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bottoms up

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“Your turn,” Kara says, a slight slur behind her words. She hands Lena the half-empty bottle of wine, watching as she tilts her head back and sips right from the mouth. The game they’re playing is simple- tell a secret or chug. “I’ll still tell a secret, I just wanted some,” Lena giggles, wiping her wet lips with the back of her hand. Kara is mesmerized. 

“Hmm, my secret is the best head I’ve ever gotten was from my roommate back in college,” and Kara’s entire face burns. She’s well aware Lena’s college roommate was a girl, she’s even met her before at a Christmas party one year. “Wow,” she breathes, leaning closer into Lena like a magnet before she realizes what she’s doing and sits back in her chair. 

Lena looks at her, a hazy smile pulling at her lips, hair up in a messy bun with strands falling across her sharp cheekbones, and Kara feels her heartbeat speed up. Can she see Kara’s feelings written on her face? She knows she’s terrible at hiding them, but Lena is equally as terrible at seeing them. 

Sometimes Kara thinks she knows, those moments between them that feel like they’re charged with pure electricity where she thinks Lena might lean in and… but then everything will go back to normal, and Kara’s left feeling hollow and cold and wanting more. 

And that’s when she blurts out, “I’ve never gotten head before.” Lena’s reaction would be comical if Kara didn’t want to crawl into a hole and never come out. Her plush lips fall open, stained red from the wine, a crease forming between her brows. “What? You must be joking...?” She trails off when Kara shoves her face in her hands. 

“I-I didn’t mean to say that,” she stutters, shaking her head. She wants to look at Lena, see if she’s laughing at Kara or looking at her with pity, but isn’t sure her pride can handle it. Suddenly there’s a cold hand covering the ones on her face, gently pulling them away. “Hey,” she says soothingly. “Kara, it’s no big deal. So your exes never-” Kara shakes her head again rapidly. Lena raises her eyebrows and takes another sip of the wine, passing the bottle back to Kara who guzzles the rest of the liquid.

“I could,” Lena says, looking at her calmly. Kara on the other hand feels like she might burst into flames at any moment. She would have choked on the wine if she’d still been drinking it. Is Lena seriously offering what Kara thinks she’s offering? The two just stare at each other in heavy silence until Lena looks away awkwardly. 

“I’m sorry, that was stupid. Of course you don’t want that,” she laughs but there’s no humor behind it. Mild panic seizes Kara’s chest, and she reaches out and grabs Lena’s arm. “No wait. I want you to,” Kara says, suddenly feeling very sober. “I trust you, Lena. Please,” she adds on so Lena knows she’s serious. 

Her eyes light up, and Kara feels warmth swoop through her body. “Let’s go to the couch then,” Lena whispers, voice thick and raspy, and Kara’s hands shake a little as she follows Lena. She’s grateful that the second she sits down, Lena frames her face in her hands and kisses her, hard and desperate. It instantly quells the nerves in Kara’s stomach, and all she can think about now is kissing her back. 

Because Lena is an exceptional kisser. She nips at Kara’s bottom lip and when her mouth falls open, Lena’s tongue slides against hers, thumbs stroking the apple of Kara’s cheeks. It gives her the courage to slide her legs over Lena’s waist, straddling her as Lena’s hands fall to her hips. She can’t believe this is her best friend, the person she’s dreamed about for years, underneath her right now. She feels euphoric, like she can do anything

One of Lena’s hands brushes the hair off Kara’s forehead, trailing it down her face gently until she tugs at Kara’s mouth, revealing the pink of her lip. Lena leans in, sucking on it slowly, and Kara can’t help but picture her repeating that action a little lower. “Sit back, ok?” She says, maneuvering Kara off her lap so she’s leaning against the back of the couch, legs spread out in front of her. 

“Mhmm,” Kara says dazedly, willing to do absolutely anything Lena asks for in that moment. Lena’s fingers move to cup her breasts over Kara’s tank top, and her nipples immediately harden at the attention. Lena giggles against her mouth as she pinches them gently, running her nail over the sensitive peak. “Lena,” she groans as she moves to pull the hem up, dipping her head till her hot tongue meets the skin of her breast. 

Lena keeps up her assault, sucking and biting at one while rolling the other between two fingers before switching. Kara’s underwear are soaked, clinging to her uncomfortably. She resists the urge to shove her fingers down and touch herself, almost crying in relief when Lena lifts off her chest and tugs Kara’s underwear down her legs slowly. 

