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Alpha/Omega One-Shots

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Something was wrong.

Well…not wrong but different.

You and Dean can both feel it.

Dean chose to ignore it but you...

You were skeptical on how Dean was acting.

Dean is an alpha.

Along with Sam. Along with your father, Bobby Singer, Dean and Sam are the only alphas you seem to tolerate. They were not annoying like some. Though Dean could be on a good day.

You being an omega, you have to keep your guard up around alphas. They take what they want without permission and then you are stuck with them forever. You always hated being an omega since you were twelve years old. You didn’t really care for it as a child, but as you got older and hit puberty you noticed the change in you and how other alphas acted around you. They didn’t give much respect to you and they would creep around you.


Sam and Dean were different. Sam being younger by a few years, hasn’t really noticed that you are a hormonal teenage omega. But with Dean, a horny hormonal teenage alpha…

You didn’t mind him around at all.

Maybe it was because you knew him since he was eight years old when John would drop them off at Bobby’s. You had your first kiss with him at thirteen. You gave him your virginity at eighteen right before you left for college.

Dean was pretty pissed at you for leaving him for college which struck a chord with you. You found out later that it wasn’t because you left the hunting job. It was because college was full of douche bag horny alphas who are more reckless than when they were in high school. Your father taught you a lot on how to deal with alphas.  Even the Winchesters gave you pointers.
You could remember the day when you were at a party at a frat house.

 It's stuffed full of people so you thought you didn’t have to worry about any alphas. So you wore a nice summer dress and was careless about your lingering scent around a bunch of drunk alphas. Many of them tried to hit on you, but you blatantly  turned them down.

They circled around you like prey. It is not a secret that omegas are rare. That most women are betas and there is an unlikely chance of omegas being born. 

As she was turning down another guy before going back to her friend, she could sense that familiar scent. Her eyes snapped up towards the entrance to see 19-year-old Dean Winchester locking eyes with her.

He had an aura around him that she never noticed before. She was happy to see him either way. She pushed past the guys and went up to her friend. She didn’t hug him because…well…she didn’t want to scare him away that she was happy to see him. She hasn’t seen him in months.

Dean grabbed her by the arm and hauled her out of there.

Let’s say that night ended with Dean having many claiming scratches on his back.  Dean’s hand prints on her body along with his scent that will linger on her for a few weeks. 


Dean always had a soft spot for you. He didn’t know how it started, but he didn’t like it when he was younger. Though Dean was hardly in school, when he was, he couldn’t help himself from keeping an eye on you. He could see how you react around alphas. Omegas are to be submissive and quiet around them, but you are spit fire.

You glared and talked back which ends with Dean fighting your battles then ending with you yelling at him for it. Dean couldn’t help but chuckle at that reaction you had for punching the guy for cornering her. The argument ended with you shyly thanking him and running away afterward. 

That was the most ‘omega’ you have ever been with him. When you don’t meet his eyes, a flush of pink goes across your cheeks, and you biting her bottom lip.

He noticed how your demeanor would change in high school. Puberty hit alphas first. It comes more like a wave of aggression and power. It felt as if he had to dominate something. And that scared the living shit out of Dean because alphas love a challenge and that what you was to them.

So he noticed how you would not wear your normal attire any more that you would wear your father’s, who is an alpha, old flannel shirts to mask your scent.

And he hated that.

After college, you went back home with your father. You were kind of pissed that Dean didn’t show up to your graduation. You were looking for him in the crowd most of all. You tried not to let it show but Bobby could see right through it.

“He had a case,” he said.

“Don’t make excuses for him, dad,” you said as you marched upstairs to your old room.


Dean was in a case facing god knows what. Some kind of demon that killed happy families or some kind of shit like that. Dean decided to call Bobby but he wasn’t expecting you on the line. He hasn’t talked to you since he saw he you on a date with a beta one day when he was visiting the town for a case. You didn’t know he was there and it hurt that you didn’t know why he hasn’t contacted you for almost a year.

“Hello, Y/N Singer speaking,” you say right before yawning from your nap.

There was a long pause.

“Hello?” you said.

“Um, hey, it’s Dean,” he said.

“Huh? Nice to know you are still alive,” you said before turning from the phone to your dad who was reading on the sofa. “Dad, Dean on the phone,” you then went to the phone. “I’m pissed that you didn’t come to see me graduate, asshole.” “So you just gonna up and leave Bobby?” he changed the subject. He wanted to say you were leaving him, but that was too… chick-flick moment for him.
“I got a degree for when I get too damn old for hunting. I won’t always have the ability of a gymnastics prodigy,” she joked. But her voice got serious again. “It’s a backup plan, you ass. Did you take to heart when I left for college? I’m back with dad. And at least 
Sammy came, and I heard about what happened between you guys and…nice to know you might feel the same way about me leaving.” She said before handing the phone to her dad before he could say anything else.


“So you ignore me?” Dean asked her. After the hunt, they went back to Bobby’s. Dean tried to talk to you, but you won’t even look at him. She stayed in her room most of the times or would be off to god knows where. Dean decides what the hell. He went straight to the kitchen to see you eating an apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top. “And then you don’t tell me when you made a pie!” that pissed him off greatly. He loved that you can bake a pie from scratch. That you learned just for him because he loves it homemade.

You rolled your eyes and kept eating. You couldn’t help but smirk because Dean lost his concentration and distracted by the pie in your hand.

“How’s Sammy?” he diverts the conversation. You raised an eyebrow at that.

“Why don’t you call him? It has been almost a year,” you say to him with menace. “I don’t care that John won’t talk to him but when his big brother who has practically taken care of him don’t call that pisses me off.”

“Well, luckily we don’t care about little omega thinks,” he said. Dean knew that you hated to be called that like it is an insult to what you is since you have no control over it.

“Yeah…I know,” your voice now low making Dean feel bad for calling you that. “You can have the pie,” she said slamming it on the counter and pushing pass him which you didn’t succeed since Dean grabs you and corners you on the fridge.

His hazel green eyes locked on yours. “Look, I didn’t mean to say that. It… is just… Sammy just up and left us. Left me… with him. And I can’t forgive that so easily,” he said. You find it damn hard to stay mad at Dean. Especially when he looks at you with those damn eyes that clench your heart. You bite your lip and nodded, showing that you forgive him. He smirks and loosens his grip on you a bit before leaning into your lips. 

You can’t deny Dean so easily. You can’t deny him at all. You easily gave him entrance into your mouth. Your hands glided through his short hair then went to his face. Your thumb tracing over his freckled cheeks. Dean’s hands wandered as well. His rough hands went from your hips to your ass which made you squeak a bit when he had a grip on them and picked you up so that your legs wrapped around him.

“I missed this,” he admits before attacking your lips again. He grinds into you causing you to moan into his mouth. Dean noticed the spike in your scent. He could smell the arousal laced into your omega scent. He should have been worried since there were two other alphas in the house (one being her dad, Bobby) who will smell it as easily as he can.

And they did.

“Wha—damn, idjits, right in the damn kitchen!” Bobby walks in on them and smacks Dean across the head.


You were at your dad’s when you got the call about the Winchesters being in the hospital. Sam called you and instantly drove out there. And when you saw Dean in a coma, your heart easily broke at the sight. You cried at the sight that Sam had to hold you up because you almost collapsed on the ground. You didn’t know that his ‘spirit’ saw how you reacted. How you cried over his unconscious body and stared at him lovingly. Luckily, he didn’t remember. Sam was the only that knew that your feelings for Dean weren't just platonic.


When Dean went to hell, you didn’t know how to react. You couldn’t eat. You couldn’t sleep. You couldn’t get the sight of Dean being mauled by the hellhounds out of your head. It has been four months of torture. You haven’t contacted your father in nearly two months. You haven’t seen Sam in three months.

So when she nearly died in the middle of the road because she fell asleep at the wheel and a truck rammed into her. She felt like she was getting a well-deserved sleep. So when you woke up to the sound of ‘beep… beep… beep… beep….’ You knew you were in the hospital. The comfy bed, white walls, and the smell. You turned your head and saw that your dad was glaring at you by the door frame. His arms crossed and he didn’t say a word. You didn’t either. You turned your head back so that you were looking at the ceiling.

“Idjit,” he mumbled before leaving.

Dean and Sam came by two minutes later. Sam was the first to run up to you. His puppy brown eyes watered at the sight of you. You can see all the guilt for leaving you alone those four months in those sad eyes that you forgive him easily. You cracked a smile and lifted your casted arm and ran your stiff fingers over his cheek. “It’s been a while, Sammy.”

It took a minute to notice the ghost by the door that was staring at you like a stranger. Dean…your eyes widened but you didn’t let yourself cry. “Dean?”

Dean didn’t know how to respond when he saw you in that hospital bed. It has only been four months but he noticed the change in you. He saw that you lost weight. That you haven’t had much sleep. Dean finally walked towards you and he reached for you an uninjured hand.

“Idiot,” he whispered. Sam told him how you was when he died. How for that one month that Sam took care of you because you hardly took care of yourself. And scared the shit of Dean when he came back to Bobby when he said he hasn’t seen his daughter in nearly three months.


Dean knew what was wrong now. They both was alone in the motel bedroom with you right under him as he played with the hem of your shirt. You just stared up at him skeptically wondering what was wrong.

Dean had a talk with Bobby two weeks ago about you. It was the talk that he been stalling since Bobby figured you two was frolicking since high school.

“When you gonna claim Y/N?” He finally asked Dean. Dean looked aghast at Bobby for bringing it up. “Don’t look at me like that, kid. You and Y/N had been on some damn rollercoaster for fifteen years.”

“Just casual.”

“No, it's not. Not anymore, that is,” Bobby said. “Look, John maybe didn’t want you to quit the haunting’ but with me and my little girl… I don’t want her to be in this life for the rest of her life, you get me?” he waited for Dean to nod. “I do want grandkids soon and if you are not gonna claim anytime soon… Y/N won’t be waiting forever. It’s different with omegas. She might n to admit it, but somewhere in her, she wants to have an official claiming. She’s in her early thirties and she needs to settle down with someone she trusts. And she doesn’t trust alphas so easily.”


“What’s wrong?” you asked him.

“Why me?” he finally asked you. You furrowed your eyebrows together. “I mean…it’s been fifteen years of this and you never tried to find a mate to claim you all this time,” he said. “I know you and you are gonna want the apple pie life sooner than later.”

Your right hand then slipped over his shoulder than cupping his cheek. His green eyes staring into your soul. “Because you are Dean Winchester.” You said it like it was obvious. He scoffs at that. “You and Sam are the only alphas I trust. I am not saying what you think I am saying but I like being with you.”

“Because you had many firsts with me?” he would just ruin the moment with that.

“That helped,” you shrugged. “What? Do you not want this…whatever this is?” you said. “It is not like I am holding you back. I am…aware and okay with you…and your one night stands.” He saw right through that lie. But he had to give you credit. You never gave him an ultimatum with them. Which made him feel worse about bringing a girl home with you there.

“Well…that’s the problem, Y/N,” he said. “I don’t want what this is,” he finally said. His green eyes then glanced at your bare neck that was waiting for the right alpha to put their claiming marks on it.

You seemed to get the wrong ideas in his words.

“I…meant…maybe…dammit,” Dean’s face was now flushed. “Maybe I am ready to settle, ya know? Claiming and all that…if you want that?” he said. You now knew what he was saying. You couldn’t help but grin. “I can see you being the perfect addition to the Winchester family,” he was now smug self.

“God, I’ve been waiting for you to say that for ten years,” you said as you pressed your lips against his. “Had to endure a lot of your bullshit but you are lucky I love you,” you said.

His smiled widened. “You are lucky I like sassy women…and you can cook a mean pie,” his lips then went to your neck causing you to shiver. “Are you okay with this?”

“Yeah.” You closed your eyes as you felt his callous hands went under your shirt as he began the claiming ritual

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When you first met Sherlock Holmes, you were intrigued. You were meeting the man who puts your father away in jail. Though you should be angry about it, your father was a bad man. Your mother, Ms., Hudson, did give him a flat to live in for a discounted price. Your mother got over it, so you shouldn’t either. Your mother was introducing you to the man upstairs. John Watson seemed nice. You were on the edge of what their status was but your mum told you that you have nothing to worry about. One of them was a beta and the other is an alpha. An alpha who has no interest in women. John, the Beta, though didn’t keep his eyes from wandering.

“So…what do you do?” he asked you.

Before you can answer the handsome consulting detective made himself known. He walked up to you with his hands behind his back and his posture straight. His icy grey-blue eyes staring through your soul. “Omega,” was the first thing you said. That was obvious. You didn’t try to bother hiding your status. You were proud of it. You weren’t like many omegas. You didn’t back away from the state of an alpha. You didn’t shy away when there is a fight. You revel in it. You find many things dull in life and you jump at the chance for some excitement.

“About twenty-five or so,” his eyes was looking all over you for any signs. “I can tell that you got your looks from your father, though the height from your mother.” You nod for you and your mother is five foot three. “Telling from the softness of your skin, you do not work any hard labored jobs. Yet you dress nicely with manicured hands, I would have to say you work in an office. You wear minimal makeup so you like it natural or you think you don’t need it. No smile lines, so you don’t laugh and not happy a lot. And…” he looked for more to go on but it was hard. “You are not like the other omegas. You don’t even react to them when being in the same room as an unclaimed alpha. You like a challenge. You like to be dominated, I guess?” his cool eyes was now dilated.

John and Ms. Hudson didn’t know how to respond with Sherlock being aroused from just meeting you.

“Wow,” this was the first time you have smiled in a while which caught Sherlock off guard since he just said you don’t smile often. So being the reason that you smile didn’t sit well with him.

You turned to your mother and said, “I’m gonna check out the town. Haven’t been here in a while,” before leaving.


Sherlock didn’t expect to see you at Scotland Yard.

“You’re a detective?” his eyebrows furrowed. He didn’t know how that went passed him. She didn’t dress like one.

You looked at him for a minute before Lestrade walked up to you instead of Sherlock. “Can you take a look at the suspect for me?” Sherlock seemed shocked at this revelation.

“Why her? I can figure this out by talking to him,” he said angrily.

You couldn’t help but chuckle. “Nothing personal, Sherlock, but let the professional deal with this,” she said with venom laced in her voice that took Lestrade and Sherlock by surprise. For a pixie like an omega, they didn’t expect you to have a backbone. The two alphas followed her to the integration room.


Sherlock was speechless. John has never seen his friend that way unless he was stuck on something he couldn’t solve. And that something was you.

They saw how you handled the culprit. How you easily figured him at and manipulated him into telling you that he is the killer and who his accomplice is. That accomplice being Jim Moriarty. You nodded your head and left the room and noticed how Sherlock stared at you. You didn’t tell him anything and went straight to your desk.

“How did you figure him out?” John asked you. “You are a bloody good detective.”

“I’m not a detective,” you said. Sherlock’s head whipped up and his eyes narrowed.

“But you said leave it to the professionals,” his voice was clipped.

You rolled your eyes at his behavior. “I am a psychologist/psychotherapist. I have a Ph.D. in figuring out people just by looking at them and how they react to what I give them. I can easily manipulate criminals into giving me what I want. I’ve worked with the FBI in America with this for ten years.”

“Ten years?” Sherlock’s repeats. “How old are you?”

“Didn’t you say so? You said I was twenty-five,” she was now smirking.

“Tell me what else I got wrong,” he demands.

“I’m about your age. I am thirty-four years old. I do work hard labored jobs. I volunteer in the summer building homes for families in third-world countries. I guess it is a blessing that my skin is naturally soft,” she said as she looked at her dainty hands that Sherlock couldn’t keep his eyes off of.

“So is this what you do for your job?” John asked obliviously of Sherlock.

“In America, I profiled psychopaths and sociopaths. I’ve been in the same room with many of serial killers,” she then turned around to Sherlock. “You was right about one thing. I like a challenge and my clients are one.”


You were too busy playing your cello, which you didn’t notice the knocking at your door. Your mind was so into the harmony that the slamming of the door didn’t snap you out of your trance. It took a waving hand in front of your face for you to snap out of it. Your eyes stared into the orbs of an angry alpha. He furrowed his eyebrows. “I cannot think when you play such horrid music,” he snatched the cello from you and teases on the couch causing you push him. He easily caught your slender arms. His grip too tight on your arm that you hiss in pain causing him to reel back. He didn’t apologize and you didn’t make him.

“Sorry, I get caught up when I play,” you finally calmed.

He nods in agreement. His eyes then scan around your flat. “Compulsive disorder? he started noticing the order of cleaning less of your flat. “You like order.”

“I like control over things,” she said. “But sometimes I like control over me,” she said with a simple smile to the alpha.


It took two weeks for another intelligent yet annoying alpha to visit you. You heard the knock from the bathroom and you rushed from the shower in only a towel. You whipped open the door without looking through the peephole to be welcomed by a tall alpha. For a half-naked omega in front of an unclaimed alpha; this was practically an open invitation. Your hair was dripping wet and a towel on you was short that revealed your hairless slim legs.

“May I help you?” you said to the man. Looking at how he presents himself you can tell that he was… an official. Maybe an officer? Detective? Someone who worked with the government yet you hasn't seen him before at Scotland Yard. Then you noticed his height, same as Sherlock, with dark blue eyes that stared at you like Sherlock observed you when first meeting you. Their skin tone was almost identical, yet he was more peachy hue than Sherlock’s. His stance has been just as straight as Sherlock’s as well.

“You’re related to Sherlock?” she stated matter-of-factly. He seemed shocked by her deducing skills. She stepped aside to let the man in. His eyes instantly went to the kitchen where the aroma was coming from. “Dinner. John and Sherlock are coming over in about ten minutes. Do you want to join?”

It took a minute for him to say something. “No, thank you,” he says. “May I ask what your intention with my younger brother is?”

“Of course, big brothers needs to know who will hurt their baby brother,” she smiled warmly at Mycroft though he could tell that it was fake. “Nothing really is going on between us. I may admit that he is a very handsome alpha but I hold no interest. I like to annoy him since he thinks he is the smartest in the room though my Ph.D. helps me out faster than what he can deduce. Seeing that you are in some government official status I would say you know lots about me.”

“I can now see why he likes you,” Mycroft stated. He just came from upstairs where Sherlock was in the living room only wearing a robe with his boxer briefs underneath and nothing else. And here is you in a less amount of clothing as him and parading around the flat like it was normal.

“And why’s that because all I see is the disdain from Sherlock when I out-Sherlock him,” you teased.

“For a woman who can construe information about one by behavior, I would think you would have noticed,” he said.

“Maybe I chose to ignore whatevs—“

Knock knock knock

John’s knocking cuts you off. You sighed in relief for the interruption. You whipped open the door and smiled genuinely at John, whose eyes bugged out of his head at your attire. When you looked up at Sherlock, he was dazed. He finally reacted a bit when a flush of pink went across those sharp cheekbones. He then pushed passed you and growled lowly at the sight of Mycroft.

“What? You bribing Y/N?” he said.

“Just a chat,” Mycroft smirks at the reaction of Sherlock who was blushing like crazy.


The first time Sherlock showed any interest in you was after a case. John was on a date and so you were helping him on a case that Scotland Yard didn’t know about. You helped him with twice as fast if with John. He was exhilarated but sad that it ended so quickly. As you were about to walk downstairs, he grabs you by the arm. You looked up at him and noticed that his pupils were three times as big. He was aroused and you had no idea why.

But that didn’t stop you from making the first move. You had to almost jump to press your lips against his. He easily reciprocated and pushed you against the wall with him in between your legs. Your slim legs wrapped around his narrow hips. Both of your tongues danced along with each other’s fighting for dominance. Sherlock reveled in it. He liked an experiment how you asserted to dominance. He growled loudly as pressed himself harder onto your body causing her to moan. His hands gripped tighter on her arms. One hand went around her neck. Her hands couldn’t be still. She loved running her hair through his unruly curls. Her thumbs went to those damn sexy cheekbones.

He lifted his head from her lips looked into her enlarged eyes. “My room?” he asked. Before she could agree he kept her around him and led her upstairs.

Two hours later, John came home and was welcomed to the sound of moaning and grunting and the banging of the headboard. He was frozen at the door at the shock of Sherlock having sex.

In the morning, you wake up to the sight of Sherlock taking over most of the bed. His body entangled into yours. You slowly crept out of bed. You put on Sherlock’s robe and wandered out of the room.

“Morning,” John said to you from the kitchen as he sipped on tea. You greeted him with a smile. “So…you and Sherlock?”

“Nothing serious,” you said. “Just a nice after case of blowing off steam,” you said. You poured yourself some tea and sat next to him. John couldn’t keep his eyes from the opening of the robe that showed your bare chest that was covered with marks from Sherlock.

“Y/N!” you hear the shout from the bedroom from Sherlock. He was groaning. You hear the bed squeak along with the floorboards. You were greeted with the sight of him wrapped naked in a sheet. His hair was wild. :”I acquire your company in the shower,” he stated before turning around and walked to the bedroom.


This lasted for weeks. Then four months. So long that others are starting to think you are mated to Sherlock because you reeked of his scent as you went to work. Sally and Anderson stared at you with disgust and started giving you insults that you easily ignored. You can understand what this was coming from. They really didn’t think of Sherlock as a freak, but more of someone who can do their job better without the training. That a rehabilitated junkie could figure out crimes better than they can.


The day you found out that Sherlock went suicide, was the day your life felt dull and useless. Three years of this. You stayed with the Scotland Yard. You never dated anyone else if that was what you would call dating Sherlock. John never called you.

So three years later, as you played the cello for hours. You have poured your heart into this masterpiece. You never heard the door open and you didn’t hear the footsteps. And as the hand waved in your face, that took you back. Your eyes then went up to those familiar orbs. They widened in fear that you were seeing a ghost, but then your mind was reeling. Like you were putting the pieces together. Sherlock would never, never kill himself.

“Glad to have you back, idiot,” you smiled at him again. He went on his knees and captured your lips with his.


It’s only been a little over twenty-four hours and Sherlock and you couldn’t get their hands off of each other. You had each other all over the flat. You both tangled limb to limb on the couch as it is. Both breathing hard as he has his way with you. The claiming mark was still fresh on your neck. His face in the nape of your neck as he groans into it.

Three hours later…

You woke up to the sound of mumbling. You was now in bed and was confused how you got there since you recall being left alone on the sofa as Sherlock went to the kitchen. She pulled on one of Sherlock’s shirts, the purple one, and your undies before leaving the room. As you walked out you noticed the two brothers playing…Operation. You smirked.

“Can’t handle a broken heart? How very telling,” Sherlock says.

“Don’t be smart,” Mycroft warns him.

“Ah, that takes me back, ‘don’t be smart, Sherlock, I’m the smart one,” he mocks his brother.

“I am the smart one,” Mycroft corrects him.

Sherlock’s eyes then went to you. A tug on the lips of his at the sight of you. You walked towards your mate and he pulled you on his lap. Mycroft sighs.

“I see you found a…goldfish,” Mycroft smirks.

“Don’t call, Y/N, a goldfish,” Sherlock said. “Even though she is a brilliant one,” he said in her ear earning him a playful smack on his chest.

Chapter Text

Mycroft was greeted with the sweet aroma of your cooking and baking. Inwardly, he was a bit happy but he showed the appearance of annoyance since you know about his diet. One of the things he loved about you, was your love of cooking. Though you cook a lot, you also gain weight as well which makes you work out every day if not at the gym and by other…activities with Mycroft.

He walked into the kitchen and smiled when he notices what you was wearing. Your hair was messily in a bun with your bangs hanging out. You were wearing one of Mycroft’s button downs that skim over your underwear but when you reached for the basil on the counter, he could clearly see your lace black panties that went well over your bum. He always liked your bum. He couldn’t keep his eyes off it.

“Hello, Y/N,” he greets you. You whipped your head around and nearly fell over your own feet. One thing about you that he loves is your clumsiness. He easily caught you and you looked up into those calculating eyes.

“Hello, Myc,” you smiled as he frowned at the horrid nickname. “I mean…my alpha.” He growled inwardly at that.

“My little omega,” he said lowly and seductively.

“I’m not little,” you pats him on the chest before getting back to the food.

“Little requires one smaller than someone as are you to me,” he states the obvious.

Funny thing was is that you are not little but right with his statement. Mycroft was over six feet but you were five foot ten. You was tall for a woman with a body of a model. Slender yet curvy at the same time. Sometimes, as he stared at you at night after making love he wonders why you chose him. He knows that he is not the most good looking man in the room but that never bothered him. He valued intelligence in his women and that what you are. You are clever but not as clever as him. You understand deductions since you studied it in college before changing your major. You was cunning and made him amused. Though you are not as smart as him, he values your input on things. You are woman of many talents. Though you don’t have a very tangible job, other things makes up for it.


You met Mycroft by running into him. Literally. You was at an event for raising money for spreading the aware of sex trafficking. Mycroft was there for appearances though he did have a care for ending it. You ran the event and funding some money to the cause.

He knew who you was before going to the gala. A socialite. An heiress who spends her time creating events for the hell of it was what he thought of you.

“Sorry,” you said to him as you found your footing.

“Not use to stilettos?” he tells you.

You nod your head. The heels made you the same height as him. He noted that. He never met a tall woman before. She was aesthetically attractive, he noticed. She wore minimal makeup and she didn’t need it. You wore a pure white slimming gown that clung to your curves but not tight on you.

“Are you enjoying the gala?” you asked him.

“Yes,” he said. He noticed her you stare at him skeptically.

“Sorry, um, seems like you are not.” She said as she crossed her arms.

“And why would you think that?” he raised an eyebrow at this peculiar woman.

“I am not just some socialite who throws parties for the hell of it,” she accused him with a teasing tone though it took him back a bit. He frowned at her words. “I have studied some psychology and sociology years ago. I know body language.”

He nods at your words.

“Y/N L/N, nice to meet you…” she said to him.

“Mycroft Holmes,” he shakes your hand.

“Holmes…” she repeats his last name. Mycroft knew where this was going. “You must be Sherlock’s older brother!” she claps together at the revelation.

“How did you reach that conclusion?” he teased.

“Well…John told me that he has a brother assuming that you know John Watson, correct?” he seemed shocked that you know John. “I’ve met the famous Holmes before and you both are quite the opposite, huh?”

“How do you know them two? Were you a client?”

“I have known John for quite a while,” she admits. “We went to school together and we kept in touch after he got deployed.”

“So what was your reaction to my youngest brother?” he asked you.

“Quite fun to tease,” she said. “He deduced me in under a minute though he was frustrated when he had some things wrong and I never told him what.”

Mycroft couldn’t help but smirk. He revels in the fact of his cocky brother being wrong time and time again.

“Care to deduce me as well, Mycroft?” you said in a sultry whisper that baffled him.

“Wouldn’t that be rude?”

“Not when I asked,” she smiled. “How about over a dance?” before he could answer she grabs his hand and leads him to the dancefloor. One of his hands went your waist as the other one grasped onto your slender hand.

His dark blue eyes looked over her body in a calculating way.

“I will state the obvious of you being an unclaimed omega,” he started. “You are a promiscuous woman though your display yourself as one but when all eyes are on you, you shy away,” he said recalling when she was giving a speech and she was flustered. “Though you are shy with attention but you are not intimidated by alphas, hmm? Your parents’ death has affected you with wanting to help people as much as you can. Care to tell me what my dear brother got wrong?”

“He thought that my parents were still alive on how I act,” she said. “And that I love…” she blushed a bit causing Mycroft to be intrigued. “…sex assuming when I first met him John was my date to an event I was wearing a black slinky dress and how I didn’t bow down to him since he is an alpha.” She admits.

Mycroft smirks.

“So you don’t?” he asked her.

“No, I mean, well, um…I am not experienced as I look,” she tells Mycroft as they waltz.

“A beautiful woman like you…I would think would have many—“he cuts himself off when he saw the very welcoming flush of pink going across your body. “Did I say something wrong?” You looked up at him and smiled nervously.

“No, um, I, was not ready for such a compliment,” you said to him.

He frowned at her statement. “I overheard many others telling you how stunning you are in this dress but when i—“

“Don’t mind me, Mycroft,” she said as she parted with him and scurried out of the ballroom.

“You really don’t know women, Mycroft,” Anthea was now next to him. He looked down at his P.A. and sees her now not looking at her phone but at the way that you ran to. “Cute omega, isn’t she?” Mycroft didn’t say a word. “She is shy, Mycroft. With you, of course. You stare at her in not a fashion that other alphas look at her like meat. She is fidgety and nervous. I think she likes you.”

“I doubt it.”


Mycroft didn’t know why but he was infatuated with you. He had Anthea run a profile you and ignored the smug look she gave him. He read the file briefly.



30 years old

135 lb.

Father (deceased) (Murdered)

Mother (deceased)

His eyes skimmed over her parents’ death. Her father, one of the wealthiest in London, was kept hostage so that his mother can give him the ransom ending with a bullet in her father’s head anyways. Your mother was depressed for a year before offing herself leaving you as an orphan. Mycroft felt a clenching feeling in his chest. The fact that you was without a mummy or father made him hurt for you.

He started to keep detail on you. He had you followed for weeks without coming into contact with you. And when you went out of town for a week, which scared him shitless. He didn’t know where you went and how long you was going to be gone for so when you came back with a nice tan from Australia he felt relieved.

He started to worry when you haven’t left your apartment for two weeks. He had photos of John visiting everyday around lunch time. He frowned when he sees you finally left your apartment in a parka and came back with a canvas bag that his detail said was full of soup.

Now, Mycroft was at the entrance of your flat. For a woman who had the means to live in a lavish townhouse, you chose a quaint simple flat. Mycroft pushed the button to buzz to her flat.

“Yeah?” her voice croaked.

“Good Evening, this is Mycroft Holmes. We have met at the—“

“Oh! Mycroft! Um, I don’t…look my best…can you come…another—[a cough cough]—week?” her voice was scratchy.

“I would like to see you now, Y/N,” he said.

“Um…okay,” she buzzed him in.

What he wasn’t expecting to answer the door was you looking like hell. You wasn’t in your sophisticated lovely self. Your hair was now messily in a topknot with no makeup on your face. Your face was blotchy with your nose red. You were sweating yet shivering at the same time. His eyes skimmed down to what your attire was. You had on an oversized button down and flannel bottoms and bunny slippers.

“You are sick,” he stated.

“Nice deduction,” her voice cracked. She stepped aside to let him in. his eyes skimmed across the room. It was pretty tidy considering how you put yourself together. “How’d you know where I lived Mycroft?”

He didn’t bother replying.

“Want tea?”

“Sorry that I came at a bad time.”

“It's fine. I can’t really sleep. John comes over to check over me and I am not doing so well. I have a low immune system and known to not get rid of a cold for a while,” she said.

Mycroft just stood there. His eyes saddening. Not many people visited her when she is sick. Her parents are dead. No one taking care of her except John. A woman with everything that has nothing.

“so what made you come visit me?”

“No reason,” he lied.

He was worried.

He placed his umbrella on the hook and then slipped off his trench coat. You are now laying on the couch with your laptop on your lap.

“What are you doing?”

“I am planning a flight to Bangkok,” she said simply. He just scowled at her. “I was invited to a wedding.”

Mycroft plucked the MacBook from your grasp and tossed it to the loveseat on the other side. “You must take care of yourself.”

“I do.”

“Well…let me take care of you, then,” he said slowly.

Your eyes widened at his words. You never thought you would see him again. You have been waiting years. You knew that he had connections but you don’t know his job. But you knew that he was a powerful man.

“Are you…seeing anyone?” you asked him feebly. Mycroft was shocked by her question. He didn’t show it, though. It also found it compelling bow shy you are around him.

“No,” he said simply.

“Would you like to have dinner sometime next week?”

It felt like forever as you waited for his reply but it was only ten seconds.



Mycroft was frozen on the spot. He just stared down at her with wide eyes. Your reaction was purely adorable in his eyes. Your face flushed red and you stepped back.

“I didn’t mean—I mean—I did but—it was a whim,” she was panicking.

She had just kissed him. He didn’t react the way she wanted. He was frozen.

She wouldn’t look at him. He sighed and cupped her chin and tilted her head up. Your eyes looking into his.

“So…cute,” he mutters before locking his lips onto yours.


You met Mycroft’s parents a year later on Christmas break. You was nervous because you are not what is expected to be dating a Holmes.

“Aren’t you a cute thing,” the mother enveloped you in a hug you was not ready for. Mrs. Holmes fell in love with you easily. She squealed when she realized that you was an omega. She knew that you was the one when she caught Mycroft whispering in your ear (he said, “don’t eat too much, little piggy.) and smiling at her as she flushed in embarrassment as you laid the sugar cookie down. “Don’t tease, Myc,” she scolds her oldest son.

You laugh when he frowned at the name she called him.

“She’s young too,” Mrs. Homes said. “Robbing the cradle, Myc?”

“She is only eight years younger.”

“I like this one, love,” his mum kissed him on the head. “Nice hips and thighs. Sturdy and tall. You can many pups with this one,” she said too loudly causing you to drop your mug of tea and for him to choke on the tea he was drinking.


After dinner, Mycroft went straight to the gym. He had his thirty-minute run and then went to the showers. As he came back to the bedroom in his sleepwear, he sees you in the same attire as earlier waiting on you with a grin planted on her face.

“Someone is happy,” he stated as he climbed into bed. His left hand slipped around your waist pulling you to his body. His lips went to your neck causing you to sigh in relief as he bit the claiming mark he gave you two years ago (a year after Sherlock’s ‘death’).

“Can you deduce why?”

He smirks. His hands tightened around her waist and he noticed the excess weight there. You are warmer than usual. You are practically glowing. And your scent was more intoxicating than before.

“You’re with child,” he stated in more of a question form.

She nods happily. “Took you longer than expected.”

Chapter Text

Your brother could be very protective of you. He’s an alpha of course. Probably not the best alpha in the world but he means well. Shane Walsh was not born to lead but to dominate. He likes to be in charge and the only thing he has ever had more control over than anything else was you. With him being an alpha and you being his little sister, an Omega.

He always had a protective eye over you. You were okay with following your brother’s lead. The only alpha you really had respect for was Rick Grimes.

And Daryl Dixon after Walkers started lurking the Earth.

But you will never tell Shane that your eyes wandered over Daryl every since he joined the group with Merle.

Maybe it started with how quiet he is. How he shadows Merle, an Alpha, even though Daryl is one as well. He was the first alpha you have ever met that followed another one. You were a bit baffled by this terms of events. But then your interest piqued when you see him come back after a whole day with squirrels and rabbits in hand. He provided for the group. Something an alpha is supposed to do. And the only one to do that most of the time was Daryl.

Your inner Omega was…

Well, you were turned on. But you won’t admit it.



Merle scared the hell out of you but you won’t confess it. Being the only omega besides little Sophia, his alpha predatory eyes was locked on you. When Andrea and Amy were fishing and Lori and Shane were in the woods, he would walk right up to you while you were putting the clothes on the line. Where was Dale when you need him?

“Ya a little too old not to be claimed, girlie,” he tells you. Merle was right which you hate to admit. You were in your early thirties and usually, Omegas are claimed at their early twenties. But you were not so easy to fall for any alpha. Which kind of shocks you because of how enticed you feel towards the little Dixon who was cleaning his arrows. “Want a real alpha to show you some control?”

“No thank you,” you said with an eye roll. You tried to push passed him but he caught a hold of your slender forearm.   You were no match against him. You struggled but he was reveling in your fighting against him.

“Merle, just leave ‘er alone,” you could hear Daryl say to his brother.

“Why? So some other could take this fine piece of—

“What the hell are you doing?” thank god for Shane. Merle instantly let’s go of you with a snicker as Shane pushes you behind him. Over his shoulder, you could see Daryl ready to back up Merle.





“You know most alphas would take ya right now,” Daryl mutters. His eyes avoiding yours. You were in his room at CDC. Both a bit buzzed but you only had two glasses of wine versus what Daryl had. You usually don’t do this but what the hell? Daryl was leaned against the wall on the bed as you were crawling over him seductively (well…you tried).

“Well, why doncha?” you teased him. You leaned in again so that your lips will press against his. He tasted just like alcohol. You tried to deepen the kiss but he turned his head causing you to frown at him. “What’s wrong?” your slender hand went up his chest to his neck so that you can pull him in again.

“Ya sure about this?” he asked you.

“Take control,” you whispered hoarsely in his ear. You noticed that his cheeks were flushed. He had to understand that you are an Omega and they love to be dominated by Alphas.


Daryl woke up to you laying on top of him asleep. Your hair was wild and splayed out. You had no clothes on so there was nothing between you as you laid together. Daryl couldn’t help but run his fingers through your hair. He always loved the texture of it. He hummed at the small snore that you gave. He loved how petite you are compared to him. He is not very tall for an alpha. He knows that he is not a very good alpha. he follows another alpha. he doesn’t dominate and lead as well as Rick.



You were helping Daryl find Sophia. This was like the third time. You noticed that he kept glancing at you.

“Something to say?” you smiled at him. You were feeling a bit off at this moment. The summer heat was hotter than normal. You could barely keep up with Daryl. You heart was racing and you wanted to jump Daryl right at this moment in the middle of the woods.

“You…smell different,” he stopped what he was doing and looked straight at you. his lips was now pressed into a hard line.

“Like what?”

Daryl takes a step towards you. then something weird happened to you. the musk scent of his alpha radiated towards your nose. It is hot as hell in Georgia and it was doing its justice on Daryl. He had a sheen sweat over his skin that you could smell easily. Though it didn’t disgust you. your nose flared. Your breath caught in your throat. Your eyes widened. And then a heat radiated throughout your body that you could not control.

“Dammit,” he cursed. He took three steps back. “You’re in heat,” he spits out.

The humiliation came fast for you. You squatted down and hid your face with your palms. Every fiber of your body wanted to jump Daryl at this moment. You haven’t slept with him since CDC. It's not like you don’t want to but you guys never had the chance since you haven’t found anywhere private to do so.

“Damn,” you groaned.

“First heat in how long?” he asked you. Heats are different throughout different women. It can come to every year to every decade. You look up at Daryl with glassy eyes. Your face flushed and your pupils dilated.

“I have it once a year but I haven’t had mine’s in five years,” you admit.


“I took suppressants but I guess when the world is screwed up…” she shrugs and stands up. You decided it is not time like the present. You step towards Daryl but he instantly steps back.

“I'm an alpha,” he states the obvious.

“Duh,” you rolled your eyes. His blue eyes widened at the sight of you peeling off your thin tank tap that was drenched from the heat and the heat. His eyes left yours for a moment as he stared at the bright sun yellow bra that you was sporting.

“What the hell you doin’ woman?”

“I need an alpha to fill my needs,” she said with a shrug. Her hands with to his chest but he caught a hold of your wrist. Your eyes widen at how sudden he was.

“You know what you doin’, girl?” his eyes narrowed at you.

“Of course…”


So you guys didn’t end up looking for Sophia. The evening was filled with you pushed against a tree as the bark dug into your back as Daryl had his way with you. his hands holding a tight grip on the back of your thighs as your hands tightened around his shoulders.

“Daryl,” you moaned in his ear. “Alpha…”

That got him over the edge as a growl erupted from his chest.

Then night ended with you in his tent ‘, not sleeping’ for the rest of the night.



Daryl realized how important you was to him when you all was split up after the zombie herd at the farm. You were with Andrea and you didn’t even know if Daryl was live or not. Months and months of this torture for the both of you. He already felt like shit because of Sophia’s death but now? He doesn’t want your death on his shoulders. He wants you with him. He can't think right. He can hardly sleep.

“Dammit,” he mumbles as he tried to sleep again in the prison.

His arms tightened around you after he saw you through the watch tower with Michonne. Daryl didn’t care who saw him. Her eyes went over his shoulder and looked at the crowd as they crowded around them.

“Where’s Shane?” you asked. The look that Rick gave said it all. This was supposed to be a happy moment with Daryl but the tears flowed from your eyes at the loss of your brother.


It was the day after Daryl left when he came back. Your heart was beating so fast as you locked eyes with him from across the field.

“Girlie, sill not claimed yet?” you hear Merle ask you with a smirk. Your eyes were still on Daryl. If anyone should claim it, it has to be him. You were still pissed off at him for leaving you without a second thought. He nods at you like he didn’t just leave without a care in a world. You didn’t know what controlled your and but it had a mind of its own. Your hand snapped over his cheek slapping it. You were a bit taken back that he didn’t blow up on you. Luckily Merle was long way gone with Rick taking him to the prison so that he didn’t go off on you for slapping his little brother.

You looked up at the culprit to see him rubbing his stubble cheek.

“Damn you, woman,” he mutters before yanking you by the back of the head that bent your head back. You gasped in surprise and even more, when he smashes his lips against yours.





The day the Governor came back to the prison was one of the scariest days of both yours and Daryl’s life. You have been split up from the group for a few weeks. It became a living hell. Your fingers traced along the claimed mark that Daryl gave you last month. The claiming bond made the feeling of being separated from Daryl harder for you to handle. You knew that he was alive through the bond which was a plus but that didn’t help the stinging pain and the nightmares with the very few sleep that you get.

And to make the situation worst, you had Judith, aka little ass-kicker with you. You don’t know how you ended up with her but it just happened. Luckily you had the hybrid with you which can only do so much with protection. You found a cabin in the woods and you hid with the child. She was getting hungry and you pretty much gave her everything. You hardly ate but you knew that Rick needed this child to live.



Judith wouldn’t stop crying. She kept on crying. You changed her diaper and you fed her but you don’t know what else it could be. Then the thought came to you. It was obvious.

Rick and Carl.

She missed her family.

She missed her older brother and her father.

You sighed and tried to sing for her which helped soothe her. but that didn’t stop the grunts and moans outside your cabin.

“Shit,” you muttered. You instantly went for your position which you knew that you can’t use or it would bring more walkers. You only had six bullets. As you looked out the window you saw more coming for you. “Shit, shit, shit, shit,” you ran her fingers through your hair. You couldn’t stop the tears that poured out your e/c eyes. “Stop it,” you slapped yourself slightly on the forehead. You knew you had to be alert. You can make it. You hurried and packed the stuff into your bag. You threw the knives in your pocket and belt. You abandoned the carriage of Judith’s knowing it will hold you back.

All the walkers were on the front porch not thinking of going around. thank god they were stupid enough to think that there was only one entrance. You hurried out and for a moment thought about making a break for the car parked out front. You knew it was a stupid choice. You then hear gunshots in the front of the cabin. You thanked god for your hero but then you became worried. You don’t know how these people were.

“Someone was here,” you heard that damn familiar southern accent that you grew up listening to since you were in high school.

“Rick!” you jogged out front to see everyone there. Rick took in a breath. His eyes blurred at the sight of his daughter in your arms. He ran to you and almost ran into you as he took his daughter in his arms. “Thank you,” he kissed his daughter many times before wrapping you in a hug. “I can’t lose you either,” he said to you. Rick always thought of you as his little sister.

Before you can respond, you felt the bond grow stronger. You whipped your head around to see that familiar redneck running for you. He didn’t care who was watching. He wrapped his arms around you and spun you around. It looked a bit cheesy but you don’t care.




It felt like it was slow motion. A few of the group came to the hospital to retrieve both you and Beth from the officers. You wanted to kill this bitch who taken you. And the moment when she said that she wanted her prisoner back was when you couldn’t even think. Your body moved on its own.

As you stuck the spears into her neck you didn’t even notice the gun in her and that fired into your neck. You saw the shock go over her face but Daryl could care less. She shot you. His mate. His shot the officer in the forehead and instantly went to your side was you collapsed on the ground.

One of their doctors made their way to you. Your vision was blurry but you can make out your alpha out of everyone surrounding you.

“Do somethin’,” Daryl yelled at the doctor. His hands on your neck that was flowing with your blood.

“It hit an artery. It’s unlikely i…I can save her,” he told Daryl.

You coughed a bit trying to talk to him.

“Dar—Daryl,” you coughed.

“Shut up, idiot,” you never saw Daryl cry. You see him pissed off many of times. But you didn’t want this to be your last memory of him. His face scrunched up as he tried to hold it together but he couldn’t. he rested his forehead against yours trying to make this moment last with you.

“I…i…I---“ you tried to speak but darkness seeped over your vision.



Chapter Text

You have been around for nearly two weeks. The other avenger members have waited to know what your ability was. After Nick Fury telling the members that her ability can be almost as fatal as Hulk’s when been pushed the right buttons. That intrigued everyone’s interest. Her ability is more powerful than Bruce’s?

Tony needed to know how and why.

The first thing everyone noticed was that you are an Omega. It was pretty obvious when you don’t have the same scent as all the avengers do who are all Alphas. You were weary at first but the first one to make you feel more at home surprisingly was Tony. The second one was Steve Rogers of course. Bruce nods at you along with Natasha. Clint was the first out of the group to crack a smile out of you.

When the avengers started to get a hint of what you was it was the day when Tony had a party for just the hell of it. You wanted to just stay in your room and meditate but Tony begged and begged you to go. And Pepper and Natasha picked out the best dress that would go with your skin tone. The dress was pure silk that clung to your curves. You looked at your skin that changed gradually to a light pink. You tried to calm your nerves which happened. As you stepped out you hear Thor gives out a hardy laugh.

“My, my, Lady Y/N you have proven me wrong,” Thor said. He clasps his hand on your shoulder.

“And what was that?” you asked him.

“You can become more beautiful than you already are,” he states.

That statement causes your whole body to turn a dark pink that no one expected to see it. It contrasted against your dress. You were not a blush pink but your body was a hot pink—the color of bubble gum.

“My, my. It seems that we have found your little secret,” Tony smiles at you.

“I don’t do well with, um, compliments…I'm not very used to them,” you tell them.

Bruce looked at you with shock. You are a beauty. There is no doubt about it. You are a striker more like Natasha yet as Natasha owns hers with confidence and attitude. You hide yours with your timidness and silence. Bruce felt something stir in him. He already felt a sort of attraction to you but now he felt the Hulk stir. Not out of anger much but more in annoyance that no one ever told you how gorgeous you actually look.


“I found out more about Y/N,” Tony said as he walked into the lab where Bruce was using. Bruce glanced up to see Tony waving a manila folder that is very thick.

“Shouldn’t we respect her privacy?”

“Psshhh,” Tony waves it off. “So,” he opens the folder. “Parents…gave her to a Doctor Cavalli, famous high-profile genetic engineer,” Bruce noticed how Tony’s face furrowed. He stopped what he was doing and waited for the rest. “Hmm…well. You thought your father was bad and I thought mines was but…hers…” he sighs. “Her parents gave her away to a scientist for money so that she could get tested on. Multiple tests on her until she was seventeen and she ran away.”

Bruce couldn’t help but let out a growl. The faint scars on your body. Bruce knew that you had a story to them.

“There is not anything else until a few years ago where she nearly destroyed…” Tony chuckles. “So that’s what happened in downtown Atlanta?” Tony smiles. “She nearly destroyed the whole downtown of Atlanta.”

“How?” Bruce asked.

“Fury’s notes states that her skin shows her emotion. When red, orange, and dark blue—those are the danger colors. The power of telekinesis, plasma rays? And you can sprout energy from her body. She has been under S.H.I.E.L.D confinement for three years to get her under control. “

Bruce didn’t know what to say to that.


The first time they got a more glimpse of your power was the day you was shocked at the sound of JARVIS. You were in the kitchen at 2 am at night. You, for some reason, shared the same floor with Bruce. You being the petite person that you are was climbing on one of the counters so that you can get some more Nutella.

