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baptise in your thighs til it hurts

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It wasn’t that JJ Maybank couldn’t get laid. 


Of course that wasn’t the case. With looks like his own and a charm that could wiggle it’s way into anyone’s heart he desired, JJ could’ve easily seduced a stranger at the bar or whatever nightclub his friends dragged him out too. He had known a handful of women and men alike that would be willing to fill in the position of a one night stand or fling with no strings attached. He could easily get laid if he wanted to. 


But the thing was…he didn’t, not really. 


Despite being a senior in college, it wasn’t the work load that was effecting his sex life nor the overbearing doom that he would soon graduate and have to figure out what to do with himself (and hopefully his degree too). It had nothing to do with his strict training regimen for lacrosse either, even though that did drain his energy by the end of the day.


But those were the reasons he gave his friends because he couldn’t tell them the truth.


Because he could never tell them that the reason he hadn’t fucked anyone in almost seven months was due to a certain girl he watched every night. 


It was because all his thoughts were consumed by those brown curls laced with strands of dirty blonde, by those perfect lips with a sinful smile that lived in his mind constantly, by that soft, supple brown skin that he itched to reach through his screen and caress every night. 


Because JJ Maybank could never tell them that at 11pm every night he would log in to his account and watch that pretty girl who consumed his thoughts fuck herself and whisper filthy words until he exploded all over his stomach. 


He could never tell them because they just wouldn’t understand the hold she had on him. The way he was so enraptured by the way she acted and moved, the way he would do anything to be the one she said those words to. 


It felt like his own dirty little secret every night when he would log in after seeing that notification pop up that her live was starting soon. Not that it was always a live, sometimes she would post a video and he guessed those were the days she was too busy or tired. But the lives sent a different kind of rush through him, to know she was really there on the other side of his screen. 


Medusa’s live will begin shortly




The persona this perfect girl would go under for her videos. It felt odd that after seven months of learning her most sinful secrets and desires, he didn’t even know her fucking name. He knew her filthiest fantasies that she would share with the camera, he knew the smallest of details like how her lips parted in a silent scream before she would come or how she would let out the perfect little whines when she hit that spot inside her.


JJ couldn’t deny the fact he was completely enamoured by Medusa.


And his cock hardened at the simple idea of seeing her again as he closed his bedroom door and pulled down the blinds, settling himself in his bed as he quickly signed himself in to her livestream on his laptop.


His breath caught in his throat when she popped up on his screen, looking as beautiful as ever. Her wild brown curls cascaded around her, framing her face and falling down her shoulders until the slightly blonde tips brushed her bare back. She was wearing her mask as usual, but he could see her wide, doe brown eyes staring at him and that alone sent a shiver down his spine. His eyes glanced down to her lips, painted red and pursed in a perfect smirk that JJ could hardly control his thoughts of smearing the lipstick across her face and his own.


She was dressed in a dark red lacy set, the bra pushing her tits together wonderfully and the panties leaving little to imagination. Her supple brown skin was on show, his eyes barely able to take it all in without coming in his boxers right there and then. Her skin was covered in tattoos, random small ones that would catch his attention when she would arch her back for the camera or when her hands would run up and down her bare skin whilst she spoke her sinful words.


But there was one in particular that caught his eye, the one that she so evidently named her persona after.


The snake tattoo that started on her hand and wrapped around her wrist and forearm, the same damn hand she would use to slip down to touch the most intimate parts of herself until she was screaming in bliss.


That fucking tattoo haunted his fantasies and dreams.


“There’s so many of you today.”


He bit down on his lower lip as her voice filtered through the empty room, his own breathing seeming to halter as he watched her closely. She sat on her knees, her hands lazily running up and down her bare thighs as she watched the numbers of viewers increase with every passing second.


“Missed me?” Her melodic laugh filtered through the speakers, and JJ was only partially ashamed at the way his cheeks burned at the underlying mocking tone of her words.


