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Time for a change

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Usually, your gendermark would form in the night when you turned sixteen.
When you were destined to become an Omega, there would be a circle on your hipbone.
When you were destined to become an Alpha, the circle would be crossed out.
For a Beta, you would have a little cross with nothing else, no circle.



Alec was... nervous? Excited? Scared? Maybe something in between all of that. It was almost midnight and he stood there alone in his room, right in front of the mirror. Tomorrow was his sixteenth birthday. He had no clue how many times he had lifted his shirt already and pushed the hem of his sweatpants down to stare at his hipbone. But until now, there was nothing to be seen. As expected, because it was still too early for his mark to show up.

He turned around and sat onto his bed before he got up again to pace through the room. Yes, he was pretty nervous he had to admit to himself. After all, everyone in his family believed or better, expected him to become an Alpha. He was raised like one, he was shaped into one because one day he would become the Head of the New York Institute as the oldest child, the oldest Lightwood Alpha. One day, he would follow his father’s footsteps. So, it was just a small thing, just a simple step to get it confirmed this night. For his Alpha mark to show. Right?

Usually, it was some kind of celebration, the night that determined your second gender. The closest family would gather with the birthday person, waiting until midnight to explore the mark together. Because after all, this was a big step in a person’s life, laying out the path for your future.
But not in the Lightwood household. Alec was on his own. His father had told him before he had left to get some sleep that Alec should come to see him in the morning to confirm the mark so that the further plans for his future could be made. Before his mother had followed her husband, she had softly smiled at him with a kind expression in her eyes and promised that they would celebrate his birthday at least a bit in the afternoon. She was not allowed to stay with him and either were his siblings because his father thought that they should not make a big deal out of it. That was why he was all alone in his room, worrying about the revelation.

Alec sighed and stopped in front of the mirror, baring his skin again. But still. Nothing. Sure thing, there were still two minutes left. He groaned and pushed his hand through his hair. This was nerve-wrecking. He was wondering if other people were like this while they waited for their mark to appear. Maybe that was why it was usually some kind of celebration, that you would have people around you that you would not think about the mark the whole time. That they could calm your nerves and stuff. Yes, this was a huge step. But what was there to be scared about? It was just a gendermark. Would it really change him that much? It was not that big of a deal, was it? He already acted like an Alpha. He knew nothing else than being an Alpha. Even though, sometimes he wished that he would have to bear with less pressure because of being the soon-to-be leading Alpha. He...

All of a sudden, he could feel it. A little burn, some pain as if someone would carve the mark into his skin. He had expected this to happen, to feel the pain. He had been prepared. So, his eyes travelled down his body, staring at the exposed skin where a circle started to form, waiting for the mark to get finished by being crossed out.

But nothing happened.

The pain ended after the circle was done. It was over. Alec blinked. First, there was confusion written all over his face. And then, the confusion turned into fear, his eyes widened as he understood what had happened.

He was no Alpha.
He was an Omega.

Alec stared at his skin, stared at the mark. It was wrong. So wrong. Right? This could not be it. It had to be a mistake. Probably the rest of the mark would take some time. It would show up later. Hopefully? And even though somewhere deep down inside of him he knew that nothing would happen, that his mark was an Omega one, he really hoped it. For his family’s sake, his own sake. What would his family say? Or better, his father? All the disappointment… he was not sure if he could endure the looks. He hoped that the cross would appear any minute. That it would show up to tell everyone he was the Alpha they had wanted. He had to be an Alpha. He just had to. Everybody was relying on him. Everybody expected him to be one. He had been raised like one. He had to become the next Head of the Institute. How could he be all of that as an Omega? This had to be a mistake. It had to be wrong, right? No Omega could lead the Shadowhunters in New York. No Omega was powerful and strong enough to stand out. This was...

His breath started to become quicker. Alec could feel the panic attack approaching. He shook his hands, pacing up and down in front of the mirror. No, he could hardly believe what had happened even though deep down inside of him he knew that this was how it would be from now on. That this was his future. His eyes were fixed on the little round circle on his skin, proving that he was an Omega like his mother.

“Alec? Sorry, we couldn’t wait...” All of a sudden, the door opened and his siblings stumbled in, both beaming at her bigger brother. “Happy birthday!” Isabelle and Jace both grinned, hurrying towards their brother to hug him, ignoring him stiffening at their touch. He did not move, staring at the two of them. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Jace tilted his head, looking up at his brother. “You okay?” Izzy asked. As if they had planned it, they let go of him at the same moment, taking a step back.

“I... this...” Alec stammered before he noticed that his skin, his mark, was still exposed. With a quick movement he tried to pull his sweatpants up again to cover it up. But it was too late. His siblings had already seen his gendermark. “Alec, what...?” Jace gasped and Izzy’s eyes moved from his face towards his hips and back. “You’re... not an Alpha?” She whispered in a fearful tone. Alec was still not able to move. He stared at his brother and sister, biting on his lower lip. His hands clenched unnoticed besides his body. They would be the first to be disappointed by him. They would look down onto him. They would hate him for being weak. They would…

“You... oh by the angel...” Jace muttered before he took a step forward, pushing his arms around the older boy to pull him closer, Izzy followed immediately. “Alec, it’s okay.” She shushed him, rubbing her hands along his back because he had started to shiver without himself noticing. “I… this is… horrible. How am I… I can’t…” He stammered, squeezing his eyes shut and trying to stop the tears even though he was glad at the warm hug he was embraced in by his siblings. “I cannot… Dad will be disappointed.” Jace let go of him for a moment to stare the other right into his eyes. “Alec, who cares about him? It is what it is. You cannot change it. They will and have to accept you.” The blond nodded at his words.

“No. Nobody is allowed to know that. We have to keep it a secret.” Alec said in a panicky voice. “I… I am not ready yet for anyone to know. Dad will be disappointed and so will be everyone else. I cannot… bear with their looks and… and…” “Shhh.” Izzy leant over and kissed her brother’s cheek. “Calm down. We’ll find a way. If you want to keep it a secret, we will keep it a secret. Right, Jace?” She turned to look at the other. “Sure thing. It’s your choice. We’re with you on this, Alec. We love you. No matter what.” “Thank you.” Alec muttered and wiggled out of Izzy’s hug to sit down onto the bed, followed by his siblings.

“Okay, so… what do we do about it?” Izzy asked, shuffling closer to Alec to brush her hand along his arm. “Maybe we could ask Mom…?” Jace started. “No!” Alec almost shouted as he stared at his brother, his eyes turning into a bright emerald green for a second. Omega green. “Alec, your… eyes…” Jace whispered. “Sorry.” The older boy muttered, closing his eyes for a second and shaking his head. As he opened them again, they were back to normal. “We need to do something. We need to find a way. If Dad sees me like that tomorrow…” Alec frowned and clenched his fists, staring at his hands which laid in his lap. “Mom… I think she still has some of these suppressants in her bathroom cabinet. Saw them while I was looking for a lipstick. Jace, can you… get them?” Izzy asked their brother who nodded slowly. “I think I can manage to sneak into her room.” He stated. Would not be the first time for him to sneak around the Lightwood household.

“You can start taking these until we manage to get your own. They will mask your scent and help you hide your eyes. And if Dad asks tomorrow about your scent, you can tell him that it’s not there because you just presented tonight. For some people it takes time to develop their scent.” Izzy leant a bit backwards as she spoke, highly concentrated on making up a plan. And Alec was grateful for it. For his siblings to be there with him. For him. That they were on his side, not disgusted or disappointed by what had happened this night. He was glad that they accepted him the way he was. And he had no clue when his younger sister had turned into some kind of strategist just for his own sake. “Tomorrow, I’ll sneak out to get the pills for you. And if Dad asks about your scent, we tell him that you decided to take suppressants so that you won’t go into an Alpha’s rut because it makes Alpha’s lose control. You want to stay focused.” “I am pretty sure that will do it and convince him to not ask any further questions.” Jace added with an appreciative nod. “We will cover for your suppressants. And Dad will accept the explanation like everyone else.”

“But… what about the mark? I am sure I have to show them…” Alec started to fidget with the hem of his shirt, knowing the traitorous mark was just beneath the cotton of his sweatpants. “That’s easy. Wait.” Izzy got up and walked towards his desk, taking a pen. “This will have to work for now.” She pushed the hem of his pants slightly down and drew a cross onto the circle. “I will look up other ways to cover it that it will stay a bit longer. And will be resistant against sweat and the rubbing of fabric against it.” She smiled as she lifted her eyes to return the look her brothers gave her. “What?” She asked as she shrugged her shoulder’s, sitting back down again. “How does it come that you… have an explanation for everything?” Alec asked, staring down at the mark that looked like an Alpha one for now. “I just… it happened that… Alec, you’re my brother. Our brother.” She added as Jace cleared his throat at her words. “I just wanted to have a plan B if there was any problem. And somehow, I really felt that I should come up with a plan because…” She bit down onto her lower lip, something that all Lightwood children had in common when they were nervous. “Because?” Alec asked. “I always believed… felt… that something was off. The Alpha vibe… it did not click completely for me. You just did what you had to do. But it felt wrong? I can hardly describe it. It’s not that it was obvious you’d turn out to be an Omega. I… call it a feeling in my guts?”

Alec stared at her in disbelief and fear was slowly creeping up his skin. “Oh, don’t worry. I haven’t noticed anything at all.” Jace tried to calm his older brother down because Alec’s feelings were written all over his face. “For me, everything seemed alright. I am sure Dad did not notice anything off as well. Maybe, it was just Izzy.” He reached out to take Alec’s hand in his, squeezing it with a little smile. “Yeah, it’s… Dad will be okay. He will not notice anything. We take care of that. You can count on us, big brother. And after all, he does not expect anything else than you being an Alpha to happen. So, he will not look into it too much. We have your back.” Izzy took Alec’s other hand. “T-thank you.” He swallowed, looking from one sibling to the other. “I have no clue what I’d do without you.”

And that was the truth. He had no clue what he would do if their father would find out about his “wrong” second gender.

It had been shortly after their talk that Jace had left them to get into their mother’s room to get the suppressants. It had felt like an eternity until he had been back with a huge grin on his face as he presented the little box with said pills. Alec had taken one immediately and felt horrible after that. Not just about the fact that he had to lie from now on until the rest of his life. It was also because the pills made his body ache. He felt sick the moment he had swallowed the pill. After all, his body was still in the process of finishing itself towards his second gender and he was already suppressing it with substances. This was not right. And his body was revolting against it. But he had to endure this for now. This was his future. And Alec was sure that he would get used to it. Izzy and Jace stayed with him the whole night, calming him, looking after his body to get used to the suppressants. They all fell asleep somewhere around three in the morning.



“Dad.” Alec had taken a deep breath before he had entered the dining room, Jace and Izzy right behind him with a little reassuring hug from both of them outside. “Good morning, son.” Robert did just look up from the newspaper for a brief moment before he turned back to read whatever headline had caught his eyes right now. “Good morning, Alec. Happy birthday.” Maryse had gotten up to her feet and walked around the table to hug her eldest son with a smile. “Thank you, Mom.” Alec had returned the hug. It was hard not to smile at her gentle embrace and to lean into it too much. “Maryse, that’s enough. He’ll get too soft with all the touches.” Robert had put the newspapers down and looked at them disapprovingly. Immediately, Maryse let go of Alec and turned back to her seat. “So?” The man asked and raised his eyebrow. Alec bit down on his bottom lip, stealing a glance to Izzy and Jace who nodded. Slowly he pulled down the hem of his sweatpants to show his mark before pulling the pants up again.

For a second, the room was quiet and Alec was scared that the colour had rubbed off or something else would betray him. Would show his father his real gendermark. “As expected. I am proud, son.” Robert stated and Alec let out his breath he had held for a second. “Thank you.” He muttered before he sat down at the table to start eating his breakfast. “Now, that it is official that you’re not such a weak and overly soft omega we can fix things for your future. We can set the path to become a true Alpha leader for taking over my place at the Institute.” Robert seemed satisfied and looked approvingly at his oldest son, taking a sniff. “Even though, it seems your scent still needs to develop properly.” He frowned for a second because he could not smell anything. “I am sure it’ll be there in a few hours, Dad. Don’t worry.” Izzy chimed in but shrunk in her seat at the look their father gave her, as if she was not allowed to talk. “Okay. So… finish your breakfast, Alec. And meet me at the office afterwards.” With these words Robert stood up and left the room without any further words.

It felt as if the room was a bit lighter after he had left. Alec closed his eyes for a second and took another deep breath. “I promise we’ll celebrate your birthday this afternoon, Alec. After you had the talk with your father, I am sure that we’ll find the time. I ordered your favourite cake.” His mother explained with a wide smile on her face, reaching out to grab her son’s hand and squeeze it.



After breakfast was over Izzy and Jace made sure that nobody was looking for them. They assured Alec to get him the stuff he needed like suppressants and fitting colour for the mark while he had to talk to their father. “Be careful. You can do it.” Izzy hugged her older brother. “We’ll be back as soon as possible.” Jace added before the two of them left the house while Alec made his way to his father’s office.

“Come in.” He heard Robert saying after he had knocked. “Ah, Alec. Great. Come over here.” Robert was sitting behind his desk and looked up, his arms crossed in front of his chest. Alec felt nervous and swallowed as he approached his father. He could already feel that his new-found Omega senses wanted to kick in due to the Alpha sitting there even though he had taken another pill this morning. But he managed to ignore them. Right now, he was glad that he had such a hard training since his childhood that he could face the Alpha without flinching, being able to suppress the need to kind of bow down, to expose his neck at the other male.

He stopped in front of the desk, putting his hands behind his back and standing there at parade’s rest. He noticed that his father seemed to be pleased by his behaviour. “Okay, finally the day’s here. You’re an Alpha now. You can follow into my footsteps. You know that your training will become harder. You have to be prepared for everything. You have to show your power. So that every other Alpha, Beta and especially the Omegas will know their place.” Alec bit down on his lower lip. His father’s words made something tighten in his body but he could keep up a straight face.

“Being an Alpha is a great responsibility.” His father had gotten up to his feet, pacing around the room while Alec did not move, staring at the wall behind the desk. He knew this was the best to do right now. “You will be responsible for the Institute. For the Shadowhunters here in New York. You have to look after each and every one of them. You have to keep all the other Alpha’s in line. They will probably try to get your position, to fight with you for it. You are not allowed to show any weakness or you will fall. The Betas won’t be that much of a problem. They just follow the one who’s in charge. And the Omegas…” A shallow laugh escaped his father’s lips. “These weak creatures… the good thing is that they will follow any Alpha who will order them around to please them, hoping that they can get them to join their next heat. They are just… following their instincts all the time, looking out to be bred, to build a nest, to be soft. You have to be careful not to fall into their traps. They are all just controlled by their feelings and hormones.” Without noticing Alec had clenched his fists. It was hard to hold back, to not say a word while his father talked so badly about Omegas. About him. “But I think you’re strong enough to look right through them. And after all, luckily, there aren’t many Omegas at the Institute. I made sure about that. The only Omegas you’ll probably have to face are the ones preparing the food and working at the infirmary, fitting for their natural sense of caring and loving to please any Alphas and Betas around.” Robert could not stop himself from adding a mocking tone into his words as he talked about the few Omegas at the Institute. “Real Shadowhunters like us are born not to be on the lower side of the second gender scale.” His father had approached him and had put his hand onto Alec’s shoulder. All he could do was to nod at the Alpha’s words. “Tomorrow you will move to the Institute to live there full-time so that you can intensify your training. We have to show our Alpha power. I already put up a schedule for you. Take it on your way out.”

With these words his father sat down again, starting to look into a file he had picked up. It was the moment for Alec to leave. He grabbed said paper and walked out of the room. Just after the door closed behind him he leant against the wall right next to him, breathing heavily. Inside of him there were so many emotions, but one was the dominant one. It was anger. He had always known that his father had his opinion about Omegas. But he had never gotten the whole dimension of it, how little he thought about them. And this made him so angry. His mother was an Omega. He was one now. And his father talking like that about Omegas… the worst. He really wanted to get back into the office, to shout at his father, to punch him, to show him how weak an Omega could be. But he decided against it. It would not make any difference. Not now. Probably never. It would just ruin everything. His father was stuck in his thoughts, in his view about the second gender. But what about him? He would be the next Head of the New York Institute. He would lead the Shadowhunters. And he would be an Omega to lead them even though just his siblings would know the truth. He could make a difference. A real difference. He could show the world that no matter which second gender you had, that everyone was equal and strong.

Alec nodded as if he needed this to convince himself before he pushed himself off the wall to get back to his room. He was certain that soon Izzy and Jace would come back. And they would make it work. Together. As usual. They would find a way to live their lives. He would show the Shadow world that you did not need to be an Alpha to be a leader. He would be the first Omega Head of an Institute. And he would prove them all wrong, especially his own father.


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“But, Alec, it doesn’t make sense. We need to…” Raj stood in front of the other man who stared at him, his arms crossed. “Enough. We’ll do it my way. Do you have a problem with that?” Alec arched an eyebrow, his voice low as he looked down at the slightly smaller Alpha. “Um, no. You’re right. I’ll do like you ordered.” Raj swallowed, lowering his head in a submissive gesture before he turned around to leave Alec’s office.

For a second, Alec’s eyes followed the man as he left. And just after the door closed, he sighed, leaning against his desk. His head was aching and he rubbed his face. “Rough day?” Without him noticing the door had opened again and his sister had slipped into the room. She smiled as she approached Alec, placing her arms around him to hug him. “Rough is an understatement.” The older man muttered as he leant into her embrace, closing his eyes for a moment, taking in a deep breath to smell her scent which would soothe him down.

Isabelle had presented as an Alpha when she had turned sixteen like her father had expected. He was proud even though he did not acknowledge her that much because she was a female Alpha. Unlike Alec, who stood for their family as an Alpha leader for the New York Institute. Except he was an Omega and nobody except his siblings knew about that.

“You know how grateful I am about your presence and you being you.” He muttered randomly as he nuzzled his head against her neck, taking in another breath as he brushed slightly over her scent glands. “I know, Alec. I promised you to be by your side, no matter what.” And she had been. Together with Jace who had presented as a Beta at the age of sixteen. Their father had not been too happy about it, but well, Jace was just adopted, he was not a true Lightwood. So, it had not mattered that much to Robert anyways.

Jace and Izzy had been with him the whole time. They had looked after him when it was too much of a burden to pretend to be an Alpha. They had given him ways to escape sometimes when he could not endure it any longer so that nobody would notice. They had gone to get him the suppressants. Izzy had found a way to more or less permanently manipulate his gendermark, a mix of color and rune magic. They had trained with him that he would not give in to his Omega senses. That he would not submit. To anyone. That he would not show any weakness. That he could not be ordered around by any Alpha using his Alpha voice. That he would stand with his head high against any Alpha at the Institute, his voice and tone a lot like any other Alpha. A true leader.



“Come here.” Izzy’s voice was sharp and Alec was almost starting to move before he clenched his fists and fought against his instinct to follow her order. “No.” He muttered and shut his eyes for a second, sweat forming on his forehead. “Alec, you know... we can stop. It has been two hours already and...” His sister moved closer and raised her hand to cup his cheek. But Alec shook his head. “No. I need to train. I need to work on this. I am not allowed to give in any time when an Alpha uses his Alpha voice on me. I need to resist. Every. Damn. Time. Go on. Continue.”

