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Uncontrollable Desires

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"Xiao Zhao hurry up! Your break is already over!"


"I'm coming!" 


It was just like any other day. Just like every day Zhao Yunlan was putting on different kinds of clothes before posing in front of a camera . Sometimes he had the luxury of an air  conditioned room but most of the time Zhao Yunlan had to pose for several hours in a hot room, sweating like an ice bear in the savannah.  


It was just like any other day for the famous clothing and accessories Model Zhao Yunlan. Thanks to his fit and lanky body with two equally fine long legs and his quirky but friendly personality, Zhao Yunlan was fastly acknowledged inside and outside of the field and the community.  


But that doesn't mean that there weren't any hardships. It wasn’t rare that he had to work while being sick. Sadly one of the occasions he was losing  consciousness during a photoshoot for his sponsor Crocs. In the end it turned out he had severe gastritis and the doctors recommended at least one day of bed rest. 


But just like the hard headed and workaholic bastard that he is, Zhao Yunlan got up, demanded that his manager discharge him from the hospital before walking off. He promptly sat in the car that brought him to the hospital and drove to the studio to continue his paused photoshoot. 


As if it couldn’t have gotten any worse, their camera man had to quit the job. Which later on ended with the guy getting jailed for a drunk driving case. This was particularly inconvenient because of the high workload still needed to be finished as the deadlines for a big cooperation approached. 


Since then they have pulled up a poster for recruitment. Many people showed up the next day, ready to take over the job. Many claimed they had taken the photography major in their respective universities and hence had decided that they indeed were perfectly qualified for the job.


Perhaps it was because people were excited to work side by side with the famous Zhao Yunlan, or were just in desperate need for a job. But at the end of the day, Zhao saw something special in the young man who stood quietly with a Canon camera hanging off of his neck. And decided to mock recruit* him for a day.


And just like he had thought, the young man seemed to know exactly which poses to go for, what shots looked more pleasing to the eye, and even edited the photos by himself. Zhao Yunlan's manager, Jiu Feihuo, was evenly impressed and decided to hire him as the photographer and as an assistant editor of their current main editor, basically a kind of a back up if she doesn't manage to make it to the workplace.


Shen Wei was over the ripe age of 25, basically just a year or two older than Zhao, with charming looks to his face. Peach blossom eyes with pleasant wrinkles and bold cheekbones with a soft curve to his nose, and lastly, a thin pair of lips to add to his prettiness.


Ever since the mock recruitment was taken, the male was officially recruited, and then, since been flourishing in his position. There seemed to be an additional finer touch to each of Zhao Yunlan's pictures and thus, making it more unique than ever. Hence, making the viewers more satisfied and the production team busier than ever.



It has been well over a few months, Shen Wei has been busier than ever in his life, for a good reason too. He didn't think he would ever get to look at Zhao Yunlan in person, forget about even working with him. The charisma the man carried in his persona was overwhelming and charming.


Recently, sponsors filled up the demands of mostly half body photoshoots for Yunlan but there were those lucky times where a full body shot was needed. In all honesty, he wasn't meaning that he disliked taking those half body pictures, it's just that taking a whole body shot was something he prefered more. 


It's just that.. There's just something so incredibly beautiful when it comes to Zhao Yunlan's long and slender legs. Their length and their slightly noticeable muscles look just perfect especially when he is wearing tight jeans, usually dark that fit perfectly to the legs.  Shen Wei just loved the whole waist down for.. some unspecified reasons. 


In this one certain photoshoot, Zhao Yunlan was instructed to sit on the opposite side of the chair and that's how exactly Shen Wei knew what kind of photoshoots he exactly liked to take. 


