?"
"I really think you're watching me and following me!"
"That's kind of it." replied Dwight quickly.
"Nothing, third question!"


"Favorite color of..." began Pam before being cut off by Dwight.
"Blue." he quipped.


"What is the name of Jim's imaginary best friend?"
"Trick question, Jim never had a best friend, he already has 2 brothers, 1 sister and a former childhood best friend named Danny." answered Dwight as if the question was obvious.
"But?! Oh no, but Pam asks complicated questions, for God's sake!" shouted Jim.
This reaction made Dwight laugh.


"Jim, this is the last question..." Dwight said slowly and softly.
"How old was Jim the first time?"
"16 years, 9 months and 12 days," Dwight said.
"OH MY GOD." shouted Jim and Pam in unison.


And that's how to be why currently Jim and Dwight were at the all-you-can-eat restaurant near Jim's house.


"Look Dwight, I don't know what this... Dinner means to you... But to me it's just dinner between two... Colleagues of the same unambiguous gender, and I hope it's exactly the same for you."


Dwight who was looking at the menu of dishes lowered the box.


"Sure Jim, sure..."


A wry smile came over his face and he took Jim's hand that was on the table.


Jim wanted to stop the hold that Dwight had on his hand but nothing did.


"Dwight you can let go of my hand!"
"Sure, princess..." he muttered as he let go of his hand and rested his gaze on the menu.
Jim took her hand, which was slightly due to Dwight's grip.


"And I told you to stop calling me that..." he let go.
"Yeah, yeah anyway did you look at the menu?"




"Well look at it."




"Jim don't play dumb with me..."


"I'm not messing around."


"Yeah you're right, you just are, it's different."


"Shut up, Dwight..."


After giving their order to the waiter and receiving their order, they began to eat.


Suddenly as Dwight was attacking his dinner, he stopped and picked up a napkin, licked it, then brought it up to Jim's face.


Just as the little towel was about to reach Jim's face, he grabbed Dwight's wrist and stopped him abruptly.
"What are you doing?"


"You have a stain on your face."


"Well just tell me where it is."


Dwight pointed to the spot on his own face.


"There?" asked Jim, pointing to a part between his mouth and nose, near his upper lips.


"No, there!" began Dwight before quickly losing hope and going after Jim's face.


After finishing his task, Dwight returned to his original spot.


"It's kind of like I kissed you," Dwight said.


"Roooh... Dwight..."


"Oh it's okay sorry." replied Dwight with a smile.


"That's okay." whispered Jim.


"And thanks."


"For what?"


"For... Taking the task away from me."


"You're welcome..."


After eating dessert and paying, the two men were finally dispatched to hang out on the streets of Scranton, until they arrived next to Jim's apartment, they finally arrived at his door, which he opened, he entered his apartment.


Jim turned around and saw Dwight standing on his stoop.


"Um...Well that was... Nice... Anyway I have to go, I have to sleep... And so do you... Well, I guess." he said as he gradually closed the door before realizing that something was blocking it.


He looked down and saw Dwight's shoe.


He looked up and had no time to say :


"Dwight, your shoe."


Before being assaulted by his lips, and Dwight who as the kiss pushed him in his apartment.


At first, Jim did not respond, then Dwight, felt his soft lips accompanied him in their languid kiss before he suddenly stopped.


"Oh my god what have I done, and you?! How can you?!" shouted Jim who had actually pulled out of the kiss.
"Quite easily, in fact, without the shackles of those pathetic things you call morals, you'd be amazed at the things you can do." replied Dwight with all the nonchalance in the world.


Jim was slowly catching his breath.
"How... How could you do that?! You think that, hup! You know five things about my life, you take me to a restaurant and I fall into your arms?!"


"No, but you're just a big sicko!" shouted Jim with all the anger in the world.
"You know you're really sexy when you're angry."
"Dwight! Get out of my house right now!"


"Don't tell me that kiss meant nothing to you?" exclaimed Dwight followed by a small laugh.
"Exactly! That's exactly what I'm telling you, that kiss meant absolutely nothing to me!"
"And so that's why you kissed me back."


"It was just..." began Jim.
"It was just what Jim? The next step, after the challenge, the little looks, the little blushes, Jim you know very well, what it's really like..." did Dwight as he approached Jim.
Their faces were only a few inches apart, one could feel the other's breath on his neck and so could the other.


Jim alternated his gaze between Dwight's eyes, and his luscious lips still wet from the previous kiss.
"Huh... That was, just what, Jim?" asked Dwight before closing the gap between them.


Although they had already shared a previous kiss, they captured the unique essence of this one only.


The kiss was all at once, tender, soft, passionate, deep, slow, fiery, voracious, spectral, masterful, fantastic, rough, wet, ineffable, delicious, burning, ardent, loving, in short it was as if all the types of kissing had been combined into one.


They kissed and took only a few seconds to catch their breath and their kisses.
They finally arrived in Jim's room, body to body, lips to lips, their tongues dancing.
They arrived in the room, they didn't pay attention, and finally Jim fell on the bed.


"I hate you, you know that?" grinned Jim.
"Oh shut up and get on your knees." muttered Dwight.
Which Jim did in the second he asked.
"Um...I like it when people respect my rules, thank you."
Jim smiled as wryly and charmingly as he could and then stood up and pulled down Dwight's pants until Dwight himself, then they did the same with his boxers, leaving a free air, Dwight's cock getting a growing erection.


Jim was like quicksand, the harder Dwight struggled to get free the deeper he sank.
Jim had never done this before, but he really wanted to make sure Dwight liked how he made him feel.
As soon as Jim placed his lips on the tip of his cock, Dwight moaned.


"Fuck, Jim." he muttered.
Dwight hummed and pushed Jim's head down to push his cock deeper into his mouth.
He quickly reaches the back of Jim's throat, smothering him a bit.


Dwight begins to thrust his hips, as his moans and Jim's noises fill the room.
He gripped Jim's hair harder and harder, and his thrusts were faster and harder.
Finally this one ended with an orgasm and an ejaculation from Dwight.
The noise was very loud, Dwight really hoped that the walls weren't so thin or that Jim just didn't have any neighbors.


Finally he looked down and saw a sight that excited him to no end.
Jim unclothed, a few drops of sweat dripping down his forehead, his hair a mess, and a few drops of his cum on his mouth and chin.
Dwight lowered himself to his level.
Jim had swallowed it all.


"Staying quiet, not your strong suit," Jim laughed.
The joke also made Dwight laugh a little.
"If it's not mine, then let's see if it's yours." he continued.


"You want to get fucked. Huh... Your eyes already say yes, now use your mouth."


"Go ahead and fuck me, Dwight." dropped Jim out of breath.


The two men wore what clothes they had left.
Jim reached into his drawer and found a condom, but seconds later he muttered :


"I'm out of lube."


Dwight came up to Jim, he put his hand on his matted, messy hair.
"But you trust me?" asked Dwight.
"Yes..." began Jim slightly doubtfully.


"Get on the bed, then, don't worry, I have the perfect solution." he quipped.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes come on."


Jim climbed onto the bed.
"Lie down on your stomach."
"You tell me if you're in too much pain."


Jim nodded.
Dwight sucked on his fingers and bathed them in saliva, when he was wet enough he put one near Jim's hole.


"Be careful, the little soldier is going to come in," he said.


And he pushed his finger, inch by inch, into Jim's ass.
Dwight did the same with a second and third finger, still with Jim's acceptance.


The pain quickly turned to pleasure and heavy moans were soon heard throughout the room.


Suddenly, feeling that Jim had adapted enough, Dwight pushed his fingers towards Jim's prostate, for the first time brushing it and the second touching it completely, both attempts being followed by moans and gasps.
"Such a good boy, for me Jim, your ass is still tight, but I think I'll get to some of it over time."


This remark made Jim groan.
Dwight smiled as he touched Jim's prostate again.
"Fuck," Jim swore as Dwight slapped his ass, feeling pleased with himself when he saw a handprint.
"Oh... Fuck... Dwight... I'm gonna... I'm gonna cum..." muttered Jim.


Which he did only a few seconds later.
"Only this can make you cum? I'm curious to know and see what my cock does to you in your tight hole." muttered Dwight.


"Find out then." quipped Jim.
"With pleasure." replied the other.
"I'm going to fuck you so hard, you won't think of anything, you won't remember your own name, and you won't be able to walk until you get a good night's sleep, Jim, the only thing you'll be thinking about is my cock in your ass, I'm going to fuck you until you break."


That other remark made Jim groan.
"No, use your words, those pretty words you wield so well."
"Ugh... If he... Please fuck me in any way I want to feel you inside me... I want to feel your cum in my fucking asshole, Dwight."


"I like that better."
So Dwight ripped off the little piece of plastic surrounding the condom, and he put the condom on, watching his hardening cock get used to it inch by inch.


At first Dwight went slowly and carefully, watching Jim and his reactions as they quickly went from pain to pleasure and excitement.


After a few slow movements, Dwight decided to go faster and deeper.


Their bodies moved perfectly together.


After some big thrusts where Dwight tapped several times on Jim's prostate, they came, Jim a little before, and it was as much for him as for Dwight a moment of bliss, of extreme happiness and this wave of pleasure carried them both in another world, a few thrusts later, Dwight came in his turn, filling Jim's tight hole with his cum, which made Jim moan again.


Finally after this first experience, both men fell asleep and woke up a few hours later.


Jim groaned a little in pain, still feeling and remembering Dwight's cock in his ass using what he understood to be saliva as lube.


"Don't worry, you'll get used to it," Dwight quipped.
"I hope so."


"Reassure me, I won't be just a distant memory in a few years, or a mistake, or just another regret?" asked Jim.
"No, I have enough regrets as it is, believe me, you're more than just one of those drunken guys I take to parties to fuck miserably in the bathroom, I promise I'll leave more than enough of a mark on your skin, so people know who you belong to, who you'll offer all your moans, or gasps, or your cum to for that matter. "


"I hope so."

Chapter Text

It had started after a particularly difficult day at work.
A trip to Dwight's house, a few beers, a hand on his thigh, one, two, three kisses, a blowjob that even though he was cheating on Pam and wasn't gay, made her moan immensely, and did Jim a world of good, and then a smashing of his own tight ass by Dwight's cock.


And this although he was married, had a daughter, continued.


Whenever Jim, felt bad, or tense, he'd take a detour to Dwight's house, and he'd get lamentably and miserably fucked in every sense of the word.


Then he'd go home, alone, often running into Pam sleeping through the evening's movie.


He looked at her with pity and sadness.


He didn't deserve her, he didn't deserve anything...


That's what he kept telling himself, and sometimes he would shed a tear as he picked her up and laid her on their bed.


He watched her, sleeping peacefully.


Pam looked so innocent when she was sleeping, he could not and would not hurt her.


Sometimes he cried silently like the piece of shit he felt he was...


Then he passed into his daughter's room, watching her in her crib as she slept.


He whispered :
"Daddy... Daddy... Did something bad... But... Daddy... Daddy is really sorry..."


They were the two women in his life but he didn't deserve them.


Finally he left the room, went to the kitchen, took the portion of food that Pam had prepared for him, and ate alone, accompanied by the dark light of the moon, telling himself, that he was a piece of shit, and that he deserved only to lament on himself.


After his meal, he would take a quick, silent bath.
He would run the cold water over his back, which would fall and run over the other parts of his body.
A cold shower was his punishment.


He washed himself, scrubbing until an intense red appeared on his skin.


He went through his ass feeling a little unwiped remnant of Dwight's cum whether it was a little dry or dripping.


He hoped his soap, removed all traces of regret, sadness, pity, shame and all his emotions were all his feelings of being just a piece of shit, just an empty soulless body.


And that was it, Jim was just that, an empty body, still fuckable, filled with shame and regret.


The water from the shower wasn't the only water running down his face as always.


