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How many gamjatang restaurants make a museum?

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For a brief moment - just a blink of an eye - Mr Jin Moo-Hak thought about pulling Dali into his arms and running off with her, but then Won Tak seemed to have such long and strong legs.

Still, Dali was his.

The simple fact made him smile a half smile and gave him the patience to wait for these long goodbyes Joo Won Tak could not seem to finish.

"Don't drink the tap water." he was saying now. "And try to sleep early so that you don't get too jet lagged."

Moo-Hak rolled his eyes and scoffed a little. Given the plan, she was not about to sleep at all if all things went well. Already, it was such a difficulty to keep his hands to himself. Just the memory of her soft skin trembling beneath his lips as he kissed her quivering belly last night threatened to tighten his pants further.

He had to collect himself quickly before his tenant saw his discomfort with those hawk eyes of his.

Moo-Hak shuffled, put his hand in his pocket and turned around to look at the bright lights of Seoul in the distance. Very gently, he tried to adjust his semi-erection without drawing the attention of the affectionate sibling farewell happening behind.

Just when he thought he had got it right, a small and delicate hand slipped into his pants pockets to hold his. Moo-Hak jumped inside, his heart pounding as Dali's warm body pressed to his. Those pert breast, round and firm, plump enough to be felt through the corduroy of his jacket, pressed into his back, and with her flat tummy molding to his buttocks, Jin Moo-Hak was done for.

He breathed deeply, turning his head around to smile at his girlfriend. She puckered her lips for a quick kiss and he quickly placed one on her. Just then, his memory jolted back to his surroundings. "Where's Won Tak?"

"Oh, he had to rush downstairs to fetch me some emergency pills from the pharmacy." Dali smiled teasingly, her eyes dancing knowingly.

Moo-Hak tensed for a moment. Could Won Tak know his plans? He frowned, looking down at the light in Dali's eyes. No, it was impossible. To Won Tak, they were merely fetching delicate art from a collector and will be back in two days. How could Won Tak then know he was planning on insuring his position in her life? Emergency birth control pills would mar the strategy.

"Why do you need emergency pills?"Moo-Hak asked her. "It's not as if we are going to be doing it all the time. I may be a Majangdong street fighter, but you can't be greedy like that, you know? I'm only human and what we did last night takes a lot of energy." He added.

Dali lifted her brow in question at first, then her smile grew wider. "Hmm, what emergency pills are you thinking of?"

Moo-Hak shrugged, "I don't know. You tell me".

Dali cocked her head to the side and narrowed her eyes, studying him intently. "I run out of some peptide salts and painkillers. He just offered to get them for me," she explained.

She pulled back from him and went to fetch her handbag. Looking through quickly, she pulled out a travel kit. "Don't you have one of these?," she waved the kit at him. MooHak shook his head dumbly. He felt stupid.

"Well, it's just for emergencies. Hopefully, we won't need to use anything in here."

Hopefully not! Mu Hak agreed silently. Such inconveniences could mar *the* plan. He smiled and nodded at her, approaching her gently. He cupped her face in his hands and pressed a kiss on her forehead. "My darling thinks of everything".

As if on cue, Won Tak rushed in, waving his purchase and quickly proceeding to fill her kit up. He smiled affectionately at his sister and grabbed her luggage.
"Pay him back quickly and be back safely."

Dali nodded shyly and started down the steps. Moo-Hak took her luggage from Won Tak, knowing he probably had some kind of a threat waiting.

"If you don't return her in one piece-" Won Tak was predictable.

"Yeah, I know, you will kill me," Moo-Hak finished for him. Had it not been just yesterday when Won Tak had entrusted Dali's welfare to him? He thought they were past the death threats, but obviously not.

As Moo-Hak passed the luggage off to his assistant, Miss Yeo, to stuff into the trunk of the car, he allowed himself a small smile. How a night could change everything!.

Just last night, he had held Won Tak's precious sister over his aching penis, drawing her slowing down his swollen length. Her sighs had turned to a sharp intake of air at first, her eyes suddenly tearing up a bit and her legs spreading wider.