  Izzy sighed and took a step back, getting some distance between them. “Okay. But... not that much longer. You already sparred with Jace for so many hours. You need to sleep.” “Continue.” Alec muttered and another sigh left her lips. “Fine. Alec. Come here.” She said, her Alpha close at the surface, trying to order the Omega in front of her around. “No.” This time Alec did not even sway, standing still at his response. “Come here.” She repeated, her voice sharper even though she really did not like what she was doing. But Izzy understood it. Her brother needed this. In the near future he would be Head of the Institute and he would have to resist any Alpha. So, she had to train with him, that he would get used to it, that he would be able to stay focused and himself when an Alpha used his voice even though it might not be addressed towards him.



All their hard work had paid off. Jace had sparred with Alec every minute possible so that he could defend himself in any situation, being strong and not built as expected of an Omega. He had learnt to resist any Alpha’s voice, his training with his sister was worth every minute, every hour they had spent on it. Now, his inner Omega hardly stirred when an Alpha used his voice in his reach. He had been even capable of developing his own kind of fake-Alpha voice even though his was not led by instincts. It was pure willpower and a natural authority and respect Alec had been able to build in the past years. People followed his lead, followed him and his orders because of him, not because of any special voice he would use, any instincts, hormones or expected second gender roles.

And it had worked. Two weeks ago, he had officially become Head of the Institute, the pride of the Lightwood household.

“How do you feel?” Izzy asked quietly, rubbing her brother’s back in a soothing way. Sometimes he felt a bit off. Dependent on an Alpha. Probably at times when he usually would go into heat. But he had never been into one the whole time due to the suppressants. They had worked out for him in the past years. They had hidden his scent, had helped him control his instincts and had calmed down his inner Omega so that it was just a dull presence in the back of his head and body. Not gone. That would not be possible to erase your second gender, their instincts. But numbed down so much that sometimes he could forget that it existed. That he could work without anything holding him back or influencing his behavior. Except when it was time his Omega would go into heat. Then it started to stir at least a little bit but still not enough to cause him any problems. Having Izzy around him in these times helped because of her calming Alpha scent. Luckily, it just took a few days and then everything was back to normal. “I’m fine with you here now. Thank you.” He replied, hugging her a bit tighter before he let go of her. “It’s just… it’s not just about me. It’s really stressful.” “The Council?” She asked.

Her brother had insisted that they would form this council weeks ago. Because he knew that it was needed due to all the problems going on in the Shadow world. But under their father’s lead it had not been possible. The man had too many prejudices against any Downworlder. But it was Alec’s turn now. Finally, he was able to do things he had always wanted to do. In his early years as a fake-Alpha he had noticed how many prejudices his father had against anyone else. Anyone who was not an Alpha and/or a Shadowhunter. He thought Omegas were weaklings, that they hardly deserve to be around them because they were controlled by their instincts and probably not worth anything else than to receive an Alpha’s kids. And his thoughts about Downworlders were even worse. His father viewed them as something that was there and you had to work with. But equal rights to a Downworlder? That they would deserve the same treatment as a Shadowhunter? That was so much out of Robert Lightwood’s way.

And that was exactly why Alec wanted to do it. He wanted to show his father that they could work together. That they should work together. That everyone deserved the same rights. That it would help everyone, would help to unite the Shadow world. Alphas, Betas, Omegas, Shadowhunters, Downworlders, no matter what. That together they could make the world a better and safer place for the Mundanes and all of them.

“Don’t worry. I’m okay now. Just needed a moment because Raj was… well, he was Raj.” Alec explained and took a step back, surrounding his desk to get his notes. “Are you really okay? We can postpone the Council…” Izzy offered but he shook his head. “No, I won’t take a step back. I want this. We need this. Now or never.” He had not told her that their father had already talked with him about the Council. That he found it was a stupid idea, useless, not worth any time spent on the topic. But Alec had insisted. And now he had to show his father that he was right. That it was worth it.

“Okay, I’ll be with you. I’ll be close by the whole time. And if any of them is going to threaten you…” She growled which caused Alec to laugh. “Izzy, you know I can defend myself. And I believe none of them is stupid enough to attack the Head of the Institute at the Institute surrounded by a bunch of Shadowhunters.” He passed her and pecked her cheek. “But still…” She muttered under her breath as she followed. Alec had to admit that sometimes it was pretty cute when his sister’s Alpha concerned for him that much, showing it in gestures like that. It felt good that she cared about him like that. Even though, he had to admit that more often a certain thought had crossed his mind unconsciously in the past months. That he liked that she cared about him but he would prefer to find his Alpha who would care about him. Although he would never admit this openly. He could not be held back by things like that or could not give in to his instincts. He had to focus.

Without another word, Alec walked along the hallways, followed by Izzy and Jace who had joined them a moment ago to head towards the entrance. There he would greet the Downworld leaders for their Council meeting.

“Are you nervous?” Jace whispered as the three of them waited at the door for the Downworlders to arrive. “No.” Alec replied and Jace arched an eyebrow. “Okay, maybe a bit. This has to work out. I don’t want to lose my face in front of the Clave.” Alec admitted which caused Jace to grin. “You won’t lose anything. It’ll work out, I’m pretty sure. It is your idea after all. And they usually don’t fail.” He added in a very convincing tone. Before Alec could reply their first guest arrived.

“Luke, it’s nice to have you around.” Alec greeted the werewolf leader. “It’s nice to be here. I am really happy about this development. About time.” The other man stated as he took Alec’s hand in his to shake it. Luke was an Alpha and his grip was strong. But Alec did not falter, returning it without batting an eyelash. “Yes, maybe we can finally manage to change things around here.” The younger man replied with a smile.
They had met Luke before. He had helped them a few times because he worked at the police station so that he could cover up sometimes for the Mundanes when any cases involved demons. Alec was glad that he had been the first one to arrive. It helped him to calm down his nerves. After all, all the leaders who would be with him at the Council were Alphas. Real Alphas. Unlike him. It could become very hard to be with them. But as long as Izzy and Jace were with him, even in the background, Alec was sure he would manage to handle it. He had trained for situations like that.

Next in line was Meliorn, an Alpha Seelie. He came with two Seelie knights to accompany him. “Congratulations for your new title.” He greeted Alec with a wide smile as he shook the other man’s hand. “Thank you. I hope that I can live up to it.” “I am sure you’ll do. It can only become better.” Meliorn said and turned around to greet Luke who stood aside. Alec understood the other’s words. It seemed that the Seelie’s were not that fond of his father as the former Head. Could be a good start to be ready for compromises.

“Raphael Santiago, leader of the vampires.” A young-looking man approached Alec with another one by his side. “This is Simon, my right hand.” He introduced the other. “Alec Lightwood, Head of the Institute.” Alec returned the official introduction, shaking the vampire’s hand. “Thanks for agreeing to be part of the Council.” “Thanks for having us.” Raphael replied. “I have to admit that I was a bit confused about the invitation. But well, let’s see.” He shrugged his shoulders before he turned towards Luke and Meliorn while Alec, Izzy und Jace were still standing there, waiting for the fourth and last person to arrive – the warlock’s leader.

Alec peaked at the clock, it was time and still there was no sight of the warlock. “He’ll be there, don’t worry. Magnus just likes to be fashionable late, as he calls it himself.” Simon said with a grin as he noticed Alec’s look. “Fashionable late?” Alec replied with an arched eyebrow. “Yes. He’s never been on time. Not once. He’s all for a big entrance and…” Simon was interrupted by a streak of blue magic that made him jump a little. “What are you talking about? What kind of first impression do you leave of me?” A voice could be heard and Alec turned slightly to look at the person that voice belonged to.

For a second, he blinked and had to swallow. It felt as if something inside of him tightened and loosened up at the same time, a unique scent making its way towards him, as he stared at the man who had just entered the Institute. “Magnus Bane. High Warlock of Brooklyn. Pleasure to meet you.” He approached Alec with a wide smile, reaching out his hand. Without noticing Alec bit onto his lower lip before he reached out his hand to shake the other’s. “Alec Lightwood, Head of the New York Institute.” He introduced himself. “A new Lightwood as Head of the Institute. Let’s see what you’re capable of doing compared to your father.” Magnus said. “I am pretty sure that I am unlike my father.” Alec replied without thinking. “Oh, I can already see that, pretty boy.” Magnus took a deep breath and tilted his head slightly, seemingly confused. “Suppressants. Need to focus. No time to go into a rut and take days off.” The lie was coming from Alec’s lips easily, having told it so many times in the past years, to explain why there was no real scent around him.

“Magnus, stop flirting. We have work to do.” Before Magnus could say something, Raphael had approached them and rolled his eyes at the warlock who just started to laugh. “Don’t be so serious. But okay, you’re right. Let’s get to work.” He said and finally, he let go of Alec’s hand he had held until now.

The group moved towards the conference room, led by Jace. Alec just stood there for a moment before he was able to follow, the other man’s scent lingering around him. Unconsciously, he had started to rub the hand Magnus had held a moment earlier as if he wanted to preserve the scent somehow by spreading it across his skin. “You okay?” Izzy asked trying not to show her worries. “I am fine. It’s just…” “All the Alphas?” “No, just… not all of them.” Alec muttered but shook his head. He had to focus. The next hours were too important to let himself be distracted by anything, not even a scent that felt as if it was the best he had ever smelled.




“But this can’t be the solution. We have to find another way.” Raphael’s voice had gotten louder over the past few minutes even though Simon who sat right next to the other vampire had tried to calm him down. “I know it’s not the best option but…” Luke started but was interrupted immediately by Meliorn. “I am with the vampire. This is ridiculous.” He stated and shook his head. “Maybe all of us can take a deep breath and we can start again.” Alec tried but it seemed not to work. It was really something to be in that group of Alphas who were used to people listening to them. To find a compromise between them? Alec had thought it would be a lot easier. “Stop it.” Magnus’ sharp voice cut off Raphael’s next words which were already of the tip of the vampire’s tongue. Alec flinched at the Alpha’s voice, glad that after all it was not just him. Every head turned around to the warlock who had been silent in the past minutes of their discussion.

“Great. Now... we should calm down a bit. I can hardly breathe in here with all the Alpha scents around.” Magnus made a little grimace which made Simon chuckle slightly before he looked at each and every one of them. “What do you think?” He turned towards Alec. “You brought this up. Explain your thoughts.” Alec nodded appreciatively and took a deep breath before he started to talk. Or at least, before he wanted to talk. Because breathing in that deep had been a mistake right now, with all the Alphas around. He could smell all of them although there was one scent overlapping them all. The one scent he had smelled earlier, coming in waves from the warlock. It felt as if it was directed at him. And just him. Something inside of him churned. He could keep a pleasing growl from escaping his lips back in the last moment. Alec closed his eyes for a second so that he did not notice the slightly puzzled look Magnus gave him, to calm himself and his inner something. “As I said before...” Alec started and opened his eyes again, finally back to his usual demeanor, pushing down any feelings concerning the scent and what it did to his inner self. “We need to work on this together. This is one thing we cannot find a compromise. It has to be like that.” Raphael already opened his mouth to disagree but was cut off by Alec. “It. Has. To. Be.” Alec’s voice was sharp and Raphael closed his mouth again, leaning back in his seat. “I mean. I don’t like it either. This will be hard on all of us. But it will influence all of us. And we can go through it together, as a unit. This is not about Shadowhunters OR Downworlders. This is about US.”



It had been hard. Really hard. Maybe this had been the first time that Alec really was on edge about the whole fake-Alpha Head of the Institute thing. The four other Alpha males had been a challenge. And he was glad that he had gotten through it. It would probably be better the next time they would meet. This first meeting had probably been so rough because it was a first and every one of them had to mark their territory or whatever Alphas did in situations like that. He let out a little huff, feeling tired after three hours of talking to the Downworld leaders. He could finally get a little break after he had led them out. And he really needed one.

“I am glad that you started this.” Luke shook his hand and smiled. “Thanks. I am sure we can work through so many things and change our relationships into something a lot better than what we have until now.” Alec replied with a nod, waving the older man goodbye. Meliorn and Raphael said their goodbyes as well and left with their companions. Magnus was the last to leave, staying behind for a second. “I have to admit that I am surprised. I have never thought that a Lightwood would be capable of something like this. Never crossed my mind that one day there would be a Shadowhunter, a Head of the New York Institute, that would and could make a change.” Magnus admitted with a big smile, reaching out for Alec’s hand. “Thank you.” Alec could hardly hold back a smile, something inside of him happy about the little praise he had gotten. “I...” He cleared his throat to hide his smile. “I am glad that all of you were open to the idea of this Council and to meet each other.” He shook Magnus’ hand, this time forcing himself not to rub the scent in again after letting go. “So, see you next time, handsome.” With these words and another smile Magnus turned around and left through the Institute’s door.

Alec licked his lips and needed a moment to breathe again. “Alec?” He could hear Jace’s voice behind him. “Yes?” He turned around just to look at his siblings, both looking slightly confused. “What?” He asked. “What were you doing?” Izzy arched an eyebrow. “What do you mean?” Alec blinked, not sure what she was talking about. “Bro, you just... it looked as if you were... bowing down, exposing your neck in a somehow submissive gesture...” Jace bit on his lower lip as he explained what he and Izzy just witnessed. “I did... what?” Alec’s eyes widened at his brother’s words just to receive a nod from both of them. “Shit... maybe all the Alpha scents were too much.” He muttered, looking around if any of their fellow Shadowhunters had noticed them or his gesture. “Nobody was around.” Izzy simply stated, interpreting his look the right way. “Good. That would have been... horrible. But it just shows... I haven’t trained that much in the past days, being caught up too much in my new task. We should work on a few things.” “Whatever you need, big bro.” His siblings said in unison, still there to support him.


Chapter Text

“Thanks for being able to come here on such a short note.” Simon greeted the three Shadowhunters at the door of the Hotel Dumort where the New York vampires had their home. “No need to thank us. As I stated at the Council. We will work together from now on.” Alec replied as he followed the vampire inside, receiving a grateful nod from him. “So, what’s the problem here? Why did you call us?” Izzy asked, looking around curiously. They had not been here that often until now, maybe once or twice because it had been inevitable. Usually, Shadowhunters had not been really welcome at Hotel Dumort. The vampire clan had not been that inviting in the past due to their former clan leader. But now, with Raphael, there was a time for change. And the new leader had wanted to do one of the very first steps, asking them to come over because the vampires had been faced with a problem they needed the Shadowhunter’s help with. “It is weird, we found three newly turned vampires, young ones. But they have no memory and they are unconscious most of the time. While one of them has been awake shortly, he could not tell us anything. They have no clue what happened.” Simon explained as they walked along the dark corridor. “And why do you need us? How can we help?” Alec asked, not sure where this would lead to. “You have to see it yourself.” Simon sighed. “It’s better that way. Hard to describe.”

They entered a room just to be greeted by a group of vampires in a somehow makeshift-infirmary. It looked a lot like that with beds, I.V. poles and some surgical instruments. Three persons were lying on beds, two guys and a young woman. They seemed unconscious, like Simon had told them earlier. Raphael was waiting for them at the end of one of the beds and turned around as the Shadowhunters entered. Some of his followers hissed at their sight but Raphael let out a little growl to keep his vampires at bay. “What happened?” Alec asked and got closer to Raphael. “We have no clue what happened to them. But maybe you can help.” He replied and pointed to the arm of the male vampire who laid in bed right in front of them. Alec’s eyes widened a bit at the sight of something that looked familiar, a lot like one of their Shadowhunter runes. “Izzy, take a look.” He ordered and his sister followed immediately. “What the...” He heard Jace mutter under his breath right behind him. “This is really weird.” Izzy stated, touching the arm carefully. “May I?” She raised her head and asked Raphael for permission, taking out her stele. The vampire nodded and she started to work slowly. Simon joined her a moment after, helping her with whatever she needed for her examination.

Everyone in the room was quiet except for Izzy who moved along the man’s body, examining the unconscious vampire with the help of stuff Simon handed her when she asked for it. With a quiet voice she talked with Simon, muttering something she found from time to time. Alec and Jace just leant back against the wall, waiting for her to be finished while Raphael had walked over to the other vampires in the room. There was some tension in there because this was actually the first time that the vampires had asked for the Shadowhunter’s help, letting them into their home voluntarily, and probably not all of them were willing to trust them like Raphael and Simon did.

“I’m done.” Izzy stated after some minutes, turning towards the waiting people around her. “What did you find?” Raphael asked, having his arms crossed in front of him, looking concerned. “It seems like they are... healthy if you can call it like that. They will be okay, I think. And the marks aren’t runes. It seems that somebody tried to make it look like them. My stele didn’t react to any of them. It seems that the marks aren’t painful, they did not react to anything. If it’s okay, I might have a deeper look into it. What caused the marks and why they were there. But I think you should give Magnus a call. There might be some other magic involved.” “Thank you.” Raphael sighed and nodded. “Sounds not that great but at least they will probably be okay.”

“And why should we trust a Shadowhunter with their opinion? Maybe these are runes to make our sister and brothers suffer.” One of the vampires had raised his voice, showing his fangs and taking a step closer to Izzy. Before she or even Raphael could reply, Alec approached them. “There’s nothing to worry about. We are here to help. Things are about to change in the future. We will work together.” He stated with a firm voice not lowering his head or voice even though he could smell the vampire’s strong Alpha scent. His Omega stayed silent right now. “And why should we believe you?” The vampire snarled. “I can only offer you my word as Head of the New York Institute.” The vampire got closer with a disapproving look and Alec stared at him, not breaking the eye contact, not even when the man was almost too close to his liking. “Enough.” Raphael interrupted. “I trust them and you will as well. We will talk about this behavior later.” His voice was serious, not allowing any doubt in his words. The vampires flinched and bowed their heads towards their leader while Alec stood still, not moving an inch.

“Thank you for coming by so quickly. I will take care of your sister. Simon will stay with her the whole time. Nothing will happen to her. You have my word.” Raphael added, taking one look at his subordinates. “I trust you.” Alec simply stated before he turned to leave, nodding at Izzy who already got back to work, Simon by her side. Jace followed immediately and he and Alec left the Hotel Dumort, leaving Izzy behind. “Seems like you’re back in the game.” The blond stated and Alec arched an eyebrow. “What do you mean?” He asked. “Even I almost bowed down when Raphael spoke and I could hardly endure the guy’s scent. But you seemed immune against all of it.” “Probably it was just too much Alpha the other day.” Alec shrugged his shoulders, knowing what Jace was referring to and ignoring the feeling of some disagreement deep down in his body. “Don’t worry. I can handle myself.”



“Look out, Jace!” Alec yelled as he ducked himself to get away from a demon’s attack, warning his parabatai who was jumped by said demon the same instant. Jace could step away at the last moment, dodging the demon and slaying it with his Seraph blade. “That was close.” The blond muttered but there was no time left to thank Alec because there was another wave of demons pouring into the old warehouse.

It had been just half an hour earlier since the warning about some unusual activity that had made the siblings storm out of the Institute, fully armed. They had reached the old abandoned warehouse a few minutes later where they had been attacked by a swarm of demons immediately. Wave after wave of demons were incoming and Alec had no clue how many they had fought already. He just knew they had to keep fighting because they had spotted a little boy in the middle of the big room, obviously scared because he seemed to cry.

