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The more things change

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Pran wants to say it's reflex and habit for him to immediately surge up in challenge as he feels Pat's hand cover his mouth while he gets pulled into the bathroom stall that they'd agreed upon. But really, it's Pat's eyes, always sparkling with a hint of mischief and pride, that trigger the response in Pran.

Pat's lips are also in their characteristic grin as he presses a finger to his lips to shush Pran before that very same finger wanders down the front of Pran's shirt.

After a week apart for class projects and exams, Pran fails to hold back the shiver the simple touch causes. His lips move against Pat's, words muffled against the firm palm attempting to silence him, but Pat simply brushes his nose against Pran's cheek in an attempt to mollify his upset boyfriend. It fails and Pran nips Pat's palm, causing the other boy to shiver as well.

Pat, out of kindness, mercy, or to continue being a tease, replaces his hand over Pran's mouth with his lips, tasting of cola. Pran bites Pat's bottom lip anyway, just to remind him not to be a brat since muffled words will not suffice. Pat's smirk grows against Pran's lips and as Pat pushes ever closer, pressing Pran's body against the stall walls, Pran feels something else growing. He pushes back, not to compete, but simply to give as much as he is given. Pat huffs but continues to kiss and grind his hips and Pran's noises of pleasure and effort are muffled yet again.

As Pat pulls them both down to sit on the toilet, Pran in his lap and zippers being pulled open with practiced ease, both freeze at the sound of the bathroom door squeaking open. Pran shoots a dirty look at Pat whose eyes widen, but there is no mistaking the way Pat's dick twitches against Pran's that very moment. Pran reaches down and pinches the tip in punishment and Pat hisses just a slight bit too loud.

The footsteps on tile come closer and the sound of a stall door opening comes from the stall right next to theirs. Pat grasps Pran's erection and gives it a solid stroke before immediately pressing Pran's face into the crook of his neck to silence the moan he knows is coming. Pat continues to idly stroke as the usual sounds of someone else taking care of personal business echo from the neighboring stall. Pran bites the skin of Pat's neck, causing him to hiss again.

"Hey, you okay over there?" their neighbor asks. "Are you out of toilet paper or something?"

"N-nope!" Pat says far too quickly. "Just something I ate bothering me." He then twists and flicks his wrist just so, causing Pran to bite down even harder as he cums in the palm of Pat's hand. "Week old chicken rice, you know." Pat smirks at Pran as he finishes speaking only to nearly yelp at the way Pran tugs at his balls for being compared to old chicken rice.

Their neighbor only scoffs, flushes the toilet, washes his hands and leaves. Somehow completely unaware of the rapid pace in which Pran's hands move over Pat's dick, slick with pre-ejaculate. Pran sneaks a kiss to a barely pink cheek, flushed with embarrassment, arousal, or both. This time, as the door to the bathroom squeaks shut, Pat groans, low and satisfied, as he also reaches his orgasm in Pran's hands.

Pat licks his lips, eyes shining again and Pran only elbows him while wiping his hands clean on some toilet paper.

"You said you were going to lock the door!" Pran hisses.

"No, you said you were going to. You came in second, remember?" Pat replies. "But I was a good boyfriend anyway. You came first."

Pran rolls his eyes and slaps Pat's chest with a wad of clean toilet paper. "Get cleaned up and let's go, you exhibitionist."

"Don't kink shame me!" A pause. "And was I wrong?!"