Dressed in a suit jacket and slacks, his legs arise, and the back of his thighs rest against the chair's backrest while swinging one leg over it, Zhao Yunlan looked like a god. His other leg was slightly perched on its calve, leaving nothing to the imagination as the slack ended just above the ankles. But it was high waisted, hugging perfectly around Zhao Yunlan’s fine waist. Said man was instructed to sit on the chair backwards only but he had decided for himself that he wanted to add some special twists to this shooting and sat back in a more laid-back position. With a slight smug expression and half lid eyes, he looked directly at the camera lens.**


Many thoughts started forming inside of Shen Wei’s head but the only appropriate reaction he could muster was a gulp. To regain his focus he looked away and tried to focus on something else. In the end he decided to fixate on Zhao Yunlan’s legs. Just like a professional, Shen Wei slowly traced those legs with his orbs within the camera before he cleared his throat and counted down to 3 before taking a picture.


As soon as the break started, Shen Wei announced his disappearance and shut himself in the men's washroom. He took two deep breaths, looking down to see a tent forming on his pants and immediately gulped. He didn't expect to have such a strong reaction, after all, all that the model did was just pose.


He sighs shakily, and zips his pants before starting to tend to his filthy problem and dirty imaginations. Much less professional now, Shen Wei was imagining Zhao Yunlan just like he was posing a few moments ago, the only difference was him being naked and it wasn't the chair where he was leaning his legs on. Instead his legs rested on Shen Wei's shoulders. 


Shen Wei squeezed his eyes shut. He didn't want to imagine any further, it was too dirty, too sinful.. but at the same time too desirable. 


Zhao Yunlan's wet half lidded eyes appeared in his imagination, staring at him as he'd let out a breathy moan through his spit shiny swollen red lips. This thought and the heat from his hand pushed Shen Wei over the edge. White hot ropes of liquid ejaculated from his penis, as he tried to keep in his moan. 


He.. he really doesn't know what to do…



Zhao Yunlan noticed something pretty obvious about the new, or better, over half a year old-ly recruited production member. Every time their eyes meet each other, the other male looks away quickly or just avoids his eyes.


Whenever the junior member thinks Zhao Yunlan isn't paying attention or is busy, he himself can feel a burning gaze on his back or sometimes even on lower regions. Whenever he's posing or just fixing his position for a full body shot, he can see the young man staring at him from head to toe .


Zhao Yunlan softly smirks, slowly caressing his lips with his finger as he continues. It's obvious the boy was a victim to his good looks but he didn't expect the male to be this confident and actually be able to restraint from acting out.


Not to sound like a narcissist, but it was obvious that half of the production team themselves were his little fans. Otherwise he wouldn't have made it to being known as one of the most sophisticated male models ever.


Speaking of, the man isn't bad looking either. In fact with that beauty he should have been a supermodel himself. Long lashes, big eyes and cute lips. What part of him wasn't pleasing to the eyes? Oh. Zhao Yunlan chuckles to himself as a thought hushed through his brain. His self restraint.


Yunlan laid back on the backrest of the chair in the makeup room and looked at himself in the mirror before his mind fizzed. What was his name again? Yunlan thought, mocking himself foolishly.


It's Shen Wei. How would he ever forget such a majestic name like that? It was, just like its owner, sophisticated. A fine lean body, tall and upright. Soft brown hair and strong eyebrows. A cute nose and adorable red ears. Yunlan again looks at himself and smiles.


"Aren't you one dumbstruck idiot with a crush?" He asked himself and chuckled. He then is about to mutter another word when his manager comes into the room.

"What are you doing you little brat?! We're on a tight schedule today so get your arse up!"


"Aiya! Come on. The break can't be over that quickly."


"Well it is now, are you coming or should I drag you by your ear?"


"I'm coming, I'm coming, just wait." Zhao Yunlan groaned before stopping when his manager had exited, and smiled and winked at himself before leaving from the room.


"Shen Wei… “ he thought, feeling as his tongue roll pleasantly at the name as he looked at the man fixing the camera's position before going off with a charming smile.


A few months passed by and it became blatantly obvious that there was a certain connection between the cameraman and the model. Zhao Yunlan would usually start a conversation with the young male and try to make some physical contact, to which Shen Wei would respond with a blush but answer in a confident manner.


It was obvious that the men were bonding, both physically and emotionally. Shen Wei, although much more open than before, still was pretty much the type to speak only when another started the conversation.