He would sometimes roll into a ball, silently crying, moving on to Dwight and everything he was doing to him, he would stick to the cold tiles of his shower feeling the marks of Dwight's nails on his back.


He would emerge from the shower in tears, grabbing a simple dirty t-shirt, and put his boxers back on.


And like all the other times, he slept on his couch, looking up at the dingy, cracked ceiling just as he did.


Now, and he was ashamed of this, it was a routine for Jim, even though he felt dirty it was a routine and unfortunately he would continue it.


If Pam found out he would be screwed, and he knows it but he continues.


He knows the arrangement suits Dwight even though they never talked about it, his satisfied smiles, his double meaning remarks, his piercing looks, god, he was cheating on his wife by getting his ass pitifully and miserably kicked by his colleague and enemy.


Every time he showed up at Dwight's house with a tired, sad look on his face, Dwight would give him a smirk, almost gloating about what was about to happen.


He knew that the moment Jim let himself fall on top of him, he would have full power over his body, being able to do whatever he wanted with him.


He found Jim fuckable without more, but he was kind of his treat of the week or month depending.


Dwight worked with him, so whenever he saw Jim tense, sad or tired, he gloated in anticipation of what would happen.


Jim had tried to stop, but nothing would work, he would always fall back into his lamentations and this vices.


Every time Jim had sex with Pam, he would hear Dwight's moans and gasps, he would feel the old sensations, of his cock in his own ass, flashes of Dwight playing with his balls, or sucking him haunting him.


He could hear the gulping sound of Dwight swallowing his cum after a blow job, or the slap of his balls against his ass, when he fucked him.


He was haunted and possessed by Dwight's words whether they were as sweet as honey, or as hard as a boulder.


It was a routine that made him feel dirty and ashamed, but it would continue, he didn't know why or how, but he knew every time he got home that it wasn't the last time he would sleep on the couch feeling soiled from the inside by his own enemy...

Chapter Text

Dwight stood stiffly, listening to the murmur of people gathered to celebrate their big day.


Jim came to stand next to him.


Dwight glanced briefly at his future husband before returning his gaze to the rows of guests waiting for the ceremony to begin.


"Are you ready?" Jim murmured with a smile.


Dwight nodded, still looking ahead at their family and friends all facing the altar.


Jim took Dwight's hand in his.


"Why are you shaking?"


Dwight turned to Jim.


"This is an important day."


Dwight tried to muster a smile.


"The most important day of my life."


Jim shook his head and said softly :
"No, it's not."


Dwight looked surprised.


"Why would you say that?" He began to withdraw his hand.


Jim held on tightly. He pulled Dwight to face him.


"We have years ahead of us. I don't think you can say this is the most important day."


He stroked Dwight's cheek.


"Important, yes, but not the most important."


Jim's hand took the back of Dwight's head took a deep breath and sighed. Jim tilted his head to press his forehead against Dwight's. Dwight closed his eyes.


"You're right," he murmured.


"Did you just say I was right ?"


"This is an important day," Jim teased.


Dwight opened his eyes just to roll them, making Jim chuckle.


"You're absolutely incorrigible, Jim Halpert, you know that?" Dwight growled, sounding more amused than annoyed.


"So are you, Dwight Schrute."


Holding hands, they walked down the aisle, all the way down Dwight was smiling.

Chapter Text

Neither of them are good at falling asleep first. Too many years of playing the protector to want to be the one to leave the other unprotected.


Rather than trying to convince the other to fall asleep first, Dwight and Jim simply get used to lying face to face, eyes half closed and synchronizing their breathing until they are both completely relaxed. Warm and content and safe and in love.


Dwight tries not to count which of them falls asleep first. He is surprised, after several months, to discover that he is more likely to fall asleep first.


This startles him to realize. But it also makes him feel... happy. Happy in a way he has rarely felt in his life.


A happiness that makes him reach for Jim.


"Mmm, very affectionate Dwight. A personal favorite," Jim murmurs, turning and kissing the corner of Dwight's mouth.


"I'm more likely to fall asleep first," he says without thinking.


Jim beams, pleasure and contentment crossing his face.


"Oh yeah?"


"I've checked three times."


Jim laughs softly and leans in to kiss Dwight at the base of his neck, just above the collar of his pajamas. "Well, that's good. I must say, it feels good to know you trust me so much."


"It does," Dwight nods. "It really does."

Chapter Text

Jim: Mmmm... Oh, yeah, keep it up... Ahh...


Dwight: Jim...


Jim: No, don't stop. A little lower... There you go,it's .... A little to the left, that's it, just a little more...


Dwight: More? For God's sake, Jim, you're insatiable. We've been like this for an hour. I'm getting to be an age, you know?


Jim: Mmm... Yes, yes, like that... A little more and we can sleep.


Dwight: If you keep making those sounds, tonight we'll do everything but sleep...


Jim: It's not my fault you do it so well. God, I love your fingers. I love you completely, but I swear to God your fingers are magic.


Dwight: Okay. That's good to know. I'll put it on my resume: personal night scratcher I'm sure I'.


Jim: Mmm... Shut up and keep scratching.

Chapter Text

The first time Jim Halpert heard Dwight Schrute tell him he loved him was on a full moon night.


So no, Jim could certify that it wasn't like in the great novels that we study so much in literature, but it was enough for him.


Fatigue had condemned them to stop their board game night and curl up together in Dwight's bed.


Dwight often talked in his sleep.


Jim often waited for some rambling that often had no specific meaning, like when Dwight once said :
"Giraffes lay oranges," which really made Jim laugh.


That night, though tired, Jim had trouble falling asleep, unlike Dwight who slept peacefully with a few soft snores.


At one point Dwight's head turned gently toward Jim.
Jim smiled at this movement but suddenly panicked when from Dwight's mouth came these words :
"I love you, Jim."


Jim froze at his words, it was clear that Dwight was sleeping.


It would be another, 8 months, and 12 days before Dwight would tell him again but this time, wide awake and it was worth

Chapter Text

One second, the universe doesn't need more to change your life.


Jim needed one second to know and understand that he was in love with Dwight.


Their first kiss only lasted a second but it was perfect.
Dwight was brave for a second to ask Jim to be more than a friend/colleague/enemy.


Jim to him was also brave for a second to ask Dwight to marry him.


In the first second they saw their son being born, their world stopped and they fell in love again.


All those seconds were beautiful and perfect.


But some of them could be horrible.


It only took a second for the disease to spread.


It only took a second for the doctor to tell Jim he had cancer.


It only took a second for the cancer to put Jim in the hospital.


It only took a second for Dwight and their son to say goodbye to Jim.


Jim only had a second to enjoy his last breath with his loved ones.

Chapter Text

Jim and Dwight were eating quietly.


It was a candlelight dinner, cooked by Dwight for their wedding anniversary.


In between bites Dwight started a conversation :
"Would you like some wine ?"


"Stop it! For God's sake! Please stop!" shouted Jim as he released his fork.


"Wha..." began Dwight before being violently cut off by Jim who had stood up.


"I don't exist anymore! I'm dead Dwight! Turn the fucking page shit! I am a figment of your imagination! Of your pain of your sadness! Of your bereavement!" he shouted.


"No... No, Jim, I'm not mourning... I'm not mourning anymore..." whispered Dwight panicking with tears in his eyes.


"You're right there in front of me because I decided to and not because my sadness wants to take me to the bottom!"


Now Dwight although a tear was already running down his cheek had stood up and was seething with anger.


"I'm not grieving anymore, I just want you to stay with me! " shouted Dwight.


"For eternity because that's what we told ourselves.... That's what we thought, that's what we hoped, that's what we said outside the hotel... Remember that?" mumbled Dwight, dissipating his anger very quickly.


"Forget about me, meet other people, that's what I would have wanted!" said Jim.


"I can't're a part of my life... You are a part of me, I can't move on... If I do, it's like I'm giving up a part of me, like I'm destroying her, like I'm destroying myself..." said Dwight as he leaned against the opposite wall.


Dwight feverishly and slowly began to lower his back, finally sitting with his head in his lap.


Tears escaping unchecked with a speed reminiscent of her husband's death.


"Dwight... Don't lie to me... You don't care that you're hurt, destroyed and ruined, you don't care that you're just a wandering soul, an empty body!" yelled Jim as he gently approached Dwight and lowered himself to the level where his head was.


"All you want is to see me, feel me, love me, whatever you want no matter the cost... This is me... You need to move on..." he whispered to Dwight.


"No! No! I will never move on... I can't do that. I can't. I can never do that..." he muttered.


The tears now tangled and danced between her, some sliding down his suit until they stained his pants.


"You know all my life before I met you I turned pages without much sense, discovering new things, new people, but one day I discovered a page that was perfect, beautiful, cute, in short Jim... It was our page... It was our story... And from that day on, I never wanted to finish that book... I never wanted to turn a page to see the future, or the past, I would never turn the page, I would never want to know the continuation and even less the end... So... Believe me no matter where you are... What you do... I'm not turning the page... "Dwight replied weakly.


Dwight closed his eyes, trying to catch his normal breath, and as soon as he did he opened his eyes and looked up, confronting the reality :


Jim was dead, the flowers that had bought him were on the couch, the meal prepared for him and Jim, was although served on two plates eaten by one person, Jim was dead, and nothing could bring him back...

Chapter Text

Several times, after the intimate moments, Jim asked Dwight to sleeping with him. It should not be too complicated since they were making love there.


He asked 3 times, and his request was refused 3 times.


So on this beautiful night, when a single crescent moon was in the sky, providing a little light in the room, Jim turned to Dwight.


"Dwight..." he began before being cut off by his interlocutor.


"No Jim, for the fourth time, I'm not sleeping with you tonight." he said, more focused on putting his pants back on that had been thrown on the floor a while ago than on their discussion.


"But why?" asked Jim.


Dwight turned shirtless, smiled at him and replied :


"Why not?"


Jim sighed before continuing.


"Dwight... Please tell me..."


"Jim... Please leave me alone, I just don't want to."


"There's more to it than that, I know it!" replied Jim.


"Jim..." muttered Dwight as a warning.




Dwight was getting impatient.




"Come on Dwight, please!"


And within seconds, Dwight exploded :
"I'm scared! All right, I'm scared! I'm scared! Now you're happy! I'm scared, I don't want to sleep with you because I'm afraid!"


"Wh... What?"


"The truth Jim... It's... It's that I'm afraid..." muttered Dwight.


"Scared? But of what?"


"Of the aftermath, of the future, of what's going to happen next."


"What do you mean, of what happens next."


"Roh, Jim don't play innocent, you know very well what I mean..."


Jim took his hand, Dwight trying to break free of his grip with no success.


"Dwight... Look... If my asking you that scares you, I'm sorry, I can stop..."


"No it's not that...It's just all that and where does it go?"


"Dwight, you are a terrible control freak you know that? I have absolutely no idea myself, but I know that wherever it goes, we'll be together and that's all that matters to me..."


"But it's we were going the wrong way?"


"There is no right or wrong way."


"Look, you know very well what's potentially going to happen okay... And so do I, and I know and I think you know what I'm kind of secretly hoping for... But I'm not asking to choose, at least not now... If something has to happen, something will happen whether it is fast or smooth, if nothing has to happen, nothing will happen... "


And it was the first time Diwght had shown himself so vulnerable to Jim, it was the first time Dwight seemed to speak to heart about one of his fears, and it was the first of many times Dwight slept in the same bed as Jim.

Chapter Text

The Most Perfect Christmas Gift

On this snowy December 24rd, Dwight Schrute found himself alone on his farm, as his boyfriend, Jim Halpert, was not with him at the moment to celebrate the holidays.


He was in Boston for work, and Dwight was unable to accompany him.


So it was at this farm that Dwight was hoping to celebrate his first Christmas with Jim, and he found himself alone, doing his daily chores for his farm.


