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Letters in the leaves - part IV - a little extra

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They got married a week before the Yule night during an ordinary Sunday morning service where Reverend Mathias fatherly led them through their vows and with a smile invited Kristoff to kiss his bride.

And while the day was a jovial gathering of a small circle of friends and a white cat that lay by Anna´s feet and even now and then brushed around her legs just to reposition himself, the sun was eventually lowering behind the horizon and the few guests were about to say their goodbyes, too.

Sven had patted Kristoff on the shoulder and congratulated his friend to this precious pearl he had saved from the shell that she had been captured in. And with a wink, he wished his friend a pleasant night.

Kristoff shook his head upon this outrageous bluntness, but then of course he understood the meaning and thanked his friend for the well-wishing. And he mused over the day and the charming time it had brought along and glancing over to his delicate wife who stood with her sister, Kristoff wondered how he deserved such bliss enriching his life.

Elsa had helped Anna into her coat and hugged her sister, ever so happy to see her off into a marriage that she had prayed would be the path for her little sister to step on. Anna embraced her sister, thanking her for the lovely feast she had hosted for them.

“You´re welcome, dear,” Elsa stated, “and now, off you go, I think Kristoff´s waiting for you.” Elsa smiled and cupped Anna´s cheek, leaning her forehead to her sister´s, only to whisper softly.

“At least, you do not need to be nervous about what´s to come now, don´t you?”

Anna chuckled, grabbing her sister´s hand and biting her lips with a shrug.

“It´s all so different this time, Elsa.” Anna glanced over quickly to her freshly bond husband and a rush of eager excitement made her core flicker for a moment. “Tough it´s not new to me, today I somehow feel like being with a man in such ways for the first time. But I find myself so safe and comfortable with Kristoff. Please, don´t laugh at me, but I can´t wait…” She shrugged, her face still lowered to the ground, but then felt Elsa´s hand squeeze hers gently and Anna looked up to meet her sister´s fondly gaze.

“As I said, off you go!” Elsa smiled at her with a wink.




Of course, it was a custom to carry the bride over the threshold, and Kristoff enjoyed immensely to scoop Anna up in his arms and not only to carry her through, but to hold her fast to himself and taking her upstairs straightaway to their now shared bedroom.

Anna had giggled when he had swept her off into his arms, and simply favoured the hold that felt so strong and safe, like she had told her sister just a few moments ago. Anna laid her head on Kristoff´s shoulder and one hand up to his neck. She had closed her eyes, feeling like swinging up into the skies, while he carried her step by step up the stairs and then finally turning on the landing to enter their bedchamber.

Kristoff lowered her gently to the ground and Anna looked around with a content smile, still amazed over the fact that this was her new home now for good. She turned her face back to her husband, who gazed at her fondly, but a bit unsure of what he was supposed to do now.

Anna licked her lips, and it still drove him crazy when she did that and Kristoff couldn´t help but kiss her sweet lips, and his wife pressed up against him reciprocally. He laced his hands around her and pulled her closer while Anna ran her fingers through his hair and all they could do was to linger in this kiss, neither willing to let go of the other just yet. And so, they pressed against each other, and their lips found their way passionately teasing each other, and they both took their breaths, laughing together with amazement about this wonderful moment.

Anna reached up to open Kristoff´s buttons, upon realising that they were still wearing their coats. He woke from his stare and got rid of the heavy jacket and strode over to the fireplace to light the warming source. What he could not see was his wife starting to undress from her coat, her creamy jacket and then pulling out all her hair needles, placing them on the dressing table that stood on the other side of the room.

Her hair fell over her shoulders now and Anna came back to lay a gentle hand on Kristoff´s shoulder and gazing into the now nicely burning fire. The heat that came from the fireplace matched perfectly with the warm fire that started to inflame within her and when Kristoff stood to look at her, he ran a hand through her hair, admiring the red splendour, shimmering like flaming opals.

“Anna,” he whispered to her temple, when he had pulled her to his chest again, “I… don´t have that much experience about this, you know...”

“Me neither,” Anna shrugged with a muffled chuckle, running her hands along his collarbone.

“But…” Kristoff stopped about asking anything that personal.

“I never really had any active part in it, you know,” Anna had lowered her face, “he was... merely serving himself on me…”

“Anna, that´s not what I want!” Kristoff ran a hand tenderly up and down her back, trying to indicate his concern of showing Anna that he cared about her.

“I know that but thank you anyway.” Now she had lifted her eyes up into his loving gaze, her heart excitingly skipped a beat because of the mutual trust she sensed with this man.

And then she began to undo the buttons of his waistcoat and brushed the suspenders off his shoulders, then proceeded to unbutton his white shirt as Kristoff grabbed her wrist and planted a kiss on her fingers.

