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To Give Up or Move Forward?

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  "I give up..." He grunted while locking up his last luggage bag and took in the sight of his bare room. It was finally March and he had concluded with his life. Ever since he joined U.A's 1-A Hero Course class, Katsuki Bakugou had been dragged back and forth through pure hell. His dreams were crushed as many eyed him as a villain with no morals, his heart was crushed when his boyfriend, Kirishima Eijirou broke up with him knowing he used to bully Midoriya. His classmates hated him when his discipline records went viral...


That was only the tip of the iceberg, with him getting chained during the Sports Festival on National TV, attacked multiple times by a group of villains in a school considered the  best  in Japan. The kidnapping Kamino case was what broke him and then... the war. 


Katsuki had been through grief... He had faced loss... But the day he faced his surgeon, learning of his disability... he knew his life was beginning to go mental... 'Your sweat glandes can't uphold anymore nitro... I will have to input that medicine to permanently shut off our quirk... I'm sorry...'  And so he pushed away everyone, finished his finales with flying colours and filled in a resignation letter for U.A. 'Fuck it all... I can't do this anymore...'


  Now, all that was left was to leave the campus. His old best friend, Kariage had a place ready for him to bunk in with, Shiketsu High had offered him after seeing his character development during the war, nobody in U.A saw him as someone more than the Beast of 1-A.


 Taking a deep breath, he stepped out the doorway, locked up and slowly began dragging his bags downstairs. The dorms were empty since most of the students were getting interviewed for the war against the League of Villains. Katsuki stepped into each room that brought different memories... Shouji's room where they hung out for an arm wrestle battle, Kirishima's where he broke down in tears and they first made love, Kaminari's where they, the Bakusquad hung out every night, Sero's room which they used for their study spot, Mineta's door which was often vandalised by the boys and girls for fun, Aoyama's where they talked about fashion magazines and interest... Midoriya's... when Izuku said he forgave him...


  "Goodbye, 1-A," he muttered when he reached the main entrance, his belongings all tidy beside him. He had placed his dorm key on the counter alongside packed up meals for them all... And a spick and span dorm left behind... "Thank you... for nothing."


  And with that, Bakugou Katsuki left 1-A with no intention of returning to U.A ever again...



 "WHAT IS THIS?" Aizawa bellowed at the rat-mouse-thing before him. The teachers were all assembled and Aizawa was enraged at the sight before him. Katsuki's letter was passed around and many seemed to actually SMILE. "What happened? When did he leave? Why didn't you persuade him not to?"


  "WHY? He's a menace, Aizawa!" Midnight whined (SPOILERS; yes, she lives for the content, guys...) "I'm glad he's gone! He's a rabid brat!"


  "He's a potentially strong hero! You're destroying a strong possible hero, Nedzu! You have to get him back!" The homeroom teacher of 1-A held a soft spot for the ash-blonde student. He knew how much Katsuki had been forced through and wanted to be by his side, protecting him from it all... But now. "If you won't get him back, then I'm leaving..."


 "Aizawa!" "Shou?"


  And with that, Aizawa Shouta, A.K.A Eraserhead turned from the staff meeting room, heading for the exit to find his former student.


He would only know much later that Katsuki had given up on his dream due to his quirk disability....



Katsuki faced Shiketsu High's building behind Kariage on his motorcycle. After leaving U.A and dropping his things at his best friends place, Katsuki asked if he could borrow his bike. To his utmost surprise, Kariage offered to drive him there.  '"You don't even have a license, Tsuki," he chuckled good-heartily while starting the engine.'


  He had his letter and wore a simple school uniform, without U.A's tie or shoulder pads. He gulped nervously and recalled how restricting Shiketsu's uniform seemed from the online posts.  'I wonder if they'll allow me to drop the tie... or will they be like U.A and yell at me on a daily basis?'


