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Reincarnation, Mourning, Love

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Four people sat around a room, the Walpurgis Banquet , a primordial demon named Guy Crimson, a dragonoid named Milim Nava, an archangel named Raphael, and a small fairy queen named Ramiris.

Guy had red hair and wore mostly black. He wore very little clothes, a short jacket and pants with boots. He was a flirty and relaxed person, though he could be serious when needed.

Ramiris wore a black dress with a gold belt and had bright yellow hair and eyes. She had become a demon lord as a title alongside her original title. She reincarnates with all of her previous memories every few thousand years.

Milim was a pink haired girl who wore her hair in ponytails. She wore a long sleeved crop top and a bikini bottom, all colored black. She is childish and fun loving, loyal to boot.

Raphael had pale blue hair and red eyes, wearing white and gray dresses with gold gloves. She was soft spoken and logical to the point of having no personality.


They were all members of the Demon Lord Counsel. The founders and firsts of the whole group. The Demon lords were a group of the most powerful people in the entirety of the society and in strength.


They were in Guy’s crystal palace, sitting at a table with various small snacks and drinks. Nearby servants sat to help if given the order. all demons like Guy but lesser then him.


Raphael sat curled up next to Guy in a chair, with Milim talking to her at her left. Ramiris was happily sitting on a table, sipping out of a tiny tea set she had been gifted. Milim cried out joyfully, "Raphael, do you have a boyfriend?"


Guy looked away, suddenly interested in the crystal wall of his palace. Raphael stated blankly, with a tinge of confusion mixed in, "what is a boyfriend? Guy, why is your face red?"


Milim looked at Guy quietly and snickered. "Nothing important just yet~. Don’t worry about him, hehe!"

Raphael let the subject drop. She stood up before heading to a window.


 Her gait was sturdy, face dainty. White hair, red eyes, large elegant wings, Raphael was all that and more to Guy. an awkward personality as they slowly understood how the mortal world functioned and interactions were played out. It had taken them fifty years to understand that a smile was not aggression but happiness.


Raphael had already taken two hundred years to learn how to be a person. It was endearing to see their awkward smiles, small gifts, presence, and the tiny giggles. Guy, Ramiris, and Milim all adored Raphael's growth.


Everyone watched her look out of it at the raging blizzard and the lights of other civilizations that Guy ruled over. The archangel sighed and slid to the ground, wings slumping to the ground behind her. She spoke as her eyes drifted shut, "I like being with you all. It is so nice..."


Then they all see her curl into a ball, yawning. The three soften up. Ramiris flies off to find a blanket. Milim grabs a music box from the shelf and begins to turn the crack so it plays. Guy walks over and shifts them both so her head is on his chest, "rest well Raphael."


Ramiris laid the blanket across them both before curling up under the Angel's chin. Milim sat the music box on a side table, snuggling up to Raphael afterward. Raphael hummed slightly and wrapped an arm around Guy and Milim each. “Thank you… is this what family feels like?”

She fell asleep before anyone else could respond or comment. Guy blushed and whispered, “yes my beautiful angel. We are your family.”

Milim only buried herself closer, face buried in Raphael’s bust. Ramiris flew up and kissed The sleeping angel’s cheek, “we will always be your family, dear Raphael.”
Ramiris curled up on top of the angel's head, holding a clump of hair like a pillow.

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When Raphael woke up gazing around, looking down she smiled and mumbled “Milim, I have to stand up…”


Milim cuddled closer, wrapping her arms around Raphael fully and forcing her face to be fully hidden in between Raphael's breasts. Raphael pet the dragonoid patiently, giggling lightly. Milim spent a long few minutes suffocating herself in between the archangels breasts, before she relented. Pulling away and gasping, panting and gulping down air. She ended up waking Guy and Ramiris as well. When they all were awake, Raphael stood and walked a bit away, stretching out their body, wings included.


Guy sat there transfixed at the musculature that moved under the silk fabric, the back muscles moving as the arms go up and wings stretch out. Watching the one who should be killing him be so innocent and sweet. He smiled and flirted, "well aren't you the prettiest flower I have seen in a while Raphael~"


Milim snickered as Raphael finished stretching. She turned around and fixed her dress. Her red eyes swept across the room and found that in the waking process, the servants had made tea for them all. She offered a hand to Guy, "tea time is what you called this? Or was it a tea party…"


Guy took the angel's hand to stand and kissed the angel’s cheek before sitting in a chair. “Tea party. Let's get started then? Before it gets cold my pretty flower? Hmmm~”


Raphael sat near Guy and took the cup of tea offered to them gingerly. Ramiris went to her tiny tea set Raphael had gifted her and had Guy pour her a small cup of tea. “Tea party!”