During the afternoon around 2:00 p.m., Jim called Dwight for Christmas.


"Hey, Dwight, Merry Christmas Eve, how are you?"


"Hey, Jim! Yeah, yeah I just, you know, miss you..."


"Ooooh... Dwight you're going to make me melt..."
laughed Jim.


"But the truth is... I miss you a lot more... Believe me, I wish you were here or the other way around... It's temporary, just a few more days... But..." said Jim.


"Yeah, yeah, I understand don't worry..."


"Thanks..." murmured Jim.


"Huh? What?"


"Huh... Uh... No, nothing, it was someone... Who gave me a... File... Anyway... Was everything okay at the office?"


"Um... It's boring without you."




"That's okay Jim... Well, kind of, since this was supposed to be our first Christmas and... But I don't want you to feel bad..."


"I already feel bad..."


"Oh no, sorry..."


"Ah... No don't worry, I just have a little headache!"


"Oh phew!"


"Well not phew but..."


Jim cut Dwight off :
"Yeah... Yeah I understand, look, I have to work, not that I don't want to get fired, although I wouldn't mind joining you here." referring to Dwight's farm.
"Sure, good luck and call me soon, love you."


"Yeah as soon as I'm done!"


"Love you!"


And the call ended as did Dwight's afternoon which passed slowly and Jim's with great haste.


Around 7 p.m., Jim called Dwight back.


"Hello again Dwight!"


"Hey, Jimmy!"


After a sigh Jim made :
"Dwight I told you to stop calling me that..."


"Rooh that's okay, so what are you going to do tonight?"


"Besides talk with you and eat... I don't know."


"Great I have the same schedule!"


"I was hoping you would say that..."


"What are you going to eat?"


"Probably a bag of expensive chips to make it worthwhile and a candy bar."


"Wow... You're making my mouth water with your menu." said Dwight.


Jim laughed a little then asked him the same thing.
"Well, probably pasta."


"What? But didn't you have a turkey ready?"


"Yes, yes, but I want to wait for you."


"What, but no... Don't deprive yourself... It's okay..."


"Jim, I'll be able to wait until the 29th!" indeed the 29th was the day Jim was coming back.


"Well actually..."




"I'm really sorry, but they want me to stay until the 2nd... January 2nd..."




As Dwight sat quietly on the couch he stood up very quickly because of the news.


"Is this a joke?! But... But why!"


"I don't know, apparently I'm good at what I do..."


"What? I can send them an email to show them your true nature!"


"No!" replied Jim quickly.


"Wh... Why ? You want to... You want to stay there..."


"No... No... It's just that... I've... I've already tried... They don't want to negotiate, 3/4 of their employees are already gone on Christmas vacation... I just... I'm so sorry Dwight..."


Jim could expect a long sigh from Dwight on the other end of the phone.


"I'm really sorr..."


"No, don't apologize it's not your fault, it's just those dirty little shits from Boston..."


Jim glazed over.


Suddenly, as a moment of silence passed, Dwight heard a strange voice, half of the phrases were muffled but he heard words that were roughly distinct, like : Boston, 8:00, or 25 minutes.


"What's that?"


"Oh... Nothing, really nothing, it's just the bruah bruah of the hotel... You know..."


"Um... I think..."


"Great... Anyway, I have to go to room service my card to access the room doesn't work anymore."


"Uh... Yeah, go ahead."


"Thanks, bye..." chimed Jim before cutting the call off.


The end of the call was weird, Dwight felt like Jim was hiding something from him whether it had to do with the rallengement of his move or the words he had heard.


Dwight hates it when people hide things from him.


It is with all his interrogations, questions and doubts that Dwight ended up eating his pasta dish and waiting for a phone call from Jim because Dwight had sent some gifts to Jim's hotel room.


Dwight was really sad, he would not see Jim until January 2nd... He couldn't wait another 9 days...


Who finally arrived around 8:15 p.m.


"Good evening Dwight!"


"Hey, Jim!"


"So, are you in your room?"


"Um, uh... Yeah, yeah!"


"So you got my presents?" said Dwight very cheerfully.


"Um, uh... Yes, yes, but uh... How about, how about we talk about my present?" asked Jim.


He sounded a little tired and Dwight could hear that Jim sometimes had trouble thinking as if he was rushing to do something.


"Oh you gave me a present!"


"Of course, a Christmas without presents is not a good Christmas!"


Suddenly, Dwight heard a knock at the door.


"Oh someone is knocking! I guess that's your present!" said Dwight into the phone.


"I can't wait for you to have fun with it!"


"Um... I'll open it then!" replied Dwight excited about Jim's gift.


So Dwight headed for his door.


He finally opened the door and came upon his gift.


"Hi, Dwight." said Jim with great nonchalance.


Dwight, who still had his phone in his hand :
"Oh my God, what the hell are you doing here."


"You know you don't have to use your phone to talk to me anymore."


Jim's nonchalance, stunned Dwight.


There he was, hand in his pockets, smile on his face, with his stuff next to him, as if it were completely normal.


"Would you rather I go back to Boston, or can I come in?" asked Jim in front of a gaping-mouthed, wide-eyed Dwight.


"Wh...I...Uh... "Dwight began before raising his voice, saying.


"Oh fuck Jim! You know I love you like crazy!" before walking over to Jim and hugging him.


Jim did the same and said :
"Me too, I love you too."


"I love you so much." whispered Dwight before pulling back from their hug.


"You must have told me a thousand times, it still makes me feel so good, I love you too Dwight."


Dwight smiled.


"You know I'm your Christmas present."


"Yeah, I got that."


"After the little seconds of misunderstanding on your part or seconds of your brain assimilating."


"Mmhh... I can't believe you're here!"


"I don't understand anything... Did it end instead?"


"Um... No, actually I just gave you the wrong dates."


Dwight sighed.


"For once, I can admit defeat, it's the best Christmas present ever."


"Of your life?"


"We're pushing it to that level..."


"I'll say it's the best gift... ever," Dwight added.


Jim gave him a big smile at his compliment.


"So... Ready to have some fun with the most perfect Christmas gift of all time?" whispered Jim in Dwight's ear.


"Always ready." whispered Dwight with a look that could not be misinterpreted. Hunger, desire, the darkening of his eyes, the way his tongue touched his lips.


Dwight had wrapped both arms around Jim's shoulders and sealed their lips in a kiss of passion.


Jim immediately felt hungry for more.


Dwight's mischievous, sardonic tongue tried to get into Jim's mouth and succeeded, before plunging his tongue into his boyfriend's mouth, looking for his own tongue, before finding it and setting up a sort of passionate dance between the two tongues.


The two men began to move.


Jim stopped the kiss and asked :
"Where are we going?"


"Oh... I'm terrible with directions... But who cares as long as it's just the two of us..."


"Okay..." mumbled Jim before taking the kiss back and directing them to the living room.


During the short drive, Dwight pressed himself even closer to Jim, rubbing against his pants, and he moaned when he felt Jim's cock harden at the contact.
Jim took one of Dwight's arms from his shoulder, grabbed his wrist and kissed him, all the while looking at Dwight with a look of rare ardor in Jim's eyes.


Dwight twisted and bit his lower lip, trying not to fall so easily into Jim's control.


Jim smirked as he realized what was going on.


He knew that Dwight preferred to be in control, and that he only let him do it a few times, so Jim was going to take advantage of that, and he was going to try to give Dwight as much pleasure as he needed to make him the best fuck of his life.


Seeing Dwight at the last seconds of his resistance, he stopped his teasing at his wrist, leaned and moved his head forward until he was waiting for his neck, and he placed short, light kisses on it that soon turned into long, hard kisses, tracks formed which made Jim smile and Dwight groan.


Suddenly, with a quick movement, he removed Dwight's pajama top by throwing it on the ground, then he attacked his collarbone by depositing the same type of kiss, followed by long and noisy moans of Dwight which gave more and more the desire to Jim to go further.


And that's what he did.


He took Dwight by the hips feeling his cock getting harder and harder in anticipation, and he made Dwight move and sit down on the couch.


He leaned down to his level watching Dwight wait.


"Well?" asked Dwight, very impatient.


"I want words, I want pleading, I want you to beg." replied Jim harshly.
Seeing Dwight not respond, Jim threw him :
"But of course, if you don't feel like it, you can take your stocking back and go to sleep."


"No, no, no..." began Dwight, then being a little annoyed, when he showed up like that.


Jim put his hand on his lower thigh and moved it up, and towards his cock, which he now felt was hard under his pajama pants.


This made Dwight tremble and give him butterflies in his stomach.


"Please, Jim..."




"Jim, please... I need you to suck me...Please..."




"Oh fuck Jim! Just fuck me! Suck me, do whatever you want with my body as long as I have to moan and cum until morning! Fuck me!" made Dwight impatient.


Jim took both of Dwight's and put them together, then kissed and whispered :
"That's what I wanted to hear."


Then he motioned for Dwight to relax and he pulled his pajama pants down to his thigh.


Jim was surprised to see Dwight's hard cock directly, he looked up with a raised eyebrow, hoping Dwight would give him an answer.


Dwighr sighed and muttered in defeat :
"It's easier to masturbate in a bed with only one layer."


Jim smiled at the little confidence and whispered to him :
"You can call me, it would be easier than imagining..."


Then without waiting, he took Dwight's cock with one hand, which made him moan directly, and gently swirled his thumb over the pale pink slime, which gave the same result as the previous one.


Jim motioned for Dwight to spread his legs so that he could approach his cock, which he was massaging.


After approaching, he moved slowly, very slowly, too slowly for Dwight, which finally made him too impatient.


Then Dwight suddenly grabbed Jim's hair and moved his head closer to his cock.


After the action, Jim raised his head and looked Dwight in the eye, he gave him a dark look.


And Dwight immediately apologized as he returned to his dominated position.


"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry... But please goddamnit, I need your beautiful mouth on my cock, work miracles!"
Jim smiled at what Dwight had just said.


He tucked some of Dwight's hair that was slightly disheveled behind his ear and blew, Dwight felt the warm breath directly on his cheek.


"I understand... But don't you dare do that's okay."


"Ye...yes... Of course..."


"Thank you..."


"You... Too..."


Following this, Jim sat back down and resumed his action with the same rhythm, in the middle of it, he
said :
"Dwight, stop thinking so hard..."


This made Dwight groan.


Jim finally got to Dwight's cock.


He started by putting his lips on it, and then he slowly slid Dwight's stiff cock into his mouth until it reached the roof of his mouth, which made him choke a little.


And Jim began, at first he sucked Dwight gently, but not proud of Dwight's moans that were already filling the living room, he began to do it more and more, Dwight's cock touching his palate faster and faster.
Until the grand finale.


"Ji.. Jim... I'm gonna... I'm going to come..." said Dwight.


And a few seconds later, Dwight came, he ejaculated, into Jim's mouth.


"Oh my... Fuck..." began Dwight before waiting for a swallowing sound, he leaned his head towards Jim and saw a sweating Jim, his hair disheveled, his mouth red and swollen, a few spots of cum adorning the lower part of his face.


Quickly Jim went up to kiss Dwight hard and fast.


Finally gasping for air the kiss was stopped, they stuck their foreheads together, and synchronized irregular which quickly became regular.


Their mouths were so close that Jim thought he was whispering into Dwight's :
"It's better at the source." referring to the semen Dwight had probably smelled, before giving him a big smile.


"I hope so." replied her boyfriend.


After a few minutes in this position to regain his strength, Jim finally whispered to Dwight some so simple and so fast words that yet and he knows it could put him in a great excitement.


"Get up against the couch and turn around."


And that's exactly the result Jim wanted that appeared.


Dwight complied with his demands and stood against the couch, presenting his ass to his boyfriend.


He heard Jim tell him he was going to get the lube and then heard footsteps that became less and less audible.


This short time, Dwight took it to think about the current situation.