She waited a few minutes, just muttering away about random stuff from her day as she waited for the last few people to join. He would never admit it—not that anyone knew of his dirty little secret of watching her in the first place—but he thoroughly enjoyed this part, maybe even more so than the rest of the livestream. It was the few minutes he got to see the girl behind the mask, the one that had completely captured his heart in ways he wasn’t sure he would ever be ready to confess.


“I’ve got a surprise for you,” she told him, because he would always pretend it was just her and himself. Not the hundreds of other people watching and commenting, just the two of them in this sinful moment together. “Gonna put on a show for you.”


You always do , JJ had thought to himself as his cock strained against the material of his boxers. He lightly palmed himself over the material, wincing slightly at the small bursts of pleasure.


The groan slipped from his lips before he could help himself as she showed the camera the ‘surprise’ she had. The phallic shaped toy filled his screen and he was embarrassed to admit that jealousy burned through him at the idea of the toy being able to fuck her needy cunt when he wasn’t able to.


“Want you to watch like a good boy, okay?” She cooed, her voice deep and sultry. “Gonna be a good boy and listen to me, not gonna come until I tell you. I wanna hear those pretty moans while I fuck myself, wanna hear your pretty cries.”


“Fuck me,” JJ breathed out as he pushed his sweatpants down his thighs, his boxers following suit until his cock stood, red and desperate and begging for attention. His thumb skimmed over the tip of his cock, hissing as he rubbed the small bead of precum that leaked out.


He watched as those red lips wrapped around the tip of the toy, slowly slipping it deeper into her mouth until she let out a soft noise as it hit the back of her throat. In and out, he watched her fuck that pretty little mouth with the toy until it was glistening with her spit. He could barely remember to breathe as he watched her push the material of her panties to the side and slowly sink down on the toy.


It was an image that would be burned into his head. Her tits hanging out of her bra from where she pinched and played with her nipples, curls pushed to one side and lips parted in a silent scream as she adjusted to the thick girth of the toy. Her legs were spread so he could watch the small tremble in her thighs as she sunk down, her greedy cunt welcoming the toy happily.


“Fuck, feels so good,” She moaned out, her eyes clenched shut as she slowly started to roll her hips. “You wish this was you, baby? Hmm, bet you are just begging for me right now, aren’t you? Good boys don’t beg.”


JJ’s teeth sunk into his lower lip as he tried his best not to moan, his hand wrapped around dick as he stroked at a generous pace. He watched the screen with hooded eyes, his brain feeling fuzzy as her words washed over him.


“Don’t you dare think about coming. Bad boys don’t listen.”


“Not a fucking bad boy,” he muttered to himself, but his voice was breathy and his words didn’t feel as convincing as he wanted them to.


“So big,” she moaned out, her tits bouncing in front of the camera as she started to move faster. His hand tightened around his cock at the mere idea that she was on top of him, that she was riding him instead of the fucking toy. “Feel so fucking full.”


“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Hhe breathed out, his eyes fluttering shut but he urged himself to keep his eyes open. He didn’t want to miss a single thing from her livestream. He wanted to remember all of it.


“God, I just wanna feel you fill me up,” she whined, her tongue swiping across her lips. “Wanna fuck my good boy.”


“Shit!” JJ whimpered, his hips bucking as he swiped his thumb across the head of his cock and the pleasure buckled through his body.


“Gonna come with me, baby? Gonna do what I say?” Her voice echoed through the room with only his whines to accompany her.


“Yes, yes, yes!” He chanted, every muscle in his body tensing. He would’ve begged if she asked, would’ve done whatever she said because Medusa seemed to hold that control over him.


“Come for me, baby, come with me.”


The sound that left his mouth was guttural and primal, white flashing behind his eyes as he exploded and released all over his bare stomach. His heels dug into the mattress, his hips bucking up as if he were actually able to fuck up into her and release his load inside her. The thought alone left him gasping.