Today was a little special. Nobody knew why but the production manager reminded them all that they had to be ready as soon as Zhao Yunlan would arrive from the make-up. After all, it was supposed to be very different from many photoshoots or so the manager said. The male had even mentioned how it could contain Zhao Yunlan trying on lingerie for men or something more revealing before laughing off at his flushed expression before saying it's gonna be a suit, just of a different style, that's it.


Half an hour passed by, and Shen Wei was almost about to curse from both the heat of today and nervousness. Shen Wei still couldn't get rid of the shock he felt when he heard those words come out of the manager's mouth. Although the manager had only joked, Shen Wei still blushed redder than a tomato before grabbing a small portable hand held fan from his bag and blew it on his face.


Just a moment longer and soon he'll be seeing Zhao Yunlan in his outfit. After cooling down, he prepares the camera and all the important lightning and ISO settings. Today was one of the days Shen Wei needed to stay back and edit the photos because the main editor called in sick. 


Soon the room was filled with rummaging and busy and silent whispers. Shen Wei turned around, trying to make out the reason for everyone acting up and watched as the satisfied manager emerged from the dressing room with Zhao Yunlan following suit. Zhao Yunlan stood against the door, dressed in a beige suit piece, with a red and green belt wrapped perfectly around his thin waist, paired with glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose. Although this looked pretty simple, there was an additional detail, under the suit, Zhao Yunlan wore nothing.***


Immediately meaning that his finely sculpted chest was in the view of everyone. Shen Wei's mouth went dry as he analyzed the model from head to toes. The matching coloured slacks fitted perfectly on Zhao's long legs, and Shen Wei almost lost his mind. He immediately looks away.


"Please get ready, we're on a tight schedule today and you're pretty late. It's only best if we start right away." Shen Wei says harshly and loud, surprised he got all of that out without even making the dryness in his voice obvious. Zhao Yunlan looked at him once before nodding and walking to the destined area.


"Alright everyone! We are all done for today! Tomorrow is your weekend so I hope to meet you the next day. Goodbye everyone." Said Jiu Feihuo to the rest of the production team who bowed to him. While the members were on their way to leave, Shen Wei had stayed back, with the excuse that there could have been a mistake in editing and he would like to stay back and check through the photos again and re-edit them in case of problems.


While in reality, when they had finished the photoshoot, Zhao Yunlan had secretly dropped a small note on top of his camera when they were checking out the last badge of pictures, in which it said for him to meet him at the dressing room after everyone leaves.


Shen Wei knew that Zhao Yunlan knew he craved for him, that he craved to taste and touch. That he couldn't hold it back anymore and that Zhao Yunlan himself couldn't either. And so, there he was, just in front of the door of the dressing room. Jiu Feihuo had handed him the keys to the rooms for he would be the last one to leave, hence was given the responsibility.


Shen Wei gulped and opened the door. There was no one, but there was the usually lightly tinted glow from the room. Shen Wei put the keys in his pocket and pulled out the note. With how messily the words were scribbled, it was obvious that Zhao Yunlan scribbled fast enough and really had the intention of not wanting people to know about passing a note to him, much less let them have any ideas about the events that might occur tonight.


He leaned against the wall, waiting for the male to appear when he suddenly heard the door shut close. Hesitant, Shen Wei turned around only to be greeted by the face of the man he awaited. He was still dressed in that suit, with that tight belt around his waist and the gold framed glasses on the bridge of his nose.


They both made eye contact, Shen Wei only gazed deeper when Zhao Yunlan suddenly opened his mouth.


"I'm sorry I was late. I told you to be here earlier but I'm late mys—" Shen Wei, growing more impatient than ever, only decides to finally break off his chains of restraint and grab Zhao Yunlan by the collar before cutting him off by smashing his lips against the other.