So he was against his couch, ready to be fucked by Jim, who had been his boyfriend for almost 9 months.
Did he like it, this situation? Yes.


Did he want to do this more often? Of course he did!


Dwight laughed at the answer, in their relationship he was supposed to be the dominant and not the dominated, the one who fucks the other, and not the one who gets fucked, the master and not the student... But it is necessary to believe that the pupil to exceed the master...


And it is on this thought, that Dwight heard again, noises of steps more and more audible and happy in this situation prepared himself for what was going to happen.


Suddenly he felt, a warm breath near his ear and Jim whispered :
"Ready?" which slightly startled and then shivered.




Soon, Dwight felt, one of Jim's fingers make contact with the skin of his buttocks, the cold lube made him shiver again and he felt the finger go inch by inch into his asshole.


At first Dwight was tense and it seemed Jim saw it quickly because he told him in a tone that reassured him :


And so Dwight did before he felt a second finger do the exact same thing as the second.


"Are you okay?"


"Um... Um..." muttered Dwight who had gotten used to the sensation.


Jim's fingers began to move, the pain quickly turning to pleasure, which turned the soundless room that was the living room, into a place filled with moans.


Suddenly, Jim removed his fingers with a quick, sharp hit that produced a small pain in Dwight and a great deal of incomprehension that was quickly stopped by the sensation of the tip of Jim's cock on his buttocks.


Dwight was sitting with his elbows on the couch, and his knees rubbing the carpet.


Suddenly, Dwight felt Jim's cock enter his asshole and work its way in.


A few seconds later, Dwight signaled to move, and Jim quickly complied and moved inside him.


At first the strokes were slow and only went a short distance, a large dose of pleasure that turned into moans, but the strokes became more intense, more vivid, more forceful and more precise, at first grazing the prostate, then the next strokes hitting it which almost made Dwight scream with pleasure.


Dwight started to say "fuck", "shit" and "fuck it" all over the place.


At one point he took off his glasses, which made it impossible for him to see because of the fog that was on them.


During this same moment, Dwight had an idea, he removed one of his elbows that maintained him with the help of Jim to the sofa, and began to masturbate.
All these conditions put quickly, Dwight, on the way of the orgasm.


He mumbled an inaudible :
"Jim, I'm coming..."


The orgasm ran through his entire body and sent him slumping to the couch, though his lower body was still supported by Jim, who continued to fuck him only to experience the same thing Dwight did a few thrusts later.


Dwight felt Jim's cum running down those walls and groaned.


Dwight had literally slumped back against the couch, while Jim had fallen to the floor, he turned his head and saw a subdued, tired, sweaty, stinky Dwight.


It was one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen.


After catching their breath, the two men got up with some difficulty, looked at all the damage they had done, and while heading to the bathroom, they told themselves they would tidy up and wash everything tomorrow.


Finally they took their shower, they jumped into their bed, sticking as much as possible to each other and looked at each other.


"I love you." whispered Dwight.


"I love you too." nodded Jim.


"I love you so much..." muttered Dwight.


Jim had a small reply :
"Yes, you just said it, I love you too..."


"Well that's great, because I love you too..." replied Dwight again.


Jim sighed with a smile :
"I love you too Dwight..." he replied.


"Hey Jim."


"Dwight... I know what you're going to tell me..."


"No, I promise you it's something else..."


"Well go ahead then."


"You know I love you?"


Jim sighed but continued to smile, happy that someone loved him like he loved her.


"Me too."


"You too what?"


"I love you."


"Oh me too I love you!"


"Rooohhh... Come here..." he picked up Dwight, who laid his head on his chest.


Jim put his hand in his boyfriend's hair and began to play with it.


He turned his head, saw the clock radio, picked it up to look at the time and showed it to Dwight.


"Midnight, 22." that's what the clock radio said.


Jim whispered in Dwight's ear :


"Merry Christmas."


And Dwight said the same :


"Merry Christmas."

Chapter Text

"I've never been kissed on New Year's Eve before, and very few times in my entire life... "


Dwight admitted softly to Jim, their eyes looking away for a moment as his cheeks flushed with embarrassment at having to admit such a thing.


"I don't know what it is, or why people do it. It just never appealed to me."


"No... Really?"


"Yes..." muttered Dwight, with a feverish tone.


Jim seeing his chance coming and not wanting to let it go, grabbed it.


"Could I maybe... show you? " he asked, a nervous smile tugging at his lips as the question escaped his lips rather eagerly.


Almost immediately, Dwight glanced up at him with slightly enlarged eyes.


"Being kissed can be very nice for some people when it's with the right person."


"Have you found that person yet?" Jim's smile became unbalanced at the question and he shrugged a small, distracted shrug, too focused on how close they had gotten.


"Oh. Do you think I could ever be that person?"


"Maybe," Dwight murmured.


"Maybe we could find out now?"


"I'd love to," Dwight blushed, his eyes flickering to Jim's lips for a moment as he considered closing the space between them.


Before he could, however, Jim did it for him, their hand coming to rest on his waist as their lips pressed together in a soft kiss that left them both dizzy and red.


"How was that? Did I... did I do any good?"


Dwight simply answered with another kiss as he heard the sound of the crowd in the background screaming and, a faint but long sound of fireworks.


It was Dwight's first kiss of the new one, but not his last, same with the two colleagues' kiss.

Chapter Text

Skins and Hands


As Jim often said, Dwight had blatantly perfect skin.


Jim was always obsessed with Dwight's skin.


When Dwight slept, Jim could see his skin marked with numerous brown freckles.


If he could, he would count them all, one by one, with a masterful concentration, a passion to spare.


Her milky skin was neither too silky nor too rough, neither too soft nor too flabby.


Only her torso and axillae were partially hairy, otherwise her skin was bare of hair, and that pleased Jim.


His skin was one of Jim's favorite things about Dwight.


To relax Dwight, he would give him long massages, or take the opportunity to remove the freckles on his back, his skin was very fresh.


As Dwight often said, Jim had perfect fingers.


Dwight had always been obsessed with Jim's hands and fingers.


It was these two pairs of seemingly normal hands that could make him feel unimaginable sensations.


Jim's hands were characterized by the short hairs that populated his long fingers and palms, and Dwight would instantly break down under the sensation of a single hair from Jim's hand caressing his skin.


To keep Jim busy, Dwight often asked him for massages, which he accepted all the time.

Chapter Text

There are many things left unsaid in a life, some important, some not, and some that could have changed one or more lives.


One thing Dwight never told Jim? Something Dwight didn't say?


He loves him, yes, he loves him like crazy, sick, insane...


And even though he seems to love him silently, inside he's in chaos, he desires as much as he fears a relationship with Jim for many reasons, and it was the worst ordeal, whether it was the fact that his brain was trying to make him look like an enemy, that his heart was still beating for Jim, or that his soul was in such a mess, but love is not controlled.


So Dwight said nothing, did nothing, he played the perfect annoying enemy of Jim because it was the best solution for him...


One thing Dwight will never know? Many things, on many subjects... But the most important one is an unspoken fact.
Jim loves him, he is in love with Dwight, he adores him.


With every glance, every touch, every glance, every word, every phrase, every exchange, Jim sees the person who can break his heart as well as cherish him for the rest of his life, as his enemy.


And every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year, he blames himself terribly for everything he has done and the disastrous consequences it has had.


Today, the two men hope to overcome their fears, to resist the world, to live, to have fun, and to have a future together, but even if they say when love nothing is impossible, well yes, there are impossible things.


For the moment, it is impossible for the two men to live happily and to love each other without having to hide it because of this barrier that they have both learned to build through the experiences they have lived during all these years, and they both blame themselves.


But nothing is impossible with a daring love, where fear is no longer a brake, everything is possible, especially what is not normally possible.

Chapter Text

First Times


The first time Dwight and Jim met, Jim had just joined the company.


Dwight had found him too laid back and unserious for the skills and hatitudes required for his job.


Jim had found his new victim for his jokes, a man who was uptight and too attached to the rules, it was perfect.


The first time Dwight discovered he was in love with Jim was on a rainy day.


Jim had left before him, but he had forgotten a common, unimportant object and had gone out into the rain to give it to him.


He was opening his car door, Dwight tapped him on the shoulder, which made Jim turn around and Dwight could observe his curious look.


"What are you doing here... What ?"


The drops of more fell on Jim's hood and slid in front of his face, while Dwight him so hurried, had nothing, which made his shirt become slightly wet, as well as his hair, face and glasses.


Dwight slipped, before exclaiming while showing the object to Jim.


"You forgot this."


Jim frowned, which Dwight didn't understand.


"Dwight... This, this isn't mine... This is yours."


Dwight looked at the object and indeed, he soon discovered that the object in his hands was his.


"Ah...." came out Dwight.


"Yeah." replied Jim with his hand on the top of his car door.


And there they stood, in the rain, in silence, facing each other for what seemed like an eternity.


Finally Jim had come out :
"Well... I, I'm not going to make you wait any longer..."


"Why?" stammered Dwight, blushing slightly and not wanting to stop this moment.


"Be... Because, it's raining..." said Jim.


"Ah... Yes, that's right, I forgot..."




"Um... Yeah."






"Good." replied Dwight, his hands in his pockets.


Jim gave a shy goodbye with his hand.


And Dwight finally left.


He had felt something odd, he thought of indigestion, but quickly remembered that Schrute's are very low in sickness (superior Schrute genes), and especially for indigestion, (the last being his grandfather in 1974).


After checking tons of illnesses, he realized that it wasn't a bacteria or virus that had given him that slight stomach ache, and that little roar, it was a feeling, one that Dwight was only very familiar with, though he hadn't often been confronted with it : love.


"Oh shit." had sworn Dwight after finding out.


The first time Jim had discovered that he had feelings for Dwight, it wasn't a big scene, it wasn't a starry evening, it wasn't a big sunset, it was just a normal, common moment in life, in their lives.


Jim had just made the umpteenth joke to Dwight, the man had gotten angry while Jim laughed while looking at Dwight and within seconds Jim blurted out :
"I love..." as he stopped.


The office had gone silent, all the colleagues were watching, Jim and Dwight.


"You what?" exclaimed Dwight firmly.


"I... I, I..." began Jim, stammering.


"I love to... Pranking you!" caught up Jim awkwardly.


"Pfft... You're a pain in the ass Halpert..." said Dwight before going back to his duties like the other members of the office.


And all day long, he had been trying to concentrate on getting some work done, without success.


He had talked to Pam, who joked that he might have a crush on Dwight.


It was probably a joke, but it would stay in Jim's head until it haunted even his least connected thoughts.
He had thought :
"No... No way, that I'm in love with... Him... With Dwight! With Dwight fucking Schrute!"


And ever since Pam had told him that, ever since a simple joke, he had totally freaked out about what was happening to him, with every look he felt like he was re-discovering Dwight or discovering things he'd never seen, like when Dwight frowned or laughed, his slight wrinkles folding between her, made him cringe.


With each rub or touch, Jim's hair stood on end as if he had goose bumps while the wave of heat running through him told him otherwise.


Every time Dwight paid him a little attention, whether it was a look, a word, or a phrase, millions and millions of butterflies flew between them in his belly, his heart beat so fast and strong that Jim thought his rib cage would explode.


And one night, alone in bed, sleepless from his thoughts, he realized what was really going on.


Rubbing his eyes, he muttered :
"Oh shit."


The first time Dwight accepted that he loved Jim was on a particularly cold day at work.


Dwight had gone into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, and while he was waiting for it to brew, Dwight looked out the door at Jim, who was working.


You could tell he was cold, and Dwight wasn't lying when he imagined in his mind, coming over to him and giving him a hug and warmth.


Weeks ago, he would have simply pushed those thoughts away, but now he lets go, knowing full well, that the more you ignore them, the more they come back.


