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Deadly Love (Deadly Craving)

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Mordeo Queen brings home the head of Jessamyn’s ex a full year since she took the girl in, smearing a little blood against Jessamyn’s lips, watching intently until Jessamyn licked her lips, blushing a little at the burst of lust that flooded through her.

The Mordeo Queen sets the head aside, moving to smear a little more blood against Jessamyn’s lips, fingers hovering until Jessamyn sucks each finger into her mouth, meeting the Mordeo Queen’s eyes as she did so.

The ease of wanting her Mordeo Queen between her thighs had flowed over her until she let her legs open to the creature’s touch, her body arching when The Mordeo Queen’s fingers slid into her, a panting sound of raw lust escaping her.


It’s easy to let the pace roll over and through her, The Mordeo Queen’s husky roar echoing over Jessamyn’s cry of pleasure. She will learn later this was a mating and claiming tradition of the Mordeo, she doesn’t mind, only hoping she keeps the child.