Zhao Yunlan paused for a while before immediately responding and holding the nape of the other man. It was hot, almost suffocating, but too desirable and inevitable. Zhao Yunlan enhances the kiss as he slips his tongue inside Shen Wei's mouth, battling his wet muscle against the other's before pushing the male against the wall. Curious and mischievous sets of hands roam around each other's body, exploring each other closer and better.


Shen Wei grips on Zhao Yunlan's hair as they both fight for dominance, and grips on the lower portion of Zhao Yunlan’s back before making a turn and pinning him. Zhao Yunlan gasps when Shen Wei grinds their hips together creating such a delicious friction. And of course Shen Wei takes that as an advantage and invades Zhao Yunlan’s wet cavern, licking every inch and corners of it. 


Sucking on his luscious plump lips, Shen Wei dropped his hand to grab the model's thigh and pulled him closer. They break their kiss and Shen Wei directs his lips against Zhao Yunlan's jawline, nibbling and sucking at it. Zhao Yunlan let out a throaty groan, clutching on the man's hair before chuckling lowly


"How long have you been wanting to do this to me?" Shen Wei then grinds his hips against the young model..


"Too long..." Shen Wei lets out with a hoarse voice. Zhao Yunlan moans as Shen Wei licks his Adam's Apple before sucking and making a dark purple bruise. He then brings his hands to the belt around the model's waist and unbuckles the belt before throwing it to god knows where.


With the belt gone, Shen Wei now had an easier access to Yunlan's chest and lower portion and immediately started undressing these parts as well. With the jacket gone, Shen Wei stared at Zhao Yunlan in awe. Right in front of himself, Shen Wei had a perfect view on the finely sculpted chest with dark pink nipples, lowering his gaze he was met with lean abs accompanied with a fine thin waist and a prominent V line.


"Like what you see?" Zhao Yunlan purred into his ear, nibbling at his earlobe tinted in pink. Shen Wei let out a soft moan before grabbing at his thighs.


"Jump." Shen Wei commanded and Yunlan looked at him quietly for a while before complying and was swiftly caught by Shen Wei. Zhao Yunlan then instantly wrapped his arms around the young man's neck and kissed the corner of his lips before directly attacking the lips again.


Shen Wei, with little to no hardship, carried both of them to a leather sofa situated in the room and placed Zhao Yunlan on it. Zhao Yunlan broke off the kiss and panted with a smile.


"I didn't expect you to actually carry me so easily like that. What are you hiding from me, Wei Er?" Shen Wei didn't respond at first, but soon, he smirked and took the glasses off of Zhao Yunlan and leaned towards his face. Shen Wei looked into his eyes before widening his smug expression.


"A Lot more than you can think, Ah Lan." Before pushing him down and soon started taking off his own clothes. Just before Zhao Yunlan's eyes - and between his legs - Shen Wei presented his body. Zhao Yunlan didn't talk, and only traced the fine curves and edges with his eyes before looking up to meet the eyes of the man who was looking at him with an adulterated lust in it. 


Shen Wei didn't speak and smashed his lips onto the model under him while he undid the pants. Ridding of the slacks, Shen Wei slowly kneaded Zhao Yunlan's bulge, to which the man bit his lip in pained pleasure.


Shen Wei then didn't wait any long and pulled down his boxers, freeing the organ that sprung about, it's veiny length twitching. Shen Wei eyed it for a moment before lowering himself, throwing one of Yunlan's legs over his sturdy shoulder.


He didn't directly go at it, instead he huffed hot breath on it, watching the veins pulsate. He quickly glanced at Yunlan before nearing his face to the member. He placed his hand on one of the thighs' inner part and softly caressed it with his slightly calloused thumb.


Zhao Yunlan hitched on his breath and soon, Shen Wei had his lips softly touching his other thigh, dragging it against the smooth skin until he was near the softest part and sucked on it. Zhao Yunlan only cursed, he was so close to his rock hard length…  


"Stop teasing me." Zhao Yunlan growled. Shen Wei only sucked harder before biting. Shocked but also turned on, Zhao Yunlan did not hold back and let out a soft pained moan and glared at him. But before he could do anything else, he felt something hot and wet around his cock. With a muffled moan he looked at the young man, who directly looked into his eyes with the tip in his mouth.