With all her bravery and assertion, Moo-Hak had found out how tight and truly inexperienced his girlfriend was. In some ways, he should not have been surprised, but in such a charged atmosphere, her nervousness had been unexpected. Had she not said he was the conservative one? Or, perhaps, the men in her past had been weak? That small smile widened at the last thought as he held the door for her and slipped in after her. His assistant quickly set off to drop them at the airport.

Dali, perceptive as always, leaned close and whispered rather loudly, "What are you thinking of?"

Moo-Hak laughed a little. "Last night," his whisper was too loud, too.

His assistant seemed to lose her grip on the steering wheel for a moment, looking bewildering into the rear view mirror for long seconds. Dali blushed, turning to look at the streets outside.

Moo-Hak saw her reaction to Miss Yeo's inquisitiveness, smiling even wider at her sudden embarrassment. She was so cute. Just last night, when they'd finally got rid of all their clothes, she had demanded to explore his body, running her hands over every plane and muscle before gripping his hard cock in her tiny hands. She'd tried her best, he recalled, tugging at his sensitized organ.

"Gently," he had said, teaching her the best pressure, motion, rythym to bring him pleasure. When she had got it right and he had been on the verge of losing his grip on himself, she had got even braver by climbing up around him until she found she would need more balls to take his length and girth in.

When she had wiggled over him, Moo-Hak had doubted her abilities. By now, he knew without much doubt that she may be modern and elegant but quite naive in bedroom happenings. He was right.

She had not aligned well with him until he had held her up to his chest, and even more, she seemed unsure of herself, closing her eyes tightly as she tried to sink herself around him.

Moo-Hak shifted in his seat, remembering how slowly she had pushed down, her belly quivering when her sex had met his.

It had taken every cell of patience to let her set the pace, only to find she wouldn't be able to fit without some help. Her eyes had stung, her lips leaving his kisses to get drawn between her teeth. She had widened her stance, lowering with caution and hope over his cock. Like her kisses, she had not been able to pass the head of his penis.

Moo-Hak had quickly assessed the situation by then, knowing it was up to him now. He'd drawn her into a deep kiss, lowering his knowledgeable hands to her swollen clit. As her sighs grew back into loud moans, he had turned her around on her back again, sucking deeply from her nipples and playing her drenched sex intently.

He had noticed how she had mindlessly let him raise her thighs up his arms, not quite aware when he positioned himself at her entrance. She had been so far gone, she hadn't noticed his lack of protection, or the intensity in his eyes - almost as if he was on a mission. But, when he pushed himself into her, a small scream had ripped past her swollen lips, and she had opened her eyes wide.

"I'm sorry," Moo-Hak had coaxed. "You are just so tight, there was no other way," he added breathily, trying to hold still and allow her to adjust.

She had held on to him for a minute or two, flexing her hips and muscles to accommodate him. Then she giggled, drawing a puzzled look from her boyfriend. "I'm not so tight, it's because you have a killer body, Majangdong street fighter," she teased.

"Of course," he laughed as well, nodding vigorously and pulling out a little in the process. That small motion had been enough to stop the giggles; stop the swelling head on his neck, but also enough to swell him up further inside her. If he did not move now, he'd explode.

With superhuman effort, he had taken her slowly at first, feeling every ridge and shiver of her glove-like core. But, as she had gotten wetter, she had started to silently plead for release; whispering teases in his ears. She had called him a man of men, her Adonis, and claimed only he could bring her satisfaction.

So, he had set a new pace, a deeper stroke in and a quicker pull out. Her moans had soon turned to whimpers, more urgent pleas, and then screams.

Last night, while wrapped around each other, Moo-Hak had made a promise not to mention neighborhood noises ever again.

In the present though, he had other self made promises to fulfill. Like Miss Yeo had pointed out, he did not have many redeeming qualities to compete with the likes of Jang Tae Jin, and he was not about to lose the battle to him and his underhand tactics. If he was nothing at all, he was a shrewd business man himself.

And, if she didn't mind it, he intended to add a little more of himself to her and get his claim on her signed and notarized as soon as possible.

After all, he had his own emergency kit.
Miss Yeo had come through perfectly for him.

He fingered the ring in his jacket pocket and smiled. He would do whatever it took. No matter how many gamjatang restaurants he needed to make a museum.