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Irresistible: Her

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         My heart was about to burst out of my chest, and my brain had actually shut down for a moment.

        He was kissing me – with so much hunger I couldn’t help but moan loudly into his mouth to release everything I had in me; to bring myself back to earth, but it was already hard to breathe. His mouth clasped with mine while his cock was still twitching inside me put me in a quiet headspace I've never been before. I could only focus on returning every violent sweep of his tongue until he decided it was time to catch some air. 

        “Fuck,” he exhaled onto my lips, gripping the back of my head to pull me back a little. 

        I let my eyes open and there he was: flushed lips and cheeks. 

        The most perfect shade of pink. 

        "Why did it take you so long?" I breathed out a laugh, brushing my thumb over his bottom lip. 

        He shook his head, sucking in a breath then went back to kiss me. And my brain shut off again. I smiled with pure bliss against his mouth and kept the kiss going until forever.

        Or until he said it was time for another break. 

        The fact that I had just given him my virginity didn't compare to this: our very first kiss. 

        All of it made me blossom out of this… cocoon I've been slowly peeling off since the first time something more than just shy smiles happened between us — since his fingers first grazed my skin. It was an accidental tender gesture — him putting a strand of hair behind my ear — but started it all. 

        "Sorry," he'd said right after. 

        He must've thought he'd crossed a line, but there'd never been a single one in my eyes.

        Since then, all his hands brought me was pleasure. When he groped my breasts over my shirt and circled my nipples until they peeked through the fabric; when he picked me up to sit me on his kitchen counter so his mouth would be at the perfect height to suck on them; when rubbed me over my panties and slid his fingers from the side to feel how wet he’d made me; or when he simply held me tight while I rubbed myself against his crotch and both of us came with our clothes on. 

        I loved making him finish inside his pants; more than I loved when he finished in my mouth. Mostly because I got to come too, but also I just loved being on top of him – straddle him and feel his cock growing harder under me. And even after he spilled inside his boxers, he’d keep moving my hips so I could come again. 

        "One more," was his most perfect and biggest lie. We could be hours just rubbing our bodies over our clothes. I’d beg him to touch my skin. Sometimes he’d do it without hesitation, sliding his hands under my shirt. And others, as much as he wanted me, he’d keep his hands to himself. 

        But I didn’t mind. 

        Each time I stepped inside his apartment, those layers of clothes were less and the orgasms multiplied. I grew confident by how slow we were taking it — hornier, too. And all of those times where we didn’t actually have sex, prepared me for this moment.

        “Wait.” He held my face still when I started – tried – to move my hips up and down again. “Give me a second.” He looked down at where he was still fully inside me. 

        I gulped, licking the taste of him on my lips as I begged him, “I want to do it again.” 

        “It’s not over.” He ran his thumbs over my cheeks. “It’s so far from over.”

          “Okay.” I nodded with a smile.

        “Come here.” He cupped my neck with one hand on his way to go back to kiss me, and with the other he massaged and gripped my ass. “Just don’t move yet, can you stay still?”

        I nodded again and stayed there with him inside of me, making out and trying my best not to flutter around his cock. But every time I did, he made the most delicious sounds. 

        “Keep fucking me, please,” I whined into his mouth. “Forever. I want you like this forever.” 

        "That—" He breathed in through his teeth at the way I bit his bottom lip "—that is a long time."

        "I wouldn't mind spending it with you." I stared into his eyes as I said that, and his face softened. "I mean it. You're the best thing that's happened to me." 

        He shut his eyes almost in pain.

        How could he still not get how much I wanted him?

        "Aaron," I said just for the sake of it; because I wanted to; because I liked the way his name sounded when it came out of my mouth. Then I whispered it again to myself and gave him a soft kiss before I stood on my knees. I bit back a whine as his cock struggled to slip out of me, bouncing free against his lower stomach. His cum came right after, dripping over his skin in thick drops. 

        Now I felt so empty.  I needed him all over again. 