“May I assist you, Miss L/N,” said JARVIS which made you squeal and an energy wave erupted from your body causing everything to break easily. The fire was everywhere causing the alarm was flaring. It took one minute for Bruce to run to the kitchen.

“I’m so sorry to wake you up,” you said to him. Your body was a deep shade of pink and your eyes was glowing yellow. Your body was floating along with your hair. “Please do not report this to Fury. I thought I had this under control.” Bruce understood your situation. He nods at you and reaches for you. He pulls you down.

“What happened?” he asked you.

“I don’t know. This voice came out of nowhere when I was getting a snack. A British man?” she shrieks and clings to him. Bruce couldn’t help but blush a bit when noticing that you only had on a large tee and undies. Your hair disheveled in more of a ‘sex hair’ look. and your skin was not pink anymore but turning yellow which could turn orange (a danger color). Yellow meant anxiety.

“You are talking about JARVIS, He’s like a butler but Tony made him,” he assures you. You skin then turned back to pink meaning you was embarrassed again. He chuckled at your adorableness quality. He brushed your hair back and his chocolate-brown eyes stared into your e/c eyes. “So what were you getting,” he averted his eyes.

“Um,” your head was swimming. You didn't use to being around an alpha except Nick Fury so your guard was up. Bruce seemed like a nice Alpha. Not intimidating and forthcoming as Clint and Tony and Thor. Steve and Bruce were the only ones that you felt comfortable with. You stepped back from him and noticed your attire. “I was getting Nutella…um, let me go change first.” And you ran before he can say anything else.


After that night, yours and Bruce’s relationship changed. He spoke to you more. The avengers noticed…especially Tony. Every time you walked around, Tony would bump Bruce and waggle his eyebrows. They never saw your power except Bruce. With showing your emotions? They only saw your skin turn pink and yellow. Embarrassed and Anxiety.

But when Bruce ‘hulked’ out because of a certain billionaire philanthropist playboy. You stared up at the huge green figure and your skin turned a complete blue for fear. The whole avengers noticed the change they never saw before. Tony knew what blue meant. It is a danger color. He instantly called for Fury. He noticed that Clint was already preparing to shoot a tranquilizer on you but so did Hulk. His eyes widened at the ‘threat’ that was coming for you.

“Hulk smash Hawkeye,” Hulk growls. “Hulk protect Y/N.” Instantly you were lifted from the ground causing a gasp to leave your mouth. His grasp around your body was tight but not bone crushing tight though it was getting harder for you to breathe. You tried to pry yourself from Hulk’s hand but it was getting harder for you since you were panicking more and more by the second.

Your skin now flushed with a violet-blue. You couldn’t control the push of your power escaping from you causing everyone to fly back into the walls. Hulk’s grasp around your waist loosens giving you the go head to escape. As soon as you hit the ground you leaped out the window which shocked everyone of the avengers. They knew your power but they didn’t know how far it reached. You can’t fly but more like floating if that makes sense. As you hit the ground you ran as fast as you can from the Stark Tower.

As you ran from the tower, windows cracked and shattered from every building you passed. Cars floated along with fire hydrants exploding. You didn’t know you were running towards but you knew that you were trying to get as far away from the ‘threat’ than possible. But then the thought hit you. Bruce would never hurt you. He is the sweetest guy you have every met compared to others. You stopped in your tracks and you noticed that you were not scared anymore. You then the purple skin was gradually turning back to normal into a more flushed pink. You were now ashamed of how you acted. You were more of the flight instead of fight mode.

You came back to the tower two hours later with your head to the ground. As soon as you made it to your floor you noticed that the avengers team was waiting in the living room.

“We saw you walk back in,” Natasha explained. Her eyes were on her the whole time when you walked in.

“Well, thank you for not tracking me down and dragging me back here,” you told them.

“We did track her down but we decide to let you stay at that coffee shop and calm down,” Natasha replied before walking pass you. Leave it to her to give it to you straight.

“I have it under control,” you said not fully believing it. You noticed that Bruce wouldn’t look at you. “Well, we all have our bad days,” you said to him but he didn’t notice. You bite your lip.

You decided to take a chance. Once Tony, Steve, and Clint left the living room you decided to walk towards Bruce who had his head in his hands as he felt guilty on the sofa. You squatted down in front of him which caught him off guard. He flinched when your hands held on his rough ones.

“You didn’t hurt me,” you whispered to him. He finally looked into your e/c eyes.

“I made you lose control,” he replied. “You were scared, Y/N”

“I wasn’t…scared per se,” you smiled at him. Bruce looked at you skeptically. “You just caught me by surprise. I reacted like any other person when a big green guy grabs her out of nowhere,”

“But you jumped out the window,” he said.

“Flight or fight?” you shrugged. “But you know what made me stop running?” he shook his head. “I realized that you will never hurt me, Bruce,” you said seriously as you stared into the coffee brown eye that realized you get lost in.


The day that you and Bruce’s friendship went into another level was a day you will never forget. Sometimes you go into the lab and don’t say a word so that you won’t bother Bruce. You would sit on the stool next to him as he writes formulas on his notebook with his chicken scratch handwriting.

You were biting your lip as you were watching Netflix (ever since Tony introduced this magical app to you) you are now on season four of Law and Order: SVU. You were on the edge of your seat that you didn’t notice Bruce becoming distracted by your lip biting. He loved your lips. One second you were about to take a swig of your drink and then the next your lips pressed against Bruce’s. Your eyes widened in surprise that you accidentally sent Bruce back causing him to be thrown against the wall.

“I’m so sorry,” you hurried to help him up.

“Sorry to…shock ya,” he rubbed his head.

The way he was staring at you caused your skin to turn a hot pink along with the kiss making you react that way.

“Hey,” his hands rubbed against your arm. “Sorry,” he said.

Your eyes snapped up to his. “Don’t worry. You have nothing to be sorry about,” you pushed him back. “I was not ready for it, though,” you bit your lip again contemplating if you want him to kiss you again or not. You chose to go for it. You pushed your lips against his making this the most awkward second kiss you ever had. But it is also the sweetest one.


You and Bruce never went too fast. Your pace was slow and patient. Especially with how you both work with your emotions it was best this way. You both never went past kissing. Sometimes his hands would wander to your waist and squeeze along the softness of it. His hands would wander to your thighs and squeeze them too as your hands went to his chest or to the softest curls you ever felt of his. Sometimes he would growl which never scared you. It actually brought a smile to your face knowing that is how you affected him.

Months later, you find out that Bruce may not be possessive but actually the Hulk is. Avengers is pretty much a pack of alphas (along with Natasha). And with Tony’s obvious flirting and Steve’s charm; let us say that Hulk didn’t like it. So the kissing between you and Bruce became more aggressive. It would start sweet but then something in Bruce causes him to push more with you. His lips leaving yours and tracing along your neck. Him marking you there causing your skin to flush pink. He then found a spot on your neck that he began to eat away at causing you to gasp in pleasure. He was on there for a good while. It never clicked for you that he was kissing on the claiming spot on the nape of your neck. No wonder it felt good.

And then he whispers, “Can I?” which brought you out of your haze. It took you a minute to figure out what he was asking. He was asking to claim you as his. As his Omega. And he was asking for a lot from you but in that whole minute you realized that you trust Bruce. That Bruce will be the only man to know how it feels to sometimes lose control with deadly consequences waiting at the end.

 You nodded your head.

Chapter Text

Cyrena Lannister was born fifteen years after Tyrion Lannister. Though she had a different mother from her three older siblings, she still had the similar golden hair of the Lannister bloodline. Surpsingly, her hair was almost the color as the gold coins her father owned. Her eyes though are not as green as the emerald stones or as her siblings. Hers was a mixture of her parents. A gorgeous sea-green with flecks of topaz.

People spoke the word of Cersei’s beauty they didn’t know the beauty of Cyrena’s. Her father, Tywin Lannister, was protective of his youngest daughter. She was not as hard edged at her siblings. She was trusting to everyone. Her beauty was unconceivable. She smiled all the time. He was fairly afraid that someone would swoop in and take his youngest daughter.

And to make matters worse, Cyrene is an omega. She was petite young woman who was no match to any alpha. the perfect dream of an omega. ‘The little cub’ they called her. Even Cersei was a bit protective of her younger sister so she required the company of Cyrene to Kings Landing (after Jaime’s constant asking) and made sure she had some of the best guards by her side.

Though King Robert had wandering eyes over the youngest Lannister.

“Sister, I think it will be about time for you to be betrothed,” Tyrion spoke to her after their cup of wine together. Cyrena sighed. She tried to avoid the inevitable but she knew she would be given away soon. Her father is always looking for the uppherhand on things but he wanted the perfect and powerful family to have her. She recalled him thinking of the Tyrells or the Baratheons. Though she was not as opposing of those choices. Renly is sweet though he known for playing both sides and Willas is sweet but Jaime does not approve.

“I suppose,” she said to her older brother.

“I hear our king is going to Winterfell in two days,” he said.

“I would love to come see the snow for the first time,” Cyrena admits. For her whole life, all she lived through was the sun. not that she was complaining but she heard the tales of the white cool snow and the cool breeze of winter and it seems more like a dream.

“You can ask our dear sister if you can attend,” Tyrion said.

Cyrena bit her lip. “I guess there is no other way, huh?”


When Cyrena decided to ask her sister, she didn’t plan on it being over a feast where there was ruckus and drunks everywhere. And Robert being at the table listening. Cersei was about to deny Cyrena for going but Robert cuts her off.

“I like the sound of that,” he said after drinking his wine. “We can probably set up a joining of two houses with Stark and Lannister.”

Cersei and Cyrena almost spit out their Dornish wine at his statement.

“Father would not approve,” Cersei tried very hard not to sound like a bitch but she couldn’t help herself. “Like he would let us be with those wolves.”

Cyrena didn’t have nothing really against the Starks. She never even met thim but through her two twin siblings and her father…she thought the worst of them.


Cyrena ended up going. No one can deny the King’s request. She was giddy at the sight of the plush snow that covered the land. Her eyes widened at the sight of Winterfell. It was more picturesque than her own land at Casterly Rock.


The Starks do not like the Lannisters. Robb, though, was conflicted as he set uses at the youngest Lannister who is the same age as him. He didn’t know how to react. Him being the alpha he and setting sights on such a beautiful little Omega cub caused an emotion inside him he couldn’t really control. A growl almost escaped his throat as he danced along with her over the dining hall. She was wearing the deep blood red color with the lining of gold screamed Lannister. Her hair was though worn in a northern style. No braids and not twists. It was straight down to Cersei’s and Jaime’s dismay. Her sea green eyes locked eyes to Robb’s blue ones.

“Your beauty beholds you, my lady,” he told her which caused him a shocking blush to her cheeks. “Are you not use to such compliments?”

“Its not that…” she tried to avoid his eyes. “It’s you,” she admits causing him to raise an eyebrow.

Cyrena been around men before. Mostly older and them being guards. But she never been around one her age and as handsome as Robb Stark. And with such piercing eyes that caused her to froze in place. She started to love his hair as well. A dark auburn and unruly curls that she really wanted to run her fingers through.

“How are you liking your stay?”

“I would love to see more of this but I fear that Jaime would not allow.” She said as she twirled. “I have never seen snow before and I really wish to see this more often down south,” she pouts causing him to chuckle.

“Hearing of our betrothed, you may get your wish,” he said.


It only took one day for Cyrena to kiss Robb. He was the only one to give her this feeling. Such butterflies and giddiness. Her skin lit on fire around him. She was not herself around him yet she can be herself if that made sense. He was utterly surprised when she did. He was giving her a tour through the forest and she threw a snow ball at his face. He was completely baffled and laughed afterwards. She apologized and tried to wipe the snow from his face. She was so entranced by his blue eyes that she leaned up and kissed him. She meant for it to be a soft peck but the alpha wolf in him controlled his body at that moment.

He lifted her by the waist and pressed her against the tree with his body melding into hers. His hot lips onto hers and devoured it. Cyrena couldn’t control the rapid heartbeat she was emitting. She loved this feeling. The feeling of being dominated. And she trusted Robb. In just a day she knew that this man had more honor than any one she knew. More than her own father. He didn’t have wandering hands. His callous palms stayed on her cold and delicate face as he deepened the kiss. Her first kiss shared with anyone. The kiss was slow yet passionate. Lovingly but intense. Her whole body was on fire which caused his nose to flare as he smelled arousal coming from her. never in his seventeen years has he felt such want for a woman like now.

“We…should…stop,” she said in between breathes. Her lips swollen from the kisses. He nods before giving her one last quick kiss on her lips. He nuzzled onto her neck and takes a deep exhale.


To be continued...





Chapter Text

When you first met Rick Grimes, it was the time that Daryl was about to stab him with his hunting knife. Before your mind could react, you ran towards him trying to stop your best friend from cutting up the man in the sheriff uniform.

You finally got a good look at the man. He was handsome you had to admit. Blue eyes and nice chiseled chin and jet black hair. Then he spoke and you couldn’t help but swoon a bit at his southern accent. But you are Y/N L/N and best friends with Daryl fucking Dixon, you don’t swoon over any good-looking piece of meat.


RRick Grimes couldn’t help but admit to himself, but he was captivated by you. Though you are a bit younger than him by a couple of years, he found your sweet accent enticing and those e/c of yours entrancing. It’s been almost two years for him with Lori that he hasn’t felt physically and emotionally attracted to her. He couldn’t help it. And then when he first came back the night before and smelled the heavy scent of his best friend, Shane Walsh, he knew and he couldn’t deny the obvious. That put the icing on the cake for Lori. He still loved her, but only because she is the mother of his child.

It didn’t help his case with you when he caught your scent of an unclaimed omega. You reeked omega especially with the sun beaming down on you making you sweat. But it was just a physical attraction and nothing else at the time.

It made matters worse when you both was on the highway when the herd hit. You were scavenging for food in the cars and you didn’t notice the herd until Rick came from behind him and pulled he with him under the car. He pressed her up against him with her back pushed to his front. He looked up to see Lori looking at them with a confused look before looking back at her son. Rick couldn’t help but inhale your scent that you gave off. With you breathing rapidly and kind of worried about Daryl and then to top it off a full-grown alpha male pressed against your back. He could smell the adrenaline and the arousal seeping from every pore of your body.



Rick couldn’t help but hug you. You were the only one there besides Shane that he needed support from. He cried as you held him. You gave him reassurance that Carl will live. You even offered up your blood, thankfully you had the same blood type as the both of them. He hugged you again at the offer you gave him. He looked at you as more than another person for him to lead. You were now a friend.



You are a tough cookie, that’s what Rick could tell from the short time he knew you. You weren’t like Lori or Carol, who held back the group. You grew up with Dixons. Daryl taught you how to shoot and protect yourself knowing that you had a bad sense of direction when it comes to picking out the right guys. You had your own a small hand ax, a shinken sword she found in a house over a run and.44 Magnum that you bought for yourself on your twenty-first birthday. You never had a chance to use it until Walker came to be. Though you were tough as nails when it comes to killing walkers, you were also pretty delicate. You were a tiny thing since Omegas are usually shorter than most of the three ‘races’. You had slender arms that couldn’t hold off the average male to protect yourself. You had short legs though they were toned, you still had to walk fast to keep up. Rick couldn’t help but have wandering eyes when she wore only a loose cropped tank top that showed your midriff with an unreadable tattoo he couldn’t make out with black running shorts and old Nike running shoes. He couldn’t help but notice that you and Daryl had similar tattoos.




“You’re not going alone,” Rick told you as you, Daryl, Shane, and Hershel huddled over the map about to find Sophia. You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Like hell, I’m not,” she snarled at him. “I’m not no damn kid. I know the fucking woods better than y’all three,” she points at everyone but Daryl. Daryl smirked. You had a temper on you when treated like a dainty little girl. And Rick had to admit he liked this side of you.

“And if you run into walkers?” Rick asked you trying not to offend you more.

“I run…their fucking walkers meaning they walk,” she pushed passed them and started heading east.

“Be back before sunset,” Daryl yelled at you. You waved at him signaling you heard him.



“You fucking bitch,” it took only Rick to hold you back when you found out Andrea shot at Daryl. You tried to climb over him but Rick held you close to your chest. You couldn’t think straight. The only man you know and trust was just shot in the head by this idiot. She rested her head on Rick’s chest and she couldn’t help but cry. Rick tried to think of a way to calm you down and then it dawned on him.

He purred for you.

Omegas can feel calm when an Alpha purrs. You were shocked by what you heard but it helped you. You finally relaxed in his hold. Your breathing was steady.

“He’s alive. It just skinned him. He’ll be alright,” he whispers in your ear not minding the looks that Lori gave him as he held you.


“So I heard you cried for me,” Daryl muttered.

You laughed. “Yeah, but I stopped.”

“Yeah, I heard Rick purred for you,” he smirks at you. “And that he held you as you cried.”

“Shut up,” you threw a pillow at him before leaving the room.



“I see the way you look at her,” Lori whispers to Rick in their tent. “Have you guys…”

“I never acted on it,” Rick decided it was best to tell the truth. His eyes looking at his wife accusingly.

“You know…how long did you—“

“Its pretty easy to tell when you reeked of him,” he tried not to sound pissed off. “Maybe this…what we have—

“—Not working,” Lori finished for him not liking it. She couldn’t be mad at you. It wasn’t like you were throwing yourself at Rick.




“You should talk to him,” Daryl mutters to you. You scoffed.

“He just lost his wife…his fucking mate,” you shoved passed Daryl. You couldn’t believe that he had the nerve to say that to you. Even though you and Rick flirted with each other and it has been known that Rick and Lori were on the rocks doesn’t mean she is gonna start hitting on him when he lost his damn wife. He was fucking mourning over her. He couldn’t even look at his own daughter.

“I’m not saying to fuck him in the tombs,” Daryl said to you. “I’m just sayin’…sympathize or some shit with him.”



Rick was getting better. He finally came out and talked to Carl but he couldn’t look at his daughter. You decided you might as well help him. Or tried to talk to the guy.

When you stepped into the room he just looked at you. You gave him a weak smile as you walked in front of him.


“Daryl only knows this, but I lost my brother and sister a few weeks before Daryl found me,” you told him. He finally locked eyes with you after that statement. “An older brother who did everything to protect me and my youngest sister. Then one day we were careless and we got caught up with these walkers—“ you looked in the distance before continuing—“he sacrificed himself to protect us. One week later I couldn’t even keep my sister alive. I kind of was ready to kill myself.”

“What stopped you?”

“Funny thing was…Daryl. Daryl practically knocked some sense into me literally. Wacked me in the head not before he was shocked as hell when seeing my Magnum gun tilted at my temple.” You smirked. “He showed me that there are others still out there that care if I am alive. Like Daryl himself.”

There was a long pause before Rick said, “I’m glad he did.”

“What I am saying is that you have Carl and Lil’ Asskicker—Daryl named her—and the whole group here for you,” you said to him.



“Where are you from?” Rick asked you. You both was keeping watch in the Tower during the night shift. You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Some shithole outside of Atlanta.”

“How’d ya meet Daryl?”

“Um…I worked in a diner when I was fourteen. He was pretty shy and he asked me out” you said.

“Did you?”


“Told him I had a boyfriend—which I did—and he got ashamed and ran out.” You laughed at the thought of him blushing red. Fifteen-year-old Daryl was so cute. “We went to high school together so I was surprised when I see him walk into my math class. He barely came to school, but I was the reason he kept coming. He never asked me out again, but I knew he wanted to. But it seems like I had an attraction to douchebags. He decided from then on that he would be more like a brother to me and protected me from them. “

“Is that why he always look at me funny when I talk to ya?” rick asked.

“He means well. He knows now that you are a good guy. Me and him balance each other. He helped me defend myself and I helped him graduate high school. Merle hated me for making him a better person.”

“I’m glad ya did. Did y’all stick like glue afterward?”

“I left town to Atlanta to go to college. Didn’t make it three years before my dad got arrested and I had to help take care of my sister. She got sick and I worked more than go to school to pay for her hospital bills. Daryl helped out with that.”

Rick looked at you as you looked at the moon. “ where was your brother?”

“He was abroad…on tour,” you said. You finally looked at Rick to realize that he moved closer to you. “You know…” you looked at the field and changed the subject. “This is pretty damn romantic, isn’t it? Moon out and the stars as we watch walkers tried to get into our prison of a home. I dreamed of this when I was Carl’s age.”


Rick chuckled. You feel him move, but you thought he stepped back, but he stepped behind you. You gulped and turned around and faced him. He cradled your face with his callous hands. “You don’t have to worry. You don’t just have Darylyou have usyou have Carl, Glennand me.” You nodded and thought he was done until he cups your chin and tilts your head up and pressed his lips against yours.




The day that it became more than just kissing between you and Rick was the day that your heat decided to kick in. You were beyond pissed. You thought you were just hot. But there you were eating with Daryl in the field and the next was like a wave of heat over your body. Daryl doesn’t react as badly since he is only a beta.

“What the hell, Y.N,” he sighed before yanking you up and pulling you all the way to Hershel’s cell.

“I can't do anything for ya,” Hershel said. “We gonna have to ride this out or…”

“Or what?” you knew what that ‘or what’ was. The only thing you need besides heat suppressants was a fuckin alpha or to fuck one that is. And the only one in this prison was Rick. You both haven’t been through that level yet.

“What’s going on?” you hear Rick’s voice. As soon as he walked into Hershel’s cell, he knew what was up. The smell tackled him. He let out a boisterous growl before he set eyes on you. He hasn’t been around a woman in heat since with Lori at the camp right outside of Atlanta. “In heat?” he asked the obvious.

“Heat.” You confirmed for him.



Rick hasn’t been with a woman in over a year. His arms on either side of your head as he deeply inhaled your scent through the nape of your neck. You were in his cell. The curtains blocking the rails. Your hands on his back. His legs spreading yours apart. He was overpowering you and you reveled in it. You take one of your hands and ran it through his curly hair. You locked eyes with his icy blue ones that had his pupils dilated.

“Ya sure?” he asked, his voice gruff and oh so sexily southern.

“Yeah…” you said softly through whimpers.





Rick felt like shit. He felt like such an asshole. His eyes watered up as he laid on the sofa in the house that he and Carl have found. The Prison was overrun and his only thought was on Carl and Judith. You told him earlier before that you understand that his kids are his main priority, but that didn’t help that he felt like shit for leaving you there. For all he knows, is that you were taken by the walkers or ran on your own. He wished that Daryl has found you. He knew that Daryl would protect you since you were more of his own.

So when he first saw you again in a broken down SUV asleep at the back, he thought this was a mirage.

And that night as you were in the truck with Carl as Rick and Michonne kept watch outside, you felt something amiss. Next thing you know you were getting pulled out the car by an overweight man. His hands wandering over you.

You could hear Rick saying, “This is about me. Let them go.”

Your eyes went to the side to see Daryl getting his ass kicked by two men. Your heart was racing at the sight of a pistol on Rick’s temple.

“First, we gonna beat Daryl to death. Then we gonna have little samurai here [Michonne] and this little omega and make you watch right before I stick a bullet through your head,” The man told Rick.


It happened so fast. You were trying to pull away from the man, but then he pushes you on the ground. you tried to fight him off. You couldn’t think of the moves that Daryl taught you at this moment as you panicked. He overpowered you. He turned you on your stomach and you could hear him unbuckling his belt. Her eyes teared up and you couldn’t see. You saw the blur of Rick fighting the man. He held him up with the gun on Rick. You laid your head on the ground as you looked up. You felt defeated.

But then Rick did the inevitable.

He bit the dude’s neck off. Blood shot everywhere and your breathing hitched. Guns shot off and the only one left was the man on your back. He quickly held you up with a knife to your neck.

“Backup. I’ll kill her…” he didn’t sound so sure. The man saw the look that Rick was giving him.

The man threw you on the ground and held his head up in surrender. But rick didn’t care. He stabbed him in the stomach and the heart and kept on.

The only thoughts that ran through his head were: protect, protect, protect. Protect mines.


“You okay?” you finally talked to Rick after a couple of hours. It was now dawn and you finally got a good look at Rick. Blood all over his beard and his mouth yet it didn’t disgust you.

“I should be asking you that,” he said. “Sorry, you had to see that but—

“—But you’re not sorry you did it,” you finished for him. He nodded. He finally looked into your eyes.

“I would do anything to protect you. Any means necessary,” he told you. It didn’t scare you when he said that as blood dried up in his face. You actually felt your heart beat faster than ever before. “Because you’re mine,” he added.

“Because I’m yours,” you confirmed.

Chapter Text

You and Tony have always been best friends. It didn’t always start the way. Of course, the guy in your MIT class was hitting on you. He joined MIT at the age of 14 and you joined three years after him in 1994 with him being your tutor. He tried to use that infamous Stark charm on you but it never worked. You were oblivious to the fact that he was trying to hit on you. You thought he was just trying to be nice. And the fact that this man was womanizing Alpha and you was an Omega didn’t make things easier. Though you may not be ugly—hell you were damn cute for a sixteen-year-old—you were too focused on your work to think about how boys viewed you.

And anyways…your eyes set on his friend, James Rhodes for your whole time in college.

And when Tony saw you getting corner by some senior Alpha classmates of his. At that moment he didn’t think of you as just a girl with nice legs but at that moment he thought of you as his friend. A friend who needed to be protected.


You and Tony. Tony and You. It has always been that way. And even after his father died, he had you join his company. You easily denied him because you had a better offer. With intelligence as yourself, that can easily compete to Tony Stark himself. You were now working with S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Coulson came to your apartment in New York—in Chelsea—asking for your participation in S.H.I.E.LD. You were almost a greater asset than Tony with your knowledge in Nuclear Engineering, Electrical engineering, and mechanic engineering. You could make some of the most dangerous weapons. They could have asked Tony but seeing how he is always in the limelight and in the bad scene, they wouldn’t want that on their team.

“Where are you working?” Tony asked you for like the tenth time.

“An agency,” you replied.

“It has to be somewhere very important with an amazing lockdown on your files since I can not find your W-2 forms anywhere,” he admits.

“I can’t tell you, Stark,” you said with a sigh. You were looking over the sketches that you was thinking about giving your supervisor who is director of weaponry. They wouldn’t let you become such a vital member yet since you were only twenty years old.

Ah, top-secret, huh? Must be secret service or some shit like that, huh?” he kept pressing on.



Ten years later, you met your fellow colleague Clint Barton. He was arrogant, snarky, and a smart ass and that reminded you of your favorite person back in California having a threesome with god knows who. Clint was a lone wolf who didn’t work well with anyone. An alpha who did mostly his own thing and barely took any orders from no one. And when he heard that a tiny Omega woman who is only thirty years old has modified over 60 percent of the weaponry that S.H.I.E.L.D uses, he was baffled. He did that cocky smirk that grown accustomed to.

You were pulling an all-nighter as you were trying out the new arrows you made for Agent Barton that was when you had met him. You were in the practice room at 2 am. Your hair falling from your perfectly done ponytail. You had minimal makeup on and you were not wearing the standard uniform that Agent Hill wears but instead you was sporting a pair of yoga pants and loose tank that showed your hot rod red sports bra.

“What are you doin’ with that?” that snarky voice broke you from your trance as you were about to let go of the arrow you was trying out. You turned to see the Alpha stalking towards you. You put your body in a defense stance.

“Trying it out,” you said like it was the most obvious thing.

“And why? That’s mine,” he crossed his arms. He was looking down at you like you were a just a little girl.

No, this is a prototype. Which means it is not for use for an agent at this moment,” you told the man.

“And why do a little girl like yourself get to use it?”

“Because I am director of Weaponry and I design the weapons you seem to want new ones more and more every day,” you said.

You are Director L/N?” he couldn’t contain his shock.

“Yep. Now let me try this new design out before I fall asleep from exhaustion,” you turned around and pulled it up so you can shoot.

“you're holding it wrong,” he said. “Let me try it out. What does it do anyways?”

“Try it and see,” you told him. He nods and pulled the string back and he noticed how light the arrows was. And when he let go, his eyes widened. “What the hell was that?” he smiled at you. He shot out another arrow and afterward giving a cackling laugh.

“That, my friend, is your new arrows. They are lighter yet not weaker. They are more accurate and they shoot faster and as soon as they hit a target they can lock on it. Once it is shot into a target, there are grappling hooks that will stay on the target until you unlock them and—

Clint picks you up into a hug cutting you off. “Damn girl, you are amazing. I like you. So I come to you with new ideas?”

“With suggestions that seem plausible,” you told him as he finally let you go.



Phil Coulson being the sweetheart that he is let you on a vacation for a week when you asked him if you can go to Malibu. You had to see Tony right after finding out that he was found. Your mind was gone when you heard he was missing in the Middle East. You could barely get any work done.


“Well, look who decided to come slummin’,” he smirked at you as you visited his home. JARVIS greeted you as you walked into the basement. You smirked at the technology. Your eyes widened when you noticed the glowing in his chest. You dropped everything and ran up to your best friend. “How long has it been since you visited? Five years?”

“You came last Christmas,” you corrected him. Your hands went to his chest. “This is keeping you alive?” you said figuring it out. He nodded. His nose went to your neck for some reason. “Why do you smell like another alpha?”

You smirked. You didn’t have much time to shower before leaving Agent Barton—no—Clint, now, in your apartment—now in Manhattan—who didn’t want you to leave. You and Barton aren’t serious. Him believing not to have someone waiting on him not knowing if he would live on the next mission. You and him became this sorta ‘thing’ about eight months after you left and it didn’t happen often until after you met Natasha a few years ago.

“Because you are not the only one who gets laid,” you said to him. Tony didn’t like that answer. He didn’t like the thought of you with anyone nevertheless an alpha who he knows nothing about knowing you the guy probably works with you which makes it harder for him since he still doesn’t know where you work.

Over the years, he slept with plenty of women. Some that looked too much like you. He didn’t notice it until Rhodey and Happy pointed it out. And even Pepper told him a few times to settle down with you. And now you, the girl who rarely dated, had someone…who is not him.

“What’s his name?”


“Clint?” he repeats. “Not what I thought would be your first boyfriend in fifteen years.”

“Not a boyfriend,” you told him.

“Boy toy?”




Tony figured out what he been missing ever since he was in that cage. And him now being in his basement helping him with his suit, he realized he didn’t just like you. He loved you. You being the longest relationship he had with a woman and that being just a friend. He loved that you knew how to sport a sexy pair of ‘hipster’ glasses is what he called. He loved how you barely wear any makeup and that you knew how to rock a pair of yoga pants and a band tee. He loved your brain. Your amazing brain. He never met anyone as smart as his father except himself and it now you.

“Why are you helping you?” he asked you. “I thought you would be so against me putting myself in danger. And then I stopped making weapons…”

“Because I see this look in your eyes that I have never seen before,” you told him as you were picking out a new weapon to put in the suit. “I see determination.” Tony didn’t know what to say to that and for once he was left speechless. But at least he had action.

He loves action.

And so he kissed you.



“You’re not talking to me now?” you asked Tony, your now-boyfriend. He wouldn’t look at you but instead, read through the files that Nick Fury has given him. You knew why he was mad since he just found out that Pepper’s assistant is an agent and that you have worked with S.H.I.E.L.D for fifteen years. You had to keep it to yourself.

“I have nothing to say,” he said.

“Whoa, smartass Tony Stark has nothing to say to me? That’s a shocker,” you said.

He glared up at you. You were angry at him for the most part. It took for Fury to tell you that Tony may be dying to find out the secret.

“You kept a secret from me. A life and death one and you don’t see me moping around about it,” you told him. You crossed your arms and looked at the man you love as he watched the video of his father.

He kept silent. Wow, you thought. This was y’all first fight with each other.



“Why is she here?” Tony asked Fury as he entered the room where the rest of the avengers was.

“I work with SHEILD, you knew that,” you stated. You were now wearing the same uniform as Hill which was almost as a second skin to you. Tony smirked at your attire.

“You should wear this next time we get kinky,” he winked at you.

He slapped him across the head. “I work with defenses and offense weaponry,” you told the team to show them how valuable you are to the group.


You practically jumped Stark as soon as he was cleared from the medical unit. You barely cried but at this moment, you were a blubbering mess. Tony couldn’t help but hold you as you cried on his shoulder. The only way to calm you was his purr which he did even though he was tired and aching.

“I love you,” he whispered in your ear. The first time he ever said it to you.

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After being defeated by Ultron again, Clint told them that he had a safe house for them to hide from the media and authorities. They Them shocked to see a house on a huge patch of land. But more shocked to see a pregnant woman—Omega—who reeked of Clint’s scent meaning that she was with him. The Avengers never knew that Clint had a special someone waiting for him at a nice quaint home. And they was all shocked to see two set of kids running towards the Agent yelling, "Daddy!"

"Guys, this is my mate and wife, Y/N Barton," he introduced you to the Avengers.

"Who use to be Agent L/N codename: The Viper," Natasha explained causing Tony and Steve to raise an eyebrow.

"You was an agent?" Tony asked for the group.

"Yep," you said.

"Fell in love with her as soon as she knocked my ass out," Clint explained which you laughed at since you still think it was a lie. You thought he didn’t fall in love with you until later.


The day Clint Barton has met his wife was unexpected.

He walks into the cafeteria for some grub to see two women going head to head. And he recognized one of the women who became his dear friend, Natasha, getting her ass beat which he never saw before unless it was him and that was just that one time in Budapest.

The woman was steadfast in her movements. It was like she could calculate what Natasha’s next move was. It kind of scared him if he would admit it. The woman was smaller than Natasha by a few inches making her at least 5’3 in height. Her hair pulled back in a ponytail swinging every time she dodged one of Tahsa’s blows.

The woman was wearing the same attire as Tasha. She wore just like Tasha; like it was part of her skin. It fit so snug on her body that Clint was a bit entranced by how her body moves in it that he forgot that the woman was fighting his friend.

The woman swiped her leg under Natasha’s which she expected but it was just a trick for her to get distracted so that she would not noticed the hand (fist) going for her jaw which knocked her backwards.

That’s when Clint made a move.

Clint thought he could take the woman…

…but he was wrong.

As soon as he made a move to stop her for making any more hits at Natasha, the woman turned so fast that he only seen a blur before he was knocked on his as with her on top of his with a dagger pointed at his throat.

"May I help you?" you asked him with a teasing smirk which irked him since you just got the hold over him.

"He’s a friend," Natasha said behind the woman who glaring at the man with her e/c eyes that glowed a tint of red that taken Clint back a bit. The woman lowered her dagger then put it back in her boot. She was still on top of him which he didn’t mind. He had a better view of the woman. She has sharp eyes that reminded him of a cat. Round cheeks, plump pink lips, small round nose. She looked quite young to be in this field.

The woman finally climbs from him having Natasha help him up.

"We was training, "Natasha said to Clint.

"Looked more personal than training. And we train in the gym, Nat," Clint crossed his arms.

"Fury has allowed us to do…spontaneous training wherever we are to build our reflexes in any situation," the woman spoke her German accent thick.

"Who the hell are you?" Clint didn’t try to hide his dislike for the woman. Though she’s a looker that doesn’t do anything for him if she was trying to kill his friend and then knocks him on his ass in front of everyone.

"She was my target," Natasha said. Clint vaguely remembers Natasha leaving for Monaco to retrieve someone called…

…The Viper.

"Was you suppose to kill her?"

"My mission was to convince her to join SHIELD. If she opposes or causes problems then I kill her but she’s harder. Luckily she saw herself in me so she joined," Natasha said.

"What the hell kind of the name is Viper anyways?"

"What kind of name is Hawkeye?" her eyes narrowed.

"Vipers are deadly snakes…she’s a deadly assassin," Natasha answered for her. "Clint this is Y/N L/N. Y/N this is Clint."


"Have you seen the news?" he asked you as he enters yours and his bedroom. As soon as he closed the door, he embraced you into a hug and nuzzled into your neck and kissed you there causing you to smile. It was almost three months since he last saw you and the kids.

"Yeah," you said as you closed your eyes losing yourself in his touch. Your alpha’s touch who you haven’t seen in what seems like forever. He purred to attempt calm you down. "Why haven’t you told the group about me and the kids?"

"I did just met them three years ago," he said but that was not a good excuse to you, which made you slap him lightly on the shoulder. "If it wasn’t for Nat knowing you before me, she wouldn’t of known about you either. It’s just I want to keep my personal life way separate from this line of work. They could hold you and the kids over me. I was so scared when Loki even found out about you and that was from me," he held you tighter to himself now.

"If I wasn’t pregnant I could help you," you stated. You could. "I could have been part of this team—

"—if the kids wasn’t born but let’s not think that way," he cuts you off. "And I am glad that you are out of this life."

"You do know that I was a better agent than you, right?"

"Right," he agreed.

"Have you seen the news?" he asked you as he enters yours and his bedroom. As soon as he closed the door, he embraced you into a hug and nuzzled into your neck and kissed you there causing you to smile. It was almost three months since he last saw you and the kids.

"Yeah," you said as you closed your eyes losing yourself in his touch. Your alpha’s touch who you haven’t seen in what seems like forever. He purred to attempt calm you down. "Why haven’t you told the group about me and the kids?"

"I did just met them three years ago," he said but that was not a good excuse to you, which made you slap him lightly on the shoulder. "If it wasn’t for Nat knowing you before me, she wouldn’t of known about you either. It’s just I want to keep my personal life way separate from this line of work. They could hold you and the kids over me. I was so scared when Loki even found out about you and that was from me," he held you tighter to himself now.

"If I wasn’t pregnant I could help you," you stated. You could. "I could have been part of this team—

"—if the kids wasn’t born but let’s not think that way," he cuts you off. "And I am glad that you are out of this life."

"You do know that I was a better agent than you, right?"

"Right," he agreed.

"So what division was you in?" Tony asked over dinner. The kids were asleep so you was open to sharing your past a bit with the group. Everyone waited patiently.

"I was a field agent," you said which shocked the rest of the group.

"Like Natasha and Clint?" Steve asked. You nodded.

"I was tested like the ones you faced with Ultron," you explained. "I am not like the fast one but I more like—

"She’s more like the psycho bitch who warped you all’s brains out," Clint finished for you with his mouth full of steak.

"You can bring out our fears?" Bruce asked.

"I can make you hallucinate. I can warp your surrounding into your worst fears or your heart’s desire." You said.

"Along with fighting styles like Nat’s," Clint finishes.

Everyone seemed shocked by these news.

"I wished SHIELD would have told me about Clint being compromised years ago since I could have snapped him out of Loki’s hold," you said. "Clint comes home a week after the Manhattan Incident and says, "Honey, I’m home," like he just come from his blue-collar job." The group laughed.


If anyone asked when Clint fell in love with you, he would say the first time he saw you but it was on a mission. Clint was watching through his spot on the rough through his binoculars as you was undercover with the target. He was impressed how alike you was with Natasha. The target was experimenting on children and altering their DNA to make them powerful soldiers. Clint saw you fight against them, and even though Fury told you all to fight to kill with the serum in them, he noticed that you didn’t kill any of the children but knocked them out unconscious.

"Why ya didn’t kill them?" he asked you when they was on the jet. You looked at him like he was idiot which you thought at the time.

"Because they are children…and they deserve a chance like me," she told him and turned her head and looked out the window.

You and Clint slept together before you even realized how you felt about each other. You thought he was handsome yet a jackass at times. But that didn’t stop your libido from going haywire. Along with your heat.

Your heat came out of nowhere and you knew why since you forgotten to take your suppressants after the mission. So now you withering on your bed in your own sweat. Usually you could handle your heats without the presence of an alpha. but for some reason you felt like you needed one bad. You tried to think of the alphas that you trust to give yourself to but it didn’t click well in your mind (Natasha….nope….Phil…nope….Fury….hell no). and then you thought of Clint Barton. And then you smelled his scent for some reason. Your e/c eyes went to the sweatshirt of his that was hanging over a chair. He gave it to you to keep warm on the plane earlier in the week. You pressed the garment against your nose and inhaled deeply and couldn’t’ help but let out a groan at this enticing scent of the alpha.

Clint was pretty shocked to see you at the door of his home. It was after midnight and freezing outside from the snow. You was standing there in sleep shorts, a soft tee, and his hoodie on you. Your hair wild, face flushed, and your pupils blown. As soon as he opened the door, the smell hit him.

"Shit, what the hell, Y/N," he covered his nose like that would help block the smell. His eyes widened at what he just found out. He never knew that you was an omega. Though you kept your scent blocked with suppressants, he didn’t think nothing of it. He thought you was another alpha just like Natasha. "Why the hell are you walking the streets in heat?" he scolded you. He pulled you in his rental house which made you crash into his chest. You held onto him for dear life and nuzzled into his chest and groaned. Clint couldn’t help but smirk at this vulnerable position you put yourself in. "So this is why you came over," he said as he ran his fingers through your hair and then balled it into a fist and yanked your head back lightly so that you can bare your neck to him. His lips placing light kisses on your neck.

"I trust you, Clint," you said. That statement did it for him. He picked you up by the legs so that they wrapped around his waist and he guided you to his bedroom.

You woke up to the sound of honking, sun beaming on your face, and Clint’s irritating yet endearing snores. You knew that it had to be past noon since you only had a couple of hours of sleep since you and Clint went at it all night. Your heat was still there but it subsidized for the mean time.

You glanced at Clint sprawled over 80 percent of the bed and over your body. You were both naked yet you was not ashamed. Matter of factly, you still wanted more of this annoying man. A small part of your brain, who you liked to call the Natasha part of your brain, was shaking her head in disappointment of how you succumbed to your urges and with Clint of all people. But you can see her being understanding of Clint since you both trusted this man with your life. This spoke to you. How you submitted to him and let him take dominance over your body.

"Stop thinking," you hear Clint said sleepily. He turned his head showing his handsome face. You never thought you would ever be in this predicament with Clint.

"I never stop thinking," you told him.

"Last night, you did," he waggled his eyebrows which made you slap him on the shoulder. "I think you ruined me for other women," he added which caused you to raise an eyebrow. "your mouth, flexibility, and how tight—

"Finish that sentence I will kill you in this bed," you cut him off. He laughed. You thought he was about to go back to sleep but you tensed when you felt him roll himself on top of you hovering. "What the hell are you doing?"

"You are still in heat and as I recalled you said, ‘Please, Alpha," all night long begging for me," he teased you. You tried to slap him but he grabbed both your hands and held them over your head. "Just tell me if you want me to stop," he said.

He leaned in pressing his lips against yours. You was surprised how soft, and gentle he was kissing you. He was being careful with you.

Testing you.

So you opened your mouth giving him an invitation for more. He tilted his head and deepens the kiss causing you to press your body against his body harder. He finally let’s go of your hands so that you can hold on to him. You ran your fingers through his short hair causing him to groan into your mouth. Your lips moving in synch with each other’s. The kisses grew more and more with passion that left you panting for more of it and air.

Clint could feel how hot your body was becoming which drew him closer to it. His own senses drenched with the smell of how in heat you was becoming along with your slick that was inches from his own member. He couldn’t help but feel turned on that you was wet from just his kisses. He put a note in his mind to tease you about it later.

After you left his apartment, Clint hasn’t seen you in about a week. And when he did see you and spoke to you, you acted the same way as before. Like you haven’t given yourself to him for a whole weekend. So it became like that for a while. But then Natasha had to open the can of worms.

"So you have grown feelings for Y/N," she stated. Clint was about to deny when she holds her hand up to stop him. "I think she likes you too." And with that she walked away.

Clint rolled his eyes but he couldn't deny it. Of course, Natasha would be the first one to notice before Clint could.

So it took about another year later for you both to reveal each other's feelings. A year of rolling around in the sheets together but never going beyond to the 'dating' level in your relationship. You was good at hiding it so Clint didn't know how you felt. Not even a bit. So when you walked to your apartment and opened the door to see Clint sitting on your sofa, you didn't get mad at all but you smiled instead causing him to squirm in his seat.

"Hey," he said to you. "Before you cuss me out, kick my ass, and then kick me out, i have something to say first."

"Shoot," you told him as you sat on the couch next to him.

"I like ya," he said to you. "I hate this fucking around that we've done and...look i'm a fucking alpha and i hate it when you decided to start scrubbing my scent of you and usually i can care less when a broad do that but i don't want you to do that to me," he rambled. Any normal person wouldn't understand what he was trying to say but you got it.

Translation: I don't want to be just a fuck buddy. I want to be your alpha and i want you to be my omega. I want others to know that you are taken by me.



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His eyes were trained on her (you) when he entered the room where Pierce introduced him to his new partner. Though he rather works alone and he works better when going on missions. And when he found out that his new partner is a female, that didn’t help his thinking on if she was capable of pulling off assassination compared to himself.

James ‘Bucky’ Barnes could tell that you were much of a lost soul as he was in this Hydra operation. Your e/c eyes empty as you stared at Pierce as he gave you high praised over your training. James couldn’t find anything on you that was same as his arm. He noticed the faint scars on your skin. Your hair was scraggly just like his but longer. Your eyes then flickered over to him and now you both was in a staring contest. He didn’t back down. James noticed the quirk of the corner of your lip.

You were smirking. Your eyes then went to his arm and saw your eyebrows shot up slightly.

And then your scent hit him that he froze in place. His eyebrows furrowed and his mouth went into a frown.

You are an unclaimed Omega.

And he is an Alpha.

Bucky didn’t recall much about the history and information about Alpha, Beta, and Omega affiliation. All Pierce has told him was that he is an Alpha and that he requires to let some steam off once in a while. Meaning that steam would be let off on either a dangerous and challenging kill or a woman who Pierce would send him to have his way with.

And Bucky knew what the word Alpha meant. It didn’t take a genius to know that. He likes to dominate. He likes control and order. But then he takes orders from other alphas which he secretly hates but he does it anyways.

And here you were smelling so delectable to him. His nose flared. A feeling in him came over that didn’t make any sense in him. A room full of male alphas and betas that pissed off around you. His fists clenched hard.




“Can you at least fill me in when you do shit like that?” you glared at James who was not bothering to look at you. His gaze fixed on the horizon. You both just came from a mission and it went off the wall when James didn’t even wait for you and just did his own thing. It actually cost you as a causality with you being shot twice in the shoulder.

“You should be…should be paying attention so that an inadequate guard wouldn’t have shot you,” he said with no remorse which kind of pissed you off. You were not like James who hid his emotions really well but instead, you showed a bit emotions. Now your eyebrows  furrowed and your mouth was snarling at him. Your cheeks red from the pain and the pissed off anger you felt towards this handsome yet mysterious man.


But you rather hide it from instead of showing how much pain you were in. Luckily, you were healing, but you still felt the pain. As you both was in the private jet, you decided to head towards the restroom so you could at least get the damn bullet out if it’s still in there. As you walked you grabbed the first aid and then locked the door. You looked at yourself in the mirror. You wore a similar attire to James. All black with your black mask pulled down and your black eye makeup rubbing off. Your hair falling from its loose ponytail.

You grabbed the tweezers and closed your eyes for a moment before ripping off your sleeve to get the better access to your shoulder. Just when you were about to tweeze any parts of the shell bullet, the restroom door open abruptly.

“Heard of knocking?” she asked the brooding man who was now closing the door after him.

“Sit,” he commanded and you obliged. You sat on the toilet and watched him kneel in front of you. He grabbed a tweezer and focused on your wound. His eyes narrowed. He looked on the other side of your shoulder. “There was a clean shot through. Wait…you’re…healing?”