“We need to take them down. No clue how long we can hold them away from him any further.” Alec stated through gritted teeth. “I know. It’s just… there are so many.” Jace added, his back against Alec’s as they worked in complete sync, slicing through demon after demon. “Alec, Jace, need you over here!” They heard Izzy yell at them from a bit afar. Without any further thought both of them moved, still holding up against their attackers as they made their way towards their sister who was also fighting against some demons. “I need to fix this, keep them off my back for a minute.” She hissed, putting her whip away to work on an old glowing rock, trying to cover it up. Alec and Jace nodded in agreement, shielding the young woman so that she could do her work.

“That’s it.” Izzy let out a sigh as she had pulled a heavy cloth over the stone so that its glow was covered, the room back in its usual darkness. With the light gone, the demons seemed to vanish as well. As if the stone’s glow had attracted them. It seemed that it had been the source of all of this. “By the angel, I have no clue how much longer we could have made it.” Jace let out a breath and put his Seraph blade away, pushing his hair out of his face while Alec turned around to look for the little boy. He used his stele to help activate the Nyx rune to see in the dark, so that he could spot the little one. “Hey, you’re okay. Nothing will harm you anymore.” He got closer and went down onto his knees to be on eye-level with the boy. “I am scared.” He muttered, his eyes bright and still full of tears as he stared at Alec. “You’re safe now. I promise.” Carefully Alec reached out with his hand. The younger one got up and walked slowly towards the Shadowhunter. “Thank you.” For an instant he stopped before he threw himself into Alec’s arms, hiding his face against his shoulder while Alec wrapped his arms around the small body, lifting him up. “Shhh, it’s okay.” He patted his back. “I’m Alec. What’s your name?” He asked quietly, signing Jace and Izzy to take care of the stone. It was probably better to take it with them for everyone’s safety. “I am Samuel.” He could hear between sobs. “Where are your parents, Samuel?” Alec had started to rub the boy’s back who was still pressing himself against the taller one. He seemed to be just four or five years old. “My mother left me here because she didn’t like my hands and what I can do with them.” The boy admitted. “What is with your hands?” Alec asked and Samuel turned away from him so that he could see. “Sometimes they look normal but sometimes they look like this.” He sniffed, tears were still streaming down his cheeks as he showed Alec his hands with the webbing obvious between his fingers. “Am I broken? What’s wrong with me?” Samuel started to cry again, hiding his face against Alec’s shoulder. “Nothing. There’s nothing wrong with you. You are special. You are a warlock and this is your unique mark.” He explained, feeling sorry for the little boy. Something deep inside of him wanted to keep the boy, to give him a home, to take care of him, like an instinct to look after the younger ones in need. “We know somebody who can help you.” Izzy approached them, putting her hand carefully at Samuel’s shoulder, squeezing it softly. “Yes, he’s our friend and he is a warlock as well.”

That was why they appeared at Magnus’ doorstep just some time later, Samuel still clinging onto Alec, not daring to let him go. Izzy had informed Magnus prior via text that they would come over with a little lost warlock. “Come on in.” Magnus greeted them before they entered the man’s loft. “You can sit down here.” He pointed towards his couch. Alec followed and sat down, the boy still in his arms. At least he had stopped to cry, there were just a few quiet sobs to be heard. “Hey, sweetheart. Hello. I am Magnus.” The older man sat down next to them after he had helped Izzy and Jace to put that weird rock away for safety reasons. “’m Samuel.” He heard the muffled voice. “Do you think you can look at me? I want to see the face of the person I am talking to.” Magnus voice sounded warm and Alec could smell the Alpha’s soothing scent pouring over them because Magnus thought that it would help the boy eventually to calm down faster. “’mkay.” Samuel raised his head and looked at Magnus. “Hey, nice to meet you, Samuel. My friends here told me that you are a special young boy.” Samuel nodded carefully, his eyes fixed on Magnus. “They said I am a warlock because of my hands.” He muttered in a quiet voice. “Yes, you probably are. I am a warlock, too.” Magnus explained. “You are?” Samuel had raised his hand and pushed his arm over his face to rub away his tears. “Yes.” Magnus nodded. “Can I see your hands then?” The small one asked curiously.

Alec was glad that the boy had calmed down at least. Magnus’ scent and his soft words had helped obviously. He followed the conversation and did not notice that there was a little smile forming on his lips. “Oh, my hands are like everybody else’s. Everyone has a unique warlock mark. Mine are my eyes.” Magnus explained in the meantime. “Can I see them?” Samuel asked. “Sure.” With a soft smile Magnus let his glamour down, his golden cat-like eyes on full display. Alec could hardly hold back a gasp, all of a sudden something inside of him stirred into action and started to scream one word – family – as he looked at Magnus’ eyes. “Wow.” Samuel was in awe, reaching out for Magnus and crawling over to the older man. Alec had to push down the urge to pull the boy back into his arms because he felt some kind of loss as he had moved. “I am right back with him. I am giving Cat a call, she can and will help.” He turned to finally look at Alec. For a second, Magnus frowned, not sure what he saw on the other man’s face. But he decided to ignore it, at least now, because there were more important things to do.

He sent a fire message to Catarina who appeared two minutes later through a portal right in the kitchen, hurrying over to the little boy. “He’s in good hands now.” Magnus had stepped back to Alec who had stood up in the meantime. “Thank you. I hope it was okay to drop him here.” Alec asked which made Magnus smile. “Sure thing. I am glad that it was me you thought about first, darling.” He glanced at the other man next to him. “You looked good with that boy. I am sure you’ll be a good father in the future after finding your mate.” “Um… yeah… my mate.” Alec muttered, tilting his head slightly without noticing. “Alec, we should leave.” Jace stepped next to Alec and pulled at his arm, a rude tone in his voice, which caused Alec to blink for a second and made his insides squirm a bit. “You’re right. It’s late. And we should leave to get that stone back to the Institute for further examination. Thanks for taking care of Samuel.” Alec turned towards Magnus for one last time. “We’ll contact you about the stone if we need help if that’s okay.” “Sure. I’m going to help if it’s needed.” And then the Shadowhunters were gone.

“Alec!” Jace hissed with a grim look on his face as they stepped out of the apartment building. “What?” Alec frowned at his younger brother and parabatai, not sure why he acted like that. He had pulled Alec almost forcibly out of the loft, away from Magnus.  “You did it again.” Izzy simply stated with a shrug. “What did I do?” Alec rolled his eyes. Sometimes it was really hard to talk to his siblings. He wished they would tell him directly what this was all about. “You exposed your neck.” “I did… again?” Alec’s eyes widened and he swallowed. “I cannot… show any weakness. Probably I need more training. First thing in the morning, after getting some sleep.” He started to walk, his siblings followed him, looking at each other. Izzy raised her eyebrow with a questioning look and Jace just shrugged his shoulders. They did not dare to tell their brother that it was not just this submissive gesture. They had seen him on the couch. They had seen his eyes flash emerald green for a split second and were glad that Magnus had been captured by the little boy in Alec’s arms that he had not noticed it. Or at least, hopefully he had not noticed it.



“She has no memories about her past, about her heritage. Jocelyn wanted to protect her as she took care of her memories being taken away. And that’s why I need you to take care of her. She might be in danger.” Luke had ended his short explanation and pointed at the young girl sitting next to him. He had introduced her as Clary Fray, the daughter of an old friend of his. His friend Jocelyn had been a Shadowhunter as well before she had passed away a few years ago after stepping away from the Shadow world, almost vanishing completely. Clary had no clue about where she came from until three days ago when she had been confronted with a minor demon, defended herself, got away from the demon out of pure luck and came to Luke right after it. “I can look after myself, Luke. I don’t need a babysitter.” She stated with a grumpy voice, crossing her arms in front of her chest as she stared at the three people sitting across Luke and her in the booth.

Luke had called Alec for help. He had thought that he would be able to keep her close by but he had to accept that she could hardly live with his pack at the Jade wolf. She was no werewolf, she was a Shadowhunter. Even though an untrained one, but still, she had Nephilim blood running through her veins. So, he had decided that it would be the best to ask Alec as the Head of the Institute to take her in, to look after her. And maybe train her to help her understand all of this.

“Clary, please. They are no babysitters. They are Shadowhunters. Like you. They will help you. And you need a place to live. You cannot live on your own as an unmated Omega your age with a target on your back for every demon around.” Luke sighed, feeling sorry for the girl because he could smell her distress at being handed over to people she did not know, being kind of forced to trust random strangers. “But why? I can go back to my apartment. Lived there in peace for the last couple of years without any help.” She pouted. “Unfortunately, Clary, Luke is right. You cannot do that.” Alec interrupted their conversation which made her stare at him with an even bigger pout. “But why?” She asked. “You have been under the radar until now. But the demons probably know about you after they attacked. You have angel blood, they can smell that. You are one of us. And you should learn to defend yourself. It won’t be the last time you’d be attacked.” “I just did defend myself perfectly fine, thank you.” She muttered but it seemed that her defense was slowly coming down. “You get a room for yourself, a place to live. Jace will show you how to fight. And Izzy will tell you all the stuff you need to know. I promise, we will take care of you.” Alec explained with a calm voice. “Nothing bad will happen to her.” He added, addressing Luke now. “Thank you. I am really grateful for that.” The other man nodded.

“We should try to get back your memories. Maybe it’ll help. Maybe there had been a reason for them being kept away.” Izzy tapped her finger against her mouth in thought. “I give Magnus a call. He should have a look to see if there’s magic involved. Or better, who took your memories.” Instantly, she took out her phone, dialing the warlock’s number and getting up and away from the table as the other man answered the call. “You can’t really remember anything?” Jace asked Clary with a questioning look. “I have no clue what to remember so I can’t remember what to remember.” She rolled her eyes and shook her head at the blond’s question. Alec had to hold back a chuckle at her reply and Jace’s look he gave the redhead.

“Magnus is waiting for us. He’ll see what he can do.” Izzy came back, pushing her phone back into her pocket. “Okay, then... let’s go and see what he can find out.” Alec and Jace got up to their feet, and so did Clary even though she did not seem to be too happy about her newfound friends and the situation she was in now. “Thanks. Again. Means a lot to me.” Luke reached out to shake Alec’s hand. “No need to thank me. As I said... we need to work together and...” He could not finish his sentence because of a growl that could be heard in the room. Without being noticed one of Luke’s pack had gotten closer to Clary, obviously drawn in by her scent as an unmated Omega. He stared at her, getting very close to her smaller body. At first, she returned his look, did not bow but then could not hold back any longer to lower her eyes at the rush of Alpha washing over her. “What the hell are you doing?” Alec hurried over to Clary, stepping in front of her to shield her from the other man. He stared down at the Alpha, being slightly taller as the werewolf, his arms crossed in front of his chest. His voice was sharp. “I am... I am... sorry... for a moment... close to my rut and...” The man started to mutter, lowering his eyes at Alec’s sight, taking a step back and shaking his head. It seemed that his instincts had taken over for a second. “I am sorry.” He apologized again to Clary before he turned around to leave the room as quick as possible. “You okay?” Alec asked the young woman who nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you.” She looked up at him, a little smile showing on her face. “Good. Then... let’s go.”

It would have taken them about half an hour to get to Magnus’ loft but luckily Izzy had asked the warlock if he could open a portal for them to get there a lot faster. Izzy and Jace waited outside the Jade Wolf, the portal already swirling in front of them. “What is this?” Clary’s eyes widened, a questioning look on her face. “A portal. Here, take my hand. That you won’t get stuck in the limbo.” Jace offered her his hand and she took it. A moment later the four of them stepped into Magnus’ loft, the man already waiting for them.

“Hey, Magnus. Thanks for your help. Again.” Alec greeted him with a little nod. Magnus returned it briefly before he passed Alec to walk straight towards Clary who still held Jace’s hand. “Biscuit.” He smiled and pulled her into a short hug. “Do I know you?” She tilted her head, trying not to stiffen at the sudden embrace. “Oh... sure thing. I knew your mother. If you are the one with no memory... I have to admit that I am responsible for that because your mother asked me to remove it. She wanted to give you a safe life without the need to be worried about all the bad stuff. But I knew we’d see each other again one day. Unfortunately, it’s hard to stay away from these things.” While he spoke, Magnus smiled at the young woman in front of him.
Alec followed the little conversation, his brows furrowed. He could not help himself but stared at them. Something inside of him made it very clear that he did not like what he saw right now. He seemed tense because Magnus was too close to the other Omega for his liking. “Hey, something wrong?” Izzy had gotten next to his side and muttered so that nobody could hear them. “No. Why?” Alec returned, his eyes not leaving Magnus and Clary who had continued to talk. “Just asking. You seem... as if there was something wrong with you.” His sister shrugged her shoulders, observing her older brother and the stern look he had on his face. “I am fine, Izzy. Really.” He had to hold back a growl as he observed Magnus and Clary talking to each other, the warlock having Clary’s hand in his. “Maybe you should... go and get some fresh air.” Izzy suggested, now getting slightly worried about Alec’s behavior. He seemed not like himself as he stood there, staring down the other people in the room, looking stiff and tense, close to a growl. Without any further words he turned around and left, walking towards the balcony.

As he stepped outside, he took a deep breath, blinking for a moment before he got closer to the handrail. He lowered his head and stared down at the street before he rubbed his eyes for a second. He had no clue what was happening to him, why he had acted like that. He had noticed the change in his demeanor, the growl deep inside him that had wanted to escape. He had felt his inner self stirring, hissing at the young girl, a pang of jealousy, a want of claiming swirling through himself. His Omega had come alive for the moment, dissatisfied with the whole situation. And Alec had no clue why. How was it even possible that his Omega senses were so alive right now, as if the suppressants had stopped working? What was wrong with him? Maybe it was the protective part of his second gender which wanted to look after a fellow Omega, which wanted to protect her. After all she was not mated and because of that somehow vulnerable for any Alpha, like she had been at the Jade Wolf. And right now, they were at Magnus’, an unmated and very strong Alpha. Maybe Alec wanted to keep Clary safe. It had to be like that, right? There could be no other explanation.

Alec sighed and shook his head. Eventually he had to use another dose of suppressants. He had taken them for so many years now, maybe they did not work that much anymore. If his Omega started to show... he could not risk this. Not now.

“There you are.” Alec had been deep in his thoughts so he had not noticed that somebody had gotten closer to him outside. “Magnus.” He blinked and turned around, looking at the other man who had stepped right next to him. “I thought you might have left.” The warlock stated with a smile and glanced at Alec. “No. I just needed... some fresh air.” Alec shrugged. “Can you help Clary?” He asked after a second in silence. “Yes. I can give her her memories back. I think she’ll need and want them.” Magnus stated as he leant his backside against the handrail to face Alec. “It just takes some time. We need to prepare for a small ritual to summon a Memory demon. You’d be part of it? We need as many of you as possible.” The warlock asked. “What kind of ritual are we talking about?” Alec replied and turned slightly to look at the other man. It was somehow hard to concentrate for him, being around Magnus right now. He could smell him even though the fresh air made it a bit harder, his scent not that strong like inside. But still strong enough to make Alec’s Omega sense tingling inside which confused him even more. He had no clue what was going on with him, why he felt and acted that way. “The Memory demon won’t give up Clary's memories without something in return. Everyone has to offer something big. It feeds of vulnerability the same way the demon likes to collect memories. Every one of us has to offer a certain moment in their lives when we were vulnerable, scared. It feeds of these emotions, maybe even taking the memory of that moment if it wants to.” Magnus explained, noticing that Alec was not paying that much attention to his words. “Clary is preparing the summoning circle right now. When it’s done... we can start with the ritual.”

Magnus stopped, looking at Alec as if he waited for the other man to reply. “Um... okay...” Was all he got because Alec really had not been able to focus on what Magnus was talking about. “I’m going to prepare some drinks while we wait. Follow whenever you want to.” Magnus said with one last glance before he left Alec alone on the balcony. He had noticed that the other had not paid any attention to what he had said earlier. It seemed that Alec had been deep in his thoughts and Magnus wondered what the other had been thinking about. But he shrugged it off. Maybe the Alpha was confused because of Clary and her being an Omega. Magnus knew that usually Shadowhunters were not used to having Omegas around, kind of banning them to Idris for taking care of their homes and kids. He would never understand this kind of treatment but this was not his problem now. Right now, the ritual was all that counted.

“Is Alec still outside?” Izzy asked Magnus after he stepped into the living-room again and he nodded. “Yeah, he still needs to get some fresh air.” He replied before turning towards his drinking cart to make himself something. “You want some?” He asked Izzy who shook her head. “Not now, thank you. I’m going to accompany my brother. Fresh air and some calm seem good right now. Who knows what’ll happen at the ritual...” She smiled and left through the balcony door, getting closer to her brother who still stood at the handrail, his eyes now back at the city in front of them. “Everything okay? Do you feel better now?” She asked quietly, her fingers brushing over her brother’s hand who sighed in return. “I... think so.” Alec bit down on his lower lip, turning his head slightly to glance at his sister. “I have no clue what’s wrong at the moment.” Another sigh left his lips. “What do you mean?” Izzy took his hand in his now, squeezing it softly. “Earlier, when Magnus and Clary talked... I felt weird. Like... really weird. Something inside of me was totally pissed about the situation and... perhaps Clary has woken up something inside of me, being... similar to me? Or maybe I need a higher dose. Maybe the suppressants don’t work anymore? Maybe my body is used to them now and I need to take more. It feels like... it... wants to show.” He did not dare to say the word ‘Omega’ aloud, still too scared that anybody would hear it and find out about the truth even though it was almost impossible for anybody being close enough right now. They were on a balcony up in New York. But years of cautiousness and fear of being discovered had imprinted into Alec’s behavior.

Izzy watched her brother while he spoke and she tried to suppress the little gasp as she saw emerald green flash his eyes for a second, almost too quick but not quick enough to go unregistered. “Maybe you just need a break? It has been a lot since you became Head of the Institute.” She suggested but Alec shook his head. “I won’t back down. At least, not now. I can’t show any weakness and you know it.” He closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath. “I know. But Alec, you have to look after yourself. And just taking more suppressants is not the solution to everything. One day your body will probably not be able to process the chemicals the right way and... I don’t want to know what’ll happen then.” Izzy leant over, kissing her brother’s cheek. “I take care of myself. I promise. Just not now. Okay?” She nodded.

The rest of the time they stood on the balcony in silence. Jace had come out to stay with them half an hour later so that they waited together for Clary to finish the circle. “It’s done.” Magnus informed them, peeking through the doors which made them move at the same moment. They got inside and Magnus led them to the room where the ritual would take place. Clary had drawn the circle onto the ground and brushed the chalk dust from her hands onto her pants as the three Shadowhunters entered the room. “Wow. Impressive.” Jace stated as he looked at the big drawing on the ground. “Thank you.” Clary smiled at him, seemingly a bit nervous now since the summoning was close.

“Okay. I need you to stand around the circle and take each other’s hand. No way to let go of it. We need to hold each other until the end. Otherwise, the ritual will go wrong and we have to face the full wrath of the Memory demon.” Magnus explained while walking to the furthest end of the circle, reaching out his hands. For a second, Alec who stood next to him hesitated. But after an encouraging look from Magnus, he took the other man’s hand in his.

