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if it’s you, i need no other (you’re like the summer without the overbearing heat)

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The movie draws to an end and Yunlan looks at Shen Wei expectantly.

“So! What did you think? Isn’t it the best movie you have ever seen in your entire life?”

He hesitates. “ was definitely interesting.”

“Interesting how ?”

“Well, I thought C3PO was funny. He seemed to be the brains of the operation. Princess Leia was also very admirable, I can understand her frustration with Han Solo.”

Yunlan turns his whole body towards him. “What do you mean, you understand her frustration? It’s obvious that Leia began as someone that never had anyone tell her no and she had to learn how to work with others.”

“Couldn’t you say the same for Han Solo? He’s way too confident in himself and stubborn, so working with him would have been difficult anyway.”

“No, because Han has the character development of learning how to be more considerate and selfless.”

“Yes, but couldn’t you say that Leia has the same arc of learning to be cooperative and also learn the value of a team?”

“What are you even saying? You’re really trying to tell me that Leia and Han Solo have the same personality.”

“Yeah, it’s just executed in a different way. They started at different points in their lives, but they end up in the same place.”

Yunlan’s face falls, then it turns into contemplation, and then finally realization. “Okay, okay. Maybe I believe you, maybe I don’t. What do you think of Luke then?”

“Luke….I didn’t really have an affinity towards him.”

“At least you have one good opinion.” Yunlan then opens his mouth but somehow interrupts himself with a yawn. It’s not a cute yawn. No, it’s the type with the mouth all wide and a weird noise comes from the back of your throat. It’s ugly and drawn out, but it still makes his heart melt. But, this is how Shen Wei knows he’s far gone for this man. It wasn’t the Star Wars rant about the prequels or the mischievous smiles thrown his way. But, it’s Zhao Yunlan, in Shen Wei’s clothes. He's so obviously struggling to keep his eyes open with Empire Strikes Back cascading his face in red and white lighting.

“Yunlan, you should sleep.”

“I’m not tired!”

"You’re practically half-asleep already.”

Zhao Yunlan knows this. Hell, he knew this when his eyes began to itch in the middle of A New Hope. But, he doesn’t want this to end. He always acts like a dumbass around Shen Wei, mostly because he is one. But, this was one of the first times they actually sat down and didn’t talk about work. Of course, Zhao Yunlan still doesn’t trust Shen Wei fully. His suspicion is only part of his job. But there’s something alluring about him. Shen Wei’s a mystery and Zhao Yunlan didn’t become a detective to leave mysteries unsolved.

But Shen Wei wasn’t a mystery right now. He’s an open book, only in a language Zhao Yunlan can’t understand. His cheekbones, usually sharp as a knife but now soft as he laughs. His hair is always styled to perfection, now it falls into his eyes and every once in a while, he adjusts his glasses so it isn’t in the way. The light in his eyes when he quietly snorts at some of the worse jokes Zhao Yunlan made during the movie. Zhao Yunlan pretends he doesn’t notice him sneaking looks at him through the corner of his eye. It’s cute, how every time they would make eye contact he startles a little and how he keeps a respectful distance on the couch. He’s not on the other end, but he’s close enough that Zhao Yunlan can hear him mumbling to himself. Whenever they would become quiet, he likes to think he can hear Shen Wei’s heartbeat. Yes, he realizes that it’s his own heartbeat in his ears and that Shen Wei is too far away, but that’s not the point. This is what his brain is like when Shen Wei is around. It becomes all mushy and usually, he doesn’t have time to think about it until he’s in the comfort of his home.

He looks Shen Wei in the eyes and falters for just half a second. “Alright, fine. I’ll go to sleep now.”

“Lovely. Oh! I’m so stupid. I’ll be right back.” Zhao Yunlan blinks, stunned at the look of slight panic on Shen Wei’s face. He isn’t gone for long and when he returns, he has a stack of pillows and a blanket. He sets them down on a chair and looks at Zhao Yunlan. “I forgot to grab these before, but now that we’re both going to bed, I might as well.”

“Shen Wei, you can’t be serious about sleeping on your couch tonight.”

“Why not? I’ve done it before. It’s my couch.”

“What happened to taking care of your health and whatnot?”

Shen Wei raises an eyebrow. “One night on the couch won’t kill me. Also, as I’ve said before, I still have papers to read from work earlier. And usually, they’re done by now, but someone decided to stand in the rain without an umbrella.”

