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If there's a show or couple (throuple, etc) not listed here, it could be that I either forgot to add them or I might personally not be interested in writing for them. Feel free to still leave suggestions, though! Someone else might still write for them, or the prompt could be used for different characters. :)

Language: I write mainly in English.

Ratings: From general audiences up to explicit content.

Relationship: I'm mostly interested in writing BL couples. Platonic and/or Queer Platonic Relationships are also more than welcome! This does include platonic sibling/relative fics. When opting for a romantic relationship, I welcome couples, throuples, and more. Friends-with-benefits is also an option. So go wild, lol. (Honestly, throw some asexual and/or aromantic suggestions my way and I will adore you)

Pairings I might write (more could be added):
-Mork/Sun (Dark Blue Kiss);
-First/Bohn (My Engineer);
-Thara/Frong (My Engineer);
-Frong/Bohn (My Engineer);
-Ram/King (My Engineer);
-Mek/Boss (My Engineer);
-Mork (DBK) & Bohn (ME) - relatives/siblings;
-Type/Man (2Gether);
-Tine & Type (2Gether) -siblings;
-Tutor/Fighter (WhyRU?);
-Zon/Saifah (WhyRU?);
-Un/Two (Theory of Love);
-Khai/Third (Theory of Love);
-Un/Khai (Theory of Love);
-Tan/Bun (Manner of Death);
-Sorn/That (Manner of Death);
-Jack/Zhaozi (Trapped);
-Shaofei/Tang Yi (Trapped);
-Adachi/Kurosawa (Cherry Magic);
-Jin Won/Sang-Ha (Mr. Heart);
-Kang Gook/Tae Joo (Where Your Eyes Linger);
-Team/Win (Until We Meet Again);
-Win/Dean (Until We Meet Again);
-Ming/Kit (2Moons);
-Folk/Pure (My Gear and Your Gown);
-Pure/Waan (My Gear and Your Gown);
-Tharn/Type (TharnType);
-Tharn/Type/Techno (TharnType);
-Tharn/Techno (TharnType);
-Type/Techno (TharnType);
-Arthit/Kongpob (Sotus).

As you can see, I don't always follow canon pairings and such so if you've got something like that as well, go for it!

Go dump your prompts/suggestions/requests and I, or someone else, might make a fanfic out of it. ^^

Update! I see some wonderful suggestions, thank you. I am working on a couple of them so, hopefully, there will be more stories added! I just recovered from surgery which caused me to not be able to write all this time. Thank you for your patience. <3