Skin against skin. Alec felt the same warmth he had felt when their hands had touched the first time at the Council. It tingled slightly and his insides felt pleased and satisfied because of the touch. He let out a breath and closed his eyes, lowering his head unwittingly. He did not notice the look Jace gave him, confused and alarmed because the blond man had seen the emerald green glow in Alec’s eyes before he had closed them. Jace looked around but it seemed nobody else had noticed. By the angel, this had been close.

For a moment the room was silent, then Magnus started the incantation to summon the Memory demon. The air around them moved, it got warmer and everybody could feel it. That something was coming. The grasp of their hands got tighter with every second. Something dark formed in front of them, moved, tried to break free. But they kept their ground, keeping the demon inside. A growl could be heard and the demon’s deep voice was in all their heads. “What do you want?” “I want my memory back.” Clary said, her voice sounded steady and she had raised her head to look at the demon’s glowing eyes. “Clarissa Fairchild... I remember... your memories were excellent. You know I won’t give them up easily. What do you offer in return?” At this question all of them opened their minds to let the demon in, to offer one moment in their life-time for the demon to taste or take if it wanted to.

Magnus was the first and the picture of a little boy could be seen, obviously scared, staring at something with wide golden eyes. Alec could feel the other man stiffen at the sight through the touch of their hands. He glanced over and squeezed Magnus’ hand which earned him a little smile from the other. Jace was next and they saw a ten-year-old boy standing in a great hall, two bodies in front of him, covered with white sheets. His parent’s funeral. Alec could feel the pain through their parabatai bond. But before he could send some comfort through it, the picture vanished and was replaced by Izzy’s memory, a little girl, bruised because she seemed injured, and their father who ignored the crying child, walking past her, scolding her. The memory vanished and the dead body of Clary’s mother could be seen, the young woman sitting at her bedside with tears all over her face. The sight made Alec’s heart ache because he felt sympathy for her. She had lost her mother at a young age like Jace and he could hardly imagine how that had to feel. But she seemed strong, determined and he had to admit that he admired that a bit.

“What about you?” Alec heard the demon’s voice inside his head. He could feel the grasp for it to look for his memory and a delighted chuckle as it had found something. “No...” Alec gasped as he recognized the memory. His sixteenth birthday. The moment he had found out about his second gender, about being an Omega instead of the expected Alpha. He could see himself pacing in front of the mirror, he could see the realization on his face as the mark had started to form. He could see himself lowering the fabric of his pants to see the mark on his skin. But before his secret was revealed, the memory blurred. And it was gone a second after. He let out a sigh in relief.

“I think we are even now. I got some nice things to feast on tonight.” The demon roared and moved closer to Clary who wavered for a second before she tightened her stance again. “Here. Have your memory back, Clarissa Fairchild.” The demon was close enough to touch her, a scream echoed through the room as it poured the memories back into Clary’s head. With one last roar the demon vanished and the room was quiet now. The five of them let go of each other. Clary sunk to the ground, Jace was by her side immediately to keep her from falling. “She needs to rest.” Magnus said, his voice sounded a little weak even though he smiled. Jace nodded, picking up Clary from the ground to carry her over to the next room to put her down onto the couch. “Thank you.” She muttered as she had put her arms around the blond man’s neck. “You’re welcome.” Jace nodded before he turned his head to look at the others who had followed them. “I’d stay with her. You can get back to the Institute. We all  need some rest, I think.”

Something inside of Alec clenched down at the thought of leaving but he ignored the feeling. They had to get back to the Institute. There was still work left to do. And he was the Head after all. So, he nodded and turned towards Magnus. “Thanks for helping us. Again.” Alec lowered his head for a second without noticing it. But as he did, he scolded himself, raising his head immediately to look at Magnus, reaching out his hand to shake it. “Seems to become a habit, darling. But actually, I don’t mind. You’re welcome.” Magnus took the other’s hand with a playful smile, shaking it. “Goodbye then.” Alec pulled his hand back and nodded before he and Izzy left the loft.

The moment the door closed behind them he started to rub his hand absent-mindedly, taking in a deep breath and somehow calming down at the scent that lingered on his skin. Izzy observed him and his behavior from the side but decided not to mention it. Something was going on with her brother. And even though she could not really understand it completely right now, she already had a clue what was happening.

Chapter Text

“What do you think you’re doing here?” Clary turned around as she heard the voice which was obviously addressing her. “Raj, leave her alone.” Jace rolled his eyes and sighed. “You’d better ignore him.” He said to Clary who raised an eyebrow. “You have no business in here. You should know your place.” Raj had gotten closer and had raised his hand to grab her wrist. “Leave me alone.” She hissed, pulling her wrist out of the man’s grip, frowning at him. Who the hell was that? “Did nobody teach you good manners?” She asked with anger in her voice. “Don’t you dare speaking to me like that.” Raj’s eyes flashed red, causing Clary to lower her head almost immediately at the Alpha even though she clenched her fists and bit her lip because her body reacted on instinct towards the other man. “You need to learn to behave properly. This is not the way to act around Alphas.” Raj stated with a deep voice, reaching out to grab her wrist again.

“Leave her alone.” A growl could be heard and Raj stopped in his movement, everyone in the room lowering their head slightly at the voice without further ado. Alec had appeared right next to Clary, putting himself between her and Raj. For a moment, there was silence in the room, just the sound of the computers could be heard, before Raj dared to raise his voice against Alec. “How can I leave her doing... that?” He pointed towards the table Clary and Jace had stood earlier, some weapons and artefacts on full display. “You have to be kidding, Alec. You cannot expect any of us to be okay with it. That she’s out on patrol and... She is a damned Omega after all. They are weak.” Raj had raised his voice slightly, standing in front of Alec, trying to make a point here towards the fellow Alpha. His scent was giving away his anger, mixed with disgust. “Do you really doubt my decision, Raj?” Alec growled again, his arms crossed in front of his chest, staring down at the Alpha. “She is an Omega. How am I... how are we supposed to trust her abilities? They are not supposed to be out on the battlefield. They are supposed to stay at home and...” Raj pointed at Clary who had raised her head again, her own anger openly on display on her face. “I can show you home...” She muttered under her breath, her voice low as she stared at Raj.

“Don’t you...” Raj started but was cut off by Alec again. “Enough! I won’t accept such a behavior. I am the Head of this Institute. And you do as I say. Or you’ll have to leave. Your choice.” Alec’s voice was calm but the threat was obvious in his tone. “I can’t believe that you side with an Omega. First the Downworlders, now Omegas... how will this end?” Raj muttered and turned around, leaving the room in defeat without looking back.

“Are you okay?” Alec looked at Clary with concern on his face. His whole behavior changed immediately after they were on their own again. “I’m fine. Thank you. This guy is really...” She rolled her eyes, shaking her head slightly. “You don’t need to listen to him. If any of them is coming at you for being an Omega, tell me. I won’t allow such a behavior.” Clary smiled at the taller man and reached up to peck his cheek. “I appreciate that. Thanks.”



„Clary, do you mind if I borrow Jace for a second or two?” Izzy interrupted the training session the redhead had with her brother. “Nah, I’m fine. You can have him, he’s all yours.” She grinned and pushed a strand of her hair out of her face, putting it back into her pony-tail. “You won’t get away that easy. We’ll get back to it. You need to get a lot better.” Jace returned the grin before he walked over to the bench, grabbing a towel and a bottle of water. He had trained with Clary for the past three hours and was somehow glad about the little break even though he enjoyed teaching Clary. “Let’s… get somewhere where we can talk.” Izzy muttered and pulled her brother with her. They did not say a word until they were at the quarters, in Izzy’s room. She shut the door behind them and leant back against the wall while Jace let himself fall onto an armchair. “What do you want to talk about? Seems serious. And a bit weird.” He asked with a frown, staring at his sister. “We need to talk. About Alec.” She stated with a sigh and pushed herself off the wall, sitting down on the bed with her legs crossed underneath her. “Alec? Why? Is something wrong with him?” Jace wondered which earned him an eye-roll. “You know what I am talking about. You have noticed it as well.” She simply stated. Jace let out a breath. “Um… yeah. I am just glad that it seems that nobody else except us has noticed it.”

For a brief moment, there was silence between the two of them before Jace started to speak again. “It seems that his suppressants are not working properly anymore. It seems as if his Omega starts to show more and more often.” Izzy nodded. “But… not all the time. Did you notice… it just seems to happen when Magnus is around. Without Magnus everything seems fine.” She added. “Gosh, he resisted so many Alphas in the past days. Even a few hours ago he had all the Alphas in the Ops center lower their heads for him as he scolded Raj for taking advantage of Clary. Even I had the urge to submit.” Jace blinked, letting out a little huff, and Izzy bit onto her lower lip. “He has not changed that much. He acts the same with the Institute, with people around him, with Downworlders. Except for one. Have you seen it? I am scared that one day Magnus or somebody else will see his real eyes. They have turned emerald quite some times in the past days.” Izzy let out a sigh. “But what does it mean, Izzy?” “I tried to talk with him. Tell him that he might need a break. But you know Alec. He won’t take one, at least not now. Even though… I am not sure if a break would really solve the problem.” Izzy had started to play with the pendant around her neck while she had talked. “What do you think is the problem?” Jace asked with a confused look on his face. “I am not quite sure yet but… somehow it makes sense. Ever so often his Omega wants to show when Magnus is around. Magnus is an unmated Alpha. And Alec probably can resist his instincts when it concerns common things or other people. But maybe he cannot resist them when it comes to his Alpha? How many times did he lower his head in Magnus’ presence or exposed his neck without noticing?” Jace gasped. “Do you really think that Magnus could be Alec’s destined mate?” He blinked, not sure what to think about Izzy’s suggestion even though it sounded not that weird if he thought about it properly.

The young woman nodded and closed her eyes for a second. “Like I said. I am not really one hundred percent sure. But it might be an option. Would explain his behavior.” “Do you think we should talk with him about this?” Jace asked, fidgeting with the hem of his training shirt. “We should speak with him. But… let’s… I don’t want to…We shouldn’t rush this. There is still a chance that I am wrong. I don’t know what is really going on inside of him, I have no clue about his thoughts, feelings or anything else. Maybe I got the whole thing wrong. We shouldn’t push him into this idea. We both know how important it is for him that his secret stays secret. But… we should talk with him about being more careful. Telling him what we noticed in the past days. That he will be warned and looks after himself. That he gets back some control over his instincts.” Jace nodded at her words. “You’re right. We should do something. I don’t want him to lose anything he has worked for so hard. We need to take care of him without him noticing that we do. And maybe telling him about our observations will help him.”



“Alec, do you have a second?” After their talk Jace had taken a shower and was standing at the door of Alec’s office with Izzy in tow. “Sure. Did something happen?” Alec arched an eyebrow, signing his siblings to get closer. Izzy closed the door behind them before she and Jace sat down in front of Alec’s desk. “So, do you want to talk about something? Is it because of Clary?” Alec asked and leant back in his seat, feeling a bit nervous about the whole situation. He had not seen his siblings that serious for quite some time. The look on their faces made him a bit insecure. “No, Clary’s fine. I think with some more training she will make progress. And you can keep the promise you have given Luke.” Jace smiled with a little nod. Alec let out a breath. “Okay, fine. So, what else is it? I am sure you’re not here because you missed your brother. We’ve seen each other a few hours ago.” Alec tilted his head and crossed his arms, looking at his younger siblings who exchanged a quick look.

“Alec.” Izzy started slowly with a calm voice. “Jace and I, we have talked. And we both have noticed that something is off with you.” She received a questioning look from their bigger brother at her words. “Off? What do you mean?” He asked. “You have shown some Omega-like behavior in the past days. And not just once. We saw your eyes turn green more than once, you lowered your head a few times and…” Before she could finish her explanation, Alec was up on his feet and close at the door, his stele at hand to draw the Soundproof rune onto the wood. “What are you talking about?” He hissed, glaring at Izzy who sighed. “Nothing like that happened. And if… it’s just… a lot of Alphas around lately and…” He tried to explain, getting back to his seat, his arms crossed again. “Alec… it’s us. We can talk about it. And we are here to… tell you that maybe you should be more careful?” Now it was Izzy’s turn to get up to her feet, surrounding the desk to get close to her older brother. She leant against the wooden desk and reached out with her hand to rest it against his shoulder. “For now, it has been just us to notice.” She explained. “We just don’t want anything to happen.” Jace added and pushed his hand through his hair, getting up as well and stopping at Alec’s other side.

For a long moment it was quiet in the room. Then Alec sighed and lowered his head, rubbing his eyes with one hand. “So, really? It has happened that often? I haven’t noticed. I mean… I felt that sometimes there was something strange but… was it that obvious to you?” He asked and turned his head to look first at Izzy then Jace. Both nodded. “But… like Izzy said. Nobody seemed to have noticed, it was just us. And probably, because we know what to look for.” “Maybe I need more training. Or better suppressants. Or some time off after all.” Alec’s voice was low, almost inaudible and he sounded defeated and a little desperate. “No, don’t say that. I mean… I told you that you might have overdid it in the past days and weeks. All the pressure by being the new Head of the Institute. And I’d love to send you to a few days break. But… I have to admit. You might have been right, Alec. Right now, it’s the wrong time to take a break. Too much going on at the Institute. And I am not okay with changing anything about the suppressants. They already change so much about your body. And about a lot of things, like side effects, there is no real research. So… I won’t allow you to take more pills.” Izzy brushed a strand of hair out of Alec’s face with a soft expression on hers, full of concern and care. “But… if it starts to be visible, I have to do something.” Alec replied with a sigh. “Look, Alec. It’s not that bad. We take care of it. Like we did since you presented. We’re in this together, like we promised years ago. And after all… most of the times it just happens when Magnus is around.” The words slipped out of Jace’s mouth before he could think about it.

“Magnus? What does he have to do with it?” Alec frowned, looking at Jace with an obvious question on his face. He did not see that Izzy rolled her eyes at Jace’s little mistake. They had agreed not to tell Alec about their assumption. And now it had slipped their brother’s lips. “Um… it’s just… we noticed the Omega-like behavior most of the times when you were with Magnus.” Jace tried to sound as vague as possible and it seemed as if Alec did not want to question him further about it. “Okay. But… it makes sense then.” Alec stated after a second of thinking about it. “It does?” Izzy asked. Was it possible that their brother could have come to the same conclusion? “Magnus is a powerful warlock, several hundred years old. The High Warlock of Brooklyn. He has so much experience and has been an Alpha for so long. Sure, he is probably stronger than any of the other Alphas I have met until now. Probably, that is why my Omega reacts like that. Because of the omnipresent Alpha.”

Even though it had sounded logical in his mind at first, after he had spoken it aloud Alec could feel that this did not make that much sense. And his inner Omega seemed to agree, revolting silently against the idea of reacting just because of the strong Alpha. “Are you sure?” Jace did not sound convinced either, raising an eyebrow at Alec’s explanation. And against better knowledge Alec nodded. “Yeah, sounds legit, right? So, if I am fine around everyone else I just have to be careful around Magnus then. I think I can manage that with you to help me.” He simply stated with a shrug, ignoring the gut wrenching feeling which seemed displeased with his conclusion. “We’ll always have your back, big brother.” Izzy said. “Always.” Jace agreed.



Izzy sighed and rubbed her face, closing the book she had been reading in until now, putting it down onto the big table in the Ops center. “I have no clue what we’re looking for. I haven’t found anything at least a bit similar to what we need to know. Any of you more successful?” She asked and looked at her brothers and Clary who shook their heads. Jace stared at the scroll in front of him as if he hoped he would get an answer just by staring at it and Alec had tried to read or better understand the same page written in an unknown language for the last five minutes, reading it over and over again. In the meantime, Clary had tried to decipher an old drawing but was as unsuccessful as the others. “We need help.” Alec huffed and pushed the book in his hands away, shaking his head.

They had tried to gather at least some information on the stone they had taken with them a few days ago when Samuel had been attacked. Izzy had found out that the stone seemed to be connected to the vampire case earlier on but that was all they had gotten. No further information just that it was a stone, probably right out of Edom, and that it had caused a few demon gatherings like the one in the warehouse and another one close by the place where Raphael and his clan had found the three unconscious vampires. So, it seemed to be connected in one way or another. But nothing else. They had tried to find anything in the old books, had looked through everything available in their library. But nothing. There was no information at all.

“Doesn’t make any sense. We cannot find anything by ourselves.” Alec groaned, closing the book in front of him with a thud. “Same here. We lose too much time by trying to figure this out on our own. We need someone with a bit more knowledge about that kind of stuff.” Jace added and Izzy agreed with a nod. “What about Magnus? He has a lot of knowledge, probably the most concerning Edom. And I am quite sure that he also has a lot of old books with information we don’t have around here.” Clary suggested. “Um…” Alec hesitated for a moment. He had tried to avoid meeting with Magnus more than needed due to the talk he had had with his siblings. But Clary was right. Magnus seemed to be their only option right now. And this time work was more important than anything personal. “I’ll call Magnus and ask if we can come over?” Izzy said even though it sounded more like a question, waiting for Alec to nod at her in agreement. “He might be able to find what we’re looking for.” He added with the awaited nod. Izzy reached out for her phone and dialed the number.

“Magnus, you’re our last hope.” She sounded desperate after she had greeted the warlock at the other end of the line. A chuckle followed. “Can we come over? Are you free?” Alec stared at his sister, waiting for her reaction to Magnus’ words. “Okay, then… see you in a few.” With these words she ended the call and turned to the other three. “He’s waiting for us, willing to help.”



Forty minutes later the four Shadowhunters knocked at Magnus’ door which opened magically. “Come in.” Magnus greeted them as he walked towards the door with a smile. He hugged Clary and Izzy, reached out his hand to shake Jace’s and Alec’s even though the latter denied to take his hand and just greeted him with a nod. Magnus tried to hide his slight confusion about this reaction and Alec pushed down the little scream inside of him. His Omega seemed not to be pleased about not being able to touch Magnus, even if it was just for the brief second of a handshake.

“So, what do you need me for this time?” Magnus asked and led them towards his living area, sitting down on an armchair. “You remember that stone we found together with Samuel?” Izzy asked, sitting down on another armchair while Jace and Clary sat down on the couch together. Alec remained standing behind Izzy’s armchair. “Yes, I remember. You said something about it glowed and attracted demons?” Magnus tried to remember her exact words. “Yes. It seems to be connected to another case with unconscious vampires who looked runed at first. We examined everything at the Institute to get information about it. But nothing. The stone might be from Edom, so we hoped that you could provide us with some information.”

For a long moment it was quiet in the room, Magnus thought about Izzy’s words. He then hummed. “There might be a book or two we could have a look at. I haven’t heard about something like that until now but… maybe we can find something in the stuff I have on my bookshelf.” He suggested. “That would be great. We really need to solve that mystery. Not that it might cause any more problems.” These were the first words Alec had spoken directed at Magnus. “Okay, let’s… help yourself. You can go through any book you want over there. I’ll go and provide us with coffee. A lot of coffee. I think we need that.” Magnus got up again, heading towards his kitchen to prepare the hot liquid for them while the others took out some of his books and started reading.



