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Hot Tea

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Phoenix thought his office door might come clean off its hinges as it gave way to the elements - namely a very angry prosecutor who somehow managed to look threatening in lace.

"Hi, honey!" Phoenix greeted him with a playful grin on his face, leaning back in his chair with his arms up behind his head to look as relaxed as possible. The sudden entry might have startled him had he not heard the aggressive footsteps approaching and had he not expected them. He knew the pet name would only cause his lover more irritation, but he just couldn't help pushing this man's buttons.

"Don't give me that, Wright!" Miles snapped, face apparently trying to match the color of his suit. "Where is it?!"

Phoenix arched an eyebrow at a snail's pace, mindful of every millimeter. "Huh? Afraid I don't know what you're talking about, babe."

"Stop that!" Miles pounded his fist against the desk, scattering pens and loose paperclips everywhere. "Did you think I wouldn't notice it was missing?! I cannot believe you stole an entire case of tea!"

Phoenix couldn't help it. His facade cracked and he started laughing. "Do you have any idea how ridiculous you look storming in here like a hurricane and yelling about tea? And especially after what you let me do to you last night! Sorry, sugar, you're just not scary anymore."

The crimson in his cheeks only grew more vivid, and Phoenix actually began to worry he might have an aneurism. Maybe he was taking this a tiny bit too far, but hopefully the payoff would be worth it.

Miles stood there with his hands on the desk, his teeth bared, and his eyes blazing hot fury for several seconds, taking rapid, angry breaths. Then, he unclenched his jaw, took in a deep breath, and stood up straight. "Wright." He was trying to regain his composure, but his voice conveyed his strained patience and his words were clipped. "Just tell me where you've hidden it. If you do so, I will forget this ever happened. I suggest you do not test my mood any further, as being denied my morning tea has left me mildly ill-tempered."

"Oh, dear lord!" Phoenix remarked, waving his hand in front of his face. "That's 'mildly' ill-tempered? I better make sure I don't really make you angry or you might melt my face off with laser vision or something."


"Okay okay!" Phoenix held up a hand, unable to keep himself from laughing a little. Miles was just so damn adorable when he got worked up like this! Now sure, his righteous anger could be quite frightening, and even this might've intimidated Phoenix once upon a time, before he'd seen the man beneath the heavy suit and frills. Miles Edgeworth wasn't scary at all: he was adorable and hot and sexy and couldn't get enough of Phoenix's cock! "I'll tell you what: You spend a little quality time with me here at the office, and I'll tell you where I hid your precious tea."

Miles' expression slowly morphed from anger to astonishment, then to pure indignation. "Wright, are you extorting me?!"

Phoenix finally sat forward in his chair, smirking at his lover. "Yes, Edgeworth, I'm holding your tea hostage for sexual favors. Going to have me arrested?" Games were nothing new to the two of them, and he had expected that - by now - Miles would no longer be surprised that he liked to play dirty.

The color in Miles' cheeks had started to fade, but it was coming back with a vengeance now. "I-- You-- Well I never-- This--"

Okay, maybe just one more button. "What's that, muffin? Can't quite make out what you're saying."

For an instant, Phoenix thought he was about to be tackled to the ground and throttled. Miles had opened his mouth and started to lean forward, obviously on the verge of snapping and shouting at him, but a sound from the hallway surprised them both and made him freeze.

"Hey! You in there, pal!? I got a bone to pick with you!"

Oh, this was priceless! He and Miles had been going out - or rather, staying in and fucking until they could no longer move - for two months now, and Miles was still insisting that they keep their relationship private. He had good points, of course, because Miles always had good reasons for any decision he made. It was primarily to avoid negative press that could ruin their careers, because not only were they both men and such a thing still attracted bigots, but they stood on the opposite sides of a courtroom. Their activities would be under major scrutiny and a goldmine for celebrity gossips and tabloids.

Therefore, the fact that Detective Gumshoe was about to burst through that door perfectly explained the look of abject horror on Miles' face.

"Hide!" Phoenix hissed. Miles' gaze darted around, and then he turned into a red streak, almost knocking Phoenix over as he dived underneath the desk. A sudden urge to start giggling madly came over the attorney, but he managed to suppress it as Gumshoe came stomping through the open door.

What an unmitigated disaster!

Miles brooded as he sat curled up in a ball under Wright's desk while the detective ranted and raved about something asinine. This was all Wright's fault, the impish fiend! That was the last time he allowed this man to roam about his apartment unchecked!

Oh, and this was just great! As if his mood wasn't foul enough already - what with having been deprived of the soothing aroma and stimulating caffeine tea provided and having to listen to Gumshoe talk - they were apparently doing renovations on the hotel across the street. He already had a headache from said caffeine depletion, but the grating sound of power tools and the other two men shouting over them was surely going to cause his brain to start oozing out of his ears! When this was over, he was going to cut Gumshoe's salary in half and break Wright's arm!