Milim joined them at the table and quickly snagged a macaroon. She smiled and bit into the banana flavored thing. She squealed and began munching on the various sweet treats made for her.


Raphael looked over, "what are those? What are you doing Milim?"


The dragonoid offered out a green tea macaroon, "you put it in your mouth and bite into it."


Milim pressed it to the Angel's lips, "eat! Bite it! I think you'll like this one!" She giggled out.


Raphael looked perplexed before giving into Milim's request. She took a sharp breath through her nose. She chewed the small bite she had taken, closing her eyes and her wings poofing up quickly. She smiled and awkwardly took the green macaroon. She nibbled on it and a small look of delight appeared on her face. Guy blushed and slid Milim a small plate, the dragonoid promptly put different sweets on the small thing. Raphael giggled and nodded, "it is good! Very good!"


The angel's eyes widened when the small plate of sweets and a teacup with green tea in it was given to her. She finished her macaroon and took a berry cookie.


She nibbled on that cookie as well and her wing stayed poofed. She looked at Milim with a small smile, "thank you Milim."

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Raphael was walking through the blizzard, sword at her hip and a violin case in her arms. She had been taking lessons and wanted to surprise the other demon lords.

She heard several whooshing sounds near her, ducking as a blast of energy went over her head.


She dropped the violin case and drew her sword, the blizzard impeding her vision, though she still managed to catch one of her attackers off guard and removed his wings and head in a swift fashion. She jumped over his body and sighed, disintegrating it quickly with one hand. 


Steps in the snow and muffled shouts were heard, and she kept low to avoid detection. Quietly and quickly heading toward the palace. She saw the sword and quickly dodged, ramming herself into another attacker. She looked at the palace and held her sword tightly, sprinting from the eight attackers who were in pursuit. At halfway to the stairs Raphael spun round and caught two blades against hers. Seeing they were angels she paled and they were able to throw her against the stairs with the combined force, making her cry out.


It was eight against one. She cried; she was so close to making it. She tried to get up only to find, her cheek was being cut slowly toward the eye. The lead angel spoke, “Raphael, lord of wisdom. You have been sentenced to death by the host. The order never said we couldn’t take our jealousy out on you.”

The weapon began to dig under her eye, she struggled to get away without further damage. The angel above her removed the weapon and straddled her. They began to tear the eyelid from its place, exposing the eye underneath. Holding her in place, the angel continued removing the skin of her face. 


Her wings were forcefully stretched out across the stairs to the crystal palace by four other angels as she struggled, before being stomped upon, crushing the strong yet fragile bone. The blizzard muffled her screams. Her white and gold wings slowly had the feathers ripped from them and the bones crushed. The angels laughed at her suffering.


She squirmed and scratched at the angel above her, trying to dissuade them from digging their fingers into her eye socket. She watches weakly as he reaches down and digs deep into her eye socket. The eye squelched out of its socket. 


He began to go for the other eye which the archangel covered quickly. The angel laughed and peeled back her scalp slowly, making sure to only rip off the scalp. Her silver hair staining red from her blood. Tugging at the skin and hair. Soon her skull was bare of hair and skin.

Raphael did not know how much longer she was able to remain conscious for, but when the dark and painless bliss entered her, she fled her body, strong enough to hide for thousands of years if need be. She was not prideful, but she knew if she rationed her immense strength... She would survive. She needed to survive.

‘I promise you… Guy… Milim… Ramiris… I will come back.’

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Guy waits for his angel to come visit, to come home. He waited for the many days, and then many weeks, then many months, a year, before he started searching. The other’s quickly joined him.


Ramiris was sending out her pixies and fairies to search the forests and cities. Milim looked in her domain, then began to despair. Using her dragon’s eye to see anything she wished. Nothing from her domain but the pink aura of her worshipers.
Guy searched his castle, then sent demons out with the fairies and pixies. He began to search desperately for Raphael.

His eyes are everywhere, whether it be the demons that are under his command below him, or he himself, he looked. He never gave up.


Ramiris spent a long hundred years before retreating to her labyrinth to wait for the next Walpurgis Banquet. She had given up on the angel that had given her her own tea set. The angel who let her nest in her hair.

Guy closes his eyes and hopes, though he knew it was futile he would never give up. Not on something as important as this.

Milim began to force herself into distractions, destroying without destroying the fertility of the land. Her trying to find entertainment as exciting as the time Rapheal got her that giant pink teddy bear. Having left that behind with Guy to forget.


It was all but one who chose to run away and forget.