With an encouraging pat on his shoulder, he stepped into the school grounds, his heart thumping against his chest heavily. Kariage promised to await him by the school gates so he bravely strutted forward. He passed a few students and kept his head low, knowing they would sneer after all those ridiculous bashing rumours of him being a villain...


Well, that's what he expected.


 "Hey! Is that who I think it is? Our old pal, Bakubabe is here to visit?" A sappy voice called out, surprising Katsuki.


Katsuki watched the duo approach and his form tensed. He was seriously expecting sneers. The rumour mill would surely cause his odd friends to hate him. But Camie's choice of words made him consider things. Ever so slowly, he relaxed his shoulders and nodded curtly. "What do you want, damn extras?"


   The duo shared a look before the buzzcut boy grinned. "It's been so long, Bakugou! As friends, we can help you with whatever we can as potential heroes!"


  Katsuki was about to roar and yell his displeasure like before... He wanted to say how much he couldn't be potential heroes together anymore... He wanted to cry out his misfortune and fate... But now, he couldn't help but smile in relief. He was scared of losing more friends. Todoroki had promised to not break ties but the other classmates of 1-A were pushing him to isolate the nitroglycerin hero. Now, he nodded happily while watching those two bounces around in joy.


  "I came here to speak to your headmaster," he explained while joining them towards the main building. "Could you show me the way?"


  "Sure! But I will tell you in advance, we might get lost!" Inasa chuckled while Camie began dragging them around, more focused on showing the school facilities rather than bringing him straight to his destination.


It only took five minutes for Katsuki to understand the gravity of Yaoroshi's words. Shiketsu wasn't as large as U.A per se but it was more compact than what the public thought. The school had five buildings, the main classroom buildings large hero training dome which includes the gyms (which are open for any course students) and shower rooms, the dormitory for students who live far from the school campus, a huge library filled to the brim with research books, the latest technology and etcetera and finally, a building for Support students specifically. 


It took Katsuki at least an hour and a half to get through them all and finally, they reached the headmaster's office. Camie apologetically nodded but the nice lady behind the desk simply smiled and waved them off. Once they were alone, she gestured for him to sit down and Katsuki slowly lowered himself to a sofa.


  "It's nice to meet you, Bakugou Katsuki," she began softly without a hunt of malice behind her tone. "My name is Kazuma Miyami but you may call me Headmistress Kazuma. It is a pleasure to meet such a young aspiring hero in the era we live on."


  "Stop sucking it up and get to the point, lady," Katsuki snarled. He never really liked suck-ups and he still considered her an unknown variable. During the war, whenever the Shiketsu students were around to aid class 1-A, he would see her with Aizawa-sensei. She seemed trustworthy to the cause but not personally.


The lady had a calculating look in her eyes before she kindly responded with, "As what I've done to many others, I offer my school as a sanctuary for those who plan to do the best in life. Katsuki Bakugou, I offer you a place in my school. free of charge for three years in any course to your choosing."


 The offer itself seemed like a scam, adding to the fact the way presented was too simple.  'No way it's this simple! Surely she was something beneath her sleeves...'  Taking a moment to consider things, he narrowed his eyes and eyed this lady.


  "No offence, ma'am. But I know nothing of Shiketsu nor you. I would love to know more regarding this... programme, of course. The only reason I'm here is in hopes of seeking shelter from the cruelty befell upon me at U.A." Politely explained the ash-blonde boy while his fists clenched on his lap underneath the table. "I... I can't stay with them... They only see me as... as a puppet... I can't play that role anymore..."


  Headmistress Kazuma watched him closely before gently sliding a thin file towards him clipped with a blue pen and stamp. Her eyes were filled with warmth and kindness while she simply nodded. "I completely understand if you wish to not join us just yet... But we in Shiketsu will still provide the accommodations and facilities for your own usage to seek your new journey in life. I simply ask for you to reconsider this offer, since I see the true potential in your future..."