Shen Wei sucked softly, his tongue pressed onto the tip of the head before he lowered down, almost engulfing the whole length in one go. Zhao Yunlan let out a loud moan as Shen Wei hollowed his cheeks, tightening deliciously around his firm organ. He panted lightly, wanting more, feeling the man's tongue licking his throbbing veins.


Before he knew it, Shen Wei started his motion, bobbing up and down the shaft fully, feeling it almost hit the back of his throat when he felt a euphoric pleasure hit him as Shen Wei massaged his testes.


Soft sounds of wet sucking and breathy moans filled the room as Zhao Yunlan edged nearer his orgasm every second. His moans became louder as Shen Wei's movement faster. He was so close, so so close to cumming.


"Xiao Wei..!" Zhao Yunlan choked as Shen Wei sucked harder, now clutching on his shaft. He reached out and gripped on his arm and shoulder, indicating he was to cum. Shen Wei hummed, and the vibration was sent directly to his organ. Zhao Yunlan moaned and squeezed his eyes shut, feeling the heat pool on his lower abdomen when Shen Wei suddenly stopped before taking his mouth off of Yunlan's crotch. Zhao Yunlan looked at him through curiosity and lust.


Shen Wei only did nothing until within a second, he grabbed the member and covered the tip of the wet swollen head. Zhao Yunlan widened his eyes in both shock and pain and soon felt the force of Shen Wei smashing lips against his. With an 'mph' sound Zhao Yunlan responded, tasting his own precum in Shen Wei's mouth. His eyes became misty, not knowing why Shen Wei had him on such a harsh grip when he felt something slightly cold rub on his entrance.


With a gasp, the finger slid in. Zhao Yunlan let out a sound of discomfort but didn't move around too much knowing it could start hurting. Feeling Shen Wei's somehow wet finger grazing against his tight walls, Zhao Yunlan couldn't help but let go of a throaty moan of slight pleasure and pain.


Shen Wei let go of his lips and directly slid down to his erect nips, catching one between his lips while slipping in another finger inside of Zhao Yunlan’s hole. Zhao Yunlan moaned pathetically, feeling dirty for he never thought he would ever make those noises out of his throat but couldn't stop it either.


Shen Wei groaned, feeling as Zhao Yunlan’s tight walls suck in his two fingers filthily, he bit slightly hard on the nipple before rubbing the tip of the model's cock harshly with his thumb. The sounds coming out of Zhao Yunlan's plump lips made his mind fizzy, his own hardened shaft suffering under the tightness of the jeans he had on.


He removed himself from the male and bit his own lip, he stopped thrusting his fingers for a small moment, making Zhao Yunlan whine in response. After making Zhao Yunlan wait a few seconds, Shen Wei shoves in three fingers at once, but instead of following the rhythm of thrusting them in and out continuously, he buries them deeper, almost as if searching for something while he starts jerking off the model's wet cock.


Zhao Yunlan let out a loud, and a pretty high pitched moan, shocked at his own reaction when Shen Wei smirked before silently uttering 'Found it.' and grinding his fingers on the same spot. Yunlan gasped, feeling the pleasure take over him as Shen Wei tended to his cock and meddled with his prostate. Suddenly Shen Wei stops before pulling out, but still holds on to his shaft tightly.


Zhao Yunlan is panting , his chest heaving up and down heavily as he gazes at Shen Wei with half lidded eyes. Shen Wei lets go of his cock and focuses on unzipping his pants while staring at Zhao Yunlan with unrestrained burning lust and passion. 


Getting rid of everything all at once, the huge shaft lay directly in Zhao Yunlan's sight. It was wet at the tip, throbbing and swollen in a dark pink colour. Twitching with veins almost popping out. Zhao Yunlan widened his eyes before he gulped.


It wasn't too much bigger than his, but it wasn't anywhere near small. Not even medium. 'Is this even gonna fit?' He thought to himself quietly. He looked at Shen Wei, who was also looking at him with hesitation. The male had noticed the certain hesitation within his eyes and had fully forgotten about his discomfort his hard cock made him feel.