“That’s what I do,” she said with a shrug. “They didn’t tell you?” he shook his head. “Like you have your super armI have my specialties too, and that’s…” you trailed off. He waited, wanting you to finish. “I was tested on. I have special abilities. They call me the Siren. That’s why I am the pretty face of the job. I have the ability to drag men in with a certain halogen that canyou do know what a siren does?” he nodded. “I have other abilities like you with the serum, but other traits that add well towards a woman.”

“Have you used it on me?” he asked with a hard glare that was actually amusing towards you that you chuckled.

“Nope. Trust me, James, you will know when I use it on you,” you said teasingly. You noticed him frown a bit.

“Not many call me James.”




You knew what this was. This was not making love. It was after-mission screwing. You were both pretty much on a high from the last mission. Your heart was racing along with his from the kill. And that you haven’t been dominated ever by an alpha. And you didn’t expect your first one to be this brooding tall, dark, and handsome enigma of a man. You never thought you were going to be the first to break in this dancing around the thing you both was doing in the past few years. But then he grabbed you as soon as you both ran into the private jet and he dragged you to the restroom not caring that the Hydra guards saw you both.

“What are you—

He cuts you off with slamming his lips against yours with no finesse. Your eyes widened. You opened yourself to him. His fleshed hand running through your hair as his metal hand ripped open your attire which you will reprimand him about later. His lips were devouring you so much that you could not keep up. You were totally in passionate bliss with this mysterious man. You kept your hands on his chest as he lifted you up with ease as he takes you right on the restroom door.

One hour later…

“I guess this shows a different level of trust?” you joked as you laid on the hard tiled floor of the restroom not caring over hygiene. Your head rested on his knee as he sat against the door. His eyes trained on you as you stared up at the ceiling.

“How’d you meet Hydra?” he asked you softly.

“How’d you?” you smirked at your reverted questions. James glared at your question. Your eyes trained on him. His hair was more messed up which is now ‘sex hair’. His lips swollen from your harsh and hurried kisses. “You look…good after a nice fucking,” you commented. He still glared. “Fine, I was sold to them at age ten,” you told him which caught him off guard.


“Family was poor and they rather have more money than feed another mouth. It’s not like I was treated like shit. I was fed, clothed, and bathed. And Pierce has been a better father than my real one,” you told him which caused a look of pity on his face which you didn’t like. “Adds a little adventure in my life.”




“Good luck,” you told him as you watched him get strapped up. He didn’t bother replying. You were in his bedroom which was plain with no decoration at all. No books or posters. He strapped on his boots as you sat in front of him on your knees. Your relationship with James had progressed a bit. You could tell that his Alpha-ness has shown when you were undercover. He didn’t like men’s hands on you. And you kind of liked him like that. He never had to ask with you but instead, he just dragged you off to any secluded room and had his way with you. Sometimes he would tell you things. Things he wished he knew about himself. That sometimes he remembered things but he wrote them off as just fictional dreams.

“Killing Captain America? That is going to be more of a challenge don’t you think?” you wanted a reaction out of this man who became your sanctuary. The reason you want to live.

“Just another mission,” he said softly. His eyes then went to yours. “Why aren’t you going?”

“Do you wish for me to go?” you asked which he, of course, didn’t answer. You sighed. “I guess he thinks that you can handle him on your own—which I believe you can.”

He startled you that before he left the room, he took you by the throat and lifting you up so you can meet his lips. You couldn’t help but smirk at the way he just took power over you like that.

“Right after you finish the mission, come to me, fuck me…hard,” you said which made you hear the music to your ears—his laugh.




SHIELD and Hydra were pretty much down. Your information was all out there on the web. Even your face. The kills you’ve done. And now you were in hiding. You had no money. So you were in a women’s shelter. Your hands were shaking. And then you thought if James was even alive?

When you entered your bedroom that you shared with many others that were luckily empty, you noticed the shadow on the far corner. Fortunately, there was a compact shotgun in your back pocket along with a pocket dagger. You flicked on your lights ready for the attack but you stopped in your tracks when you saw him.


“Took a while to find you,” he said as he slowly stalked towards you. He looked over your attire: ripped boyfriend jeans, old converses, and an old hoodie.

“I think you should leave. Not good to see dangerous men in a shelter full of scared women,” you warned him.

“I thought you will like the gesture of me asking to come with me…in hiding,” he said. It took your a moment to get what he was actually asking you that it made you smile.

“Yeah…I like that gesture.”


Three months later…


You just knew that someone was following you. So you were ready to see that someone in your apartment that you shared with James who was out finding food for you both. So you were on your own. You had your gun out ready to fire and you slammed the door and found two men standing in the opening with no weapons. You recognized one of them.

Steve Rogers.

“Well, hello to you too,” the black male told you. You rolled your eyes at them and lowered your weapon.

“Damn, you’re stubborn, Rogers,” you told him. “Why to follow me when you know where James is?”

“Because…you are his mate and I thought that you can…convince him.” Steve said honestly.

“So if he goes with you what happens to me then and him? Gonna kill us?”

“No, I want my friend back. And I promise you, you will be taken care of,” he promised you.




An Avenger. A fucking Avenger. You were not expecting that. But here you were. Though you are not fully trusted—and you understand why—it felt good to do some honest good. James still took some work but you were now a member. You even became good friends with the two ex-agents Clint and Natasha. You even liked Clint’s humor. But James didn’t like you liking Clint’s humor.

So it was one night that changed your relationship with James Buchanan Barnes. He had you now pinned down to the bed after taking you the whole night. The lights off yet from the moonlight, you can see a partial of this handsome alpha dominating you.

“Say you’re mine,” his voice harsh and strained.

“I’m yours.”

“Again,” he said as he lowered his head to your neck. Your heartbeat raced knowing what was coming next. You raked your fingers through his hair.

“Yours,” you kept repeating. And then finally he bit into you. Claiming what was his.

Chapter Text

Author’s note: This story is a bit of an AU. This is the alternate universe with no Thor: Dark World. This is a bit after the Avengers where Loki has been proven good. He’s decided to be ‘good’ so he could be close to you and prove himself worthy but you do not know that. You just thought that it is a matter of time until he goes back until his old ways.

This heat is bitch.

You managed to at least get yourself out of your bed that is now soaked with your slick and your sweat. You were now in the bathroom in a tub full of ice that was now melting because of the rising heat of your skin. Your heat was finally subsiding just for the moment as you slipped into unconsciousness. Your vision was a blur since you were seeing spots.

“Damn them,” you said to yourself yet it was meant for the team of full-grown Alphas that drenched their scent all over your floor of the Avenger [aka Stark] Tower. It’s not like the team does it on purpose. It’s not even their fault but you needed someone to blame for this early onset of your heat.

Your whole apartment floor was scented with every team member who just so happened to be an alpha as well. You invited everyone to your floor for unlimited Pizza and the marathon of The Dark Knight trilogy.

How did you become the only Omega on the team? It was easy. You can easily hide the scent of your status by taking suppressants. They made you smell just the same as a Beta.

But then you woke up in a sweat.

You hang out with each member of the Avengers without reacting like this. But as you laid in your tub with the pillow that reeked of new proven ‘good’ member, Loki Odinson, your thoughts go back to the demi-god.

Last night…

“I’ve noticed that Tony has copied from this Bruce Wayne’s character,” said Steve Rogers. You all have just finished watching ‘Batman Begins’ and Steve and Clint has been teasing Tony about how similar Batman and Ironman is.

Shut up, Rogers. I’m way richer than that joke and at least I build my suit instead of having some old guy do it for me,” Tony said as he threw some popcorn at his team-mate.

You couldn’t help but agree with Steve.

“It is true,” you agreed. “Both of you lost your parents. Both very rich and inherited your parents business. Though Bruce Wayne has something you don’t have Stark,” you told him. “And that is that sexy mysterious vibe that us girls love about a man.”

“He has high morals as well,” Loki spoken up for the first time through the night. You glance over at the demi-god. He was in normal clothing which did well with him. Loki was wearing a black Henley, grey chinos, and black boots. His hair didn’t look all wet and full of products as before but it was still combed back. “He believes in not slaying his enemies which will become his fall,” he adds as his green eyes flickered towards you.

Just from that cool stare of your new teammate caused goosebumps to rise on your arms at the same time your body flared up. He even smirks like he knew what he was doing which made you think did he do something. You knew he was practically a warlock just from Thor’s descriptions of his abilities.

A little over 2 hours later…

“This Joker character deserves punishment by death,” Thor yells as he slams his fist on the table causing everyone to jump.

“Man of Bats should have killed him at first encounter,” Loki comments. You could tell that Loki had some interest in this Joker character by the way he leans in to the seat and barley moved. He was intrigued. “He deserved to lose the Rachel woman,” he said.

“Why did the Joker had to live but then the psycho Two-faced had to die?” Clint notes. “That’s bull.”

   “Life is not fair my friend,” you told the archer. You were now walking yourself to your kitchen to get more beers for the rest of the team. The kitchen was hidden behind a marble wall that you absolutely love Tony for even putting in your new kitchen. You then thought about getting some Nutella off of the top of your fridge and as you reached on your tippy toes you felt the chilling sensation pressing against your backside. And as you craned your neck to see who was behind you, your eyes widened when you noticed that it was the alpha-male himself, Loki, in your presence.

“Hello,” he said with that sneaky grin. His green eyes then went behind you towards the Nutella you were trying to get. He reached it with ease and hands it to you.

“Thanks,” you said but as you tried to push pass your ex-foe, he didn’t budge. He actually did something that shocked the hell out of you. He leaned towards your height and you let him lean towards your neck. You could feel the cool tip of his nose against the claiming spot of your neck that has been left unclaimed. He made a sound at the back of his throat that you noticed. He finally straightened up and locked eyes with yours.

“You’re an Omega?” he questions. Your eyes widened. The only one in the Avengers to know what you were is Natasha because she’s female and the Red Room left her with not many desires to claim any Omega she lays eyes on.

“How’d you—

“Did you forget that I am no measly mortal?” he asked that was laced with smugness that you scoffed at. “I had inquired that you were one but this confirms.” You now thought that this was the end of the conversation but then he lifts those lean and long fingers and traced them over your cheek that instantly heats up. He smiles at your reaction. “Has no Alpha courted you yet?”

“Why do you ask?” you asked him instead of answering. He smiles at that.

“Maybe I don’t want any competition but then again—no mortal is competition, either,” he shrugs and then walks away leaving you there and all but confusion.


Chapter Text

"Well, isn’t this a promising position?”

The damn smug voice brought you out of your dazed stupor. You looked up to lock eyes with some mischievous green ones.

“Loki?” you didn’t dare feel ashamed of the position that you was now in. You was huddled onto the floor hugging the pillow that Loki leaned against last night during movie night. It still had the strong scent of him. But now the real deal alpha demi-god was in front of you.

“And don’t you smell…tantalizing,” he said in a whisper. He was now crouched on your level. His lips to your ear. His presence cooling you down. Even his cool breath brought chills to your skin.

“Are you here to take advantage?” you turned and narrowed your eyes at the man.

“I just came to see those lovely eyes of yours,” he teased.

Loki always couldn’t take his eyes off of you when you enter the room. Of course he been subtle about it. Thor never knew and Tony could care less. Steve was too busy bantering with Natasha and Clint to notice as well. The only one who caught on surprisingly was Bruce which if anyone would have to know, Loki was happy that  it was him.

But at this moment, he certainly couldn’t keep his eyes off of you in this position. The thick smell of your scent in heat doing all kind of things to him. But he didn’t want to take advantage of you. Despite what people say, Loki can be a gentleman. He will indulge himself later when he’s away from you but for now he crouched down to your level and put the palm of his hand on your forehead.

 You jumped at the sudden cool touch on your skin but then relaxed at how he cooled you down. Loki smiled. He was then taken off guard when you instantly embraced him. You wrapped your arms around him and brought your nose to his chest smelling all things demi-god alpha.

“Love…you are making my control direly difficult,” he whispered to you. Your e/c eyes was dilated as they looked up at his. His breathing faltered. He didn’t want to win your heart like this. He wanted it when you can fully comprehend what is going on. So he did the only thing he vowed not to ever do to you.

He put a spell on you.

A small one. One that brought you into more of a daze. It was if you was daydreaming. Your head resting on his chest as he laid against the sofa on the floor. He traced his cool tips onto your heated skin. He used his touch to simmer you down.

“Thank you,” he hears you mumble.


Ever since that morning, you noticed the changes in Loki. It has been weeks later and you tried to avoid him but it became harder and harder for you. Because somewhere inside of you wanted to be around the trickster. You tried to blow him off when he talked to you like Clint would but it didn’t have much fire behind it when you tried. It was like Loki could tell that he caused…feelings to come up out of you for him.

“What is your end game here?” you finally asked him when you both was alone. He smirked at your question. That damn sinister smirk was no more. Instead it was a genuine smile on his pale face. That made your brain fried for a bit. It was no mystery that Loki was quite handsome. But you never said it to anyone.

“There is no games this time, Love,” he said to you with such…soft eyes.

“Well, why are you being so nice and flirty with me?”

“Well, isn’t it obvious? I have told you last month of what I expect of our relationship,” he said with a roll of his eyes.

“Doesn’t mean I feel the same way.”

“Love, you are not as mischievous with your feelings as you think you are,” he said was a teasing tone.


It only took a week later for people to notice Loki’s courting. And with Midgardians courting…its way different from Asgardian in a sense.

It started with random delivery of flowers to your floor. The only one that would know would be Clint and Natasha since they are always on your floor. Both of you being partners since the beginning of joining SHIELD. So Natasha raised an eyebrow. And Clint laughed like a madman when he saw the poetry on it but frowned and growled at the end when it was signed by Loki.

Tony was next.

“Oh, chocolates,” Tony said when he saw the many chocolates laid out on your counter. He popped one into his mouth.

“Those are not for you,” Loki sneered at the man of iron.

“And oh great one, who are they for when they are delivered to my tower,” Tony said as he grabbed the card. He choked up a bit when he saw the poetry and who it was for and who signed it.

Thor found out from just the way you reacted when he and his adopted brother walked in. He could even smell it. Thor knew just like how Loki did that you are a Omega. His enhanced smell caught on it quick when you both was sparring. He noticed the antsy yet arousal came into the air once you saw Loki behind him. And how your eyes would dilate when he saw Loki smirking at you.

“Congrats! I did not know courting was amiss,” Thor bellowed out. That’s how Steve found out.  


So how did Loki finally when you over.

It didn’t take much. He didn’t even try or so you thought he wasn’t trying.

You walked into the training room ready to spar with Steve when you saw Loki instead. You was use to sparring with Thor so with a demi-god wasn’t new to you. So when you spar with him, you thought he’ll hold back with you. Steve didn’t like the fact of fighting a woman teammate especially when she’s an Omega. But Loki didn’t hold back. But he didn’t put one hundred percent in it too. But that was okay. Hell, you was happy he treat you like an equal. Even knowing you’re an Omega but at this position he held you at. Him pinning you down. It turned you on. He smirked when smelling it.

“Is this an invitation?” he teased.

“Maybe?” you said before leaning up and pressing your lips against yours. He ground his hips into yours causing you to moan into his mouth. His lips smirking at your sensitive reaction to every cool touch he gave you. He pressed light kisses over your neck, to your collarbone, and to your shoulder. One hand tracing under the sports bra. You couldn’t keep your fingers out of his hair. You tugged and pulled. And when you bit his lower lip that did it for you. He growled before ripping the bra off of you and ravishing you with kisses all over your bare skin.

“I want to taste you,” he declared. He didn’t ask. He tugged down your pants and crawled lower.

“Take that somewhere else!” Barton’s voice echoing over at the balcony where he glared at the both of you.

“Fine,” Loki growled before he hauled you up and carried you to the elevator.


He is silvered tongue alright. Quite the teaser. Those long fingers of his knew exactly where to go to get you to the edge. But since he likes to tease, he took his sweet time getting you there with that signature smirk of his. You was so damn close.

So you was desperate enough to beg.

“Please….please, alpha,” you whispered. “I want your—

“Want what, Omega?”

“Your…” you was not used to dirty talk but Loki turned you into this. “…knot.”

“Louder,” he ordered. As you screamed it, he finally gave you what you wanted. He did one full thrust into you. “Exquisite,” he grunted before thrusting back again. You both could care less that you was marring his back with scratches. If he’s gonna be rough and have his way with you then you could rake your nails down his back as hard as you want to. His eyes never left yours. One hand of his tightly holding onto your thigh as he rolled his hips into you.

“May I?” he said once his nose was right where your unclaimed spot is. You knew what he was asking.

“Yes, please,” you begged as you squeezed your eyes shut from the pleasure being too much for you.


You woke up to the feel of cool fingertips tracing over your back. You lifted your head from his chest to meet the eyes with his green ones.

“Miss L/N,” JARVIS cuts through.


“Sir, would like to congratulate you on your coupling with Prince Loki. He wants to inform you on contraception and—

“Tell him to go screw it where the sun don’t shine,” you cut him off.

“Very well.”

Chapter Text

It took a while but the Winchesters has grown to trust your abilities in hunting. Dean was the first to broadcast how concerned he was about an Omega woman being part of the ‘Team Free Will’ team but Bobby Singer backed your up. Dean wasn’t overly concerned about your well-being just he didn’t want to have to ‘babysit’ an Omega. Sam was different acting more like an overbearing protective Alpha brother with you. Not to say that you wasn’t wary either with two full-grown Alpha men and being alone with them. But you easily warmed up to them knowing they won’t force you into anything without your consent.

But Castiel was a different story.

He watched you with calculating eyes. It made it more strange feeling because of those damn blue eyes that make your skin flush.

Your first meeting with each other was a bit intense since he said something a bit offensive but you chalked it up to him being a ‘traditional angel’ with traditional thoughts on the value of Omegas.

“I think it is appropriate for an Omega as of yourself to take aid in not following along the Winchesters on these hunts,” he said after much thought to you. Of course, you took that to heart and talk in a world wind of curses and strong words. Dean chuckled and told Castiel that she could hold her own just as much as he and Sammy could.

Castiel noticed that you hold back with the Winchesters and himself. Of course, he could tell when someones is in pain. Even if it’s minimal. He furrowed his eyebrows when he first noticed you hiding your pain after a hunt.

“May I aid your pain, [NAME],” he asked you the first time. You just came from a hunt over the demons and your ribs was hurting like a bitch but you try not to complain around Dean because you were just as proud as he was. So that took you by surprise when Castiel just called you out like that.

“What pain?” you said holding up your guard.

He frowned. “Your ribs. I can heal them,” he said like it was obvious.

Dean and Sam turned to look at you. Sam giving you those damn puppy eyes.

“Nothing but a good rest could heal this, Cas,” you said in a joking way. You being an Omega caused a slower healing and lower pain tolerance. You were surprised how easily you could hide your hurting side.

“Please, I could fix it—

“I’m good, Cas,” you cut him off.

So now he waits when it is just the two of you alone.

“Why are you going on and on about this, Cas,” you asked him after he asked you yet again to heal you. You were stitching yourself up on your stomach. Dean was at the bar and Sam was in the other hotel room. Cas was standing next to you frowning at you as you stitched yourself together.

You noticed that he was thinking deeply of a reply. It took him a moment to reply.

“I took a look into your past, [Name],” he told you. “You feel as if your status is a disadvantage. With you raised by a tough Alpha father, I could empathize with that…I think. And now with the Winchesters—even though you trust each other—you still feel at a hindrance towards them. So I put upon myself for you to become the one that you can…be yourself with. I do not judge or look down upon Omegas. I actually…appreciate them.”

You were stunned at his words. So he took that moment to take the needle from your hand, wave the other one over your wound to heal it.

“Okay,” you said softly.


It took a while but you found out that Cas’ vessel was—or is—an Alpha which changed things for you. Though you realized that after you grown to like the angel who took it upon himself to be your guardian angel. It made things a bit difficult since you are an unclaimed Omega and Cas being unclaimed and him courting you without even knowing or trying didn’t help things either. It made things so much harder than it needs to be.

But Cas being Cas had to open his mouth and make things awkward.

Especially when he opens up in front of Dean.

“It seems that I am at an impasse,” he said after a long silence. You didn’t know who he was particularly speaking to. You assumed Dean since he was called here to the bunker for help. “I thought that my…vessel who use to be a beta but changed into an Alpha since I possessed it reacted this way was having these…sinful sensations but—

“What the hell are you yammering about?” Dean cuts him off.

Cas sighed. “My vessel has had these sinful attractions towards [Name] which I thought was from Jimmy Novak but he’s gone. So I put deep thought into this and figured out that I am also feeling this way towards her,” he was now looking at you. You stopped what you was doing and looked at him with wide eyes. How the hell could he just announce this out in front of everyone?

“Holy smokes, [Name]. You just made an angel lust after you,” he teases.

“I would like to properly court you if you do not mind, [Name],” Castiel said.

“You…kind of have.” He frowned at your words. “In my own way you have,” you explained nervously. You couldn’t deal with Sam and Dean were listening carefully. Cas seemed to have noticed so he took you somewhere private. Your room.

“Please explain,” he requested.

“You protect me,” you started. “You…healed me—comforted me. You listen to me. You don’t treat me necessarily as an inferior like you use to with your ‘I am holier than thou human’. You are careful with me which is a good thing because the last thing I want is another Alpha going aggressive on me.”

Cas just stood there processing this.

“But that was just you being you,” you told him. “So now you can court me intentionally.”


Castiel courting was pretty entertaining. It was as if he read the old traditional book from the 1950s on courting an Alpha. Things changed in courting in the new millennium. Alphas still took classes in the ninth grade on courting and treating an Omega but it changed slightly.

It started with him bringing you flowers.

Every day he popped by he brought back these very blue flowers that matched his eyes.

He would try to compliment you every time he saw you.

“That flannel is pleasing on you, [Name],” he told you causing you to blush.

It then increased to him scenting you. It started with him awkwardly trying to hug you which you gave back with a smile. You realized that he was rubbing his chin on the top of your head towards your neck. You couldn’t help but laugh. Who would have thought an Angel scenting a human?


“You sure you want to do this?” you asked him one last time.

“I am one hundred percent sure,” he told you. You were slightly nervous. It’s been quite a while since you last slept with someone. And then this was the first time you did it while you were in heat. And the fact that this was going to be a sure thing bonding for life with an Angel of the Lord.

You nodded your head. You bite your lip as you peeled your shirt off. Cas was sitting on the edge of the bed watching you intensely. You kicked off your old pair of jeans. You were glad that you decided to wear your new black lace set for this moment. You knew that Cas wouldn’t care for your underwear but you did.

You took a step towards him. In a blink of an eye, his clothes were off except for the boxer briefs. His cool fingers trace along the scars over your body. His eyes never leaving yours.

“Beautiful,” he said full of adoration before he picked you up easily and laid you softly over the bed.

Chapter Text

“I knew that there couldn’t be another person this tall,” Sam heard the familiar teasing voice behind him. He stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around with his mouth gaped and eyes wide. He thought he would never hear that lovely voice ever again. He made sure to put as much distance as he could with you. And here you are. In the middle of nowhere town and you found each other. It’s like fate was either against what he was trying to do or for him trying to make him happy again. “I knew that it had to be you,” you smiled at him. Sam was baffled. He would at least think you would have

“Hey,” was all he could say. But what else could he have said to her at this moment? Sorry, I broke up with you out of the blue and left it in a note like a little bitch? Dean’s words not his. But Dean’s gone now. Castiel as well. Bobby too. Sam had no one. Had no one to really live for and strive to be better for. 

And then fate helps him. Here you were. A face that he has only seen on his picture for the past two years or so.

And the sweet aroma of you not being claimed yet made him a bit happier than he should be. But he frowned a bit at the aroma of a beta scent smelling of corn chips and…grass.

“Hey, yourself,” you said. “You here on a case? We might be doing the same one,” you said.

He furrowed his eyebrows. “You’re…hunting?” You were never the hunter type. Hell, when you and Sam met it was through Bobby. You were like the junior Bobby with boobs. Though you were a bit nicer.

“Um, yeah. I was helping Garth out just once last year and then it became a regular. We’re partners,” you said. Sam nodded now making sense of the beta scent of her. He wasn’t worried about her and Garth together. He knew what you liked and knew that Garth wouldn’t be the one to give you what you need in both a relationship and in bed. He didn’t mean to sound cocky about it, but he doubts that your taste changed in only a few years. “Heard you and Dean have been lying low. Not hunting, I heard,” she said.

Sam sighed. It’s not like Sam announces to the world that Dean is dead. The first time he died, he parted from you and went to Ruby. You took him back. Not with open arms of course but he earned his way back in. but it wasn’t even a year later was when he broke up with you so Lucifer couldn’t get to you. And he was glad. Glad that you didn’t have to deal with him coming back soulless. He didn’t want you seeing him in yet another dark side.

“Um, he died about two months ago,” he told her. He told her the story of what happened.

“So, you’re not gonna try to get him out? The whole Winchester stubbornness of not really believing he’s dead?” she teased.

“We’ve done too many deals with the devil. He wouldn’t want me…I feel like he would like for me to move on. Just as he did when he thought I was dead,” he told her.

“Yeah, because Winchesters never stay dead,” she said with a smirk. Sam rolled his eyes at you.



“I’m leaving,” Sam told you. You looked up from the ancient dusty book and raised an eyebrow. Usually, he doesn’t say it when he goes with his father and brother on a hunt. They just go and you would trust that he’ll be alright. But the way he was staring at you with those brown eyes made you stop reading and give him your full attention. “Like…leaving leaving,” he emphasized.

“What,” your voice was now in a whisper. “Does Dean and John know?”

He shook his head. At least Sam was giving you a heads up. He took out a crumpled piece of paper out of his jacket and handed it to you. You unfolded it and your eyes went wide when you realized it was an acceptance letter to Stanford. “Holy crap,” you whispered to yourself. Something inside you didn’t like this feeling at all Sam leaving. Sam leaving for a hunt was a different story. Because you knew that he was safe with his family and it was a guarantee that he was coming back. But with him leaving off for college? That means him leaving the life. It’s a good thing but you couldn’t help but be selfish about it. You and Sam have always been you and Sam since you both was fourteen.

The relationship became more serious when you both presented. You were shocked to see that Sam was an alpha meaning there are three alphas in the Winchester family and that means butting heads even if Dean was a good follower of his father. Sam was shocked to see you be presented as an Omega. He didn’t just love you, he adored you. And now with you, an Omega showed that fate knows that you were his soul mate. You both became more serious. It wasn’t just a teenage love anymore. This was courting. Wine comes in town he would take you out, send you, and well, you never did this at Bobby’s place, but he would rut with you as well. With his intentions, it was pretty clear that he was preparing you both for a claiming even if you both wasn’t adults yet.

And now he hits you with this? Living in California. He didn’t even tell you about even considering college.

But you knew that Sam never liked the hunts. He fought with his dad constantly. Sam wanted a life. A normal apple pie life with the picket fence and everything.

So you accepted it. Accepted that he needed this. He may come back. You wouldn’t leave the life. You couldn’t see yourself getting out of it. It’s not like your life was in danger. You were always either in the house with Bobby or working at the bar to make some honest money instead of credit card scams. You knew that Bobby would be okay that you were leaving. You lived with him since you were ten, he takes care of you for the last seven years. He wouldn’t hold it against you.

But you were scared. You never told Sam that, though. You wouldn’t tell him that being normal scared you. That your normal was the supernatural and finding solutions on hunts.

So you told him that it was okay with him leaving. That you still wanted him to call. Wanted him to not forget his family. That it was alright for you both to take a break. He didn’t like the last part. He practically—well he did—growl at the thought of that. But you held your hand to his chest and said, “We’re young, Sam. You’re the only guy I dated and I’m the only one you dated. We’re comfortable with each other because we only been around each other.”

“You always thought this?”

“I still love you but it is true,” you said with a shrug. “I want you to venture out for a bit. You might find someone and if you don’t then give me a call. And if you do…give me a call as well,” you said.


So he did. It didn’t take long either. He was still a freshman when he met Jess. Six months into school, you got the call. You tried not to cry and you told him it's okay.

You weren't happy when Jess died years later. Sam feeling like he had to get back in the life. He didn’t come back to you. You weren't expecting it. He never called. But they finally came back to Sioux Falls to visit Bobby and you really wanted to jump in his arms. But you sat there in awe at how much Sam has grown over the years. You thought someone would have stopped growing once they hit adulthood but nope, not Sam.



“What are you thinking about?” you asked. It was later in the day. You finished the case with Garth and was now on a ‘non-date’ with Sam. Both out at a diner. You eating your delicious burgers that cause heart attacks but had Sam smiling thinking of how much you and Dean got along over the years. He bit into the salad he had.

“Us,” he replied honestly. That caused a quirk at her lips to lift.

“Why?” you asked nonchalantly. But Sam could tell when you’re nervous. And it made you more nervous when Sam stared at you like that with that damn puppy look he perfected. Hell, he even got sexier over the years which you thought would be impossible. He’s more ripped, taller, and hair longer (which might have to run your fingers through and braid if he lets you).

“Just…maybe some of the bad things in my life…happened because you weren't there,” he stated.

Whoa. Okay mood killer, you thought. You waited hoping he would elaborate.

“I mean, if I let you in when Dean died I would not have let Ruby manipulated me,” he started. “Meaning I would not lose my brother’s trust. I wouldn’t have freed Lucifer. I would not have to become his vessel and go into hell—

“You was in hell?” you squealed a bit too loudly.

“—I wouldn’t have come back soulless and the worst possible version of myself. I wouldn’t have compromised Cas into freeing the Leviathans—

“Who’s the Levi—

“—and them ending with killing my brother,” he finally ended. His eyes glassy from holding in his tears.

“Oh, Sammy,” you hated when he gets like this. He was flattering you a bit but in a sad way. You grabbed his large hands into your tiny ones and grasped onto them like they were a lifeline. Then you emitted your pheromones. Just enough to only reach Sam and calm him. One of the perks of being an omega and who use to date the most worrisome alpha ever—Sam.

“Thank you.”

“Anytime,” you said.



You missed this.

Out of the last two years separate from Sam, you only slept with one guy. A beta and he were nothing compared to Sam Winchester.

Sam Winchester is one hundred percent perfect Adonis-like alpha. Out of the bedroom, he is a total sweet hearted nerd. But inside? He was alpha. he was not totally dominating; taking what he wants and how he wants. But did dominate but he made sure you enjoyed the full ride. Even when going slow and intimate, it felt so…damn.

“I miss this,” he growled into your neck as he was fully sheathed inside of you. Your body spasmed at the unfamiliar feeling of all things Sam stretching you. It’s been too long. Well, he is too long but you weren't complaining. You hummed in response and rubbed his muscled back encouraging him to move.


Yet so Adoring.

You noticed how during the middle of it, he was more…intense. It was a familiar way he was thrusting into reminding the way he was like when he rutted. And that made you smile a bit.

He was in an early rut.

You made him rut.

Can he flatter you any more than that?

You gripped tightly onto him not caring how forceful he was being. He knows when too much became too much because he knows you.

His breathing became erratic. His growls louder. His nails digging into your thighs. His face at the nape of your neck where your unclaimed gland was. The sweet scent of your aroma teasing him yet overwhelming him. And it all flashed before him. His thoughts over the years. Of when you first started dating, him leaving you and going to Jess, and how he left you again years later. Over and over again. He didn’t want that anymore. This was his chance.

He had no one to fight for anymore but you. Azazel is gone. Lucifer is gone. Dick Roman and the Leviathans gone. No one can hurt you and if they did, they will have to deal with Him.

So he took what was his.



“I’m not mad, ya know,” you said to him in the morning. You could actually feel the emotions imploring you through the bond he created last night. “I couldn’t be any happier,” you said. He didn’t move. You rolled your eyes and wrapped yourself over his back. you kissed his shoulders trying to rile him up but it wouldn’t work. “I know you. You wouldn’t have claimed me on pure whim. It was instinct, yes, but you were doing something you always wanted to do without the…human side of you worrying and doubting. If it took a rut for you to claim me, I’m good,” you told him.

He finally rolled over showing you this guilty face. “I’m not leaving you again, Y/N. You are the only good thing in my life now. You always been but now…I think it took a lot a bad to show me what the good was.”

“Wow, I think that would be an awesome line in a Nicholas Sparks movie,” you said ruining the mood.



Chapter Text

“You got to be kidding me,” Dean said to himself. He looked pretty disappointed that you were not only interested in him, but also that you were an angel. And not only an angel but the archangel little sister of Michael and Lucifer. That didn’t sit well with him. Hell, he even tried to fight you. Even though you were pretty weak because of your argument with Michael, you could easily go against the average human. Dean was put down before he could even swing the punch. “And why the hell should we trust you? Angels haven’t been-been Team Winchester unless we say the magic word.”

“It’s understandable that I may be deemed untrustworthy because of my brothers and sisters, but I find you trustworthy even if the rest of your kind is very sinful and ungrateful of our father,” you said with a deadpanned expression. He sighed and looked at Castiel as if he say would be the final say so.

“What Y/N says is correct,” Castiel backs you up. You smile at him for gratitude before looking back at the two alpha brothers.

“I believe that the only way was for my two elder brothers to fight to the death but maybe no one needs to die,” you began saying. “Michael didn’t care for my talk and when I kept insisting and…having doubts he made sure that I would never doubt his say again,” you said with a shudder that Dean noticed.

“He…clipped your wings?” Castiel frowned.

“Wow, I always thought he was a dick but doing this to his little sis?” Dean shook his head the thought of someone harming you. It didn’t help his imagination of thinking of it with you in your vessel’s body which he appreciates and wants to protect since you were also an Omega.

“Yes, I shall stay this way for the meantime until he sees fit so I may not be of great assistance so—

“Ah, the more the merrier,” Dean said with a smirk.

You nodded your thanks.


So, it has been too long,” the trickster told you. You were trying to help save the Winchesters from this TV land that he has trapped them in with Castiel but he split you up and it looks like you were outside in a backyard of a mansion. You looked at the trickster. He was wearing a tuxedo and holding a red rose. You looked down at your attire and noticed that you were changed into a gown.

You were on your own little Bachelor set. Of course, you didn’t understand but your vessel’s knowledge of this television show helped you.

“I don’t believe that we have met before,” you said crossing your arms. You didn’t feel all too comfortable with his staring as well as wearing this revealing dress.  You sensed how powerful the petite blonde was. He was shorter than most of the human males you’ve been around. But that didn’t stop your vessel from thinking how handsome the blonde was.

“Yeah, we have, Y/N,” He said as he stepped closer to you. He stopped and took a sniff. He sighed. “Of course, my vessel would be attracted to yours. And to top it off, you had to possess a total babe and an Omega. You’re killing me, Smalls,” he said with a chuckle. You raised an eyebrow at his last statement. “Hello? That’s the infamous quote from Sandlot,” he said.

“How are you so powerful enough to keep both angels at bay?” you said changing the subject.

“Well, because I am awesome,” he said with an eye roll. “Wait a minute, you…I sense that you are weak. Even weaker than Castiel and you are a freakin’ archangel so how is that—

“How do you know who I am?”

“I thought I would never…it’s been too damn long,” and before you know it; he was in your space. He didn’t trap you. You could have easily stepped back but something in you made you stay frozen. He rested his forehead against yours and gave you a playful smile. “It’s me, Y/N,” the way he said. With such a broken voice…

“Gabriel?” you guessed. You could be wrong for all you know, but it seemed like such a gut feeling. Hell, the way the trickster who acted like this was Gabriel. With the attraction that your vessel’s body felt for his infused with the enhanced feelings, you have Gabriel that accumulated over time. You thought you would never see him either after he ditched heaven.

“The one and only…”


“So…the damn trickster dick is your boyfriend?” Dean asked you after finally leaving the warehouse. You were a bit angry at Gabriel for messing with the Winchesters. You were shocked to learn that Gabriel was actually supporting the big finale fight with their eldest brothers. If any one of her elder siblings would rebel against this she thought it would be Gabriel out of all people.

“How do angels even date?” Sam asked.

“Wedon’t,” Castiel said. He was just as shocked as the brothers were. He knew that you and Gabriel were close from the rumors, but to see how you both reacted towards each other. How Gabriel practically screamed your relationship status with him to the high heavens. “Webond. We find that one. We cut them. It’s pretty similar to the human ways of an Alpha courting to an Omega but we do not acquire such gluttonous items to buy our affections.”   


“You forgive me?”

You stood there frozen. The motel room was full of yellow tulips and chocolates. The light was dimmed and soft jazz was playing in the background. You narrowed your eyes at the angel who confused you so much.

“I will always forgive you, Gabriel,” you said to him like it was obvious. You never held grudges against his tricks. Gabriel never took it too serious with his pranks up in heaven. He just likes to have a laugh and do something that was not ‘scripted’ and ‘assimilated’ for them.

“I know because you love me,” he sing-song. You smiled at the golden-haired angel. If you were to picture Gabriel as a human instead of a celestial being; this would be it. His quirky yet adorable features. He didn’t look intimidating so you assumed that this vessel uses to be a beta. And it was. But not after when Gabriel took over and with so much of his grace it caused the vessel to present itself as an Alpha even if it was such an adorable vessel. “Earth to Y/N,” he waved his hand in your vision. You snapped back to earth and smiled at the angel.


“I sense that you are aroused,” he smirked at you. He circled around you sizing you up. That caught you by surprise. Well, it didn’t help that your vessel also believed that he was attractive. You thought you hide your lust for him pretty easily but he was stronger at this moment. You cursed yourself for letting your guard down.

“Um…my vessel finds your…vessel pleasing to stare at,” you told him honestly. He smirked.

“Ditto,” he said before tugging you onto the couch. “You know what I always pictured us doing if we were humans?”


“Rutting like a couple of teenagers,” he waggled his eyebrows after saying it causing a warmth cover your face.  “Now let’s get to it,” he said as he tackled you onto the bed.


“What…the…hell?” Dean said slowly as you made your appearance into the motel room. Dean could smell the fresh scent of an annoyingly angelic alpha/trickster-angel on your vessel’s body. His green eyes narrowed into the claiming bite on your neck. “Did you just make this poor girl be bonded with Gabriel?”

“This poor girl is in heaven now. Her time was up,” you told him.  

“But Gabriel,” Dean shivered to make a point of how so against this he was.

“Yes, Gabriel the great and sexy alpha who fought for the love of his life for millennial and waited countlessly for his one true Omega and as he found her, he rutted her and claimed her as his,” Gabriel popped up and told the story as if it’s the Odyssey tale with such gusto making you smile.

"I believe congratulations are in order," Cas said with a perplexed expression on his face as if he's confused about the situation.

"At least someone's happy for us," Gabriel said as he forcibly hugged Cas.

Chapter Text

It was late when he finally made it home. He felt like he hasn’t slept in years. And to top it off, he hasn’t seen you in months since you went on a mission overseas. As he undressed on the way to his bedroom, he smiled thinking of how his best friends Bucky Barnes is now back in his life. Steve couldn’t help and share the news with you. As he reached his bedroom he noticed something. His bed was occupied along with his German Shepard, Bucky who was now awake and was wagging his tail at the sight of his other owner. Bucky always like Steve best. He was friendlier instead of you who is an ex-assassin now S.H.I.E.L.D agent who was trained with her friend Natasha when they were younger before they both joined S.H.I.E.L.D.

Steve, though, managed to break down your defenses. He walked towards his dog and pets him before taking off his last piece of clothing leaving him in only his blue boxer briefs. Just when he was about to enter the bed, he was pinned on his back in less than two seconds. He had to let out a laugh at being pinned down you, his little omega, who was wearing only a white button-down and no pants.

“Welcome home, to you too, Y/N,” he told you with a smile. You let go his arms and stayed on his torso watching the man you love to smile at you. Sometimes you couldn’t believe Steve wanted you compared to who he use to love, Peggy Carter. But then again, he has a love for strong women.

“I really like this position,” you said teasing him causing a flush of pink to rise in his cheeks. You smiled at him. Sometimes you love to make him squirm. You let your hands wander up his chest all the way to his flushed jaws. You leaned into him and stretched yourself over him like a feline and pressed your lips to his.

“How long have you been back?” he said in a murmur.

“Almost two weeks,” you said.

“Why didn’t you call me,” his arms was now wrapping around your waist.

“You had other…things to attend to. Natasha gave me a heads up,” you said. “By the way, I am glad that your friend is alive and that he has not killed you. I would not have been so welcoming to Bucky Sr.”

“Bucky Sr?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, we did name your dog after him.”

“Our dog,” he corrects you.

“Whatever you say…Alpha,” you purred the last part in his ear making him flip positions with him now hovering above you.




When Steve first met you, he didn’t know what to think about you. You were just as much an enigma as Natasha was. Of course, you were mysterious as your best friend, you both trained together in the ‘Red Room’ and joined the S.H.I.E.L.D because of your other close friend, Clint Barton. Steve couldn’t stop himself with his eyes wandering over your body. You sure knew how to sport the cat suit more than the Black Widow herself. It was more like a second skin to you. He noted the two .44 guns with silencers on them on your hips along with the daggers and knives and the crossbow on your back.

They called you Shadow-Cat because you blended well in the shadows. He killed silently. No one would know you were there as you assassinated many people. And you were practically a feline yourself. Clint calling you Cat Woman instead sometimes irks you. You had the super soldier serum in you as well, but it was not as good and powerful as the one in Steve Rogers. It made you more flexible, had incredible agility and stamina. Your healing factor amazing along with your intelligence.

Though you were mysterious at the time, Steve couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. Maybe it was because you were the first Omega he has been around since Peggy Carter. He didn’t like the way Stark looked at your rear end as you left and as well for Thor, who was more obvious at announcing your beauty to the whole team.

“Have not been in a presence of such a beauty feline as you, tiny Omega,” and Steve noticed how irked you got when Thor called you ‘Tiny Omega’ every time he addressed you. That caused a smirk to play on his features.




After beating Loki, Stark has welcomed the Avengers to the Stark Tower making it the Avengers Tower. Each Avengers has the own floor. Though you shared your floor with Natasha and Clint, knowing how close you three where.

It was one day when Natasha and Clint went off on a mission, leaving you alone on the sofa watching The Notebook. You decided to catch up on some movies that you missed out in your life. Though you joined S.H.I.E.L.D a couple of years ago, you still haven’t caught up in the normal things as in watching movies and shopping. so now you were having your own movie marathon of Romantic Comedies. You were ten minutes into the Notebook when J.A.R.V.I.S interrupted.

“Miss L/N, Mr. Rogers would like to enter the premises. Do you grant access?” he asked you. You were shocked. You wondered why he stopped by. You felt a bit funny being around him. He was a great leader. Besides Fury, Coulson, and Barton, Steve is the only other male and alpha that you trusted their judgment and being around alone.

“You call to allow him in,” you told the Robotic Butler. You paused the movie and walked to where the elevator was to reveal Steve now walking in. You thought of him handsome. Of course, he is. It was pretty obvious. He was the American dream. Tall, tan, and blonde with those clear blue eyes that were trustworthy. Yet he was also haunted by demons. He was wearing a soft gray long sleeve and dark jeans and Nike shoes. “Hello, Captain. May I help you?”

“You don’t have to call me Captain. Steve, please,” he told you. You nodded and waited for him to explain himself being here. “Did I interrupt anything?”

“No, I was watching a movie,” you told him.

“Oh,” he nods.

“Would…you like to join me?”

Steve couldn’t hide his excitement as he said yes and walked passed you to the living room. “What movie is this?”

“The Notebook,” you said. “I am catching up on the movies I have missed out on in the last fifteen years,” you said to him. He raised an eyebrow at you. “I already finished the ‘classics’ of the 20th century and now I am in the 21st century,” you explained to him. He nods understandingly.


You couldn’t help but let a smile creep through at the end of the movie. Not because of the movie but how it affected America’s hero who was tearing up. He tried to wipe the tears away before you noticed but nothing gets passed you. You then went to the next movie on Netflix to “The Vow”.

“How could you not cry?” Steve asked you breaking the silence.

“Because I don’t understand,” you told him causing him to look at you with confusment. “Love, I mean.”

“You haven’t loved before?”

“Never had time to,” you replied.


You both ended up watching about six movies that night. Mostly featuring Racheal McAdams since she’s been in most amazing Romantic Comedies than you can count. You both ended up falling asleep on the sofa.

Steve woke up to the sunlight beaming onto his face, two pairs of calculating eyes on him, and something heavy on his lap.

“Um…” he didn’t know what to say to the two agents. Natasha had her eyes narrowed at him as Clint was just smirking. He looked down at his lap to see you sleeping there not knowing that he was about to be questioned by your two best friends.




Tony Stark was having a party because, well… he can. He invited the whole team and you were wanting to stay, but Natasha has this psychological way of tricking you into coming that confuses the hell out of you. She helped with the outfit and makeup and hair. Some of your hair was pinned up with the rest down curled. You had minimal makeup with an amazing dress that contrasted well against your skin tone. It clung to every curve of your body and made your eyes stand out.

“Va-Va-Voom,” Clint teased as he wrapped an arm around you as he guided you out the door to the elevator. All the avengers crowded in this small space that Clint chose this moment to whisper in your ear, “Spangles looks like he’s gonna burst in his pants when he looked at ya,” causing you to shove him against the corner of the elevator. He cackled a laugh at the flustered look on your face.

You didn’t know when you started to have feelings for Rogers. It pissed you off to no end. He was the perfect guy for someone like you who lived the life that you and Natasha did. He was a perfect gentleman and leader. He is respectable. And he was such a sweet guy. As you watched him walk your way, you knew what he was about to ask you.

“Would you like to dance?” he was blushing while asking you. You guessed that you would reject him. But he accepted.

Your body was hot all over and you both was dancing appropriately while not clinging to each other. His hand was on the small of your back not wandering and the other one was on your hand causing yours to go clammy. Your eyes wouldn’t meet his. You kept them on either his broad chest you wanted to rest your head on or his bulging arms that wanted to escape the confines of his suit.

“Why won’t you look at me?” his question broke you from your thoughts. You were biting your lip that caused a growl to erupt from his chest making you snap your head up and look into those deep blue pools. “That’s better,” he smiles at you. His pushed you more into his body causing your eyes to widen. “Much better.”


Chapter Text

You didn’t like how Steve pushed your buttons at the gala that night. It was an hour later and you was ready to leave but not without getting back at the handsome captain dancing with an older lady on the dance floor. Your eyes narrowed on the American hero. He was smiling and being sincerely polite to the woman.

“Stop frowning or you’ll get wrinkles on that lovely face of yours, Y/N,” Clint said coming up beside you with Natasha. “Please don’t tell me that you’re jealous of the old woman now?”

“Shut up,” you growled at your friend.

“You like him,” Natasha points out with a small smile. She never seen you so infatuated with a man—especially an alpha before. She knew how your reaction and views were on them. With how you was raised with Nat in the Red Room by controlling alphas didn’t leave a good taste in your mouth about them. “He is a good man.”

You nod in agreement.

“I think he likes you too,” Nat says.

“God, this is so middle school right now,” Clint said with an eye roll before grabbing you to dance with him on the ballroom floor.



Steve didn’t like the lingering scent of another alpha on your skin even if it was a teammate. He noticed you were about to leave so he decided to walk you home. So this was how it came to be with the two of you in the elevator alone. You on the other side with a look on your face showing that you were in deep thought. He was taken back when you finally locked eyes with him and a smirk played upon your lips.

