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If Love Could Set Us Free

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Kenny McCormick was walking home alone when he saw him, a boy with jet black hair, leaning against the wall outside the South Park tattoo parlor. His eyes were on the sky, obscuring part of his face from Kenny’s view. 

“Bit late to be out alone,” Kenny called out with a laugh.

When the boy turned to face him, Kenny recognized the look in his eyes immediately. “Oh, well this just got a bit more interesting,” the blonde murmured to himself.  

“Who are you?” the unfamiliar boy asked, frowning at the calm way Kenny was regarding him, as though they were the same. 

“I’m Kenny McCormick, who the fuck are you?” Kenny asked, crossing his arms. 

“Damien Thorn,” he replied, twirling a ring around on his finger. “I’m here looking for someone.” 

“Oh, so immortals run errands now?” Kenny asked, smirking. 

“Ah, that explains your demeanor,” Damien rolled his eyes, barely surprised to have been found out so quickly. “And no, not exactly.”

“Well then, let’s try this again, tell me who you are, and why you’re in my town,” Kenny demanded. 

Damien raised his eyebrows. “ Your town? So, you’re protecting this shithole?” 

“Who. Are. You?” Kenny repeated, figuring Damien could discern the rest for himself. 

“…The son of Satan,” Damien answered, as though it should have been obvious. “And you are?” 

Kenny shook his head. “Unbelievable. Just what this town needs, a fucking kid from hell.” 

“Oh please, don’t act like this is a place people actually want to be. Besides, it’s not my fault he’s here,” Damien scowled. 

He? “Who?” Kenny asked. 

Here Damien faltered. “…He’s blonde, short, looks incredibly...feminine,” he vaguely tried to explain. “I’d argue about your age.” 

“You don’t even know his name?” Kenny exclaimed, wondering who the fuck this guy could be trying to describe. 

“You still haven’t told me who you are,” Damien smirked. “That’s not very fair.”

“I’m an immortal, like you,” Kenny replied with a shrug. “Don’t ask me how I could tell, it’s something about your eyes. You looked like you’ve seen…too much.”  

“I see,” Damien nodded thoughtfully. “Well, you’re not wrong there. And perhaps you could help me then? Since we don’t have to lie around one another?” 

“Maybe,” Kenny said. “Will I be seeing you at school tomorrow?” 

“School? As in…high school?” Damien asked.  

“Who knows, there are worse places to start looking for someone,” Kenny said with a shrug. 

Damien nodded. “Alright.”

“Can I at least find out why you’re looking for this guy?” Kenny asked. 

It took so long for Damien to reply, that Kenny had half a mind to believe he wouldn’t get an answer at all. But finally, the other boy sighed and said, “I’ve been told that there’s a human here who possesses a completely pure heart, and that this person was made for me.” 

Kenny almost laughed but didn’t want to anger Damien. “Are you really a romantic?” Kenny asked instead, maintaining an impassive face. 

“No, of course not,” Damien said, smirking. “I need to find him, so I can prove this silly prophecy to be false.”

“And what’s this kid’s deal, exactly? Is he like us?” Kenny asked, beginning to feel uncomfortable with the idea of so many immortals running around South Park. 

“Possibly, but my father didn’t say. What I know for sure is he’s all alone,” Damien answered with a shrug. 

Kenny nodded. “Alright. Well, I’ll see you at school tomorrow then,” he said, waving goodbye to Damien to continue his walk home. He had a lot to think about. 

Fifteen minutes later the blonde was almost home, only one more street before his house, when he realized just how much snow had piled up on the ground during his walk. “God damnit,” Kenny muttered, picking his feet up higher and higher to avoid getting too much snow in his shoes. He knew it was a pointless effort, but he tried anyway. 

And all he could think, as he tumbled to the ground a moment later, was that he hadn’t been paying enough attention.