"We can stop here if you want." Shen Wei let out. A thin flavour of embarrassment lingered freely in the air when Zhao Yunlan heard the words. He looked at the wet little dragon before looking at Shen Wei again and chuckled.


"Are you kidding? We've already come this far and you've already prepared me. Wouldn't it be useless if in the end we just stop it here? Besides, you didn't even let me cum so that's great injustice right there!" Shen Wei threw a look of guilt at Zhao Yunlan at the mention of the little torture before Zhao Yunlan grew a smug smile on his face.


"Are you not fucking me till I pass out or do I have to do it myself? Bury you in myself so deep you'll forget you're on earth?" Zhao Yunlan purred in his ear. With a wide spread blush Shen Wei looked at him in shock before parting his lips when Zhao Yunlan concealed them with his. Separating with a soft 'puh', Zhao Yunlan whispered 'Please.' before Shen Wei finally took the matters into his own hands again.


Grabbing another one of his legs, he threw it over his shoulder before rubbing the tip of his cock on the entrance of the wet hole. Zhao Yunlan bit his lip in excitement and slight nervousness before feeling the male push in.


There was both pain and discomfort, Zhao Yunlan bit harder into his lip trying to suffocate the pained groans that wanted to escape him. It hurt, but not too much for Shen Wei actually prepared him properly. The shaft wasn't even fully pushed in, only half. Zhao Yunlan let go of his poor bottom lip that almost broke skin and huffed.


Shen Wei immediately noticed his discomfort and aided to his problem, taking a hold of his cock before bobbing his hand up and down. Zhao Yunlan felt the pleasant waves spread through his body, he huffed a few times before signaling Shen Wei to continue.


Shen Wei looked at the male again with nervousness bubbling in his eyes. Zhao Yunlan didn't wait any longer and did the action himself. Pushing his hips towards the other's, he felt as the shaft moved deeper inside his hole until he was fully squeezing around Shen Wei.


Shen Wei let out a loud moan. It was tight, very tight , the walls kept clenching around his groin as if its intention were to clamp down harder until it were of its own flesh and blood. Sweat drops out from the side of his temple as he lets out shallow breath before casting his eyes down on the model underneath him.


Zhao Yunlan was only staring at him while panting. Propped up on his elbows, he allowed the shallow light of the room to reflect on his sweaty pecs. Shen Wei stayed quiet for a small amount of time before leaning closer to the male, his lips only a few inches away from the latter before he whispered:


"Shall we start?" 


Zhao Yunlan let out a breathy laughter before leaning as close as he replied:


"Are you sure you're asking me that?" 


Shen Wei smirked before almost conjoining their lips together, whispering against his lips


"Let the game begin then." 


Zhao Yunlan chuckled before pulling Shen Wei down and connected their lips. Shen Wei slowly pulled his hips back, almost pulling out before slamming in hard. Yunlan hitched in his breath when another thrust was delivered, this time almost immediately hitting near his prostate.


" Mhf..! " Zhao Yunlan cried to another thrust. Shen Wei placed his hands on either side of the model before picking up his pace. The model's hips rose but his back lay flat on the sofa, his legs over Shen Wei's shoulder let the latter have an easy way into him, going even deeper.


The whole room reeked of the smell of sweat and the slightest bit of cum, sounds of wet skin slapping, moans and grunts resonated in the dimly lit room.


Zhao Yunlan had his eyes squeezed shut and his jaw open, ultimately becoming a moaning mess as a good bunch of thrusts came down upon him. He was throwing his head backwards and arching his back feeling the wave of pleasure surrounding his whole body. He fixed his grip on Shen Wei's strong arms, clawing harder just as he'd feel the head of the male's cock hit against his prostate so deliciously.