...He needed to calm down... He knew his level of anger was unreasonable, but without his creature comforts, it was much more difficult to control his emotions. Mind over matter - that was what he kept telling himself repeatedly. He just had to take deep breaths, cool off, and ignore everything around him...


Wright had wheeled his chair up closer to the desk, completely blocking him in while he rifled through some papers and talked with the detective. He always tended to sit with his legs splayed more than most when he had the space to do so, and Miles could gage that there was just enough space between them for the devious plot that was formulating in his head.

So... Wright wanted pleasure in exchange for the return of his specially imported case of tea? Fine then! He would have it!

Smirking merely at the thought of his revenge plan, Miles crept forward carefully and sat on his heels. Wright didn't seem to notice him, that was, until he reached up to begin unbuttoning and unzipping the cheap blue suit pants. He saw the attorney glance down in brief shock, and then--

"Something wrong, pal?"

Wright flinched and looked back up, his face starting to gain some excess color. "Er, no! No, nothing. Just, uh... thought I dropped something."

"Oh, yeah, I know the feeling, believe me! Things are always falling off my desk. I swear my stuff has a mind of its own sometimes!"

"Mm-hm..." This was all Wright could muster, as Miles had wasted no time in fishing his member out of the gap in his boxers, and the attorney was having to bite his lip to keep in his reactions. Oh, this was going to be perfect!

Miles stroked his thumbs along the underside and felt the large phallus begin to harden in his hands. He was doing this as payback, but the sight and feel of it was making his mouth water. It was just as well: if he was going to do this, he might as well enjoy it beyond the trouble it was going to cause his lover. As he leaned forward, a hand snatched his hair by the roots and tried to hold him back, but he wasn't having it. Continuing to lean in hurt, but he endured and got his lips on hot skin.

"Seriously, pal, you okay? You're looking kinda' red. You aren't gonna' have a stroke on me, are you?"

"Grk... N-no, I am not about to have a stroke!" Phoenix exclaimed, clearly trying to distract himself from the languid kisses Miles was trailing along and around his length, soon adding his tongue for strategic licks. Miles Edgeworth knew his talents, and this was one of them. "I'm a perfectly healthy twenty-six-year-old man. It's just... gnnh... a-a little warm in here."

Miles was actually grateful for the construction across the street at this point, because what he was doing wasn't exactly silent. He licked along the underside, swirled his tongue a few times around the head, and then took it between his lips. His tongue kept working and he applied some hard, rapid suction, channeling his frustrating into the act. Wright's legs were quivering with the strain of holding in his reactions.

"Yeah, I guess it is a bit toasty in here," the detective was saying. "Why not just turn up the air conditioner?"

"P-power bill," was all Wright managed to force out past his clenched jaw as Miles slid his mouth further onto the shaft, still sucking fiercely. He allowed his top teeth to graze ever so lightly, just enough to make his lover flinch.

"Phew, yeah! I tell ya, pal, I don't know what I'd do if I didn't live just a hop, skip, and a jump from Guard Lake. Nothing like a nice dip on a hot day after the power company decides not to send anymore 'final notices', ya know?"

"Uh... Y-yeah, exactly!" The head was in his throat now, and Miles was taking fast, deep breaths through his nose to keep himself from choking. He had a personal goal to get this man's entire length in his mouth some day, but it probably wouldn't be today. He had a different goal in mind for now, and he was very glad Detective Gumshoe was so thick; he wouldn't have risked doing this if it had been anyone else on the other side of the backboard concealing him.

"S-say, Detective, you, uh... th-think you could... come back later. I'll, uh... h-have this paperwork done for you by five, okay?" Wright was tripping over his words, and Miles knew him too well to miss the desperation they held. He didn't relent, and if Wright came right there in front of the detective, it would be all his fault for instigating with his little practical joke!

"Hm, well, I guess I should get back to work," Gumshoe resigned. "Don't want Mr. Edgeworth thinking I'm just out shooting the breeze. My salary gets much lower, I'll have to pay to work!"

If you only knew...

"Uh-huh that's great Detective see you later Bye!"

The moment Gumshoe had said his goodbye and left the office, the hand in his hair yanked back painfully, forcing Miles to relinquish his lover and sit back. Wright quickly let go and stood up, rushing over to the door to slam it shut and lock it, then returned - red-faced and glaring. He reached under the desk and seized Miles' cravat, dragging him up and then crushing his mouth in a brutal kiss.

