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Sharp Teeth and Bird Bones

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There’s a legend about people who live in the sea.

A tale about a woman who falls in love and turns to foam.

There’s a myth about creatures called ‘mermaids’, the ones who live beneath the surface of the water. Sometimes they are indifferent to man, sometimes they are curious, but more often than not they are dangerous. They are alluring with their siren call, the predators and lions of the deep. More often, they would sooner eat a man than fall in love with one.

There’s a different tale, one that hasn’t been told, not yet, that’s different from all of these.

There’s a tale where one did fall in love with a man, but unlike The Little Mermaid, this one was not kind or forgiving or even what you would call loving.

But he was curious.

He was curious enough to save a man, instead of eat him.

And curious enough to see him again.