Having been denied an orgasm once, it was pretty obvious Zhao Yunlan was a tad bit sensitive from the slight overdriven stimulation. Shen Wei, on the other hand, noticed this but felt no mercy and only focused on pacing further and faster, grinding his cock head against the sweet spot once every time he thrusted, their bodies rocking in a fast rhythm.


Shen Wei lets out a moan grinding his hips against the moaning male underneath him before staring at him with his lust crazed eyes. Legs over his shoulders, with the back of his thighs against his chest, have his body bent and taking in his brute force. Zhao Yunlan with his wet eyes tightly shut, his mouth open which let out nonchalant words and broken moans that made his head feel fizzy. 


Shen Wei almost lost control. It was just the same image that he had imagined when he first masturbated to Zhao Yunlan. It was so much similar except for a few things, one being that his eyes were shut. And the other being.. that it was real this time. That it was happening . Shen Wei gritted his teeth, feeling as a whole 'nother surge of adrenaline burst through his veins before he rammed into the male at an animalistic speed.


A few drops of precum spill from the tip of Zhao Yunlan's shaft, slowly rolling down the wet groin before sliding off his testes. Zhao Yunlan, feeling nearer towards his edge, removed a hand off of Shen Wei and gripped his own cock before chasing after his end.


Shen Wei also groaned softly a few minutes after, he was pretty close. Looking at Zhao Yunlan, he understood the model was too. He took one of the legs from his shoulder and put it around his hip before grabbing Zhao Yunlan's waist. He then bent down before nuzzling his nose in between the junction of the shoulder and the neck and soon started ramming into the male.


"Fuck fuck fuck! I'm gonna cum !" Zhao Yunlan cried aloud before splashing white hot liquid all over Shen Wei's chest and his own, milking out the last bit of drops before whimpering pathetically to Shen Wei.


Shen Wei moaned as Zhao Yunlan had instantly squeezed around his cock so tightly as he splashed his liquid all over them. Shen Wei thrusted a few more times into the now overstimulated Zhao Yunlan before pulling out his shaft and started jacking off.


A few more strokes to his cock and soon, the white ropes of cum shot out from the tip and landed on Zhao Yunlan's heaving stained chest. 


Both the men panted heavily, staring at each other before slowly breaking into a little fits of giggles. 


"I really didn't expect you to be.. this enthusiastic. I thought you were shy." Zhao Yunlan blurted, a soft smile residing on his plump red lips. Shen Wei looked down, the tips of his ears turning pink which later spread to his cheeks. He cleared his throat rather loudly before opening his lips.


"We should clean up. Are there any shower rooms here?" Zhao Yunlan pursed his lips in amusement before lying on his arm and looked at Shen Wei with interest. He stared at him for a while before nodding. Shen Wei nodded back before getting off of the male and help him stand once the model winced visibly.


"Fuck— Ah! Gosh.. you really went hard on me.. I can't even walk now…" Zhao Yunlan said with an upset tone before jutting his bottom lip out. Shen Wei both frustrated and tired, immediately blurted out.


"I can carry you to the shower rooms." Zhao Yunlan gazed at him before leaning towards him. He looked into the male's eyes, and smiled.


"As you wish, my handsome Prince." Shen Wei blushed further before leaning down and picked the model up in bridal style. 


While on the way, Zhao Yunlan kept staring at Shen Wei, almost as if something was brewing inside his dirty trashcan of a mind before he pulled on a smug expression.


"Ahhh.. I really don't feel tired just yet." Yunlan uttered as he lightly stretched. Shen Wei looked at him with a confused gaze before Zhao Yunlan leaned towards his ear, hot breath hitting his lobe.


"Say Xiao Wei, let's have a shower sex if you're not tired yet of course." Zhao Yunlan muttered, each word ending with a deep raspiness before he nibbled on his earlobe. Shen Wei paused for a short while. Almost as if contemplating before he uttered back:


"Only if you ride me like you mentioned before." Zhao Yunlan was stunned for a moment before looking at Shen Wei's face, the expression was that of a lust driven man with a smug smile. Zhao Yunlan then softly chuckles before bursting out of laughter.


"Let's get it on then, baobei."