Lena holds her knees, rubbing soothing circles into the skin there as she spreads Kara open, blushing fiercely at being so exposed. She can hear the hitch in Lena’s breath, and holds her own as she feels a soft open-mouthed kiss on her inner thigh. Kara’s stomach is fluttering wildly with anticipation, and finally she feels Lena’s fingers holding her open before her tongue drags between her folds, catching her clit on the way up. It feels so good she instinctively moves backwards, but Lena wraps her arms across her stomach, holding her in place. 

Kara bites down on her tongue, risking a look down to see Lena’s dark hair between her legs, then looking up at her with those pale green eyes and that smirk, and it’s so overwhelming she feels like her heart might beat out of her chest. Fuck she’s going to come in seconds and Lena will never let her hear the end of it.

“Don’t move, ok?” She teases, and Kara nods rapidly, desperate to get her mouth on her again. Lena presses two fingers gently inside her, curling them upwards almost immediately and finding that rough patch of skin and massaging it slowly, and Kara cries out at the sensation. She already knows no sex will ever compare to this again, she’s been ruined for anyone else- not that she wants anyone else in the first place. 

Her full lips find Kara’s clit again, and she wraps them around it, sucking the nub until Kara is writhing under her, so wet it’s dripping down her legs onto the couch, but she can’t find it in herself to be embarrassed. It feels too damn good. Kara’s head is thrown against the cushions, trashing back and forth as Lena laps at her like it’s her last meal. 

Kara wants to hold her hand but she settles for gripping Lena’s silky hair between her fingers, clamping her thighs around Lena’s face as she flicks her tongue filthily against her clit, still fucking into her with her long, thin fingers. “Lena, Lena I’m going to- oh god I’m gonna come,” she sobs, pressure building steadily in her lower stomach until it peaks and Kara is crashing, falling off a cliff into the most intense pleasure she’s ever felt, entire body shaking with her release as Lena goes with her, removing her fingers as Kara’s breathing slows. 

“I think you can give me one more, hmm?” Lena says, using her wet hand to stroke Kara’s sides soothingly. “I can’t Lena,” she shakes her head, tears leaking down the side of her face into her hair. “You can baby, I know you can,” and Lena blinks up at her through her eyelashes and Kara knows she can’t deny her of anything ever again. “Ok,” she nods, and she can’t help but reach down, tangling their fingers together firmly. 

Her stomach clenches as Lena’s tongue laps at her, one finger finding her g-spot again and rubbing at it incessantly. She takes her swollen clit between her lips again, gently sucking as Kara climaxes again with a loud cry, less intense than the first but still leaving a sweet pulse as she comes on Lena’s tongue. 

“That was amazing Kara, you’re so beautiful, so perfect,” Lena praises as she kisses up her stomach till their mouths meet sloppily. Kara can taste herself on Lena’s tongue, tangy and sweet, and it makes desire pool in her belly. “Can I touch you?” She whispers hesitantly, hands shaking a bit as Lena fits herself over Kara’s lap. “Of course,” Lena murmurs against her lips, gasping when Kara’s fingers find her wet underwear, slipping past the drenched lace.

Kara’s nervous she won’t make this good for Lena, but Lena doesn’t seem to mind her inexperience as she rocks her hips over Kara’s hand. Kara finds her clit, rubbing it with tight circles as she sucks bruises into the hollow of Lena’s throat. She can’t wait to see them against the pale skin later, know that she was the one who put them there. 

“Don’t stop Kara fuck,” Lena groans, making these gasping sounds as she fucks herself on Kara’s fingers that send a fresh wave of arousal between Kara’s legs. She can feel Lena clenching around her as she comes, arm wrapped around Kara’s neck as she keeps her face pressed into her skin, riding out her orgasm. Lena’s wetness is dripping down Kara’s arm as she lifts herself off, and it’s the hottest thing she’s ever seen. 

“That definitely has taken first place as the best orgasm I’ve ever had,” Lena says breathlessly, collapsing onto the couch next to Kara. “Really?” Kara turns to her, fighting to keep down the grin threatening to spread across her face. Lena nods, eyes closed and hand resting over her heart. 

She watches her eyelashes flutter open, revealing the eyes that catch Kara off guard every single time they meet hers, but this time they’re filled with something new, something that makes Kara’s heart pound against her ribs. She feels warm all over, heat prickling under her skin as Lena’s gaze travels up and down her exposed body. She feels like a complete wreck, but Lena is looking at her like she wants to devour her. 

“Ready for round two?”