His strokes on his cock became lazy and tired as he turned his eyes back to the screen, watching as she pulled the toy from inside and licked a long stripe along the side before sucking the tip between her lips. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and he could have sworn he saw her dripping onto the sheets beneath her.


“Hmm, tastes so good.” She murmured as she finally pulled her mouth off the toy, holding the glistening object with that damn tattooed hand that he desired to feel wrapped around his own dick.


She looked devastatingly beautiful: cheeks flushed, a thin layer of sweat covering her body and her legs trembling slightly from the intensity of her orgasm. He could see a few curls sticking to her forehead, her chest heaving with small pants as her fingers dived down to swipe against her cunt before bringing them back to her mouth for one last taste.


JJ wondered if it was possible to come again after such a short period of time from his last orgasm.


“Can’t stay long tonight,” she whispered to the camera, her brown eyes shining with such an innocent look that for a second it was hard to believe he just watched her fuck herself in front of hundreds of people. “Unfortunately real life awaits.” She laughed and he wanted to bottle the sound.


“Got some pretty videos for you though,” And JJ’s heart swelled as he let himself imagine she was talking just to him. “Think you will…. really like it.” She added with a knowing smirk.


She was an absolute tease and a minx.


But then again, that was just why JJ was paying the monthly subscription to watch her every goddamn night, no? Because he fucking adored the vixen she was.


“Goodnight, baby.” She whispered as she leaned forwards, reaching to turn the camera off but her tits were hanging right in front of the lens and his fingers itched to squeeze them and suck on them.




He stared at the screen for a couple of seconds before reaching over and quickly shutting his laptop. He took a few deep breaths, the image of Medusa playing in his head over and over again that he knew he would need to wank himself off a good few times if he had any desire to sleep tonight.


With a sigh he reached over for the tissues on his bedside table, quickly cleaning himself off before trudging towards the bathroom for a late-night shower, silently wishing he was on the other side of the screen with her when the livestream ended.






“Woah! Let me get that for you!”


JJ had a long day and he was ready to collapse onto his bed for a well-deserved nap. Living off-campus had major perks and he didn’t often regret his choice, but as lacrosse practice came to an end and JJ made the walk towards his car, he suddenly wished he didn’t have to do the fifteen minute drive back home when his teammates could simply walk two minutes down the street and arrive at their accommodation.


The day hadn’t gone particularly well. His social economics lecturer seemed to be in a pissy mood himself and that reflected in his teaching today. He seemed to enjoy picking on JJ especially, and the lack of caffeine in his system didn’t help the situation. Then he had been late to his business lecture because he ran into a freshman who looked particularly helpless and lost. And then when a day full of classes finished, he had a particularly gruelling practice that he just knew would leave his muscles aching in the morning.


He thought he could come home and just sleep until dinner but just as he made his way down the hall, he noticed a girl standing at the door opposite of his holding far too many boxes with one hand and holding her keys in the other. He quickly moved to grab the boxes before they tumbled to the ground.


“Shit, thank you.” The stranger laughed though he couldn’t see her past the boxes he now held. He heard the door open and an invitation for him to enter as she grabbed a few bags that laid on the floor.


“You just moved in?”


The apartment had been empty since the grouchy old man who previously lived there broke his hip and had to move in with his granddaughter. JJ couldn’t lie when he said he was over the moon the old man moved out. No one on the floor liked him, but he seemed to have a certain hatred for him that JJ could never explain or tell you the reasoning behind. The months without a neighbour across from him had been peaceful and he bristled at the idea of someone new moving in and taking the old man’s spot in being a grouchy neighbour.


“Yup, just picked up the keys today!”


He placed the boxes down on the floor since there seemed to be no other place to put them and finally turned to his neighbour, freezing when she turned around.


She looked to be around the same age as him, dressed in nothing special—just some leggings and a hoodie (though it seemed a few sizes too big and completely engulfed her). Her hair was tied up in a bun but a few curls slipped out and framed her face. She was beautiful, in a natural and a down-to-earth sort of way. And JJ was overwhelmed by the feeling that he had seen her before.