They had no clue how many hours had passed in the meantime since their arrival in the early evening. Books, scrolls and some pieces of parchment were scattered around Magnus’ living area. Everybody had tried to find a clue in the old writings. Clary sat with Izzy at the dining table, discussing a theory they had found in one of Magnus’ books even though both knew that it did not make any sense. It was too abstract with too many ‘if’s’ and ‘maybe’s’. But still, they were bending their theory, hoping that it could lead to a solution. Jace held his cup of coffee in his hands even though it was already empty and stared into the void. It seemed as if his brain had stopped working due to not enough sleep. Magnus paced in front of one of his bookshelves with one book in his hand, trying to hide his yawn behind his hand. “I think… maybe we should take a break and call it a night. It’s already late and we worked for hours without any progress. We can continue tomorrow…” He interrupted the silence and put the book down onto the shelf right next to him. “You might be right…” Izzy agreed with a yawn of herself, sounding really tired. “What do you think, Alec?” She asked and turned towards her brother who was on the couch.

There was no reply coming from the other man. “Alec?” She got up and moved towards him, a little frown on her face which turned into a smile as she looked at the sleeping figure. “It seems he fell asleep already.” She chuckled, reaching out for him to wake him up. “Maybe we should let him sleep?” Clary stopped her and looked at the other woman. “But… he can sleep at the Institute as well.” Jace had put his cup down and had gotten up to his feet, stretching his muscles because they felt a bit sore due to sitting around for the last hours. “I mean… I don’t know him that well, just got to know him a few days ago but… I can imagine that he won’t get that much sleep when we’re back. He will not stop looking through stuff until we find something. And we all know that this isn’t good for anybody’s health. He needs to sleep.” Clary explained with a little shrug, a bit insecure now. After all, Izzy and Jace knew their brother better than she did. “But we can’t leave him here on his own with Magnus. I mean… isn’t that a bit… too much? To leave him here and expect Magnus to have him over night?” Jace turned to look at the warlock who just shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t mind. He seems relaxed. The loft is big enough.” “He’s safe here. And might probably get some much-needed sleep.” Clary smiled at the blond who sighed. “Okay, probably you’re right.” Jace rolled his eyes. “And actually… I am too tired myself to think about anything else than my bed right now. Let’s head back to the Institute.” With one last look at their sleeping brother, Izzy and Jace turned around to leave the apartment with Clary. Even though they had a distinct feeling that this might be not the best idea in Alec’s situation right now. But they could not say anything against Clary’s words and the logic behind it without hinting at what was going on with Alec right now. So, they just left, hoping that there would not happen anything.



Alec yawned and started to stretch. He must have been woken up by the light in his room. A smile wandered across his face because he felt relaxed and well-rested for the first time in the past days. For a moment he buried his face deeper into his cushion, breathing in. Yes, definitely, he felt better than he had felt in the last days. He wanted to keep this good feeling for a moment longer, pressing himself into the soft mattress and… wait. Usually, his bed was not that soft. Slowly, he started to open his eyes, trying to take in his surroundings just to notice that it seemed that he was not in his room at the Institute. For a second, he was confused but then he recognized the familiar living-room. He was still at Magnus’. “Oh, it seems you are awake, dear.” Magnus greeted him, obviously being up already. “What time is it?” Alec muttered and got up slowly, rubbing his face to get the last bit of sleep out of his system. “It’s almost noon.” “What?” Alec’s eyes widened at that. He had slept for so long? “I need to go. Probably, I am already expected at the Institute.” He stated, getting up to his feet and starting to fold the blanket that had covered him that night. “Why didn’t any of you wake me up?” He turned to look at Magnus reproachfully who walked towards him with two cups of coffee in his hands. “You seemed like you needed that rest. We didn’t want to wake you. You looked kind of peaceful.” Magnus smiled and handed Alec the second cup. “But… I…” Alec sighed and pushed his hand through his hair before he reached out for the cup and took a sip of coffee.

“Let me suggest something. It’s already late. You’re already late. So… it doesn’t matter if you are back at the Institute now or in a few minutes. What about some more coffee, a little breakfast and I portal you back then?” Magnus suggested and tilted his head with a smile. Alec thought about it for a moment before he sighed. “You might be right. It doesn’t matter now since I am already that late.” He shrugged. “Can I help you with something?” “No need to. I just summon something to eat. It’s a lot quicker.” With these words Magnus sat down at the dining table, pushing some of the leftover books from last night away. He waved his hand and their breakfast appeared in front of them. “Thanks.” Alec sat down on the other chair.

For a long moment they sat together without talking, eating their breakfast before Magnus interrupted the silence. “I have to admit… you surprise me, Alexander.” Alec raised an eyebrow at that statement. and his full name coming over Magnus’ lips. He still needed to get used to that. Not that he would mind being called by his full name. “What do you mean?” He asked. “You are different than I’ve thought. When I first heard about another Lightwood as the new Head of the Institute… I wasn’t happy about it, to be honest. I know your father and… well… the relationship between the Shadowhunters and Downworlders haven’t been at their best. He did nothing to make it any better. And then you stepped in and I thought that his son would be like him. But I have to admit… you are absolutely not like your father. You’re different. In a good kind of way.” Alec smiled at Magnus’ confession. “I am glad that I am not like him. That is absolutely something I did not want. To be seen like him.” He stated and Magnus nodded, able to hear the cold in Alec’s voice even though  he decided not to bring this into question. “I can tell you… that won’t happen. I was surprised about your idea to form a Council with all the Downworld leaders. You have to know… it already does its magic. We’ve always been wary when it came to Shadowhunters. But I heard that there are already a few Downworlders that start to change their way of thinking.” Alec took his coffee back into his hands while Magnus talked. He smiled over the rim of his cup, feeling glad that his plan was working out the way he had wanted to. “Like I said… it’s time for a change. We need to work together. And I think with the new generation of Shadowhunters who aren’t that closed-minded like our parents… it might actually work.” Magnus nodded at his words. “You’re probably right. You are really a big surprise in the whole thing. Who would have thought that there could be a wise and clever Shadowhunter with an open mind?” Alec chuckled at the other’s words. “Oh, stop it. It’s not that much. I am quite sure if it weren’t me there would be another one to make that change…” Magnus raised his hand to stop Alec from talking any further. “No. Don’t belittle your hard work. You’re really good at what you’re doing. You’re open to new ideas, fair and nice to all of them. You are probably the first one to treat us as equals. And all that while looking quite handsome.” Magnus added with a little tease in his voice, a smirk playing around his lips. “Thank you.” Alec lowered his eyes and took another big sip, not sure what to say instead, especially at the last remark. He was still pretty bad at taking compliments. “You’re really not used to compliments, are you?” Magnus leant back in his chair and observed the other man, the smirk still on his face while he played with one of his rings. Alec shook his head. “I am just… I don’t know. I just do what I feel is right. And getting compliments for that feels strange.” He explained. “See, that’s what I am talking about. You are an interesting person. You have your ideals, your opinion, and you follow your own path. But on the other hand, you’re also sweet and nice and… the first time I saw it was when you were with Samuel. The little boy seemed so afraid. But you looked after him. You cared for a warlock child. This was the first time I experienced it, that a Shadowhunter really looked after a Downworlder. This was so… different. And I have to admit, I liked it. The way you acted. You really are a caring person, Alexander.” Alec had no clue what to reply to all of that. He had not expected Magnus to think about him that way. He just did what he thought was right. “And I also have to admit that… you made me change my mind as well. You unlocked something in me. That I am able to trust a Shadowhunter. Or better, to trust you who is also a Shadowhunter. I thought this would never happen again, dear.”

After Magnus had ended they stayed quiet for a moment. Alec could not hold back his own smile at the other’s words. Somehow the praise felt nice and left a warm feeling inside of him. “Um… thanks. I mean…” Alec raised his head again to look at Magnus whose smile widened. “And look at you. No need to blush at my words, pretty boy. It’s just the truth.” The warlock chuckled and tilted his head. “I am not blushing.” Alec stated with a frown even though he could feel his cheeks getting warmer. “Whatever you say, dear.” Magnus shook his head with a grin which turned into something else. All of a sudden Magnus seemed confused even though he tried not to show it.

But Alec could see it clearly on the other man’s face. And right at this instant, he remembered something. Something very important. “Shit.” Alec hissed. He had been distracted. It had been so nice waking up after a relaxing sleep, then this little conversation over breakfast with Magnus. But the other man’s look reminded him of what he had missed. Usually, he took his suppressants in the morning. And he had not taken them today because he had not been at the Institute. And usually he did not carry them around with him. So, today his Omega had not been suppressed. That would explain why Magnus was confused. Now, after remembering, he could smell it himself. His scent. It was not fully there, would not be just because of one day without suppressants. But it was clearly getting stronger and obviously Magnus could smell him, too. Could smell his happiness, his slight embarrassment and him feeling comfy around here. “I… I need to go. Sorry.” With these words Alec almost jumped out of his seat, hurrying towards the couch to grab his jacket and without any further comment he left the apartment.



Magnus had gotten up and had cleared the table of the remains of their breakfast. Deep in his thoughts he moved to the couch and sat down, having another cup of coffee in his hands. He could still smell something. And it smelled a lot like Alec. The scent was close, somehow it clung to the cushion and blanket he had put around the Shadowhunter last night to keep him comfortable. And at their shared breakfast he had smelled it as well. All of sudden, it had been a bit more present. Usually, he could not smell him at all. Suppressants, Alec had explained the first time they had met. And he had accepted that, it was not that uncommon to do so, especially with Shadowhunters. But the more they met, the more he had been able to smell something, just a faint scent, not really strong enough. More like… a glimpse of scent. And he had to admit that his inner Alpha seemed pleased. He really seemed to like the scent and he wanted to be able to smell it completely, not just the small bits he had been able until now. It smelled good, like grounding him. And his Alpha wanted more…

Maybe he should go and talk to Alec about it. Maybe he should tell him that his Alpha seemed to react to him. And it was not just his Alpha. Everything he had said today had been the truth. Somehow, he found the other man interesting. He wanted to get to know him better. He trusted him. And he thought that Alec was quite handsome as well.
But maybe Alec did not want to listen to things like that. Magnus knew how the upbringing of Shadowhunters had been in the past. But on the other hand, he himself had stated that Alec was different and the first one in a new era of Shadowhunters.

A sigh left Magnus’ lips, having no clue what to do next. He just knew that his life got a lot more complicated that morning.


Chapter Text

Two days ago, Magnus had gotten a call from Izzy that they needed him at the Institute because of their wards. It seemed that he had to renew them. That was why he was here in the first place. Izzy and him had met at the entrance and she had been with him the whole time while he had gotten through the building, fixing and renewing the existing wards. “Thanks for stopping by on such a short note.” Izzy leant against the wall right next to her while Magnus stood in front of the opposite wall, waving his hands and pouring magic into the supernatural barrier. “No problem. I can always make time for my favorite Shadowhunter.” He turned his head and grinned at her with a wink. Izzy chuckled and rolled her eyes. “As if I am your favorite.” She simply said. “By the way, Alec has asked if it would be okay for us to form a contract with you that you would come over on a regular base to work on the wards. So you could plan your visits a bit better and fit them into your schedule.” “I’d be okay with that.” Magnus nodded and clapped his hands, having finished the last ward for today. “Great. You know the way? He’s in his office with our father. You could talk to him about it.” Izzy said and pushed herself off the wall. “I need to go change now. Patrol’s right around the corner.” She excused herself, leaving Magnus behind who turned to walk towards Alec’s office, hoping he would not bump into the older Lightwood.

As he reached the room he raised his hand to knock at the half-closed door but stopped as he could hear voices from inside. It seemed that Alec was still with his father and they were arguing with raised voices. Magnus took a step back, not sure if he should wait here and listen to their conversation but he could not force himself to walk away at the words he heard from inside.

“You cannot be serious, Alec. How can you allow her to be with you?” Robert huffed with a displeased tone in his voice. “She is a Shadowhunter like everyone else. I don’t see a problem there.” Alec replied immediately with the same tone. “She cannot fight like you. She is new to all of that. It is a risk for her and everyone around.” From where he stood Magnus could see a glimpse of the older Lightwood who had his arms crossed, staring at his son who seemed to lean against his desk. “A risk? Clary is not a risk. Not more than any other Shadowhunter. You just don’t like it because she’s an Omega, right?” Alec hissed and earned a growl from his father for his words. “This is wrong. Omegas are not supposed to be out in the field. They are weak. She is weak. She will get herself in trouble and will lead to any of you being injured. She cannot defend herself.” “Oh, by the angel, are you really that omegaphobic? She is a good fighter. She has trained with Jace a lot and he has told me that she is getting better every day. I trust his - my parabatai’s - opinion. And I won’t keep her here at the Institute. We need every capable Shadowhunter out there. It’s our duty.” For a second there was silence in the room. “You have no idea. She isn’t made for fighting. Her body is just good for doing chores and giving birth to children. Like all the other Omegas.” “Do you really think that low of Omegas?” Alec sounded calm but Magnus could feel that it was just like the calm before the storm. “It’s the only possible way. I would have never agreed on you becoming the Head of the Institute if I had known that you would put our people at risk by doing such a dumb thing like having an Omega going on patrol. She is not worth it. She should stay at home and fulfill her duty…” “I cannot listen to you anymore.” Robert was interrupted by Alec. “By the angel, I cannot be in the same room with you anymore when you talk so much bullshit. This is horrible. You’re the most horrible person I have ever seen.”

Before Robert could reply, Alec had pushed himself off the desk and stormed out of the office. He had not noticed that Magnus stood there, had not seen the other man. But Magnus had seen something that left him more than just a bit confused. Alec had seemed angry and Magnus had not been able to smell anything due to the other’s suppressants like he had the other day. But he had caught a glimpse of emerald green eyes when Alec had passed him. Magnus blinked, not sure if he had seen it right. Alec was an Alpha, right? How else could he become the Head of the Institute if not as an Alpha? Maybe his own eyes had tricked him. After all, Alec had passed him very quick and… It must have been a mistake. He might have used a bit too much magic on the wards today, leaving him a bit drained…



To say that Alec was pissed at his father was the understatement of the century. He could hardly understand why his father felt that way about any Omega. By the angel, he had married one and they had kids together. Was he really blinded by all these prejudices the Clave had instilled into their people, the older generation of Shadowhunters? Alec huffed and frowned, almost punching the buttons of the tablet he held in his hand right in front of a monitor in the Ops center. He needed to distract himself, to make his anger stop. After all, this would not help anyone. He needed to calm down to be able to do his job. To be the kind of Head of the Institute his father had not been able to be. 

“Alexander? There you are.” He could hear the smooth voice and turned around to look at Magnus who had found Alec at the Ops center a few minutes later. All his anger seemed to fade away in an instant just by hearing the other man’s voice. It felt as if the other was somehow soothing him, his presence a comfort after him being stressed out by his father. For a second, Alec wondered why Magnus had this effect on him but decided that probably now was not the right time to dig into this further. “Obviously. You seem to have found me. What can I do for you?” He asked and put the tablet down onto the nearest table. “There are a lot of things you could do...” Magnus said with a flirtatious tone in his voice which made Alec take in a sharp breath and blink in surprise. “But for now...” Magnus continued with a smirk. “Isabelle told me about a contract you wanted to set up. I am done with the wards for now. Maybe we could go through the conditions?” Alec nodded slowly, his hands clasped behind his back. “We can do that. Sure. Let’s... get to the office then. I already prepared something. You could look through it and we can adjust it to your liking.” “Sounds good to me. Lead the way, darling. I’ll follow wherever you go.” Alec rolled his eyes slightly and turned around but Magnus was able to see the little smile that started to show around the other man’s lips due to his words. And his Alpha seemed to be pleased by this reaction.  



It was quiet in the office, both men sat there in silence. Alec had been glad that it had been empty when they had entered, his father obviously gone already. They had sat down and Alec had handed the other the prepared contract. While Magnus read through it, Alec was watching the warlock, somehow lost in his thoughts. He was thinking about why he reacted the way he did when Magnus was around. Was it just his Omega being influenced by the strong Alpha presence? As he had told his siblings the other day, after all, Magnus was a powerful warlock and an experienced Alpha. That could have a big influence on his Omega. Even though, he had to admit that Magnus was also… interesting? He could hardly describe it. They had worked together on a few things now and he had felt comfortable around the other. When he had fallen asleep at Magnus’ loft he had felt relaxed and rested and good. And it probably had been intensified due to him not having taken his suppressants that morning. He liked being around him. It was somehow easy to talk to Magnus and it felt natural, even the other’s innuendos and the flirting. Although Alec was not quite sure about the flirting because why would Magnus flirt with him. Especially him. Magnus had to think that he was an Alpha like himself. And also, a man. But this was Magnus. He had read about the other man in his Clave’s file as he had prepared himself for the Council. And he had found a few interesting things in there. To be honest, Downworlders were a lot more open to different kind of relationships than the Shadowhunters.

Alec knew about himself that he was different in many ways. Not just that he had presented as an Omega which was uncommon in his family. The Lightwoods usually were Alphas. At least the male ones. But he was an Omega. And also, a male Omega which was not that common as well. Usually, Omegas were females. Male ones were rarer. Maybe it was linked to something else he knew was different about him. He had known for quite a while now that he was not interested in women like Jace. He liked them, yes. He could talk to them. But thinking about being connected with one in an intimate way? Not his way of liking. He had admitted to himself that he was interested in men years ago even though he had never said it aloud. He could not tell anyone about that, never had said anything concerning that. Not even his siblings knew about it. This was not how a Shadowhunter had to be. The Clave not just had prejudices against Downworlders. In their eyes, a Shadowhunter had to be straight. And Alec? Well, he was so far away from that. He was a gay Shadowhunter who was also a male Omega. The situation was actually kind of weird and he would laugh at it if it would not be that serious. But maybe this would explain his feelings somehow. His Omega being happy in Magnus’ presence. With the Alpha around, soothing and calming him. And Magnus’ behavior, the flirting, towards him gave Alec the feeling that the other was content as well being close to him and liked it somehow.

“Alexander?” Magnus’ voice interrupted his thoughts. The other was obviously done with his reading, putting down the pen he had held to add some things to the contract or change words. “Um…” It took Alec a moment to concentrate on the man in front of him, especially after where his thoughts had brought him to. “So, what do you think about the contract?” He tried to regain control of his thinking, clearing his throat before he started to speak. Magnus had leant back in his seat and nodded. “I think this contract is just fine. I added a few things here and there, you can see it.” He pushed the paper towards Alec who reached out for it. Their fingers brushed slightly against each other, causing a little jolt of excitement inside of him at the sudden and unexpected touch. “I will include them in the final paper so that you can sign it the next time we’ll meet?” He suggested while his eyes read over the additions Magnus had made, trying to ignore that he was still able to feel where their fingers had touched. “Sounds good to me. I really like working with you, Alexander.” Magnus smiled as he got up from his seat, Alec followed and got up as well. They walked towards the door. “I like y-… it as well.” Alec stated, trying not to let the shock about what almost slipped his mouth be seen on his face. Where had that come from? He probably had thought about Magnus too much in the past few minutes. “Somehow it’s a surprise that nobody came up with the idea of setting up a contract for the wards.” Magnus said while they left the office and Alec was glad that the other did not say something about his almost-slipped words. Maybe he had not noticed? No, who was he to fool? Sure thing that Magnus had noticed them. But somehow, he had decided to talk about something different and Alec was glad about it. “You know my father is not that close to Downworlders.” Alec instead stated with a simple shrug which caused Magnus to chuckle. “Oh, really? If you had not said so, I would not have noticed, my dear.” He said with a tease and Alec rolled his eyes even though he smiled. “That’s why I stated the obvious, Magnus.” He replied which caused Magnus to chuckle some more. “Thanks for your concern, Alexander. That you care for my knowledge.” Now it was Alec’s turn to chuckle. “Always. I can’t let you in the dark about stuff like that.”

