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When does anonymous become eponymous?

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Most nights in the Netherlands were cold. The air that blew over the tops of the slightly mountainous ridge where she had lived for the past five years could be bitingly icy. So, Dali had never really been keen to stroll through the beautiful gardens around her home at night or even crack a window if she felt quite warm on summer nights. Her air-conditioning was  working perfectly, but Dali suddenly felt the urge to walk in the garden or open her windows. 

Quickly considering her state of virtual undress, she opted for pulling the glass in her window back as far as it could go and stood in front of the chilly draft wafting through. Even though her dress had been suitable for the afternoon, the thin lace fabric with the plunging neckline was hardly a proper barrier against the cold now. Dali hardly felt the chill blowing in, though. Her body was overheated, and she hoped the crisp natural breeze blowing over it would cool her down. 

Now, if she could only stop thinking the thoughts that were triggering her heat in the first place. 

Dali breathed in deep, feeling the wintry strings in the autumn air grip her lungs. The sharp stings in her chest should have hurt, but all she felt was relief - no, ease.

There was a simple ease to breathing in and out that promised to still her overactive mind, and eventually calm her body. But, whenever she dared to close her eyes, all she saw was the face of the muscular, lean and strong man sleeping in the room next door. 

She swallowed hard, trying to forget him for the umpteenth time. 

Of course, she couldn’t forget. Since the moment she had met him, she had found herself wondering what it would be like to feel his full lips latched onto her nipples, sucking hard.

All the while they had driven to the welcome party, her body had reacted in new ways to the weird, rich stranger in the backseat of the car. 

Then, she had become engrossed with thoughts of his hands, as he had moved them in frantic gesticulation, while describing a pig’s disease. Her mind had merely rattled off the English translations of his words, while her insides had clenched and released from the silent fantasy of being molded by those hands. His fingers were long and lean, perfect for caressing and stroking. His knuckles seemed quite strong as well, if their rough appearance was anything to go by. 

He probably has callouses, she had thought to herself, imagining what delicious pleasures the rough texture could spark. 

She had been so well distracted by the lean of his hips as he stood to face a painting, the pout of his lips as she mentioned their prices, and even the glint of tears he quickly wiped away after spitting out the cherry he had nearly choked on, that she was still quite in awe when they were tossed out the front door.

Mr.Jin had been furiously trying to protest and calculate whatever penalties he might owe - probably in bowls of gamjatang, but Dali could not hold back the sudden turn of events that led to them being alone with each other again. She had been so tempted to smile - laugh even - at her base nature’s victory. 

Whatever he had been lamenting his bills in didn’t matter; Mrs. Brockhort’s painting was definitely a fake even for the untrained eye. So, as he ranted and raved his displeasure, Dali watched him, remembering how her arms had fit around his middle when he had started to choke on his cherry. 

She had thought him a slim man just by looking, but Mr.Jin was obviously hiding packs of power and sinew under his jacket. Her arms had encountered rock when she’d tried to help him- lean, hard, sexy rocks for abs. 

Though, the memory of his abs was not the only reason for the heat that rose through her toes to wet her slip for panties, or the worsening scrape of their rough edges on the sensitive nerves between her legs, it certainly added to the already uncomfortable predicament. 

Dali sighed again. 

The tiny LaPerle lace underwear she had chosen to wear today was already soaking through, sticky with building messiness she needed to bathe off as soon as possible - now, if only her legs would work to send her to the bathroom. She needed to discard all restrictive clothing for an ice cold bath, and she needed it now. Yet, her feet were rooted to the front of the window. Despite the discomfort, she was in no hurry to wash up just yet.

She knew she was crazy for thinking it, and her rational self reminded her of the raging symptoms she had brought about by leaving her hormones unchecked for so long. She knew she was animalistically drawn to Mr. Jin because she had been denying her needs as a young, sexual, human woman, but she didn’t care to linger in rationality. Fantasy, in the privacy of her bedroom, was proving much more satisfying. 

Her fantasy was so vivid, too. Imagining Mr. Jin’s hands rubbing up her back was easy with the memory of him cleaning the dishes and carefully placing them on the rack. He had treated the china delicately, as if they had sensitized skin and a beating heart. 