“You know…” you started out stepping towards him. He saw your hand go towards the emergency stop button on the elevator. “You was pretty bold tonight towards me,” you said giving him a calculating stare.

Steve gulped. He knew that he was being too forward, but Clint and Tony gave him advice on how to handle you. That subtly was not going to get him anywhere. That it would take him a mere forty years to try something. What really pushed it for him to be forward with you was when Tony mad a jab at him waiting too late with Peggy and what if something happened to cause it being too late for you? That pushed him over the edge. But now all he could feel was jealous for Clint’s scent on your skin yet fear of pushing you away with his forwardness. His thoughts were so much in a boggle that he didn’t take notice of you only being a mere few inches from his body.

“And here I thought you were the perfect gentleman,” you teased him as you placed your hand on his broad hard chest causing a growl to erupt from it.

“That’s how the media portrays me,” he said with a shaky voice. Steve didn’t get how he could handle fighting Nazi’s with confidence yet when he's with you, he felt like he was back to being four foot ten feet before the serum.

“Well, let’s see if you can handle me then, hm?” you teased him before your hand towards the back of his neck pulling him down so that your face was inches apart. “Can you?”



Steve was no virgin.

That was the first thought that went through your head when he took control by throwing you over his shoulder and leading you to his bedroom.

The next thought?

There was none.

Who would have thought that an ex-assassin could be brought to their knees at a shirtless and dominating Steve Rogers? He was emitting such delicious pheromones that made your mouth water.

Steve didn’t think you would be so compliant and submissive with him. It was pretty flattering at how aroused you got with him so quickly. You moaned at the soft touches he placed upon your skin and moaned even louder when he got a bit rougher with you.

Steve was an attentive lover, was another thought that came into mind. He made sure that you were well prepared before he indulged himself. You were practically a babbling mess after he was done with you.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked as he made his way back on top of you. You lift an eyebrow as you tried to catch your breath.

“Second thoughts?” you teased him as you tugged on his messy blonde hair.

“Never,” he whispered before he brought his lips to you making you taste yourself on them.



“I’m gonna be moving to Washington D.C,” he told you after another round. You and him as been sex buddies for months after first sleeping together. It made it easier than putting feelings and a label on it. But it was becoming different now. Steve made his way through your walls. It was just the matter of you putting on your big girl panties and telling him you want more because you knew that he was waiting for you to meet him half way on this.

“I know,” you said. “Fury told me.”

“That means—

“Means that we are gonna have more privacy,” you stated not looking at him.

“We? You’re moving there, too?”

“I do work for SHIELD,” you said with an eye roll. “And…how do you…feel about…making this a real thing?”

“A real thing?”

“I don’t know. What do you guys say in the forties? ‘How ya feel bout bein’ my fella?” you said in a mocking Brooklyn accent causing him to chuckle. But then his heart raced at the subtext question. He practically tackled you into the pillows and nuzzled into your neck.

“Yeah, I’ll love to be your fella,” he replies.

Chapter Text

You were a rare specimen to the Jewish mutant. You have always been one ever since he laid eyes on you.

Dr. Klaus Schmidt brought you in 6 months after he was brought in. You were shivering from the cold weather and the rain. Your clothes soaked showing your young fourteen-year-old body through your drenched and filthy clothes. Your h/c hair covering your flushed face.

“Erik, you have company,” he gave the young boy his eerie smile. He lifted up her chin causing her fearful eyes to lock eyes with his own and he leaned in and gave her a chaste kiss on the forehead. “She’s quite the girl,” he said proudly as if he’s her father before leaving them both alone in their bedrooms.

Erik watched you as you walked to the bed on the opposite side of the room.

“Did he kill your parents, too?” he didn’t mean to say that out loud so soon. But you looked over at him not ignoring him. You pursed her lips as if you was contemplating if answering or not. “Why’d he take you?”

“He…he heard my voice in his head,” you told him. “I…I killed a few of his soldiers and he killed my…my ma,” you said trying to hold in the tears but failing. You didn’t hear the shuffling of footsteps coming towards you and then seconds later you was enveloped in a hug by the young boy. He pressed your face into the chest as he ran his slim fingers through your hair trying to soothe you. He has quietly sung a familiar lullaby that caused you to smile into his sweater.

As he engulfed you in a hug he realized that you haven’t presented yet. Though Erik knew that you had to be an Omega. He was an Alpha and already going through the ruts and the anger that engulfed his young body. He had the sense to protect you and soothe your pain even though he knew you for a short amount of time.

The war ended a year later causing for the concentration camps to become overrun. The Allies went to every concentration camp that they could to punish the Nazis and free you all. But you and Erik had no one but your names.

Erik and Y/N.

He held your hand tighter and you looked up at the sixteen-year-old Erik as he stared back at you full of determination. “You have me. And I have you. That’s all we need,” he said with Alpha pheromones calming you down even though it is supposed to be the other way around.

And it has been only you two. Though you both came out of the war with nothing but the clothes on your back and the horrible experiences you dealt with, you were happy to be with just Erik. It became hard the first year since you being an unclaimed Omega and you just presented causing problems for Erik. It was hard for him since this was his first time around a young fertile Omega such as yourself—especially during the heats and then he had to fight off the Alphas that smelt your mouthwatering scent.

“I want you, Erik,” you begged/groaned into his chest as you clung onto him. He just purred causing you to calm down slightly. He wouldn’t take you like this. Both you and Erik never even gotten far into your platonic relationship. It was always something there but he never made the move to court you. He always thought of you as this girl to protect.

It was four years later when you woke up from the small hostel to see that Erik has left you.

You looked at the note he left on the stationary on the desk next to your bed.

My Y/N,

I apologize for leaving like a coward without telling you this to your face. But I thought if I stared into those e/c eyes of yours and I would fall to my knees for you and never think about leaving you. Over the years, I cannot forget about the torture that Klaus Schmidt has put us through along with his lackeys.

I can’t live my life through this anger I hold over him. I will not let him live guilt free and with no punishment for what he put us through. What he’s done to YOU. So I’ll be on my quest to find him. I must get stronger and kill him with the power that he praised so much.

I do not want you to come on this mission with me. I can’t have the burden of worrying about my well-being and yours. You’re too forgiving and your heart is too big. Hopefully, this will not take too long. I will come back.



“I think I found the one,” Charles said to Erik as he takes the Cerebro helmet off. Erik never saw the guy so happy and ecstatic ever. Not even Raven. “She may be the one we need. She’s a rare specimen,” he tapped his fingers together as he walked towards his new friend. His blue eyes locked with Erik’s. “But…you know her,” he said.

Erik knew instantly who this rare specimen that caused this for Charles.

“Y/N…,” He said under his breath.



Surprising and convenient for the boys, you lived in the same state as Charles’ mansion in Westchester County. You lived in Manhattan with the job of being a nanny for a rich family. They paid well. You were alive in a nanny as well so Charles and Erik couldn’t just walk into the nice building you lived in with the family. So when you took the young boy to the park that’s when you noticed two males walking towards you.

“How do you do that?” the shorter one asked. Charles. That’s what you go when entering his consciousness. You knew what he was asking. You being a fellow telepathic like himself but with more…party tricks up your sleeve.

“Practice,” you said.

“She’s blocking me,” Charles explained to…Erik. That’s when you realized who this handsome man in front of you.

“Erik?” you couldn’t trust your mind anymore. You needed him to confirm this for you.

“Yes, my little dove,” he said with an ashamed expression on his chiseled face. You knew what these emotions he was feeling. He truly felt horrible for leaving you for ten years without any word. You couldn’t trust whatever you was about to say next so you did what instinct wanted. Your arms wrapped around him as you scent the Alpha. Your Omega purred in delight at the realization of him not being claimed after all this time. Some part of you waited and prolonged yourself as if he would come and find you. Not caring that the young Beta next to them was there, he nuzzled his cheek over you scenting your body. “I…I’m sorry, love,” he said.

“Forgiven,” you said. Then your eyes avert to the young male next to you. “I’ll help,” you smiled.



Erik was shocked that your gifts has not only improved but became better and evolved into more.

You were only a telepathic when you was younger but now you could do so much more. Charles, like a proud mother, rambled on about your gifts.

The power of mental illusions (like Scarlet Witch)
Could harm those mentally
See the future (limited and random)
“How?” Erik asked you.

“Klaus…and his new companion. A woman with telepathy abilities tracked me down in London two years after you left me. I realized then when I put up an illusion so that I could get away. I strengthen my abilities over the years,” you explained.



“Love, put her down,” Erik pleaded with you.

The non-rational part of your brain was thinking right now. And all she was thinking about was this Omega was in your territory. Though it was not locked and key with you and Erik, you would have thought how obvious it was that there was sexual tension between the old friends. You walked through the mansion and without knocking to see Raven in her undergarments on Erik’s bed. And to hear Erik say, “This, you, is beautiful,” he said to her.

Rationally, you had a split second to find out what was going on because of your gifts but your Omega was pissed at this breach in her territory. Next thing you know you had Raven against the wall with force strangling her that is barely giving her enough breath to breathe correctly.

Erik came to you and placed his rough hands on your waist and his mouth over your ear. “Calm down. She’s young. She’s…lost her way and I helped her find it. I only have my eye on one woman,” he whispered in your ear. Your heart rate slowed and you let Raven go. She apologized quickly before scurrying out the room.

“Shit. I lost me…I’m sorry for my temper. It’s not like we are—

“Don’t even finish that,” he cuts you off. He pushes you onto the bed and crawled over you. “You and Me. Like always, remember? You are mine and I am yours,” he said with his Alpha tone.

“Can…can you make me officially yours?” you finally asked him after years of courage built up ready for this moment. He paused realizing what you asked of him.

This was no boy anymore. The young boy who held your hand when in the concentration camps and for the few years afterwards. He grew into such a handsome, stunning man. You gazed at this beautiful specimen hovering over you. His usual bare face was now red stubble along his chiseled jawline. His usually piercing gaze was now blown out showing all black staring into your soul. Your eyes roamed over his toned body. Lean and toned. Your eyes roamed over his broad chest with his chest hair contrasting against it down to his firm torso that your fingers trailed downwards over to the tufts of hair on the ‘V’ of his pelvis going down to the prize that you was craving.

“I’ve been waiting too long for this,” his husky voice said through the dimmed room. “I want a taste first,” he said before crawling downwards.

“Shit,” he groaned when he hooked a finger into your panties pulling them down giving him a potent smell of your slick. Your scent was just too irresistible to him that it took all of him to control that feral Alpha part of himself.

You grasped onto his hair as you felt the two callous fingers of his dip inside of you. A mewl escaped your throat as your legs bend at this unfamiliar feeling. You scratched his shoulders as you felt him add another finger and plunge deeper as the pad of his thumb rubbed your clit. “So beautiful,” he said as he watched you sigh in pleasure.

He removed the fingers from inside of you and thoroughly licked them turning you on more. He hooked the leg over his shoulder as he plunged in with his skillful tongue tasting you as if he’s a thirsty man on a desert.

Just when you was close to the brink he removed himself from inside you and mounts you so that his member was perfectly aligned with your core.

Erik calmed himself down before asking, “Do you feel comfortable presenting for me?” he knew about your assault with Scidmdt causing you to become uncomfortable with touch for months. You knew what he was asking you. You nodded your head slightly. Erik maneuvered you so that you behind was lifted in the air with your legs spread apart presenting just for him.

He entered you in one fluid motion. He leaned over you grabbing onto your balled up fists that grasped onto the sheets below you. He gave you a moment to feel comfortable of this unusual feeling inside of you before he began moving at a faster pace. He grunted in German mixed with English of how beautiful and how much he loves you.

“My omega,” he grunted. “Now finally mines. My gorgeous Omega.” You didn’t have time to feel embarrassed of being completely bared under the man you knew for half your life. The way his callous hands roamed over your body and him commenting how much he loves the feel of it against him. Pleasure trumped shyness. You curled your toes and tightened your hold onto his hands as he pounds into you.

Your orgasm crept up out of nowhere. He quickly maneuvers you around so that his chest met with yours. His face now in the unclaimed territory of your neck meeting your shoulder. His teeth bared and were ready. As soon as you wrapped your legs around his waist he claimed what has been his for the last sixteen years. You felt the knot fill you up as the warmth filled you in the inside. As the tidal wave of pleasure never ceased, Erik kept rolling his hips making the pleasure last longer. His forehead rested on your so that you both lock eyes during each other’s pleasure.

“I love you,” you panted.

Chapter Text

Wade Wilson didn’t expect this. He knew that it was Taco Tuesday night. Hell, he was the one that made it up even if he’s not an official Avenger member but hell, how can they have a Movie Monday night and Fun Game nights on Fridays but not at Taco Tuesday night.

That was preposterous.

But what Wade didn’t expect was to see a plate full of stacked hot and fresh chimichangas. The smell filled the kitchen. It was hot and steamy. His eyes were locked onto it for so long that he didn’t notice the woman who made them placing another plate of them on the bar counter

And when he looked up for the first time Wade Winston Wilson was speechless. The woman was a gorgeous as they come. Wade saw a lot of hot women before—hell he slept with some of them but this one. And to add to the fact that she’s an Omega with the most tantalizing smell ever. Wade really hoped that he’s not sporting a boner in his awesome red suit.

She smirked at him.

“Clint warned me about a man in all red and a mask with two katanas breaking into the tower,” she said with a teasing smirk.

“Hey, I used the elevator this time,” he said weakly. Wade didn’t bother asking. He took a chimichanga of the plate—lifts up his mask and eats it. He moaned at the deliciousness of the masterpiece that you created. “God, I think I love you. Can I keep you?”

“I think the ‘I love you’s’ comes after six months or so of dating,” you told him. “But I am flattered that made declare your love for me of all of one minute of meeting me.”

“Pool...Deadpool. Nice to meet your acquaintance,” he said.

“[Name],” you told him. You found it a bit awkward to be staring at his ‘eyes’ that was hidden behind the mask so your eyes went towards his mouth. And the scars and burns over his chin and cheeks. Wade noticed this quick and became a bit nervous. Usually, he would say a witty remark, but when a beautiful woman such as yourself—who is only wearing an oversized—clearly belonging to a man—purple and black flannel shirt and black yoga pants that should be illegal—he couldn’t help but feel nervous about his looks.

“It’s rude to stare,” he said. That wasn’t his best work. Last time with Spiderman he told him, “You’re making me shy with that intense gaze.”

“Sorry, I just wanted to see this ‘famous mouth’ of the Merc with the Mouth’ I hear about through the grapevine,” you teased. “But also, I like what I see.”

“It's not what my mouth looks like, but what my mouth does—may I offer you a wet demonstration? —but it's nice to know I’m popular among the Avengers. I knew they liked me! Like what you see? Is your favorite color red? —or do you like the way it fills out my smoking’ body? But trust me, you won’t like what you see under It.” he said in a ramble among a full mouth. Clint warned you also about how with a split personality that Deadpool has, he talks out loud to himself and sometimes others. It was fairly easy to follow along.

“Maybe we should demonstrate it when your mouth is not full of meat and spices,” you said. “And haven’t you heard of what counts is on the inside?”

“I call bullshit,” he said after going for another chimichanga.

“I think a cool personality beats good looks any day. I use to think Tony was hot until he was a douche of all of two minutes when I met him. Though I started to get to know him and I liked him,” you told him.

And maybe the billionaire part helped… Deadpool mutters. You lifted an eyebrow at that quip.

“Not really. I think he’s more of a douche with the money than without—

“Are we ripping on Tony?” you heard that familiar voice of your best friend. Clint came through the door with the rest of the members.

Deadpool ignores his favorite Avenger. “Oh come on, how bout Soulja boy?” you couldn’t help but smile at that nickname he gave Steve. “I think girls could care less if he’s boring as a plank or a world class dick as long as he looks like an Abercrombie model.”

“Well, no offense I wouldn’t go for Steve. He’s cute but he’s too…nice,” you said causing said person to frown at that. You made it seem like an insult. This was his first time hearing of this.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Steve asked for Deadpool.

“Meaning she likes her men like she likes her sex…kinky and spontaneous,” Clint said as he wrapped an arm around you.

“And a man who’s not afraid to bend her over and dominate her in the kitchen,” Natasha said. You were a bit shocked at this. Your face burning at her teasing. Clint, you can handle but then the mysterious Natasha? She may be your best friend but she usually doesn’t show this side so bluntly like this.

“Can you do that for her, Cap?” Clint smiled cheekily at their leader who was red as a tomato.

“Stop teasing the poor man,” you sighed. “Now I was tired of the same old Tacos so I made chimichangas—

“Yes, your famous chimichangas. I think you might of stole Deadpool’s heart. He loves these things just as much as tomatoes,” Clint explained.

“Yeah, I know. He declared his love for me in twenty seconds of meeting me,” you explained.



“What’s the matter with you?” Deadpool’s best friend—not really—Spiderman asked. Wade sighed dramatically on the ledge of the building as he stared into the nightlife of NYC.

“The most beautiful woman stole my heart in the name of chimichangas and then stepped on it all on the same night,” he yelled into the sky.

“I doubt that’s what happened,” Spiderman rolled his eyes behind his mask.

“It did!” he argued. “She made the best chimichangas ever. And then she flirts with me and I hear that she likes rough sex—

“—wait, what?—

“—Clint and Natasha rubs that in my face. I felt like she was checking me out like crazy and then I find out that she’s taken!”

“Why’d you think she’s taken?”

“Maybe because she’s wearing her mate’s shirt the whole time with his damn smell all over her. And then he comes over—damn you, Barton—and clings to her and she does the same.”

“Damn, that’s…too bad,” Spiderman didn't use to comforting Deadpool of all people.

“Too bad indeed, my friend.”



“Wow this is hot,” he said out loud as he came at the best time at the Stark Tower. He walked into the gym to see the hottest women on the planet sparring. Of course, Natasha was winning, but Wade was so sporting a Woodie at the sight of two girls in a sports bra and yoga shorts fighting. Natasha had you pinned down, but to make this situation better Natasha was leaning down with a teasing smirk and whispered something in your ear. And next thing Wade knows, was Natasha ground onto her before you squealed and rolled her over so that you was over the redhead. Your face hurt from Natasha teasing. And the fact that the woman was emitting alpha pheromones just to taunt you made you pout. You noticed another lingering scent of an alpha and your eyes went to the balcony to see your new favorite person watching.

“Enjoying the show, Red?” You got off your friend and helped her up.

“Maybe more if there was baby oil or mud,” he retorts before even thinking what he said but when does he ever do that?

“Too messy,” you said.

“So are you an Avenger or just the hot assistant?” he asked you.

“I’m the hot assistant,” you told the mercenary. He raised his eyebrow at that. Deadpool jumped down the balcony and landing right in front of you. Ignoring the redhead who was watching from afar at the two, Wade asked, “Assistant to who?”

“Tony and Bruce…but mostly Tony but I rather be with Bruce since he doesn’t blast Metal rock for Harlem to hear?” you said. Wade couldn’t help but think you were much more amazing now. You’re smart. Like book smart-slash-science smart. Tony doesn’t deal with just any run of the mill science major. He’s too smart for that.

“So…wanna spar?” that caught him off guard.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you. You did just get your ass kicked by firecracker over here in all of one minute,” Wade quips.

“That’s because she knows my weak points all too well,” you joked.

“But I don’t hit women,” Wade whines. “I may be an asshole but I do not dick,” he said. You tilt your head at his own insults to himself. You sighed.

“I’m not telling you to hit me. I’m telling you to just spar. Well, whoever could pin one person down? That’s all.”

Well, I like the sound of that, Wade thought to himself.

Now Wade might have amazing reflexed but he wasn’t ready for what you had for him. Your leg whipped up quick but he caught it and just when he was about to twist it so you can fall, the other one kicked his feet making him buckle—how the hell she do that?—making you both fall but you was on top of him pinning him down. Wade knew that he was stronger but he really loved this position.

“I like women on top,” he said causing a laugh to emit from you.

“I like being on top, too,” you said.



“When are you gonna fuck, Red?” Clint broke you out of your thoughts as you were making pancakes. Your face heated up at the bluntness of Clint. He was on the counter eating a banana swinging his legs as he watched you make the twentieth pancake. You already made ten chocolate chip ones. And now you were starting on the pecan pancakes that Bruce loves. “Who said I was planning to?” you said not looking at your friend.

He scoffs. He knows you more than you know yourself. “Because you never show such blatant interest in a guy—nevertheless an alpha—of all people. I never knew you can flirt like that, [Name].”

“I like to keep myself mysterious,” you gave him a smirk that Natasha would give but failed.

“He wouldn’t reject you if that’s what you’re worried about. You’re hot. He should be worried about the rejection,” he said with a shrug.

“When do you care about my sex life?”

“That’s what gay best friend do,” he explained. “Well, I’m not gay per se but close enough.”

“I guess I can’t be subtle anymore, huh?”

“I think it’s time for you to be the dominant one,” Natasha said causing you to jump, she always had a way of sneaking up on you. “He may not be taking the hints the way you want him to.”

“Ugh…I hate doing all the work.”



“Holy shit, Deadpool? What are you doing here?” your hand was clenching your chest. You were scared shitless. You had just made your way up to your floor/apartment in the Stark Tower to see the one and only flipping through the channels of your TV.

“I’m bored.”

“So you decided to do a B & E?”


You sighed and made your way towards him. It’s now or never, you hear Clint’s voice in your head. You knew that you could do this plenty of times but this is the first time you both have been alone since you both met. And the first time he’s at your place. So you took the remote from his hand, turned the television off and threw the remote far enough so he couldn’t reach.

“Hey, I was watching…that infomercial,” he pouted.

“I have something better you can do,” you said as you climbed on top of him making yourself at home on his lap. You can tell from the way his mask moved that he was shocked. “How about I entertain your boredom?”

He didn’t say a word. This is the second time he became speechless by you. You decided not to wait. So you peeled your shirt off revealing your black lace bra to the man. His eyes couldn’t get off your chest. Boobies! I haven’t seen those in person for a long time, he thought. Your slim fingers went to his belt and you unbuckled it.

“Please tell me if I am hallucinating or not? Is this a dream? Are you just teasing me?”

“Take a hint….I guess I have to say this directly, huh?” you said mostly to yourself. You let one of your hands trailed up from under his shirt over his scarred yet toned torso and whispered in his ear, “I want you to fuck me.”


Wade decided that now will be the best time to tell you his name. He wanted you to scream his name, not some alter ego. And you pleased the mercenary well when you did that so well that you voice became hoarse. Wade isn’t known for gentleness… well, not anymore and he could tell that you weren’t up for that either. You could feel those scarred lips all over your body. The way his rough hands gripped tight onto your thighs, hips, and waist. When you were close to taking his mask off, he grabbed your wrist catching you by surprise, “The mask stays on, cupcake,” he said before he pulled all the way to go.



You called into ‘work’ the next day. You could barely move. Your whole body was sore. When you came into the ‘work’ the next day afterward Tony stopped whatever he was doing and watched you for all of five minutes. You were getting their coffee and some more tea for Bruce before Tony finally realized the problem. You noticed the knowing smirk.

“Did you finally fuck the lunatic? Barton and I betted on how long it would take for you two to fuck like—ow. That’s my money maker. You can’t just throw things at your boss-slash-landlord.”

“I thought Pepper was my boss?” you retorted.



Wade never had sex with a woman/omega who was in heat. He heard it can be hot, but also overwhelming for an alpha. It can also be too much of an alpha who doesn’t know how to keep it up for the long time span for an omega. Their heat lasting for up to five days. So when he ‘broke’ into your apartment with the potent smell of omega in heat he was ready to high-tail back into the elevator. “Where are you going?” he froze. He turned around to see you in nothing but a pair of panties. “I’ve been waiting for you. You need to give me your number so I can contact you when I need a fix of some Wade.”

“Uhhh….” Wade couldn’t keep his eyes off your chest. You grabbed his hand pulling him to your room. He stopped. “Not…not the room.”


“Do you have to ask?”

You frowned. “Is this a Christian Grey kind of thing? You don't want to do ‘vanilla sex’ because that’ll establish some kind of--

“It’s not that, it’s just Clint’s—

‘—Oh! You don’t like his scent, huh?” you guessed. That was part of it. “How about we start in the shower to cool me off a bit?”

Wade was all for that.

“Mask on,” he grunted as he slammed back into you.


“I prefer for you to not throw up while I’m inside you,” he said. He brought his nose to the unclaimed spot on your neck. That shocked him. But he guesses that made sense. Agents of SHIELD was not supposed to claim a mate since that can compromise one’s job. And the fact that Clint’s a beta.

He can feel you clenching around him. You were so close to your fourth climax. Wade hasn’t come yet. He wanted to at least pleasure you one more time before he came.

“Wade,” you moaned/screamed his name one last time before you started seeing white. You weren’t prepared for the abrupt pain on your shoulder—one inch from your unclaimed gland as he released inside of you. You stayed like that for a while. His knot locked inside of you for the last five minutes. Your eyes went to ‘his’ and you smiled. “It would be hot if there was not the condom,” you said catching him off guard. “Let's do that after my heat, ‘Kay?”

“Where have you been all my life,” Wade joked as he laid you on top of him in the bathtub letting the cool water spray on your back.



Wade hated this. He thought he would love it. Not being in a relationship. Being the damn mistress. But he hates it. But he deals with it because he not only loves the way you say his name mid-climax or the way your bare body feels against his but also he loves the conversations you have and the way you cook and the way you treat him like any ole’ guy.

What shocked him was how open you was about this.

And also, how Clint seemed to be okay with it.

“Dude, I think you ruined [name] for other men’s dicks for the next millennium,” Clint said out of nowhere as you watched Wade and Clint was playing on the XBOX. You were resting your legs and other parts since Wade did a number on you last night. Natasha was in the kitchen with Pepper and Steve. And the rest of the team was the on the sofa with you. Wade froze at how casual Clint sounded.

Wade figured last week that maybe Clint and you had some kind of agreement. Especially during the heats that it was okay for you to sleep with an alpha since betas can’t fulfill an Omega during it.

Wade never felt so used.

“Sorry?” Wade said, because what else was he supposed to say? “Should I be gentler?”

“Hmm, I don’t care. She likes it rough.”

“But shouldn’t you like—Hmmm, I don’t know---care about your Omega?” Wade said.

“W-what?” Clint paused the game. “[Name] is not my Omega,” he states. “What made you think that?”

“You cling onto her. You are affectionate—

“That’s what friends do,” Clint argues.

“No, that’s what you, [name], and sometimes Nat do. I don’t do that to Bruce and he doesn’t do that to me,” Tony stated. “I thought you two were together at first glance, too.”

“You are kind of too affectionate,” you said to your best friend. He glared at you.

“Okay, but other than the occasional hugging and kissing the cheeks..."

“She wears your clothes. I thought that was like a scenting thing. And her room reeks of your smell,” Wade said.

“Because friends have sleepovers!”

“Not at your age, no,” Tony comments again.

You couldn’t help but laugh at this.

“This is not funny!” Clint and Wade said at the same time.

“So you thought Clint and I were together this whole time?” you asked him. He nods. “And you think he would just let me sleep with you?”

“I thought it was some sort of agreement. I don’t know. Like letting the omega get her fix on some alpha—

“Are you seriously that stupid?” Tony asked the mercenary.

You sighed and stood up. “Follow me, Wade,” you told him.


“Why do we have to be alone for this?” Wade asked das you both stepped into your apartment.

“Clint is already bonded,” you told him.

“He’s…a beta,” he said.

“No, he’s not. He masks his scent pretty well with suppressants. He’s an Omega,” you told him. “The team doesn’t know yet. We’ll tell them soon enough. But that’s why I and Clint are so close with us being the only omegas on the team. He takes care of me and I take care of him when his mate is not around. I mean, I slept with him once when he was unbonded and the other time a threesome with him and with his mate. That didn’t end well. Omegas do not like to share. He didn’t talk to me for a week which is like a month in Barton years or something,” you rambled on. “But anyways. Clint is bonded with his handler, Phil. You met him a couple of times.”

“Oh,” was all Wade could come up with.

Chapter Text

“Oh?” you repeated to him. Wade was now avoiding eye contact. You knew what it was. He was happy. Though you cannot see the beaming smile hiding behind that mask of his, you knew that he was happy that you were not bonded. “And here I thought you were smarter than that, Wade,” you told him. His head shot up and he looked at you. “Has your head being chopped off too many times. Been shot there so many times that you thought of crazy ideas about me and Clint?”

Hey, I was not too far off—you did admit to sleeping with him—and who is that friendly to their friend—especially a guy—and is it not too far-fetched for me to think that I was a side piece? I mean—look at me,” Wade rambled on as he swings his hands in the air and pacing back and forth.

“Well, you won’t let me. Is it too bad for me to want to see you strip?” you teased him. You knew that talking too seriously with the alpha would make him retreat. Joking and teasing is Wade’s forte. “We can do a magic mike show and—

“[Name], this is not a teasing matter,” he whines.

“I’m not joking. I wouldn’t use you like that, Wade. I honestly like you. Like…like-like you,” you said.

“…like-like, huh?” he mutters to himself as he rubs the back of his neck nervously. He was finally looking at you. It felt as if he was giving a hard stare. “Fine, let’s have makeup sex, then,” he said as he was stepping towards you. You snorted and stepped back.

“makeup sex?” you shook your head at the man. “We’re not even fighting—

“You’re right—then let’s have angry sex,” he said like it was the greatest idea.

“But we’re not mad at each other,” you talked to him like he was insane.

“But then again… our usual sex is the equivalent of angry sex so… let’s just have sex-sex,” he said. “Yep, that’ll do. Let’s—

“Nope. It’s game night. I’m not in the mood—

“—when are you not in the mood, [name]?” he knew that you were lying. But you were not going to let Wade try to change the conversation or ignore what you just said to him. You were kind of hurt that he didn’t even accept your feelings or confessed back to you. But you get it. He’s a mercenary. He has people on his back. And he’s insecure.

I’m going to have to fix that, you thought to yourself.

“Why are you making me out to be a sex fiend when you are the one who always initiates it,” you crossed your arms.

“Not always, you were the first to initiate it. And you practically pounce on me when you had your heat—

“Lie,” you cut him off.

“Fine, we can play the damn games. But if Tony and Clint tease me, I’m chopping off heads and saying awesome puns when doing so,” Wade warns you.

“Don’t lie, Wade. You love their teasing just as much as you love my teasing,” you said.

“Maybe because I love your sexual innuendoes that are only said to me,” he stated.

“Yeah, yeah. Come on. Your favorite avenger is probably dying to tease us about this,” you said as you pulled him into the elevator.

…and he did. For the whole night.



“What are you doing?”

“Um…watching TV?”

“Um, why? We’re supposed to be humping like rabbits.”

“Because I can’t get enough of Daryl Dixon’s arms,” you smirked. “Well, it’s not my fault you won’t let me see those guns under that suit of yours. For all I know, your’s can be better tha—

They are better. Trust me,” he said.

“Seeing is believing—

“And believing is seeing,” he retorts.

“…not really,” you muttered as you paused the show. You looked up at him. “Let’s just watch TV together,” you said.


“Isn’t that what friends do?”

“Do friends sleep together because then that means I have to sleep with spidey, Clint, and Tony. Maybe I can do the friends thing with Clint and Spidey. Have you seen their

“You’re rambling again,” you told him.

Hey, how come you can sleep with Clint but I can’t?”

“This is scary. I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. And I didn’t say you can’t,” you said.

“I’m joking. Besides, I think you ruined me. I like my women sassy and smart with a thing for insane killers,” he said as he made his way next to you on the sofa. “I’m glad this is a Marvel Universe because you might go for the Joker if this was DC.”



Two rapid heartbeats pressed against each other. Your e/c looked up at the ceiling as you clung to Wade, who was still on top of you…inside of you…knotted. His head at the crook of your neck as his mouth hovered over your unclaimed spot. You noticed for the last few weeks of sleeping with him that he is now becoming a biter. He would always bite the same spot and inch away from the unclaimed spot on your neck. It didn’t bother you. It made you quite happy actually. So you decided to purr for the alpha who is happening to be humming the theme song to Friends.

He lifts his head up. His mask still on but pulled to show his lips.

He loves it when you purr.

“Do you really want to go another round? Because that purring is not making it easier for me right now,” he scolds you but you knew he was teasing seeing from the smirk he was wearing.

“I think I am worn out,” you said.


It took about twenty minutes so that he can slip out of you. You was already dozing off. But you became alert when noticing him putting his shoes back on.

“Where are you going?”

“Home,” he said like it was obvious.

“Wade, you live all the way in Queens,” you said.

“It’s a fifteen-minute drive,” he said.

“But...but maybe I want you to stay. Not a hit and run,” you said with a pout.


“I told you last month I like-like you,” you said. “But you never answered back. I know we started off just sleeping together but…I would really like it if we became more than just friends sleeping together.”

“I'm not looking for any bond,” he said.

“I didn’t say that—

“And you don’t even know what I look like. You’ll change your mind once I take it off. And I you might not believe this but I am not the most liked person. I have haters—er—enemies. And—

“I know what the dangers are, idiot. I was a SHIELD agent. I can handle myself,” you said. “So now that we got that over with. Let's go on a date. A double date with Clint and Phil. It won’t be that bad--

“This is becoming too much,” he cuts you off. “I… I thought that this was just being a fun thing, but I don’t want anything more than just fooling around. I don’t have time to be domestic,” he lied.

“Maybe we need domestic,” you argued. This was not what you was hoping for this to end when asking Wade out.

“Look…it’s not you—

“Are you serious?”

“I’ve been! I thought you knew I can be flaky from the get go,” he said. You couldn’t believe what this idiot was saying. Your brain knew that he was just scared. It's been awhile since he’s been in a serious relationship, but the omega part of you was just angry thinking that Wade was pulling you along all this time. That he knew that you were in love with him. How can you not?

You exhaled. “So… let’s not go around this. Just be straight with me… do you not want to make this a relationship?” A long awkward silence went through your bedroom. That made you anxious. You pouted your lips and furrowed your eyebrows at the asshole. He was staring back at you too. He put his hands on his hips and sighed.

[Name]…I c-can—no—I don’t do relationships,” and with that he ducked tail and ran. Little did you know that he wore the regretful expression under his mask.



“Do I need to kill him?” Clint asked you as you moped on his sofa as he was running his fingers through your hair. Your head on his lap as you covered your saddened face with your arm. You’re not crying…just pouting like a teenager who was just rejected.

“I doubt you can since he is practically immortal,” you told him.

“Well, I’ll fucking cut his head off as many times as I want. It takes forever for it to grow back so I heard. Maybe cut his dick off, too, just for me to be an asshole,” he said. “You know how Nat gets protective of you… she’s ready to kill him. Just give her the word. I don’t need it.”

“Are you sure you’re not an alpha?” Phil was now walking in with the popcorn. “You’re more protective than the stereotypical alpha.”

Hey,” Clint threw his playful smirk at his mate. “We omegas can be pretty possessive too with our young. Yeah, [name] you’re my sweet little girl that I have to kick guys asses who breaks your heart.” You lifted yourself a bit frowning at him.

“You sound really pervy, Clint,” you lifted yourself up.

“Should I be worried?” Phil teased.

“Maybe…maybe we should distance ourselves since you are being too clingy, Barton,” you joked. “But maybe I scared him away with asking him on a date with—

Puh-lease, if he’s not scared of getting his head chopped off he should not get scared about a freakin’ date. And you guys been practically dating. Just not…going on in the public. You do movie nights. You cook for him. You play games together and talk and stuff,” Clint rants.

“So…he broke up with me then?”

Clint rolls his eyes at that.



You knew that this was a bad idea. Hell, even Steve thought it was bad knowing who you was still hung over for. Clint thought it was a great idea and Nat shrugged. She knew that you can protect yourself just in case something goes wrong.

So what was this bad idea?

A date.

And not just any date.

A date with disaster. But mostly with danger.

James ‘Bucky’ Buchanan Barnes.

Steve finally found him months ago. Well, it’s not like he was actually hiding. He wanted to be found. His memory already half way formed. Steve and Sam help him out for three months after that he became better. He was pretty much back to being the ole’ Bucky. Though he was flirty and sweet talking and charming like Steve said, but that’s was not what you wanted. You wanted a witty, charismatic psycho killer who you haven’t seen in months. He’s been avoiding the Stark Tower.

So this date… He took you to a diner and you both talked. You were catching him up on the new generation. And he was talking about this post. It went well. He told you great stories about the Captain. You laughed and you enjoyed yourself with the alpha. You even flirted back but you both discussed the elephant in the room. And that was your feelings still caught by Wade.

You both was walking outside that night instead of taking the cab home. Him walking a bit too close for one to not be your mate. He looked down at you with a flirty grin.

“Ya know, [name], you have a really distractin’ scent. I can’t help but to lean close,” he said as he did so. You knew what this trick was. Hell, Steve told you he did this to all the ladies back then. But that didn’t stop you from purposely falling for it. You got ready for the kiss but you noticed a presence coming in soon.

Th e Winter Solider noticed too. Bucky’s eyes narrowed instantly and he whipped around. He caught the… katana? With his metal arm and grabbed the wrist with his other hand and threw the person to the floor. Bucky had him easily pinned down with his arms behind his back.

You were not really shocked at how Bucky brought out the weapons out of nowhere. A sharp knife at the neck and the gun to the temple.

“Can you tell this damn 100-year-old cyborg that I can’t be killed?” that familiar voice that you haven’t heard of in months was like music to your ears. You couldn’t help the grin that appeared on your face.

“Then why the hell did you try to incapacitate him?” you asked him.

Wade groaned as Bucky tightened his hold on him. “W-well, because he was going to kiss you, duh,” he said like it was the most obvious answer. You then realized something. Even though you were outside you could still recognize the smell of two alphas pheromones challenging each other. You could practically taste the testerone that they were both emitting.

“How long have you been following us, Wade?” you asked him. “And you have no right to get mad about James attempt.”

“I know that,” he whines as he kicks his legs like a child having a tantrum. “Doesn’t mean I can’t help myself. I…just follow you when I have nothing better to do. Just to see if you’re safe. So…I’ve been doing this ever since I found out you and Clint are not mates.”

Your eyebrows shot up. You didn’t really know what kind of answer to expect.

“James, can you let him go,” you asked him. He growled in protest. “And can you please give us some time alone. Wade won’t do anything…too stupid,” you said.

Bucky hesitated. He loosened his grip enough for Wade to easily slip out of. He was about to reach for his other katana just to notice that Bucky had both of the katanas in his hands.

“H-how the hell,” you could tell that Wade was frowning under his mask. He growled at being bested.

“I’ll give these back after you walk her back to the tower. I can trust you, right?” he asked the mercenary.

“Yeah, yeah. I won’t hurt her and even if I did—I think the avengers would assemble,” he jokes. Bucky doesn’t bother to respond. He walks off.

“So…good weather we’re having, huh?” he broke the awkwardness.

“Wade,” you glared at him, but you couldn’t hold it. You couldn’t help but smile around him. You never told anyone this—not even Clint—but being around Wade brought a warmness over your body. Goosebumps across your skin as your mind go into a haze and your heart races at the sight of him. His scent—spicy and potent as if it demands to be noticed like the owner itself—that brings you omega side at ease. You couldn’t control your body anymore. You weren’t expecting it and Wade weren't either since he froze when your arms wrapped around his waist as you brought him into a hug.

You nuzzled into his chest as you purred pleased with his scent surrounding you. You sighed in content. “I…I really missed you, Wade,” you admitted. You could feel his heart race against his chest.

You finally felt him move. One arm wrapping around you as his fingers ran through your hair. “Not enough if you are going out with older guys, [name]. He’s old enough to be your great-grandfather. Talk about sugar daddy,” he banters.

You rest your chin on his chest as you looked up at him. “Bucky is a great guy but...this maybe the corniest thing I ever said but…you still have a hold of my heart, Wade,” you said with a small smile.

“That is corny,” he agrees. “Are we in a Nicholas Spark movie? We need rain. That would be pretty hot to be kissing in the pouring rain as I tell you I’ve been stalking you every day since I met you.”

“And, Wade, why would you be stalking me?”

“I guess my way of thinking doesn’t make sense now that I actually think about it,” he goes around the bush. “Um, I just thought that me being pretty much everyone’s favorite enemy could—

“—could put a target on my back,” you finished for him. You pinched is side causing him to yelp. “You sure wasn’t thinking, Wade. I live in a highly protecting tower with the freakin’ avengers. I’m was a SHIELD agent so I know the consequences.”

“And not to add to the fact that I’m not the most stable guy out there—but then again you must have a thing for non-stable guys if you went on a date with Ice Queen over there,” he adds.

“One date! How long will you hold this against me,” you asked.

“Depends…did you fuck him?” he growled out.

“No, and before you ask I haven’t slept with anyone in these past few months.”

“Good,” he said.

“Back to the subject. I don’t care that you have ‘voices’ in your head. As long as it's not telling you to do bad shit then I’m cool with it. I fell for all of you not just part of it,” you said.

“But once I take off this mask—

“—when I think about it now, I think it is a good thing you kept it on. I fell for you before I knew how you look. And I’ll still be in love with you when you take it off—

“—whoa. When did we start using the ‘l’ word?—this is too heavy for me—I just got used to the idea of you wanting a relationship with me but now you want to start using the heavy duty words on me? And you haven’t seen my face yetso don’t count all your eggs before they hatch—is that the right saying?—you could totally buck tail once you see my face.”

“I’m not shallow, you dick,” you shoved at him lightly.

“…I know,” he sighs. “That’s part of what…love? Yeah, what I love about you. So…sorry for being a dick. Let’s have makeup sex.”



“Guess who’s ba—OW!”

Clint,” you growled at the archer who was smirking at you. Natasha was close just in case Wade decided to retaliate to Clint.

“What the hell, Barton? I thought we were friends,” Wade said as he gestures to the arrow sticking right out of his chest. Two centimeters from his heart.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?” Clint chuckles. “Well, that’s what it feels like to get stabbed in the heart. So next time you decide to do it again to [name] —not only will I stab you in the heart again, but I’ll cut your dick off too.”

“Wow, Clint, you’re a good friend,” Wade said as he pulls the arrow out without flinching. “I think I fell for you. I think that cupid’s arrow is taking affect,” he jokes as he made his way to Clint with open arms. Clint backing away getting ready to run.



Chapter Text


DEADPOOL x Mutant!blind!Reader


“Hey, Bruce, I was thinking that—“ you stopped when you noticed something that didn’t belong in the lab. Your face scrunched up into a frown when you smelled the strong scent of an unknown alpha. Your eyes went to an interesting wave of colors that made you drop your white cane.  “Shit,” you said as you went on your knees to get your cane.

“Here you go,” a male’s voice caught you by surprise. Your eyes looked up to see the swirling of color that caught you by surprise not too long ago. You haven’t seen anything like this since Bruce and Bucky. Bruce has swirls of purple and green, but more green when he’s irritated or angry. Bucky has more of a silver aura mixed with red and blue.

“Thank you,” you mustered up. You let him help you up. You frowned more when you felt his hands. “Are you wearing gloves?”

“Uh, yeah. So I don’t have blood on my hands,” he said with a shrug. "They are red so you won't see me bleed."

“Please tell me that you’re lost and not part of HYDRA,” she said with a defensive stance.

“Like hell,” he scoffs. “And I’m not lost. I’m just visiting my favorite green misunderstood monster.” You could tell that he was going to say more, but he stopped himself once you heard him give out a big whiff of your scent. One was supposed to be discreet and subtle when smelling one’s scent. A low growl caused you to flinch back.

“Ah—sorry, that was, uh, not in my control,” he reached out to her and once his hands grasped onto her arms a force sent him back across the room along with beakers and glasses busted. “Holy fucking macaroni, what the hell was that?”

“Jarvis?” you called out to the AI who pretty much became your eyes and ears after your Seeing Eye dog who Bucky decided to take on a walk/run.

“Miss [Name], Mr. Wade is no threat. He is a…acquaintance of the Team.”

Your eyes widened at the new information. Your eyes went to spiral of colors of red, yellow, and orange. You walked hesitantly to the alpha. “Sorry,” you told him. “I don’t like being touched abruptly like that. Especially by an unknown alpha.”

“Shit, my bad,” he stood up.

Wade couldn’t keep his eyes off of you.

He noticed that your eyes were transparent. But when he touched you, your eyes flamed into an array of colors before he was forced back by what seemed to be… energy waves? Wade had to admit that he was turned on even more adding your delectable omega scent and your adorable profile. “I’m Deadpool. Nice to meetcha,” he said. “My hand is out to shake.”

Your hand went to his. “[Name]. Unofficial-official member of the avengers.”

“What? I’ve been trying to join for ages but they have a rule against keeping the enemy alive and all that shit,” he said with an eye roll.

“I guess they do not want to go to the dark side? You know that Batman had that rule too,” you said.

“And you saw what happened to him? His girl died by a psychopath who is just like me in ways. Along with getting his back broken by a superhuman.”

“So you’re saying you’re a psychopath?” she didn’t get that vibe from him so she concluded with him joking. She met plenty of those before and they never had an array of colors. Never bright. Always a dark and dull gray, which scared her when she first met Bucky who only had a silver aura wrapped around him. Now it’s a bright silver mixed with red that matched Steve’s aura of blue and red. “Nah, just a highly function—

--sociopath?” you finished for him.

Wade gasped as he held a hand over his heart. You obviously couldn’t see his expression. “We’re already finishing each other’s sentences.  And you watch Sherlock?

“Can’t really watch as you can—“

“What the hell happened here?” your smile dropped at the sound of Tony’s voice. It’s not like you do not like the billionaire. You are actually good friends with him since you revel in his witty remarks and doesn’t bother kicking you out of his tower when you lose control and damage it. “Did you provoke my cute little firecracker?”

“I didn’t mean too,” Wade whines.

“She’s like a kitten. You can’t just pet her all you like. She’s a little protective,” he jokes as he swings an arm around your shoulders. You smiled at the mix of colors of yours and his aura mixing. His gold and red mixing with your [colors].

“That’s kind of insulting,” a sigh came as well.  The smile came back at the sound of your favorite scientist. “Jarvis told me you had company. He’s known for provoking people.”

“I don’t provoke. The Hulk likes to hang with me. You’re just jealous,” Wade grins.



“So I heard you met the neighborhood mercenary,” Natasha said with a slight smirk.

“Uh, yeah.” You said. “He’s…he’s a character.”

“He’s a character alright. He has a few screws loose up there, but he’s good people… just not the people we want in the avengers,” said Clint. Clint and Natasha are your best friends before and after SHIELD went black. When Shield went dark everyone had to stay undercover for a while since their information was out for the world to see. It’s not like you had anything bad for you, but some accidental killings when you lost control at a younger age. Sometimes you had problems with that so you always went to Bruce for tips to keep calm. After some months, Clint found you in a small city in the UK and had you move in with them in the tower.

“He’s different than the others,” you finally said. “I noticed that his colors change. A normal person would have only one or two colors but Bucky being an exception since…”

“… Since he has some screw loose too? I guess it’s the same with Wade. He’s human, but being tested on like Bucky,” Clint finishes for you. “He’s like a walking experiment. But he’s not as bad. Just talk to himself but doesn’t lose control.”


“Miss [Name], I’ll like to warn you before you become startle but you have a visitor in your living room,” Jarvis tells you as soon as you stepped out the elevator. You kind of wished he warned you in the elevator but that was schematics.

