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I swung the laundry door open holding me white satin top, ready to strangle my younger brother, John B. There was no point in the 'B' anymore but we still said it regardless just from familiarity. "What the hell did I say about the damn washer?" I yelled, snapping the faded pink satin top against the back of his head. "Ow!-" he said jolting forward, rubbing the spot. "What the fuck?" He scoffed and I rolled my eyes handing it to him.

"Hot water makes the color bleed! If your going to do the laundry, do your own. Don't fuck mine up." I snapped at him. "I didn't know" he said and I rolled my eyes and threw one of my hands up. "I've told you this every time you throw in a load. I'm not trying to sound petty or anything I just don't have enough money to buy another." I said and he rolled his eyes with a sigh

"I'm sorry, okay?" He said and went to take a sip of his beer. I took it from his hand and took a sip. "Hey-" I glared at him. "I'll spit in it" I said pulling it away when he tried to grab.

"Fuck you"


"There she is! Woman of the hour!" My brother said pointing at me when I walked through the door of the chateau, his eyes were beet red, hair fucked to every side and wearing my (now) pink satin top. I just rolled my eyes and toe'd off my Converse's by the door carrying in the few grocery bags I picked up to the kitchen setting them down. "We were just talking about you!" Kie smiled widely, jumping up from the couch and walking over to me, leaning across the island to me. "I noticed." I mumbled, putting things away. "You want a beer?" She waved hers infront me and I shook my head. "No I've got to do homework." I wasn't the best student, but I also wasn't the worst. I did my homework most of the time, and did okay on tests. My report cards usually contained B's and a couple C's, not that those mattered anymore because there was no one to read them anymore.

Mom threw me out a few years ago and had my dad fly me out here, he's dead now whether John wants to admit it or not. I rolled my eyes at the thought. Not to mention our uncle's 'building houses in Mississippi' which really meant beer, pcp, casino's and bitches. I was all he had left family wise - besides the obvious cousin or two appearing from our moms side on Facebook asking for 'gas' money.

"Oh c'mon, let loose." She said, shaking the hair from her face and leaning her face into her palm. "I'm good, although I wouldn't reject a joint." I said and she smiled. I managed to get the groceries put away before she shoved the joint down my throat, standing with me in the kitchen. "As much as I love the guys, it's nice to talk to a girl." She said and I nodded taking a drag and handing it to her. "Yeah it is. I don't even know why I out up with 'em anymore" she nodded threw a hit. "Right? Like look at them" she said turning around to see JJ helping John do a back bend to grab a beer with his mouth like Kie did a few days ago.

"Fucking idiots" I said as I took another hit, watching her laugh her ass up and walk over to assist them, taking JJ's position. With that I took my purse and went to my room down the hall, closing the door and locking it. I wasn't going to be towed by a boat on an air mattress, again.

I threw my purse on my dresser and grabbed my backpack, flopping it on my bed and pulling out my notebook and homework, throwing them on the bed and laying next to it with my hands over my face.

I had ended up putting my arm over my face, muttering "just a few minutes." With a yawn before I was put to sleep by the noise of them laughing, yelling and banging around.


"C'mon Mike, leave her alone." My mom said waving him off as if saying I looked like I was on my way to the whore house was no big deal.

"No, I won't have my step-daughter walking out of this house lookin' like some street worker." My face.scrunched up and I rolled my eyes.

"I'm literally going to Kaitlyn's." I said blinking my eyes when I looked down at my clothes, plaid pajama pants and cropped tank top because I didn't have any other clean tops.

"It doesn't matter where your going, you need to change, now." His voice grew more threatening and I sighed shifting my weight uncomfortably. I mean why is he even looking at me like that?

"No, Kaitlyn doesn't care if I wear this neither does her mom who is picking me up." I added, I talked with more attitude than I needed to but I was sick of him literally telling me not to wear clothes that he said I could buy when we went back to school shopping.

"Does it look like I give a damn?" He asked stepping forward and before I even thought about it I bit back at him.

"And you think I do?" I regretted it the moment I said it, and even more so after the sting spread across my face.



I opened my eyes and looked at my ceiling, I hated those dreams. I lifted my head up and looked around. I grabbed my phone from beside me, the screen was darker and the battery bar was red. It was four in the morning and I sat up completely finally and looked around my room and at the window.

The sky was just barely blue and the stars were bright. I fell asleep, that's great. I stood up and decided not to do my homework, I did it last time.

I opened the door and walked out down the hallway picking up cans and random things. The living room was trashed and there was rotten food out on the counters, some even had growing mold on it. The sink was full of dishes and so was the area on the counter between the sink and microwave.

