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Rescue Me (Just Take Me In Your Arms)

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Jessamyn Rossi is half dead when she first meets the Mordeo Queen. Her touch is hesitant and she sighs when the Mordeo Queen lifts her to it’s arms, carrying her away. She lays limp in the Mordeo Queen’s arms, allowing herself to be carried away to safety. Her eyes, usually a soft forest green-brown color, slide closed and she sighs weakly at the feeling of a soft bed under her back. She wants to question it but she stays still, lets the Mordeo Queen push copper hair from her eyes and looks up quietly at her savior.

She should eat human flesh to stay with the Mordeo Queen, she knows that, but she has been half-dead since her abusive ex left her there for the Mordeo Queen to eat. Instead she knows she is bound, chosen, as a wife or pet.

“Thank you…”

Her words are soft, her voice deeply husky. She is lucky to be chosen, even if she’s a little afraid she may still die.