His coffee is long over and he knows it, Dwight just continues to watch Jim pound away on his computer keyboard, before resigning himself and taking the cup that at first warm touch, drastically warmed his hands.
He then looked at what the machine had to offer and saw a small, slightly torn off label, which appeared to be hot chocolate.


Jim's favorite drink in cold weather.


And don't ask Dwight as he knows it's an automatic for him, without even making sense.


Dwight looked at the numbers appropriate to the drink.
He ran his fingers over the small tablet with the numbers, bit his lower lip, then watched Jim work for half a second, before returning to the machine and tapping the numbers on the tablet.


When the chocolate was done he took it, feeling a second wave of heat, and headed for the two adjoining offices.


During the short trip, he began to panic.


"Oh my God, what am I doing?" he thought.


"He'll probably think I'm ridiculous, but what an idiot!"
All his thoughts were stopped when Dwight finally heard, Jim who for the fifth time, was chanting his name in the office.




"Huh?! Um... Yes... Yes, what?"


"Are you okay?"




Dwigh put the two paper cups on his desk, and Jim went back to work.


Dwight was enjoying the scene in his head :
"You tell him, hey Jim, it's cold isn't it? How about I give you this hot chocolate I bought for you? No, you can't tell him I bought it for him... Um... Hey Jim! Are you cold? Here's a hot chocolate, to make up for it! But Dwight, you're an idiot! "he thought.


He came back to himself when he felt an electric shiver, resounding throughout his crops that was caused by the presence of Jim's hand on yours.


"Hey, Dwight, are you sure you're okay?"


Dwight panicked and went :
"Hey Jim, it's hot uh... Not cold in here! Here's a hot chocolate, to make up for me buying you!"


"Huh? What? But I don't understand anything here?"


Dwight panicked, and he was very embarrassed.


He put the paper cup filled with three quarters of hot chocolate and said :
"Um... Uh... Well, now, you go look at that hot chocolate all right and... Stop asking me the same question all the time! He said, very embarrassed by the situation and refocused on his work, leaving a lost Jim.


Every time Jim took the small cardboard glass into his hands, he saw a calm expression on her face that pleased him greatly.


And when Jim brought the glass to his mouth to swallow some of the liquid in it, and Dwight saw a glint of a mixture between heat and lust reflected in his hazel eyes, that was the death blow for Dwight.


And after this moment, Dwight had to face the facts, he had not advanced a hair on his file, he had not drunk a drop, he had just spent the last thirty minutes pretending to work, making his fingers pionate on his keyboard.


After weeks and months, he accepted (and unfortunately for his ego) that he had fallen in love with Jim Halpert, his enemy.


And for once, he was almost happy about it.
The first time Jim accepted the fact that he loved Dwight was a little after the hot chocolate incident, but it started during.


Jim had taken the drink that Dwight had offered him?


Given to him? Forced to take? Whatever, it was fine with him.


And let's be honest, Jim could tell that Dwight had been watching him during the whole ingergutation process.


Jim had wondered if Dwight had drugged or poisoned the chocolate.


But no, no drugs, no sleeping pills, no laxatives had been slipped into his drink.


It was nothing but a hot chocolate, just the way Jim liked it, it was his favorite drink in cold weather.


As soon as Jim took a sip, he felt a tremendous rush of warmth flowing through his veins, warming his muscles.


It was so terribly perfect, it was like a daydream.
During the break, he had talked to Pam about it, who had also asked him if he had poisoned the hot chocolate, but Jim surprenna, for once, during the umpteenth joke about Dwight, Jim wasn't kidding.


"Oh, Pam...No..."


Pam seeing Jim not laughing, frowned and stopped laughing before looking questioning.


Jim understood what he had done and quickly changed the subject.


That night, he still couldn't sleep, and he changed his seat many times, without success.


Overcome by insomnia, he turned and saw his alarm clock, flashing a big red: 0:08.


Jim sighed and began to remember what bothered him most about going to sleep :
His job.


Then he thought about today.


And soon Jim began to chastise himself for reacting the way he did with Pam, and he thought about Dwight's gift.


He thought, "How perfect it would be to live on hot chocolate, under a blanket with Dwight..."


And today, he had to say and admit to himself that this kind of thing from Jim was totally normal.


So he pondered this supposedly perfect life with Dwight, grinning like an idiot as he looked up at his ceiling.


"I fell in love with Dwight Schrute, and I'm fucking happy about it..." he muttered with a smile.


The first time they had intimate contact (not sex) was after yet another Dundies ceremony.


Neither alcohol nor misunderstanding had helped the situation, just an outpouring of goodness and kindness from Dwight.


Jim had been drinking a lot during the ceremony, he didn't know if it was just because of the lack of atmosphere or the heavy atmosphere, but he had, and after dumping all the glasses of alcohol from the tables around and after the last award, he decided to leave.


As he walked awkwardly across the parking lot, he was interrupted in his walk by Dwight who put a friendly hand on his upper back.




"Ah!" shouted Jim in fear.


"My god! You've... Scared me."


"Ah... Well, sorry about that..."


"Wow! Dwight ap... Apologizing! That's crazy..."


Dwight sighed at the comment before adding :
"I never have to apologize, since I'm always right."


"Mh... Yeah, yeah, if you say so..." muttered Jim.


After that, Dwight motioned to Jim, to rest on his shoulder, as for him, Jim nodded.


"Jim, you're drunk, I'll help you okay."


Jim continued his head movement, which made Dwight laugh slightly.


Then Dwight let go of Jim and looked at him.


"Well go ahead and prove to me, that you're in good shape."


Jim stood, feet planted in the ground, arms at his sides with his mouth slightly open and sighed in defeat, which made Dwight smile.


"Come on." said Dwight.


As Jim put his weight on Dwight's shoulder, Dwight put his arm on Jim's other shoulder and the two men walked slowly toward Dwight's car before entering.


The ride was uneventful, nothing major, just a few small talks here and there.


When Dwight parked, he removed the ignition, and turned to Jim.


"We're here," he said, before seeing if Jim understood, getting out of the car and opening the door for Jim, who laughed and said that Dwight was very gallant.


Jim got out of the car with Dwight's help and said he would walk him to the door.


He looked for his keys, found them and with the help of his colleague, he inserted the key in the lock before opening the door.


"I have to go... Huh?"


"Yeah..." replied Dwight curtly accompanied by a quick and short movement of the head.


Jim took a step, back to his house, holding the door, now facing Dwight.


Jim started to close the door, seeing Dwight start to turn around with to almost shout :
"Um... Yeah?"


Jim reopened the door a bit and replied :
"Um... Thank you, thank you very much..."
"Oh, it's nothing, you know it was on my original route anyway..."
"Nah... But for everything..."


Dwight lifted his head a little looking into the whites of Jim's eyes, not to drown in the beauty of the eyes of the man in front of him.
"You're... You're welcome..."


Jim stepped forward quickly, and in one swift, fluid motion, he took Dwight in a warm, intimate embrace.
He laid his head on his shoulder and whispered :
"Thank you..."


Jim could smell a mixture between light manly scent and a sweet beet smell, emanating from Dwight.
He could also feel the sensation of part of his face against Dwight's warm neck, and the total experience, that of an embrace with him, which was simply magical, while Dwight, slightly taller than Jim took the opportunity to sniff Jim's soft hair, which had a particularly perfect smell to it.


Dwight was able to enjoy the warmth of Jim's embrace as well as the sensation of Jim's breath on his neck, a mixture of the different alcohols and cocktails they had drunk throughout the evening, with a very slight taste of toothpaste.


Both thought they were dreaming, the embrace lasted about 2 minutes, although they wanted it to last longer.
After the magical embrace, Jim went home and wrapped up in his blankets as quickly as possible, while Diwght, after his car ride, couldn't sleep.


The first time Jim introduced the Halpert hangover drink.


They were out at a bar celebrating a big sale, and after a few (many) beers, a trip home, and a very complicated wake-up call due to a particularly bad hangover, Dwight heard a knock on the door.
He opened it, and saw Jim standing on his doorstep.


"What are you doing here."


"Oh... Um... I was just hanging around."


"You were hanging around, but we're in the middle of the country? Wait but... Since when do you hang out in the country at 11am?"


"I... I'm taking my walk... You know... But anyway it doesn't matter...Um... Are you okay?"


"Uh... Fine... A big headache but otherwise fine..."


After a long moment of silence, Dwight finally threw out :
"You... You want to come in maybe?"
"I wouldn't mind." laughed Jim as he entered.


A few minutes later, Jim was already in the kitchen, he had already made himself at home, shuffling around the kitchen, dropping tons of unrelated ingredients on the kitchen cabinets, after gathering all the ingredients, he mixed it all up in a blender, as Dwight came over to him, to see what he was doing.


"Jim?" asked Dwight, leaning against the doorframe of his kitchen's large opening.


"Um?" replied his interviewer weakly, still busy putting the various ingredients into the blender.


"What are you doing?"


Jim with both hands on the kitchen counter, turned to Dwight and replied :
"A hangover cure, although I suppose the Schrute's already have an effective one, at the Halpert's have done much better!"


Dwight laughed.


"Impossible, anyway..."


"Close your eyes Dwight."


"Huh? What do you mean? Why?"


"I'm going to put in my secret ingredient, I want to make sure you don't spike my recipe."


Dwight had the same laugh as a few seconds ago.


The man turned to Dwight and he pouted :
"Dwight... Come on, please..."


Dwight sighed and closed his eyes while swearing:
"You're shitting Halpert..."


"I know... I know," Jim murmured before walking over to his secret ingredient and pouring it into the mixture that was in the blender, and starting to blend.


After finally a minute or two of mixing, Jim stopped the process, and poured the mixture, the same shade as vomit into a glass.


"That's good..." said Jim, with a happy intonation and look.


Dwight opened his eyes and was shocked by the contents of the glass.


"Oh my god! What the hell is this!"


"The Halpert hangover cure!"


"No way am I drinking that!"


"What? Would you rather eat a horse crotin or something?"


Dwight rolled his eyes at this remark.


"Come on..." said Jim as he walked towards the living room and was closely followed by Dwight.


The two men sat down on the couch while Jim put the glass on the coffee table.


"Come on Dwight, I know you feel bad, but you can drink it..."


"Rooh...Jim but no, look at that! It looks like vomit." made Dwight while taking the glass and showing it to Jim.


Jim took Dwight's free hand in yours.


"And yet it isn't..."


Jim continued as he squeezed his hand in Dwight's even harder than before.


"Dwight, you're strong, this is nothing to you, I've never seen anyone so strong and confident! You are Dwight Schrute! You are a Schrute! This drink is nothing, you'll see..."


"You... Are you sure?" stammered Dwight still shocked at what Jim said.


"Yes," Jim said.


Dwight looked at Jim's hand in yours, and brought the glass close to his mouth, until he brought it to his lips.
He shook Jim's hand, looking at him and remembering everything he had just said, and drank the liquid.


And despite the stench, the foul taste, and the odd bits that came through when you least expected it, thanks to Jim, Dwight felt better, much better.


After seeing the drink, they talked about everything and anything, until Jim asked the fateful question :
"Do you remember last night?"
"Huh... Um, bits and pieces of unimportant memories... Why?"


"Ah... No... Nothing, nothing..."




"Nothing, nothing, I assure you, everything is fine...." reassured Jim even though his condition, facial expression and look said otherwise.


"Jim, I can see that something is wrong... What did I do? What happened?"


"Nothing, I tell you."


"Then why won't you tell me."


"Because it's not important."


"Mmmh... No... I can tell it's important...So please tell me, Jim."


"Dwight, he can't pass anything. Nothing at all."


The first time they had technically kissed was on a foggy Friday night.


So in the midst of the discussion, Dwight had the courage (thanks to the alcohol, mostly) to be able to make a move.


As Jim talked, Dwight very slowly and gently moved his face closer to yours, until he was about ten inches away.