        I reached for his wet cock and adjusted myself ready to take him again, but he wouldn’t let me. 

        “No, sweetheart.” He grabbed my wrist. “That’s not how it works.”

        “But you said it wasn’t over.”

        “It isn’t.” He brought me close into a tight hug. “I promise.” 

        I wrapped my arms around his neck and hid my face on the crook of his neck. He smelled different – like sweat and perfume and me. I grazed my teeth over his jaw and blended the small bites with kisses that made him squeeze me tighter.

        “I need you so bad,” I murmured in his ear. 

        The hand that was resting on my lower back travelled down my ass then all the way to where I needed him the most. His fingers massaged my entrance, teasing me. 

        “I know.” He spread his cum that I still had on me almost with his entire hand and used it to circle my clit. 

        It was dirty and wet and sticky and felt so damn good. 

        “Please,” I bucked my hips onto his hand. I really needed to come again. 

        He handled me so I’d give up on his side and laid my leg over his thigh. My knee drifted his cock, making it twitch and drip a gentle drop of cum off his flushed tip. I bit my lip at the sight and the ache in between my legs grew stronger. And he was quick to take care of it, sliding two of his fingers inside of me and using the heel of his hand to touch me everywhere. 

        I leaned in for a kiss on my way to fist his erection. We both let out the same needy moan, putting the exact same smile in between us. 

        “Do you like kissing me?” I stroked up and down. 

        “I do. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you.”

        He brought up the same hand that was in me to squeeze my face between his fingers and captured my lips again as I kept jerking him off. He was still so hard and thick and ready to be inside me again, but I kept pumping until he told me to do something else.  

        “I’ll let you know when I’m ready again, okay?” he said in my ear and kissed my temple. 


        I liked wrapping my hands around him. He was so soft there. And I loved whenever I did a movement he didn’t enjoy much and guided me with his own hand.

        “That’s it,” he’d praise me when I caught up with his rhythm. 

        I wanted to be good for him, so I also knew what he liked. He really liked when I used both of my hands while my lips were wrapped around the tip. He liked it with a lot of spit, too. But just this once I didn’t feel like using my mouth. 

        Not much time passed before he gave me his look of approval. I was about to sit on his cock again but his large cupped my waist, almost pinning me down to the couch. 

        “Let me take you to my bedroom.”

        “No!” I said almost too loudly. “Couch is perfect. I love your couch.” I ran my hands through the velvety fabric under us. I really loved his couch. 

        “Are you sure?” 

        “Yeah. It's so nice here.” I swallowed thickly. “Fuck me again. Right here.”

        I helped him get rid of the few pieces of clothing he had left and I couldn’t process any thought. 

        Though I’ve been completely naked in front of him, I’d never seen him wearing nothing but his skin before. He was big and I wanted him on top of me. 

        “I’m gonna slide my cock inside of you again, alright?” He brushed a sweaty piece of hair out of my face and leaned in for a kiss, gently guiding me to lay on my back. 

        I quivered in between my legs at those words – at the way he made himself comfortable over me, too, hooking his arms under mine and spreading me wide open with his hips so he’d be in between my legs. He was so gorgeous from up close. I could stay like this until I counted each of his thick and dark eyelashes.

        “You’re so pretty, Mr. Hotchner.” 

        “Don’t call me that.”

        “I mean Aaron.”

        He breathed out a laugh that reached his eyes with such ease. 

        Had he meant pretty?

        “Why?” I tilted my chin up and pecked his lips. “You are.”

        He reached in between us as he curled his large body onto mine, nuzzling his face on the crook of my neck. The head of his cock kissed my entrance and I moaned when he pushed it all the way inside.

        “Oh, Mr. Hotchner.” I involuntarily squeezed when he bucked his hips a little more. 

        “It’s Aaron.”


        He was gentle to slide all the way inside me again. I felt so full down there. I couldn’t quite get used to it just yet, but when he started to move, I forgot about everything. 

        Slowly, his thrusts gained speed – strength. I made myself comfortable by enveloping him in my arms and focused on enjoying it rather than paying too much attention to it. 