His eyes glanced down at her hoodie, his brows raising. “You go to UNC Chapel Hill?”


She looked down at her hoodie before nodding. “That is what it says,” she said with a small smile. “Senior, you?”


“Senior,” he answered before adding proudly, “and captain of the lacrosse team two years running.”


He watched her wince slightly. “Is now a good time to mention I’ve never been to a lacrosse game or will that put a damper on the new neighbour friendship?”


“Yikes, went right for the kill,” he hissed as he jokingly placed a hand on his chest before shrugging. “Guess it’s something I’ll just have to convince you to enjoy.”


“Good luck.” She laughed at him, shaking his head.


He probably recognised her from campus. They probably had different majors—which was confirmed when he asked, he was majoring in business and economics whilst she was majoring in marine sciences—so it was unlikely for them to have met in any shared classes. But it wouldn’t be impossible for him to have bumped into her once or twice over the years. It’s probably why she seemed familiar, even if it didn’t settle the nagging voice in the back of his head.


“Fuck, I didn’t even introduce myself,” he spoke up after a while, extending his hand. Despite his exhaustion beforehand, he found himself offering to help her move in the rest of her boxes up from the lobby. “I’m JJ. JJ Maybank.”


She smiled and shook his hand. “I’m Kiara. Kiara Carrera.”


However, the smile slowly slipped from his face when he caught a peek of her inked skin as the sleeve of her hoodie rolled up. Staring back at him was a snake that he knew all too well, a snake he knew wound up her arm towards her elbow. A snake that had lived in his fantasies for the last seven months.


“Everything okay?” She asked when she noticed he fell quiet.


He quickly shook his head and smiled. “Sorry, practice really…tired me out today.” The lie slipped past his lips far too easily. “Uh, cool tattoo.”


“Oh,” Her face lightened up as she glanced down at her arm, pushing up her sleeve and confirming JJ’s suspicions. “Thanks, I got it on my eighteenth.”


“New found freedom and all?” He hated how flat the words sounded but he had a million thoughts racing through his head.


“Something like that,” she answered with a smile.


Fuck , he thought to himself as he stared at that smile and tried to ignore the way his heart was beating wildly in his chest.


“I, uh, will see you later,” he told her as he made his way towards the door, making some half-hearted excuse about a paper he had to write for one of his classes. “But welcome to the complex.”


“Thanks, JJ.”


He tried to ignore how good his name sounded rolling off her tongue.


He gave her a wave and quickly crossed the hall to his own apartment, shutting the door behind him as quickly as he could. He pressed his forehead against the cool wood but it didn’t settle down the thoughts whirling in his mind. Because despite what he thought he knew, the tattoo wasn’t common, and he knew he didn’t recognise her from campus.


He knew she was the same girl he had watched every night for the last seven months.


And when 11pm rolled around that night and JJ logged in, he watched her pop up on his screen—a pre-recorded video just as she mentioned—and he knew that any doubts he had were quickly washed away.


Because the girl on his screen wasn’t Medusa, it was Kiara.


Because the girl on his screen was his new neighbour.


Because the girl on his screen was still the only girl he could get hard for, the only girl he wanted to fuck.


And with his new-found knowledge, he should have just logged off and cancelled his subscription. He should have just pretended like he never knew it existed and try to act normal whenever he saw her.


But the truth was JJ couldn’t help himself as he shrugged his pants down and wrapped his fist around his cock. He couldn’t help as he imagined her name rolling off his tongue in a filthier scenario like the one he was watching now. He couldn’t help but moan her name as he came, feeling utterly satisfied now that he had a name to the face, that he knew what lay beneath that mask.


And he felt his dirty little secret just get a whole lot dirtier.







Considering the fact he couldn’t look at Kiara without imagining her in the most sinful scenarios, JJ tried his best to limit their interactions.