When Jim noticed, he stopped his sentence, said nothing, and just watched Dwight move closer and closer to his face.


He glazed over and began to tremble, panicking.
Within seconds, he felt Dwight's hand on his wrist, probably to calm him down, as if he knew what Jim was going through, and it worked.


Jim's trembling was replaced by a great wave of calm, and Jim's faint, inconspicuous blush spread across the entirety of both his cheeks, blushing in the process.


When Dwight had touched his wrist, he had given a look to this action, before directing it to Dwight, who a few seconds later, planted his lips on yours.


His hand quickly abandoned his wrist, to rest on his cheek, his other hand followed right after.


Their lips moved, and danced together, in such perfect synchronicity that it was as if they were born to do so.
Dwight as well as Jim trying to pour all the strength, power and depth of their feelings into each other, even though they both thought the same thing : it was impossible.


But even so, they continued, waiting for the occasional clash of teeth.


They were in their bubble, nothing and nobody could disturb them and even less stop them except themselves, but they did it, by a huge lack of air from their parts.


So after the kiss stopped, they immediately stuck their foreheads together, eyes closed, but that didn't stop their connection, which had become inevitable.
It was their first kiss.


The first time Dwight remembered their kiss was after a long week, filled with long moments of insomnia, because knowing what had happened last Friday haunted him terribly.


It was not the thing he hated the most, it was the fact that Jim didn't know, that he hated the most.


Until one morning, it had been almost two weeks since Friday, Dwight was at his desk, Jim in the break room getting a coffee.


As Dwight tapped away at his keyboard, he tried to remember that foggy Friday night for the umpteenth time, still nothing, so he remembered everything that had happened since he fell in love with Jim, and that's when he remembered.


In a few seconds the little pinches of memory became clear as day, the faint memory sank into him as hard as a nail with a hammer into wood, and became a clear, sharp, precise memory, Dwight touched his lips, remembering the soft feel of Jim's lips on yours.


He remembered everything, the kiss, the forehead touching, and the fact that he himself, completely drunk, had then laughed and resumed their conversation as if nothing had happened.


Dwight had kissed Jim, and he had kissed him back.
The first time they talked about it and officially kissed was on a rainy day.


For days, Dwight had been thinking about what technique to use to tell Jim.


And every time it went the same way :
Dwight would come up with a solution, then try to implement it, but he never could.


Whether it was because of obligations, or a huge stress, accompanied by tens of thousands of questions running through his head.


Disappointed by his non-existent success, Dwight returned home, after having put his things away, he quietly left the building without a sound, under Jim's observant, worried, and curious eyes.


When he left the building, Dwight saw the rain that had taken over the sky.


Droplets of rain seemed to fall by the hundreds or thousands, either on the cars or on the ground.


Dwight remembered another rainy day, one that he is sure he will never forget, the one where it all started, and at this thought, a slight and thin smile appeared on his face.


The man sighed and hurried to his car.


Meanwhile, Jim was on the stairs, for the next week he had been ignoring Dwight, and he knew that was wrong, and he had no good reason to justify it, he had just completely screwed things up.


He had also seen Dwight looking stressed, preoccupied, and overwhelmed, and that made it all stressful for Jim.


Every time he did his job, he seemed to be somewhere else, sometimes even making mistakes in his reports, and he was sure that something was going on, and that something was bothering Dwight, so it was bothering him.


So it was for this reason, to find out if Dwight was okay, that Jim crossed the Dunder Mifflin parking lot during a heavy rain.


Finally reaching his position, he called out to him, which caused Dwight's heartbeat to explode as he thought of the best way to tell Jim that he remembered everything.


Dwight turned around, quickly, very quickly (even a little too quickly) and after becoming calm again, he articulated:


"Yes, what is it, Jim?" as nonchalantly as possible.


"... Well... Um, you know... Since... Since last week, you've seemed off and not... Not focused... And I was... I was wondering... What the hell is going on with you... I was wondering if you... You were okay..."


"So, he had noticed..." thought Dwight.


"Oh." replied Dwight.




"Well... Um... Yeah, yeah, I'm fine... It's just... the... I'm exhausted... And everything..." muttered Dwight.


Jim, with his hand in his pockets and his hair wet, looked a little sheepish.


Jim sighed and then said :
"Well... Well, um... Rest... Get some rest... Over the weekend..."


Dwight sketched a small smile then replied :
"Yeah... Yeah... You too..."
"Um... Thanks... You too..."


Dwight chuckled weakly, as Jim realized his awkwardness and came to the same point as the man in front of him, before biting, lightly on his bottom lip.
"Anyway... You got me."


"Yes, yes, don't worry." reassured Dwight.


"Come on... I gotta... I have to go... And you too." began Dwight as he corroborated his words with a small nod.
So Dwight opened the door of his car and got in, giving Jim one last look and word before next week, a little :
"See you Monday."


And Jim did the same.


It could have ended there, it could have ended with a slightly awkward discussion, but no it didn't.


Dwight was in his car, his left hand on the steering wheel while his right was resting on his knee, holding the key.


Dwight sighed and lowered his head.


The umpteenth time he had failed, the umpteenth time he had failed, he just had to say a few simple words to her, but it was easier said than done.


He raised his head, saw at first the drops of water falling, and slipped on his window by hundreds.
Dwight thought :
"What luck, they have, they only have to fall from the sky, land on a surface, sometimes slide off, and it's over."


Not that Dwight wasn't happy to be alive, but it's just, sometimes he thought that about animals, or anything else he saw, humans have a complex life, just as much as their path and purpose in life.


You can't take a cue from anyone, you can't ask anyone for help, to live your flawlessly complex life, everything it seemed difficult was, and everything it wasn't at the first flush is just as difficult.


"But no Dwight... You need to stop thinking like that! You're lucky!" made the little voice in his head.
Indeed, yes, he is lucky, we all are, and he knew he was lucky to live but not to live happily.


There were just days when Dwight was... Tired of everything, of all his responsibilities, of Michael, of his co-workers, of his beet farm, of Mose, of his family, of his job, of everything but since he had seen Jim in a different light, no, never in a million years would he have been tired of him, or anything else.


When Dwight is alone, all his feelings, his dreams, his happiness, is only sadness and inapplicable things, but when he is with Jim, everything becomes easier, more joyful, more attainable, everything is perfect, it is with his unique presence, with a few words, sentences or even a look that Dwight feels like he is living happily, not just living.


Dwight slowly turned his head towards his rear view mirror, Jim was still there, victim of the rain, looking at his shoes.


Jim thought of all the things that could have come out of his mouth, he had thought of telling Dwight how he felt, but he never got around to it, it was never the right time or place to do it.


On the weekend he had come to Dwight's house, to tell him about the kiss the night before, hoping that he would remember it, but when he learned that he didn't, he felt like he had a dagger deep in his heart, but that wasn't the worst part, because he kind of felt like it was Dwight (although it wasn't really his fault) that he had stabbed him, that was the worst.


And then Jim thought about the week that had just gone by.


During this week, Dwight had been very odd, even too odd.


Jim lowered his head.


"Did he... Is he... Try to talk about their kiss? Did he remember?!" cried Jim inwardly.


Jim was panicking, he couldn't think clearly and normally, his heart alternated between rapid and intense beats, and total stops.


The torrent of rain, was getting more and more intense, the sounds of the drops seemed to be making a lot more noise, they were mixed with the sounds of cars passing by, which made Jim panic even more.


Suddenly, everything seemed to stop for Jim, the rain, the noises of the drops of water, the cars, their engines, everything seemed to be better with the presence of Dwight who had left his car.


Even though he was back in a calm state within seconds thanks to Dwight's precaution, Jim couldn't help but hear and feel his heart pounding with unwarranted apprehension.


When Dwight had gotten out of his car, he had tried to prepare everything in his head, but by the time he had Jim, he had forgotten it all, there were only flashbacks of Jim going over and over, and one particular one kept coming back, more and more often, until it became the only thing on his mind, Halpert's hangover cure, and most importantly Jim's words :
"Dwight, you're strong, this is nothing to you, I've never seen someone so strong and confident! You are Dwight Schrute! You are a Schrute!"


As Jim in the moment, discovered something :
The most important thing in a declaration of love is neither the place nor the time, whether it's in a bar, or a parking lot, whether it's during a conversation, or a torrent of rain, the most important thing is to be together, to make it, and not by long poems straight out of a Shakespeare play, an Internet site, or a book, but something, whether it's words, looks, or actions that come from the deepest part of oneself, the heart.


With this in mind, the two men had the courage to say three simple words, but put together, they meant everything.


"I love you."


Waiting for these three words, both men raised their heads, looking at each other.


Nothing was spoken, just an instance of looking before the two took several steps forward as quickly as possible, and sealed their declaration with a long, tender kiss.


Dwight tried to stick to Jim as much as possible, the sensation of Jim's wet shirt, made him have a slight cold wave, which was quickly mitigated by the heat of the kiss.


Dwight had his hands in Jim's wet, brown hair and was gently stroking it as they shared their second kiss (and their first official kiss), while Jim put his hands on Dwight's shoulders.


He was trying to get as much out of the kiss as possible, even though they both know they hadn't even revealed a tiny bit of their feelings, despite the growing intensity of the kiss.


Unfortunately for them, the kiss had to end due to lack of breath, but that didn't prevent them from staying together and thinking about the situation, which is what they did.


Dwight, him was, extremely happy, that Jim returns his feelings, during the kiss, he had the impression to be in a dream, he thought besides :
"What if... What if this is it? Life is weary, the path is long, and uninteresting, the goal is not worth the path, and the reverse is equally true, but as soon as you have found, someone, something, a group of people, anyone or anything, everything becomes a daydream, everything becomes a synonym for the perfect, everything is more fulfilling, rejuvenating, but unfortunately it can be short, and the goals can be different."


He looked at Jim, who was inches away from his face.


"Yeah... That's it, that's totally it." he said inwardly.


While Jim, was in a mix of indescribable emotions : euphoria, shock, and passion, (and he was also very cold due to the rain that was still falling).


The euphoria, because by this kiss, Dwight could that he returned his feelings to him, and he hoped as hard as he did it.


The shock, to know that Dwight, his colleague, and former enemy had kissed him.


And the passion, which had carried him away in a whirlwind of sensation, during the kiss.


Dwight had whispered :
"Pinch me, damn it, I need to know if I'm dreaming..." with a wide smile on his lips.
And Jim had laughed a little at what Dwight had said.

Chapter Text

Christmas Carols


The holiday season was over a month ago, but that didn't stop Jim from seeing dimly lit Christmas lights at the entrance to Dunder Mifflin's office all the time (even though they were soon to be taken down, to celebrate Martin Luther King Day, with a huge party that far exceeded Michael's desired budget).


And that, unfortunately for Dwight's ears, didn't stop Jim from singing traditional Christmas carols in the middle of January.


Dwight knew for a fact that it was just to annoy him, whether it was at the farm, at work, on the way there and back, at the restaurant, anywhere.


It was a January day like any other, while the party planning committee was organizing the party, while Michael seemed to be working (or writing Threat Level Midnight 2, anything is possible.), while Pam was answering a call, and while the other members of the office were working for once in a quiet, disturbed by the various noises, of scanner, printer, keyboard tapping, mouse clicking and the like, and of the sweet little winter tune that Jim was singing.


"Jim..." muttered Dwight in a tone of boredom.




"Stop singing."


"Oh, um... Okay." said Jim, while seconds later, singing again.


Dwight sighed loudly.


The man repeated his request.


Jim looked at him and replied, gesturing apologetically:
"Okay, okay, I'll stop, I get it, I get it, I'll stop singing..."


"Fine, thank you." nodded Dwight, before hearing again, Jim singing the Christmas tune.


And, Dwight, though silently, exploded with anger, and it showed on his face.


He stood up and in one swift motion grabbed Jim by the collar and dragged him off to the bathroom in front of everyone.