“Once again, sorry about that. Shen Wei, I really can’t let you do this.”

“You’re a guest in my house. I wouldn’t be a good host if I let you sleep on the couch and have your entire body be sore in the morning. Plus, if you get a cold from the rain, the couch would become even more uncomfortable.” Why is he being stubborn about this? Zhao Yunlan, why are you like this? Please, it’s already hard enough having him in his bed, but Shen Wei just has to endure the thought. He just has to grit his teeth so he doesn’t blurt something out about them compromising which would include them both in his bed.

Yunlan’s monkey brain activates again, but he stuffs it down. “Yes, but as a guest, I can’t let my host sleep on his own couch.”

“Zhao Yunlan, face it. You can’t win against me, you know this. So, give up and go to bed.”

Zhao Yunlan huffs quietly and glares at Shen Wei. “Fine, but tomorrow everything will be my treat. I can’t stand being in debt to anyone.” He walks through the bedroom door and stands against the door. God, I’m gonna fucking shit myself out of nervousness. Why the actual fuck did I agree to sleep in his bed? He tries his best not to pace because he feels like Shen Wei could hear him. Yes, he’s being irrational, but you would be too if you’re sleeping in the bed of the guy you’re in love with.

He exhales deeply and climbs into his bed. Holy shit, it smells so nice. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. The pillows are soft, so soft that Zhao Yunlan sinks straight into them. He shrugs the blankets over him, but he still tosses and turns to find comfort. Even though his eyes are closed, his mind is still racing. Shen Wei’s face when he found him in the rain, his hands gripping him on the stairs, the way he looks in the low light of his living. It’s like the memories are seared into his eyelids and sleep won’t be the refuge he thought it would be.

Shen Wei grabs his briefcase from the table and can’t bring himself to open it. He kind of wishes he had someone to talk about this with because shit???? Zhao Yunlan is in his home???? And his bed??? This is only inspiring a minor mental breakdown for him. It’s been 10,000 years since he saw him. Centuries of longing and holding out to even see if he’ll be reincarnated. The moment when he found him again was the happiest moment of his life. He had spent so much time alone that when he had found his other half, he was ecstatic. And somehow, the events have become so twisted that Zhao Yunlan has ended up in his bed.

And all Shen Wei can do is open his briefcase and read essays from college students who clearly don’t give a shit. Shen Wei likes to think that he‘s a great professor and inspires something from his students. But, there are always a few that he can never get a grasp on. The frustration is less towards them, but more towards himself. The day’s events of not being able to finish his work, finding that absolute fool of a man on the street, the proximity to him that’s simply intoxicating. It’s not being around him that’s the hard part, it’s the restraining himself. It’s the composed act he has to have around him otherwise he would catch on quickly and...Shen Wei wants to savor this for as long as he can. He doesn’t want to cross a line and have Zhao Yunlan retreat from him. He’s still guarded around him, and Shen Wei is trying his god damn best to break down those walls and meet the Yunlan from 10,000 years ago.  He shakes his head in order to focus on the papers once more.

Yunlan can’t sleep. This wasn’t normal insomnia-filled nights or caffeine-induced energy. His skin is thrumming though as if something within is struggling to get out. For right now, he’s staring at the ceiling, trying to count imaginary sheep. 1, 2, 3, 4, Shen Wei’s smile, 5, 6, 7, Shen Wei’s arms around him, 8, 9, 10, Shen Wei’s cooking, 11, 12, Shen Wei’s voice-

Okay, this isn’t working.

Usually, when he can’t sleep, Zhao Yunlan goes into his living room and do some work or maybe watch some TV. But, it’s not his living room. Fuck, he’s not even in his own bed. Sleeping is easy, right? You just close your eyes and let the darkness take over you and before you know it, it’s as easy as 1..2...3…..

Shen Wei was going to have his head burst if he heard Zhao Yunlan toss one more time. His apartment is always quiet. But having another person in here makes every sound amplified. So, he worked his powers and let Zhao Yunlan rest. He wishes he could do the same for himself, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. He stretches and hears multiple cracks from his back, and that’s how he knows to call it a night. He lays down, his feet dangling off the end of the couch. Sighing, he closes his eyes and wishes for the morning to come quickly.