And when Dali had offered to do the dishes, too, he had flashed such straight teeth in his smile, leading her to imagine them magically come to bite her tense nipples and leaving them erect as pagan obelisks pointing to the ‘anionted one’. Her craving sex agreed to the prophesy; a man like Mr. Jin was what she needed.  

Ah well, in a perfect world, she’d be showering with him right now - staying by his side and enjoying his attention. Boy, how good it had felt when she had walked into Mrs Brockhorst’s home with him by her side. 

“Anyways, it’s not a perfect world,” she said to herself, remembering another handsome man from five years ago. “That certainly put a damper on things,” she murmured and set about getting ready for some sleep. 

She stumbled a little as she reached out for her fascinator’s box, righting herself quickly on the couch. Even though she had eaten a feast fit for a queen a mere hour ago, she still felt a little lightheaded; probably from laughing so much with Mr. Jin. 




Dali blamed herself for her current predicament. 

She had not been paying attention, or else she would have pulled her zipper down all the way before attempting to undress. If her mind had been on her task, and not fantasizing about Mr. Jin again, she would have been able to undress, bathe and sleep in peace. But she had been wondering about his bulge, which she had surreptitiously peeked at as he walked, swinging in his pants that afternoon. 

Well,  she did not have to wonder anymore. 

A few minutes ago, she had finally closed the window and set her mind straight to getting ready for bed. In the back of her mind, she knew her automatic solar power would switch to the wind renewable one in a few minutes, but she had not expected to squeak loud enough to draw Mr.Jin’s attention - his very slick, naked attention for that matter.   

Which was why she was back in her previous state of mind and lamenting her current position beneath him. 

When they had both come tumbling down her bedroom floor some minutes ago, Mr. Jin’s towel had slipped away, putting the very penis she had been wondering about right into the heart of her heat. It was accidental, of course. Her thin camisole had ridden up after the fall, leaving the sheer lace she wore for panties acting as the only barrier between their bodies. The poor fabric had already been struggling under the weight of her wetness, unable to contain her folds within the hems and leaving her swollen flesh plumping out at their sides. It felt as if she was not wearing any underwear at all. 

Added to the facts was Mr. Jin’s legs caught between her legs, and it was only normal that his body would react to her acute femininity. His cock, seemingly already tensed, had sprung to full attention now. She could feel the outline of him, jerking up instinctively to her ready body. The rocky flesh between them stretching all the way to her belly button, heating up a wide path down to her trembling clit. 

All he had to do was pull back a little and he could surge forward to fill her aching pussy. The thought drew a wave of fresh heat into her core, quickly melting her insides in anticipation. She felt her heat trickle through her flimsy, ruined panties, moistening the base of Mr. Jin’s erection. 

He looked up then, trailing wet drops from his hair around her face. As if he could see her need in the dark, he searched her face intently. Perhaps, he was looking for some encouragement or questioning what he had surely felt, too. 

But, just as suddenlyas it had gone off, the room lit up again. 

Mr. Jin’s pupils had dilated into deep dark spheres from the dark or desire, Dali wasn’t sure. Maybe, that is why his eyes were searching as well, wordlessly trying to understand the position he had found himself in. 

Dali followed his gaze in challenge, allowing him to make his decision what to do with their situation. She tried to show him she wouldn’t mind a kiss, his hands rubbing down her body, and his impressive sex filling the needy hole in her. So, she tried to convey her feelings through her eyes and a slight pout of her lips, heaving a little deeper in her breathing to press her hard tipped breast to his bare chest. 

It could have been minutes or hours, Dali wasn’t sure, but soon Mr. Jin was pulling himself away; probably seeing something other than what she had hoped to convey.  Whatever it had been was entirely colored by his assumptions, morality or insecurity, and she suddenly hated how prejudiced this imperfect world was.

Had he just said to close her eyes?


“Your eyes… Please close your eyes,” He repeated. 

Dali dutifully lifted her hands to her eyes, wondering for a moment if to peek through her fingers. What good would that do, though? Seeing his cock would only remind her how much she was wanting him, so she held still while he scrambled to get away from her. 

“Don’t open your eyes till I’m gone, okay?” 