You didn’t mind, though, when your eyes with to the collection of colors that swirled. “Hello, Wade.”

“Hello, firecracker,” he beamed. His eyes then went down to the canyon next to you. “Can I pet him?”

“Yeah,” you said before, you petted his head to let him know it's okay for him to be touched. “His name is Buddy after Air Bud.” “Does he play sports or does he avenge people for a sport?” Wade asked as he scratched the German Shepard behind the ears.

“That would be interesting to see.”

“Okay, enough small talk,” Wade tried to sound serious. He puffed up his chest, but decided it was useless since you can’t witness him try to appear as strong alpha. When he thought more about it, he could have come here without the mask. “I came here to properly ask if I may court you.”

Chapter Text

Was he joking? You tried to control your heart beat but it is easier said than done. You could feel your skin glowing. You closed your eyes trying to calm yourselves down. You weren’t mad. No. but you couldn’t but a name to what you were feeling.

“Ok, I never did this before. So I researched some things and asked Spider—

--he was pulling your leg,” you finally said.


“He probably told you that you have to ask the omega if you can court her to avoid offense. Then bring flowers and buy her things to show that you can take care of her. He also might have told you that you will have to give me a ring or a necklace to show that I am being courted, right?”

“Uh…yeah,” he sounded unsure. Wade didn’t know much about this. He never really been keen on being tied down since his previous serious relationship years ago before he turned into Freddy Kruger’s twin brother. And that only lasted for a year after she found out that he was alive and his face was not the candidate for ‘Sexiest Man Alive’.

“That’s old school. Rules changed since the 1970s where it was deemed okay to be ‘free’ and don’t be tied down to just one omega or one alpha. You haven’t paid attention in class about this, huh?”

“They had a class about this?”

“Well, the parents are supposed to sign you up to learn about it. It’s only two-day class. I took at school—

--I heard you went to the mutant school? They have that there?”

“Yep and we’re getting side tracked. Spiderman was messing with you. You don’t have to ask. You just have to be yourself and try to get to know the woman and then we ask if you’ll want to make this relationship monogamous which hints to courting. It is a bit more laidback approach,” you explained. You didn’t know how you know all this information since no one ever became a prospect of being your alpha. Being a mutant then an agent didn’t help since one would never know if they’ll live the next day.

“Okay—damn spidey and thinking only with our Lil’ wade—what’s your favoirtie—

--and why did you want to court me anyways? I only knew you for about twelve hours and we talked for about two. Did I make that good of an impression?” you teased him though you were curious.

Wade scratched the back of his head. “Have you smelled yourself? Almost as good as chimichangas! Well, no, it’s better than chimichangas. But then it was like something was calling out for me. I think I understand R. Kelly’s Your Body’s Calling me now. But also I wish you can see how gorgeous you are and—

--so what I am getting is that you only like me for my scent and my looks?” you quipped.

“You’re also a mutant. We can have mutant babies. And you are a dog lover. Fuck cats. Dogs rule,” he said as he bent down and petted Buddy again.

“I don’t like those reasons,” you pouted.

“I’ve been with plenty of omegas—though I admit some was paid for—but I have never felt this way. Can you feel it—god how corny can you get—does your Omega sense it?”

You knew. You were just teasing him this whole time. As soon as he asked you the magical question your skin was warmed up yet was covered in goosebumps. Your omega was alert at the alpha’s question. You felt like such a damsel with a prince asking for your hand in marriage. But this is the twenty-first century. Where people don’t have to just bond with the first alpha the omega becomes courted by. She can wait it out if she wants to.

You closed your eyes and inhaled then exhaled trying to calm yourself down. Only working slightly. “Yes,” you finally admitted. “But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna jump your bones. I’m not that easy to win over just with some measly compliments and your good humor.”

“You think I’m funny?” he smiled. He couldn’t help but smile. Your reactions are so cute. Your flustered state at being called out. He could even sense it. That your omega was willing for the courting. But the human side of you was iffy.

“Yeah, I like a guy who makes me laugh,” you admitted.

“Okay, I can work with that. They say that personality is key.”

“Good thing that’s the only thing I have to work with since the whole blind thing,” you joked.

One hour later after Wade fixed you both some chimichangas and him watching an episode of Supernatural, Wade tries to subtly get to know you. You both was in the living room on the sofa. Your feet rested in his lap as he plays with your toes.

“So I know that you’re not one hundred percent blind since you are always looking at me,” he said.

You decided now that it was time to explain it to him. “Humans. Animals. I can…see them. An aura is unique to a person. Each one has their own that shows me what kind of person they are. I see the outline of you and the swirling colors that shows me what kind of person you are. For example…James Barnes has three colors. Blue, red, and silver. Blue meaning loyal and reliable. Red meaning courageous. But he has silver which can contradict with what I just said. Silver is a danger to me.”

“What does silver mean?”

“Uh…that’s hard to say. When I see someone have gray in their aura that is a danger. It gives me red flags of a psychopath. Emotionless. That’s how I can tell the bad guys from the good ones most of the time.”

“So you said Ice Princess has silver. That’s close to gray.”

“Yeah but that different. I’ve noticed. Most of the SHIELD agents I’ve been around having it. Clint, Natasha, hell, even Fury and Phil has it. But I noticed it only comes out when they’re on a mission. So I’m not high alert with them about that.”


Wade still followed the 'rules' of courting.


The first day he sent flowers.

"Um, Wade?"

"Yes?" he said with a full mouth of tacos.

"You know this is a nice gesture and all but I can't see these flowers so I can' t really enjoy their beauty," you told him as you took a sniff of the flowers. He said they were [Your favorite flower].




Day three he tried to prove his 'strength' by getting in a fight with Bucky of all people.

It took two hours for him to have full of use of his limbs again.

"At least I was nursed to health by the hottest nurse," he said.



Day four he tried to prove that he can provide. You came walking into your kitchen and smelled something rank.

"JARVIS? What is this horrid smell?"

"Mister Deadpool decided that cooking you rabbits--


"They were pretty hard to catch," Deadpool popped out of nowhere causing you to flinch.

"You could have just cooked me something like chimichangas and that would have been fine."



"It's cute," Natasha said. You just told her and Clint about the last week of courting from the mercenary. It took Clint ten minutes to get himself together for him to stop laughing.

"Cute? How bout fucking crazy," Clint said. "I bet he think he has a chance with you because you are blind."

"I don't think that is it anymore," said Natasha. "He has good intentions and if not? He's gonna wish he can die when I am done with him."

"You are the best mama bear," you said with a shiver down your back. Natasha can be scary.



"Is your mask off?" you asked Deadpool. It was another regular night for the two of you. Both of you 'watching' reruns of Supernatural. Your head rested on his lap as he played with your hair and hummed. He tensed at the question you asked.


"Can...I touch your face?"

There was a long pause before he said, "Is this the whole Lionel Richie thing going on? There was a music video with him wanting this chick who is blind and touched his face."

"I don't know about that but I just wanted to touch your face."

"Okay." You asked the question but yet you were so nervous. You didn't know what to expect. Clint pretty much described his face in the most exaggerated descriptions possible. Natasha told you that it is not that bad. Your fingers touched rough callous skin. Kind of wrinkled and dry. As you touched more you realized that you were touching his cheek. You cupped his cheek as your thumb rubbed over his cheekbone. You then trailed your fingers to his forehead and back some more to realize he his bald. "I use to be a hot blonde, ya know," he jokes.

"What color are your eyes?"


Your fingers then went downwards. To the slope of his nose and to his lips. Your breath hitched when you realized he was opening his mouth and something wet touched it. You didn't flinch back at the touch. Your face heated when he took your index finger and sucked on it.

"Wade, what--

--I know you like it. I can smell your arousal," he teased you.

Usually, you are cautious in these situations but you couldn't hold it back anymore. You pounced him. Your lips crashing to his nose.

"Eager, huh? Let me help you," he lowered your lips to his. Wade easily deepened the kiss as if he was starving for your taste. His arms wrapped around your waist tightly pressing your body to his toned one. You could feel is arousal against your pelvis. You pushed him back to get some air.



"I'm yours."

"Awesomesauce," he tackles you back on the couch.

Chapter Text



He met [Name] [Last Name] his first year at Hogwarts. A small petite girl with a cold appearance. She commanded presence as she walked into the room. She was the definition of an ice queen. An elite pureblood with a beautiful surface but once she opens her mouth...

they only say beauty can run skin deep on a person.

Sirius watched the eleven-year-old walk up to the stool to be sorted. He could hear the excited whispers from the Slytherin table about their new recruit. [Name] didn't show any emotion as she sat on the stool. Her eyes trained hard on the floor with her mouth in a thin line.

"Ravenclaw!" the sorting hat yelled.

Sirius' eyes widened. A gasp from the Slytherin table and the Ravenclaw table filled the room. He noticed her give a little frown at the sorting and hopped off the stool. His gray eyes trained on her as she sat at the end of the table next to a half-blood second year.

Sirius at first made it his mission to go completely against his mothers with her pureblood supremacy. He befriended muggle borns and half-bloods. It didn't take long for the young boy to start like liking girls and that's when befriending became far friendlier. His first snog was with a second-year beta Hufflepuff who was just coming into her curves.

In any pureblood family, besides blood-traitors of course, there was also great importance for both Alphas and omegas. Betas was almost as worse as a squib. They were nothing 'special'. They were not as commanding and ambitious as an alpha but also can't bear many 'powerful' children (the rumor). They didn't hold any powerful hold on alphas with their pheromones. The rumor about omegas was they were a weak-willed woman who needed to be protected and claimed.

Walburga Black must have been an outlier.


They didn't talk until months later when he was pranking Snivellus. Her [Eye color] eyes trained on his gray ones. Her eyebrows furrowed.

Sirius expected her to protect her fellow Slytherin by pulling out her wand.  Instead, she turned to the prat and said, "Are you coming?"

Snape seemed relieved that the little princess didn't run to his aid, humiliating him more like Evans did. On Evans, it was easy for the group to think, 'Aw, Omegas in their soft hearts. She doesn't know who he truly is." But when a Slytherin female does it? It's more like, 'Blood Death Eater follower. Can't think for herself so she has the Alpha git controlling her." Her eyes then went past him. Sirius noticed how the corner of her mouth went up slightly."Hello, Lupin," she greeted his best mate.

"Um, hi, [Last Name]," Remus smiles nervously. James seemed like he was about to have an aneurysm at the nicest guy they both ever had been best mates with is acquainted with an outlier girl from a family full of Slytherins.

It's the same with Sirius but he was accepted more since he is in Gryffindor. Ravenclaws may not have as many Death Eaters but they had a good amount more than Gryffindor and Hufflepuff combined.

So basically [Last Name] is no more than a Slytherin in their eyes.

"Nice Friends you have," she said as her eyes swept over the group of him. They stopped on the leader, James, who had Snape by the neck with his wand. "So...friendly," she adds.

"Um..." Remus didn't know what to say to that. Sirius had plenty.

"Not liking what we're doing to you fellow Slytherin?" Sirius stepped up to her, looking down at her. She didn't submit like good little omega purebloods are suppose to do. They may not have presented yet since they haven't reached thirteen yet but it was still practiced in elite households for the females to not stare into the eyes of males for too long or they'll think it's a challenge.

Again, she's another outlier along with Walburga.

"More like I don't like what you're doing to my friend," she said with an unimpressed look on her face. "Unless he deserved it so..." her question was implied and James was the first to answer.

"Because he's living," James said like it was a valid reason. [Name] raised an eyebrow at him.

"Ah, well there is nothing to do about that," she said. "Can't wish someone dead because you don't like him, huh?"

"I can say the same about you,"  Sirius said.

"Oh? And who would I want dead, Black," she then smirked at him.

"Oh, how about anyone who doesn't follow pure-blood supremacy," he said with a challenging glare. "Your family made that very clear with the Howler they sent you in the first week of school."

"Oh? Judging me because of my family? My blood," her eyes glinted responding to his challenge. "How very Slytherin of you," and as soon as those words left that pretty pink mouth of hers Sirius grabbed her by the front of her robes. His wand pointed. "And now threatening a young defenseless girl just because I said a few mean words," her tone now condescending.

"Sirius," Remus chides him. Sirus exhaled before letting her go.

"I apologize if I offended you," she said before grabbing Snape by the arm. "We'll be leaving."

As soon as she turned to corner  James and Sirius turned to their tall friend with shocked expressions. "Are you friends with her?"

"Just because I was decent to her you went that route?" he asked them with a small shake of his head. "She has trouble with Transfigurations and McGonagall referred her to me. I help her study every Thursday night."

"And you didn't mention this to us because..." James said at the same time as Sirius said, "And you said Yes?"

"She's not as bad as you think," he said. "More sarcasm, less sinister, if you know what I mean."

"Well, her company says otherwise," Peter picked this moment to speak up.

"Exactly," both boys said.


For the next few months, it was the same as their first meeting. She would say something to contradict their Gryffindor beliefs adding one point to her favor as the boys keep referencing back to her family and their beliefs.

It didn't help that he had to see her over the bloody summer break. Sirius thought he had a break from the wench but when his mother told him to be on his best behavior for their invited guests.

"So you know each other already?" his mother said over dinner. Sirius shrugged earning a glare.

"Ah, yes. We have Transfiguration and Charms together," she said with her perfect mask on. She was seated directly in front of him with her younger brother who is the same age as Regulus beside her.

"Bellatrix wrote to me that you both are at odds,"  Sirius could hear in between the lines. The [Last Names] was just as powerful as the Ancient and Noble House of Black if not more influential. Sirius was waiting for the horrid news from  [Name] about his choice of friends.

But instead, she replied with, "More like playful banter in between classes. A friend of mine said it is common where she's from where if a boy fancies the girl, there is some teasing for attention." This earned a laugh among the table. Little did they know that this friend was a muggle born.

"A Ravenclaw friend?" Orion spoke up.

"Yes, a roommate." her eyes trained on his nose instead of his eyes. She didn't dare challenge anyone in front of her parents or the head of the house of Black.

"It is rather unfortunate about your sorting," Walburga said. "Though your house are full of blood-traitors and mudbloods there are also some loyal followers of the Dark  Lord."

"I was rather shocked by the news," [Name]'s father said with a frustrated look on his face. More like angry. He acted the same way his mother did. Sent a bloody Howler for all of the great hall to hear about the dishonor they put upon their family.

Sirius didn't know what possessed him at that moment to defend [Name] but he blamed it on being spontaneous and not predictable like [Name] seems to think of him. "But at least we know she's intelligent? Witty? Ravenclaws do know how to put people in their place with just their words. Blimey, without 'banters' she sure makes me speechless with her witty comebacks," he gave a forced laugh.

[Name]'s mother was the first to speak. A quiet tired looking omega woman who's eyes was always on her plate. The complete opposite of his own mother. "Another trait she inherited from her father."  She smiled warmly at her husband who only growled a bit. She laughed. She turned to the Blacks and explained. "It's sort of an inside joke of ours. I joke how [Name] could very well be presented as an Alpha with how she behaves half the time. She inherited almost all of his qualities. Heard, she got quite the amount of detentions because of your flirting-teasing," she smiles sweetly at Sirius.

"Could have been more," [Name] shrugs. "But I do know how to not get caught."


The second year was similar to the previous.

Regulus was sorted into Slytherin along with [Name]'s younger brother. The girls in his year were becoming more fit than usual. James asked out Lily who shot him down just as easily.

The pranks continued against [Name] who became more creative with hers. Sirius snogged anyone his mother would despise and detentions were handed out to his lot like candy.

He presented as an Alpha the week of his birthday in November causing him to be more attractive to the girls of his year (along with the first and third years).

All was well.

Until his third year.


Sirius blamed hormones and the pheromones of Omegas. Yes, he was okay with suddenly becoming the heartthrob at only thirteen for the students years below him and the fourth years. And that majority of the girls wanted to snog the living daylights at him and he was more than happy to oblige. His eyes wandered to the developing bodies of his peers.

And that's when he caught the scent of [Name]'s. He was more shocked that she was not a beta. It was quite unheard of for a female to be an Alpha but with her avoidance of the use of behavior of a good pureblood-house wife, Sirius thought it would be possible.

Sirius couldn't quite put a name on her scent. It should have been similar to a flower or pastry like with the others but she was different. Like old books from the library, cocoa, and the woods. And odd combination but on her, it works.

He didn't know it was her scent until he followed it from the library. He was chatting up some fit Hufflepuff when it caught a whiff of it. He didn't bother excusing himself as he followed after it. In the forbidden section of the library sat [Name] with her nose in a book. He stopped in his tracks when he realized that the scent he was attracted to out of all the girls in schools was hers.

"May I help you, Black?"

He was just about to walk away when his eyes caught sight of the familiar book in her hands.

The same one Lily Evans read last year.

"A muggle book?" he smirked at her before walking up to her table. "Who would have thought? And how did you get your hands onto this?" He picked up the book.

To Kill a Mockingbird.

"Lily Evans gave it to me," she replied. His eyes widened. "I do have other friends besides Slytherins, Black."

"Don't play dumb. You know why I am shocked," he slid the book back to her. "What would your father say to you being friends with a muggle born."

"Nothing because they wouldn't know that information," she gave him a challenging look. Sirius growled. He has not yet fully gained control over his newfound presentation of his dynamic.

There have been many fights over the last few weeks from the third years because of new alphas being presented. And to make things worse for him, an Omega was not submitting. Sirius didn't care much about dynamics yet the primal part of his biology said otherwise.

He hovered over her with both hands holding the chair she sat on. Her eyes never wavering. Just when he was about to make her bear her neck in submission that's when he finally noticed why he even walked to this section of the library anyways.

Her scent.

And now he can smell how potent her scent is. His mouth watered at the aroma that caused a more pleased growl (he would not admit to purring) to emit from his throat.  He didn't dare acknowledge the smirk or the teasing look she gave him.

"Black." The voice snapped him from his trance. He whipped his head up to see [Name]'s brother behind her. "May you please step away from my sister." Sirius knew that the boy wanted to do more than ask politely but since he was still a mere beta until he presented at thirteen, he could not do anything but wait.

Sirius stepped away.

"Sorry," he mutters before leaving.


Remus smirked at his best mate who was this close from jumping over his table in the library and putting a fist through Rosier's face. Sirius couldn't keep his eyes off their table. Usually, his glare would be of hatred and loathing and that's it.

But now?

Jealousy was taking over the Sirius Black for the first time over a girl.

And not just any girl.

But [Name] bloody [Last Name].

Remus was the first to notice the odd forming relationship between the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. Remus was this close from being sorted into Ravenclaw if it was not for his reckless side of courage when it comes to those he loves.

But back to the topic.

It was currently their the fourth year. Fifteen years old, Sirius Black, had officially become the best snogger of Hogwarts to being the best shag. He had plenty of experience with women and knew how to charm them to his will.

But none was a challenge like [Name] [Last Name].

Remus knew that this was far from her being with Purist upbringing. It may have been the start but when Sirius noticed that she was not as sinister as her friends (her being friends with Lily Evans, Frank Longbottom, and Alice), the pranks became less ill-intent and more like he was demanding her attention .

Classic playground flirting.

And [Name] saw right through it and played along.

"Can Rosier take a fucking hint," Sirius growled through gritted teeth. Remus glanced up from his parchment paper to [Name]'s table. She was trying to write her homework for Transfigurations but was to her displeasure distracted by the fifth year Slytherin, Evan Rosier. He may come across as a bloke with 'pretty-boy' good looks like Malfoy but underneath was dark and ugly. He was leaning a bit too close to her and was smirking at her. Remus could tell that Rosier was trying intimidating her into whatever he was proposing to her.

"Bet you a galleon that he is asking her to Hogsmeade," said James who was not helping.

"Bet you a galleon she'll say yes," Peter said.

"Bet you that she'll come up with an excuse to not go with him,"  Remus said tiring to ease Sirius' mind. "She's a quick one. She won't let him intimidate her into going with her."

And right on cue, they all saw Rosier deflate a bit at whatever she said before gathering her things into her leather bag. Remus thought she was going to greet them with a nod and walk off since Rosier was watching but instead she stopped at their table. Her eyes on Remus'. "Hello," she greeted them all. Sirius' eyes now trained on his blank parchment trying to come off as laid back. Remus rolled his eyes.

" and Rosier?"  James waggled his eyebrows. Remus was not the only one to notice the obvious crush that  Sirius has on her. He only found out their third year but still. James easily put [Name]'s family behind him and treated her like a friend. Thought they still tease and prank each other it was not as ill-intent like in the beginning. It may have helped when Remus said that she was a friend of Lily's.

"Did you say yes?" Peter asked her.

She raised an eyebrow. "Are you a seer or was it obvious that he was asking me to Hogsmeade?"

Sirius gave her a look that said, Just answer the question. Though she didn't notice it since she was now looking at Remus. "He was becoming annoying. Told him I needed your help on my paper since he knows about you tutoring me." After explaining why she was at their table, she pulled up a chair and sat across from Remus and Sirius.

"Even though you don't need it?" it was Remus turn to lift an eyebrow.

"Writing is easy but actually doing the spell?" she shook her head.

"You think too much."

"Which is an absurd reason," she huffed. "I went with him last year and that was far most the biggest mistake of my life so far."

"You guys dated," was what Sirius took from her admission. Her eyes were finally on his.

"No. I just went on one date," she rolled her eyes. "Just because you shagged a girl once doesn't mean you're going to claim her, right?"

"Bloody no," Sirus said quickly.

"I couldn't come up with a valid reason to not say no to him then," she admits. "He took me by surprise since I didn't know he was interested in me. The date was horrid. He talked about himself most of the time. I'm okay with that but when it turns to him boasting about his family ties and what he'll be doing in the future. Then we walked across some...muggle borns third years and that was when his facade of a nice yet arrogant gentleman went to him being prejudice git."

And there goes the reason why the Marauders had fully accepted her.

"And what reason did you give him for this?" Remus asked her.

"I told him I already have a date."

"Your brother?" Sirius asked with hopefulness.

"Hmm, I should have thought of that," she mutters. "Told him I'm going with Seve--

"Snivellus?" Sirius screeched.

[Name] glared at him. "I have gone with him before with Lily. It is the only way I can hang out with her in pubic without any questions being asked about my...beliefs."

"So he's just a cover up?"

"More or less. He's quite the conversationalist when the topic is about the Dark Arts," she replied

"Are you into the Dark Arts?" Peter asked skeptically.

"More curious than wanting to actually perform the act itself," she said. "So...are you going to Hogsmeade with anyone, Remus?"

"No, I, um...have not been feeling so well so I might sit this one out," he lied. He helped a bit since he already was looking sickly. The Marauders waited for her to accept the lie but she continued to eye Remus with a warm look.

She sighed. "I thought I would wait for you to tell me but I figured that we are not that close it'll be a couple of years," she rambled. "You really shouldn't have a Ravenclaw as a friend, Remus. We are known to be curious about strange habits."

All four of them gave her a confused expression.

She sighed again before saying, "I know about your monthly adventures howling into the full moon." She waited for them to get the memo.

"Who the bloody hell told you," James growled out.

"Well,that confirmed my deduction," she said with a slight smile. Remus' eyes widened.

"Shit," Sirius mutters.

"How?" Peter squeaks out.

"I barely noticed at first over the few months in our first year," she started out. [Name] wrote notes for him two days out of every month since now. Of course, she would be curious why this happens every month. "I was a bit naive and didn't bother since we were barely friends. But as our friendship was solidified our second year it became fairly obvious. Sick two days before the full moon and day after. You become more irritable on the week of the full moon. and you have multiple scratches as if you fought a cat. Don't forget I saw your boggart too when we studied late one night in the library."

How can he forget? She seemed shocked to see a full moon appear as his fear.

"That only helped me put an end to my searches," she said.

"Bloody Ravenclaw," James mutters.


"Are you even listening," the fourth year Ravenclaw omega hissed at him. Sirius couldn't help but doze off since she was rambling about their classes and who talks about classes when they are on a date? It helped that she is nicely curved.

A nice but irritating distraction was seeing [Name] in a nice pair of jeans that made her bottom look delectable. The irritating part? Oh, how about the greasy git who towered over her carrying her bags.

His date noticed that his eyes were focused on [Name]. She narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips before scoffing and walking away. Sirius didn't notice until three minutes later.


"I thought you had a date?" Sirus head popped up from his butterbeer at the sound of [Name]'s voice. She was smirking at him with her arms crossed looking quite dashing. He peered over her shoulder making sure that Snivellus was not shadowing. "He's at the bookstore. Lily is with Alice and  Frank," she explained before sitting down across from him.

"Are you sure you want to ruin your reputation with me?" he teased her. "Your family has almost more spies than mine's."

"You're a pureblood and a Black," she said with a shrug. "My family won't care unless you're disowned."

"Like my Uncle Alphard," he said.


Sirius fidgeted. He knew that he had to be civil. This was the first time alone where he doesn't have to be teasing her. This was practically a date. He could use this time to get to know her. He already knew that she had no problem with muggles and half-bloods. She loves to read American muggle literature.

"You have a favorite muggle band?" he asked her catching her by surprise.

"You name me yours, first," she said.

"The Beatles of course," he said with a wide grin.

She rolled her eyes. "It's always the Beatles with you blokes," she scoffed.

"Well tell me yours, princess."

"Elton John, duh," she said. He raised an eyebrow. He never heard of this bloke. "He's from London. More of a soft rock bloke who plays the piano a lot."

"The birds love 'em?"

"Not just girls like him. He's pretty popular."

"Name a song by him and I'll listen," he said.

"Tiny Dancer."

"Tiny Dancer?"

"Came out two years ago. A nice slow piece," she said. "Lily explained to me that it is written about the muggle women and lifestyle of California in America."

Sirius nods. "Okay, I'll give it a listen."


Lily raised her perfectly arched eyebrow at him. James furrowed his eyebrows on why his best mate is talking to the love of his life.

" you have a record of Elton John with 'Tiny Dancer' on it?" he asked her. Her eyes widened while her lips parted a bit. "Someone suggested it to me."

"I think you would like it," she said after a few seconds. "You're going to have to listen to the whole record since that song is ,maybe, the sixth track."

"I'm okay with that."


Sirius is now in love with Elton John's music and not afraid to admit it.

He asked for more records from Lily.



It's been two weeks since he spoke to [Name]. He's been itching to talk about the records he's been listening to. Lily warmed up to him for them having something in common they like. James tried to listen to Elton John but said he rather listen to the Beatles, again. Surprisingly, Remus likes his music but never mentioned until he caught Sirius singing along to it. He couldn't just go up to her in class because then he would expose her to the rest of the Purebloods about her listening to Muggle music.

But then his prayers was answered.

It happened in the library.

"Hello," she greeted Sirius before doing so to the rest of the Marauders. "So? Elton John."

Sirius smirked.

"Do I have good taste," she asked. "Or do I have good taste?"

"He's alright," he shrugged.

"I caught him singing along to 'Tiny Dancer'," Remus calls him out making his face flush.

"Don't be embarrassed. It's an amazing song," she smiled. And just when Sirius thought he couldn't be more surprised by [Name], she sings the chorus.

"Hold me closer tiny dancer. Count the headlights on the highway. Lay me down on  sheet of linen. You had a busy day today," her voice causing goose bumps along his arms.  Lucky for her, they were the only ones in the library on a Sunday night because of Remus. "Did you have favorite besides that one?"

Sirius nods. "Rocket Man." She smiles again. Sirius likes being the one making her smile.

"Ah, I just love spreading the word on the wonders of Elton John," she jokes. She placed her hand on Remus' shoulder. "I was the one to introduce Elton John to this bloke."

"And I told her the wonders of Nat 'King' Cole, Frank Sinatra, and Louis Armstrong,"  Remus said.

"And who's that bloke?"

"Remus has such an old soul," she teased the werewolf causing him to fluster. "They're all American jazz singers. Kind of slow music but very relaxing."

"And what is jazz?"

[Name]'s mouth gaped as she stared back and forth at Remus and Sirius. "Oh, Sirius, you haven't lived until you heard Jazz. You thought Elton John was amazing? Remus, you have to introduce him to the wonders of Jazz."

"Oh, now you have to let me listen," Sirius was gleaming.

"Jazz is hard to explain," he said. "My dad is a fan of it. Cam out a few decades ago that was created by African-Americans. The one's I listen to are more relaxing and soft but they're are some that can be exciting and expressive."

"Now that I gave Elton a chance," Sirius said. "You have to give the Beatles a chance."

"I did and I must say they are overrated," she said.

Sirius scoffed. "And just when I thought you were a good one you break my heart into two," he teased. "Okay, I'll give you two to listen to. Deal?" She nods. "Led Zepplin, heard of them?"


"Okay, they're awesome. James has a record of their's I'll let you borrow. And he also has this bloody amazing bloke named Bob Marley."

"Ah, yes, he's quite different than what we're used to," Remus comments.

"I can't even describe what genre he is," Sirius said. "So you'll listen."

"I'll try without getting caught."


Sirus was thankful for [Name] thought he wouldn't admit it at the time. She brought him a bit closer to Remus who shared his favourite musical artists. Sirus opened up his mind and actually enjoyed whatever the bloody hell that jazz is. Besides pranking and being a Gryffindor, they have other things in common now.


"I thought you hate Rosier," he asked her. They were in the hall on their way to Charms. People glancing at them wondering if something was going on between them. Slytherins pausing to see if there was a danger to their fellow pureblood omega who was up for grabs. [Name] waves them away as if they was flies.

"Hate is a strong word," she said.

"Remus told me that you are going to Slughorn's Christmas ball with him." Sirius didn't bother being embarrassed. He didn't bother questioning why Remus randomly brought it up during breakfast. He said it like was talking about the weather.

"Ah," she didn't bother looking into his eyes. Sirius tried to ignore being in close proximity to her with her scent wrapped around him. Enticing him with every breath he takes. "He was quite offended that I rather go out with a half-blood to Hogsmeade than with him. So offended that he wrote to his parents who wrote to my parents who wrote to me. They thought I should remedy this by asking him to the ball with me. I will tell him that I am not looking for a suitor."

"Why...why didn't you ask me? I'm a pureblood and a Black. He wouldn't bother you then," he said as his ears turned red.

She gave him a small smile. "You may be a Black but you are a Gryffindor who is friends with and dates muggle borns and half-bloods. My parents would not agree to that."

For the first time, Sirius regretted being sorted into his house.


"You're staying here for break?" she asked him two days later. Holiday break was just a day away and Sirius is not going back to that hell hole of a home even if Regulus gave him his puppy eyes (that he tries to hide but he hasn't perfected the stone-faced mask of the Blacks). "I heard from my brother who heard from Regulus." Another thing that pissed him off. [Name] calls his brother by his first name but to her, Sirius is still Black after four years.

"No, I told Reg that since I don't want them knowing I'm going to the Potters."

She nods. She then pulls out a perfectly wrapped box from her leather bag. "Happy Christmas. Please don't open it until Christmas."

"I will," he promised. He bit his lip before saying, "Can I write you?"

"I very well can't stop you," she said. "I'll reply."



How's your break? That's such a boring cliche question. Bet you are dolled up being pranced around like a prize from your family, right? I never asked you but do you like going home? I know that you know I loathe the House of Black (both the house and the family).

The Potters are AMAZING. Never met parents who are EQUAL! Mr. Potter treats his wife with respect and adoration like he's the lucky one to ever claim her and not the other way around.  

James begs me to play quidditch even in this weather. Is he human?

Anyways, Hope you're enjoying your break.



Sirius Black.

P.S, I hope we can move past calling each other by our surnames.



Yes, I am dolled up and ready to be given away as a prize to any  Alpha who has the purest blood (even if he's a family member. I shudder at the thought). Though, my brother (as you know is an Alpha, now) is quite protective of me. It's quite annoying. I have to remind him that our father is my Alpha until I'm seventeen. He gets pissy when I say that and hates to be challenged.

Alphas? May I say more?

I like my family but not as much as one should. Like not love. Father is quite strict and stoic. Not very loving. And my mother is quiet and very submissive which I loathe about her. I do not want to become that in a relationship. My mother says my mouth will get me in trouble one day and no Alpha wants a sassy omega who doesn't know her place. My brother, I feel like is an older brother. He's already taller than me by six inches! I think he would be a fine alpha if he follows what I say he should change his behavior.

I like the relationship between the Potters. I would like that with my  Alpha if I would take one in the future.

And James?

I doubt he's human. He has no self-preservation when it comes to saving the day like you Gryffindors are. He's persistent to the bone with Lily. At least he knows who he wants?


[Name] [Last Name]



I feel like my mother would not care that my Omega would be my cousin as long as she's pure. Did you know I'm the byproduct of incest? My parents are second cousins.

They way you're speaking I would think you don't want an  Alpha. Isn't that what all you birds want? A big strong alpha to take care of you. Well, except Lily. She's an outlier.

Your mother is wrong and right. Alphas, and I mean Slytherin Pureblooded old-fashion Alphas, are prats. They want to be in control and dominate so they'll choose someone weaker than them physically to control.

I would like an Omega who speaks her mind and not afraid to tell me if I'm being an outright git.  


P.S, I strapped your gift with the letter. I hope you like it. I'm not very good at buying gifts.

Sirius felt nervous about that letter. The only things he knew about [Name] was that she enjoyed peaceful music and reading. It's not like they had much time to talk.

He ended up giving her some muggle books that Lily recommended along with Remus who's read a few of them.

'The Great  Gatsby'.

'The  Chronicles of Narnia'.


'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'

And his favorite that he ended up reading before sending it off used, 'The Catcher and the Rye."



Thank you for the gift. I promise not to open it until Christmas.

And about you being the product of incest...

At least you came out good looking!

I'm not against having an alpha. I just don't want to feel like I need one.

And Happy Christmas even though it is only two days away. I won't send my owl anymore until a couple of days. I think he's holding a grudge against me since I've been sending him to you over these horrid weather conditions.

I also attached another gift too.




When Christmas first arrived at midnight, Sirius decided to open the present by [Name]. He already was feeling a bit embarrassed by James since he keeps teasing him about his crush on her every time a letter came or when he noticed how he keeps throwing away parchment since he's nervous about what he writes.

When he unwraps the box the first thing he noticed was another box inside of it. A small rectangular box. He opens it and saw a folded up paper.

'To be a star you must shine your own light, follow your own path and don't worry about the darkness for that is when the stars shine the brightest.'

I think that you are similar to a star, though no pun intended on your name. You don't follow the path of your family's darkness and that's what I like about you.

This gift is charmed. It can expand it's projection from five feet to fifty feet.

Just tap it with your wand while saying 'Lumos'.


Sirius is pretty glad that he didn't open this in front of James. The constant teasing would multiply.

He grabbed his wand and said, "Lumos" as he tapped the square stone object.

And his gray eyes widened as a wide smile graced his face. Covering the whole guest bedroom of his was the starry night sky full of every constellation. But one stood out the most.

Canis Major with the  Sirius, dog star, shining brightly.

It took about thirty minutes for Sirius to open the next gift since he was too busy admiring the constellations that filled the room

She gave him a leather journal. He frowned.

He opened it and the first page was already written on.

'I thought this would be easier than sending owls to each other every couple of days. It's a linked journal. I have my own and you can see what I write. You can use any kind of quill on this.'


Sirius couldn't be any faster as he grabbed a quill from his desk with a smile plastered on his face. He opened the blinds so that the moonlight shined through the bedroom.

'You are making me feel like a sodding idiot! These gifts are way too much compared to mine's. I love them though even though  that quote was kind of cheesy.

Do you like your presents?'


It took about nine hours for her to write back. He figured sine he wrote around midnight.

'I noticed our second year how out of all your classes besides Defense of Dark Arts you was very intrigued by our Astrology class. I love looking at the stars, too.

Your gifts are amazing. I love them. I had to hide them, of course. I've already read 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' since Remus recommended it to me but I always wanted my own copy. What do you recommend me to read first?'


'Catcher in the Rye. Not enough words to say how amazing this is. It's my old copy and I thought I should let you give it a try.'


'I could tell that it's used. I like used books. I don't know why. Maybe, because it lets me know if a book was a short-term release from reality or the type of book that becomes your sanctuary in times of needing to be alone. Does that makes sense?'


'It does'.


'You know the problem with a good book?'


'I wouldn't think there was a problem with it.'


"There is. It's that I want to finish it but doesn't at the same time!'


'Why's that?"


"Because as soon as I finish that book. It's done. The end. Fin. Nothing more to learn."


'I understand a bit. I really hate a book that leaves me with more questions than answers.'


'But aren't those the best kind?"



"Dude, you're fallin' hard," James nudges him. Sirus shrugs and shakes his head denying it. "It's pretty obvious. Right, Mooney?"

"Yes," Remus smirks. "I think her brother is going to challenge you if you don't stop giving her heart eyes."

Sirius scoffs. That brat might be an alpha but he's only thirteen. He's might be tall he's not that taller. He barely reaches Sirius' nose while [Name] head only reaches his collarbone. He likes how adorably tiny she is compared to him.

"You should ask her to the next Hogsmeade," Peter suggested.

"Like she would go. Rosier is coming up to her like a damn hungry cat," he spats with a growl.

"Anyone who's her friend knows she's playing him like a fiddle. He revels in the attention he gives her yet she shrinks when he does so to her,"  Remus explained.


Sirius' summer break was the worse. The longest. The slowest. He couldn't help but count the days until it's time to go back to Hogwarts. The bright side that made his mother smile with approval was that she found the linked journal he gotten from Christmas.

She saw the first page where [Name]'s name was written.

Her eyes widened an eerie smile placed on her lips. "Oh," she says. For the first time, Sirius made his mother speechless. It was unintentional but still. "And here I thought my son was turning into a blood traitor."


Sirius didn't want her approval. He hated how Walburga smiled at him with softened eyes. So as soon as school started, Sirius grabbed a sixth year Gryffindor and shagged her in an empty compartment.

He regretted it afterward. Because as soon as he was making his way out of the compartment he met with [eye color] eyes.

"[Name]," he said her name with surprise. He saw her take in his disheveled appearance and the love bite on his neck. She peered over his shoulder to see the blonde girl who was buttoning up her shirt. She gave him a smile as if this was no surprise to him.

"Hello, Black," she greets him. "I was looking for you but since your occupied--

--No, I'm not!" he said all too quickly.

"Yes, we are," the blonde Gryffindor said as she grasped her talons called nails into his forearm. She pulled him back in. He noticed how [Name]'s nose scrunched up a bit. She must of smell their scent all over each other with the smell of her slick on himself. His face reddened full of shame.

"Well, I apologize for disturbing," she said before turning without excusing herself.


"Prat," James said with a light shove. "Things was going great with you two and you messed it up!"

"I don't need you rubbing it in my face."

"Just because your mother approves of her doesn't mean that you ruin whatever forming relationship you have with [Name] to get back at your mother," Remus chides him.

"I don't need to hear this."


Sirius was grinding his teeth. It was now official. After two weeks, the word spread about [Name] and Rosier being an official couple. He hated how the alpha acted towards her. He was so possessive. He hangs over her when she visits the library. He didn't let her speak to any males especially half-bloods (since he doesn't know she associates with the muggle borns). He doesn't grab her hand he grabs her wrist and pulls her away. He made sure that he's the one to tutor her with Transfigurations instead of Remus. He scented her (by kissing rubbing his jaw against her's in the hallways staking claim).

So when he saw on the Marauders' Map that she was in the kitchen, Sirius ran to confront her.

"Master Black!" the house elf, Nobby, squealed. "What can Nobby get for you, sir?"

"Any more chocolate cake?"

"Nobby is sorry. Mistress [Last Name] was given the last piece by Nobby," he quivers with shame.

"That's alright, Nobby," she speaks up from the table. "I have plenty to share."

They haven't talked in weeks. It's was a two-way thing of course. It was not like she was avoiding him like he was doing with her. She would greet him with a nod but never initiate conversation again. The linked journal hasn't been used in weeks, either.

"Do you like Rosier?" he asked her not caring what his question is implying about his own feelings about her. These confusing feelings that he's have been refusing to label for the last two years.

She lifted her eyes casually from her cake to his gray eyes. "No," she said finally.

"Then why?"

"Why not," she shrugs. "Do you like the girls you shag and snog?"

His face flushed. "They're nice birds," he shrugged.

"I would say he's a nice bloke but...he's a stereotypical Slytherin," she jokes. She could see the question on his expression. "I biding my time like he is. He doesn't like me either. He likes who I pretend to be. This quiet pretty Pureblood Omega who laughs at anything he says."

Sirius couldn't stop himself from being angry. A wave of rage going over his body as his fists clenched at his sides. He hated seeing her like that. Hidden away, her true self. He fell for her small quirks that make her different than the rest. And that's when his eyes widened. This was not just some passing fancy he has on the Ravenclaw.

He fell for her.

Sirius hears her sigh as she shakes her head. "For a bloody Gryffindor, you're pretty...afraid of rejection," she said more to herself than to him not meaning to offend him. Just when he was about to ask what the hell that mean, she dropped her fork on the table and walked straight up to him with a determined expression on that gorgeous face of hers.

And then the next thing he knows, he's being pulled down and warm lips were pressed against his. He was frozen for a good four seconds and he guessed that [Name] didn't take that as a good sign so she stepped back.

Her face showing how embarrassed she was. "I-I thought that you..."

Sirius can literally imagine James pulling his hair out if he was there in the kitchen with them. Sirius instantly wrapped his arm around her shoulder, bent down, and relished in the feel of her soft lips against his. He deepened the kiss and now they were full on snogging. Merlin, he couldn't get enough the taste of chocolate out his mouth.


Rosier didn't take it lightly by being dumped by [Name] the next day.

They had to keep their relationship secret. Only the Marauders and Lily knew of it.


Two months later, during Christmas break, Sirius decided that he had enough. Who cares if he's disowned. He packed all his things into his trunk and left for the Potters.


Sirius knew something was wrong. He received no letters and the letters he sent to [Name] came straight back with no explanation. He would write in the linked journals but no reply came. As soon as they made their way on the train, Sirius tried to look for her. Her brother was the one he found first.

"These words are from my father," he said to him while his eyes were trained on Sirus' nose, not daring to challenge him by looking into his eyes. "He wants you away from [Name]. You are corrupting her and she's acting out of place. He found her muggle books and the letters she keeps from you. He would not have his daughter associated with a blood-traitor. I'll be keeping an eye on the both of you," and with that, he left Sirius.


The news spread about Rosier and [Name] reunited spread like wildfire. Not only are they together but betrothed and as soon as she turns seventeen, the claiming would commence. Sirius couldn't help but growl when he first heard the news from a couple of gossiping Slytherin fifth years in Potions. He had no chance of talking to her. Her brother was more of a watch dog than he let on.  

Sirius noticed the differences in her appearance. Paler. Thinner. She looked like she had no sleep.

It took three weeks to finally speak to her and he had to make sure no one was around for them to meet.

It was about 11 at night and she was in the astronomy tower. She heard his footsteps as soon as he walked in. She turned and gave him a week smile. Sirius dropped the map and ran to her embraced her (with a low growl at the scent of Rosier wrapped around her).

"I missed you," she said into his chest. He could feel her trembling. Sirus did his best to console her like a good Alpha would do when their Omega was in distress. He got comfortable on the stone floor and pulled her into his lap. Sirus rubbed his jaw against her and kissed her unclaimed neck to get rid of the other Alpha's scent.

"You can leave, too," he said after ten minutes of them just holding each other like a lifeline.

[Name] nods. "I could," she said with a forlorn expression. Sirus frowns.

"But you don't want to," he states.

"I do," she said. "It's been my plan since I was thirteen but..." she paused. "...I'm not as brave as you."

"You're brave," he tells her. "It just you being a Ravenclaw. You're talking yourself out of it. Thinking too much."

"So I shouldn't think as much," she said with a smirk. "Where would I go then? I don't want to intrude."

"A true friend won't care about you intruding," he said. Sirus tried to think of the 'true' friends that [Name] keeps but he could only think of two. Snivellus was out of the question since he was a death eater in training. "Lily or  Remus wouldn't mind. Though I would rather you stay at a female's house instead of my best mate. Good thing he's a beta."

She snorts at his suggestion. She lifted her head from his chest. Both her hands holding on either side of his head as she rubbed her thumbs across his stubbled cheeks. She pecked him on the lips. "Who would have thought?"

"Thought what?"

"You and me," she chuckled. "You loathed me for years and then as soon as you hit puberty and presented you fancied~me," she teased him. Sirius grinned at her playfulness.

"I think I just didn't want to like you," he said with a shrug. "I was a git and then I realized you are pretty amazing." Sirius then shifts a bit as he pulls out the box-shaped stone from his pocket. "Though we're in the astrology tower, I think this beats the real thing. Lumos," he said as he taps the stone with his wand. The whole room filled with constellations. She grinned as she looked at the stars before her eyes settled on his. Her eyes full of adoration that made his skin buzz. She slowly leaned over. Her forehead rested against his before gifting him with the pressure of his lips against hers. Sirius thought she would lean back but she quickly deepens the kiss. One hand gripped his dark wild locks as the other hand gripped his shoulder. She pressed her body into his like she wanted them to morph into one.

As soon as she leaned back he said:

, "She looked at me

as if I were the only star

in her darkest night.

And she kissed me

as if I were the air

that filled her lungs.

"Who would have thought Sirius Black recites poetry," she teased him.

"Only for you,love," he pecks her on the lips. "Do you have one for me? With all that ready you have to at least have one." Sirius watched [Name] as she tries to think of a poem. Her lips pursed.

"Oh," I got a good one. She cleared her throat dramatically before she locked eyes with him and placed both hands on his cheeks.

"Simmer down, love.

Lift up your tristful head.

I promise, some day soon.

We will learn to starve our aches.

Until then,

We must teach our lungs

to breathe patience,

our souls to cling

to hope,

and somehow, someway,

finds what will

make our hearts feel

a little less


Sirius understood the meaning behind the pretty words of the poem.

"We have a little over a year left until  I turn seventeen. Please be patient," she asked him.


"So..." James waggled his eyebrows as soon as Sirius came back to their room. Remus was leaned against the headboard reading while James was writing yet another horrid poem for his Lily-flower. James instantly noticed the disheveled look of his best mate and the bite mark right above his unclaimed gland. Remus' head snapped up when the familiar scent of [Name] that wafted through the room.

"We talked," Sirius admits trying to hid the grin he was sporting.

"Just talked? James pestered.

"Well, this and that," he shrugged. "She's not leaving until she's until then..."

"Back to be her Romeo to her Juliet," James joked.

"It's going to be a long year," Remus sighs.


And it was a long year. Everyone wondered why the womanizer Sirius Black has not laid his eyes on a single bird. The summer was feeling like years to him and as soon as he saw her on the train their sixth year all Sirius wanted to do was claim her right there. How can someone get more beautiful after two months?

They snuck around in their sixth year. The astronomy tower was a no go since that was known as the shagging/snogging spot and they were only lucky that one time. They met in the kitchens or the Room of Requirement.


[Name] didn't leave home until  the summer before their seventh year. Lily informed them by letter and James and Sirus couldn't wait any longer to see them. They apparated to her home and Sirius was ready to kill someone.

Her parents Crucio'd her. They didn't take it lightly for her leaving them. Sirius saw her laying on Lily's bed shaking in a cold sweat. Sirius instantly went to her side.