Everyone had stopped their work, they all looked at each other, giving each other weak glances, and after less than a minute they went back to work, as if nothing had happened.


On their side, Jim, and Dwight had arrived at the bathroom, Dwight had tackled Jim against the cold, tiled wall, which made the man tremble slightly.


Dwight came dangerously close to Jim's face.


"You know, that I'm a purple belt." he made, as a sort of threat.


"Yes... But Michael, you beat you." Jim smiled.


"Don't talk about him, especially in this context, it was a bad fight, very unfair, I let him beat me too!"


Jim chuckled before adding :
"Are you kidding me? He beat you very easily, you were his toy." while insisting on the last words.


This reflection, irritated a little more of Dwight who stuck even more against Jim, not leaving him any more room to escape.


"Anyway... Stop singing, those ridiculous songs, dammit ! "


"Or else what?" replied Jim.


"Or else I'll be forced to humiliate you in the worst way possible." said Dwight with a deep, destructive look.


Jim gave a slight smirk before almost resting his chin on Dwight's shoulder and adding in a suave whisper in his ear :
"If not, what? Dwight? What is Dwight Schrute going to do to me? What's the worst way to boo me, and make me feel like shit in a can?"


Before resting his head against the wall.


He pretended to think before Jim, looked at him, still wearing that same smirk, and said :
"Don't pretend, Dwight, we both know very well that you've already been thinking for hours, days and weeks about how to humiliate me, so you can make me feel like a shit, a bitch, an asshole, whatever, as long as it's so ridiculous that it becomes pathetic, we know very well, that it impinges on everything, your dreams, your nights, your days, your sleep, your thoughts, the means to make you get hard, but we also know, that I'm the reason for it all, right ? "


Dwight swallowed, before running a light swipe of his tongue over his bottom lip, while feeling slightly aroused and feeling a slight bulge in his cock.


Dwight, bit his lower right lip and seeing this, Jim attacked Dwight's lips, while turning Dwight, to tackle him in turn against the wall.


Jim felt a faint sound, the sound of his back slamming against the wall, as he was kissing Dwight.


Suddenly, Jim stopped his action, to put his lips on Dwight's neck, while biting him a little.


These actions were always accompanied by muffled moans from Dwight, so no one would hear them.


While filling Dwight's neck with kisses and bites, Jim, used his second hand (because the other one was stroking Dwight's hair) to be able to, go to Dwight's pants.


Before entering there his hand, he palpa, the fabric of the pants, touching very slightly through this same fabric and that of his boxer, his cock which he felt a little hardening.


Jim, passed to the ear of Jim, nibbled it a little, before whispering to him suavely :
"Let's see, our dear, Mr. Scrute's cock."


This made Dwight groan.


Jim resumed his kissing and biting on Dwight's neck, entering Dwight's pants, he felt, his boxers, feeling even more, Dwight's almost hard cock, then he passed his hand under his boxers, he took part of Dwight's cock in his hand.


He felt the head of the cock, which he caressed by making small circles, with his thumb.


Then without saying anything, he stopped everything, took his hand away from his cock in a quick movement, moved away from Dwight's neck, put Dwight's shirt back in place, while trying to hide, the slight sucking and biting marks.


Finally after a few short seconds, Dwight came to his senses, looking confident, and with a passionate look in his eyes, Dwight did, while putting his tie back in place :


"Tonight, 7:00 p.m., Farm Schrute."


Jim responded with a wry smile and a :
"Sure, whatever you want."


And Dwight left, hoping to hide his happy smile.

Chapter Text

Dwight : Sorry, I'm late, I was doing things


Jim : Hi ! I'm "things" !

Chapter Text

Jim : I'm totally useless.


Dwight : You're not totally useless.


Dwight : You can be used for bad examples not to follow, in case of fire, attack, attack drill, fire drill, or choking, hives, puncture, blood loss, illness, death, accident on my part or on the part of others.


Jim : You think that makes me feel better.


Dwight : Although you're a bad example to follow, you're the only person I trust in case of fire, attack, fire drill, choking, ...


Jim : Okay, thank you, I got it, you're not going to recite it all, please.

Chapter Text

Jim : Wait... What ?! You like me... For my personality ?!


Dwight : I know, I was surprised too !

Chapter Text

Dwight : I left instructions for everyone while I'm gone.


Jim : Mine juste said "Jim no".


Dwight : I want you to apply it to every possible situation and choice.

Chapter Text

Dwight : What are you in the mood for ?


Jim : World Domination.


Dwight : That's a bit ambitious...


Jim : No, you are my world !

Chapter Text

Jim : Are you talking to yourself


Dwight : Yes


Dwight : It's the only way to have an intelligent conversation in this damn house.

Chapter Text

Dwight : I made coffee


Jim : I don't want coffee


Dwight : I didn't make coffee for you, this is my coffee.


Jim : Then why are you telling me ?


Dwight : It's a conversation starter !


Jim : That's a lousy conversation starter.


Dwight : Oh, is it ? We're conversing ? Checkmate !

Chapter Text

Jim : I did a bad thing.


Dwight : Does it affect me.


Jim : No.


Dwight : Then suffer in silence.

Chapter Text

Dwight : Locks Jim in car.


Dwight : Act like child, get treated like child.


Jim : It's illegal to leave a child locked in a car !

Chapter Text

Jim : Oh shut up, I know you love me!


Dwight : I'll sell you to Satan for one grain of semolina.

Chapter Text

Jim : I love you


Dwight : Me too.


Jim : You too what?


Dwight : I love me too.

Chapter Text

Dwight : Jim get up, you're being lazy.


Jim : Lazy is such a strong word Dwight ! I like to call it selective participation.


Dwight : Idiot is such a weak word. I prefer to call it Jim.

Chapter Text

By nightfall, they had snuggled together in their pillows and blankets in front of the television.


Little concerned with the television programs but more with the being to love that he held them as close as he could to their hearts.


They had looked at each other, immersing themselves in the passionate look of one, caressing the other.


They had rediscovered each other as if for the first time, they had each held to kiss every square millimeter of the other's skin, each held to make the other cum whether it was through simple phrases, gestures, cries or moans, each held to keep each other warm until the impossible.


And then, as the white moon and twinkling stars plunged Scranton into a dark night, Jim snored softly on Dwight's shoulder.


It was in that moment that Dwight thought to himself that he had an incredible opportunity.


A chance of a lifetime to hold the perfect (if sometimes boring) man in his arms, the man who would give him the biggest hugs in the hardest of times, the man who would make him laugh in the saddest of times, the man who would make him feel so much passion and love that his heart ached sometimes, the man who would do things to him that were so perfect that Dwight would think he was in a daydream, the man who had been keeping him awake for a while, because since Jim was here, his reality was better than his dreams, that man was sleeping on Dwight's shoulder.


And even though Dwight was able to sleep, Jim was even encroaching on his dreams, feeding off of every word he said that was either softly dripping on his skin like honey, or hitting him in the heart like a hammer with a nail in wood.


After all his reflections, all this stream of thoughts concerning one and only being on Earth, Dwight looked at the window, the night was gradually turning into a new day, and seeing this magnificent change, holding next to him (and he hopes) the man of his life, he said to himself anyway, that he was lucky.

Chapter Text

Dwight : There are bad days, aren't there.


Jim : Sure, sometimes there are crappy days, passionate days, fun days, sad days, so if I'm going to describe it all, we're not there yet next week, but you know what all those days have to do with each other?


Dwight : No.


Jim : I will be with you and for you every single day, until the last.

Chapter Text

Dwight: To make good decisions, you have to have experience.


Jim: To have experience, you have to make bad decisions.


Dwight: So that's one of our biggest differences, we both have experience, I make good decisions, you make bad decisions.

Chapter Text

Dwight: Smiling in the Schrute house is a sign of weakness, that's why I don't smile.


Dwight: I mean just with Jim, I mean... For Jim, to please him and make him think he has the advantage.


Pam: And when do you smile when we talk about Jim, when we say his name, or you hear or see Jim?


Dwight smiles.


Pam: To make him think he has the advantage right?

Chapter Text

I don't know when I started to fall in love with him, but the fact remains that I am stupidly in love with Jim Halpert. I didn't plan it, of course not!


I think I loved him when for the umpteenth time he put my stapler in jelly.


I also loved it when he locked me in a box and created a fake wedding ring with me.


I may have even loved it when I had sex with Angela in Jim's backyard at his barbecue.


I probably also loved him when he made me give a speech by Benito Mussolini to hundreds of vendors.


I loved him at Phyllis's wedding, at hers and mine.


I kissed Angela thinking of that idiot, I fucked Angela thinking of that loser I so easily and quickly fell in love with.


He was my favorite adrenaline shot, and I was in need of an overdose.


The worst part is not that I don't know when I started to love my worst enemy, it's that I loved him every time I called him an idiot or a loser, that I gave him haughty and judgmental looks.


How could he fall in love with me back after all that ?

Chapter Text

Dwight : Hello


Jim : Hi, how are you ?


Dwight : Dumb question, I'm a Schrute.


Dwight : How did you name me on your contacts ?


Jim : You don't ask me if I'm OK ?


Dwight : Answer my question.


Jim : I'm not even worth your time to rewrite your question ?


Dwight : Goodbye.


Jim : No !


Jim : Wait !


Jim : I'll tell you, but I'm going to ask you in return.

Dwight : Idiot number one.


Jim : Oooohh, that means I'm your favorite idiot.


Dwight : No, just the one I met first.


Jim : I called you Deedee.


Dwight : That sucks, you just proved that your nickname means something, bye.

Chapter Text

Jim : What if we bought a cat ?


Dwight : Huh ? But cats are idiots, right ?! I'll make you eat your cat !


Dwight : You're such a jerk.


Jim : An extremely sexy jerk that you like to fuck !


Dwight : I'm going to make you eat your little smile, you'll see...


Jim : And me something else, if you know what I mean.

Chapter Text

Some say it's painful to wait for someone. Others say it's painful to forget someone.


But the worst pain Dwight was experiencing with Jim who had left for Stamford, is when you don't know whether to forget or wait.

Chapter Text

Dwight : If you were Cinderella, I'd check to see if the glass slipper goes with your dick.


Jim: If I were Pinocchio, I'd sit on your face and force you to lie all day.

Chapter Text

Dwight had paid dearly for this argument.


And for the resentment that had built up deep inside him, he hadn't apologized to Jim.


Alas, now he couldn't.


He remembered that they had had a big fight.


That he had stormed out of his apartment to clear his head.


Dwight had wished his boyfriend dead, so angry had he been.


He would finally return late at night.


It was on that same night that the killer laid his cold, rough hands on Jim's neck until he fell, until he breathed his last.


He had called him, twice.


Dwight was offended and didn't answer.


And later in the news quite quickly, Dwight wished his own death for not preventing his soul mate from being the first victim of the Scranton Strangler.

Chapter Text

Jim: What was your first impression of me?


Dwight: From a distance you looked like an idiot, up close it was a certainty.

Chapter Text

It was New Year's Eve and everyone knew what that meant for parties, booze, fireworks as far as the eye could see. It was a brilliant last hurrah of the year, well for most people.

Jim had dragged an incredibly drunk Dwight from one of these parties after he started flirting with a bar stool. Honestly, he thought to himself, smiling at the man who had an arm slung around his shoulder. Jim's burden had caused him to lose his balance once or twice, resulting in Dwight's giggling on the sidewalk.


They turned the last corner toward Dwight's farm.


- Take me back Jim, I wasn't done having fun yet. It's not even midnight. The man groaned.


- Exactly Dwight, it's ten minutes to midnight, and you already have a shitty face." Jim chuckled.
- You can barely stand


Dwight huffed as they pulled up in front of his farmhouse.


- Give me your keys," Jim said, holding out his hand.


- My keys? Where are my keys? Dwight's brow furrowed in thought and his colleague sighed.