I grabbed trash bags from under the sink and shook it out, throwing cans, cigarette/joint buts, and food - then adding the dishes that held the food to the larger pile.

By the time I got the counters cleaned and moved on to the dishes I didn't want to do them, I decided to do them after work or bribe Birdshit to do it. I just cleaned up everything else besides the dishes and left a note to him… or everyone that if they did the dishes I'd give them 10 dollars or a joint, their choice.

I look out toward the Hammocks seeing them all idly past out except one who sat up rubbing their head. I didn't think much of it as I moved on to the living room. I picked up four roaches and about 10 cigarette butts. Two were half smoked, one of which I put between my lips and lit. I eventually learned to smoke without my hands from JJ, I choked on smoke a number of times that resulted in him practically pouring water down my throat.

I head the latch if the screen door and saw John B step through the door. "Morning" He said quietly and I said it back. "There's cereal and a lasagna from Nacy in the fridge." He almost pipped up like a dog hearing that. "Sick" He said under his breath and opened the fridge. He set the glass pan on the table and cut out a big price and set it on a plate putting it in the microwave. "Did that restaurant on McLothin ever Email you back about ur application" I asked to make conversation and he crossed his arms over each other. "Oh, yeah." He said and avoided eye contact. I just sighed knowing he was trying to get me to leave it alone.

"Just clean up when you're done." I sighed and left back to my room, dropping the garbage bag next to the fridge frustratedly. I didn't mean to pester him, but we had bills stacking up in my dresser drawer that had to be paid that I couldn't pay. I was just so irritated and fed up with our situation. I got two years with our dad and now he's lost. Gone. Dead. The worst part was that he thought our Uncle Pete would stay and take care of us. He decided he'd rather say he was going to build houses in Mississippi for a few weeks and never come back with out a call or text, not even a fucking post card.

I just kept hopping from one shitty situation to another, it was bullshit. I shut my door behind me and sat back on my bed, crossing my legs and rubbing the inner corners of my eyes. I said back and stared at the chipped wooden ceiling that I had covered in random as tapestries - for God's sake one of them was just from Kie's parents dinner. Her parents weren't the biggest fans of John b, or JJ for that matter. They like me enough though to let me pick up shifts whenever I need them to make some extra cash - best part is they agreed to keep it under the table that way I wouldn't lose my job at the Oceanside Inn because they're pretty bitches that dont like when their employees need more money and won't give them a raise.

Fuck Miranda and her shit ass husband Ezekiel.

I was cut from my thoughts by a knock on my door, it made me want to roll my eyes back so far that I could just live in my brain and never be bothered again. "God, what do you want?" I said louder sitting back up scratching my hairline. "Its JJ, you got any paper?" He asked and then there was another thud at the door which I assumed would be his head leaning on the door now. I rolled over and opened my bedside drawer staring down at a package of Raws and a half-smoked eighth. "Yeah, come in" he opened the door and shut it behind him. He took a seat at the foot of the bed and I opened the package handing him a paper with a filter at the end.

"Thanks" he said as he pulled out a ziplock bag of weed that once I saw I opened my drawer back up and handed him a joint tray, it was a sleek black tray with a weed leaf in the middle of it. "I doubt John will do it so if you do the dishes I'll give you a joint." I said while I picked at my bitten down nails. He nodded after some silence. "Works for me." He shrugged and I smiled leaning back over and grabbing my phone. "So uh - hows the hotel job?" He asked and I sighed, setting my phone back down. "Well, it's a shit show - quite literally sometimes." His nose crinkled slightly that made me laugh under my breath. Men.

"Yeah. But besides that it just dealing with stuck up adults that expect me to do whatever the hell they tell me to. Even getting them coffee from the lobby when they're right next to it. Dont even get me started with how many rich dick assholes Ward Cameron has been flying in." He rolled his eyes at the mention of the Cameron's. I knew Sarah and Kie pretty well - Kie more than Sarah, but while I was in my junior year they were freshman so we didn't mix that well. I eventually met Rafe, Sarah's brother but that "friendship" didn't last long, in fact it cut when he refused to stop snorting coke.

"Weird part is they're all historians." I said and he looked up with an odd look that I nodded in agreement with. "What about you? Cousin Ricky ever hit you back with that trimming job?" I asked and he shook his head as he packed down the joint twisting the end off and putting it between his lips. "No, he didn't. One of his friends trevor is doing it for him." I nodded, that sucked. He would've been able to buy more weed.