"[Name]," he said her name like a prayer. Lily and James left the two of them alone in the guest room. He kneeled before her next to the bed as he stroked her cheek. Sirius grimaced when she flinched away.

"Well, aren't we a match made in heaven," she said after many attempts of trying to speak to him. Her statement finally without stutters. He gave her a small smile. "Both disowned but happy to be away from our families," she adds.

"I'm...sorry they done this to you," he said with his head rested on the pillow, next to her's. "Bit I'll make sure you won't regret choosing me."


Everyone was talking about the new 'it' couple at the beginning of the seventh year. Sirius didn't try to hide his feelings this time in the public eye. As soon as Lily and [Name] was on the platform, he ran up to her and threw his arms around her spinning her right before giving her a passionate kiss in front of their classmates. Sirius could hear the wolf-whistling from James. Sirius didn't care that they were being watched.

The seventh year had it's ups and downs for the two of them. With the rise of Voldemort and many muggle killings, it was becoming apparent how the 'real' world was just months away. That one would have to choose a side and fight or either hide. Sirius chose to fight. Though he was legal to join the Order, he had to wait until he graduated.

"I'm becoming an Auror after graduation," Sirus said in October. [Name] nods.

"I can't see you being anything else," she told him. "I want to be a hit witch."

That shocked Sirius. Hit witches were practically like the profession he wants to be but with more excitement on a day to day basis going after criminals while his is more investigation towards more powerful wizards and witches.

But their seventh year had it ups as well.

It was     the seventh year that became one of the happiest memories of his life in and outside of  Hogwarts.

It was his birthday and usually, he would spend it with the Marauders. They would usually sneak out of Hogwarts through one of the secret passages and go get some Butterbeer and hit on some birds but now that he's been with [Name] all he wants to do usually is only spend time with his friends and the love of his life. So when [Name] said that she wants to be alone with him in the  Room of Requirement, Sirius couldn't help but have a happy assumption.

And his assumptions was right.

His breath hitched when [Name] grabbed him by the wrist and led him to a bed. She winked at him before pushing him down on her hands when to his belt. Sirius is not virgin mary but his body was responding as if it has never been touched by a beautiful woman. He thought he would be the one leading since [Name] admitted a few months ago that she's never gone past snogging with Rosier and even that was a disappointment. So Sirus made sure to educate her in their relationship. Nothing too uncomfortable for her. Heavy petting and necking  and she responded lovely with her enticing moans.

But now she is initiating. Which she has never done before with him.

Sirius watched her with bated breath as she unbuckled his belt. She was on her knees and biting her plump bottom lip. Sirius furrowed his eyebrows. Why is she on her knees? He wondered why she was not straddling him and pulling off his shirt. Sirius couldn't help but be excited about whatever his happening next. He didn't know what to expect with [Name]. She's not traditional or uptight just shy and inexperienced.

And now right in front of his wide eyes, [Name] was pulling his jeans down. His face grew hot with embarrassment from becoming turned out just from the sight of [Name] on her knees and inches away from his hard member.

"W-what are you doing?" he asked her.

"Something I've learned," she shrugged before slowly peeling off his boxer briefs. Sirius and [Name] both flustered at their current position. She hesitated before grabbing hold of him with a soft grip. Sirius cursed himself for moaning as soon as she did it. He has had his member touched before but...oh Merlin what is she doing? Sirius couldn't keep his eyes off her. He was not about to miss this moment. His heart raced faster when she leaned in with a slightly open mouth before licking the tip. Before Sirius could even revel in the pleasure for a moment, [Name] took half of his cock into her mouth making him gasp for air. One of his hands instantly grabbing onto her hair as the other clenched around the sheets under him.

So wet.



And the way she swirled her tongue before sucking.

The pleasure was too immense that Sirius didn't bother being ashamed about climaxing too soon in her mouth.

"What...who you learned that from?" he said after catching his breath. She raised an eyebrow at him in question. "You said you learn this last week and if that means you took a test subject I'll--

--don't be daft, Sirius," she said with an eye roll. "I meant I learned about this trick from my roommates."

"Your roommates," he repeats. Sirius couldn't believe it. Her Ravenclaw roommates who Sirius thought would only be thinking about studying and an advanced spells that haven't been taught yet.

"Yeah, it went like this," she said before retelling the story.

[Name] was on her bed reading 'The Shining' that Sirius recommended to her. He told her that this Stephen King bloke was a pretty ace and he was right. But her ears then perked up at the giggling from her roommates. Usually [Name] wouldn't pay any mind to them since they've only talked about school and their future plans. Never much about boys.

But that night changed all her thoughts about them.

"Yeah, John said it is pretty popular among the muggles--especially in the United States," said Lina who was blushing like crazy. "I decided to try it. Some purebloods might think it's demeaning but once you do it and he's quivering and moaning because of you."

[Name] couldn't help but ask what topic they are speaking of.

"Fellatio," said Daren.

"And that is?"

"My boyfriend loves it," said Lina. "It's oral sex. Of course, you don't know of it since you're pureblood and this act is from the Muggles but it's quite educating."


"Yep. Wait a minute, you're with the Sirius Black," she said with wide eyes. "How can you not know what this. I would expect he would... convince you to do this. Aren't you"

[Name] blushed. "No. Just snogging," she said with a shrug.

"Now you have to try it on him," Daren suggests. "His birthday is next week.  He'll  not know what hit him."

"Thank you, Daren and Lina," he said before giving her peck on the lips not caring where her mouth's been. Then he pulled back as a thought came to him. "Does this women like that trick as well?"

"How would I know?" she pinched him. "And today is your day."

"And I want to give you a thank you. I want to try with you," he said as he lifted her up and put her under him before crawling down her body. He smirked as he lifted her skirt.


It was right after graduation when Sirius asked [Name] to move in with him in his flat. She hesitated before saying yes. Thier love has increased over the years since their first kiss in the kitchen years ago. And now she was all his. His little omega.

It was July when he asked her the question. They were laid next to each other on their shared bed. His arms wrapped around her as she read. Sirius' mouth moved on its own.

"May I be your Alpha?" he asked in a hoarse whisper. She stilled before closing her book and made eye contact with him.

"I was wondering when you was going to ask me."


James glared at his best mate. "How could you claim her without the ceremony?" he asked. Sirius knew what this was really about, though.

"You're just mad because I claimed her before you claim Lily," he smirked.

"No, there is traditions we stick by," James lied. "You do the ceremony and then you claim her during the mating."

"Me and [Name] don't follow tradition," he said as he rubbed over the tender spot on his neck where his Omega claimed him.


"I'm pregnant," she said. It was now September, two months after their claiming. Sirius actually dropped his wand when she said it. "A girl. I went to a healer to confirm it."

Kids were never in his mind when he thought about his future with [Name]. To be honest, all he could think about was just trying to live through this war. He was scared but he chose now to let his happiness take over as he spun his omega around their living room.


1978 in May, Vega Lyra Black, was born. Sirius couldn't stop the tears from rolling down his cheeks as he saw his daughter who was wailing at the top of her lungs. Her face red with anger. Vega took his daughter from the healer and instantly Vega stopped.

[Name] smirked. "I can tell she's going to be  daddy's little girl."

"More like a princess," he jokes as he kissed Vega on the forehead.

"She looks just like you. Are you sure she's my daughter," she joked. She was right. Sirius could not see much of Omega's features on his daughter. The  Blacks' genes were strong. Vega had his unruly dark hair and steel gray eyes.

"She has your lips," he said after much observation.


December 1980

Sirius frowned at the redhead who keeps touching his daughter. [Name] laughed at his protective gaze.

"I would be punished with a daughter after how I was at Hogwarts," he said after much thought. "She'll be an Omega and I'll have to hex any idiot who gets too close to her."

"Stop being like that. They're only two years old," she nudged him. Her eyes then went to the two. George Weasley has been the bane of Sirius' existence ever since he had Molly Weasley babysit Vega a year ago. George and Vega were as thick as thieves in two-year-old standards. Which meant even though Vega is a girl, George played with her and laughed with her. He would lend her his stuffed hippogriff. George was now holding hands with Vega as he led her away from Ron with a frown. "That's your future son in law you're glaring at," she teased him.

"Didn't Sirius tell you?" James spoke up with a wide grin. "We took a vow back in the fifth year about our children being bonded."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, I am," Sirius winked.

"He's two months old," she said. "Do you want Vega to be a cradle robber?"

"She's only two years older. That's nothing once they're both adults."

"They're god-siblings. And I rather like George."


Sirius' head snapped up at the sound of his Omega's screams. He was being dragged away by the Magical Law Enforcement's Hit Witches and of course his omega would be there. She worked for them. But instead of helping she was hexing and binding her colleagues with a face of pure rage and despair. She must have heard what happened to the Potters. Remus, now coming from behind, wrapped an arm around her waist trying to stop her. Pulling her away.

"He didn't do this," she screamed as she hexed another hit witch and then pointing it at Remus which blasted him twenty feet away from her.

"He killed them, [Name]," Remus screamed at her. "He killed them and these muggles."

"He would never," she roared. Her wand ready to fire again but before she can cast another hex she hit with a binding spell by one of the wizards. Sirius screamed in rage for her.

This was the only memory he had of her for the past twelve years in Azkaban.


It took a couple of weeks for Sirius to finally find the courage to ask.

"Vega?" he said one morning. Remus smiled finally showing teeth.

"She's you in every way. Gryffindor with the mindset to rival the Marauders' infamous mischief," he said.


"She's less sporty. She's a commentator with a friend of hers," he replied. "Top of her class but also is caught with detention at least twice a week. She has her own 'Marauders' group. The professors call them the 'Troublesome Trio."

"Hmmm. That's my girl."

Then a twinkle came into  Remus' eyes. A smirk widened. "It's her and the Weasley twins." That caught his attention. "You were right about keeping an eye on George."

"Don't tell me they fancy each other," Sirius groaned.

"Caught them snogging in the Astronomy tower one time. I couldn't bring myself to give them detention. Just deducted house points. But I've heard they've been dating since the end of their third year."

"You heard?" Sirius questioned. "You haven't been keeping in touch with [Name]?"

Remus frowned. Sirius couldn't believe this. Sirius may have been the one to date her but Remus was [Name]'s best mate compared to Lily. If it wasn't for Remus, he's sure they would of have a feeling for each other much later in their years of Hogwarts.

"[Name] became an outcast of the wizarding world," he admits. "Being your omega and defending your honor. She still didn't believe that you would have been a spy for Voldemort. Not after al these years. She was lucky she wasn't sent to Azkaban for hexing her colleagues. They felt sorry for her and deemed it to 'Omega' emotions and fired her. She never forgave me for thinking you were a spy."

"She's a stubborn one sometimes," Sirius said. His heart racing at the thought of her. At least someone believed in his innocence. "She didn't talk to me for a week when I thought you were the spy," he recalled.

"Sometimes I think she should have been a Hufflepuff with her loyalty."


Sirius was frozen at the staircase when he first saw her after thirteen years. Remus made himself scarce. She looked at him like she was seeing a ghost. Tears forming in both their eyes but Sirius was the first to let them fall. He rushed down the staircases, ignoring the screaming of the portrait of his mother before wrapping his arms around [Name]. He didn't dare feel ashamed of his sobbing. He reveled in the close embrace. Her scent wrapping around him.

"Let me look at you," she said. He lifted his head. Sirius was nervous. Not to be shallow but he knew that he was a good looking bloke years ago. But now? He looked as if he was in his forties instead of thirties. His body lanky. He couldn't pick her up without his knees buckling under the weight.

Without warning, she kissed him. He kissed her back with thirteen years of love that has been stored. That's been waiting. Their breath became one. Tounges fighting for dominance and Sirius lost. His mind and body lost in the pleasure of his Omega's body pressed against his along with her scent wafted around him.

She finally pulled back but her hand still rested on his cheek.

He rested his forehead against hers and said,

"She looked at me

As if I were the only star

in her darkest night

and she kissed me

as if i were the air

that filled her lungs."


Chapter Text

Merlin," their mother squealed as she looked across the 9 3/4 platform. The twin boys jumped at the shrieking sound of Molly Weasley. Her mouth gaped open as both her hands was covering it as she tried to blink away the tears. George frowned at the sight of their mother in that way. They followed their mother's gaze to see what caused such a reaction.

"Bloody Hell," the boys said as they caught sight of the gorgeous bird across the platform.

"Boys, language," Molly snapped out of her daze enough to snap at her sons. Fred and George shrugs of her scolding. It was worth saying once they caught sight who Molly was staring at.

The woman was a goddess. Her hair was pinned back showing her gorgeous face. Lips was pursed and eyes roaming over the platform. Her arms was crossed making her chest amplify in her snug white blouse. George couldn't help but think the woman was a fit bird. Legs for days even if she's petite for her age. George thought she belonged in one of those muggle magazines called Playboy which he should not know about but became quite educated about it since it was under Charlie's mattress.

The woman finally locked eyes with Molly Weasley. A small smile placed upon her rose-colored lips. It took her no time to reach them.

"Molly," she said her name with a bright smile.

"Don't 'Molly' me," their mum said before engulfing the woman into a spine crushing hug. She pulls back. "It's been too long," she wiped her happy tears before gasping as if she just realized something. "You must be here for Vega," she guessed.

The woman nods. Her [eye color] eyes then meets the twins'. "Ah, they've grown. Let me guess," she said. She points at George. "You're George and this one is Fred," she said as then points at Fred. The boys' eyes widened. No one got it right easily without hesitation on the first try.

Who is this woman?

"How the bloody hell didja get that on the first try?" Fred was the one to ask first. George rolls his eyes at his brother's blunt way of asking. He was the say first think later kind of bloke. Molly slaps him lightly in the head scolding him again about language.

"You might not remember me. You were only, I think, three when we last seen each other," she said with a somber expression. "My name is [Name]. Nice to meet you again." And then she wore the same expression their mother then when she mentioned a 'Vega'. She turned around, searching. "Vega," she yells.

George watched as a messy head of brown curls popped up from a crowd of girls surrounding her. She looked eager to get away from their giggling. She didn't bother saying 'bye' to them before running off to her mum.

"Yes, Mum?"

Eleven year old George Weasley refused at the time to think that this was love at first. Or refuse to even think that she was bloody cute in a wild kind of way. She was unlike the other girls he's met. She didn't have no dress or skirt on. Vega wore a pair of knee-length denim shorts and black converses. She wore a worn out grey tee with 'Led Zeppelin' written on the front. Her dark chocolate brown curls was not 'perfectly' curled with no frizz like other birds. It was crazy and untamed yet had character that made her stand out more.

And her eyes.

A stormy grey one second and then a steel blue in the trick of the light.

"You might not remember them but these young boys are George and Fred Weasley," [Name] said to her daughter. Her eyes then went to the boys. They widened as she looked back and forth between the two with a smile beaming.

"Merlin, you have an identical twin," she gasped. "I always wanted one to trick people and just to have a playmate. But then again I don't know if I want someone to exactly like me because I'm one of a kind," she adds.

"Well, we're two of a kind," Fred defends. "I'm Forge."

"And I'm Gred," George said after taking a gulp of nothing to quench his dry mouth.

"You know, you both was the best of mates as babes," Molly said with a knowing look. "Especially with George.  I reckon that was the first time that one of the twins didn't want to share with the other. Fred loathed sharing George and George hated sharing Vega, here."

George knew he was turning red as a beet. Fred laughs at his brother's embarrassment. "That's what you get for not sharing," he teases.

"Don't worry boys, there's enough of me to go around," she smiles at them as she puts her arms around their shoulders bringing them close.


They've been in their compartment for about twenty  minutes talking about what pranks their going to pull once they get to Hogwarts.  A girl named Angelina and a boy named Lee Jordan was now sitting with the three of them. Lee was pretty funny and it was obvious that Fred was staring to fancy the dark beauty sitting across from them.

"I want to be sorted to Gryffindor," Fred says. Others agreed besides Vega.

"I wouldn't mind being sorted there but I don't really have a preference," she said. "My mum was in Ravenclaw and my father was a Gryffindor."

"But Hufflepuff," Lee said with a cringe. "That's where the blokes go who has no use for any other house, is what I heard."

"Well, you heard wrong." Vega frowned. "Mum said you'll be lucky enough to even have a great friend from them since there can be the most loyal and trustworthy mate you could every wish for."

"And Slytherin?" Fred said with an expression of horror.

She rolled her eyes. "Well they have a bad rep and I doubt I'll be put there. My mum was this close from being sorted into Slytherin until she was sorted Ravenclaw because of her intelligence and curiosity. And she's not as cunning as them."

"And only purebloods are sorted there with the occasional half-blood," George said trying to ignore the fact that Vega's mum was close to being one of the snakes. He really hoped she would be in the same house as himself.

"Are you a pureblood?" Fred asked her.

She nods not saying much else. Lee didn't take the cue of Vega not wanting to talk about it.

"Wait, what's you mum's maiden name?"

"[Last Name]." she said.

The boys' eyes widened at the sound of the name. Angelina and Lee furrowed their eyebrows since they don't know much about pureblood lineage and the infamous twenty-eight pureblood houses.

George wasn't big on it but he was educated on it when he asked about the Weasley household name. The [Last Name]s went far back as the Blacks did. Just as powerful and rich and that made George shrink a bit since his own family was not well off since their blood-traitors. Then his thoughts went to her family being full of Slytherin Death-eaters.

Fred, of course, had to express his thoughts out loud.

"No wonder your mum was almost a Slytherin with a family full of Death eaters," he yells. Angelina and Lee gasped at the news.

And then something dawned on George.

"Your mum is [Name] [Last Name]..." he says. "That means she bonded the Sirius Black."

That's when Vega stood up with an air of defiance. Her eyes narrowed at George with her [cute] little nose flared. "You better think about what you're next words are going to be carefully," she demands. George sat there frozen at her glare.

Fred didn't take it too well for his brother being glared at and threatened. He jumped up and was then towering over her. "Or what? Gonna torture us for being blood traitors?"

"No," she stood her ground. "You know much about my family so you must know that both of my parents was disowned for being so called blood-traitors."

"That didn't stop your father for then giving up the Potters years later," he replied with a smirk as if he one-upped her.

"You lot are bloody gits," she said. "We were all chummy before you found out who my parents are. I was bloody three years old when that happened. It's not like I had a hand in the murder."

"But your father--

--yeah, my father. Not me. You're judging me for what my father was accused of and like hell I'm gonna sit here and take your accusations. If all Gryffindor are like you then I hope to be in Hufflepuff," she said before taking her bag and pushing past Fred leaving the compartment.

"Can you believe that bint?" Fred asked. "She was defending her murderer of a dad," he said.

"But she was right on you judging her for something she had nothing to do with," Angelina spoke up before leaving.

"You know. Mum had no problem with her so we shouldn't either," George finally speaks up.


"Black, Vega," her name was called. George could hear the whispers and gasps. He noticed how Slytherin was looking excited of having someone of such prime blood and lineage in their house. She walked up to the stool with an air of confidence before sitting.

As soon as the hat brushed against the mass of curls on her head, it yelled, "Gryffindor," shocking the students and Professors. Vega looked withdrawn with the sorting but walked quickly to the end of the table.


"We were gits," they said as soon as they sat in front of her. They was the last to be sorted so now dinner started. She looked at them with a frown and blazing eyes.

"Yes, you were," she agreed.

"And...we're sorry," they said.

"Oh, Am I good enough to befriend now that we're housemates?" she asked. "And here I thought I would weep every night knowing the Weasley Twins detest me."

Fred snorts. "I don't see you as the weeping type."

"Less stewing in your anger," George adds.

"And more yelling what you're feeling to our faces," Fred said with a grin.

"Right before hexing us," George said.

"I think I would hex first," Vega jokes.


George Weasley noticed a lot about Vega Black that made her way different than the other girls of Hogwarts. And different is good in the Weasley Twins' eyes. Hell, Fred noticed that she wasn't like them either but not in the particular way that George did.

Like her looks. George refused at the age of only eleven years old to think she's cute. He was not at that age to even go 'gaga' over a pretty girl his age (girls fourth year and above struck his fancy). But he couldn't help but notice the little things about her appearance when he compares girls to her. Like the light dusting of freckles over her nose. She makes freckles look cute. On the Weasleys, George consider it a curse along with the red hair that makes it easy to point out which family he belongs to (not like he's ashamed of them or anything. He loves his family).

"I like your hair," she said to the both of them (but George swears she looked at his a bit longer than Fred's). "It demands attention to you too. It says, 'Look at me.  I'm one of a kind'."

Her eyes would squint and he could barely see her pupils when she smile or laugh.

Her hair was never straightened or tamed. It was wild.

"Why should I straighten my hair to appease you blokes and my roommates?" she scoffed. "It's my hair so I don't care what it looks like to them."

The way Vega wears her robes and uniforms. She wakes up pretty late so it looks as if she hurried and threw it on. That made them lose house points from  Snape.

"It's like he has a vendetta against me," she groans.

Then the second thing he noticed was that she was 'one of the blokes' per se. She loved pranks just as much as them. They welcomed her into their little group along with Lee Jordan. She was the brains behind the operation along with George who thought first and planned instead of doing spontaneous pranking like Fred and Lee would. She rarely hanged out with her roommates since they thought the Weasley Twins' to be obnoxious (and of course Vega puts on her 'Gryffindor' courageous pants and starts defending them. She loved quidditch almost as much as them even though she would not join her second year.

George couldn't help but turn away from the game of Gryffindor versus Slytherin. Vega was yelling like a looney with red and gold paint on her face. She turned to the twins with a frown.

"I just loathe the way they play," she cried. "I mean, I would feel horrid about cheating especially the way these prats are," she said before yelling more curses at the Slytherin team.

George didn't realize how much he liked Vega Black until the Holiday Break came. He missed her more than missing his other mate Lee.

And she didn't bloody write at all. All the letters they sent, she received, but yet nothing came back.

So when he saw her on the platform ready to go back to Hogwarts in  January, the boys yelled as they ran up to her, "Vega Lyra Black!" before engulfing her in the one of a kind "Weasley Hugs' aka Spine crushing hugs.

"I'm sorry," she laughed into their shoulders. "I was on punishment."

"For what?"

"I think my mum is starting to realize how bad of an influence you have on me," she told them as she looked back at her mother who was talking to Molly.

"She's just starting to realize?" Fred asked.

"I think we're lacking on our job," George said.


So the second half of the first year came and went. Pranks and detentions given out like candy to the three of them (sometimes Lee but he knows not to caught). And then one night, Vega changed things for the trio because of her curiosity.

George was waiting by Filch's office waiting for her to get out of detention (she got caught hexing a Slytherin who was bullying a Hufflepuff).

"Oh, I didn't expect for you to come wait for me," she said as soon as she left the office. George shrugs. He was thankful that it was dark enough that she didn't see the blush rising from his cheeks. "Guess what I found," she squeals.


"So, Filch has a drawer marked 'Caution: Confiscated  Dangerous Things'," she explained. George could see where this was going.

"And you just had to see what it was about, hmm?" he nudges her playfully.

"Come on, you wouldn't pass that up either," she said. "And I found this," she whips out an old looking piece of parchment.

"How is that dangerous?"

"That's what I was thinking," she said. "But it has to be something about this parchment that makes it for him to confiscate it and I'm going to find out."


The summer didn't do much for the Weasleys'. The only thing that changed with them is that they've grown two inches taller and their voices cracked randomly at times.

But things changed for Vega.

"Bloody hell, you have knockers," Fred had to voice his astonishment as his brown eyes was trained on his best mate's chest. Vega scoffed before punching him lightly in the shoulder.

George tried not to look.

"You can't get mad for me being observant," he cried as he rubs his shoulder.

Vega's chest wasn't as Fred made them out to be. They were nothing compared to the fourth year girls and above. Yet it was something when just two months ago in June, she was just as flat at George's and Fred's chest.

"Now we can really tell you're a bird instead of a bloke in a skirt," George wanted to throw himself in front of the train for even saying something like that.

"Ugh, I'm sitting with Cedric. At least he's a nice guy who doesn't say insensitive things like that," she said to them.

Fred and George frowned as she stomped away towards the Hufflepuff surrounded by giggling girls.

"Since when has she been talking to Pretty Boy Diggory?" George asked to no one.


So Vega had friends outside of Gryffindor. No biggie.

Unless her friends consists of blokes.  And not any blokes but Roger Davies and Pretty Boy Cedric Diggory. George trembles in anger at the thought of that Hufflepuff that has all the girls giggling over him like their mad.

When did they become mates? George swears that Vega has been only hanging out with the twins their first year instead of them. And then she just had to be partners with Diggory in charms and she said yes. She's always partners with them in any class they have. Fred would be with Lee and he would be with Vega.  But things changed. Fred is starting to like girls in his own year meaning Anglian who he is now partner with leaving Lee with him.

It's not like Vega blown them off.  She doesn't really hang out with Davies or Diggory outside of class. They would stop her in the hall and she would speak back and then walk back with the twins. George calmed himself down. She can have other friends, too.

All was well, again.

Until Valentine's Day came.


"Why are you guys giggling like you have a plan going on?" Angelina asked when the four pranksters came for lunch into the Great Hall. George and Fred tried to put their innocent face on but Vega laughed since it was a fail.

"Oh, nothing," she said. "Just...gifting the Snakes a  Valentines' Gift."

"Gifted with charmed chocolates that makes them look even worse than before," Lee said.

"Flint and his cronies had it coming," she said.

Just when George and Fred was about to explain what Flint said to a couple of muggleborn Gryfindors in front of them, the bane of George's existence walked to their table.

"Hello, Vega," he greeted her first with his smile that made the girls swoon around them. Even Alicia and  Kate was giving heart eyes to the bloke. Angelina smiles at him. "Hello," he says to the rest of her friends.

"Ah, Cedric, and what do I owe to be graced with your charming presence," she said to him. George swears that she was not flirting because she doesn't flirt.  She doesn't see boys as anything but average looking friends to pull pranks with. Not tall, handsome blokes who she could kiss if she desired. Vega is just naturally friendly to whoever speaks to her. Sometimes George thinks of it more of a curse than a charming point sometimes.

Cedric must of seen the confused expressions among them when he laughed at an inside jokes since he explained, "I tutor her in charms."

"You're bad at charms?" George asked. "I could of helped you."  George felt pretty proud of himself being good at Herbology and Charms. Since Charms helps with the pranks half of the time. He could be good at Potions but Snape is not the best teacher for the twins.

"I feel like I wouldn't get anything done.  You're distracting," she said.

"Guys, Flint's here and he's grinning like a mad man," Lee announced. George didn't bother glancing over since his eyes was trained on Diggory and Vega.

"So, um," Diggory paused as he dug through his leather bag. George noticed that his cheeks became a bit pink as he searched. Is he giving her.. his thought stopped once Diggory pulled out a red box with a white bow on it. "H-happy Valentine's Day," he told her

"Oh," Vega blushes slightly as she takes it. "Sorry, I didn't think of giving you one."

"He's eating the chocolate,"  Lee said with excitement.

"Well, our Vega did remember to give us chocolates," George said.

"But why are you taking his chocolate," Fred asked her.

"Yeah, you didn't take ours," George dramatically pouts at her.

Vega rolls her eyes. "Because I can spot Zonko's specialty chocolates anywhere." She then turns back to Cedric. "Thank you."

"No problem," he smiles at her. "I'll see you at 5?"

"As much as it pains for it to be in the library after classes," she jokes before he turned and left.

"Aw, you guys missed it," Lee pouts.

The twins ignored their oblivious friend. "So, you became one of his fan girls?" Fred asked.

"Yeah, gushing over his smile and perfect hair," George adds.

"It's not all about looks for us girls," Angelina defends.

"Exactly. He may be okay to look at--

--okay to look at?" Alicia gaped at her friend like she grown another head.

"But he's pretty funny and helpful," Vega continues. "I don't even see him that way."

"Then what about you and Wood?" Angelina asked with a smirk. Fred groans. George knows what his brother was probably thinking about. They hate gossip that the girls do. They adored Vega more since she never did it with them and talked about boys but now they was subjected to it since they brought about the subject of Cedric.

"What about us?" Vega squeaked.

"You guys spend a lot of time together," Kate mumbles. It was pretty obvious to spot her crush on the Alpha-keeper.

"Because we talk about the plays," she emphasized. Vega has become the unofficial strategist for Gryffindor ever since her first year when Oliver overheard her calling their plays rubbish. Oliver tried to put the then first year in her place but she didn't back down. He then called over their older brother, Charlie, to set her straight but he actually listened to her thoughts. They didn't win the cup that year but they went a lot farther with her observations. Ever since then, Oliver put her under her wing about the quidditch plays. 

"Then Davies?" Alicia spoke up.

The boys groaned at the 'girl' talk.


Fred and George Weasley presented as Alphas on their birthday. They've became the second/third to become on out of the five 'of-age' sons of Molly and Arthur. Bill being the only one at the time and Percy and Charlie being betas.

George thought it might be fun but it was a bloody pain for him. It was as if he couldn't control certain emotions. Like everything was up a notch when it came to what he was feeling. He was more angry than anything else. Became possessive of sharing his friends (mostly Vega who was pretty understanding through the couple of weeks).

But then a little over a month later, Vega's birthday arrived.

She presented as an omega.

It took every sane bit of George not to jump over the sofa in the common room when she arrived from the infirmary after presenting. Her scent was unlike the other birds surrounding him.

She smelled like everything he could hope for. It was as if he was smelling a love potion in Snape's class. Fresh chocolate chip biscuits that his mum would send from home was the first scent he recognize off her. And the charming musk of the forest that was close to the Burrow that he use to play in with Fred. She smelled like home.

And George wasn't the only one enjoying one's scent.

She enjoyed his. Not Fred's but his.

"I thought me and Fred's was the same," he said after get over the shock of Vega Lyra Black cuddling him on the couch. Her head rested on his shoulder as her nose brushed over his scent gland.

"Nope, not to me, that is," she said as she takes another whiff. "Fred's scent is nice but yours is so...relaxing. Sweet yet not sickly-sweet. A musky natural scent that reminds me of...nature. You do like Herbology so that might explain it."


Molly was caught off guard when she hugged her sons once they got off the train for Summer break. It didn't happened until she embraced her twin boys. Once she kissed George on the forehead, that's when it hit her. She didn't say anything until she was about to do their laundry and noticed his Gryffindor smell was drowned in the scent of an Omega.

"Georgie, do you have a lass?" she asked him that night during dinner. Everyone seemed stunned by the question.

"Why you ask?"

"Because it seemed as if the lass scented you like your her's.." that's what made Fred guffawed.

"It's Vega, mum," he said. "She presented as an Omega and they can't get enough of each other."

"We're not courting," George said quickly before his mum reached to any conclusions.

"Than what's with her scent all over you," Molly frowned. She loved the little girl like she was her own. She had no qualms over the two of them courting.

" each other scent," he shrugged.

"More like obsesses," Fred said. "It's normal for friend's scent to be on one another but they take it to a whole other level. They practically cuddled on the way here like they'll never see each other over the summer."

"We won't. She's vacationing with her mum," he grumbles.

"Well, I think it would be a splendid idea for you two to court." Molly suggests.


It was the first day of their third year when the rumor of George Weasley and the Vega Black (yep, Vega has a 'the' in front of her name since she's that popular now) courting each other. It was merely Vega's fault (yet George had no qualms over it) since she has now boundaries when it comes to her best friends.

"Georgie!" he hears her yell across the platform. He was just speaking to the Harry Potter but his attention was soon distracted by the omega that he's been missing for the past two months. As soon as he turned around, her petite body latched onto his. Her smell engulfing him all at once. Vega rubbed her nose into his chest as sighed in relief.

"Are you using me only for my scent?" he teased her as he pats her on the back. He couldn't help but notice (since her front was pressed to his tightly) how her knockers grew.

"Not only your scent," she mumbles before letting go of him and going to Fred for a hug.


"George, Vega has betrayed us," Fred yelled dramatically as he walks through the portrait hole with Vega in tow. He noticed that she rolled her eyes at his antics.

"And what has she done to us, brother?" he asked.

"She will not be going to Hogsmeade's with us," Lee answered.

George frowned. "Why not? Detention?" he asked her.

Vega yanks her arm out of Fred grasp. "No, I have other friends, too."

"So tell Georgie here what 'friend' you're going instead of us?" Fred crossed his arms with a raised eyebrow.

"Cedric asked me to go with him." she shrugged.

"I hope you know that when he asked you it's not just friends hanging out between you, right?" Angelina spoke up.

Vega scoffs. "I know that. I think I could tell the hint since Hogsmeade's is on Valentine's Day."

"And since when have you fancied Pretty Boy Diggory?" George asked.

"You guys have to stop calling him that," she ignored his question. "It’s weird when blokes call him 'pretty'."

"Don't ignore his question, Vega," Fred pressed on.

"I don't fancy him. He's a nice bloke so sod off."


Vega didn't talk about her date with Cedric when she came back. All she said was, "It was fine" before her roommates dragged her off upstairs giggling.

"What was that all about?" George asked Fred.

"Girl talk, that's what it is," Lee said. "They're probably talking about her date with Diggory."

"Must of been shite if all she said about it was 'fine'," George said hopefully hoping it was true.

But then his bubbled popped when two fourth-year girls walked by gossiping.

"You know Cedric Diggory from Hufflepuff?" one of them said.

"Yeah, if he was just a year older..." the other girl sighed.

"Well, he was on a date with Vega Black," she told her.

"What! I thought she was dating one of the twins," the girl whined.

"I guess not or broke up. They was caught snogging in Madame Puddlefoot."

The boys shot up at the gossip.

"She went to Madame Puddlefoot's?" Fred cringed.

"She snogged Diggory?" George asked more to himself.


"This is a one-time thing so don't get used to it," Fred said to Vega as soon as they sat at their table for breakfast. She furrowed her eyebrows at him. "Your date," he explained.

"What happened." George demanded.

Vega covered her face with her hands groaning. "Come on. I thought we don't talk about the 'Unspeakable' topics like that."

"But we heard from some birds that you've been snogging Diggory," Lee said a bit too loudly.

Vega threw a scone at him. "Shut up. And it was hardly a snog."

"Bad kisser?" George asked.

Vega sighed before speaking. "We held hands," she said with a cringe that made George smile. "His hands are...too soft. He's in quidditch for goodness sake and it shouldn't be that soft!"

"God forbid soft hands," Fred cried out in horror.

"And then he took me to Madame Puddlefoot's," she groaned. "I heard the stories of that place being for only couples. I never been there but that's my last time going.  It was a drag.  I really wanted to go to Zonko's but I knew you lot would be there and be gits to him." And then she paused for dramatic effect. And for the part that George has been waiting on..."We kissed. Not snogged. I felt nothing but just a pair of lips on mine's."

"Isn't that how a kiss work?" Lee asked with a 'duh' tone.

"No, not really, I mean. Not when you're expecting something. I shouldn't have though, I never fancied him so why should I after that dull date and a dull kiss," she said. "My mom said when she kissed my dad for the first time she felt--as cheesy as it sounds--a spark."

'That is cheesy," Fred agrees.

"Such a girl thing to say,"  Lee shakes his head in shame like he was disappointed in her for saying such a thing.

"And that's the last time we're having a 'girl talk'," George said, secretly happy her date was boring. But a nagging feeling inside of him envious to a scary degree about her first kiss being taken by Diggory.


George thought he didn't have to agonize himself over any other boys with Vega anymore. Roger Davies asked her to the last Hogsmeade but she declined with no hesitation since she says, "I'm spending time with my boys," as she gestures to the three of them. Fred, George, and Lee posing like French models when she done so.

But it was fourth year when that worry rose back up again in full force.

It happened with the one person who he thought would never be interested in girls' since his mind was full of quidditch plays.

Oliver Wood.

George is not blind or senseless. He can see that the bloke is a fit one in the birds' eyes and a good Alpha. Sixteen year old Oliver was far more fit into his shape compared to the twins who at only fourteen was still lanky and not bulked up yet like the keeper. George, though, didn't feel threatened by Oliver's friendship with Vega. It was strictly about quidditch between the two of them. Oliver hardly dated since he needed focus for his beloved team and Vega....well they don't do 'girl' talks anymore so he doesn't really know if she fancied Wood or not.

But then his questions was answered when he walked through the Portrait hole with Lee and Fred from detention, to see Oliver bloody Wood snogging the living day lights out of Vega Black.

He was on top of her, tightly pressed against her on the sofa. Oliver grinding in between her open legs as her skirt was pushed up revealing so much skin that George has never witnessed off of her. One of Oliver's hands under her shirt as the other one in her hair.

George stood their frozen, not knowing what to say.

But Fred knew exactly what to say. "Merlin, Oliver, let her breathe," Fred calls out to them making the pair jump from each other's grasp. Did George mention how much he love his twin brother? Instead of mouthing them off, Vega grabbed the parchments off the coffee table and scurried up the stairs.


"So...Oliver Wood, huh?" It was like asking for a miracle for Fred to have some tact. He couldn't hold himself back from the teasing. Oliver threatened with more laps around the Pitch if Fred so much as breathe a word to him about what he just saw last night.

George saw her glance over at Kate who scoffed as she grabbed her things and ran out.

"What's her deal?" Lee asked.

"How the hell I'm supposed to know she fancied the bloke?" she asked.

"It's pretty obvious since she talks about him all the time," Alicia said.

"Well, he kissed me--

--and you kissed him back," Angelina said. George could tell that she must of had 'girl' talk with them last night when she ran up to her room.

"But can you blame her? He's tall, dark, and handsome," Alicia sighed. George frowned. He tried to see if those words could ever be said about him. He is tall and can only get taller since it runs in his family (his oldest brother, Bill sprouting like a tree on his fifth and sixth year). Dark? The Weasley's was the complete opposite. All pale with freckles that easily redden if in the sun too long. Handsome? George likes to think he's growing into his looks. He may not be the rugged good looks like Oliver but he knows he's not bad to look at.

"That is not why I kissed him," Vega scoffed.

"I thought he kissed you, hmm?" Fred smirks at her. “And why did he kiss you? Did you tell him you had the secrets of winning the Quidditch Cup in the back of your throat and the only way he can get it is with his tongue?"

Vega tried to stifle her laugh but failed so she just threw a scone at him.

"We were going over plays," she started. "And next thing, we're talking bout professional quidditch teams and how rubbish they are and then I said something about Puddlemore's--

---so he decided to shut you up with his tongue?" Fred cackles.

Vega's face flush. "I don't know. We were then having a row and next thing I know, he just kissed me." George couldn't believe this. Vega just let someone kiss her? Vega was not one to mess with. Ever since she presented and blossomed more and more over the years, she's been getting a lot of attention. Even from the Snakes who have no tact when talking to a pretty girl. Say or touch her wrong and she'll hex you to St. Mungo's. "I just thought, why not? I kissed back," she shrugged.

"And did you feel a spark," George finally speaking to her. She looked at him in surprise then a confused expression grew.


"You said you have to feel a spark in a kiss to know..." he trails of when he noticed his brother looking at him funny. George could feel his own cheeks warming up at the idea of his brother finding out about his crush on their best mate.

"No, just lips and tongue.  Nothing special."

Thank you, Merlin, he thought to himself.

"So...was his hands soft?" George teased to bring back the light mood even if he knew that Oliver's hand was nothing close to being soft like Diggory's.


"So you fancy Vega, huh?" Fred gave him all too annoying cocky smirk. Fred waited until Lee was asleep to bring it up. George knew it was asking for a miracle for Fred to forget what happened hours ago but knowing his brother it was taking a toll on him from not asking as soon as Vega left. 

“Sod off,” was all he could come up with in reply. Fred smirk widened when he noticed how nervous George was becoming but then dropped. “Why didn’t you tell me? It’s not like I would go spilling’ the beans as soon as I see her. She  may be my best mate but you are my brother and best friend right before her,” he adds with an offended expression.

“But I know you’ll tease the hell out of me once you find out,” George said with a knowing look.

“Well, that’s true but I can still keep a secret,” Fred said. “And I can help.”

Oh Merlin, the last thing George needs is Fred’s help.


With Sirius Black escaping Azkaban before their fifth year, it became a reminder to everyone that Vega is his daughter. The whispers came along with the stares (and glares). George had to hold back Vega many times when someone brought it up. He knew that she was putting up a front. Her ‘Gryffindor’ courage but he knew deep down that she was dejected.

It was after curfew when George witnessed Vega let her walls down. She was alone on the couch wrapped in an old blanket of Red and Gold. Her steel grey eyes trained on the dancing fire of the fireplace.

“Do…do you want to talk?” he asked her in a hoarse whisper. As soon as he sat on the sofa, she crawled over to him, nuzzling into his shoulder as her legs rested over his thighs. George rubbed circles into her knee as he wrapped his other arm around her. He could sense the anger and saddens within  her scent. He decided to hum to calm her down like he would do with Ginny or how his mum would do to him when he was just a pup.

“This is how it is with my mum in the magical world,” she finally spoke. Her voice low and muffled a bit since she was still buried in her blanket with her face in his shoulder, nose taking in her favorite scent (George likes to think so, at least). “That’s why we leave in a small flat in the muggle world. No one knows about Sirius Black there. We don’t have to deal with the judgmental stares and whispers.”

“People can be bloody prats sometimes,” he said. He wasn’t much of a comforter. Fred and George’s tactics was usually crack a joke and it was all good from there.

“Harry won’t even look at me and when he does…Merlin, if looks can kill, Georgie,” he could tell that she was on the brink of crying since her voice cracked. In all the four years he’s known her, he never seen her cry. Not when she crashed into the quidditch pitch their first year when learning to fly. Or when a third year Slytherin sent a stinging hex since she was a blood traitor. “You would of thought I was the one to betray his parents with the way people act around me,” tears finally rolling down her cheeks.

“…do your Mom still think he didn’t betray the Potters?” he asked her. He knew that this could be a taboo subject. The only time her father was ever brought up was two times in their friendship. The first time when they first met. The second time when she explained why Snape hated her.

“Snape is so petty,” she said as read the letter at breakfast. “I wrote my mum about why Snape is a git and she told me she went to school with him.”

“They’re classmates?” Fred and George said.

“And not only that but she said the only reason he could be bullying me is because I’m a constant reminder of my father,” she said. “He loathes him. Apparently my father was a bully.”

She nods.

“Do you think he didn’t betray them?” he asked her.

He couldn’t get a good look at him but he knew that she was possibly biting her plump lower lip (that he would love to have between his teeth—Damn, focus, George Weasley).

“I…with the way my mum talks about him…I can’t believe someone would do that.” She finally said. George decided that he should let the conversation drop. “When you see me …do you see the daughter of an accused killer,” she asked the random question. George couldn’t hold back the scoff. He pulled back and tilted her chin up with two fingers.

Her glassy eyes locked onto his brown ones. He couldn’t help but think how much she matured over the last four years. How can a cute adorable eleven year old turn into a gorgeous young lass, he asked himself then cursed himself from being turned on while she’s miserable at this moment.

He brushed her tear-streaked cheek with his thumb.

“I see the spunky eleven year old who told us off our first year for judging her on her family and putting us in our place,” he said with a smirk. “You may be a Black but you’re just Vega Lyra to us,” he adds. He shifted his gaze to the fire in front of him as he cheeks colored from embarrassment. He could feel her gaze bore holes into his face.

“I always knew that you were the sweet twin,” she teased. “George.”

“Hmm?” He looks down at her. In one blink she was staring at him as if she was trying to figure something out and then after he blinked again she was leaning into him. George thought she was just going to give him a peck on the cheek maybe but then she cupped his chin with her tiny delicate hands and pressed her soft lips against his chapped ones.

George instantly froze as soon as contact was made which made Vera think that this was a bad sign. She pulled back quick but George wrapped an arm around her slim waist pulling her close. He rested his forehead against her before brushing his lips against hers. Vera being her usual impatient self-grabbed hold of the back of his neck and pushed him for more. He couldn’t help but smile. Yet, his heart raced and he swore that she could possible feel it since her body was tightly pressed against his.

Gentle hands rubbing over his flushed skin. One on his jawline as the other one combed through his red messy hair. Soft lips against his rough ones. He ran his fingers through her messy wavy hair and she groaned when it snagged a bit. Everything about Vega Lyra Black was soft.

George began to feel  braver so he pressed his lips more firmly against hers while slightly opening his mouth hinting for a more passionate kiss. Vega easily complied with a groan. She opened her mouth letting him snake his tongue in.

George Weasley was no beginner when it came to snogging. Yeah, he had it bad for Vega since year one but that didn’t stop him from snogging a few birds in some broom cupboards. It may have not felt like anything but it helped time pass and his experience rose.

Their lips moved together in harmony. George teasing hers for a couple of seconds before taking charge. The arousal in her scent amplifying to become more enticing than ever. It wrapped around him. Suffocating him in nothing but Vega. He growled lowly in approval when she bit his lower lip.

“Bloody hell,” they both snapped back (making Vega fall backwards off the couch) at the sound of Lee’s dramatic yelling at catching the two. They both turned to look up the stairs to see Lee and Fred smirking at the two of them.

George glanced at Vega to see that she was already grabbing her things and scurrying up the stairs to her room.

He looked over at his two roommates. “Don’t say a word.”


George avoided her like she had dragon pox. He couldn’t help it. Every time he noticed that she was close he would bolt the other direction. He sat closer to Harry Potter during dining hours knowing she wouldn’t be caught dead within three feet from him if she could help it. He would drag Fred to the front of class knowing she hates sitting there. And avoided going to the kitchens since that’s where she would most likely run into him.

“You are being a prat,” Fred said after day three.

“I know.”

“I thought we had this unspoken agreement after I found out you fancied her,” he said. “If you break her heart or vice versa it wouldn’t ruin my friendship with her as well.”

“I can’t help it,” George said. “As soon as I see her I just clam up.”


George saw on the Marauders’ Map (that he borrowed from Harry) that she was in the Astronomy Tower that night. He decided to get some balls and be a man about this and not some angst teenage wanker.

She punched him as soon as she laid eyes on him.

“I guess I deserve that,” he said as he rubbed his sore arm.

“I should do more than that but I’m feeling lenient today,” she said with a glare.

“Thanks,” it was silent now. An awkward silence that has never happened between them. When it comes down to it, it was never silent between them. Always laughter and ramblings of pranks and what their next invention could be for their upcoming shop after graduation. “I’m sorry.”

She raised an eyebrow. “For what?”

“For avoiding you.”

“And…that’s all?” she verified.  

He furrowed his eyebrows. “What else should I be apologizing for?”

She let out a sigh of relief. “I thought you were going to apologize…about…what happened that night.” Besides Vega’s laugh and smile, the third thing that he loves about her is the way she blushes. And how adorable she looks while doing it. He couldn’t help but admire the way the touch of pink sprout from the dimples of her cheeks and blossomed exponentially. “Because I’m not sorry about it.”

“Why’d you kiss me?” he asked the one million galleon question.

“I fancied you for quite a while and…” she wrung her hands. George never seen Vega so nervous before. Even with him. “…with what you said last night. It was the sweetest thing anyone’s ever told me and I just couldn’t hold myself back anymore.”

George chuckled. “I was kind of being a prat. I was just a bit…nervous that you just snogged me just because I was there. I mean, you have kissed two blokes and waved it off as nothing.”

She punched him again but not as hard for his comment. “Sod off. I’m not the only one to be snogging just to be snogging. So…” she locked eyes with him. Her cheeks still just as red as his own. “I fancy you, George Weasley. You have anything to say to that?”