“Mmm,” Dali muttered in response. She was his host and a lady, and it was rude to make a guest feel uncomfortable, so her eyes remained closed. 
It was only after he had gone that she felt the pangs of disappointment and rejection like a physical pain in her gut. Bereft of his heat, she sat up and looked around for a moment, only to be drenched in sudden shame at her unabashed boldness when the real possibility that Mr. Jin could fuck her hard on her bedroom floor had presented itself. 

Obviously, even with his brash and unrefined nature he was a gentleman at heart; and a rational, thinking being too.  How base would it have been to respond to her as she had wished? 

Be more human, Dali, she chastised herself. Even animals have courtship rituals.

Well, except pigs. Do pigs have courtship rituals? She wondered, as she strode to her en-suite bathroom and turned on the hot water. She would soak for a while and try to control her desires. After all, Mr. Jin was just a crush for the day because she had not had the chance to focus on a handsome man in a while. 

She breathed in a sigh of contentment as she sank into the deep tub of eucalyptus scented water. With her experience with men, it was a blessing that Mr. Jin had controlled himself where she wasn’t able. 

Dali closed her eyes to soak the heat from the water in better and allow the scents to relax her tense muscles. Soon, she felt herself drifting to sleep, and pulled the anti -slip mat taut so she could rest for a few minutes. She will be up soon because she had a full day ahead tomorrow. She had to find Mr. Jin Hitonari and prepare to show Mr. Jin Moo-Hak around the gallery. Maybe, he would cafeteria her date-- 




 A loud noise must have woken her because Dali sat up in a startled daze. Her bathwater had cooled, but steam from earlier still hang over the bathroom and shrouded it in a haze. 

When had she turned the lights off, she wondered, and why was there light streaming in from her en-suite closet? She should get out of the cold and turn the lights off. It was time to go to bed.

Just as she made to stand up and address her matters, Dali heard her bedroom door close softly, and Mr. Jin’s muted voice call out to her. 

“Dali, are you there?” He sounded close to the bathroom door. “I’m worried you might have hit your head when we fell. Are you okay?”

“I’m here, Mr. Jin,” Dali called out, quickly sitting back in and trying to gather the mass of bubbles to her chest. She cleared her throat so he could hear her better. “I'm in the bathroom.”

She heard rather than saw him pull the bathroom door open, peeking in as if he worried he might catch her in another compromising posture. Dali sank lower into the water and tried to smile at him as he came in.

Even though it was dark in the bathroom, her closet lights cast a soft glow through the steam haze hanging over, and seemed to guide Mr. Jin closer to her. Dali looked down to ensure the tops of her breasts were well covered by the bubbles in the bath. 

“I hope you didn’t hit your head on the ground,” Mr. Jin said as he reached her. “A concussion is nothing to joke with,” he stated.

Dali nodded, still smiling up at him while she wrapped her arms around herself in the bath. 

“Okay, then. You don’t have a headache, right?”

Dali shook her head, no. 

“What about numbness anywhere in your body?” 

Again, she shook her head. 

“Lightheaded or dizzy?” 

Dali hesitated. She closed her eyes for a second, as if to measure if she was still lightheaded. 

Before she could decide, Mr. Jin quickly knelt by the bathtub and raised his hands into her her hair, gently feeling around for a concussion. 

“I’m so sorry to barge in on you like this,” he was saying seriously, but I’d hate it if you got a concussion because I bumped into you. I can be quite heavy.”

Dali was not sure of her reply. She was only wondering when the bathroom had become hot again,and why she couldn’t stop looking up at Mr. Jin while he touched her head. His hands felt good on her scalp, gently massaging and soothing her as if he was handling delicate chinaware. 

Dali felt her eyes drift close then and heard herself moan with contentment. She gasped in her own shock, waiting to see how Mr. Jin would react. 

His hands had stopped moving over her scalp, and he seemed to be breathing an unsteady hitch. Dali lifted her eyes to his to investigate, meeting the same dark spheres in the chiseled handsome face she had seen mere hours ago. In the soft light, his lips seemed to part a little, his eyes gradually shifting from her face to her body, barely covered by the water. 

It was at that point that Dali saw his struggle, his face distorting into several shapes of agony. Then he muttered words beneath his breath, thinking she had not caught them. 

“I’m probably going to hell for this.” 