While they had talked they had reached the entrance. “You know there was no need to walk me out of the building.” Magnus remarked as he stopped in front of the door. Alec just realized that moment that he had accompanied the other without noticing it. “I… just wanted to make sure that you got out without any problems. Not everyone here is okay with the new connections with Downworlders. Not that somebody would say something to you.” He tried to explain even though this had not been the reason he had walked with Magnus. “You know I can defend myself. Even though I appreciate the thought, Alexander.” The warlock smiled and he took a step closer towards Alec while he raised his hand, putting it at Alec’s upper arm and squeezed softly. “You really are something, handsome. You really surprise me. And I like that.” He smiled and Alec returned it, ignoring the pleasant feeling that started to make itself at home inside his body. Unnoticed by himself this time again, he tilted his head and exposed his neck. For a second, there was quiet between the two before Magnus let go and stepped away from Alec. “Until next time. Give me a call whenever you need me.” Magnus said and turned around, leaving the Institute.

Alec stood there for a moment, staring at the closed door before he shook his head. He raised his hand to touch his arm where Magnus’ hand had been a few moments earlier, rubbing at his skin and breathing in the last bit of the other’s scent that would soon be vanished due to the many people inside this building. His Omega seemed pleased and resonated with the situation right now. “I think I might be screwed.” He muttered under his breath as he took in everything what had happened in the past minutes. Maybe he should talk to Izzy and Jace? Maybe they could help him? They had already talked about that topic, about Magnus. That he was different with him. That his Omega was content with his… this Alpha. This Alpha, not his. He really was screwed. Where did that thought come from and why did it feel alright? Alec sighed and rubbed the back of his neck as he walked back towards his office, ignoring the glances he got from a few Shadowhunters he passed on his way. He should be more careful from now on. And talking with his siblings? Might not be the best option. When they had talked about it the last time, they had sounded like… they did not feel okay with his reactions towards Magnus. Maybe they were not okay with his Omega acting like that towards the Alpha? Or him reacting like that towards another man? Even though he could hardly think they would be that narrow-minded. But still… probably he should sort out this on his own at first before he could and would talk to anyone about it.



„How many times do I need to tell you? I am fine.” Alec groaned and made a grimace at the pain that shot through his upper body due to the deep gaping wound caused by a demon. “Totally fine. I can see it.” Izzy frowned and stared at him. She had wrapped her arms around her brother, Jace on his other side to help him stand. Clary followed the three with a deep concern on her face.

They had been out on patrol this night, just the four of them. It had been pretty quiet and Alec had been with them because he wanted to see the progress Clary had made in the past days. Everything had been fine until they had been surprised by a group of Shax demon. They had fought them and Clary had kept up with the other’s pretty well until… she had raised her Seraph blade, killing one demon and had not noticed there had been another one coming at her from behind. Alec had been close by and put himself between the two so that the demon had hurt him instead of Clary before Jace could vaporize the Shax demon with his own Seraph blade. Clary had blurted out how sorry she felt about it, about the whole situation. But Alec had waved it off with his hand and told her that she had done just fine. After all, she was not that used to fighting like them and it was all pretty new for her. And for that, she had done a good job in his opinion. These words had calmed her down a bit and she had smiled at Alec before he had fallen down onto his knees all of a sudden, letting out a hiss, pain all over his face. Jace was by his side immediately to notice that there was blood on his shirt, coming from a wound that seemed deeper than usual. Jace had taken out his stele for an Iratze but it had not helped. Maybe some demon venom had gotten into the wound and prevented it from healing easily. That was when Izzy had decided they would take him to Magnus because they were closer by the loft than the Institute. It would take too long to get back to their infirmary. And if demon venom was involved, it was really better to have a warlock with them doing the healing.



“Oh, what a nice surprise. I haven’t…” Magnus greeted the four Shadowhunters after he had opened the door with a wide smile which froze immediately on his face as he saw the state they were in. And especially as he looked at Alec who seemed a lot paler than usual, pain written all over his face, supported by his siblings. “Alec’s injured.” Jace muttered and Magnus stepped aside to let them in. “Come on in. Put him onto the couch.” While Izzy and Jace helped Alec walk over Magnus turned to Clary. “What happened?” He asked the young woman who seemed concerned and slightly shocked. “He’s injured because of me. We got attacked and he put himself in danger to protect me and… that demon hurt him.” She whispered almost inaudible, clenching her fists. “Hey, biscuit. It’s okay. I am here. I can help him. Don’t blame yourself.” Magnus reached out to hug her carefully, trying to calm her down before he walked over to help Alec.

“Like I said… I am fine. It’s not that bad. I just…” Alec muttered, sweat on his forehead as Magnus sat down next to him. “Alexander. You are obviously injured. Let me help.” The warlock said and raised his hand for some magical examination of the wound. “No.” With a force Magnus had not expected from the other in his current state he had gripped Magnus’ wrist, shaking his head slightly. “What the… let me help you.” Magnus frowned at Alec who did not lessen his grip. “Alec, let him help you.” Izzy repeated the other man’s words. Clary had gotten closer and Jace had put an arm around her shoulder because she was still a bit shaken by what had happened.

Alec turned his head to look at his siblings, another groan left his lips due to the pain in his side. He really hated being in a situation like that. He had never been good at being injured. Because then he had to go to the infirmary. And somebody would look after his wounds. He had always been scared that in a situation like that, when he was helpless, his guards would not be up enough and his second gender, the real one, would be discovered. One way or the other. And now with Magnus using magic to help him… it would probably lead to discovering him being an Omega. And that was the last thing he wanted right now.

“Alexander. Please. Let me help you. It will be okay. I will be careful. I will just use a little bit of magic to make it easier for you. And there’s a potion to help you. And the rest, I am sure your Iratze will solve.” Magnus had put his free hand over Alec’s, trying to calm the other man down. Alec bit onto his lower lip, the pain was getting more intense with every moment. He took a breath and closed his eyes trying to focus on the other’s touch and the soothing scent he could smell. “Okay, but…” He muttered and let go of Magnus’ arm, leaning further into the couch, trying to stay conscious. “Thank you.” Magnus replied and raised his hands. They hovered over Alec’s body, his blue magic sinking into Alec’s skin and they could hear how the Shadowhunter let out a breath, clenching his fists for a second before he relaxed again.

While Magnus had started to work on healing Alec Izzy had taken a step back towards Jace and Clary. “That was easier than we thought.” She whispered under her breath. “What do you mean?” Clary asked with a puzzled look on her face. “Usually, Alec is really bad when it comes to being treated after he’s injured. Even in a state like that, he argues with the people who wants to help a lot more than he did with Magnus. But this time it took just one minute to convince him that he needs help.” Jace explained. “Oh.” Clary nodded slowly and looked back at Alec who seemed a lot better now. His face was not that pale anymore and his breath had calmed down. “I need to get the potion now. It’s in my apothecary. I’ll be back in a second.” Magnus stated and squeezed Alec’s shoulder before he got up to get said potion. Alec’s eyes followed him before he closed them again, feeling better already.



“Magnus, it’s fine. Your magic helped. I can get up now.” Alec sounded a bit desperate and shook his head as he looked at the warlock who was still slightly frowning at him. “Alexander, I just healed you and you lost blood and not just a little bit. You need to rest. At least for a bit. Stay here and I’ll get you some food. And after that you might leave. Please.” Magnus almost growled, his inner Alpha wanted to keep the other with him. He wanted to take care of him because he was not really convinced yet that he was already patched up enough to get up again. His hand rested on Alec’s arm who had sat up in the meantime. The wound was almost healed completely, there was just red skin with a hint of the former slash. Alec was not that pale anymore. He looked okay. But still. Magnus felt that he should keep him there for some more time. To make sure that the other was really good enough to go. “Magnus…” “Alexander…” They both stared at each other before Alec lowered his eyes with a sigh, tilting his head slightly. “Fine. I’ll stay and have some food.”

Actually, Alec had wanted to say something different. He had wanted to get up, to get back to the Institute. They had been at Magnus’ for already too long. He had to write a report about what had happened tonight and… but after Magnus had said his name and stared at him with such an intensive look in his eyes, he could not do anything else than to agree to his suggestion. And his inner Omega seemed pleased about that, that it sent happiness through his whole body because the Alpha was obviously taking care of him, being concerned about his well-being. He tried to overpower this feeling. He should not go down that road right now. It was too dangerous.

Magnus let out a sigh of relief after Alec agreed and got up before he turned towards the small coffee table behind him. With a wave of his hand, his magic surrounded the table and made the stuff onto it vanish, replaced by trays of food. “Magnus, who should eat all of that? Probably not me.” Alec arched an eyebrow as he stared at the pile of food in front of them. “I had no clue what you prefer. That’s why I got something from everywhere, my dear.” With these words he sat down next to Alec and reached out for a plate, putting some pasta onto it and handing it over to Alec. “Thank you.” Alec could not help but to smile softly at the other’s gesture before he started to eat.

Izzy, Jace and Clary had observed the little exchange quietly. They had sat down onto the armchairs at the opposite of the coffee table. Jace sat next to Clary, still having his arm around her, not really letting go to comfort her. She had been concerned the whole time and it had been obvious through her scent for everyone. So Jace had been there for her to calm her down with his presence. And it had actually helped. She felt better now. Better and hungry. So, she leant over to take a plate for herself while Izzy and Jace exchanged looks behind her. Izzy arched an eyebrow, glancing at Magnus and Alec who sat next to each other in a somehow comfortable silence while they ate. Jace shrugged his shoulders slightly, looking confused and biting down on his lower lip before he let out a little sigh. Maybe Izzy had been right with her observation, with her idea about Alec and Magnus. It seemed kind of being more and more obvious with every encounter between the two of them. Even though Magnus had no clue about Alec’s true second gender. But there was something going on, although both of them might not know what it was for real.

Clary held the plate in her hand and leant back, moving a bit closer to Jace because it felt nice that he cared for her like that. She had been really grateful about him being there for her while she had felt so bad about the whole situation. He had managed to calm her down and she wanted to keep that feeling. She looked over at Alec and Magnus, observing the two men, not sure about them. But she felt that there was something between them. Their behavior confused her. But now was probably not the right time to dig into that or start a conversation about it. So, she just decided to stay quiet. Maybe she would find a better time to talk about it.



Alec sat behind his desk, looking through another report and rubbed his face with a groan. His head hurt because he had not been out the whole day, sitting here and doing paperwork. He felt sore and his muscles were stiff. But he had promised the other’s that he would take it slow today due to last night’s injury even though it had been healed completely this morning thanks to Magnus, his magic and some Iratze. A soft knock at the door interrupted his thoughts before they could start to spiral towards the warlock and could awake his inner Omega again. “Yes?” He said and was a bit surprised to find Clary walking through the door. “Is everything alright?” Alec asked, getting up from behind his desk to sit down with her on the armchairs at the other side of his office. For a second, Clary stayed quiet, just looking at him. “I am fine. No need to worry. What about you?” She asked, fidgeting with the hem of her shirt as she looked at Alec. “I am good. I can hardly feel it anymore. Thanks to my treatment.” He smiled at her. Somehow, he got the feeling that he knew why she was here. “Is this about yesterday? You know… I am not mad at you. It wasn’t your fault.” Alec simply said with a reassuring tone in his voice. “But… I still feel bad about it. It was… you saved me because I wasn’t paying enough attention. And you got hurt because of me.” Clary looked a bit miserable and Alec could smell the guilt in her scent as she stared at him with wide eyes. “Hey. It’s fine. Things like that happen. Part of the job description.” Alec tried to lighten the mood but continued as he noticed that it did not seem to work. “Sometimes, we get hurt during battle. But there is no need to blame each other. It was my decision to protect you from that demon. I had your back. That’s what we do. Really. You should get this off your mind. When you think about something could happen the whole time, it will hold you back. You have to look forward. Take it… um… start to train more? And work on the things you see as your flaws. That’ll make you… us… better.”

Clary listened to his words and it seemed that with every sentence he said she seemed to relax a bit. “I… I think that’s a way to look at it. I am just… I am glad that you’re okay. I might need to get used to things like that. That any of you can get injured. This was the first time I saw it happening. And I felt… scared. But luckily you have been healed. Thankfully Magnus could help.” A little smile started to develop on her face and Alec nodded. “Yes. By the angel, I am really happy that we have Magnus.” He replied and returned her smile. “Yes, he really is… something.” Clary stated with a nod. “And he seems to care about you a lot. And I am happy that you let him help you.” Alec blinked and tried to suppress the urge to stiffen at her words, not sure how she had meant them. He was not sure if she had noticed something, that his behavior towards Magnus was somehow off. That sometimes he was led not by his mind but rather his instincts. His Omega instincts. So, he just cleared his throat. “Yeah, Magnus is really helping us all a lot. I think it’s a good sign to improve the relationship between Shadowhunters and Downworlders.” Alec tried to play it down to politics, casual stuff. Clary looked at him for a moment before she nodded again. “Um… yes. That is really something good.” She said and got up to her feet. “I should leave now. I don’t want to keep you away from your work. I am sure you have a lot to work through.” Alec raised up as well and turned his head towards his desk, looking at the pile of paperwork that laid there. He sighed. “Yes… I can’t wait to read all that stuff…” He muttered and turned back to Clary as he heard a little chuckle. “I don’t envy you, to be honest. But, if you need help… I can offer a hand if you want to. I can help with it. Or if you need to vent, I can listen. I am a good listener. If you want to talk about it… anything…” “Nah, it’s fine. It’s my job. I am the Head of the Institute. You should go train with Jace. I am sure he’s already waiting for you somewhere.” Alec winked at her with a smile and Clary grinned. “Yes, he seems to be by my side very often. Hard to get rid of him.” She let out a little laugh. “Not that I want him to do so…” She added. And with a last smile she left the office.

Alec sat down behind his desk again, still smiling at the thought of his brother and Clary maybe becoming a thing. And he hoped that Jace would not ruin it because he somehow liked her. She really seemed to care for him even though they did not know each other that much. He had seen the concern on her face, the fear her scent had been full off as he had been injured. And how glad she had been after he had been healed. For a moment he thought about her offer to help him and had to smile at that. But then, all of a sudden there was a feeling of doubt mixing into his thoughts. She had talked about him and Magnus, she had noticed that the other seemed to care for him and that he easily complied with his help. Had she noticed anything? And what was it about the offer that she was good at listening… that he could talk about anything with her? Maybe he needed to be more careful around Clary in the future, she seemed to be too good at observing stuff. And he did not want her to find out about his secret.

Chapter Text

Magnus had been busy that day. He had visited a few clients, had taken care of their problems, listened to them and handed out some potions. It had been kind of stressful without time to think about his own personal problems or at least about what was going on in his life right now. Finally, around the early afternoon, he let himself sink onto his armchair with a glass of red wine, Chairman Meow on his lap to ruffle the cat’s fur and soft music weaving through his loft to relax. He took a sip, thinking about his day so far. How much it had kept him busy as the High Warlock of Brooklyn. He really liked being in that position. He could help so many Downworlders and Mundanes alike. And that was something he had always wanted to do. To be there for them. To help. And even better, he could really make a difference for the Shadow world as a part of the Council. The same Council a certain someone had made him part of.

And there he was again. Not being able to keep his thoughts away off that certain someone for long. The morning had kept him busy but now with free time on his hands... No matter how hard he tried, his thoughts always drifting back towards him. To that dark, tall and handsome Shadowhunter that had kept appearing a lot in his thoughts lately, no matter what he tried to avoid it. He let out a sigh. What was it with this confusing man? Why was it that Alec seemed to get under his skin so easily? He could barely describe it. But something seemed different. Especially, because he could not stop thinking about him. That was a first. To begin with, he had to admit that he had not expected the eldest Lightwood child to be a person like Alec. So progressive. So caring. So without prejudices. It had surprised him. And he had to be honest. It was true what he had told the other man a few days ago. He was surprised by Alec’s behavior, his actions. And he liked it. He liked it that for the first time in decades there seemed to be a real chance for Shadowhunters and Downworlders to live together as equals, side by side. To finally be able to get along with each other. That there was a possibility for a change. But it was not just that. He also seemed to like Alec. Not as the Head of the Institute. No. As Alec Lightwood, the person behind all of that. He had noticed that his inner Alpha seemed pleased more than once when the other man was around. Like when he had been able to take care of him after his injury… or as they had appeared at his loft all of a sudden to get his help by summoning a demon. Or with the little warlock child Alec had looked after so carefully. There were so many small moments that had made his inner Alpha happy. Magnus could not hold back the little smile that started to show on his face at this thought, his Alpha growling softly inside being fully content with his thoughts.

Yes. Alec really seemed to be different and special. Although, Magnus was not sure why. He could not really get a grip on it even though a few thoughts had crossed his mind in the past days. Like about the emerald green eyes, the other man’s scent that was barely there and... No, this could not be the reason. It really had to be a mistake. The other man was an Alpha, just like him. Nothing else made sense in a position like he had. Not as a Lightwood descendent, their eldest son, Head of the New York Institute and responsible for all the Shadowhunters here in New York. Everything screamed Alpha. And still…

Magnus took another sip just to notice that his glass was empty. He sighed and waved his hand to refill it with magic, too lazy and a bit too distracted by his thoughts to get up and pour some wine into it by hand. He had no clue for how long he had sat there before he heard the known sound of an opening portal and the shift in his wards to announce his friends. “Where’s my favorite warlock?” Magnus heard Cat from outside the living-room with a smile in her voice and the followed “Hey, I thought I was your favorite?” from Ragnor before the two stepped into the room. Magnus got up with a grin on his face. “Oh, Ragnor. You should have known that long ago. I’ll always be everybody’s darling.” Cat chuckled and leant in to hug her friend, placing an affectionate kiss onto his cheek, while Ragnor rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Sure. Whatever you say.” He just muttered and turned towards the drinking cart to pour himself a drink. Cat took the glass of wine Magnus offered her and sat down onto the couch while Magnus sat back on the armchair he had been in for the past hours.