  Katsuki took a moment to eye the paperwork before sighing sadly and folding it up. He slid his Hero License across the table and sadly stood up, completely resigning to his fate. "I apologise for wasting your time, ma'am... But this hero programme isn't for me... C-Can you... Hold this for me?"

  Headmistress simply smiled in reassurance. "No worries, Bakugou," she said while pulling out a glass case to place it in and sliding it onto her shelves behind her desk. And just like that, she didn't bring up the fact he was giving up on his hero future. "Now, may I ask who is awaiting you by your gates? I'm sure your parents would've joined you if they came."


  "I..." He hesitated slightly, not wanting to say the truth. He didn't want to admit his parents hated him for his bad reputation and neglected him in the household. Hell, they even verbally abused him on daily basis. And somehow, he felt like this lady deserved to know the truth. "They didn't follow me, ma'am. A friend from middle school drove me here. He's waiting for my return at the gates."


   To his utter shock, she nodded in understanding. She didn't question him at all or look at him with scrutiny. Instead, she beckoned him to leave with her, offering the paperwork and a few flyers of Shiketsu High. They walked downstairs, passing a few lingering students. Katsuki's crimson eyes caught sight of Seiji Shishikura talking to Camie and giving a begrudging nod. After returning the gesture, he hurried up to keep up with the Headmistress until they reached the entrance site where an Indian Scout, Indian Motorcycle stood with the owner by its side.


  "Tsuki? Who's this?" Kariage asked politely while turning to the elder lady with a greeting nod. Behind his back, noticed by the sharp headmistress, the boy tried to disperse the black smoke from his cigar remains.


  "Takeo, meet Headmistress Kazuma of Shiketsu High. Headmistress, one of my closest friends, Hamamoto Kariage," introduced Katsuki briefly. "She wanted to meet whoever brought me here... since the old hag was  'busy' ."


  The brunette lady straightened her posture before ticking her tongue and lifted her palm in an asking gesture. Kariage stiffened before his face slightly paled and he chuckled warily.  'Sharp one, huh..?'  Giving the remaining cigar packet and lighter, he sighed sadly at her disapproving look. 


  "Does your quirk require this though, Mr Hamamoto?" She asked politely while considering the idea of returning them without simply hiding them in her handbag. 


  "Well, the more black smoke, the more for me to control," he said softly. "It's not like I don't need it. It's just... generating smoke is tough..."


   She gave an impressed look before pulling out an identical school registration slip. Kariage frowned insight of the paperwork she offered and tentatively accepted it. "You seem like someone with the skillset. But if you wish to decline, I completely understand. Just remember, this offer stands for bot hof you which includes accommodations and a scholarship if you gain at least a B in each subject. Now, I wouldn't want to stall your time here in Kansai. May you enjoy our lovely humble town." 


  And with that, she reentered her school grounds, leaving two dumbfounded teenagers by the entrance.


"Did that just happen?"



   Kariage and Katsuki spent hours in Kansai, touring the historical sites while quietly discussing their futures. Kariage did enjoy the idea of saving people with his quirk and he was exceptionally smart, but he was considered a lazy person and hated having his life controlled under the law. Katsuki on the other hand gained a free reign of his future in Kansai. The paperwork was proof he was emancipated from his parents and U.A, now under the authority of Headmistress Kazuma. He admitted to his best friend he didn't tell the lady his medical issues but Kariage seemed to trust the lady enough.


   They joked about this, if they moved out, who would miss them. But back in Tokyo, they didn't have many true friends. Only Todoroki would truly worry for Katsuki while the few back alley friends Kariage had would question his whereabouts. Besides that, neither had great parents nor proper school fundings. This reassured them two more years of education and if they did manage to keep it up, their college future would be solidified. 


  "But the backlash would be the media," Kariage pointed out while they sat in an empty cafe. "You, being well known from U.A, would be bombed by the media for moving schools. They would also question your parents and would cause worse."


