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Team find him self on his first oversea flight to visit his boyfreind,Team ticket was bought by said annoying boyfriend.
See Team was going to buy the ticket himself but hia and his family went behind his back, so that how Team find himself in first class seats.
Team hates when win spend so much money on him, but he also know that his family has so much money that this really didn't hurt them and hia's family already see Team as one of their own.

Team took a selfie and sent it to the group chat.
"hello england."

Pharm:oh did you land?

Manaow; Look like your still on the plane.

Team: Just about to land 5555(hahaha)

Team smiles as he got up heading to the bagged claim he look at his phone to see a message.
Win: Hey brat hurry up and get your stuff so I can have you in my arm's.

Team roll his eyes and grabbing his chanel bag hai wan got him for his birthday last year and the matching duffle bag Win got for him before win left to england because Team need a bag when he visit him.

Team turn around seeing his boyfriend look at him and waiting for him. Team try to not rashed into the hia win's arms but the choice was taken away from him when the older male was in front of him with in minute's as he was wrapped up in Win arms and pick up being spinned around "Hey baby, did you miss?" Win asked him and Team made a sound that wasn't really an answer but win bright smile told Team hia knew what he ment.

"Good, I left like I couldn't breath tell I just saw you." Win said as put him down and press a kiss to the younger male forehead than took Team hand as he walked with Team to where Win's roommate was waiting for them with a car, once the bags where put in the trunk in the car. "Team this is my roommate Harry." Win told him than turn to Harry in english.

"Yo, Harry mate this is my boyfriend Team."

"Hey Team nice to meet you, please try to keep it down."
Team look confuse at this asking what Harry mean's so Win translated what Harry ment making Team blush.

Win laugh saying something to Harry as their pulled up to a apprament.
"Come on babe, I am sure you want to shower and maybe take a nape."

"No nape that mean I won't get to spend time with hia." the whine came.

"I'll stay with you baby."Win told him with a kiss on his check.

"I missed you hia." Team whispered as Win help him out of the car and grabbing the bags throwing a bright smile at this.
Once in the apartment win showed Team his bathroom for a shower and told him where his bedroom was but Team hold on pouting tell win gave in and showered with him.
"Miss me that much huh baby?" Win couldn't help but tease as he help the other male to wash up.

"It been month's hia since I been this close to you." Team got out though a yawn.

"Yeah, and once you slept a bit we're go get some food with Harry and other's friends, than come back here where I'll show you how much I missed you these past few month's tell you can't move."

with another yawn Team ask "Promise?"
Win laugh turning off the shower and drying him up. "I'll promise you won't even remember how to speak when I am done with you."

With a sleepy smile and changed into an old pair of win's pant's and shirt that win left for him, he grabbed on to win with a whine dragged a chuckle out of win as he pick him up taking him to his bed room laying down with his young lover back in his arms win couldn't help to think that everything was all right in the world and he really liked seeing Team in his clothing.


Win slowly came though an hour latter a little confuse tell he look down at Team in his arm's he slowly moved tell he was seating up and smiled as he moved the hair that was in Team's face.

"Come on love you need to wake up so we can go eat baby."Win whispers as he pressed kisses to Team's face with each word.

"I don't want to hia." Team whine than set up with wides eyes.
"Hia I am reall here?"

Win knew it wasn't really a question but he smiled pulling his lover to him.
"Yes baby, now get up so we can get some food."

Team look through his stuff to find an outfit for the night Team put on a pair of pant's that Win got him that match a pair he own and kept the t shirt that he wear to sleep in.

Win look up form this closet to see Team and his eyes darken at the sight of Team groaning.
"I really want to just have my way with you babe, throw you on my bed and not let you leave it."

"Hia, later I am hungry now."
Win chuckled as he took a step and pull Team to him for a kiss than he pulled away with a "We can't have that now can we babe."Taking Team by the shoulder's to lead him out of his room and down to the car where Harry was waiting for them.