- Your pocket.


- I know where my pocket is, stupid, I'm not stupid.


- No, damn it, your keys are in your pocket. Jim ran a hand through his hair.


Dwighr looked at him intently as he leaned closer and squinted his eyes.
- You're not making any sense, you idiot.
- If you say so... Jim murmured with a small smile.


Jim pulled Dwight closer by the loops of his jeans and rummaged through Dwight's front pockets. The look in his friend's eyes was dangerous and rather exciting to the young man. He could feel the older man's warmth in the cold December air, the smell of Dwight's alcohol and cologne flooding his nose making his head spin slightly.


When he couldn't find the keys, Jim slid his hands over his boss's hips and into his back pockets. Dwight hummed, Jim tried to ignore the awkward smile on the man's face and the feel of his own - he felt the cool touch of metal and pulled the keys from Dwight's pants.


Before he could turn to unlock them, the hands on the door gripped his hips.


- Did you find what you were looking for? Dwight breathed sharply into his ear.


Jim certainly didn't shudder. If he did, it was because of the cold, not the way Dwight's fingers pressed gently against him where they rested on his hips or the way the older man was so incredibly close.


Jim stepped back slowly, sure he was blushing at the way Dwight's smile had returned.
- Yeah." he said, showing Dwight the keys.
- Was that the only thing?
- Shut up Dwight... Jim muttered as he turned to open the door.


Once he had helped Dwight to his room, there was barely a minute left before the new year. Jim yawned as he stretched his arms and turned to leave.
- Night Dwight Happy New Year.


A hand closed on his wrist before he reached the door. Pulling it out to land astride Dwight's jean clad thighs, he smiled that way again as he pulled the brunette closer with his arms tight around the brunette waist.
- Let me go Dwight, I'm tired. Jim huffed.
- It's only fair. You got me out of the party before midnight.
- So what? You were drunk on your face. The young man squirmed, and then Dwight's face was in the crook of his neck. Jim took a deep breath.
- So I didn't get my kiss yet. Dwight explained.
- So go kiss someone. The dark-haired man's voice was shaking, he knew where this was going.


- Can I kiss you? Dwight's face was all he could see, his blue eyes were full of hope.


Jim nodded sheepishly.


Dwight's lips sealed against his and Jim sighed softly as he pressed harder against Dwight. The older man leaned back and Jim steadied himself with his hands, which sank into the sheets as Dwight waved his tongue languidly.


Soon everything became a hot, messy blur as Dwight touched Jim's ass moaning all the while as the brunette gently shook his hips.


Jim had specific New Year's resolutions and when his shirt ended up on the floor with Dwight's, he checked off more boxes.

Chapter Text

The storm is swarming, the downpour seems to destroy everything in its path and the lightning stabs the ground with massive intensity.


While several lightning bolts decide to wake up at the same time to find their way to the beet fields around the Schrute farm, Jim Halpert does not sleep. He stays awake and wiggles around when lightning strikes the fertile soil of the farm.


Sometimes he hears little whispers from Dwight telling him to stop tossing and turning and go to sleep, but nothing did, Jim couldn't seem to get to sleep. He was tossing and turning in every direction, but it didn't help, and the lightning bolts striking the ground with ferocity made it worse.


Suddenly he felt Dwight turn around, he was awake.
- Oh, umm... Uh, if I woke you up.
- What's going on Jim that makes you squirm like a maggot.
- Well, maybe you'll think it's ridiculous...
- No, nothing about you is ridiculous, well some things, no even many things... Um... No, it's not important, forget what I said. ....


- I'm afraid of storms... I've been afraid of thunderstorms since I was a kid, my mom used to tuck me in and everything, but now I can't sleep and...
- And you want me to help you fall asleep.
- If that's not too much to ask. Jim said with a pout. It worked, Dwight could almost never resist a pleading Jim except when he really wanted to.


- Well, okay... Dwight sighed, although deep down he was glad he did.
Dwight put one of his arms over his shoulders and then joined his hands, he then placed Jim's head on his chest, and finally with his second hand stroked Jim's hair as he loved to be done.


With each lightning bolt that struck the farmland, Dwight held Jim a little tighter.


Jim felt better, much better, he wasn't asleep, he just had his eyes closed, he was just enjoying his little lie and its more than pleasant consequences.

Chapter Text

Pranks for the rest of my life.

For Jim, it was his umpteenth joke against Dwight. For Dwight it was his fifty-third joke since they'd met, his twentieth since they'd been together, and his ninth since they'd lived together.


Even though Jim's jokes enraged him to no end, his anger never overtook his joy and pleasure when he saw Jim smiling like an idiot or when he heard the melody of his sweet mocking laughter.


It hit him that day, an ordinary Thursday when Jim had just taken all of Dwight's work stuff out of his bag and put in some bardas he found at the farm. At the time, Dwight had gotten upset under the annoyed gaze of his co-workers, while Jim looked at him with a smile and a mocking look.


Dwight smiled. The thought could have come to him at any time, but it was now that it crossed Dwight's mind with the utmost seriousness. Dwight sat down, gave a little sigh and turned on his computer as if nothing had happened while Jim looked on in disbelief. He really wanted Jim to play pranks on him for the rest of his life.

Chapter Text

By the time Christmas rolls around, Phillip is barely two years old.


Dwight wakes up, because he is a natural early riser. He gets up to make the coffee that Jim will inevitably request. He slept for another hour, while Phillip woke up earlier.


Dwight heard faint little creaks against the wood floor as he made Jim's coffee.


- Daddy... he stammered.


Dwight turned to his son and knelt down beside him to meet his eyes.
- Good morning buddy, did you sleep well? Dwight asked.


He used the nickname "buddy" often used by Jim, although he didn't use it very often he liked the word even though he thought it wasn't appropriate for a child and his own son was a Schrute (Schrute - Halpert but it still counts).


Phillip smiled with a small nod before putting his arms around his father's shoulders to give him a hug, which Dwight obviously returned.
- You want to go wake up Daddy?
Phillip chuckled and said an enthusiastic yes.


Dwight took the coffee, and he and his son both headed for the parent's room. Phillip grabbed the wrist of the door and opened it, before running to his parents' bed and yelling "daddy" repeatedly.


Dwight arrived at the bed, put the cup on the bedside table and carried Phillip to sit on the bed next to Jim as he did a few seconds later. As Phillip laughed in his father's ear, Dwight whispered in the other.
- Hey, Jimmy, it's Christmas morning, get up.


Dwight waits for Jim to grunt and then sighs in a whisper "five more minutes Dwight..."


Dwight smiles despite Jim's attitude.
- Phillip wants his presents.
Dwight heard Phillip try to pronounce the word presents with difficulty.
- And we need to get to your parents' house.
Jim finally got up with the fatigue of the morning, stood up and took Phillip in his arms.


- You can't expect me to make breakfast, though.
- Don't worry, considering last year I'd never let you touch a stove or oven again in your life Jim. exclaimed Dwight with a smile.


Jim closed his eyes for just a moment to enjoy the moment, the moment when everything was okay. After opening his eyes again, he picked up his cup of coffee and mumbled a thank you to Dwight before heading downstairs.


A few minutes later Dwight watched the greatest masterpiece he had ever seen in his life. Jim and Phillip were having fun drawing a pancake face with whipped cream and a little chocolate. Dwight couldn't help but wonder how he got so lucky.

Chapter Text

Dwight Schrute is not gay. He really isn't. He's absolutely not. He's just a little weird when he's had too much to drink, but that's it, all men are like that when they've had too much to drink, is what he tells himself every time.


Dwight Schrute is not gay. Especially not when a guy from his university presented him with a small pill that he swallowed with a wall of reflection so that he woke up a few hours later completely naked and couldn't remember anything.


Dwight Schrute is not gay. Especially when he forces himself not to think about Jim, Oscar or Ryan when he jerks off instead of Angela or Pam.


Dwight Schrute is not gay. Especially when he discovered a new category of porn on his favorite site called "gay sex" and spent so much time jerking off that he decided to take one of his little pills of oblivion.


Dwight Schrute is not gay when he starts to imagine his despicable co-worker and enemy as much more than that.


Dwight Schrute is not gay, if he were his mother would hate him even more than she already does. So at family dinners, when the subject comes up, Dwight just encourages his mother, shouting homophobic slurs and the worst clichés about gay people. After all, they are just bonding, like a normal family would.


Dwight Schrute is not gay.


But, he loves Jim. He pretends for a while, then he doesn't, and then comes that moment when Jim strips him naked and pushes him onto the bed. Dwight looks into his brown eyes and waits.


- Stop worrying Dwight, none of this matters except what happens in this bed and in our hearts, stop worrying, it's just love.


After a long kiss, and a long fuck linking love, desire, heat and pleasure, Dwight Schrute thinks that maybe, just maybe, he is a little bit gay.

Chapter Text

Jim: I'm dying of heat, damn it.


Dwight: Then why did you put on a sweatshirt?


Jim: In case you get cold later.

Chapter Text

Jim: What am I to you, emotionally?
Dwight: If my farm is a smile you are the sweetest, most beautiful laugh of my life Jim.

Chapter Text

Dwight's routine begins at 5:30 a.m. sharp.


It wasn't until after the fourth time that Jim realized he was now part of that same routine, when Dwight leaned over him like he had the previous three mornings and kissed his forehead before getting up.


That fifth morning, Jim woke up at the same time as Dwight and waited with a smile for his morning kiss before watching him get up and get ready.


When fifteen minutes later, Jim heard the sound of the shower, he turned to the bathroom door with his head on one hand and watched Dwight's movements as they were blurred by the steam on the shower glass. He watched the ones they made too when he dried himself.


The movements when he shaved meticulously, chasing every last hair that would have escaped the razor.


Then when Dwight entered the room again to get dressed, Jim lay down again, pretending to be asleep to better observe him.


Because he is a sight to behold.


The way each garment fell into place. Every wrinkle traced and smoothed. The way the long fingers close each button, knot the tie. Every movement made with precision. Jim would never tire of watching him.


Stretching under the covers, a sigh escaped his lips, catching Dwight's attention.


He couldn't help but whisper,
"You know, Dwight, I need to tell you something."
Dwight walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, a little puzzled,
"I'm listening."
Jim swallowed and let it out,
"I just wanted to let you know that I think you're beautiful. "


As soon as the words left his mouth, Jim felt like hiding under the covers. But he faced Dwight anyway and looked him straight in the eye.


The surprise over, Dwight laughed softly, "Assistant to the Regional Manager Halpert, you never cease to amaze me. I don't know what deserves that completely exaggerated compliment but-"


Jim straightened up, "There's nothing exaggerated about it, you look great, Dwight mmmph!


Jim couldn't finish his sentence because his husband had pressed his lips to his own, pressing him against the pillow. He kissed Dwight deep and long. When they parted, the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton didn't hurry to get up or put his suit in order, he didn't look at his watch or alarm clock. He simply looked at Jim.


A tender expression on his face said, "You are a menace, Mr. Paper Salesman. When I see you like this, I just want to go back to bed with you and do more foolish things. that hair."


He ran his hand through Jim's hair, leaned over and pressed another kiss to his lips before straightening and continuing,
"But we'll have to make do with it, because duty calls."


Jim took Dwight's hand in his hair and kissed it before saying softly,
"And I wouldn't have you any other way, my beautiful Dwight. Go ahead. Knowing that you regret having to leave is enough for me."


Dwight pressed a final kiss to his forehead and stood up, regret evident on his face and in his entire demeanor.


"Have a good day and I'll see you tonight."


"See you tonight."


Jim watched him go.


See you tonight.


Words as routine as Dwight's morning kiss. Because Jim was part of Dwught's routine and Dwight was part of Jim's routine.


Jim stretched in contentment and allowed himself another five minutes of laziness before he too submitted to his paper-selling duties.