   "True," Grunted the shorter boy while taking in the humble surroundings. "But this place offers so much more, Takeo... Sure I may bring bad reputations, but I can get a brand new start here in Kansai... The headmistress didn't say what school I had to join which could also include local schools. Hell, I could drop the whole Hero gig and live a new life..."


  Kariage simply stared into his red eyes with an understanding look. It annoyed him how much his middle school best friend knew him too well. Sighing heavily, he listened to the taller boys reasonings. "But you never wanted anything else but saving people, Tsuki... You want to bring joy... You just, suck at doing it directly..."


  "Despite permanently shutting off my quirk, I'm still nausea of being around medical things so any medicine courses are out," the blonde huffed before they began their crossing out those he didn't want and any local school provided courses based on their research. "I don't know... Takeo..."


  When he nervously raised his eyes, he was sure his friend would be glaring at him in annoyance. But instead, Kariage simple had a knowing look and crossed out the hero course provided by Shiketsu. "But I do, Katsuki... I know deep down, you have a talent in something. Whether its simply knitting or art or music or hell, even language! You do have something..."


  And so this continued on. "A General Education course which I would get into a teaching programme?" Katsuki began reading out the rest.


 "Nah... What about an architecture course? You like drawing," drawled off the buzzcut boy.


  "... I don't think so..." Katsuki leaned over the table dramatically, feeling hopeless. Now that he began to hate a few things, he wasn't sure of what to choose. "What else, business? Law?"


  "You would just lose any contracts with your short temper," pointed out Kariage before laughing at the mental image of Katsuki in a tight tuxedo. "Damn... Imagining you as an office geek would be hilarious!"


  "Shut up..." Grumbled the blonde before his eyes finally slid upon an interesting course. "Wait...."


  "Support Department in Shiketsu High?"



A few months later, intern Hero Deku and Shouto stood side by side on a battlefield alongside their few fellow classmates. Uravity was sweating at the lake of stamina she withheld while Red Riot was trying to break up a useless argument between Cellophone, Pinky and Chargebolt. Intern Hero Iida was hiding behind the shadows of her fellow mentor, Pro Hero Manual who was tasked to watch over the Ignemium heir after the stunt he caused over the years of fighting for what he bid 'right' justice.


  The scene was pure chaos. The villains were a group of idiots who seemed to only want to receive attention. The heroes on-site were mostly the newest sensation on Japan's top hero list. This included a lot of students from U.A, in particular those known as Class A-Stars, led by the infamous protege of All Might, Intern Hero Deku. Despite the controversy between the citizens, the fact he owns half of Japan's votes on the billboard proves his prowess.


   So being in that particular situation had his reputation on the line. Powering up his inherited quirk, he grinned at the coursing powers through his veins but took a moment to face the cameramen and audience.


  "You guys know our cheer, right?" He yelled over the chaos, ignoring the fact many villains were beginning to destroy buildings. "PLUS UL-"


  Before he could even finish his chant, a whirlwind fogged up his vision, causing many to shriek. When it all ended, the villains were tied up in capture tape while a team of trio heroes in familiar outfits stood in the middle towering those evildoers. Behind them, an Alfa Romeo velvet car parked nearby with wide-open doors while a familiar ash-blonde sat in the passenger driver's seat with empty suitcases in hand.


  "Did they work?" The driver called out to the trio hero who was tightening the capture tapes on the chaos inducers. 


  "Hell ya! Great job again, Tsuki!" A familiar buzzcut boy yelled out while a lady came strutting out of the car and headed towards the bystanders. "Maboromicamie! Do your part while awaiting the authorities! I'm sure Cementoss can help rebuild the rest between your time limit!"


  "Sure thing, Gale Force!" The beauty said while swaying her hips and activating her quirk, allowing illusions to shade them all, ignoring the fact her fellow intern heroes had fallen for her hallucinations as well. "When's their ETA? I can only last for thirty minutes top!"