“What brings me the honor of you two visiting me all of a sudden? Did we have plans I forgot about?” Magnus asked curiously and leant back while Ragnor shook his head.  “We haven’t heard of you in a while. You seem to be pretty occupied lately.” “I am the High Warlock, what do you expect?” Magnus shrugged his shoulders with a smile. “Right. And you have started to work with the Shadowhunters. We heard a few things. And actually, we are kind of... curious. We want details. It’s something nobody had ever thought about happening. And now there’s this council and stuff. We thought you would talk to your oldest friends about it. But you didn’t. Are you okay with that? I know... we know... you have a special view when it comes to Shadowhunters.” Cat had leant back as well, taking a sip of her wine, watching Magnus carefully. “Well, it’s... okay, I think. I have to admit. At first, I was a bit wary about everything. But now, after having worked with them, everything seems to be fine. Maybe the next generation of Shadowhunters isn’t that prejudiced and bad with Downworlders.” Magnus explained with a smile, his thoughts wandering towards Alec for a second. “Really?” Ragnor arched an eyebrow. “Who would have thought. I mean... it’s another Lightwood as the Head of the Institute. That name made me expect a lot, and nothing good came to my mind with that.” While he was talking, he had poured himself another drink before he sat down right next to Cat on the couch, crossing his legs. “Alexander is not like his father. He is really different.” Magnus stated, swirling the red liquid inside his glass for a second before taking another sip. “Alexander? I thought his name was Alec.” Cat asked. She had noticed that their friend’s tone had changed slightly, turned a bit softer than before, as he had mentioned the Lightwood boy. She seemed a bit confused about that. “Magnus, what’s going on?” She had always seemed to be receptive to things like that. She knew Magnus long enough to know about his moods when something was on his mind. “What do you mean, Cat? There’s nothing going on.” Magnus looked at her over the rim of his glass, knowing exactly what she was referring to even though he did not want to give in easily. Damn her abilities to read him like an open book sometimes. He could not talk about the things that had been bothering him before they had decided to pay him a visit. He should not talk about it.

For a moment, there was silence in the room and the three just stared at each other. “Okay. Obviously, there is something going on. Otherwise, you would have turned the conversation into something else already. And usually, you aren’t quiet for such a long time, not talking about anything. Spill it. What is it? Tell us.” Ragnor had tilted his head, staring at their old friend with a raised eyebrow, putting the now empty glass down onto the coffee table in front of him. Magnus rolled his eyes and turned to look at the glass in his hand. “There’s... nothing. Really. Everything’s fine.” He muttered. Cat sighed and leant forward, putting her hand onto his knee, rubbing it softly. “But it seems to be not fine, Magnus. You seem bothered somehow. Is it because of the Shadowhunters? Does it... bad memories?” She asked, the concern obvious on her face. Magnus raised his head to look at her, shaking it. “No, it’s not that. It’s... on the contrary. They are just fine. Really. We work together quite well. Better than I would have thought.” “Then, what is it?” Ragnor wanted to know, nudging Magnus leg with his foot in a slightly playful manner, absolutely nothing somebody would expect from the man due to his usual behavior.

Magnus kept quiet for a second, thinking about his answer. These were his eldest friends. Usually, he could talk to them about everything. Why not talk about what was going on in his mind? Maybe they could help him sorting things out? If not trusting them who should he trust after all? So, he sighed. “I am just confused, that’s it.” As the other two did not make a move to talk he continued. “I have to admit, I like working with them. It seems so easy and nice. And I appreciate all the efforts they make. They have a good leader. Alexander is... an interesting person.” A smile crept onto Cat’s face and Ragnor arched an eyebrow with a smirk. “So, that’s it? You saw something you like. Or better, someone?” He teased the other warlock just to earn an eye-roll in return. “That’s not...” Magnus paused and let out a breath, taking a sip of wine. “Maybe that’s exactly what it is. From the first day on, there was something about Alexander and... I feel as if I am drawn to him. And my Alpha seems happy being close to him.” He explained. “Well, that’s not that bad. Even though it’s not that common that Alpha’s are interested in each other that way. But you’re the last person to do things the common way.” Cat chuckled and nodded at Ragnor’s words before she added something herself. “So, if you like him... does he like you, too?” Magnus blinked at that thought, not sure what to answer. “I don’t know. I don’t get any clear signals. Or at least I think I don’t get them. He’s on suppressants, so I cannot smell him. And after all... he’s a Shadowhunter. And we know what that means. Even if he was interested in men... usually they are taught to keep quiet about it.” Finally saying things out aloud made him feel better. Finally, he felt able to see everything a bit clearer. The whole time he just had thought about him being drawn to Alec. But what about it the other way around. Would Alec be interested in him as well? Was he drawn to him the same way Magnus was drawn to Alec? And could there be a chance to try it? “They are very narrow-minded people.” Ragnor stated with a nod. “But you said that Alec isn’t. Kind of. He seems different. Maybe you can talk to him about it. And probably, you should talk to him about it. At least, to see if it’s one-sided or not. And then you can think about anything further together. No need to rush things. One thing at a time. Talk to him and then you’ll see what will happen.” Cat suggested and put her empty glass down next to Ragnor’s onto the coffee table. “So, you think I should talk with him?” Magnus asked as if he needed another confirmation. “Yes.” Ragnor nodded. “I am sure it would help. And after all. What do you have to lose anyways?”



“So, Magnus, what do you want to talk about? Is there any problem?” Magnus had called Alec a few days after his conversation with Cat and Ragnor after he had encouraged himself some more to do so. Alec had agreed immediately and had invited him over. That was why the two of them now sat in  Alec’s office. Alec had gotten behind his desk into his chair with his arms crossed, seemingly relaxed, while Magnus sat in front of him, leaning back a little. “No, Alexander. There’s no problem. Everything is alright.” Magnus smiled at the other man. “Couldn’t be any better, to be honest. It seems that us working together starts to pay off.” Alec returned the smile and nodded. “I am glad to hear that. I didn’t dare to hope that it would work out so early. But it somehow does. Finally, the relationship between us, Shadowhunters and Downworlders, seems to improve.” For a second, there was a comfortable silence between them before Alec started to talk again. “So, what is it you wanted to talk about? Or did you just want to confirm us to work well together?” He grinned slightly which caused Magnus to chuckle. “No, that’s not it. Or at least, not all of it. It’s also more about the... us part.” He stated. Alec furrowed his brows and looked a bit confused.

What was Magnus talking about? What was he referring to? What about them? Had he noticed anything? Alec had really tried to be more careful in the past days. He had even raised the dose of suppressants slightly (without telling his sister because she would have scolded him for that), trying to not give away any clue about his true second gender and thinking about everything he said and did twice. “What do you mean?” He asked, trying to sound casual, and bit down onto his lower lip, trying to return the look the other gave him. “I have to admit that I really like being around you. Us working together, being together seems so natural. And we did... click?” Magnus explained with a little wave of his hand, blue magic swirling around his fingers even though he was not conjuring up anything right now. Maybe it was just a habit of him, something he did without noticing it. “We click?” Alec repeated, still not sure where this would lead to although his inner Omega let out an inaudible growl, already knowing what this could mean. And obviously very pleased about the conversation’s development. Alec had to hold it back, the warm feeling that wanted to wash over his whole body. Something his Omega seemingly did not approve, already on the edge to start to try to break free for at least a bit.

“Yes, we click.” Magnus chuckled, studying the other’s face. It was easy to see that Alec seemed to be confused because it was written all over his face. And it looked kind of adorable. But there also was something different. Something Magnus could not quite decipher. “Or at least, I thought. I really like spending time with you. I like talking to you. And I thought that we should talk about it if you like it as well and we could...” He did not finish his sentence, let the unsaid words linger in the air.

Alec blinked and swallowed, his throat going dry, knowing exactly what Magnus had not said aloud. After all, there was no need to say it for Alec to understand. “But...” He started even though he was interrupted by Magnus. “I know. We both are Alphas. And men. It’s not that I have a problem with that. I am very open about anything concerning that and...” Now it was Alec’s turn to interrupt him. “So, you think I am interested in you? In men? In an Alpha?” His voice was sharp, sharper than he had wanted to sound which caused Magnus to flinch slightly. His smile faltered for a second before he got back to it again. “It looked like that, yes. I mean we could go on a date and see where that goes?” Magnus suggested. Alec shook his head and huffed. “I am not... I cannot be...” He sounded angry and even a bit devastated, scared that it had been visible for everyone else around, not just Magnus. If he had figured it out, then all the other people might have noticed it, too. And how long would it take for them to find out that he was not the Alpha they thought he was?

Magnus waited for a moment but as Alec did not continue to talk, he did. “I know... it’s not easy because you were taught differently. The Clave just knows one way, deciding this as the only way to lead your life. But it doesn’t have to be, dear. There is always another option.” “No.” Alec hissed and got up to his feet. He was not able to stay quiet anymore, to stay seated. He needed to move. Perhaps, this could help him clearing his thoughts and trying to find out how much Magnus really knew. “No. I am the Head of this Institute. Sooner or later, I have to find my mate and...” He tried not to clench his fists at the word mate, tried to ignore his Omega’s inner growl at this word because of how wrong it felt in this context. “Do you really want to follow the path the Clave has set up for you?” Magnus had turned his head, his eyes followed the other while he paced through the room, his fists deep inside his pockets. “I have to. It’s my duty.” Alec replied immediately even though he had no clue why these words came over his lips. He would never be able to follow any path. Because he would never be able to find an Omega as his mate like everyone thought he should because he was one himself. This was all just a farce. Sooner or later, his secret would be revealed. And it could just get worse after that.

His breathing had started to become quicker. He stopped pacing through the room back and forth. He felt thoroughly distressed, squeezing his eyes shut, rubbing his temple with his right hand. Slowly, Magnus got up as well. “It cannot be bad if you at least try to do something you like, Alexander. This could be everything and nothing.” He had gotten closer to Alec who was still breathing too fast in his opinion.

Alec could feel the other coming closer. He could smell him. He could smell his scent. Full of concern, warmth, security. And over all – home. His nostrils flared and he started to sweat, his eyes widened as he looked at Magnus who had started to raise his hand. Alec could feel his pulse racing in his wrists. All of a sudden, a hiss left his lips and he tried not to fall onto his knees at the sudden pain at his side. “Alexander, what’s wrong?” Magnus was close by immediately, the scent of worries, fear, concern and still a lot of home washing over Alec. “Magnus.” He almost whispered, closing his eyes again for a second with a grimace due to the searing pain. His Omega became noticeable once more, trying to overtake his body while he tried to keep himself steady with one of his hands against his desk as he pressed the other against his skin where the pain was the worst. The place where his gendermark was. He could feel the rune magic he had used so many years now to cover the mark trying to vanish, ready to reveal the truth. Another string of pain shot through his body which caused him to hiss again. As if his whole body was against him at this moment.

“Alexander?” Magnus was worried. He had no clue what was happening right now. All he could see was that the other was in pain. A lot of pain. And he wanted to help. Without noticing it he reached out with his hand to use his magic to make it bearable for Alec. The moment the blue sparks touched the other’s body everything fell in place. “Go.” Alec growled, his eyes still shut. “Go!” After Magnus did not react the first time, Alec repeated himself, pushing Magnus away from him. And because Magnus was too confused at the moment he did so. Without any more words he turned around to leave, unaware of the emerald green eyes that followed him as he left through a portal.



It had taken Alec a few minutes to calm down, to control his pain. Still a bit shaken he had sat down behind his desk again, rubbing the part of his skin where his gendermark was. He had looked at it already, even though he had been scared at first to just find a circle without the cross he had gotten used to in the past years. But it seemed to be still intact. The mark did not give him away, still looking like an Alpha mark. He took a deep breath, being able to smell the vanishing scent of the Alpha – of Magnus – which seemed to soothe him some more. His Omega was still revolting, his inner guts clenching and he felt sick. What had happened? Why had his body reacted like that all of a sudden? He had never heard of a reaction similar to what he had to go through a few moments ago. Yes, they had talked and Alec had been panicking, being scared, at least a bit, that Magnus was close to find out about the truth. Because of what they had talked about. Was Magnus just saying these words because he knew he was an Omega already? Was it just the other’s instinct, his Alpha? And how could he know about him not being interested in women? He had never talked about it with anyone. He was not even able to label it the way it was, never having said the three-letter-word even in his mind. He knew what he was expected to do. And he knew he would never be able to go through with this.

And then, there was Magnus. Who had told him he liked him. Said that he wanted to go on a date with him. Alec swallowed and his eyes flashed for a second, being able to wrap his head around this thought for the first time. Magnus had asked him out on a date. He could feel his Omega hum in excitement, the words “Alpha, mate, home” swirling through his mind on repeat that it almost made him throw up due to the intensity.

Alec rubbed his face, his fingers massaging his temples and he took another deep breath. His lungs filled with Magnus’ scent again and his Omega seemed to start to vibrate inside of him, eager to get more of that smell. “Need, home, my Alpha, mate.” His Omega almost seemed to scream at him in anticipation. He squirmed in his chair, his body started to somehow crave being close to Magnus again. His Alpha. Alec let out a sigh at this thought. His Alpha? Could that be the answer? That his Omega thought that the other man was the one he needed? That he thought that Magnus was the one for him, the Alpha to his Omega? Alec shook his head, not sure about all of that. He needed to distract himself. This was too much at the moment.

That was why he got up again to leave his office. He walked along the corridor, trying not to think about it, the situation and what it could mean. What it might change. “Oh, hey, Alec. You want something?” Clary’s voice pulled him out of his thoughts. He blinked in surprise as he stared at the smaller redhead in front of him. Without noticing he had walked towards her room and stopped in front of it. It seemed that she was just leaving the room, surprised by his presence as well. For a second, he was quiet, still staring at her. Then he swallowed and bit onto his lower lip. The look on her face changed and she tilted her head. “Hey, what’s wrong?” She asked softly, her hand raised and put onto his upper arm to squeeze it carefully. Alec could smell her concern, that she cared about him and that she was worried that something was wrong with him. “I... um... we... can we talk?” He asked and she just nodded, stepping aside to let him into the room before she followed. Clary let herself fall onto her bed, her legs crossed underneath her while Alec sat down at her desk quietly. His eyes started to wander through the room, not being able to look at the other. He had no clue what had gotten into him to ask her to talk. Maybe because she had offered it days ago? Maybe because she was the one person that could possibly understand him as a fellow Omega? Maybe because she was not his siblings who had their own way of thinking about him? Maybe her scent had reassured him that he could work this all out somehow with her? Maybe all of that.

“So, what do you want to talk about, Alec?” Clary asked, her voice soft and careful. “I... I... this is...” Alec muttered, lowering his head to close his eyes. He took a deep breath, the last bit of Magnus’ scent lingering around him, calming himself before he would back out. Maybe it was time to start trusting people and to ask for their help? “I am an Omega.” He said out loud for probably the first time in the presence of another person who was not Izzy or Jace and raised his head, emerald green eyes flashed at her. He resisted the urge to get up, to close his eyes again, to look away. He had done it and now he had to trust her to handle the situation the right way. The way he hoped she would. “Oh.” A surprised gasp could be heard and Clary blinked, returning his look, a similar green in her eyes as well for a second. It felt as if the silence was stretched between them, as if it took minutes before she started to speak even though it was probably just a few seconds. But for Alec, it felt as if it took ages. And he wondered if he should just get up and leave the room, trying to hide somewhere to sort things out on his own as usual. If it had been a wrong decision to tell her the truth.

“You’re an Omega?” It sounded more of a question than a statement and Alec nodded, his eyes back to his usual color. “What do you... what do you think about it?” It was hard to keep the insecurity out of his voice although he was sure that Clary could see it on his face. “To be honest? I might have suspected it already.” A little smile played around her lips before she got up, leaning against the desk next to Alec so that she was able to put her hand onto his shoulder in a reassuring gesture. The fear of him being too obvious that maybe more people than her might have noticed it clearly visible on his features as she looked down at him. “Don’t worry. It’s not because of something you did or that something gave you away. It’s... call it my Omegasense, it was tingling.” She chuckled and Alec could not hold his own chuckle back at her try to lighten the mood, even though the laugh might come out of his mouth due to sheer nervousness. “Your Omegasense?” He asked and she nodded with a wink. “Might work on the name though. But still... I thought about it for quite some time, maybe since the day I was introduced to you. Because you seemed to care so much for me.” Alec frowned but she patted his shoulder. “Not in that way, I know. But you always looked out for me as an Omega. I am aware that in this society Omegas are treated differently. I heard some remarks from other Shadowhunters, heard them talking behind my back. What an Omega should and should not be like. And then there was you. Head of the Institute. Most important person here. Giving a shit about differences being Alphas, Omegas, Betas. I really appreciate that.” The smile on her face was wide and honest and Alec was pleased that she had seen it like that. Even though he needed to ask her who had said something against her, against Omegas. He would have a talk with said person. “So, that made you think?” He asked but Clary shook her head. “Nah, not really. Or at least, not just this. Not just because you’d be too nice for an Alpha.” She laughed at him rolling his eyes. “I saw the way how you acted around other Alphas. And then I saw the way you acted around Magnus.” Alec could not stop himself from stiffening at that remark. Clary seemed to notice immediately.

For a second, she just looked at him. Then she sighed, hopping onto the table behind her, her legs dangling over the edge. “I know it can be hard to resist an Alpha. But you did it so flawlessly. You stood up against them. But with Magnus? You’re different. In a good way.” She added because Alec already had opened his mouth to say something. “Look, I don’t care that you’re an Omega. Or honestly, I am fine with that. And it doesn’t matter for me if you found your Alpha who seems to be Magnus.” Alec stayed silent, her words lingering in the air between them. The way she said this… it seemed kind of easy after all. “But we’re both men.” His voice sounded hoarse as he started to speak again. “Yeah, so what? Is that a problem?” She arched an eyebrow, her foot bumping softly against his arm. “It is? At least beneath Shadowhunters. I mean... we’re supposed to be straight. To marry. To get kids. All that stuff.” Alec explained while Clary rolled her eyes. “That’s boring. That’s something everyone can do. And actually, it sounds kind of cruel. To be forced into a lifestyle that wouldn’t fit everyone. If it’s not what you want to... That’s horrible. I mean. And after all, if you’d follow that plan, you can’t be able to marry. If everybody thinks you’re an Alpha you would need an Omega to marry. But you being an Omega... makes it a lot more complicated.” She shrugged her shoulders. “Oh, I know an Omega who could marry me...” He looked up at her. “Alec Lightwood, are you proposing? You have to get down on your knees for that.” She asked with an arched eyebrow even though there was a teasing smile playing around her lips. “I had to at least try. Being a bit desperate.” He replied and finally he smiled as well. It seemed so easy to talk with her about stuff like that, now, after the elephant of his true second gender was out of the room. “Sorry that I have to decline your offer. I don’t want to disappoint your brother.” A little blush crept up on her cheeks and Alec’s smile widened. “So, you and Jace?” He asked and she slowly nodded. “I know. It’s been just a few weeks since we know each other. But he... I like him. Even though he’s getting on my nerves sometimes.” “Believe me, that part I do know.” Alec stated and Clary had to laugh at his words. “I mean... we want to mate. In the next few days. He seems to be the one for me. My inner Omega is very pleased when he’s around me.”

For a moment, Alec stayed quiet, looking up at Clary before he took her hand in his, squeezing it. “I am glad about that. You two deserve to be happy.” He simply said and she smiled softly at him. “Thank you. But that brings us back to you and your happiness.” Alec sighed and leant back in the chair he was sitting in. “I don’t know about that.” He muttered. “He had asked to go on a date with me. And I freaked out somehow. His scent was too much. And my inner Omega was so excited. I nearly panicked. And then my mark was burning and it was so painful. I had to send him away.” Alec told her before glancing up at her again. “What exactly was your Omega doing?” Clary asked. “I could feel the anticipation floating through my body and I could hear words in my mind. And it just felt right.” “What did the Omega say?” For a second, Alec hesitated with his reply. But after everything he had already told her he could also tell her about this. “My Omega called him my Alpha, my mate, my home.” To say it aloud made Alec’s mouth go dry and he closed his eyes for a second before opening them again to look at his hands in his lap. “You know that our inner self is usually right. Even if most of it is about instincts and stuff. But still… there is a lot of truth beneath that all. If your Omega has called him your Alpha, then he probably is. And it seems that he’s interested as well. Maybe his Alpha has had a similar reaction to you?” Clary suggested with a shrug. “But I am taking suppressants for ages. I have no scent and usually I can hold back my instincts.” “You said it, Alec. Usually. But I have to inform you that you can’t when he’s around. You are not in Alpha-mode with him close by.” She stated the obvious, something Izzy and Jace had already told him. But back then, he had not been able to accept it. Maybe he had wanted to not accept the truth. That Magnus was different. In so many ways. That he had made his Omega react. That he might be the one he needed without having known it.

