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Pas de deux ~ MaxTul

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“Off you forgot one step! Tay let your moves be smoother! Alright,  again from the top !”


Tul has been a ballerino since he was six years old, he spent most of his time dancing and enjoying the one hobby that made him feel the happiest ever since he started it. He found  peace in ballet, a peace that nobody can relate to, as if it had always been his medicine. He tried many other activities like basketball and football but he could not enjoy them the same way he enjoyed dancing ballet.


He hated that whenever he was asked about his hobbies, he had to go through a storm of bashing and people making fun of him because they think ballet was only made for girls.


He went through a lot because of people judging and bullying him for doing what he liked, but he never stopped and never let what they said affect him and he continued dancing as if those people never existed.


He was known for his elegant and smooth moves, for the way he presented each dance with full emotions as if he was floating alone in his own world, a dreamland that nobody could understand but himself whenever he danced.


It’s been a month since they started practicing for the Christmas play where he was the main character and has been excited about it the most; he participated in way too many plays since he was younger but this one felt different, and it was his first play in which he played the main role.



All the dancers entered the practice room in the early morning; they prepared themselves and put their things on the side of the room. Tul entered holding a huge mug of coffee, he took off his jacket and prepared himself as well as they all waited for their coach to arrive so that they could begin.


“Let me introduce you to our new actor for this play, he will be playing the main role with Tul,” Mr Great entered followed by a handsome young man whose smile radiates warmth and sunshine. Tul could not stop staring at that person who made his heart beat differently.


“Wait for me a little bit, I need to finish some things before we start practicing,” Mr. Great added “all of you! Start with stretching, Tul take care of our new member and get to know him until I’m back,”


Tul quietly nodded as Max walked closer to him, lifting his hand up to greet him.


“Hey, it’s nice meeting you. I’m Max,” Max said, his voice was so warm and gentle that Tul’s heart was almost melting. Tul was still looking into that man’s eyes before he remembered that he should reply at least.

“Oh, hello. I’m Tul. Nice to meet you too! If you need anything you can always ask me,” Tul’s cheeks turned somehow red as he shook Max’s soft big hands. His heart couldn’t stop beating fast as this gorgeous boy stood in front of him. “Oh, so… how long have you been a dancer?” he tried to start a conversation to stop the awkwardness he was feeling then.


“Since I was ten years old,” Max replied, his smile was still as bright as ever, making Tul’s heart skip a  beat while his ears burned as he blushed.


Tul wanted to continue this conversation but then Mr. Great entered the practice room again just when he was about to speak, “Let’s go! Each one in his place! We’ll start now!” Great shouted while clapping his hands making everyone run fast to their places and prepare themselves before he played the music.


The day of the play had finally come after so much training and tired sleepless nights.




Max slowly moved towards Tul with gentle moves that tell a deep and moving tale straight to the heart.

Tul watched Max with a sudden burst of courage that he hadn’t known he had before, he stepped one more step towards Max as the thrumming rhythm of the music whispered into his ears, and he began to dance. He threw his arms out and moved them from side to side, perfectly in tune with the beat, before Max’s hand grabbed his, while the other hand was still moving smoothly and elegantly in the air. Foot forward and then to the back. He was swung backwards, dipped low, then soaring into the air… they both fell in step, letting the rhythm control their movements. Everything around them disappeared. It was the two of them, alone.

Tul touched the ground again, his face close to Max’s. Max’s hand hugged Tul’s waist as if he was protecting him from the world as if that man was all his. Their lips met for the first time, feeling each other’s breath and heartbeats as their bodies were glued to each other while the crowd cheered for them loudly.

Tul smiled a little when  they stopped kissing, his heart was a mess because of how fast and hard it was beating. He never imagined he would actually fall in love with a fellow dancer, yet he did, and he fell the hardest this time. It was his first time liking someone so much that happiness surrounded him, it was his first time kissing a person and feeling all these emotions at once. Ever since Max came into his life, Tul has been feeling better, being more motivated to do better and work harder to be a better version of himself.


The play ended perfectly and each of the dancers went back home. Tul was still in the theatre, his mind recalling the last scene when Max kissed him, the way it felt to be held by this man. He sighed a little before turning around to walk away when he saw Max on the other side of the stage staring at him.


“You’re still here?” Tul asked with a low voice, placing his hand on his neck; he was feeling shy for some reason, he did not want to show that but he somehow failed to do so.


“I am, I was waiting for you to come out,” Max replied and walked closer to Tul.


“Waiting for me?” Tul asked in shock, his eyes widened as Max moved even closer towards him, grabbing him by the waist and placing a kiss on his forehead.


“I like you,” Max whispered in Tul’s ears, making him a blushing mess.

“I… I like you too,” Tul’s voice was shaking; he was so shy that speaking was the hardest for him at that moment.


Hearing him say that, Max’s hand gently ruffled Tul’s hair before pulling him closer and planting kisses on every part of his pretty face before he brushed his lips against Tul’s.


“Let’s go eat dinner?” Max suggested as he caressed Tul’s cheek with his thumb, which Tul enjoyed and admired so much before he softly nodded.


They walked out of the theatre holding hands and giggling.


“Ah! I’m so blessed, I’m so happy, I don’t know what I’m feeling but oh my god finally!!” Sammon, the writer of that play, came out from backstage fangirling as soon as the boys left the place, she saw everything that happened then and she has shipped these two ever since they started practicing together.