Mr. Jin breathed deep then, seeming to fight another bout of worry, but as Dali lifted her arms around his neck in victory and drew him to her lips, he certainly forgot what had been gnawing at him. 

Dali closed her eyes when his lips were a mere whisper away, and finally sighed in happiness when he met her in a deep kiss. 

His full lips were like plums, sweet and juicy. And, as she kissed him, they seemed to grow sweeter. Mr. Jin was gracious, staying still as she explored the insides of his mouth, greedily drawing more and more sweetness from his mouth. He didn’t pull away or take over the kiss, he merely withdrew one hand from her hair to support her around her back. 

Moments later, when she pulled away to catch her breath, he lifted her out of the cold water and finally pressed her wet body against his. 

Out of the tub, she was way too short to reach his lips even while standing on tiptoes. Mr. Jin tilted his head down to allow her deeper access to lips, and when her neck grew tired, he picked her up and headed her into the bedroom. 

He gently placed her on the sheets of her four-poster bed and quickly stripped out of his robe. Dali smiled a little when she noted it was all he wore. They had not turned the lights on in the bedroom as they came in, but her bright bedside lamps showed he had a male form that was as chiseled and sculptured as the David. He had muscles all over; lean and strong in all the right places - a handsome man all over. 

She lifted her hands to explore his defined pecs, moving slowly over his taut belly to his even harder sex, but he was leaning down again and kissing her now, trapping her hands between them as he weighed her breasts in his large, callused hands and fastened his plum lips on her dusty brown nipple. Dali lost all reasonable thought when he sucked deeply. 

She had been caught by desire; writhing beneath his weight, shifting up so she could cradle him between her thighs. She lifted her hips to meet his manliness, wordlessly greeting his cock back where he belonged. Her tummy trembled as he pressed himself into her skin, popping one nipple out to lavish the other.  

Dali threw her head back and moaned, loudly. 

Suddenly, Mr. Jin stopped sucking and raised himself up to look at her. Dali panicked for a second, wondering what the matter could be. 

He quickly looked around and asked, “Do you have protection?” 

Dali very nearly laughed, grinning with relief from her sudden apprehension. It had been more than five years since she had been with a man, but her doctor had insisted on her yearly shots whenever she went for a checkup. And, in this moment, she was happy she hadn’t refused. 
To answer his question, Dali nodded quickly and added, “I get shots every year. I’m safe.”

“Hmmm, that’s good. You shouldn’t let anything disrupt your studies,” Mr. Jin replied and got back to his favored task, pulling the firm tips of her breasts back into his mouth. 

Dali moaned again, pressing her chest deeper into his mouth. She lifted one thigh to wrap around his waist, moving beneath him to urge him on. Her slick folds slid along Mr. Jin’s hot erection, rewarding her with a guttural moan from him. 

He likes that, she thought, moving more urgently to fuel his pleasure. 

Mr. Jin popped her teat from his mouth and lifted into a kneeling position. He grabbed both her ass cheeks to stop her movement. “If you don’t stop it, I’ll come over these sheets like a naive boy,” he warned. “I’m already quite close as it is. Hold on and let me get a grip, then I can rock both our worlds, okay?” 

Dali smiled widely and nodded, lifting her hips towards his for a last rub. Mr Jin pulled back and grabbed both her ankles up into one hand. Before she could register what was happening, he slapped her gently across her needy ass. 

“Turn around,” he ordered. 

Dali was in shock, unable to decide what to do with his cocky action. Her ass had started to feel warm and tingly, and electric shockwaves were spreading along her skin from her center to her head and toes. 

“Turn around, Dali,” Mr. Jin was repeating with a knowing smile. “Or else I’ll spank your bottom again.” 

Dali wondered if to defy him - still a little shocked from the pleasure of his spanking. She wanted more though, so she scrambled to lie face-down on the bed. She arranged herself on her pillow and raised her ass up as high as it could go. As she waited for Mr Jin to position her hips, he leaned down and gave her dripping core a long lick. Dali bucked, her knees giving way slightly. He didn’t seem to mind and kept sucking and licking her. But just when she was getting used to his intimate kisses, he quickly got back on his knees and drove his turgid sex deep into her. 