  "Based on the traffic caused by these idiots, give or take thirty-five!" A black-haired boy with a tiny ponytail laying on his shoulder grunted while black smoke trailed around him to lift him higher up for a bird's eye view. Knowing the streets of Musutafu the best among them, h could calculate things to the tee. "But Katsuki, didn't you finish making that support device to increase her limit range? I'm sure that could help!"


  "It's still in evaluation but you can give it a try if you dare," muttered the blonde while finally exiting the vehicle, revealing his familiar short figure, baggy pants, knitted brows and crimson eyes. His hands fumbled with a glove with wires sprouting from the wrist band. "The recalibration to inject the correct amount of epinephrine based on the preference calculations into your adrenal glands is still in adjustment. Be careful, Mabo-san..."


  The four friends considered the things before a gruff voice from behind caught their attention and Pro Hero Sisicross stood there slightly feet taller than the familiar blonde with an unfamiliar easy grin. "Didn't we all agree to trust in Tsuki's inventions? No going back, Camie!"


  It was a moment of contemplation before Camie mischievously grinned, "Than, YOU try it!" And soon, two of the five heroes ran in circles with laughter then snapped those intern heroes by the stands snap out of their daze. 


  "Wait, Kacchan?" Deku had the nerve to call him by the blondes old childhood name he loathed since ever. "W-What? W-Where have you been? W-What is going on? How do you know-"


  Before the green broccoli head student could get any closer, a new gust of wind caught them off guard and he stumbled back into his fellow friend's arms. "Hey! That's dangerous!" Uravity dared yell out, snapping a few civilians from their daze and noticing their destroyed houses. "What the hell?"


  "What a nuisance..." Camie clicked her tongue in pure annoyance at the chubby girl. She couldn't reconnect hose broken out of her quirk so easily and since they had already seen the things they had tried to hide, they silently agreed to lower the illusions. "Apologies folks, but I, Maboromecamie and my fellow heroes were only here for a vacation and we honestly didn't manage to get here on time. We hope you will sincerely accept our apology and mistakes so, in the future, we shall ensure the safety of your homes..." And in unison, the fivesome bowed, shocking the former Class 1-A students to see the Beast of 1-A do so. 


  And fortunately, an old man pieced everything together and smiled warmly. "You stopped them from doing worse quickly. Thank you, Hero Maboromecamie! Thank you, other heroes!"


  As the locals cheered, much to the U.A intern heroes dismay, a little boy rushed up for autographs which soon caused a slight stampede. They all handled it calmly and soon were answering questions while the other heroes and a few repair workers arrived at the crime scene. Katsuki stood back, watching them all gape upon his best friend black smoke quirk which transfigured into multiple shapes and animals. 


 Eventually, an old man approached the blonde himself and asked kindly, "What can we ever do to repay you?"


  Katsuki's former classmates stiffened in fear of whatever these Shiketsu wanted. They knew their former classmate was an asshole and aspiring villain while Sisicross was definitely some kind of monster based on his actions during his license exam. And they didn't recognise the smoke quirk hero.


  So when Katsuki simply smiled and reassured the old man they simply wished for a future enjoyable visit, Red Riot couldn't help but yell, "WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO BAKUGOU?" 


  It was a moment of awkward silence before the ash-blonde tilted his head slightly towards the redhead he once loved and grunted. "I don't know any  'Bakugou' . My name is Kazuma Katsuki, and I'm a hero support engineer working under these dolts."


  "Well you love these dolts," the unknown hero chuckled while ruffling his long messy locks, causing him to puff up in childish rage. "Come on, Tsuki! You've got to admit you look like a Pomeranian!"


 "I do not, Takeo," huffed the crimson eyed boy, ignoring the gasp of realisation from their former middle school classmate. "Anyway, let's head back to the park. Mom is waiting to pick us up and she'll want a report on the shit that happened just now..."