“Not so hasty, feisty pants, alright? Will you give me a second to catch up with you?”

Anna giggled noddingly, letting go of his shirt.

Then, Kristoff stepped behind her and started to undo the buttons of her dress, slowly and carefully, attentive not to rip one off, and when he removed the dress´ bodice, Anna stood with her chemise and corsage. So next were the corsage laces, which took him a bit longer, but once freed of it, Anna took a deep breath of relief. Her husband still stood behind her and laced his hands around her waist from there now and she laid back her head only to run a hand along his neck, while Kristoff´s hands wandered upward along her chest to cup her breasts gently but eagerly and Anna moaned with lust for his touches, unwilling to wait any excruciating moment longer. She turned within his hold and restarted fumbling with his buttons, now focused of freeing him of this useless material on his upper body.

And she liked what she saw and with a smile Anna yanked off his shirt, tossing it to the ground, only to put a kiss to his chest, and another one, and a third one, when Kristoff ran his hand through her hair and softly pulled to make her look up so he could kiss her, and her lips pulsated hot and eagerly to have more of him. Anna grasped his shoulders and moved closer to press her body against his, just to pull away again and she took his hands to guide him closer to the bed, and she sat down, pulling him with her.

They laid next to each other, suddenly aware that there was still so much clothing left, when Kristoff grinned and sat up. He first tossed off his boots and socks and then crawled over to fiddle with Anna´s upper skirt, though carefully pulling the creamy material over her hips and down her legs, to find her lying now only in her undergarments before him. He admired the looks of her like that and didn´t miss to tell her so, which made Anna blush with sensation. And when Kristoff had unlaced her boots and removed them from her feet only to reach up and roll down her stockings, she could hardly bear the tender touches and sighed in utter excitement. And then, Anna sat up, too, reaching out for his trousers to slowly open the button and pulling them down affectionately.

Of course, he was ready. Anna was not surprised to see him all arouse, but then she wondered what she was supposed to do now. Would he like her touching him? All she knew was that she felt so free and unchained to be herself with Kristoff, and that gave her the boost to be bold.

Anna glanced up at Kristoff who looked at her with a questioning glint in his eyes and she smiled, then reaching out and touching him the way she imagined it was right for him. His manhood was hard and strong, and she ran her hand up and down his shaft while Kristoff´s breath accelerated and he ran his hand along her shoulders while Anna continued stroking him, fascinated and totally ecstatic herself upon this gift within her hands.

A brave thought crossed her mind and she wondered if she should try this, too, but then why wondering all along and not just to do it? And Anna shoved herself forward and gently started kissing the tip of his soft and sensitive skin, and she was electrified by the sweet taste of the drop of precum that her soft lips lapped in wonder. And she wanted to know more and felt so happy being that close to her man that she opened her lips and welcomed him completely in her mouth, gently sucking at the hard boldness and circling her tongue along the shaft when she pulled back slightly, just to move forward and licking all over it again and again.

She loved what she was doing, and Anna felt the pulsating throbbing and she heard the amazed groans and the hand that ran through her hair indicated that she was welcome to pursue this wondersome pleasure. And Anna moaned herself with the teasing sensation of feeling and tasting her Kristoff, when after another moment he gently pushed her away from him just to lay her down onto the mattress. She stared at him with sudden anxiety.

“Have I done anything wrong?” She dared to ask with a quiet voice.

“No, my love, not at all!” He whispered and kissed her softly, “but one more lick of your awesome lips and I could not have controlled myself any longer.” He smirked apologetically.

“Oh.” Anna hushed.

“It´s my turn, right?” He winked at her and then with two gentle fingers started to undo the small buttons of her chemise, and Anna arched her back so he could take it off more easily, while Kristoff praised her beauty. But words were in vain tonight, because all he could think of was to touch her, make her feel good and show her his adoration.

His kisses were hot, starting from her lips, over her neck, to her collarbone, down her chest bone and then gently he cupped one breast while kissing the other, and gently tugging with his lips on her nipples, circling them with his tongue and the soft moans gurgling from the depths of her throat made him explore her ecstatic spots even more. Anna had laced her fingers in his hair again and her hips wriggled with the vibrating pulsation coming from her breasts.

No, she had never felt such treasured moment before the actual union like that before…

But it was not over yet, when Kristoff shifted further down and ran his hands along her side, only to stop on the hight of her thighs. He knelt before her now, softly stroking her legs from outside, rolling her underskirt up to her waist, when Anna fumbled with the laces behind her back and wriggle out of the material. There were still her bloomers and Kristoff undid that button, too, slowly pulling the trousers down her legs and freeing her of the last garment.

Anna looked at him with a faint smile, her face lighting up when she heard the words.

