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Musicals react because I'm a theatre nerd

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A lever is pulled somewhere in a theatre room, there's a bright flash of light and different groups of unconcious people are teleported inside of it.

Veronica was extremely confused, one moment she was walking to her house with Heather Mcnamara and Martha to watch a movie and the next, she woke up on a floor with other people around her. "Veronica?!" A voice says, she gets up and turns around to face whoever called her name, it's Heather Duke. "Where the fuck are we?!" She questions.
"Do you expect me to know?" Veronica retaliates. She looks around and sees some people she reconises. "Wait.. is that..."
"Heather?!" Heather Duke exclaims, a confused look on her face.
"What the fuck is going on!?" None other than Heather Chandler exclaims. Her eyes land on Veronica.
"Veronica FUCKING Sawyer, what the hell were you thinking putting drain cleaner in my hangover cure!?"
"It was never my intention to kill you!" Veronica says then goes on to explain what actually happened. "I'm slightly less mad at you but that doesn't mean I'll forgive you." Heather Chandler spat.

Percy stirred, sitting up groggily. 'Was I kidnapped by a monster??" he questioned internally. Looking around, he realized that his friends were in the room as well, he rushed over to them as they woke up. "Do you know where we are?" Asks Grover.
"No idea." They all stand up and scan the room.
"Looks like a theatre." Percy says.
"Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Seaweed Brain." Annabeth says. To their left, there are people arguing about some one murdering another person. "This will be fun." Grover jokes, trying to lighten the mood, Annabeth gives him a glare.
"Riley!?" Some one exclaims, the trio turns around to see who that was.

Cairo was just finishing the first cheer practice with her team since the events of the sleepovers when suddenly she blacked out and woke up and a theatre room *with* her cheer team plus Farrah, Chess, Clark and 𝘙𝘪𝘭𝘦𝘺."Riley!?" Cairo exclaimed, shocked, confused and surprised that her old bestfriend wasn't in prison anymore, not paying attention to the fact that she was in a theatre. "Why the fuck aren't you in jail??!" Kate exclaims.
"I actually don't have a single clue." "I'm just as confused as you are."
Cairo looks around and sees that a lot of other people are in the theatre room. "Wait..." Kate starts saying, "Chess...!?" Cairo looks over to where Kate's eyes are pointed towards. "The hell is going on..?" Cairo questions. No one answers and without a second though, Kate runs up to Chess and tackle hugs her.

"I know why y'all are here." Someone says in a bored tone.