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"I met a guy today", says Adam while unpacking his bag.

"What?", Will stops changing the bed sheet and turns suprised to Adam. "When and Who?"

"When you went to buy us some coffee. His name was Nigel Lecter. He said he knows you. I think he mistook me for you at first."

"Did you say Nigel Lecter?" Will frowns. He only met Hannibals brother once. Without looking him in the eyes he could already tell, that he is a very menacing person. In fact Nigel didn't even try to hide it. Will puts his hand on Adams nape. "Adam stay away from Nigel Lecter. He is a very dangerous person."

Adam doesn't understand. Nigel seems like a nice men. He said those flattering things to him, like how pretty his eyes are or that he is a interesting person. Adams nods anyway.

"But we already exchanged phone numbers."