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You Know The Saying

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“You’re in the wrong part of town, handsome.”

Jason flinches so hard he nearly falls off his gargoyle. From the grin stretching across Cheshire Cat’s face, he definitely noticed. Ass.

“The hell are you doing here?” He asks, reflexively looking for either of their mentors.

Cheshire’s grin changes. He slinks over to Jason, lays himself over Jay’s gargoyle with such grace that even Catwoman would be jealous. “Well, mama cat’s off talking with the big, bad bat, so I thought I’d come talk to the little bat.”

Jason grimaces at the thought of what their guardians are likely doing.

Cheshire leans right into Jason’s space and walks his fingers up across Jason’s gauntlet. Jason knows that the only way to secure a long-term win when it comes to dealing with Cheshire is to pretend that he’s not affected by anything Cheshire does but…

Even with Gotham’s pollution, they’re high up enough and the moon is bright enough that Cheshire’s limned by the moonlight. It highlights the curves of his muscles, the clean, graceful lines of his form, and Cheshire knows that Jay’s looking at him, he always knows when anyone’s looking at him, and so the asshole stretches, bends his body so that… Hrm.


Impressive. That’s all. Reminds Jason of just how bendy Cheshire is, how easily he can surpass physical security measures because he can contort his body in ways that humans just shouldn’t be able to…

Jason definitely hasn’t had dreams about bending Cheshire in half under him. About them wrapping around each other. Nope. No. He’s seen how Catwoman fucks Bats up, he isn’t going to let that happen to him.



He looks at Cheshire’s thigh pouch. It’s designed so that it’s hard to tell if it’s empty or full, but Jay recognises how it bulges just slightly unusually at the bottom.

“What did you steal?” He asks with a flat tone.

“Me?” Cheshire pouts and dramatically places a hand over his heart. “I’m shocked, I’m appalled.”

“Yeah, yeah, asshole, hand it over.”

Cheshire dances out of reach and now his grin looks more genuine, less seducing and more joy at the prospect of a chase. “Nope!” He chirps and throws himself off the roof.

Jason allows himself a second to grin and then throws himself after.