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Red Apples

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Lena and Kara had to be the two most oblivious people on the planet. After everything finally settled and everyone was living in much deserved harmony, the Superfriends decide that Lena and Kara finally realizing their feelings for each other is priority number one. The only problem is, as stated previous, Lena and Kara are the two most oblivious people on the planet.  

How do you make the two most oblivious people on the planet realize that they’re in love with each other?

Well, as far as the Superfriends are concerned, you don’t. 

Every one of their attempts has ended in disaster. They locked them in a room for twenty four hours. Nothing. They sent them both romantic gifts in each other’s name. Nothing. At this point they might as well be on their knees begging the two idiots to just see what is right in front of them. It’s been five years of this nonsense, and without anymore barriers in the way, there were no more excuses. What was taking so long? They were honestly starting to wonder if the two would ever get together. With all the moon eyes and romantic gestures they could ignore, who’s to say that they couldn’t ignore everything else for the rest of forever? God, just the thought was unbearable, but everyone was being forced to consider it. 

And then it happened. Oh, finally, there was a straw drawn that Lena could no longer ignore. 

See, Kara may be as oblivious as they come, but Lena is not. All of Lena’s denial, her refusal to state her feelings or believe in Kara having feelings for her, comes from her ability to make excuses. Sure, Kara is practically attached to her hip and always needs her opinion and always wants to protect her and make sure she’s eating… but Kara is an exceptional friend to everyone. Kara cares so much for everyone. Kara goes above and beyond for all of her friends. Okay, maybe Kara doesn’t get all of her friends to move in with her with pleading eyes and practically a power-point presentation about the cost-effective(which she had laughed at) and safety perks of living together, but they are safer this way.

Kara’s physical reactions to her are harder for her to ignore, but everyone watches her manage it. Oh, who cares if Kara needs to hold onto her for an extra moment every time they hug, they’ve been through a lot together. So what if Kara leaned in, she must have been fucking dizzy or something.  

Okay, maybe she only thinks about that particular moment when she’s drunk and emotional.

Still, she’d managed to brush it all off, because there was no way Kara felt the same as her. 

Until one particular night after they’d hugged and bid each other goodnight, Lena has no idea what possessed her to do it, but she’d leaned over and kissed Kara’s cheek. 

The total panic spreading in her chest immediately after she’d pulled away was ignored for a moment as she watched a blush spread from Kara’s cheeks to her ears all the way down to her chest. Kara’s eyes drop to the floor and her smile, already present from their hug, becomes just a little bit more bashful as it takes over her entire face. 

Lena finds the reaction so endearing and so sweet she almost forgets her panic, but all of the feelings bundling in her chest only serve to encourage it. She stutters another goodnight before she turns and quickly makes her escape. 

She can’t take her mind off of Kara’s blushing, happy face. She’d been so red, her smile making the apples of her cheeks so large. Her gaze had been fixed on the floor, Lena doesn’t think she’s seen Kara so shy in a very long time. 

Her brain scrambles for the excuses she usually draws on, but none of them fit quite right here. She tries to think of new ones, but she fails. 

It doesn’t matter. She’s been far enough stuck in denial for the last few years that this won’t pull her out of it that easily. She’ll have to conduct an experiment if she really wants to get to the bottom of this. 

Okay, so she just needs to kiss Kara’s cheek again. That’s an experiment to her. She’ll have to approach it rationally, and very very calmly. She can’t get into her head about it. She’s just kissing her friend on the cheek!

So maybe ordering all of her friend’s favorite foods and setting up an entire movie night in preparation to kiss her cheek is less than rational or calm and also very date-like, but she didn’t really realize that until after she’d done it, so really there was no turning back. 

And Kara had lit up so much at the sight of everything that there was no reason to. Throughout the night Lena wondered if there was any point in her going through with her plan, since she was pretty sure that Kara couldn’t light up anymore than she was.

She was very wrong. She’d gone for the same maneuver as the day before, a hug and then a kiss on the cheek before she moves away, and Kara’s blush is just as fast and bright as it was the first time. 

This time, though, Lena can’t seem to make herself move away. She stares at Kara, who is smiling and blushing with eyes darting all over the room and looking everywhere but back at her, and the feelings swelling in her chest are just too much to contain. 

“I love you.” She says easily, forgetting to be fearful as she looks at Kara’s red, beaming face. Blue eyes snap right to her’s, now, and the piercing, terrified look suddenly in them is another something she can’t ignore. “I’m in love with you.” She clarifies. Kara’s mouth drops open and her eyes go wide, but her hands come up to hold onto Lena’s arms to keep her from moving back while she processes what was just said to her. 

Lena watches Kara’s mind race behind shiny, wonder-filled eyes until Kara shakes her head like she’s physically getting rid of all those thoughts. 

And then Kara kisses her. 

“I’m in love with you too.” She says between sweet, emotion filled kisses. 

That night, when Alex gets a text from Kara saying ‘I kissed Lena,’ she nearly cries out of relief, and then immediately texts the group chat devoted to complaining about their oblivious best friends to let everyone know that their suffering is over.