He greeted her politely whenever they bumped into each other but always had a pathetic excuse at hand to prevent any longer conversations. He would make sure he left his apartment in the last possible second just so he wouldn’t bump into her on the way to campus. He steered clear of the marine science building which meant his walk from social politics to economics took five minutes longer than usual. He even tried to be the last one to leave practice, helping coach clean up equipment and whatnot just to assure Kiara would be in her flat by the time he made his way home.


But despite everything he did to avoid her in person, he would still find himself logging in at 11pm every night to watch her through his screen.


“Wish it was your fingers, baby,” she moaned out, her face buried in a pillow and her ass in the air with her wet cunt displayed to the camera, three fingers moving in and out whilst her other hand held the vibrator wand to her aching clit. “You’d fuck me so good, wouldn’t you, baby boy?”


His breath left in broken pants, his cock thrusting into his closed fist as he urged himself to hold off longer. But it was difficult when he could practically feel her skin against his, could practically smell the soft scent of ocean water and coconuts overwhelming his senses as he watched Kiara’s ass and legs shake on his screen.


“Fuck, Kiara.” Her name came out as a desperate whine as he felt himself come all over his hand in spurts. “Fuck!”


And when he came down from his high and closed his laptop, he would be left with his own guilt for his actions.


However, despite trying his best to avoid her, Kiara seemed to take matters into her own hands.


He was on his way back after an extra-long practice, moving at a slug’s pace as he reached his door and dug around his pockets for his keys. He was probably minutes away from passing out, but the grumbling in his stomach told him that he would have to settle for whatever quick dinner he could whip up before falling face first onto his bed.


Before he could even take his keys out, the door behind him opened and he heard her call out his name.


“I have extra takeout, if you want to join me,” she told him, standing against her doorway and if JJ wasn’t so tired he probably would have noted how nervous she seemed. “I just…you seem exhausted and I bought extra Chinese so…thought it would be better than wasting it and chucking it out.”


He probably could have suggested that she keep it for leftovers and make his way inside his own flat, the door acting as a solid barrier between them. He could have denied her offer and made up some excuse that he had his dinner sorted. But the truth was that he was utterly exhausted and in no shape or form to be making his own dinner, and greasy Chinese takeout sounded brilliant even if his coach would disagree.


Against his better judgement, that ended up being one of the best nights he had in a long time.


After the initial awkwardness washed off—and the beers kicked in—JJ found himself laughing and smiling in a way he hadn’t done for a while. The banter flowed effortlessly between them, bouncing off one another far better than JJ ever had with some of his teammates. They sat on her couch, two beers and a shitload of Chinese food in, and they just talked. He was surprised he was able to look at her and not imagine her online persona, he was surprised he was able to just hang out with Kiara and nothing else.


It was one night but it changed a lot between them.


More often than expected they found themselves crashing at each other’s for meals. It started off as JJ wanting to pay her back for the takeout. But then she invited him over for homemade pizzas. And then he invited her to grab coffee before class. And then she invited him to grab food after lacrosse practice. And—


Well, you get the gist.


As the days went by, the closer they got. And the longer JJ kept his knowledge of her alter ego a secret.


It wracked around in his head for days. He knew he should say something. He knew he should come clean. The eventual fallout would only get worse as each day passed and he was really starting to enjoy Kiara’s company, he didn’t want to lose that. He didn’t want to lose her. So every opportunity that came along, he kept his mouth shut like a coward.


Until the most perfect opportunity landed on his lap.


It had been a quiet night. The rain had flooded the lacrosse field and the indoor hall was already booked so coach had cancelled practice. Kiara had been ahead of all her assignments and had the night free so they found themselves sitting on her couch, glasses of wine in their hands—because they really did decide to splurge on their only day off even if no college senior drinks wine—and just spent the night chatting amongst themselves and half-heartedly watching whatever show was playing on her laptop.


