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Revue Starlight Incorrect Quote Book

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Michiru, teaching Meifan to get her license : Okay! You're driving and a lady and her dog are walking on the road. Quick, what do you hit?

Meifan : THE LADY!

Michiru : THE BRAKES .


Shiori, in a Chariot mood : I WOULD HAVE KILLED FOR YOU!



Michiru : Yachiyo, what is this?

Yachiyo : Oh, it's my to-do list.

Michiru : Really? I'm glad you are starting to be-

Michiru :

Michiru : This just says 'Fumi-senpai'


Michiru : Michiru is not doing too well.

Michiru : Michiru has this headache that comes and goes.

Akira : *walks in*

Michiru : There it is again


Michiru : Don't get me wrong, Michiru loves the Edels.

Michiru : It's just hard to control them someti- YACHIYO PUT SHIORI DOWN THIS INSTANT!