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Boris was laying with Theo by the pool, so close together that their shoulders touched.


"Potter," Boris said, taking a drag of his cigarette. "What do you think about the stars?" 


Theo looked up at the white dots pasted on the sky. "They're bright." 


A silence followed. Boris didn't know what to say. 


"Obviously." Boris said. Theo scoffed.


"What are the stars like in New York, then?" 


Theo took a drag of his cigarette. "I can barely see them. The buildings are too tall. Here.. It all seems so clear." And maybe that was the drugs talking, but Theo seemed to see a constellation or two. 


"I feel bad for you." Boris replied.


"I'd go back if my mother was still alive. I care about her more than the stars." Theo said sadly. 


Boris looked over to Theo. "She is one of the stars now, watching over you." He assured.


"God, I think she wouldn't be proud of me taking drugs." Theo sighed. 


"Are you mad about it?" Boris asked. 


"About what?" 


"About me turning you into an addict. About me corrupting you." 


Theo felt like he shivered at the word corrupt. He liked the drugs when he started, he always liked taking it, especially with Boris. Boris corrupted him and he liked it. 


"Not at all." Theo said, and Boris believed him.


"What about you? What are the stars like where you came and went?" Theo asked, when Boris didn't say anything.


"Sometimes I see them clear as day, sometimes is too cloudy." Boris sighed, taking another drag. "I wish I was in control of sky. I would make everyone see stars and moon clearly. They are beauties." 


"You are the moon, Boris." Theo said with a hint of irony, remembering Boris' label of Badr Al-Dine.


"Ah, Badr." Boris sighed with a smile. 


"You should have stars then." Theo concluded. Boris looked over at Theo, confused.


"You can't have just one star, Potter." Boris took a drag of his cigarettes, looking back at the stars.


"Just one? Surely you must have more." Theo replied, bewildered. "What about Judy from Kar-what-was-it-"


Boris burst out laughing, elbowing his friend. "Potter, moon has stars for lifetime. Therefore, only include people I love in present."


Theo paused. "But all stars die eventually. Maybe she was your star once." Suddenly, his mind lingered to who that one star would be.


"You're right. She was." Boris said, and it was silent again.


"Who's the star?" Theo thought it must be some stupid girl, that Boris was just too sexually attracted to someone to understand what the stars with the moon really meant.


"That's the thing." Boris sighed, propping up on his elbows to look at Theo clearly.  "The star, Potter, is you." 


It surprised both Boris and Theo that Theo's reaction was to smile. "That's..."


When his friend smiled, Boris took that as an 'ok', and went on. "You're the brightest one, too. Could be as bright as moon."


Another tender silence. Boris laid down and smiled back at Theo.


"Potter, some stars die and some stay. For a lifetime. You.. I want you to stay." Boris' hand had landed on Theo's.


"I want you to stay as well." Theo said, and he knew he was smiling idiotically wide.


Boris sighed happily, looking back up at the stars. Theo let Boris' fingers intertwine with his. "Ah, the moon is full." 




"So!" Boris sat up, not letting go of Theo's hand. "We should be too! I am starving."


Theo sat up and grinned. They would surely stargaze again another time.