“You’re staying here for Christmas?” JJ repeated, partially because he wasn’t sure he heard her correctly and partially because he couldn’t quite believe it. “Does your family live far away?”


She let out a bitter laugh. “No, they live thirty minutes from here.”


“Oh.” Because what else could he even say to that?


She sighed, shuffling in her seat as she turned her body to face him but her eyes remained on her wine glass. “Growing up I never really got on with my parents that well. We clashed a lot and…as I got older, the fights just got bigger. When I turned eighteen, they didn’t understand why I didn’t want to be a doctor like this cousin or a lawyer like that cousin. It just…got on my nerves and I snapped.”


He raised his brows. “You left?”


She shrugged. “They weren’t supportive of what I wanted to do, they didn’t want anything to do with me so I just…cut myself off.”


He blinked. “And you’ve been independent ever since?”


“I had to be,” She told him. “It’s not been too bad really, but…holidays can suck, I guess.”


And it hit him then.


That maybe the videos and livestream weren’t just something she wanted to do, but something she needed to do. Kiara never seemed like the type of person who would do something she didn’t want or feel comfortable with, and boy he knows she puts on quite the enjoyable show. But he never stopped to think about the deeper meaning as to why a college student would be doing it. That maybe it’s not just about the extra money, it’s about funding her whole life.


It was honestly his pure driven selfishness, but he kept his mouth shut. He should have come clean then, told her he knew about her profession since before they met. But the voice in the back of his head convinced him it would only cause more problems.


Kiara had already lost so much in her life, she didn’t need to lose him too.






But despite the guilt looming over JJ’s head like a bad cloud at 11pm every night, he found himself wanting to be closer to Kiara. She deserved to have a solid support system in her life, and despite the fact he finds her incredibly hot and distracting that it was hard not to have a boner around her, he did want to be that support system even before he knew the face behind the mask.






“Today is your lucky day!”


Kiara looked up from her spot on the couch, phone in hand and an ice pop in the other. She was dressed in a sweater and shorts, considering the fact it was a Saturday and she had nowhere else to be until JJ had stormed in seconds ago.


Truthfully, it became a far too common act for the other to just walk into the apartments unannounced. Sometimes JJ would wake up in the morning and she would just be chilling in his living room, or even storm into his room to wake him up herself. Sometimes he would be the one walking in with food after practice, or waking her up at ungodly hours at the weekend to try and coax her to run with him (it never worked). They had simply reached that level of comfort with each other.


“I’ve won the lottery and a getaway to a resort island with Harry Styles?” She questioned and his face faltered for a second.


“Uh, not quite,” he muttered, prepared to open his mouth and tell her what his news really was but the sight in front of him cut him off.


He watched as her lips innocently wrapped around the ice pop, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked on the stick. He felt his cock harden at the sight, images of those lips wrapped around him filling his head. Scenarios filling his mind about all the things those lips could do. Ones of Kiara kneeling in front of him as she takes his cock in her mouth. Ones of those lips parted in bliss as he fucks her from behind. Ones of those same lips whispering the most filthy and crude comments in his ear while she rides him.


It took him a couple of moments to remember where he was.


She raised her brows. “So what is it?”


He cleared his throat, trying to keep his fantasies to himself and remember why he barged in minutes ago.


“I am taking you to your very first lacrosse game!” He announced happily.


She blinked. And then she blinked again. And then she blinked one more time for good measure.


“That’s good news?”


JJ gasped, a hand on his chest. “Yes! We have been friends for ages and you have yet to come and see me at one of my games!”


“Because I don’t understand the game.” She pointed out.


“It’s a simple game to follow, Kie,” he retorted, crossing his arms over his chest. He wanted her there, knowing she was in the crowd cheering for him. He wanted to know she was screaming his name…even if it wasn’t in the way he would’ve preferred.


