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Collection: DAY6 Young K Timestamps

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[18:26] Road Trip - Young K x reader (S)

Your boyfriend’s mood was always crystal clear to you, and it was especially true for that evening. After getting interrupted that morning, during your daily exercise, he had been salty and pouty for the whole day. It wasn’t even your fault, but that didn’t stop him from giving you the cold shoulder. You decided to surprise him with a little evening road trip, just to get him in a better mood, also hoping he’d stop behaving like a spoiled child. After getting in the car, you turned the key, starting the engine. Getting ready to drive, you fastened your seatbelt and checked on Younghyun, to see if he was ready as well.

“Go.” He stated, his arms crossed over his chest. You sighed and began driving, taking the road on the left. The atmosphere was weirdly silent, too silent, considering how talkative your boyfriend could be. Unbeknownst to you, he was plotting a little revenge for that morning.

“Where is your bag?” He suddenly asked, to which you pointed behind you.

“Behind my seat.” You said, slightly relieved he was talking again. Younghyun turned around and slyly touched your bare leg with his warm hand, his fingers sliding towards the hem of your shorts, incredibly close to your core. You involuntarily moaned and covered your mouth with a hand, but it was too late. Smirking, he sat back and leaned in, his face mere inches away from yours.

“I wasn’t the only one being upset, then.” He muttered, his low voice giving you goosebumps. He let his hand slide even higher up your leg and began undoing your shorts.

“You look so sexy when you’re driving.” He said, his fingers leaving a lingering sensation on your skin.

“Wait-“ you pleaded. Younghyun, who couldn’t care less, lowered your pants and panties, his hands fumbling to finally set you free of the pieces of clothing. Trying to focus on the road, you hissed at the fresh air hitting your newly revealed skin.

“Babe, please-“ you tried again but he wasn’t having any of it. He licked his fingers, coating them with a thin layer of saliva, and brought them down to your entrance. You inhaled sharply, fighting against the need of closing your eyes. Younghyun began working on your sweet spot, his fingers sliding in and out of you while his thumb kept drawing tiny irregular circles on your clit. You moaned, furrowing your brows.

“You like that, Kitten?” He muttered, his low voice fanning your cheek. You panted, feeling the familiar knot build up in your lower belly. Suddenly, he brought his lips to your neck and began giving you small kisses, which quickly turned into him sucking on your skin and marking you with dark red hickeys.

“Y-Younghyun…” you breathed out; driving was becoming increasingly harder. You felt yourself get closer to the edge and harshly clutched your hand around his forearm.

“Don’t stop-” you panted. Immediately understanding the situation, Younghyun halted his movements and distanced his hand from your core. Bewildered, you stole a quick glance at him.

“Babe, what-“ you started.

“I’m not done yet.” He said, his finger grazing your bare thigh.

“What…” you let out, the road in front of you appearing blurred. Licking his lips, he lowered himself, trailing a path of wet open kisses on your leg, from your knee up, headed to your most intimate part. Instantly understanding where this was going, you abruptly turned right, stopping the car in a deserted rest area. Unhappy, he looked up at you, frowning. Quickly throwing yourself at him, you kissed him eagerly and deeply. His calloused hands wandered over your body, catching your waist and turning you towards him. He broke the kiss and hoisted your legs over his shoulders, allowing him to reach your entrance. He started licking and suckling, eating you out in that godly way of his. Inserting two digits inside you, he groans, his bulge growing visibly. You moaned loudly, once again getting closer to your climax.

“Come for me, Kitten.” He whispered against your core, his voice similar to a growl.

“Y-Young- Younghyun, Younghyun-“ you chanted. Your walls clenched around his fingers and the knot inside your stomach came undone. Moaning and panting, you came down from your high. Younghyun looked up at you, his gaze intense and satisfied.

“And this is only the beginning of what I wanted to do this morning.” His voice was raspy and needy.