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The game night leaves her Kara giddy. She lets out a breath as she shuts the door behind Alex and Kelly’s retreating forms. Everyone has left, and she knows tonight has punctuated the end of one era and the start of a new one.


She hears a muffled yawn behind her and sees Lena dropping onto the couch, stretching a little before curling her legs underneath her.


Well, almost everyone has left. 


Lena leans her head against the back of the couch and looks at Kara. She smiles as Kara steps closer and sits next to her. Her thigh presses close against Lena’s folded legs. It feels easy. It feels like home. 


Kara reaches out, her fingers grazing Lena’s shoulder. The red fabric of her shirt is so soft, and Lena’s skin is sure and warm underneath it. 


She grips it more firmly, and it’s only then that she meets Lena’s gaze. Lena smiles, her hand coming up to settle over Kara’s. Holding it there. 


“You know,” Lena says. “I never did get to finish saying what I wanted to tell you at the wedding.” 


Kara’s heart stutters at that. She remembers swaying slightly as they stood before each other, unable to stop herself from leaning closer to Lena. Kara remembers glancing down to Lena’s lips. She remembers almost ki-


“What else did you want to say?” Kara asks, stamping down that train if thought before it can take form. 


Lena’s fingers slip under Kara’s palm and she brings her hand into her lap. She runs her hands along the lines of Kara’s palm and it takes all of Kara’s willpower not to visibly tremble at the feeling. 


Kara nearly laughs at herself. She can face all the world’s worst villains without so much as a shudder, but Lena’s soft fingers are enough to bring her to her knees. 


Lena takes a while to start. Kara can see in her face the way she must be gathering her thoughts and trying to fit them together coherently. If her hand wasn’t trapped in Lena’s, she would have brushed her thumb over Lena’s forehead, smoothing out the wrinkle between her eyebrows.


“In the spirit of honesty and truth,” Lena finally says. “There’s something I should tell you, Kara. I should’ve told you this a long time ago.”


Lena pauses. Kara waits, threading her fingers through Lena’s and giving a reassuring squeeze.


“I know that-“ Lena tries. “I feel… You’ve always-" She cuts herself off with a frustrated sigh. 


“It's okay,” Kara tells her. “Take your time.” Whatever Lena wants to say to her, even though it might not be the one thing she wants to hear, it seems important.


Lena quietens again. They sit there for so long Kara starts to think Lena has changed her mind. 


Lena doesn’t make another move to speak. Rather, she dips her head onto Kara’s shoulder. Her hair brushes feather light against Kara’s jaw and then Lena relaxes, fully burying her face in the crook of Kara’s neck. Kara wonders if Lena can feel how erratic her pulse is. 


Lena mumbles something against her skin and Kara should have heard it. She should have been able to make out exactly what Lena said. She does have super hearing. But when Lena said it, her lips had dragged so deliciously against her neck. It tickled and warm breath blew across her flesh. Who can blame Kara for missing the statement entirely?


“What did you say?” She asks. 


Lena leans back and looks at her, a hint of accusation in her eyes, but she clears her throat and, before Kara can start feeling guilty for missing what had taken so much time to build up to, she says it again. 


“I love you.”


Did she hear that right this time?


Lena loves her?


In the time it takes for Kara to even process that, Lena starts worrying her lip. Kara finds the action so endearing that her response slips out easily. 


“I love you too.” And it’s Kara’s greatest and most simple truth. She loves Lena. And that’s that.


“You’ve always been my best- “. Friend . That’s what Kara had been about to say. She can see Lena knows that too when she sees that the joy on her face dims a little. But she’s still so beautiful and Kara is messing this up again


“No! Wait.” Kara almost shouts. It startles Lena and Kara can see her growing even more confused. 


Lena looks away. She looks hurt .


“Lena,” Kara says simply. She places a finger to Lena’s chin, angling her face back to her. Lena opens her mouth to say something but Kara cuts her off. “Wait, let me say this.”


Lena obeys, but the light that had been in her eyes at the start of the night is definitely gone.


“You are my best friend.” Kara says and she can see Lena flinch almost imperceptibly at that, but she keeps going. “But you’re also…”


Kara spares a glance at the board game still on the coffee table and smiles. “You’re my perfect partner at game night.” And Lena laughs at that, remembering their glorious victory against everyone else today. 


“When I think of what happens next, and what I want, I see being Editor in Chief at CatCo. I see being an amazing aunt to Esme. I see having as many more game nights like these as I can.” Kara takes a breath.


“But more than anything, I see you, Lena.” Lena stares.


“Me?” She asks, almost shyly, her face finally lighting up again.


“Of course." How that fact could possibly be surprising, Kara doesn't understand. "The way I feel when I’m with you, it’s like what I’ve always wanted, to connect with someone as my whole self. I love you and I want-"


Kara’s throat closes up. Why does this have to be so hard?   She tries to say I want you . She tries to say I want to be with you . Nothing comes out.


But it’s okay. Because Lena has filled in the gaps. Lena has filled in the gaps and she’s moving towards her. Kara holds her breath as her face draws closer. She feels the firm pressure of Lena’s hand at the back of her neck and nearly startles. She hadn’t even noticed it move. 


Lena rests her forehead against Kara’s. Lena's eyes flutter closed and she inhales deeply, as if trying to calm herself. 


“Can I kiss you?” Kara whispers. In lieu of a response, Lena tilts her head and closes the space between them. 


They kiss soft and slow, but long. 


Kara takes her time, reveling in the firm pressure of Lena’s lips against hers. She tries to tell her, in the kiss, everything she wasn’t able to say. Everything she needs Lena to know. She wonders if Lena hears her. If Lena understands that the way she sucks in her bottom lip means I want you to be happy. I want us to be happy together. She wonders if the small noises she makes at the back of her throat easily translate to You have so much power over me. And I want to give you more. 


Lena must understand this, in some small way, if the way she kisses Kara back is anything to go by. If she doesn’t, that’s okay too, because Kara has all the time in the world to tell her. 


For now, Kara kisses Lena like a secret revealed.