She pressed her lips together and his eyes instantly glanced down. He watched as her tongue darted out to collect some of the ice pop juice that had spilled down her chin and lip. He urged his dick to remain and hoped to some superior being that his boner wasn’t noticeable. He could wank off later, he just needed to get through his conversation with her.


“If I go, does that mean I get to wear your jersey?” She asked, her head tilted to the side as she popped the ice pop back into her mouth.


Fuck me


More inappropriate thoughts entered his head. Ones of her in his jersey, but only his jersey. Ones of him fucking her six ways to Sunday in said jersey. Ones of her tying his hands to the headboard with his own jersey and bouncing on his cock until he was begging to come.


He really needed a wank.


“If that’s what it takes,” he said with a hopeful grin, cheering when she nodded her head. “Just you wait, you are going to fall in love with the game!”


And truthfully, Kiara still didn’t understand the hype.


But the atmosphere made up for it. Students cheering on the bleachers, the rumbles of their feet stomping as they did. The screams and yells whenever the team would score, the way everyone watched with such pride as the boys would knock their opponents down and run towards the goal.


It was a thrill JJ lived for, the adrenaline being one of the many things he adored about the sport. Putting on the helmet and holding the stick in his hand as he runs onto the field is simply one of the best feelings he could have.


But the first would definitely be winning.


Like this very game.


He wore a massive grin on his face as he raced towards the bleachers, pushing through people until he got to her. She stood there, his jersey worn over her hoodie, with her own matching grin.


“You won!”


“I know!”


She laughed, playfully batting him away when he reached to hug her but didn’t stop him as he wrapped his arms around her and spun her around. He was a sight to see, sweaty and hair dishevelled from wearing a helmet all game. His cheeks were flushed from running around and his nose a little pink from the cold. But he looked beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.


He didn’t miss the way her eyes darted down to his lips. His followed suit. He watched her gulp slightly, her tongue darting out to wet her lips. He wondered what she would taste like if he leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. But she spoke before he could find out.


“We should celebrate,” she whispered to him, enjoying the small little bubble they created despite the rest of the team and students cheering around them.


“We should.”


“Dinner on me?” She suggested, nibbling on her lower lip.


Oh how he wished it was his own.


“I don’t think I’ll stay away for dinner,” he murmured and forced himself to keep his gaze focused on her eyes instead of her peach-painted lips. “How about tomorrow night?”


She smiled widely and his breath caught in his throat because it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.


“Deal, Maybank.”







Kiara didn’t think twice when she sauntered into JJ’s apartment at 7pm for their dinner plans.


They weren’t going anywhere fancy but she felt the need to dress up a bit, which didn’t require much beyond wearing something other than sweatpants and putting a little bit of makeup on. She didn’t really know why she did.


Well, that’s a partial lie.


She knew exactly why.


And it was all because of a certain blond lacrosse player that had been in her mind constantly over the last few weeks.


Despite her initial attraction to the blond when she first met him that day she moved in, she had truthfully been content with a friendship. Relationships had never been a forte of hers, and they always ended up going south before they got too serious. And the more time she spent in JJ’s company, the more she realised that she didn’t want to ruin what they had. 


She had convinced herself she would truly be happy with his friendship and nothing more. 


But then there would be the days he trudged into her apartment after practice. His hair would be messy and he’d be sweaty to the point his clothes clung onto him like a second skin—which meant she got to see just what he hid beneath those shirts. And she liked what she saw. A lot. 


She tried to batter those thoughts away but the way his muscles would strain in his shirt, clinging onto his back when he would lift his arms above his head and the small slit of his torso was exposed to her eager eyes. The way her gaze would linger on the small trail of hair that led beneath the waistband of his sweatpants, the way her eyes would linger anyways as though she could see through them. 


If she was being completely honest, it got significantly harder to deny her attraction to JJ Maybank the more she knew him but that still didn’t mean she would act upon it. She came with too much baggage, too much shit to deal with. 


She was happy to have him as a friend. 