"Ah good your both ready the group message me and is waiting for us."

Once the three made it to a pub Win lead Team to a table with many people.
Harry brown hair and blue eyes light up when their landed on a woman's form.
She said pink hair and green eyes wearing a short pink dress, she smiled not taking her eyes off win so Team moved closers to his hia.

"Team this is Marry." Win told him talking about the woman in pink.
"The guy with blue hair is kenneth and lastly that Ben with the I am to straight to be anything else style."


"Team? Wow what a weird name." Marry said as she eyed Team.

"My english isn't good, um Marry." Team told her meeting her eyes dead on as he cuddled into Win's hold who translated what Marry said, making Team roll his eyes.


"Our names are hard to remember so we all takes nicknames,His name is Teerayu just like i am win but my other name is Phawin."Win told them as he took a seat making Team set in his lap, Team couldn't help but smirk at the glare he got from Marry.

"How you guys knew Hia win?" He ask them in broken english.

"Oh, since me and Win are roommate's we meet day one, I have been listening to his pening for you the most." Harry told him with a laugh.

"I have a class with Win and kenneth and Marry has a class with Harry, but why do you call Win hia is it a pet name?"

Win laugh taking over."In thailand we have a thing about calling older people with P or hia as a form of respect."

At the oh's from the group Harry got up to older food and drink's form the table.
"But you guy's are dating dose he still need to call you hia?" Kenneth ask.

"No, um He like's to hear it thou." Team let them know.

"IS it a kink thing?" Marry asked with a giggle"Should I call you hia to?"
Team glared than look at win who let him know what she said.

"No you can't call me Hia." Win snapped

"No, That would be when...I um say daddy to him." Team left Win tighten his hold on his hip make Team smirk a little at marry.

Marry eyes went wide at this.
"How long has you all been dating." She ask with a tone to her voice.

At the point Harry came back.
"Marry, can't you sound nicer to our new friend. Team seem to be really innocent."

"yeah right, he just told the whole group how he calls Win daddy."

"To be fair you ask if hia was a kink thing when win already said it wasn't, so Team just told you what he calls win that is a kink thing." Kenneth added.

"To also be fair you been looking at win since you meet win and trying to hit on him even after he told you he a taken man. You also been glaring at Team since he walk in." Ben put in.

"I Sure that this is all a misunderstanding." Harry said trying to defused the convocation.

"Harry hun we get it you like Marry." A new voice added taking a seat.

"Hello My name is Jill, I am Ben girlfriend, you must be Team right?"

Team nodded as he move to set next to Win , cuddle around his arms.

"Me and Team been together official for a few years' now." Win told the group relaxing back but his eye's hold a promise that Team would pay for the daddy comment later. Team couldn't help but feel smudged at this.

As the food got brought over win made sure Team couldn't grab one of the beer's.

"Team a lightweight and I have plans for him latter, I hope you can find a place to stay to late Harry unless you want to listen in."

"No problem man I'll stay with Ben tonight."

"Good looking out man."

"Hia what?"
So win repeated everything but in thai.
than added "I am gonna to make you beg me to stop."

"I Never beg you to stop but I always beg for more."

Win tighten his hold and said in a deep voice for Team to hurry up and eat.
"I waiting for months and you been teasing me this enter time, you knew what you been doing my little brat."
Team smile sweetly up at win "Yet you didn't tell me one of your friends been hitting on you, or that she would be here."

"Ah, you see Marry is Harry's crush so she hangs around, I'll told he I only want you and that she'll never take your place."
"Plus you should know that my own family would disowned or kill my ass if I even thought of cheating on you."

"Hia i know that but does she?"
Win laugh and told him "I may have mation it, when she told me your never have to know."

"Oh did she?"

Win pick up Team's hands and press a gentile kiss to the back of it "Yet you know I don't cheat anyways, plus why would I even think of anyone else when I have my soulmate tie together by hemp rope."