 "Wait, Hamamoto Kariage?" Intern Hero Deku blurted out, simply destroying his hidden identity just like that, oblivious to the collective glares from the Shiketsu calumnies. "Quirk Black Smoke, your major weakness is rain and you can't-"


  Before he could continue blurting out more secrets, black smoke formed into a hand and slammed him into the cement floor with a snarl on his face. Nobody could blame him for his fame, except those of U.A who believed they couldn't do wrong and tried to fight him off.


  "Shut up... If you took a moment to research and know the current ones besides your dumbass fame," began the onyx eyes teen while smoke enveloped him lie a cloak and seemed to go frenzy. "Maybe you would know I'm an underground hero and you blurting out my identity, quirk, weakness and other shit is a crime. So unless you like to gain some jail time, I think it would be wise for you to shut your trap!"


  "Get off of Deku, you villain!" Uravity cried while trying to use her quirk to save her boyfriend, only to get nausea since she had been using it a lot to simply fly around and amuse her fans. 


   "I agree with Uravity! Deku had done nothing of the wrong," Tenya tried explaining, ignoring the incredulous looks from his mentor, Manual. When the blue theme suit hero gave him a raised brow, he blinked owlishly. "What? I was saying the truth..."


  "Then you would know the truth includes how I can sue Pro Hero Deku for outing my personal records to the public, right?" Hero Takeo asked while pulling out his phone to call his manager. "So sueing Pro Hero Deku, right? Oh, wait... it's  Intern  Hero Deku. I keep forgetting U.A kids got only internships and no personal companies cause they flunked the Hero Commission Examination..."


   With that said, the bystanders weren't surprised to watch those rogue Intern Heroes launch an attack on someone stating the obvious.



  "Honestly, Miyami... Is this necessary?" Former Pro Hero All Might questioned while watching his students stay locked up while his former college students were let free. 


  "It's Headmistress Kazuma, Toshinori-san," hissed the brunette while giving her adoptive son a brief hug. "And please... Don't even try to guilt-trip me. They have gotten what they deserved. My students wouldn't have taken action if they didn't try to stay in the camera's spotlight and focus on their mission..."


   All Might could only splutter before turning to his former student. "Young Bakugou, my boy," he said while trying to reach out, only to stop when wind, black smoke, illusions and a meatball was threatened to be thrown at him. "Please..."


  Katsuki stayed still, simply letting the silence drag on before cocking his head over his shoulder and giving a familiar wild smile. "I've never known a  'Bakugou' , sir. My name is Kazuma Katsuki..."


  And with that, they all walked away, letting them all realise how much they lost by trying to throw him under the bus...



  "Well, you surely caused a riot," Aizawa chuckled from his place behind Eri, gently braiding ehr hair while she scribbled out a unicorn with her adopted brother, Hitoshi. "Honestlyl, Hell Child... What am I going to do with you?"


  "Train me hand to hand combat so these idiots don't overreact?" Suggested the ash-blonde and laughing at the incrdulous looks from his classmates. "I'm joking! I'm joking!"


  "Kazuma Katsuki joking?" Kariage gaped beside Hizashi, ignoring the snickering at his sarcastictone. "It's the end of the world!"


  "Ok. All are idiots but one," Katsuki quickly recorrected his former statement, gaining whines from the rest. "What? I can only tolerate one of you..."


   "And the act you can makes you amazing, babe," Yaoroshi chuckled from his seat beside the Aizawa-Yamada adopted kids to see Eri's drawing. "You changed into a better person..."


  "So I wasbad person?" He questioned, inwardly smirking at the ohh-es from the rest.


   Aizawa decided to not reprimand them from getting all lovey around Eri this one time, knowing they were rather stressed from meeting his former problem children and smiled at the genuine joy on Katsuki's face. 'As long as he's happy and safe... that's all that matters... Thank you, God,.. for letting him get a second chance...'