Before he'd known what happened, Miles was sitting on the edge of the desk, papers and office supplies toppling to the floor. "Fucking cock-slut," Wright growled as he pushed Miles' down hard on the desk. "Couldn't wait five minutes to have me inside you, huh?!"

God, he loved it when Wright got like this! He himself had already started getting aroused while at his task, but now he was panting as his pulse pounded with excitement. Everything was happening so fast that he couldn't quite gather enough composure to speak, his adrenaline pumping as Wright roughly yanked down his trousers and undergarments, discarding them to the floor somewhere with his shoes.

Wright leaned over him to hastily untie his cravat and put that aside as well, simply for the purpose of being able to ravish his neck. "You're lucky that detective is so gullible. I should've told him exactly what was going on! I should've let him see how I had the mighty Demon Prosecutor on his knees under my desk like a faithful little dog, sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow!"

By this point, Miles had forgotten all about why he'd come here in the first place. All he could focus on was Wright: his crass words, his aggressive voice, his lips and teeth and tongue leaving yet another love bite on his neck, and - of course - his hard member grinding between his legs. Short moans were already loosing themselves from Miles' parted lips, and he was sweltering under the three layers of fabric he wore over his torso. Wright could at least do him the courtesy of removing his jacket!

Instead, one of Wright's hands disappeared below the edge of the desk. He heard a drawer opening and then that hand came back with a tube of lubricant. Miles started. "Y-you have one in your desk, t--!" He was silenced with another bruising kiss, which also knocked the back of his head against the unforgiving wood. The whole ordeal resulted in a dizzy spell from which he was only awakened by the feeling of being breached.

Wright hadn't even bothered with preparations other than lubrication; they were both too impatient. Miles' cry and Wright's satisfied groan mingled together, both muffled by the other's mouth. Their tongues had been doing battle, but Wright gained an instant advantage as he pressed himself in deeper and deeper. When he was fully seated, he began grinding Miles hard into the desk while his tongue plunged into the prosecutor's throat.

Miles had a death grip on the attorney's shoulders, piteous little whimpers rising unbidden as he was pinned, crushed, and relentlessly teased. He wanted to start the rhythm himself, but he couldn't. He wanted to scream at Wright to just move, but he couldn't.

When breathing became a necessity, Wright broke the kiss abruptly with a sound like pulling a suction cup off a window, only wetter. He stood up straight and grabbed a hold of Miles' bare legs, lifting them up toward his chest to fold him over. This allowed him to slide in deeper and at just the right angle. They had done this enough that he knew exactly what he was looking for, and Miles drew in a sharp gasp amongst those meant only to fill his lungs with air.

Miles moved his hands to the backs of his own thighs to help hold the position, and this allowed Wright to instead pin his shoulders down as he began moving. There was no gentle lead-in, no slow-building friction or soft moaning. Miles' repetitive erotic cries rang out amidst the sounds of power tools outside, in time with the powerful hips hammering against him as if the two of them were a part of the renovations. When they did this on a bed or couch, the mattress or cushions would give a little beneath him, absorbing some of the momentum. The desk, however, was much sturdier than it looked, and that meant Miles was getting the full force of it.

He wanted more.

"H... Harder...!" he managed to call out amidst his other vocalizations. His request was instantly grated and it drew out a scream, then another, and another and another and--

Everything when white as a final scream burst from him, prolonged as he rode the waves of a very sudden and very violent climax. Wright bucked erratically against him until he too attained his release, his mouth dropping open soundlessly and his body pinning Miles' down to spill himself deep inside.

When it was over, they both collapsed in a panting heap, Miles letting his legs drop to hang off the desk and Wright's face buried against his shoulder. The two of them just lay there, baking in their suits and trying to get oxygen to their lungs and brains.

After a while, Phoenix pushed himself up, still breathing just a little heavier than usual, and unbuttoned his jacket to cast it off. He then turned his attention to Miles, helping him roll onto his side so that he could pull off the magenta blazer a bit more easily. He put a hand against Miles' hip and his other hand moved lower.

"Damn," he muttered, running a finger along the cleft and making Miles shiver. When he lifted that index finger, it had a spot of red on it. "I banged you up pretty bad, didn't i? Are you ok--"

"Do it again..."

Even if he hadn't meant what he'd said, it was worth it just to see the momentary look of incredulity on Wright's face. It quickly vanished and that index finger disappeared again, teasing at the tender area between his legs and making him hiss. "You sure, Edgeworth? I don't want to end up hurting you."

"Again," Miles repeated, his tone both demanding and pleading. "I want more. Fuck me again."

He watched a smirk twist Wright's expression, but he didn't get to see it for long as he was roughly turned over onto his stomach. Wright lay over top of him, flush against him, and Miles felt hot, moist breath on his ear.

"As you wish, darling."