Dali cried out, startled by his sheer size and yet relieved by the fullness of him at the same time. Her body responded quickly too, clenching on to Mr. Jin as if to hold him forever tethered to her. He groaned at the friction, holding her steady before setting a punishing thrusting rhythm Dali was sure would leave her bruised the next morning. 

She didn’t mind, though. There was something wonderful about being sore from good sex. How had the other ladies working in the gallery put it when they gossiped about men? Yeah, Dali reminisced, “it was even better when you couldn’t walk properly the next day.”

As if he sensed her distraction, he gently slapped her on her ass again and moved even faster and harder than she thought possible. His thrusts seemed to be pulling every nerve ending she had to his heat, filling her up and threatening to explode in her heart. 

She couldn’t hold in her screams anymore. She stuffed her face into her pillows, feeling tears of pleasure leaking down the sides of her eyes. She gasped for breath as the pressure built, clenching her fingers into the silk sheets and tearing at them. 

She just couldn’t hold on anymore. She ripped the pillow away from her, screaming into her sheets as a flood of pleasure shook her and burst into a white light behind her eyes. 

Somewhere in the dark, as she fought for breath, she thought she heard Mr. Jin, letting himself go with a barely restrained roar above her. He must have filled her up and then collapsed unto her for a time. He must have worried about his weight and rolled onto the bed then. Before Dali could wonder if he would cuddle with her, she fell into peaceful, dreamless sleep. 



Dali sat quietly at the dining table thinking, confused by the events of the new day. 

First off, her alarm had failed to wake her. Instead, sunlight streaming through cracks in her curtain had done the job. Also, she had woken with a start, surprised by the lateness of the time flashing on her bedside console and the muted but insistent knock on her door. 

Dali had looked around wildly, trying to reconcile the events of the night before with the smooth, untouched sheets on the other side of her bed. She felt rested, that was true, but not sore in the places she had expected. How was that possible, Mr. Jin had been quite big last night.

Quickly grabbing her bathrobe from the back of her settee, she went to open up for Mr. Jin and peered around her door at him. She couldn’t believe how shy she had got around him after last nights exertions, but she was glad she hadn’t faced him fully. 

He didn’t look any different from their friendly interactions after the power had switched to the mains . He remained formal, though immaculate, with his sleeves rolled up and his shirt fully buttoned. 

Even more confusing was how straight his face looked. There was no glow, no wink, no hint that they had been intimately entangled with each other. He looked at her with the same half smile he had shared at dinner last night, and eventually with a small frown building between his brows. 

“Oh, did I wake you up?” he inquired. 

Dali shook her head in answer. 

“Okay,” he said, “Get ready and come to breakfast. I have to meet my assistant and have the other Mr. Jin brought to meet you so we may not have much time.” 

Dali nodded quickly, “Yes, I’ll be over in a minute.” 

Mr. Jin made to leave, and then turned around as if to say something. Dali’s heart soared in hope, but soon plummeted when he merely gave her a curt nod and headed back to the kitchen. 

She closed her door and leaned back against it. Had it all been a dream? 

In the shower, she took time to inspect her breast for bruises or faint bite marks. When she found none, she grew frantic, rubbing the flesh on her buttocks for residual pain and eventually touching herself to feel for any leftover stickiness. She was sorely disappointed. 

It had all been a dream - a very vivid dream.   

Back at the dining table, eating a breakfast of rice and soup and some other side dishes she barely registered, Mr. Jin talked about his busy schedule and how important it was to satisfy his clients from the Hog Association. He spoke about his company, asked how her studies were progressing and promised to help her if she got in trouble at the gallery for his actions the day before. He did not mention anything of the night before. 

Disappointed and somewhat frustrated inside, Dali nodded, smiled and played the gracious host. She even laughed at his ridonkulous jokes and tried not to show her letdown. He didn’t seem to notice anything amiss though, so that was good. 

Up until he placed his wristwatch around her wrist, she had tried not to build up her hopes. And just when she thought it would be possible to meet Mr. Jin again, her phone pinged loudly in her bag. 

News that had come from home shattered all hazes and hopes before her. She stumbled, reaching half-blindly for the door of the car. 

The tears had started streaming down her face when she pulled away. 

Mr. Jin had been all but forgotten.