        I loved the way our bodies clashed together. How obscene every sound we made was. How wet and desperate it quickly turned, too. He’d kiss me every now and then with teeth and tongue. He’d also lift his head to stare down at me, keeping the pace of his thrusts and making my breasts bounce up and down.

        “Jesus,” he breathed out.  

        I wasn’t sure if that was good or bad, but I didn’t have time to react as he slowed down his movements just to make them harder. 

        One deep slam made me gasp for air. 

        The second one brought my hands to his forearms. 

        And a third and fourth one was caught by a sloppy kiss. 

        “Mmh.” I moaned into his mouth and stayed there, mouth to mouth while he kept fucking me. 

        My legs barely had strength to be wrapped around me by now, but he didn’t seem to care much, lifting my thigh to keep it high. Every corner of our bodies was touching – kissing– and that’s where my attention was until a buzzing sound coming from under me took me out of it.

        Aaron didn’t seem to notice. I bent my arm to reach for it and pulled out his phone that read some name I couldn’t really process. 

        “Your phone,” I panted.

        “What?” His brows knitted together in confusion. 

        “Someone’s calling you.” I put his phone between our faces and just then he knew what I was talking about. 

        “Shit.” He licked his lips, closing his eyes. “Not now.”

        “It could be important.” 

        What if it was too important? I didn’t want to get in between his job. 

        “It can wait.” He took the phone out of my hand and put it somewhere away from us, but the buzzing seemed to have gotten louder and was all I could hear. 

        “Pick up. I don’t mind.”

        He reached for his phone and pressed it over his ear. “Hotchner.” 

        A drop of sweat gathered over his brow as he raised them to focus. He was so calm talking to whoever was on the other line and his hips never lost their pace once. 

        “Uh, Y-yes.” He cleared his throat, looking down at me with a soft smile. “Working out.” He knew that was gonna make me laugh so his hand was over my mouth to shut me up. “Yeah, I’ll be there as soon as I’m done. Bye.”

        He uncovered my mouth and I let out what was mostly a moan than the laugh I was holding. 

        “Sorry.” He pecked my lips. “I didn’t mean to shut you up like that.” 

        I didn’t mind, though I liked it way more when he shut me up with a kiss. I’d lost count already of how many kisses we’d shared by now. I’d gotten used to him too; to his desperate kisses and to his cock slipping in and out of me. 

        “So, you’re leaving?” I said as casually as I could. 

        “I said–” He kissed me, again “–As soon as I’m done.”

        His smirk was the only warning I got before he started to slam against me harder. 

        Then everything was new all over again.  

        I ran my nails deep across his back. The pleasure his cock started to give me was odd. Each time he reached so deep, a strange thrill spread through me and soon, I was moaning because I couldn’t control how good it felt. 

        I was coming? Again?

        "I'm here," he murmured next to my cheek and kissed me, saying it again, "I'm right here." 

        “Mmh.” I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed tight to bring him the closest he could be. “Oh my fucking– g”  

        “Talk to me. Is it too much?” He said in between thrusts that made the pleasure grow.

        “No,” I whimpered. It wasn’t, not in a bad way, at least. “More, please. I need more. Harder.”

        I held my breath for I don’t know how long while he plunged into me. 

        "You're doing so good. So perfect, so so perfect." 

        The final rush hit me and as my body relaxed, his broad body gave up on top of me. He let go completely, and so did I. I tried my best not to be so loud, but when he captured the underside of my chin and moaned my name, I figured there was no point in holding what I had in me.

        My toes curled and back arched on their own and my voice came out in a long and thin whine that made Aaron very happy. His mouth still next to my chin let me know he was smiling – big. 

        I mirrored him in almost every way right then: There was a smile on my face too; we were both shaking; sweating hot and cold; panting loudly. 

        “I’m your girl, Aaron.”

        He stole a few more kisses while he rocked his hips gently. “My girl.” 

        And by saying that, he stole my heart, too.