“Gosh, Anna, you´re so beautiful. You have no idea how gorgeous you are.” And he ran a hand up her belly and to cup her breast, while the other hand gently stroked her inner thigh, first the right, then the left one, all the while reaching to stroke her nipple which made her heave with elaborated breaths.

Kristoff then lowered his hand, gently running them along her hips and down to her thighs, softly spreading her legs and kissing her thigh when he positioned himself closer and giving Anna a loving smile, which she returned while she felt her labia pulsating with lust and longing for his touch.

She started trembling with excitement, when he stroked her centre, running his fingers along her folds and she was groaning all bewildered being touched this way. But that was not enough, he so wanted to know her, what she liked, what made her swoon with lust and pleasure herself. His Anna, his dearest and loveliest of all, she deserved to be adored and feel the praise of his love for her and all he could do was to kiss the spot that laid all prepared and open for him.

Anna cried out with a lusty shudder when he gently sucked her lips and her hoarse moaning upon his tongue lovingly and eagerly running along her centre encouraged him to deepen and increase his loving stroke to her. Oh, she was the sweetest and her taste upon is lips drove him wild.

“Kristoff!” Her voice faltered between the heaving breaths and moans, “oh, this is good, this is too good, please… I can´t believe… you´re doing this…”

He would not stop, he could not stop, she was too good, and he could not believe himself he was doing this but it was the best he had ever done and then, he could not restrain any longer and he lifted his gaze to find his lovely wife with closed eyes, one hand clinging to the pillow while the other reached for his hand, and he smiled upon that lovely sight.

“Anna,” he whispered and smiled at her dreamy look she gave him with sparkling eyes, “may I?”

She nodded with her smile widening and she reached out to pull him close to her and when her beloved finally glided in her with an overwhelmed groan, she almost cried by the excitement that overcame her with his love fully stroking her from inside. And his thrusts were hard but not hurting, he was eager but not forcing, his hands on her were pure care. He cupped her breast and arched to kiss her nipple, while he thrust into her with more lust and Anna naturally pulled up her knees to have him deepen the more within her.

She had placed her hands around his buttocks and pulled at Kristoff´s hips to feel his deepening and she cried out her pleasure and smiled up at his loving gaze and all she could do was to cup his cheeks and press her body up to his and press her lips against his.

He had placed a hand around her neck and pulled her closer himself, his other hand braced his weight, but then, Kristoff turned to the side and pulled his wife with him and now he prodded in her from the side and Anna moaned with each stroke that hit her core´s lusty spot and she still held on to his cheeks and stroke along his jawline, laying her head on his arm, moving her hips with his thrusts, whispering to his ear how wonderful that was and that she pleaded this might never stop.

But then, everything good must come to an end and Kristoff sensed the swelling moment just to be close, but he wanted her to say it, that she was ready and that it was time for her, too. So, he tried to prolong his final strokes and instinctively reached to nibble at her sensitive spot in her centre and Anna´s eyes widened, and Kristoff felt her muscles tighten and she moaned louder, and her hips shook with pleasure, and he could feel her softness burning and that was the moment when he could not hold back any longer and came with a loud groan himself. She cried out in extasy because his warmth made her feel so loved, so treasured, and they clung to each other with shuddering bodies from the ecstatic orgasm and the wondersome sensation made them snicker. A laughter of relief, gratefulness, and sheer bewilderment.

True love did not linger in romantic words and fantasy only, but it was also physically real and maybe the greatest gift to share. And to do it with a partner in mutual and reciprocal love was beyond mind´s understanding, but oh so soul tending!

They remained in the very same position, cuddled up together, when Kristoff pulled the blanket over them and he held his wife in his arms bathing in her soft closeness, and Anna ran her fingers along her wonderful husband´s chest, arms and up his jawline, all the while smiling into his loving gaze.

“Thank you!” She whispered and pecked a kiss to the corner of his lips, which had Kristoff turn his face to kiss her fully.

“No, Anna, I thank you!”

“I assume you liked it?” She chuckled and stroked her leg along his thigh.


“No?” Her smile faded.

“I loved it, can´t yet believe the thrill.” Kristoff grinned at her with a wink.

Anna playfully frowned at him and pinched his cheek.

“Don´t do that.”

“Sorry.” He still grinned.

Anna sighed happily. “You´re right, though. This is pure wonder.”

“I love you, Mrs. Bjorgman.”

“And I love you, too, Mr. Bjorgman.”

And they cuddled even closer and fell into a napping slumber, only to wake a while later, when Kristoff had eventually and naturally slipped out of her and then they mischievously giggled about the mess they had left on the sheets.

Oh well, this would not be the last time to happen. And with a hearty laugh, they fell back into their embrace and maybe only a little while later, they started their lovemaking all over again…