George grabbed one of her hands and brought it to his lips. He winked at her. “How ‘bout, ‘I fancy you, too, Vega Black,’?”

“That’ll work.”

And then a thought popped into his head.

“So…did you feel a spark?” Her smile widened at the question. George knew that he felt more than just a measly ‘spark’ as their lips touch. It felt familiar and new instantaneously. Like a puzzle was missing. Like he found something lost and everything now in his life was whole. To hold her. To caress and embrace her. It left him hungry yet content. Content to finally have the one thing he always wanted but hungry to touch more of her.

Curse his teenage alpha hormones.

“It was more than a spark,” she said as she grabbed both of his hands, squeezing them. “It was like you ignited something inside of me. I always felt warmth when we touch on accident when we do so platonically. But it was more like I was inflamed and needed more of you.” And then a teasing smile came across her kissable lips. She held up his large hands to her lips and pecked it like he just did to hers a moment ago. “And you have rough yet gentle hands.”

“You and ‘hands’,” he said before bending down a bit taking her lips with his. They was less hesitant and more sure of themselves. Her hands clenched into fists as they held onto the front of his shirt as he lifts her up. His hands cupping the back of her thighs. George backs her into the stone wall. Her legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer.

Ahem,” Merlin, why is there always a prat interrupting them? They jumped apart at the sound of a throat clearing and turned to see their new DADA professor. He was leaned against the door frame. At least he appeared to be shy from catching his goddaughter having the breath snogged out of her.

“Um, Uncle—professor Lupin,” Vega flushed at the only father figure in her life (even though she hasn’t seen him for years before he took the job at Hogwarts).

“Miss Black,” he smirked at his goddaughter. It then dropped when he laid eyes on the bloke who just snogged her. He raised an eyebrow. “Mr. Weasley. I hope you know that you’re not supposed to be out after 9 and with the Dementors and Sirius Black…I hoped you wouldn’t need a lecture. And with…what I’ve just caught you both doing. I would have to either give you both detention this Saturday or take house points. Take your pick.”

“Points,” they both said. Hogsmeade was this Saturday and all George can think about was taking Vega on their first date.

“Fifty points it is then,” he said. He was just about to leave when Vega called out to him. “Um, Uncle Moony,” she gave him her puppy eyes and jutted lips. George couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous she looked. “Please don’t tell Mum.”


George woke up with the widest grin ever. Fred didn’t know what to make of it and Lee just shrugged it off since he didn’t have his daily dose of bread and jam with pumpkin juice.

His grin became even bigger when he walked from the boys’ dorm to the common room to see Vega waiting for him with a matching grin looking absolutely smashing (like always).

“So you guys made up?” Fred asked. But then his jaw dropped (along with the rest of the people in the common room—even Ron who had the biggest crush on her) when Vega pushed Oliver aside from her who was going over the quidditch plays and leaped into George’s arm. She gave him a great sloppy kiss on the cheek then nuzzled into his shoulder.

“Morning,” she said before saying it to the rest of them. She leapt from his arms but made sure to keep hold of his hand. She saw the look their group of friends was giving and answered the unasked question for the both of them. “We’re courting,” she said with a glowing smile.





Chapter Text

Here is the reader's dress


“Why are we going to this when you hate Stark?” you asked him as you stretched your body over the soft king sized bed of his. You decided to spend the night at Justin’s place (which is practically half-yours since you are there half the time but refuse to give up your place since you are not pretty sure about your relationship with the man). You couldn’t help but grin at the man before you who was staring at you with lust in his eyes. He should since you are wearing a crème-colored night gown that brushes over your thighs and left only little to the imagination. With Justin, he can be pretty picky about certain things. Since you’re his ‘omega’ (which you inform him quite a bit that you’re still unbonded so no one owns you) he said he would make sure you  look your best—in and outside the house.

Justin wasn’t always like this.

Okay, that’s a lie but at least it was endearing when you first met at the age of twelve. Her father being a nuclear physicists with a weird love for mass destruction (aka weaponry) brought the two of you together. You could smell money on the boy as soon as you met. He was cocky and so sure of himself. You had to knock him down a few pegs. Even if he was filthy rich doesn’t mean he can act like a douche whenever he wants.

So that’s how you became his ‘real’ friend. He can spot a real person out of the group of friends who lavish him in fake compliments just to get free tech.

And Justin being the rich brat with parents who doesn’t show much affection and doesn’t know what to do with it when someone (a certain someone who doesn’t fall for his bullshit and tells it like it is to him) like you gives it to him freely—he ‘falls’ for you.

He was sixteen when he tried to kiss you at one of his father’s parties. Of course, you shoved him away since he was plastered. You thought nothing of it until the day after when he said that he actually has feelings for you.



--don’t patronize me,” he cuts you off.

“I’m not,” you pushed him lightly. He was leaning too close for your comfort. Usually, you could care less that you both were shoulder to shoulder but with this new issue of him thinking he’s in love with you—it makes things awkward and uncomfortable with him. “We’re friends.”

“And friends can become more. What do you think couples are? A strong relationship who takes it to another deep level…or some shit like that,” he explained.

You smirked at his explanation.

His hand that was on your knee was now on your thigh. Not upper (thank, god) but still in the ‘non-friend’ zone.

You observed the sixteen-year-old boy that you’ve known for four years. He’s  not as handsome as he might think. Regular messy brown hair. Thin lips. Average blue eyes. No feature that makes him stand out. You hated to be the shallow sixteen-year-old but you wanted…someone different.

Your eyes went back to his hand on your thigh. His thumb now brushing against your skin. You take his hand with both of yours and turned it so you can see his wrist. You knew that this was deemed a faux pas but since when has Justin Hammer followed those kinds of rules?


His wrist was bare.

“You have one?” he asked the obvious. You never brought up soulmates with the alpha. You kind of guessed that he didn’t have one or was unhappy with his special one since on his 16th birthday he was in a horrid mood. He even lashed out at you.

You nodded. He then takes his hand out of yours and grabs your wrist softly. You gulped when he turned your wrist around to reveal the first name of your soulmate.

You rolled your eyes when he growled when he read it.

“Anthony,” he scoffs like the name offended him.

“That’s my soulmate you’re talking about,” you nudged him.


So why are you with Justin twenty years later?

Honestly, it was convenient.

It’s not like you gave the guy false hope. You warned him about three years ago that your views on him haven't changed much. He was still your friend. Your best friend. But the thought came to your mind about waiting around for your soulmate is a pipe dream that kids would think of. You had to be realistic. Justin convinced you that only fifteen percent of the population is lucky to meet their one. The other rest are tired of waiting around and move on.

So at a moment of weakness, after your job was eliminated (you worked for SHIELD so you were out of commission after finding out half your team was Hydra) he ran into his arms. Though you made sure that you couldn’t make this an official bond since you still view him as your best friend (with the here and there romp in the sheets).


“Because I hate Stark,” was his answer to your question.

“Very good answer,” you said sarcastically earning you a playful slap on the rear end. You kicked him in retaliation—which he caught—and yanked your towards him causing you to squeal.

“I. Want. You. To. Wear. That gorgeous. Red dress. By Armani. That I. brought for you. On Christmas,” he said in between kisses. “I want to show you off.”

“To Stark?” your raised an eyebrow at the man. Sometimes you don’t know what to do with him. Sometimes he can be so affectionate it makes you guilty. But then that would go down the drain when he has some bimbo model on his arms to show off to the world. Blonde and leggy and thin as a pencil. “Don’t you want to call up your models?”

“Are you finally jealous?” he teased.

“Shut up,” you shoved him. “I was just planning on using your Netflix and eating all the food in your fridge tonight. I don’t wanna go.”


You went.



“Why the hell is Justin Hammer at my party?”

“Um, I don’t know?” Peter (who is now his intern/asstant/little science bro) shrugs. It’s not like he knows the beef between the two. He only expected it to be one since they both (well, Tony use to) be weapon machinery designers. He thought  it was a simple east versus west. Jets versus Sharks kind of deal.

“He’s crashing. Should I kick him out?” Tony asked to no one. It’s not like he needs permission to kick the criminal out of his building. But then again he does want to patronize him a bit before kicking  him out.

“Don’t. Be the better man,” Rhodey suggests.

“I am the better man so why do I need to prove it?” he pouts.

“Whoa, she’s hot,’ Peter gapes when his eyes went to the eye candy on Justin’s arm.

Tony followed his gaze half-expecting the usual blonde bimbo and half-not giving a shit who the ass hole brings to the party he was certainly not invited to.

But then it felt like he stopped breathing.

Hot was simply not doing her justice. This woman was divine. Gorgeous. And where has Justin been hiding her all this time? She couldn’t be a  model. He would have remembered seeing her on a billboard/ad or on the runway.

And she was wearing his colors. He might not have owned the rights to make fire engine red his color but it’s a known fact.

The dress showed modesty in all the right places and boldness in others. The dress was not meant for this type of crowd (old men who possibly haven’t had sex since 1979. It demanded attention and hell, she got it. The gown was mostly sheer. He could see those delectable legs through the sheer curtain of the gown that left a bit of imagination while it was cinched up to hug her curves when his eyes roamed up. A red body suit under it to cover the-ahem—delicious parts of her. And just as he thought the dress couldn’t be more of a tease, it had a deep V- neck plunge that stopped at the top of her abdomen, showing way more than a hint of cleavage yet still something to look forward to ripping off.

Damn, you, Justin.

Yeah, Tony loved the dress but the woman who wore had his mouth watering.

Rhodey scrunched his nose. “Tony, control yourself. I can smell how much you're appreciating that dress.”


You finally escaped. Now you wished that Justin brought one of his escorts to the party instead of you. You loved the dress Justin bought you yet you loathed how revealing it was. And then the stares (from old men, matter of fact) didn’t help cease the squirming and slimy feeling. Eye candy is so not your thing. And then the fact that you feel as if…you was surrounded by the comforting scent of home. As if you belonged here. The scent was not what you was expecting to make you hot and bothered. Spices, oil, and a musky scent that reminded you of the sweaty scent you loved in your youth of an Alpha right after they worked out (or—ahem—gave you a workout) that drove your pheromones up the wall.

You had to hide in the restroom to recollect yourself.

The smell of cleaning supplies mixed with perfume in the women’s restroom helped. It took you twenty minutes before you finally felt a bit normal. You stood up to leave and as soon as you opened the door, it was as if you walked into a cloud of that irresistible scent that made your lower abdomen clench with need. You haven’t felt like this since you first presented as an Omega at sixteen. You were so deep into your orgasmic yet annoying stupor that you didn’t notice where the scent of was coming from was right in front of you until you grabbed onto his suit jacket for dear life.

“Well, hello.”

Your eyes widened when you realized there was an alpha at close proximity to you while you were on your first stage (and skipping the other stages until you gotten to the most painful one) of your heat.

You lifted your glassy and dazed eyes to the alpha.

Tony Stark.


So he followed her.

Sue him.

He was going to walk straight up to her and flirt with her right in front of Justin but he grew a heart of the last couple of years (some would think it would be gone since lost his teammates—the original Avengers).

So he waited until she scurried off to the ladies’ room.

Thankfully a private handicapped one.

The door was locked but with the enhanced smell of an Alpha, he could sense the provocative smell of slick through the door. Luckily 89 percent of the men hear are bonded and/or too old to even distinguish such a smell. How the hell Justin didn’t notice his date going into heat?


Tony knew that he was getting looks from standing outside the restroom for twenty minutes but didn’t care. He had to talk to this woman. Something was pulling him towards her and he was a bit miffed to know why.

The door finally swung open and a wave of potent slick hit him all at once. That didn’t scare him as much as the other traits of her scent made him react. Instead of wanting to jump her bones (kind of a fib since he was ready to pounce on her like T’Challa did on Bucky months ago) he wanted to wrap his arms around her. The need to have her scent on him was stronger than his need to show any man that she was his.

She was home. Her smell so comforting and inviting to him. He felt the walls he built crumble at the presence of this woman.

And then she grabbed him. Tony couldn’t describe the feeling that was erupting.

What the hell.

He locked eyes with the Omega.

Tony gulped as he takes the hand that grabbed onto him. He doesn’t let go but instead turns her hand so that he could look at the wrist. Slowly looking down, he saw in familiar chicken scratch handwriting in messy cursive was Anthony.

He looked at it carefully. Tony knew it was real when he saw the Name flicker gold in the lighting.

“What’s your name?” he asked her.

“[Name],” she croaked.

Tony instantly pushes her back into the restroom and locks the door.

Chapter Text

This was so not how you expect the night to go. You expected boredom and being buzzed off the expensive wine and champagne.

She did not expect to meet her soulmate here. Or begin going in heat because of it. But then you berated yourself from that thought. But come on. It’s been about twenty-three years since you had your lesson on the birds and the bees and when that certain bird meets her bee of a soulmate. Yeah, she forgot how painful a heat can be. You thanked god how lucky you were about being in heat around claimed and old Alphas. And even when they are unclaimed, it is not like they can make you submit with their frail strength and arthritis (it’s mean but so true).

But then Tony freakin’ Stark is your soulmate. You best friend’s arch nemesis (how childish is that?). Yeah, fate was against you.

And now said soulmate is looking at you with this hungry look that made your knees buckle. Tony easily caught you.

One of his arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you flush against him, while with his other hand cupped your cheek. His thumb rubbing against your flushed cheek. He lifted your head a bit so he can see your glowing eyes from the heat (and being in close proximity to the Alpha).

“So Justin been hiding you,” he said with a low growl.

“Justin?” okay in your defense, the only thought in your mind was getting fucked hard against the bathroom stall (classy) while he claims you.     

Tony chuckled. “Did you honestly forget you had a date because of me?” he had this smug smirk on his handsome face (which you want to both slap and sit on). Since he was not going to take action or he was going too slow for your preference, you hooked one of your legs around his waist, surprising the Alpha.

“A woman who knows what she wants,” he said with pride. The hand that was on her cheeks then went under her dress (that really wants to rip off her)and squeezed her bare thigh. “I don’t think I can hold back,” he said. I t was more of a warning for her. He doesn’t know how these first meetings go for soulmates. He always pictures it to be a cheesy romantic meeting and slow and passionate. But he can certainly not go slow with that seductive scent suffocating him. He had to make this quick (Peter and Rhodey were covering for his absence since they saw the man walk into the bathroom with her).

“Then hurry,” she said through gritted teeth.

Before he starts rutting against her, he needed a taste. He leaned down and captured her soft lips with his rough ones. It was more of an open mouth kiss and tangled of tongue fighting for dominance. He won easily until she was panting and felt the wetness of her crotch through his pants which made him whimper (he would deny to this day).

“Wet from a kiss,” he teased her. Before she can give him a snarky remark, he quickly turned her around so that she was presenting for him. He lifted her dress so that it was bunched up at her hips. Tony licked his lips when he set sight on her round bottom on display for him. Without hesitation, he palmed her bottom.

“Didn’t think of you as an ‘ass-man’,” you teased him earning you a hard slap on your bottom. He grinned when he heard the moan emit from your mouth and saw your slick running down your leg.

“I really want to see how red it can get,” he said with a calm voice. “But I’ll save that for later.”

“I’m usually not one for skipping foreplay but I'm making an exception now,” she whined at him. She ground her butt against him, pressuring him to hurry.

“So impatient.” Tony easily unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor. 

Tony pushed aside her panties and growled with satisfaction when his two fingers felt how ready she was for him. And before she can even get used to his fingers being inside of her, he pushed legs apart with his knees and drove into her without warning causing her to moan loudly.

Both his hands on her hips to steady her. Tony rested his chin on her shoulder before he began moving.

Damn, you fit like a glove.”

His thrusts were quick and hard that made your mouth gape open with a groan. All you can hear was the sound of skin smacking together instead of the jazz music playing in the ballroom. Tony’s chin rested on your shoulder as he went faster. The feel of his goatee causing shivers over your body. One arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you flushed against him. The only vocabulary that you knew at the moment was either ‘Alpha’ or ‘Tony’. It was music to the Avenger’s ears.

Tony fucked plenty of women but this feeling with you was another story. It didn’t feel like fucking even thought this was exactly what you two were doing in the restroom. A quick fuck to wane down the heat of yours until he can take you to the Tower and have you properly. It was a mixture of everything that made this all the more pleasurable. You're panting as he thrust into your slick core that clenched around him like it didn’t want to let him go. Your scent that made his mind dizzy and mouth watered to claim that bare neck of yours.

There were no words for a while after you both reached your climax. You had a lot to tell the billionaire who was currently knotted inside of you. But the throbbing on the right side of your neck was more of distraction. You couldn’t help but have a satisfied smirk that you are for sure Tony had one as well.

“Shit, that was…” he trailed off not knowing how to describe what just happened. Tony had plenty of sex over the years with plenty of omegas and betas but this? This was more than just physical attraction even if he didn't know anything about her but her name.

“Did I just leave the Tony Stark speechless?” [Name] teased.

“Not speechless…just a loss of better vocabulary,” he retorted.

“Same thing.”

“No, it’s not,” he said. Then a thought came back into his mind that made him growl with anger. “So what are you to Hammer?”

Tony could sense the tension from you. “He’s my friend.”

“So you never fucked him?”

[Name] couldn’t help but smile and say, “No but he fucked me a couple of times.” That earned her a nip on the shoulder and slap on the bottom. “We’re not together if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“And even if you were that would have been over the time I claimed you as mine,” he said with a smug grin. “So what do you do?”

“Really? We’re going to get to know each other while your dick is still in me?”

“Might as well pass the time,” he shrugs.

“Don’t laugh because plenty of Justin’s friends do when I explain,” [Name] said.

“Try me.”

“Well, I have a few degrees—doctorates—in biomechanical, environmental, materials science, and electrical engineering,” you listed off.

Tony stood there frozen. Is it possible to be turned on by how many doctorates someone has? Well, maybe, since he felt kind of more attracted to Bruce (if not for his adorkable fluffy good looks) when he saw what the Doctor studied and graduated two years earlier than the average student (well, Tony enrolled and graduated all before he was 20, so).

“And why are people laughing at you engineering degrees,” he asked. It also made him more attracted to her to find out she studied engineering which is his forte. “Let me guess—sustainability?”

“Yeah,” she sighs. “Even Justin laughs at that. Is there something wrong with trying to find a better way to save resources and slow down climate change? We’re already screwing with animals’ homes. I thought we could stop digging for coal and oil and find a better way. But no one really has the money to fund that, so…I’m just teaching a class at the Earth and Environmental Engineering Department at Columbia.”

“Hell, no,” he growled. “You’re coming with me and I’m funding you. How the hell did I not run into you before? Haven’t you heard? I’m trying to make a clean source of energy with the arc reactor. So after I stop knotting, I’m going to have you again because you’re a fucking engineer with four doctorates and I want you to speak ‘science’ to me while I have you, got it?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“And then I’m going to take you to the tower and fuck you over the lab table," he adds. He hopes Bruce won't walk in on him.

Then again, Bruce's face would be priceless. 

Chapter Text


Remus knew that something was wrong. Well, not wrong per se but something was up as soon as he locked eyes with the young girl across from him. There was plenty of blokes in the first year and second year who made room for the cute girl to sit.


She decided to sit in front of him of all places.         


He recalled the murmurs that the eleven-year-old caused earlier.


“[Last Name] [Name].” her name was called. Out of all the first years (besides James Potter because he just oozes arrogance and self-confidence) she looked the most calm and collected. As if the sorting of her House would not affect her for the next seven years.


She sat on the stool with a small smile on her face as she closed her eyes. The sorting hat only brushed against her [hair color} hair before it yelled, “Gryffindor!”


“Hello, I’m [Name],” she greeted the werewolf.


“Um, I’m Rem—


--what are you, a Veela?” the question cut through causing the whole table to divert their attention to them. It was Sirius who asked. He leaned over the table with a skeptical look he was giving her with his grey eyes narrowed onto her.


“Don’t be daft,” James said with an eyeroll. “ Aren’t Veela’s blonde with white skin and blue eyes?”


“Yeah, if you’re a full Veela maybe,” she corrects him.


“So you’re admitting you are one? Because I am not at that stage where girls are fit to me yet,” Sirius said with seriousness (no pun attended). “I mean you’re cute but I really want to—


--finish that sentence and I will through these mash potatoes at your annoying face,” she threatened the pureblood.


“Is that a threat?” he gave her a playful smirk.


“More like a promise,” [Name] said before turning back to Remus. “What’s your name, again? Some rude pureblood just had to interrupt. How rude.”


Remus’ cheeks reddened at the sudden attention of the cute girl now on him. “Remus Lupin.”


“Wait, so are you a Veela?” James asked.


“Does it matter?” she crossed her arms as she glares at the two purebloods. She sighed when they both nodded eagerly. “I’m a half-Veela and inherited more of my father’s traits. That’s why I don’t look like the average full-blooded Veela.”


They both seemed satisfied with her answer. Then something clicked in the werewolf’s mind after hearing her speak.


“You’re American?” he didn’t mean to ask. She seemed shock that he asked her that.


“Yep,” she finally answered. “My dad’s from there.”


“What part of the States are you from?”


“What do you call Muggles?”


“Do they care about blood status?”


The questions kept piling up and Remus gave [Name] an apologetic smile for starting this. She smiled back to him before yelling at the boys to shut up.


“I’m from New York which is in the North of the country. We call Muggles ‘Non-Maj’ which doesn’t roll of the tongue like Muggle does. And we’re pretty liberal about blood status and breed,” she answered in one breath. “And now, can you stop asking me—


--what do you mean by breed?” Peter Pettigrew asked her. [Name] flinched as if she just realized he was there.


“Um, as you know, I’m part Veela and here they might not be as accepting,” she replied. “But over there, they’re pretty open minded. Merlin, just two years ago werewolves are now considered ‘people’ now after a petition in the Northern and a few Western states.”


“Whoa, that’s wicked. They have rights over there?” James asked, completely entranced on how the U.S is completely different (and better, Remus thinks).


“It’s still in the making. But we’re getting there.”


“What do you mean ‘we’? And why do you know so much about it?” Sirius asked. Remus was intrigued but held himself back on this taboo topic. Showing too much interest can be horrid.


“My dad worked in the Magical Congress of the United States of America. There’s actually a department for Civil Rights of Magical Creatures. He helps different breeds like Veelas, werewolves, and centaurs to get equal rights as wizards and witches.”


“Makes sense since he married your mum.”


“Wait, is your last name is [Last Name]? James asked with wide eyes. Remus furrowed his eyebrows. He’s heard that name before.


[Name] nods her head with a wide smile.


“Your grandfather worked with the Newt Scamander! They were best friends, right?” that name stood out to the werewolf. He has an old copy of his famous best seller. While Newt wrote majority of the book, [Name]’s father helped research about animals that are only in America.


“Yeah,” she said. “He was kind of like a assistant to him. Helped write the book for him. Because of Newt, they helped lift the ban of magical creatures in the U.S.” 


Remus was infatuated with the U.S along with the girl in front of him. She comes from a place that was liberal and trying to make their wizard community better for everyone. He felt envy in the pit of stomach for not living there like she has.


“Now, enough about me,” she said. “Tell me about you,” she asked James who was happy to give her an autobiography story of his life.




[Name] [Last Name] changed his view on girls by the first day of classes. Well, more like during breakfast before classes. She was talking to Lily before she made her way to sit next to James across from Remus. She didn’t concern herself with keeping up with appearances. She grabbed the sausage, bacon, and two heapings of eggs onto her plate.


“Whoa, [Name], you sure love meat,” Sirius pointed out—mouth full of sausages. Remus was expecting the half-veela to make a disgusted face at the young boy but she actually rolled her eyes at him.


“Ya know, Black, I rather not see this delicious meat chewed up from your mouth,” she said as she takes a bite out of her strip of bacon.


What changed Remus views on girls was the way that [Name] acted. It’s not like Remus thought bad about them. He just thought of them as clean and always wanted to stay inside and just talk (not necessarily a bad thing but for an eleven-year-old bloke it’s pretty boring).  He wasn’t the only one who noticed the difference. Remus noticed girls from their year staring at her with a strange look as if she’s an unicorn.


She laughed loud along with James and Sirius. She yelled over them when talking and then they’ll try to talk over her (which caused them points already on their first day).


 She was a rough houser. He would watch her in the halls (not as creepy as it sounds since she’s always hanging out with them) and would jump on James or Sirius’s back demanding them to piggy back her to their next class. Sometimes she would tackle them. She was not shy or timid with anyone. She would look you straight in the eye and not back down.


He both respected her yet intimidated by her large personality.


It didn’t help when she was a half-Veela that made him drawn to the woman.





It startled him when the young girl sat next to him in the common room on the sofa early on a Sunday morning. She didn’t give him much of a warning but a groan of, “Mornin’, Remus,” as she rubbed her eyes and made her way next to him. She was still wearing his pajamas as was he with a deep red colored robes.


“Whatcha’ readin’?” she finally asked him.


“The Hobbit,” he said. “For muggles to not believe in magic, they do have quite the imagination about it,” he added. [Name] asked what the book was about as she rested her head on his shoulder and he told her.



That became their thing. [Name] realized that Remus loved to read muggle books and that was how the werewolf found out that she loved to read them, too.


The week after he finished The Hobbit, she handed him an old copy of her book, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ over breakfast.


“Thought you might like it,” she shrugged. “Spoiler: there’s no actual wizard,” she said before eating a spoon of eggs.


He let her borrow The Hobbit and after they both finished their books they traded again. He let her read Lord of the Rings and she let him borrow Tarzan of the Apes.


Remus didn’t know why he thought it would be hard to be friends with James, Sirius, and [Name]. He knew being friends with Peter would be simple since the boy was quiet, just like himself. But then again, the boy would follow the three like a puppy towards their master. Remus thought the trio were too much not like himself if that made sense. They were popular, outgoing, funny, and rich. He was not that intimidated by the half-Veela until someone brought up her blood and that he father is part of the most powerful Pureblood families in America. They mentioned he had disgrace himself by marrying a Veela.


[Name] easily ignored them but when it was just her and the boys she explained how America is once again different than Europe.


“We don’t care about blood status,” she said. “My family just so happened to be powerful and Pure bloods. Because of the Salem Witch Trials, wizards stick together more. We’re still in hiding against Non-Majs but it’s not like we’re going to call them insulting names because they were born different. They already have their own racism and we would like to be better than that.”


Then Remus had to ask what she meant about the muggles having their own racism. [Name] then explained how America’s Non-majs had slaves but then went into war to get rid of it and won. But then racism against color was still going on. 




Remus always kept others at arm length, just in case. It was pretty easy for others who did not live in the same room with him. It became harder to do so to James and Sirius. It was easy for Remus to do it to Peter since he doesn’t question anything and take things in face value (the boy looks at James and Sirius as if they hung the moon). But James and Sirius wouldn’t let Remus go. They liked how the quiet boy was not at all what they expected. That he was not like Pettigrew who would agree what they say and laugh at their horrid jokes. Remus had witty comebacks. Creative ideas for pranks so they won’t get caught half the time. As soon as they found out what’s really behind the quiet boy, they were not going to let him go.


It was the same with [Name]. Though a small part of him (not really that small) didn’t want to not be friends with the half-Veela. She was cute. Bloody brilliant. Brave.


She may have been more akin to his other friends but that never stopper her from going out of her way to talk to him. Merlin, she is partners with him in Potions.



Remus didn’t think much about his friendship with [Name]. He knew he should of since out of all people to be friends with, he had to be friends with a girl who’s the daughter of wizard.


A wizard who is an expert in magical creatures and breeds.


She found out that he’s a werewolf during his third year.


The same year he presented as an Alpha and she as an Omega.


Some where pretty shocked that he didn’t present as a Beta because of his calm and reasonable nature. People where even shocked by [Name]’s dynamic since the stereotype of an omega was timid, submissive, and a follower.

Everything that [name] is not.


Not only was the thirteen-year-old cute, her scent was phenomenal. James and Sirius (no surprise) where her guard dogs since her scent, along with her heritage, brought unwanted attention from alphas.


And much to the werewolf’s embarssment, James, Sirius, and Peter had to hold him back as soon as she opened the compartment door.


His mouth watered at the first scent that hit him.


Chocolate. The mouthwatering smell of cocoa hit him all at once.


Jasmine. The rich musk that made his skin set aflame.


Lavender. A calming aroma that made him more relaxed in his friends’ hold that made them finally able to hold down on the seat.


“Whoa, who knew he had it in him?” Sirius barked out a laugh when Remus finally calmed down. Remus was still in a daze. Eyes were glassy.


“I sure didn’t,” James said. “Maybe it would be best for you to scram?” he told [Name].


“Thanks for asking nicely,” [Name] said before leaving without a goodbye.



“I….” Remus trailed off. His blue eyes trained on his books in his arms. He was holding them with a tightened grip to restrain himself. Luckily for him, the mixture of everyone elses scents was distracting him from the one that makes him want to claim her. And that was the scary thought. Claiming at thirteen.


“You don’t need to apologize, Remus,” she said. “It’s natural. I’m quite flattered since you haven’t done that to anyone else.”


Remus wants the floor to swallow him up. How embarrassing. She was laughing at him and now all he could think about what how her laugh was music to his ears. How corny can he get?


“You saw how James acted toward Lily?” she asked. Everyone saw that. While only a handful saw what happened on the train to Hogwarts, everyone had to witness it during dinner in the Great Hall. James could care less about how it looked on him but Lily looked like she wanted to disappear. Much like himself. “Aren’t we lucky that it wasn’t us?”


“Very,” he muttered.


“So, don’t apologize,” she said again. And before Remus could even fathom a reply, she looped her arm with his and guides him to their Herbology class.


You’re really pushing it, he thought to himself as he breathed through his mouth.


So how did [Name] find out that he is a werewolf?


If anything, Remus was preparing for this later on in the year. After seeing the syllabus for their DADA class, which would teach them about werewolves by the end of their third year, he mentally prepared himself. But it was only bloody October when she found out. Or at least confronted him about it.


“You’re a cruddy liar,” she said after he gave her the excuse that he’s not feeling so well. He even faked a cough. He knew that the full moon was in four days so he thought it would be best to start faking being sick now and be cured by the day after the full moon.


“Excuse me?” Remus squeaked. They were alone in the common room. [Name] was on the other side of the sofa at a comfortable distance.


She sighed. “My dad helped me figure it out over holiday break during our second year,” she said. Remus was still confused. “I told him I had this friend who was sick all the time. Like once a month.

He started asking questions about during what time of the month and I couldn’t recall. He asked how your appearance was during and after you were sick and after that he told me to think about. Think about it? That’s why I asked him for advice on what to give you since I thought your immune system was shite. But then after a week when I saw that it was a full moon on Christmas, that’s when I figured it out.”


Remus felt like he could not breathe. His eyes trained on his copy of Narnia. He honestly didn’t know what to say to the girl. She just admitted to knowing about his secret for almost a whole year and she hasn’t even told anyone. Not even James or Sirius, her best friends.


He finally found his voice. “What have you found out,” he lifted his eyes and locked eyes with her.


Her [eye colored] eyes darted around the room to make sure no one was lurking about before saying, “You’re a werewolf,” loud enough for only himself to hear.


Remus balled up his hands into fists. “Please, don’t—


--you’re so daft, Remus,” she said with a sigh before closing her textbook, and crawling to his side of the sofa.


“I’m daft?” he raised an eyebrow at her.


“Yeah,” she nods her head. “It’s pretty insulting, too. What kind of person do you think I am?” before he could answer she said, “I’ve known for almost a year and haven’t blabbed once.”


Remus couldn’t help but feel guilty for assuming. She had treated him the same as ever. When it was around full moon, she was less skeptical about his excuses and he thought she took them at face value. Now when he thinks about it, she would always write notes for him without asking. He should have known to be warier around her. Her father and grandfather were experts in magical creatures.


“Thank you,” he whispers.


“We’re mates, Remus,” she bumped shoulders with him. “You don’t need to thank me. You need to trust me.”



“You fancy [Name]?”


Remus choked on his Butterbeer at Sirius’ sudden question. James and Peter laughed at his agony as Remus tried to stop coughing. The flush of pink rose from his neck to his cheeks.


“You so do,” James cackles. “I should of seen this sooner. You almost ripped Prewitt’s eyes balls out for leering at [Name].”


“He couldn’t keep his eyes off her chest,” he defends himself. Remus loathed Fabian Prewitt with a passion and for the most petty reason. He flirts and checks her out all the time.


“So couldn’t Sirius, but I don’t see you doing anything about it,” James teased.


Remus’ eyes widened. “You have?” he asked the Pureblood.


Sirius shoved James. “Thanks for ratting me out,” he said. “I know how to do it without getting caught. Don’t worry, it feels weird now. It’s like looking at my sister’s chest.” He shudders.


“So, back to the subject. You fancy [name]?” James asked the werewolf.


Remus knew it wouldn’t go well with him lying about it. He was probably more obvious about it since [name] was now hanging around him more ever since he found out that he was a monster. When he called himself that, she slapped him hard on the arm.


Her eyes narrowed while her lips pursed.


“Don’t call yourself that,” [Name] practically growls at the boy. “You are not a monster.”


Remus decided to shrug. He won’t lie but he’s not going to admit it. He trusts them not to tell her but that doesn’t mean they will be subtle about it every time she comes around. He could see it now. Them nudging him and waggling their eyebrows when she’s close followed by snickering and teasing behind her back.


“I think she fancies you,” Peter said. “She’s been hanging around you a lot more lately.”


“Just friends,” Remus said. It’s not like he is going to get his hopes up. Why would [Name] fancy him when popular and funny guys like Fabian Prewitt and Frank Longbottom flirt with her constantly (Fabian more than anyone else).


“Fine, don’t admit it,” Sirius said. He looked over his shoulder to see [Name] on her way back with two more Butterbeers. “You better man up before Prewitt sink his teeth into her.”


[Name] raised an eyebrow when hearing the growl from Remus as she sat beside Peter.


Over summer break, nothing special happened with Remus and his family. He read some old copies of his books. He helped his mum around the house. Dealt with two full moons.


And wrote letters to his friends.


Including [Name].


It shocked Remus that they haven’t written to each other sooner.


The fourteen-year-old didn’t recognize the elegant pure white owl that swooped through the living room window. Even his mum was shocked by the unfamiliar owl since she was used to seeing either James’ tawny brown owl, Peter’s small grey owl, or Sirius’ black owl.


The owl perched on the chair across from him. He took the letter and he didn’t even know he was smilling like a madman until his mother pointed it out.




Dear Remus,


 How has your summer been? I figured you would write me but I’m not one for waiting too long. one week was too long for me. Hope you’re not as bored as Peter said he was. He’s helping running his father’s shop! And Sirius is on punishment. I’ve seen James a couple of times but my mother limits my time with him since she thinks it’s strange for me to have a bloke as a best mate. I would visit Lily but she’s in France right now. So how are you?




From [Name] [Last Name]




“Who’s it from?” his mother broke the silence.


“Um…” Remus’ ears reddened. His mother raised an eyebrow at the reaction. “It’s [Name].”


“Oh? The girl who figured out you’re a werewolf?” she recalled the letter he sent right after [Name] told him. “How’s she?”


Remus shrugged. “Didn’t tell me. She wanted to know how I’ve been.”




Dear [Name],


Nothing much for me going on. Reading a lot of old books of mine’s. How has your summer been? I recall you saying you were visiting America where your grandfather is.





Remus Lupin.




He felt guilty that he didn’t write much to her. Only two sentences worth.




Dear Remus,




It was fun! We visited Arizona where these amazing creatures called Thunderbirds are. They can sense danger and show you by creating storms! They are bloody beautiful. My grandfather has a pet phoenix! She’s amazing. And he they are finally bringing over dragons! It’s amazing! We’ve also went sight seeing. I sent some photos and post cards.




From [Name] [Last Name]


There was many postcards and photos of of many unfamiliar places in the U.S. A few of New York City. [Name] was posed with , who whe think is her grandfather, and a german shepard. A postcard of the beautiful nightlife of New York City.


The next one was her posed on the beach wearing a red and yellow striped one-piece swim suit. The same dog posed with her along with who Remus deemed to be her mother.


After that photo, Remus furrowed his eyebrows at the new one. She was next to her grandfather as they was lifted up. She was laughing and waving at the camera.


The next one, he couldn’t believe his eyes.


“What wrong, Remus?” his mother asked him.


“Um…” he couldn’t explain so he showed her.


The photo could not be real.


It was [Name] in the same red and gold one piece. She was waving at the camera. And a second later, she was jumping off the cliff and into clear blue water that was had to over one hundred feet down.


“She’s an adrenaline seeker, huh?” his mother said. “You’re going to have your hands full, huh?”


Remus was speechless for a moment. He didn’t know what to reply to that. “Um…”




Dear [Name],


What the bloody hell! I have so many questions.


One, what was you on that lifted you up?


Two, you have colored pictures there? I know that’s not important but it’s bloody amazing!


Three, did I really just witness you jump off a cliff? Are you mad?


Merlin, I think you had the best summer ever. Better than any one I know and James’ parents visit Sydney, Austrailia’s beaches and Nice, France every summer.




From Remus Lupin




Dear Remus,


Yes, we have colored film. Americans are just awesome like that.


And to answer your first question, it’s called a ferris wheel. It’s exactly how it sounds. A wheel that slowly moves. It’s goes about two hundred feet in the air. I was at Coney Island in New York which is like an amusement parks with many rides and amazing food. Maybe one day you can come with me. Maybe next summer? I go every summer when I visit my grandfather. And we can go to Hawaii together! That answers your last question.


Cliff diving is the new thing over hear. It was pretty scary. But you feel amazing after you make the jump. Hawaii is this beautiful island that is the total opposite of New York City. I could just imagine James and Sirius pushing each other off the cliff and into the water. Then again, maybe it’s not best to bring them…




From [Name] [Last Name]




As soon as [Name] stepped into the compartment, James and Sirius hounded her with questions about her vacation. Sirius didn’t get any of the letters since he was on punishment and had to hear about it secondhand from Peter, James, and Remus. James and Remus showed Sirius the pictures that she sent him.


“You jumped off a cliff?” he yelled as soon as she stepped in.


“I did other fun things,” she rolled her eyes and sat next to Remus. The werewolf finally became familiar with her insatiable scent. His heart still races and the alpha in him hums, but he’s still in control now.


“Is this what you Americans do? Just jump off cliffs?”


“I didn’t know that America has an island,” Remus said. It was extraordinary to see how beautiful New York is at night but he was more of a nature person. The smell of the woods is what he loves the most. It was familiar to him. So when she describes the island and sent him more photos, that made him want to visit there out of all the other places in America.


“One of the most amazing places that seems so…untouched, ya know?” she told Remus. He could understand. The photos she sent him, he could tell that there was hardly an urbanization there. “Everything is so colorful and fresh. We go there for a week during the holidays. But New York City is beautiful during the winter.”


“Please do tell,” James said.


[Name] dug through her book bag and pulled out a large scrapbook.


“You have a photo album?” Sirius snorted.


[Name] kicked him. “I like to keep them for memories, you prat. I have photos of my friends in America. The amazing new places I vist. Some hear—


--you have some of us?” Peter asked.


“I have a few,” she flipped through some pages. Remus smiled when he saw a few lion stickers on the pages holding the photos. There were only a handful of photos of them. One was their first year with them in the bleachers at the quidditch game. The next one was James and Sirius with her with boils over there faces. Remus recalled that photo.  They had a prank war after she explained Americans celeebrates a holiday called April Fools made just for pranking.


Remus hated that he was envious that they were in most of the pictures with her. It’s not like it’s his mates’ fault. James and Sirius craved attention so when a camera is in front of them; they would not tuck tail and run away.

He noticed her scowling at the photos.

“What’s wrong?” he asked her.

For the first time, he witnessed [Name] nervous. She was fiddeling with the pages before answering.

“We don’t have many photos of us together,” she said.

“I thought I saw about two?”

She licks her lips before replying. His eyes now trained on her wet pink lips.

Creepy much?  

“Of us…alone.”

Remus really loathed how something as simple as three words could make his face flush. He could sense James and Sirius grinning with smug expressions. He didn’t know what to say. What could he say?

But Sirius knew exactly what to say.

“You don’t have any pictures of Peter and you alone, either,” he snickers.

[Name] replied with a punch to his shoulder.


Fourth year was a peculiar year.

Nothing changed much but harder classes. He was still horrid in Potions. He excelled in DADA, Charms, and Transfiguration. They were still causing mayhem. It helped that his roommates new about his condition so they could help out with writing notes. Even though they suck doing it. Remus knew it would be a matter of time. He was prepared for it after the lesson on werewolves. He just didn’t think they would pay attention. They would always zone out when they are not learning about a spell. But it was later that night when they confronted him.


“Do you not trust us?” Sirius was livid. James was pissed but Sirius was more offended by this than anyone. “I thought we were best mates.”

“We are.”

“Then why not tell us?”

“It’s nothing you just tell, Sirius,” Remus sighed. “Yeah, we’ve been chummy for two years but—

--but nothing,” he growled. “I won’t tell anyone,” he said in a smaller voice. “You’re my mate, Remus.”

“Does [Name] know?” Peter asked. Remus’ eyes widened. He figured they wouldn’t take it well wit her knowing first.

“She knows,” James sensed it from Remus. He didn’t sound angry. Just hurt.

“She figure it out last year,” Remus explained.

Sirius groaned. “Aw, come on, Remus. She knew before us,” he pouted.

Then his grey eyes brightened as if a brilliant thought came through his mind. “Now you can’t deny you fancy her.”

Remus decided it was it time to go to bed after that statement.


So back to his peculiar year.

Remus and [Name] has always been friends. Not as close as she was with the usual blokes. But ever since she found out about his secret, their friendship was stronger. It made it a bit harder to not fancy her.

But [Name] has been acting pretty strange. She sought him out more. They would study together more. They were still trading books and discussing them late in the common room but Remus felt a dynamic change between them.

Remus liked the new dynamic but he loathed that it means he had to witness alphas fawn after her frequently. Fabian would ignore that she was studying or speaking with Remus and flirt with her. He just couldn’t take a hint that she was not interested. Well, Remus would like to think that.

What truly caught his attention was that she asked to hang out with him on Hogsmeade weekend. They would always hang out during it with the others so he thought it was pretty odd she would ask.

“We always do with—

--No, Remus,” she said with amusement. “Just us.”

“W-wh—what do you mean?”

“What do you think I mean?” she nudged him with her shoulder. “Just us.” And before he could fathom a coherent sentence she scurried off to Lily and Alice.


The three of his mates was listing off what they were going to buy at Zonko’s and Honeyduke’s. Remus thought it would be best to wait the day of to tell them about his…whatever it is with [Name]. He refused to call it date since she didn’t either. He would hate to get his hopes up about this. Remus thought this would be best to wait to tell them since he knew for the rest of the week they would snicker and tease them about their ‘first date’. It would be mortifying if she stated it was not a date.

“So…I’ve already made plans today,” he said.

“Like what?” Peter asked.

Remus was too hesitant to answer since the other two figured out instantly.

“You have a date!”

“With who?”

“Why would you think—

--because you’re checking yourself out too much in the mirror.” James noted.

Remus looked at himself again in the mirror. His hair was combed. He was wearing the finest things he packed. A beige-brown, comfy jumper over a maroon-red collared shirt with dark jeans and oxford shoes.

Sirius seemed to be accessing his outfit since he didn’t mood from his spot as his eyes scanned over him.

“Good?” Remus asked.

“Not quite,” he said. He stepped forward and reached fort the hem 

 of his sweater. “Don’t look quite formal,” he advised Remus. He untucked his sweater before ruffling his combed hair. “Better.”

“Much better. Remus, you stud,” James teased.


Sirius wolf-whistled when he saw [Name] next to Alice and Frank Longbottom.

“Who knew you clean up good?” he teased her once they was at the bottom of the stairs in the common room.

[Name] was sporting Gryffindor colors. A crimson red snug turtleneck sweater that clung to her curves. It was tucked into an amber yellow mini A-line skirt.

“I wait for special occasions,” she shrugged before her [eye colored] eyes went to Remus’. “You look handsome.”

“Thank you.”


No one said date yet on their…social engagement.

No holding hands. No flirting—especially from Remus.

Remus knew that he was partially, ok, mostly his fault. [Name] helped move the conversation. From one moment she was talking about quidditch and then the next time she was rambling about a book her father gave her.

“What’s it called?” he asked.

“The Great Gatsby,” she said. “It’s a quick read. I’ll give it to you later.”

And then there was silence, again.

“Anywhere you want to visit?”


She beams at the mention of the candy store. “Let me guess. Chocolate?”

Remus chuckled at the correct guess. He nods.


Remus liked to think that chocolate makes things better. Not think, he knows it makes everything better. Because after buying the sweets and seeing how cheerful [Name] was after he bought her a few Cauldron Cakes. The Gryffindor courage started to rise from him the more their date progressed. He didn’t hold her hand or anything but he would initiate more of the conversation. He joked and teased with her which he noted that she seemed shocked that he was.

The date ended peacefully. Remus finally built the courage—in his mind—to call it a date. It was obviously one. The small voice in his mind—that sounded an awful like Sirius—berated him to hold her hand. He knew that his face was flushed pink after she kissed him on the cheek in the common room, in front of everyone, before scurrying up the stairs.


There was an unidentifiable development in their relationship, now. Remus couldn’t put his finger on it and it was hard to describe. To the outsiders, nothing changed between the quiet alpha and eccentric omega. She didn’t act uncomfortable around him after their date even with the teases from their group of friends. Remus regarded her actions towards him as if one would toward a stray cat.

Attentive and careful.

[Name] was not discreet about their relationship differing from the rest of blokes.

Three day later, Remus was sitting on the sofa next to James reading a book of poetry that his mother sent him. James just got done ribbing him about him becoming a romantic and wanting to woo the birds. [Name] walked throught the portrait hole at the time and spotted the two of them.

“Where you been?” James asked her.

“Done with detention for taking the fall for you,” she replied.

Remus thought she was going to sit on the love seat across from them but instead sat in the small space between James and Remus. [Name] rested her head on his shoulder. Her scent wafting through his nose. It was enticing him and surrounding him.

“Hello, Remus,” she finally greets him.

“Hello, [name].”

“Ugh, really?” James groaned before storming up the stairs to his room.

[Name] lifted her head so that her chin was resting on his shoulder. “What’s his problem?”

He smirked at her. “Jealous?”

“Of me or you? Or that Lily won’t spare him a glance?” she listed off.

“Maybe all three?”

“Could be.”

Her attention then went to the small old book he was holding . Remus shifted nervously. “It used to be my mum’s.”

“Poetry?” her voice piqued. “Know any by heart?”

Remus licked his lips. He thought this would be best say looking straight into her eyes but his Gryffindor courage disappeared under her stare.

“She was beautiful

But broken, excuding

A fragrance you could

Neither resist nor

Explain. A brilliant

Fractured diamond,

Perfumed with the

Scents of coffee, old

Bookstores, and rain.”

“Wow,” [Name] uttered.

“Do you know any?”

She cleared her throat.

I am in you and you in

me, mutual and devine love.”

She laughed nervously. “I don’t know many long ones,” she shrugged.

“Who’s that by?”

“William Blake,” she said. “I like it when you say poetry, though. You have the voice for it.”

“The voice for it?”

“Yeah,” she shrugged. [Name] lifted her head. “Hey, Remus.”

“Yeah?” He locks eyes with her.