But JJ had a habit of pulling small stunts that would make her heart stop and her brain question every decision she ever made. 


The times he brought her coffee almost like he could read her mind. The times when he was a little too clingy after a particularly gruelling practice and would coax her into cuddling on the couch. But most recently when he handed her his jersey and watched with a knowing smirk as she slipped it on, and he gave her that look like she had fucking hung the moon. 


She swore she forgot how to breathe. 


So yes, maybe her dolled up attire wasn’t exactly completely by chance. It was done by choice, a choice made by the hopeless romantic in the back of her head that maybe considered this celebratory dinner a little more than just two friends grabbing food—and maybe more towards it being a date. 


Not that she would tell JJ that. Like she said, she didn’t want to ruin what they had. 


And what they had was a solid friendship where she could barge into his apartment like she had done many times before. 


Except, she didn’t find him running around trying to find his keys or wallet like she expected him too. 


Instead she found his apartment quiet. Uncharacteristically quiet.


She shut the door behind her, popping her head into the kitchen and living room only to find them empty. She momentarily wondered if she remembered wrong and they were actually meant to meet at the restaurant. Or maybe even meet downstairs in the lobby.


She was reaching for her phone when she first heart it.




It was quiet and muffled, but she swore it sounded like a groan. She frowned, pausing in her spot as she listened carefully.




Her eyes widened as a variety of thoughts crossed her mind. Maybe he had fallen in the shower or broke his leg. Maybe he had collapsed and hit his head and was now in and out of consciousness. Maybe he been mugged and was currently wounded after being stabbed.


You could truly count on her brain to come up with the worst case scenarios.


She quickly made her way towards his bedroom where the groans were coming from, only to pause when she saw the door was left slightly open. She took a few steps forwards, ready to push it open but froze when she saw the sight between the small crack.


There JJ laid in his bed, but he wasn’t injured or wounded. And the groans weren’t ones of pain. Instead he laid there, shirtless and his sweatpants pooled at his mid-thigh with his hands wrapped around his cock. There was a thin layer of sweat covering his body, his bottom lip tucked between his teeth as he tried to muffle his moans.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”


Her whole body flushed, heat rushing straight to her core as she watched him helplessly get himself off. She couldn’t look away from the sight, the way his hips bucked into his fist or the precum leaking from his tip. Her tongue darted out, almost desperate to lick it and taste it for herself.


“Kiara, please!”


Her eyes widened when she heard her name roll off his tongue amongst desperate pleas and whimpers. She couldn’t deny that her panties hadn’t soaked at the mere thought that he was getting off to her, that she was the one he wished was wrapped around his cock instead. It almost felt a porno movie come to life, her catching him wanking off and moaning her name.


Her body buzzed with adrenaline, every instinct and cell in her body was screaming for her to just push the door open and give him a helping hand. To sink down to her knees and take his cock in her mouth just like she so desperately wanted to. But any thoughts of fucking JJ into oblivion were quickly washed away and replaced with ice cold dread as a familiar voice echoed through the room.


“Such a good boy for me, listening to instructions. You wanna come, baby boy? You wanna fill me up?”


Her voice.


That was her voice.


Medusa’s voice.


He was watching her video and he was wanking off to it.


No, no, no


She quickly staggered back, a soft buzzing noise overwhelming her senses as she urged her legs to move faster towards the door. The needy moans of JJ were muffled and left behind as she quickly exited his apartment, not caring if she slammed the door shut or not. She could barely think straight until she was in the safety of her own flat, door locked to prevent JJ coming in and the sounds of him moaning her name a million miles away—figuratively speaking. He was probably a couple of feet at most.


She fell back onto her bed, hands covering her face as the scene replayed itself in her head over and over again, almost like her brain just wanted to torture her. But she couldn’t help it, the feeling of dread now replaced by something both deeper and hotter, something quite like shame, fear and anxiety all wrapped into one.


Because he fucking knew she was Medusa.