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Peanut Butter

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Cocona couldn't take it anymore. Ever since she returned from the school time loop Pure Illusion, she started feeling a weird sensation in her crotch. At first it was barely noticeable, but day by day the tingling grew more intense. That morning she had to do something about it, otherwise the school would be unbearable. Cocona remembered that her granny had an ointment that she used to treat pain in her joints. She looked for it in the cupboard but it wasn't there. Instead her sight settled on a jar with some oily brown substance. "Worth a try".

"Kun-kun-kun-kun" Papika was excitedly sniffing the air around Cocona.
"What are you doing, Papika?", Cocona feigned incredulousness, even though she already figured out the answer.
"You smell re-e-e-ally good today, Cocona"
"Do I?" Cocona blushed and looked aside. The tingling in her crotch kept intensifying and the remedy she used didn't help one bit. Worse yet, it seemed to attract Papika and she wasn't the type to let it go.
"I'll explain it later", Cocona blurted out as the school bell rang.

At the recess the two secluded themselves in a dim and rarely visited hallway of the school.
"Please don't tell anybody. And don't make fun of me." Cocona whispered, as Papika was already sniffing around her thighs.
"I was feeling strange... down there... I thought that thing would help..."
"When I feel strange down there, I just use my fingers!" stated Papika matter-of-factly.
Cocona's face turned crimson red as Papika continued to describe her methods in detail. Papika's right hand disappeared under her own skirt, while her face disappeared under Cocona's skirt.

Embarassed Cocona stood there trembling as Papika pulled down her panties with her teeth.
"You smell so good today, Cocona, I just can't help myself"
"What if somebody will see us?" begged Cocona, but it was none of Papika's concern.
At this moment Cocona felt the warmth and moistness of Papika's tongue which started vigorously slithering around Cocona's nether region.
"Aah, Papika, stop it"

Cocona wouldn't admit it right away, but it felt really good. She didn't notice as she inadvertently grabbed Papika's left hand and tightly squeezed it. Papika emerged from below Cocona's skirt, her face completely smeared in peanut butter.
"You want me to stop?"
"Please... don't"
It wasn't long before Cocona has reached the climax. Cocona's senses overloaded as her body was violently shaking. She never felt so good before. Cocona couldn't hold down her voice anymore, and her scream echoed through the hallway. Papika was vigorously fingering herself the whole time, and she also came simultaneously. Papika's face and shirt were thoroughly drenched in Cocona's fluids and peanut butter. However her smile was as bright as ever.

"How was it, Cocona?"
Cocona slid down the wall and buried her face in her hands. She couldn't believe what had just happened. Nor did she have any words to express what she was feeling. Several minutes have passed before Cocona suddenly embraced Papika who was still waiting by her side and broke into tears.
"Thank you... Papika..."