“I fancy you,” her voice not wavering and confident. “Et tu?”

“I…fancy you, too.”


Remus. [Name]. Those two words became Remus and [Name] that Saturday when their relationship was announced. It wasn’t like they sent an owl to everyone to announce the news that [Name]—the [Name] is taken. And not just taken by the many good-looking popular ones but Remus Lupin. Yeah, the tall guy who hangs out with Sirius and James.

It was because of Fabian.

It was during breakfast in the Great Hall before the quidditch game. Gryffindor versus Slytherin.

The fifth year, Fabian Prewitt, strutted through with his usual arrogant swagger that annoyed the werewolf. Remus could care less when his two best mates had the same personality as the redhead. The only difference is that they do not flirt openly with [Name].

It started with him sitting in front of [Name] and Remus with a smug smirk. He ignored the glares from James and Sirius.

“So, [Name], gonna give me a good luck kiss,” he winks at her. “Think it might help me against Rosier and Black.”

[Name] took it in stride, immune to his charms. “I don’t think a measley kiss would help you against their shitty cheating.”

“I think yours would do. A magical kiss,” he retorted.

Remus would always commemorate this moment. This moment when she glanced at him and the corner of her lip quirked before responding.

“Sorry but these lips are taken.” Her declaration was a bit loud. Loud enough for the whole table to hear.

Fabian’s eyes widened. “Taken?”

“Yeah. Remus here is my boyfriend,” she nudges him. “And he does not take it lightly with you flirting so boldly with me.”

“You’re joking,” which was insulting with how his tone is. [Name] seemed to sense it too since she snarled at him. She bloody snarled at an alpha!

“No, I’m not,” she growled.

Fabian, being a young alpha, did not like being challenged by an omega. He rose from his chair fast and with a louder growl. Before he could say anything, James and Remus, was to the rescue. Luckily, Gideon, made it on time to reel his brother back.


It was a month later when they had their first kiss. It was just as spontaneous as the omega he was dating.

He was on his way to the library when he heard people yelling and bombs going off. He was just rounding the corner when a smaller body slammed into him. Remus instantly recognized the person as their scent surrounded him.

“Oh, Remus, hey,” she was out of breath. She kept looking over her shoulder. Remus did the same and sees Sirius and Peter running behind her.

“Better run, Filch is coming close, [Name],” Sirius warned as they passed them.

[Name] stiffened. “Oh, crap. Remus, we gotta hurry,” she said. She grabs him by his hands and leads him the opposite direction he was going. Remus would of not budge since he was not involved in this pranking (he tried to refrain from the more impulsive pranking that is more likely to get caught). But Remus didn’t want her to get caught. So he quickened his pace and led her to a broom cupboard. He made sure to put an concealable charm on the door and a muffling charm.

Lumos,” she whispered. Her wand lighting up the small space. Remus watched with amusement as she tried to catch her breath.

“What did you do?”

“Um…we might have set some dungbombs on a few older Slytherins,” she said. “Well, tried. They set off too soon and got Filch. James had to take one for the team.”

“We will always remember his bravery and chivalry,” Remus said.

“Yeah…” murmured. Remus finally noted the distance between them. He flinched back but it didn’t do much since [Name] stepped forward. He could hear her deeply inhaled. A low moan escaping her lips. “Your scent…”

“That good?” she nods.

He looked down at her. His nose brushed against her forehead before she lifted her head. Their noses rubbing against each other. A giggle erupted from her. Remus knew if he was as promiscuous as he two best mates he wouldn’t be nervous about the position he’s in.

“Oh, Remus,” she sighed fondly. Next thing he know, warm, soft lips was pressed against his. It was short and sweet. He was pretty disappointed that it was too short but he quickly got over that since he reeling from the first kiss he shared with [Name].



Remus knew this was too good to be true.

He knew that he was living a fantasy. What did he expect? He knew that it was too early to be thinking about this. He’s fifteen years old for Merlin’s sake! He has two more years until he’s a full adult wizard and have to worry about his blood status. But he can see this spiraling down fast.

Remus was falling hard.

It was only the end of May of their fourth year. He’s been dating [Name] for about seven months and it’s been amazing. Reciting poerty. Talking about their favorite novels. Pulling pranks. Snogging to old records. It’s been the best time of his life at Hogwarts.

But then the heavy weight of his condition was always weighing him down. Making him cautious with her. That she would realize what kind of monster he is. Remus tried not to get too deep. But her laugh, humor, smile, touches, and lips made everything more difficult for the male.

So he did the only thing that seemed plausible.

He broke up with her.

She didn’t take it well.

Remus would never forget the hurt expression she wore.


It was no surprise that [Name] treated him no different. Remus thought it was best not to write to her over the summer even if she wrote to him twice and sent one post card from the Caribbean.

After his prefect meeting, he found his compartment and there she was talking about her adventures from her summer vacation with vigor. She beamed when she locked eyes with Remus.

Ooh, Remus has joined the dark side,” she teased.

“More like they brought the dark side to the light,” James snickered. “This is going to be wicked.”

Remus rolled his eyes at his friend. Of course, they would see how they can benefit from this.


Remus knew that this was a horrible idea. A horrible idea on Dumbledore’s part. What was he thinking making Remus a prefect when his closest friends are regular visitors to detention?

His friends couldn’t even take him seriously when Remus would berate them and threaten to take house points. [Name] was the only one to at least look remorseful about pulling pranks.

This year was nothing compared to his previous year. No dates. No snogging and holding hands. No cuddling on the sofa and talking about every topic. Remus should of known that it wouldn’t be better for him. It made things worse when Fabian set his sights back on [Name].


Remus and Lily could hear spells being casted and see it lit up the dark hallways of the castle. They ran towards the action with no idea what to expect with wands ready.

Remus almost dropped his wand at what he witnessed.

Three seventh year Slytherins against two Gryffindors. One that he recognized to be a second year muggleborn and..


She was garuding the younger girl with her wand pointed at the older boys. She was panting and he could tell that she was hurt but he couldn’t pin point where.

Three of the Slytherins was the victim of her powerful Jinx’s. One had boils all over his pale face, one’s legs was collapsed on the ground, as the other one was head was inflated.

Locomotor Wibbly,” [Name] yelled pointing it at the male with the inflated head. He easily blocked it but fired back a powerful dark spell.

Redactum Skullus,” she countered after shielding.

Crucio,” he yelled out.

Protego,” Remus shouted with urgency shielding the two Gryffindors. The alpha in him was livid. Protect was the first thing he was thinking about and defend.

[Name] stared at him with wide eyes.  Cuts on her cheeks and he saw the fear in her eyes. The first time he never saw her brave and fearless.

Remus didn’t bother asking them to put away their wands. Stupefy, he thoughts. He used so much power, that was powered by rage. Only two of them were unconscious. Lily casted a binding spell on the three of them just in case.

“I’ll go get some help,” she tells him. “You watch over them.” Remus watched as she ran off.

Remus through boundaries out the door. “Where are you hurt?” he demanded. His hands cupping her cheeks, forcing her to look at him.

“Just my arm,” she lifted her left arm that had slashes over it. Remus could sense the fear emitting from her. Remus let his alpha take over and wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her towards his chest. She stilled at the sudden contact but finally melted into his touch. He hummed to calm her down and it worked.

“You okay?” she asked the younger girl.

“Yeah, thank—

--filthy mudblood,” of the binded Slytherin hissed. [Name] growled but Remus tighten his hold on her.

Remus, let me go,” she pleaded.

“Don’t feed into it,” he advised her. “You get too riled up easily.” One of the things he loved about her but also made his hair grey early.

“It’s not like I went looking for a fight. They were picking on Allison,” she defended herself.

“The half-breed protecting the mudblood. How cute,” Remus hears behind him.

Remus was ready to defend [Name] but she beat him too it.

“I’m a half-breed, so what? Not much of an insult but a fact, you prat,” she growled. Of course, she embraced it. Remus loved that about her.

Remus lets go of her reluctantly.

“Damn, I’m late,” she mutters to herself.

“For what?”

She hesitated before answering. “I was supposed to meet Fabian for—

Remus couldn’t control the involuntary growl.  “Oh,  Fabian.”

[Name] shoved him. “You do not get to get jealous.”

“I—I am not jealous,” he lied. He knew that she could see through it.

“Really? What the hell is with that growl?” she asked. “You broke up with me.”

“It’s not like I want—,” Remus stopped once hearing the sounds of footsteps coming their way. He thanked Merlin that it was Lily and Dumbledore.


Remus thought that the conversation was over.

Much to his displeasure, it was just rescheduled.

It took one day for her to confront him. She walked into his bedroom without knocking.

“Merlin, give us a warning,” James threw a pillow at her that she easily dodged.

“Are you sure you’re a chaser?” she teased before her face went back to neutral. “I need to talk to Remus alone.”

“Well, tough luck, love. This is our room,” Sirius said not even looking up from his issue of Playboy.

And that was when Remus witnessed [Name] using her ‘Veela’ abilities. Shockingly, he had no effect to it yet the other three was not immune like he was. All three of the boys was entranced and staring at her with glassy eyes.

“Now, can you please leave the room until I asked you to come back in?” she asked, her voice like velvet.

As soon as the door closed, her full attention was on him. Remus really wanted to the floor to swallow him whole instead of be under her scrutiny.

“Let’s continue our conversation,” her voice was stern.

“Please tell me that’s the first time you used that?” he asked her.

He knew that answer as soon as he asked. She answered with a hurt expression. “A few times when alphas can’t take ‘no’ for an answer,” she shrugged. “But the first time I used it on them.”

Remus was just about to ask what alphas cannot take a hint when she held up her hand. “You do not need to know. It was after you broke up with me. Now care to explain why you did if you are still fancy me?”

“I never said—

--oh, so why are you jealous of Fabian?”

“Like I would be jealous of that prat,” Remus snarled. He really hated how smug she was acting, as if she already knew the answer.

She raised an eyebrow at him. “Are you ever gonna tell me why you broke up with me?”

Remus pursed his lips. He remembers this question. His friends asked him that. His parents asked (he gave them the right answer). Hell, every bloke who thought Remus was bloody mad asked why he broke up with her. But he ignored them all.

Merlin, he could still remember the heartbroken expression that [Name] wore that day. The yells asking why. What she did wrong.

Remus suffocated in her restless scent that surrounded him. All the alpha wanted to do is comfort her. Wrap her in his arms and beg for forgiveness. But he’s a coward. He sometimes wonders why he was chosen for this house instead of Hufflepuff (some seem to think he should have been in Ravenclaw instead because of his wit but he can be the most hardworking, loyal, and patient bloke).

Merlin, I’m a coward, he thought.

Look at me,” she demanded. Both of her hands on either side of his cheeks. She lifted his head so that their eyes locked. Blue on [eye color]. Remus reveled in her touch. It felt hot against his skin. She leaned in so that their foreheads touched. Nose bumping against nose.

Bloody hello, forget it. He closed the distance between them. It was innocent at first. Soft lips against his that ignited his body. One of her hands went to his hair, combing through it. He felt her tongue prodding through his closed mouth. Remus parted his lips, inviting her in. He groaned in pleasure at the delicious taste of chocolate. He let her take control—like she always does. She poured everything that needed to be said into that kiss. It was full of passion yet slow and sensual as if they had all the time in the world to not rush a moment like this.

Merlin, how he missed her kisses.

“Why’d you end this, Remus?” she whispered.

“Because I opened my eyes,” he said.

[Name] narrowed her eyes at him. “And please, do tell, what did you see?”

Remus fidgeted under her unwavering stare. “I saw the truth,” he shrugged.

“The truth?”

“You were practically my best friend last year,” he explained. “Yeah, the boys are my best mates but I felt as if with you we can talk about anything and not just about pranking or class. We stayed up all hours of the night talking about my favorite books and poems and your favorite American bands as we listened to a few jazz records.”

“So…I still don’t get it,” she furrowed her eyebrows.

Remus hesitated to clarify. Saying it out loud made him sound mad. His parents understood even if they pitied him because they understood his reason but hated that he had to ignore his own happiness.

“I wanted to end this before this got serious,” he finally said. He could sense the tension increased in the room after that. Anger rolling off her in waves.


“It’s not like I’ve been stringing you along,” he hurried to explain before she let her anger take over. “I just realized how serious this was getting some months ago and realized—

--realized what,” she growled. “That I was falling for you?”

“Yes,” he said. “I forgot myself when I was with you. I had to step back and finally realized that I don’t have the luxury to be courting you.”

[Name] relaxed slightly when hearing his explanation but she was still frowning. “Remus…”

“I realized by the time I turned fifteen some months ago that I have two years left,” he continued. “Two short years until I graduate. Two short years when my name in the Werewolf Registry will be open to the public. I won’t be able to find a decent job. I’ll ruin your reputation because I’m a monster. We can’t even bond and—

--Remus,” [Name] cuts him off. “Merlin, why hell didn’t you say any of this back in May? We could of worked through this.”

“Because I knew that you would have talked me out of it,” he replied.

“Of course, I would have,” she agreed. “We are only fifteen.”

“Yeah, but the rate we were going I figured it would be harder to let you go in a few years,” he explained. “It pretty much broke me to break up with you.”

Remus was rewarded with a pinch to his side.

“What was that for?”

“That was for trying to make me feel bad for you breaking up with me,” she snapped. “How could you even say that? Did you think about how I feel? I might have came off as nonchalant about it a week after our break up but that’s because I just wanted to be around you still, you wanker.”

“Wanker?” he repeated.

“Yes, I have British lingo,” she said. “I can’t believe you.” Remus thought maybe she would have stormed out in anger but he was surprised to feel her lips back on his. [Name] pulled back, a frown still on her face. “How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t care that you’re a werewolf. I knew what I was getting into you when I first asked you out. You can not ruin my reputation. I’m already a half-breed from America. My reputation is already going downhill over hear. Did you forget I was raised to not judge someone by their race? Their blood? That’s pretty insulting for you to think that I would care what others think of me through who I date.”

“We’re not in America where werewolves—

--I know that, Remus, and I don’t care,” she said.

“You know we cannot bond. A werewolf bite has risks—

--Merlin, Remus, we’re only fifteen,” she laughs making a few tears roll down her cheeks. “We’ll cross that bridge when it comes.”

Remus knew telling [Name] the reason behind their break up was a bad idea. Because here she was on her knees in front of him crying while still looking lovely. He knew that she would make this harder on him to give her up. But she was right. They’re only fifteen and Remus wanted to be selfish. He wanted to cherish whatever time they have together. It’s not like they’re going to be bonding soon. Hell, his parents bonded when they were twenty-five.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he whispered, leaning in.

“I do love a challenge,” she jested, partially joking.

Chapter Text


Life after S.H.I.E.L.D went down made people’s trust to the government unlikely. Anyone would be skeptical about a branch in their government that was under a false pretense of security. That they are ruled by HYDRA. The very group that their beloved Captain America was believed to have destroyed. Faith in a few key members SHIELD—Natasha—who leaked all their information on the internet help build the trust back in. It didn’t help when Tony Stark helped awaken a suicidal artificial intelligence. We couldn’t trust the government and the heroes. The icing on the cake was the Sokovian Accords and The Civil War between the teammates.

It took a while but everything was piecing back together. Yes, Captain America and his group are still fugitives but ever since the video of Steve and Bucky ganging up on a grieving Tony and leaving him there for dead, everyone was Team Iron Man.

The New Avengers now included Tony, Peter (on the DL), T’Challa, and Vision. Phil and his little group took refuge occasionally in the Headquarters. Tony amended the accords but Steve and the rest of them were still fugitives since they still broke the law. The only good outcome of this was that General Ross was out of the way (Tony had to do this for himself and Bruce).

Coulson gave them a tip on a Hydra location in the middle of Russia. Someone must have tipped them off since the Hydra soldiers were already ready for battle. It was an easy mission with the help of the X-men. It was close to a mission for both parties. Hydra was experimenting on already feral mutants. The mutants were like Logan aka Wolverine’ mutation but Hydra delved deeper into their DNA by combining it with other animals. 

By the time, they made it into the labs. It was too late. On each table, Phil noticed that each mutant was shot in the head. He was about to leave the room until he heard a growling from the back of the lab. He followed the sound to a too small cage where a black panther stared at him with its golden eyes.

“Are you a failure or…a success?” he asked not suspecting an answer from the feline. The panther narrowed its eyes at the agent. Phil noticed the clipboard hanging on the cage. “[Name] [Last Name]. ‘Mutation Successful’.”

That answered his question.



“Um…” For the first time, Tony was speechless. “Are you trying to win brownie points with T’Challa because of that—right there is cheating, Agent.” He said as eyed the caged panther warily.

“That is a woman,” Phil said. “[Name] [Last Name] is her name. Professor Xavier informed me that she would rather stay in this state until she feels…safe.”

“And yet she’s in the safest place on earth,” Tony said. He crouched down in front of the cage as if he’s speaking to a child. “Aren’t you a cute little kitty,” he said in a baby voice—which Phil showed a surprised expression to.

“Do you want to be killed by a feral panther?” Coulson asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Panther?” A smooth accented voice asked.

“Yes, your country’s mascot,” Tony teased. “And she’s such a cutie pie.”

[name] responded to the billionaire with a growl.

T’challa took a few more steps to get a better look. His expression morphed from surprised to anger. “Why is she in an absurdly small cage? And why is she out of her habitat?”

“Hydra securely locked this cage that even our tech can not—

--your tech is shit,” Tony interrupts. “Roll her into the infirmary.”


“Why would Hydra want her?” T’challa asked as Tony worked on unlocking the cage. The king’s eyes never left the creature. She is a beautiful panther. Pure black, not showing a single leopard spot. The alpha thought it was strange how the creature was emitting an alluring scent. He was starting to question his feral side since it was attracted to the panther.

“She is not just a panther,” Phil answered. “She’s a mutant—a feral mutant like Wolverine. They’ve been testing them with animals and [Name] is the only ‘success’.

“[Name]…” T’challa continues to stare at the feline.

“Okay…” Tony claps his hands to get everyone’s attention. His brown eyes now staring at [Name]’s. “I’m about to unlock this so please, pretty please don’t attack me. Purr if you understand and will not attack my billion-dollar face.”

She narrows her eyes at the billionaire before huffing and brings herself into a fetal position.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Tony mutters before finally unlocking the cage. He slowly backed away as the door slid open.

“Can you walk?” T’challa asked her. She peered over her shoulder, staring at the alpha before huffing. “Are you too tired too?” that earned himself a nod. The king turned to his friend/ally and asked him,” Do you have a room for her to recover in?”

“Of course.”


When T’challa returned to [Name]’s room, he noticed that she has finally left the cage. She was now sprawled over the king-sized bed facing the door. Her [eye color] eyes scrutinizing the king.

“I brought you clothes to change into when you decide to…alter back,” he explained. He sat the sweatshirt and pants on the sofa. T’challa knew that he should leave but there was a pull to [name] that made the idea irrelevant. He cleared his throat before asking, “May I keep you company?”

She answered with a sigh. T’challa thought it would be best to stay in his current position so he would alarm her. “My name is… T’challa. I’m from Wakanda.” She finally gave him her attention. “May I sit?” [Name] nods.

T’challa rung his hands, not knowing what else to say to fill the silence. He’s more of a word of few words. He thought it would be best not to mention his royal status to make her feel comfortable around him. He didn’t bother concealing his scent to ease her. She didn’t seem to be on edge with him or his dynamic.

T’challa observed the bedroom. It was sparse of decoration. The bedroom only consisted of a large bed, a sofa, and a dresser.

“Have you eaten?” she answered with a nod.

For the first time since he enrolled at Oxford, he was nervous. Nervous from being in the same room as her. He knew that she is an Omega. It was obvious with her alluring scent. Tony didn’t pick up on it since his abilities were not as superior as the Black Panther.

“I apologize if this makes you uncomfortable but I adore your form,” he said, his eyes on his fidgeting hands. He can hear [Name] shift a bit on the bed so that her whole body is facing him. “That sounded odd. I meant your appearance. My country we worship the Panther.”

And that was how the King of Wakanda gave [Name] a history lesson of his country and their religion. T’challa thought she would have dozed off but she was actually interested. Name sat up, her [eye color] eyes focused on him, ears perked up listening to every detail. When she changed positions, her scent wafted toward him making him restrain the feral side of him. He noticed her whiskers twitched when he mentioned a Panther Goddess. 

It became a regular routine between the two. Every day for the past week, T’challa visited [Name] she recovered. She was still in her feral feline form but T’Challa was not complaining. He found her appearance striking.  After a couple of days, he asked her if he could pet her. He didn’t say it in those words.

“May I touch you?” he asked. She narrowed her eyes at him. He could sense her anxiety spike. “I apologize, that is an odd request.”

There was a beat of silence before [Name] laid on her side, eyes still watching him. T’challa took that as a yes, so he slowly brushed his fingers against her black fur. As his fingers combed through her fur, his eyes remained locked with hers. T’challa couldn’t explain why but this felt like the most intimate moment that he has ever experienced.

T’challa knew the relationship between them was stronger than it should have been. He felt the bond his feral Alpha side felt towards the Omega hybrid.

That’s what made it difficult for him to leave for Wakanda. As soon as he left the compound, he missed her presence.



Tony knew he must be hearing things. He’s sleep deprived, that had to be it. If it wasn’t the Accords then it was the new design for Rhodey’s prosthetic legs. So he ignored the sounds when he made his way to the kitchen. He was planning on making a sandwich.

“Is there a stray cat hanging around here?” Rhodey asked. He was sitting at the island in the kitchen sipping on coffee as he read the newspaper.

“I thought I was the only one hearing it,” Tony said with a frown. “We do have large feline on the premises but I don’t think they mewl like kittens.”

“Should we check on her?” Rhodey asked. “When was the last time anyone checked on her since T’challa left?”

Tony hesitated before answering. He didn’t think much of her since FRIDAY hasn’t bothered him about her. He recalled T’challa saying that she still hasn’t altered back to her human form. Slightly ashamed that he hasn’t checked on his recovering guest, he finally replied, “I’ve been cooped up in the workshop all—

“—well, go check on her,” Rhodey demanded.

Tony dragged his feet as he made his way to the guest room. He sipped on his coffee as he rounded the corner where he heard the mewling become louder. Tony was starting to question if panthers actually did meow. 

He knocked on the door. “[Name]?” the meowing stopped. “Warning, kitten, I’m coming in.”

Tony dropped his coffee as soon as he entered the bedroom (he’ll cry about that later). The billionaire was expecting to see a ready to pounce black panther but instead in the mass of blankets was a black cat.


“It seems that Miss [Name] has altered her appearance because of the loss of King T’Challa, Boss,” the A.I answered.

“Huh.” So, she doesn’t only change into a feral panther but an adorable (he will deny that he ever used that word) cat.

They were at a standstill. The cat watching him with narrowed, skeptical eyes as Tony observed her with curious brown ones.

T’challa has become an ally of his so Tony thought he should attempt to befriend this feline.

“So,” he clapped his hands. “I’m going to go get a new cup of joe. You coming?”

He was not expecting for her to actually follow. Tony thought she would ignore him and he would shrug and say that he tried and walk off. But the mutant followed silently to the kitchen with him.

Tony watched her with no subtly. He was intrigued by her.

“So,” he started. “Can you change into other animals? I don’t want to piss myself if you turn to a Bengal tiger randomly.” The billionaire swears he saw her rolls her eyes at him. “So…do you like Van Halen?”


It took about twenty minutes for [Name] to calm down when Tony suddenly grabbed her in the lab. She was already antsy by being in his workshop but being grabbed without warning did not help. She didn’t even appear apologetic about the scratches on the engineer’s arms.

“Not the first time a woman scratched me full of passion,” he teased.

But as soon as he had F.R.I.D.A.Y blasted Van Halen through the speakers, he thought with her sensitive cat ears she would screech at the heavy metal but instead, she became more relaxed. Tony took it as her being a fan of the classics and had his A.I make his top playlists. He continued with his holograms of his blueprints of the Iron Man. Sometimes he would lower the volume so he can explain what he was doing. He figured he could calm her down like T’Challa by talking. Of course, he is not going to talk about his childhood like the former but he the billionaire can ramble about anything—especially when it comes to science.

He didn’t take notice until it was too late that [Name] was becoming comfortable around him. For days, he would visit her room and lead her to his workshop. She was a nice companion. Always listening with no spoken judgments. He didn’t think about what would happen when she goes back to normal. It was just nice to have someone around besides Rhodey (who reminds him of how much it’s his fault he’s hardly able to walk).

It was a week later when T’Challa returned. He came with company. He came with his own black cat with a beautifully decorated collar. He stopped in his tracks when he saw a similar cat rested on the billionaire’s lap. Tony was on his Starkpad. He finally lifted his eyes and grinned at the king.

“Ah, you brought a friend for Salem,” he said. He looked down at his cat. “You like that name? Aw, come on. That’s a good name. You scratched Vader, Bellatrix, Padfoot.”

“How about Ebony?” T’challa offered. The cat meowed in response. “I’ll take that as a yes. Tony, when did you acquire a cat?”

Tony smirked in response. “This little fine feline is [Name],” he said much to T’challa surprise. “I think she missed you. She’s acting a bit shy now. But as soon as you left she shrank into a kitty cat. Took her a while to warm up to me.”

T’challa schooled his expression. He didn’t need Tony to notice the jealousy he was feeling over a cat in his lap. But this is not just a cat. This is [Name]. The king released his own companion and let her roam around. “This is Zuri.”

“Zuri? Cute name,” Tony said. He lifted a finger for the cat. She sniffed his finger before letting the billionaire pet her head. T’challa knew he liked Tony for a reason. He knows how to treat a cat.

“I’m more of a cat person than a dog person,” Tony said as if he read the king’s mind. “Cats are a bit more independent and knowing how little care I take of myself, that’s what I need.”

[Name] leaped from Tony’s leap. She made her way over to the King. T’challa was lucky that Zuri was not in the territorial mood. She rubbed herself against his ankles. “Can I pick you up?”

She responded with a ‘meow’.

T’challa smiled as he bent down to hold her.



It became a regular accordance over the past week. While he is happy that [Name] is becoming more comfortable with him, he misses her other form. T’challa longed to see her as a panther even if he would be able to hold her. 

Tony thought it would be amusing to have a movie night and watch Lion King. T’challa had no problem with it. He adores the movie. He was on his way to [Name]’s room when he heard rustling and then a, “Ah!”

T’challa didn’t bother knocking. He rushed into the room and froze as he locked eyes with [Eye colored] eyes. While the eyes were still similar to a feline’s with a vertical pupil everything else was different.  Beautiful [Skin color] skin and [type of hair] that he longed to touch. He shook his head. This was not the time to be lusting the woman in front of her so obviously. He berated the alpha inside of him. T’challa had to figure out why instead of a black cat or panther there is a human in front of him.

Chapter Text


Steve couldn’t help but be fidgeting with excitement. Nervousness but still excited. Yeah, he was still a bit depressed over his conflict with Tony and what trouble he caused for the rest of his comrades over his mate. But the happiness the coursed through his body ignored those feelings.

He finally has his mate. Well, his other mate.

He has his Bucky back.

But then something in the back of his mind prodded through those happy thoughts.


His sweet little Omega who is in their safe house. She probably doesn’t know about him bringing in his first mate. Steve couldn’t even fathom how she would react. [Name] was a SHIELD agent. She was actually the top agent next to Natasha and Clint but retired after bonding with Steve and settled down. She actually lived in the Avengers’ Headquarters but after him being a wanted fugitive he sent her one last message weeks ago to head towards the Safehouse.

As the others went to Wakanda for safe haven, Steve, James, and Clint went to find [Name]. He had no safe way of communicating her just in case Ross was looking for her to get to him. They could have easily kept surveillance on her. It was when he gotten a mysterious message sent by mail of all things (how could she knew where he was since they were always moving) with coordinates in it.

Over the few weeks , Bucky started to ask questions about their third. Steve was relieved that Bucky didn’t go ‘Alpha Male’ over him bonding with another. They are both alphas and talked about having a third in their relationship with Peggy (even though she’s was a beta). But [Name] is a total stranger to him. They haven’t agreed on this decision together so the thought of them not getting along scared Steve to death.

“[Name], huh?” Bucky said. It’s been a week after busting the others out of prison. Both of them in one of the old Hydra safe houses in Bulgaria. Steve’s head snapped up at the sound of his mate’s name. Bucky chuckled at Steve’s reaction. “Yeah, punk, I know ‘bout her.”

The flush of pink sprouted over his shameful face. Steve was not ashamed of [Name] but more nervous of how Bucky would react and that he hasn’t thought of her at all over the last week. His focus directed mostly on Bucky and his memories. They came and went every day.

“Since the agent’s and Hydra soldiers’ information is for the world to see, it is pretty easy to know her background,” Bucky explained. “I looked you up first and then it showed who you was bonded too.” Steve still sat in silence fidgeting. “I’m not mad. Tell me about her. Well, what her file doesn’t say.”

A smile widened onto his face. “God, you would think I have a type,” he smiled.

“She’s a spunky one then?” Bucky always joked that Steve had a type since both Bucky and Peggy kept him on his toes.

“Fiesty. Called her a dame and she didn’t let me get away with it,” he laughed recalling her pinning him to the ground. “She’s an amazing cook. With my appetite, she knows how to fill it. Loves to tease me. Took me by surprise to find out she was an omega.”

“Does she know ‘bout me?” Bucky asked.

“Yeah,” he mutters.

“You think…she’ll like me?” Bucky asked.

“Honestly? I told her all the stories about you in the past. I don’t know how she’ll react to how you are now,” he said. “She’ll accept you. She has her own past since she was in the Black Widow Program like Natasha. I just don’t know if she would want…a bonding.”

“I told you—

--I don’t want to give you up,” Steve growled. They had this talk once before and ended up with both the alphas trying to challenge each other.

Bucky sighed. “What will you do if she doesn’t want to bond with me? Who’ll you choose?”

Steve couldn’t answer to that. He didn’t have an answer. He loved you both equally and it would kill him to choose. He loved the different things about you two. Yeah, you and Bucky had your similarities but there was also the differences that he loved, too.

“Ya ready?” Bucky asked him as they made their way to the front door of the cottage.

Before Steve could reply, the door opened revealing the last person he expected.

“It took you guys almost three weeks to finally come here?” Natasha shook his head at them with disappointed.


“Who else came? Wilson? The ant guy? King T’Challa?” Bucky said laced with sarcasm. The place didn’t look big enough for more than three at the very most. Adding three more? That’s just pushing it.

“They take fashionably late to a whole ‘nother level,” [Name] said. Steve instantly shoved past Clint and engulfed her into his arms. His hands roaming over her body as his chin scent her.

“Get a room,” Clint calls out.

“We will. And we’ll be there all night and morning,” she purred. “But you deserve punishment.”

“For what?” he raised an eyebrow at her.

“I’ve been lonely,” she pouted. “Natasha only came two weeks ago. Meaning you left me here alone with BJ here.” She points over at the German Shepard who was now growling at the new intruder, Bucky. [Name]’s eyes then went to the assassin. Her eyes never wavering from his cold stare. “We name our dog after you. So you’re now Bucky Senior and this is Junior.”

“Missed me that much?” Bucky teased Steve.

“Yes, and Now I’ve met the famous James Buchannan Barnes,” she said with a wide smile. “hopefully, he mentioned me? I’m [Name].”

“Hi,” he said.


Steve waited until he was alone with [name] to have the long awaited talk about Bucky.

They both was in their shared bedroom. She was in her night clothes with her hair in a messy bun and a face mask.

“[Name]…” he started.

“Steve,” she mimics.

“About Bucky.”

“So I’m assuming that even though he lost his memories…he wants to stay bonded with you?” she asked. Steve nodded. “Okay…and is he okay with me?”

“Are you okay with him?” he asked her. His heart racing with anticipation at what her answer could be. She seemed relaxed with Bucky at dinner but maybe because she had three other ex-agents with her just in case he loses control.

“Well, it's not like I am going to just jump him just because he’s your bonded mate,” she said with an eye roll. “It does help that he’s impossibly handsome.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Impossibly handsome?” he smirked at her.

“Very rugged,” she joked. Steve didn’t care that she had a clay mask on. He snaked his arm around her waist, pulling her against him. He pressed his lips against hers.

“I missed you,” he said hoarsely. [Name] being the minx that she is, ground into his groin causing him to growl seductively.

“Missed you, too,” she said. She bit his lip earning her another growl.

“So are you okay with Bucky? You would get to know him?”

“Yeah, yeah, Steve,” she pushed him back into the bed. “How ‘bout we make up for lost time?”

Bucky woke up to the smell of a familiar dessert. He couldn’t place it as he sat up on the couch. It was not even sunrise yet and whoever was cooking such a delicious dessert/breakfast must of woke up at least five in the morning to prepare it. The aroma brought back memories of home. A faint memory of his Ma flashed before him along with his little sister.

He made sure that his footsteps were faint as he made his way to the kitchen.

Bucky couldn’t savor the time of watching [Name] for that long since she caught him as soon as he stepped into the kitchen.

“I use to be an agent,” she said. Her smile causing warmth spread over his body. “It’s pretty hard for anyone to sneak up on me.”

His blue eyes went towards the table. They widened at the sight of them. His mouth watered as the aroma wrapped around him along with Steve’s Omega which was alluring as ever.

“I only know a few Italian dishes,” she explained. “Thought it could be a welcoming breakfast for you. They’re pretty sweet. I have a sweet tooth,” she laughed nervously. Bucky thought it was pretty shocking of how…normal she seemed since she was a former agent. Especially one who was with Black Widow years ago.

“Also…some Russian one’s that you might like. Natasha loves these,” she pulls out a pan of Vatrushki.

“You must be quite the cook, huh?” he asked her.

“No, not much time when you’re an agent,” she shrugged. “But once I settled down with Steve I thought I should at least be the 1920s Omega—well at least one trait of that—by learning how to cook.”

“He is lucky, huh?”

She smiled at his comment. “Apparently, you are, too,” she hinted. His cheeks reddened. He coughed awkwardly not knowing what to say to that. “Unless Steve got the wrong message?”

“No,” he said abruptly. “I…just didn’t know if you wanted that. He didn’t necessarily have time to ask you while we were on the run.”

“He did,” [Name] said. “About two years ago, after the D.C incident, he asked me.”

Of course, Steve would. He just assumed that he would find Bucky and have him back easily. He was right of course since it’s only been a little over two years to have his Bucky in his life again. “Now that Steve isn’t here to give you his famous puppy eyes to convince you against your will…honestly, do you want me as your third?”

Bucky finally locked eyes with her, never wavering.


Chapter Text

During Dinner that day, Steve gave good news to the ex-agents. He meant to tell them previously but being around (Name) distracted the captain.

“King T’Challa offered us a sanctuary for the time being,” Steve explained. “Scott, Wanda, and Sam are waiting for us.”

[Name] smiled. “This king is a generous man to help us.”

“Also handsome,” Natasha added with a wink.

Steve explained that T’Challa was paying a debt for his guilt after finding out that Bucky was innocent.

“Not the only time we’ve been mooching off a billionaire. I guess we’re a magnet for them,” she joked. The omega then sensed the tension risen in the dining room. She figured mentioning Tony would be a risk at a few insult of her friend but she didn’t think it would be like this. She sighed. She knew that the group may have had a few issues with Tony since they did fight at the airport.  “What’s the problem?”

“Besides him throwing me in an underground jail in the middle of bumfuck ocean?” Clint snarled. Steve was about to reprimand the beta over his language but decided against it. Clint’s anger was warranted.

His senses perked as he realized a certain scent wafted from his bonded mate. He could feel an underlining emotion through the bond. But she did not crack under her façade. [Name] sipped her tea with ease. Natasha rose an eyebrow. Being the closest to her out of the group, she could easily read the omega (which sometimes get to Steve).


Being pumped with the serum gave James more heightened abilities adding to his alpha senses. So, he could already sense the tension in the room at the mention of Stark. But to his astonishment, he also noted the contempt that [name]  held in after Clint spoken. James watched the omega closely. He was always the one to be alert—especially when it comes to enigmas such as Natasha and now [Name]. The Winter Solider realized quickly that [Name] felt no dislike for Stark.

[Name] finally lifted her eyes from her cup. “I realize that putting you in such a place was uncalled for since it was for those with supernatural abilities—,” she was cut off with a snarl. It seemed that her words were wrong for Clint. He instantly rose and leaned over the small wooden table. His eyes glaring holes into the ex-agent. James had to hand it to [Name]. He was impressed that she didn’t even flinch at the sudden reaction. It was as if she expected it. She leaned back in her chair and waited.

“So it was okay for Wanda to be in there?” he asked, not really looking for an answer “Did you think it was okay for her to be locked up in the compound?”

“Yes,” she said easily. James watched as Steve gaped at his omega. “More to the second question but being a criminal—a fugitive—with her abilities that would be the perfect place for her. This conversation wouldn’t even exist if she was a ‘bad guy’—,”

--but she’s not,” Clint insisted.

[Name] sighed again, clearly annoyed that she was not getting through Clint. “Did you forget that she killed and injured people—in a country that she had no permission to be in—that made the Accords possible? I’m surprised that this didn’t happen sooner.”

“It was an accident,” Steve said.

“Yes, of course, but that doesn’t mean she gets a slap on the wrist,” she retorted. “You guys are quick to blame Tony but it was actually Vision and my idea to keep her on the compound.”

What?” Steve growled.

Not fazed by his anger she nodded her head. “Lagos' citizens wanted her head on a spike,” Natasha snorted at her reference to Game of Thrones. No wonder Tony liked keeping her around. Over serious conversation, she added a slight humor to it to ease the tension. Of course, the one who understood was herself and Clint. “Look, I know you guys have a soft spot for the kid. But she’s  a full grown dangerous woman show should not have been on the field. She has no control over her powers, so why was she there? She has no training with being in a team or any covert missions. Yeah, she helped save the world with Ultron after she helped ‘create’ him.”

“Create him? Tony was the one to do that but you don’t see us throwing him in the jail cell,” Clint said.

“I love how all of your blame shift to Tony,” her voice went dangerously low. James figured that [Name] must have been close to Stark if she keeps defending him like this. He wondered how she would react to the information of him killing his parents and leaving him for dead in Siberia. James wondered if Steve would ever admit to it seeing how defensive the omega is over Stark. “Not the ex-hydra affiliated woman who put that in his mind.”

“What are you talking about?” Steve asked.

“He told me once over a drink that she put this irrational fear in his mind. she played on his fears and instead of ignoring it and followed through with the plan,” [Name] explained. “He also did not create Ultron. He was in that scepter the whole time. Stark being a scientist was curious and put his nose where it didn’t belong. And he did get reprimanded for it. While you ran back to your family and Stevie, Sam, and Nat went on the hunt for Hydra agents, I was there with our scapegoat. He paid for the damages that Wanda caused from helping Ultron and causing the Hulk to appear. But you don’t see us batting an eye at that. You welcomed that woman with open arms after the destruction she caused.” 

“He could be lying,” Clint cried out.

“Why would he? She’s already played with our minds. So why not Tony’s? I even confronted her about it the next day and she didn’t deny it,” she said.

Steve's eyes widened at his mate. “You…don't like Wanda?” Really? That’s what he got from this conversation?

“I never did,” she shrugged. “And before you go ‘Captain America’ on me by saying we all have a past and blah, blah, blah, I understand. I’m not judging her for it. I have a past, too. But I am judging her for still holding this blame over Tony for what happened when she was a child. We can forgive and forget what she’s done only done a year ago, but she can’t forget Stark's for what happened over a decade ago? I call that being a hypocrite. And he didn’t even bomb her country. It was Stane but did she want to hear it? No.”

Clint snorted. James knew that she had a point. That even Clint was starting to realize it but was too stubborn to roll over. “Next, you’re going to say you agree with the accords.”

“Sorry, love, but I do,” she said with a humorless smirk. Steve was ready to go on his tirade of not putting the team in the hands of the government but [Name] beat him to it. “Steve, I love you but your paranoia is a turn-off.  I understand your comprehension with following Stark in signing it and after what happened with SHIELD. The accords were not perfect but I agree with the overall concept. We cannot just travel to any country, fight crime, and leave the mess for them to deal with—for Tony to deal with. But there is a thing called compromise.”

“But they were going to kill Bucky,” he snarled.

“To my understanding, once they captured James—a suspect—they do what any normal person would do to an enhanced person,” [Name] said. “Of course, it went to waste after the whole Zemo incident but you should have realized the consequence of helping a fugitive while fighting law enforcement. Look, I’m tired of this conversation since I realize you or Clint won’t get your heads out your asses to understand that we should not be blameless in this. So that’s the end of the conversation.”


“I guess the plane ride to Wakanda will be awkward,” Natasha broke the silence. After dinner was over, [Name] decided it would be best to calm herself alone.

“Did you know about her not liking Wanda?” Steve asked the redhead. She nodded.

“It was pretty obvious. It was half the reason why she spent most of her time at the Stark Tower,” she said.

“And the other half?”

“Her friendship with Stark,” she replied.

“Is that what that’s called?” Clint snorted. “More like ass-kissing.”

“She respects Stark,” Natasha said as she shot a look at Clint. “It started with feeling grateful to him when he gave us a home after the Battle of New York. She started to realize that—in her words—the ‘real’ Tony Stark is a respectable, complex, yet kind man. She was not in love with him, so Steve you don’t have to worry. But if she was not bonded to you, I’m 100 percent sure that she would have stayed at the compound with him.”

Steve growled mostly to himself not liking this hold that Tony has over his omega. He always felt a bit uncomfortable with her visiting the Stark Tower frequently but she shrugged it off to being bored the compound.

“Bet her mind would switch when she finds out he’s a double crosser and took Bucky’s arm off,” Clint commented.

Dread washed over him. The only ones to fully understand what happened between the three was Bucky and himself and Tony.

“Yeah, I wonder what her reaction would be if she finds out what happened in that bunker,” Bucky finally spoken. His sentence holding more weight to it. Steve avoided looking at him. [Name] wouldn’t leave him (he hopes) but she might have hurt him or given him the silent treatment for a few weeks. The blonde already couldn’t fathom [Name]’s thoughts on Wanda and the accords.


The last two days have been anything but pleasant. [Name] hardly spoken to Steve and Clint. It was difficult for one to avoid the other in the cramped cottage. Luckily today was the day that the Dora milaje would pick them up and bring them to Wakanda. The car ride and the flight were as silent as ever.

“Welcome to Wakanda,” The group was greeted as soon as they entered the castle-like estate. [Name] had to admit. The king is quite handsome and became instantly sexier with his accent.

“Thank you for having us,” Steve said.

“Your highness, thank you for letting me stay in not only your home but your country. I am very grateful,” [Name] said full of sincerity.

“I understand the importance of a bond mate,” he said. “You need to not thank me.” His eyes then scanned over the group. “I prepared your rooms. You and Rogers will be sharing, yes?”

“And Bucky,” Steve added. The king rose his eyebrow.

[Name] rolled her eyes at her alpha. “I’ve only met him two days ago,” she said to him. “I think he would like his own room for sanctuary.”

James nodded. He could feel the puppy eyes looking at him as if he betrayed him by wanting his own room.


Days passed. Sam and Clint easily got along and made themselves at home. Wanda sulked. Steve pouted every time he glanced at [Name]. Natasha only stood there as a spectator.

But to his surprise, James grew closer to [Name]. And it happened over an accident.

It was the first night staying in Wakanda. It came to no shock that James would have a nightmare. He would be lucky if he would go at least one day a week without waking up to the memory of killing one of the many people he’s killed over the decades.

What he didn’t expect is to wake up his hand wrapped around [Name]’s neck. Luckily for her, his metal arms were gone. His grasp loosened as he blinked a couple time through his haze. James realized that he was straddling his friend’s girl with his hand around her neck.

“Shit, I’m so sorry,” he apologized.

She forced a smile. “I should apologize. I’m the one who entered at my own risk.” She rubbed her neck. He was about to turn on the lamp but she stopped him. “I Heard some of your screens when I was walking by. You don’t have to tell me what your dreams are about, but I like to be here until you calm down.  I have this whole omega trait that can comfort almost any off. I heard great reviews from Steve.”

 James smiled. “you don’t have to,” he mutters. His voice still laced with sleepiness.

“Lucky for you I want to,” she said.  James waited with anticipation. “This could help us become a bit closer since Steve really wants to push us together,” she added it in a joking manner. “Now lay down,” he obliged.

She rested her hand against his chest, laid out over his’s racing heart.  She finally laid down beside him.  Her head rested on his shoulder with her nose against his neck.  Her lips hovering over his unbonded scent glands.

“ You don’t think Steve would get mad?”

“ I think he would be jealous that we didn’t invite him,” she joked. In just when he was about to question her abilities, a sudden warm wrapped around him and the comforting embrace.  As he inhaled her scent, it filled him up and his inner Alpha purred with delight.

 This became a habit over the last few days.  Steve, of course, brought it up one day and even asked if he can join. James still felt guilty for rejecting his offer.  It’s not like he didn’t want Steve to be there, but he needed things between himself and [name] to happened gradually and unforced with Steve encouraging eyes on them. His nightmares never went away, of course, but he would always wake up in the morning with less apprehension and more contentment with her in his arm.

 It was finally evening. After the work out with Steve, he decided to take a nice cool shower. Much to his pleasure as he left the bathroom, he sees [Name] already waiting for him in his bed.

“ You are here early,”  he commented.  She shrugged.  James noticed the mischievous look in her eyes that she held.  He knew she was up to something. “Something you’ll like to say?”

“not yet,” she said. “wanted to surprise you since I’ve gotten Steve’s permission.”  That only heightened his curiosity even more.  But she’s not wanting to crack so we didn’t even bother questioning her.

“So are you ever going to go back asleep with Steve,” he asked as he crawled into bed with her.

“don’t worry. We had make up sex two days ago,” she retorted. “Don’t fret, I would love to take you out for a spin but after we get to know each other a little more.” James honestly did not know what to say to that.

“ So what was the surprise that got you’ve permission from Steve?” P noticed through her intoxicating scent that her mood went from playful to a more alluring emotion.

“ I told him I will like would like to move forward into our relationship.  We can still be sleeping buddies but I will also have to ask information to neck like teenagers.”

 James couldn’t help but smile at the woman in his arm.  She is full of surprises. “Neck?”

“Make out, tongue hockey-- whatever works for you,” she shrugged.  That is when he realized that she was waiting for his permission.  Steve use to reminisce about him being more of a womanizer in the past, but seeing how he was reacting now with the beautiful woman in his arms all he could do was nod happily.

 She grinned. “You’re in control,” she said before pressing her lips to his. It started with a peck. James leaned back in. He wracked his brain with any memory information on how to kiss a woman but nothing came up. Sensing his apprehension, she said, “just feel,” before returning her lips back against his. He obliged. If she wants him to be in control then control he’ll be. She parted her mouth and James took advantage.

they moved in perfect synch. His hand tightened in grasp on her hip as hers wasted no time with exploring his torso. He pulled her closer. Their pelvis grind against each other. He growled in delight at her moans and arousal scent. His fingers became curious. They went under her silk came and brushed against her bare back. he noted with approval at her lack of bra. His lips parted from hers and continued with open mouth kisses over her jaw and neck. He deeply inhaled at her bonded scent gland and groaned at the mixed scent of Steve’s and hers. Surprised at his own control, he wanted to do nothing more than claim her. But he pushed her back. smirked when she whined.