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Collection: DAY6 Young K Timestamps

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[23.49] The Gift - Young K x reader

A/N: very short Younghyun’s birthday special

You had thought long and hard about what to give Younghyun for his birthday, but nothing came to mind. He had been gone for a little over two months and you missed him as if he were oxygen, without which you couldn’t breathe. Luckily, his birthday happened during his first few days off after officially moving to Katusa. You were happy, incredibly so, to be able to spend those days with him; however, the issue with his gift still remained. Biting your nails, you shook your head a few times, your browsing through various websites bringing no results, as expected. You sighed, on the verge of giving up, until an idea blossomed in your mind. He always made it his mission to tell you he didn’t want you to spend money on him, that he didn’t need material possessions as he could easily buy stuff for himself, if he wanted to. However, he often repeated his desire to spend as much time with you as possible, stating that was everything he ever needed. Since that was his will, what else could you do, other than oblige? There’d be nothing better than you yourself, to make him happy. You snickered, already picturing his expression to your special surprise. A few days later, your doorbell rang and you quickly stood up from the couch, heading towards the source of the sound, a fluttering feeling in your stomach.
“Hello!” You almost yelled, after opening the door and seeing him stand in front of you. With your heart beating like crazy, as if it were your first time meeting him, you smiled widely, welcoming him in.
“Hello, Y/N.” Younghyun tiredly reciprocated your smile. Noticing his reaction, you tilted your head slightly, closing the door behind him. The moment you shut out the world and only you two alone remained, he was quick to sigh and lean his head on your shoulder, embracing you in his arms and deeply inhaling your scent. His body was bigger and more muscular than before, you apprehended, letting your hands wander on him.
“I missed you so much. I missed everything about you so much.” Younghyun stated, tightly holding you close to him, making it hard for you to breathe properly. You caressed his back comfortingly, closing your eyes and taking in his warmth together with the pleasing smell of his cologne. Basking in his presence, you brought up a hand, to run your fingers through his very short hair. Chuckling at the feeling, he stared into your eyes, smiling affectionately.
“Do you miss your hair as much as you miss me?” You questioned, still gently caressing his scalp.
“Nothing can compare to how much I miss you.”
“Nah, I don’t believe you.” You laughed, encaging his neck between your arms. He leaned forward, pressing his forehead to yours, with a visibly tired smirk.
“Want me to show you how much I missed you this time?” Younghyun asked, cupping your face and slowly leaning in. You waited until his lips finally crashed against yours, a faint taste of coffee spreading in your mouth. Keeping him as close to you as possible, you kissed him deeply, letting your body relax under his familiar touch. His hands moved down, grasping your waist. The moment you noticed him get a bit too excited, you broke the kiss and pecked his nose.
“We have some days together before you have to go back, so let’s take our time. I can see how tired you are, baby, let’s get some sleep first, shall we?” You said, peppering his face with tiny kisses. He chuckled throatily, his hands squeezing your sides.
“I’m an open book for you, huh?” He enquired, locking a strand of hair behind your ear.
“Of course you are. This is the bare minimum though, as your girlfriend. Now, let’s go take a good old nap.”
“Mmm. How did I get so lucky?”
“Not sure, but stop testing my patience and let’s go already.” You sighed, laughing a little. Younghyun bent down and kissed you again, a smile gracing his lips, before heading to the couch and eventually sitting, bringing you down with him.
“Good. After we get some sleep, we can continue with what we were doing earlier.” You declared, kissing him and covering your bodies with a heavy blanket.
“I mean, it’s my birthday…” He laughed, tucking you into his side. He closed his eyes and slowly started dozing off. You stared at his relaxed features and thought about the surprise you prepared for him: although you had to put your plan on hold, you were more than happy to be right there next to him and to have him right there next to you, nothing else mattered more than that.