“But... still... we’re both men. It would be a... scandal? First, me being an Omega. Second, getting involved with a man who is also the High Warlock of Brooklyn.” Alec clenched his fists. Clary sighed before she hopped down from the desk and got to her knees in front of Alec. She took his hands in hers, rubbing her fingers along his skin before she squeezed them softly. “Alec, even though you’re an Omega, you lead the Institute. You are a warrior, a fighter. You’re strong. And everything somebody can look up to. You’re kind and caring and I cannot image anybody better fitting for this position. If you come out as an Omega, you will show them that there is a time for a change. That you are different. That things aren’t the way they used to be. Being with a man, being gay... it’s just the cherry on top of it. If that cherry means happiness for you. You shouldn’t be concerned about it that much. This is about you.” Alec looked at her and had to breathe in for a second before he nodded slowly. “You might be right.” He whispered. “If I decide to tell them that I am an Omega I can also tell them that I am interested in men. So, they would just have one opportunity to gossip about me.” It was strange to say it aloud even though Alec had to admit that he somehow meant it. Clary grinned. “That’s the right mood.” Alec returned her grin. “Oh, and by the way. Are you proposing to me right now because you’re on your knees?” He said teasingly which caused Clary to roll her eyes in return. “As if. I have Jace waiting for me and I might remember that there’s somebody for you as well.” She said after she had slapped his arm playfully, getting up on her feet.

“Thank you, Clary. Really. You helped me a lot.” Alec said in a more serious tone than before even though he was still smiling. “You’re welcome. I told you. You can come and talk to me whenever you feel the need to. And I have to thank you as well. For trusting me. That you told me your secret. I promise you that I won’t tell anybody.” She moved back towards the bed, sitting down there again. “So, who else does know about this?” She then asked. “It’s just Izzy and Jace. They were with me on my birthday. And have been ever since. They helped me through my first days, got me suppressants, found escapes when I needed them, trained with me to resist, helped me hide the mark...” “Thought so. Glad that you had them for your support.” She nodded slowly. “May I ask... I hope it’s not too personal but... how were you able to hide the mark for that long? I know that it looks like an Alpha mark. Saw it when you were injured. So… how? Sooner or later somebody had to see the true mark, right?” She sounded interested. “Izzy found a way to glamour it. It’s a mix of color and rune magic.” Alec explained. As he spotted the curiosity on her face he got up to his feet. “Let me show you." And for the first time in years, he pulled out his stele to deglamour it, showing off the sole circle on his hipbone. “That is amazing. I mean... that she was able to find a way to make it that easy for you.” Clary nodded appreciatively. “Yes, I am so happy to have the two of them by my side with this. And now, there’s a third person I trust with my true self.” He added with a smile, just to get a beaming smile in return.

Chapter Text

Magnus was walking through his loft, making his way through the kitchen, his bedroom and back to the living-room for the umpteenth time this day. He had no clue what had happened earlier. He had been with Alec, they had talked like Cat and Ragnor had suggested. And at first it had seemed that it would work out somehow. That he could get through to the other man. Sure, two men, two Alphas… this would not be easy, at least not for the Shadowhunter because of all the prejudices and stuff. But still, he thought he had suggested a good possibility to work on this. That they could go on a date together to see where it would lead them to. That they could see where it would go from there. If they really had clicked or not. Magnus had expected Alec to resist at first, to talk about their differences and what the Clave would want him to do. He had known that he had to convince the other at least a bit to give it a try. For his own sake. His own happiness. Even though Alec was all about traditions he still deserved something for himself. After all, Magnus had felt that his own Alpha had been very satisfied with his suggestion. One date. Without any strings attached. Just to be Alec and Magnus and nothing else. He had been sure that he would need to put a lot of effort into it if Alec was ready for a date. And that it would not be easy if they would want it to make it work. But he was all in. He wanted to give it a try. And he hoped that Alec was also willing to try this. If he had read the other man right there might be a chance. A chance that Alec was interested as well. Even though the odds were kind of against them with the way Alec had grown up and had been raised. But still, Magnus had felt somehow positive. He had thought that he was getting through to the other. But then, however, all of a sudden, everything had changed. 

Magnus stopped at his kitchen counter, looking around for a glass to pour himself some water. He was not in the mood for something stronger, ignoring the bottle of wine next to the fridge that still stood there. He needed to stay sober to process his thoughts. To get what had happened because it was a lot to wrap his head around. Carefully, he took a sip, staring towards the balcony door before he put the empty glass down, starting his walk all over again, heading towards the bedroom and back to the living-room. 

He had no clue what had happened. One moment, he was talking to Alec who was somehow still in denial but maybe cracking a bit already. The next moment, he was wincing in pain, grabbing his side as if he was hurt badly. And Magnus had not to think about it twice, he just had reached out to the other, his Alpha convinced to help. That Alec needed him, needed Magnus and the Alpha. The deep feeling of worry had filled his whole body and for a moment Magnus had thought that his heart had stopped because he was so full of concern. All he could think of was that he needed to help Alec, to soothe his pain, to find out what was wrong with the other all of a sudden. Why he was in pain. Without noticing it, he had reached out his hand, magic already sparking between his fingers, to touch Alec, to try to make the pain disappear. He had felt his magic touch the other, his Alpha content about that and happy to help even though he had still seemed to be worried.  

And there it was. That strange feeling. Something was calling out for him. Or better, somebody. The call was loud and almost heart-wrenching, full of emotion and need and happiness and… it felt as if everything fell into the right place all at once. He could feel it. Emerald green eyes reaching out for his Alpha, to claim him, to be claimed, to be complete.  

But before he could fully understand what had happened, he had heard Alec’s voice. Alec, who had sent him away, had forced him to leave. And Magnus had followed that order without questioning it. Maybe because he had been overwhelmed at the moment. Maybe because he had to process what he just had experienced. To fully understand what he had seen and felt. 

Alec was no Alpha. 
Alec was an Omega.  

As this thought crossed his mind fully for the first time, Magnus had to sit down. He swallowed and leant back on the couch, playing with the rings on his fingers unconsciously. He should have noticed this earlier. He had seen the signs. Now, everything made sense. He had closed his eyes from the truth.  

Alec who had exposed his neck more than once in his presence. 
Alec who took suppressants to hide his true scent and had smelled so perfect the morning he had slept on Magnus’ couch probably due to being without the chemicals that morning. 
The emerald green eyes he had seen from time to time and which were not just his imagination. 
His Alpha responding to the other man the way it had, telling him that Alec would be a perfect match, already calling him his in his mind. 

Why had he been so blind? Why had he not been able to see that? Now, when he thought about it, it was somehow obvious for him. Magnus sighed and shook his head, letting it fall onto the backrest of the couch. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. He should have noticed it earlier. Even though he had to admit that there were enough moments to question this thought. When Alec had resisted the Alphas around him, when he had spoken up against them. He had made his position very clear. Everything he had done so many times was kind of screaming Alpha towards other people. But still, he was an Omega. Magnus still had his problem to really get used to that thought. He was an Omega. But not like any other Omega he had known until now. Alec was different in so many ways.  

Magnus could not hold back and let out a little laugh at this thought. Oh, Alec really was different. He was something. He was so strong, nothing you would expect from an Omega. Maybe that was why Magnus was attracted to him? On the one hand, there was his Omega that had drawn Magnus closer. And on the other hand, he had been so powerful, full of authority. Nothing you would expect of an Omega. Alec had fooled everyone around him. Magnus blinked and let out another sigh. He could totally understand that. He could see why Alec needed to do that. An Omega leading the Institute? A Lightwood Omega? Magnus could not hold back another chuckle. The situation was serious but also a bit funny. Usually, the Lightwoods were a family full of Alphas and proud of that. And still... there was one Omega. And this Omega had made it to Head of the New York Institute. Resisting every Alpha around and being a strong individual. If Robert knew about that? Magnus was not sure but he doubted it after the words he had heard a few days ago when Robert Lightwood had complained about Clary being an Omega and on duty. So, obviously it was a secret. Alec’s secret. A secret that needed to be kept, right? 

For a second, Magnus closed his eyes and listened to his Alpha that was torn between his needs and the right thing to do. Right, Alec wanted to pretend and probably it was better that way. Who knew what his father and/or the Clave would do to him if they found out that he was no Alpha? That he had pretended and fooled everyone around him. Maybe they would send him away? Maybe they would force him to step back as Head of the Institute and put him somewhere in Idris? Force him to marry and... Magnus frowned at that thought. No, he could not let this happen. Alec did not deserve this. And to be honest, Alec was the best that could have happened to the Downworlders in New York. His Council, his ideas, his way of thinking... this was something that the Shadow World needed. To take Downworlders and Shadowhunters into the future, to make them equal. If he had to step back it would mean that another Head would take over. And probably that person would not be such a progressive thinker. So, also for the sake of their common future, he had to keep this secret. Not just for Alec. Also for his people.  

But on the other hand... what about Alec as a person? And himself? Would it be too egoistic to think about himself and them? The way his Alpha responded to the other. The way they seemed to fit as if they were made for each other. His Alpha stirred and Magnus could feel the need to claim in his guts just at the thought of Alec. He really wanted to make him  his  Omega. For so many years he had thought that he would never be able to find a person that could be his. That would be perfect for him. And then he had met Alec. And it seemed that the feeling was mutual. He could hardly deny that there was something between them. Because, the longer Magnus thought about it, the more he had been able to see it. Yes, Alec had shown some Omega-like behavior. But mostly it was around him. He had never exposed his neck or flashed his eyes at anyone else. Just when Magnus had been around. Or so he thought he had. That had to mean something after all. That Alec was interested like Magnus had told him earlier. Would that be enough for the two of them? To get closer? To maybe reveal the secret? Or should they pretend to be two Alphas? At this thought his Alpha growled, seemingly not content with that thought to live a lie. No, his Alpha wanted to claim his Omega. To show the world that he belonged to an Omega, that he was finally complete now. 

Magnus sighed and rubbed his eyes. Maybe he should have a talk about that. Not with Alec. Not now. He should keep a little distance for now. Until he knew what to do. To talk with Catarina and Ragnor was also not an option. He did not want to out Alec in front of his friends without his consent. This would not be fair. So, there was probably just only one option – Alec's siblings. It was very likely that they knew about it. Now Magnus could see even that. They had tried to pull Alec away from him when they thought he acted too much like an Omega to protect their brother. So, it was obvious that they knew. Without thinking about it, Magnus pulled out his phone and dialed Izzy’s number.  

“Hey, Magnus. Nice to hear from you.” The young Shadowhunter returned his call. “Do you need something?” She asked and Magnus had to smile for a second due to the question. Times were really changing. Years ago, it would have never happened that a Shadowhunter would have asked him if he needed something. It would have been the opposite, expecting Magnus to offer help. “My dear Isabelle, good to hear your voice.” He answered and got up to his feet, heading towards the kitchen again. “Are you free today? I have the urgent need to ask you out for dinner.” He stated. For a second, there was silence on the other end of the phone. “Are you sure you called the right Lightwood?” She asked and Magnus chuckled. So, he really had been right. There was something between him and Alec and his sister had noticed it as well. “Yes, I am pretty sure. I’d like to have dinner with you because I want to talk to you. We probably should catch up with a few things that are going on right now. And what better way to do it than to talk with some nice food around.” He suggested. “Um... sure. Okay. So, when are you free? Is 7pm okay with you?” She asked, hesitation and some doubt in her voice. Obviously, she still was not sure where this would lead to and what Magnus had in mind with his invitation. “Perfect. I’ll be over at the Institute then.” Magnus replied and after a short goodbye they ended the call.  

Yes, this was the right thing to do. Have a talk with Izzy about Alec. Maybe after that, Magnus had a clue about what he should do – give in to his Alpha’s needs or stay away for the sake of every Downworlder. 



Izzy was slightly confused after her call with Magnus. She had no clue why the warlock wanted to meet her. Yes, he had stated that he wanted to talk. But she was not sure about what. It was not that they were strangers. They had gotten to know each other better in the past weeks and got along quite well. They had one or another similar interest. So, maybe it was really just about nothing important. Maybe Magnus wanted to talk about the stuff that had happened lately with the increased demon activity. Who knew? 

“Izzy, hey. Careful.” The young woman had almost bumped into her bigger brother as she had walked through the Ops center, a bit lost in her thoughts. “What? Oh, sorry, Alec. I was just a bit... distracted.” She flashed him a smile. “Distracted? You okay?” He asked, not convinced because she still looked slightly confused and in thought. “Yeah, fine. I’m fine. Don’t worry. I just... it’s nothing.” Alec arched an eyebrow, still not convinced but he did not question her any further. 



It was 7pm sharp as Izzy went through the Institute’s door just in time to arrive with Magnus who stepped through a portal. The man smiled at her. “Do you want to go anywhere special? Or should I choose?” He asked after a short greeting. She shrugged her shoulders. “Surprise me?” Izzy replied with a smile and grabbed the hand he held towards her. “My pleasure.” Together they walked through the portal. “Magnus, where are we?” Izzy looked around because it seemed they were not in New York anymore. “Madrid. I know a restaurant here that serves a mean paella.”  

Just some time later they found themselves seated at said restaurant, the waiter had already taken their order. Izzy had decided to go with the paella Magnus had suggested. They had started to talk on the walk to the restaurant. She had to admit it was quite nice and comfortable. It really seemed they had some things in common and their conversation was easy-going and very light, highlighted by a few laughs here and there. As their food arrived and they started to eat, Izzy decided that it was time to ask Magnus what he had wanted in the first place. Sure, it was nice to be here with him and it felt comfy. And they talked quite a lot. But she was sure that Magnus had not invited her to have some small talk with her. He had sounded differently at first over the phone. So, she decided it was time to ask because she was curious what this was all about.  

“Magnus?” She started the conversation and the other man looked up from his plate. “You wanted to talk. I mean... I really like this so far and I think we should have this more often in the future. But I am sure that you had something different in your mind when you invited me.” She could see the expression on Magnus’ face shifting slightly. The man sighed and nodded. “Yes. You’re right. I want to talk with you.” He stated. “About?” Izzy asked and tilted her head. “About... your brother.” Magnus replied, his voice a bit low and without noticing he had broken eye-contact for a second to stare at his plate.  

Izzy was not sure what to think about it. On the one hand, she was afraid that Magnus had found out the truth about Alec. That he knew about his real second gender. And that he would not be able to keep this secret. Maybe he even felt a little bit betrayed? She hoped it was not like that. That he would not talk about it in public, outing her brother. To be honest, she could not think about Magnus being a person like that. That he would do something like this. On the other hand, she hoped that he had found out about it and... Izzy was not blind. She was the first to notice that Alec was a lot more carefree when he was around Magnus. Not just with his Omega. He had almost revealed himself more than once. He was even a bit less... strict with himself. The way he acted around Magnus, the way he talked with him. That was good and she was happy that finally Alec was able to at least live a bit. 
So, she waited. It was Magnus’ turn to talk. She would listen to what he had to say. And would decide in the end how to react. 

“Go on.” She then said, taking her glass of red wine to drink. “Usually, I have no problems with that kind of stuff, you know. When it comes to personal matters. But this time... I have to admit. I am confused. Your brother confuses me. He is sending mixed signals.” Magnus took a breath, hoping that Izzy would interrupt him. But after she did not and just waited for him to continue, he did so. “I like him. A lot. And I want to... be with him?” It sounded a bit like a question which caused Izzy to raise her eyebrow. “You want to be with him?” She repeated the question, taking another sip. “You’re not going to make this easy for me, are you?” Magnus sighed which caused Izzy to chuckle. “You wanted to talk. So, talk.” She replied with a wink and Magnus shook his head even though there was a smile on his face. “Okay, I really want to be with him. I have gotten to know him better in the past weeks and I think he’s an interesting person. I am really... I want to know more about him. To really get to know him. And my Alpha is also very pleased in his presence.” He added the last sentence to see how she would react to that. “Have you talked about it with him? I mean... I feel honored that you invited me but I am not Alec. I cannot say anything for him. It is his decision to make.” Izzy replied after she had thought about it shortly. “I know. We talked. But that is the problem. After the conversation we had, I am even more confused. I thought we were on the same page somehow. I mean, I know that it is not that easy because we’re both men. And your society is not that open-minded in same-sex relationships. to be honest. But still. I thought we could at least try this. I even asked him for a date and...” Now, finally, Izzy interrupted him. “You asked him for a date?” Her eyes had widened and she gasped in disbelief, a grin plastered over her face. “Um, yes. But I never got an answer because... we were kind of interrupted and...” Magnus shrugged. “Interrupted?” Izzy arched her eyebrow. “How?” Magnus put down the cutlery and leant back in his seat. “We were talking and then, all of a sudden, he seemed to be in pain. I wanted to help him with my magic because me and my Alpha felt the urge to do so. It seemed to be his gendermark that had hurt him. But before I could do something to soothe the pain he told me to leave. I was hardly able to touch him, it was just a moment and then... I left because he pushed me away.” Magnus explained what had happened the other day. 

For a moment it was quiet, both were sipping their wine. Magnus waited for the other to reply who seemed to think about it. What Magnus had told her was a lot. He had talked with her brother, they had tried to figure things out. She knew that Alec wanted to be careful. About his second gender. And about being with guys. She had known about that for years now without him telling her even though he probably thought that she had no clue. But it was not her turn to start a conversation about it. She would give him all the time he needed to get to her and to talk about it, to come out to her. But this was not the point. This was not about Alec’s sexuality. Instead, she was concerned about what Magnus had told her about the gendermark. That Alec had been in pain and Magnus had tried to heal him. Probably, and by the way the other man looked at her, he really had a clue about the truth. His magic might have shown him Alec’s true gender. Somehow, she was glad that Magnus had decided to talk with her about this. To ask for her advice. It seemed that he cared for Alec and that he would not reveal the secret.  He had still not said it aloud even though he might have a clue that she knew about it as Alec’s sister. For a second, she kind of scolded herself that she had even considered he would in the first place. “Look, Magnus.” She finally replied, biting her lower lip. “You probably know that I am not the one to tell you this. This is completely up to my brother. All I can tell you is that I’ll be there for him. And for you. You know that there’s a secret he’s keeping. And he should be the one to tell you. I can assure you there is probably a chance for you two to work things out the way you want it. What I can tell you is that he seems to like you as well somehow. He is a lot more carefree in your company. And I think that’s fine. If this could turn into more? I don’t know. I think it might. But as I said, that’s up to Alec. Talk to him. But be careful. He might be scared. Because you already said it... we’re raised differently concerning personal things. It’s hard for him to get over this and to do things for himself instead of fulfilling the duties he thinks he has to fulfill.” Magnus nodded at her words. “I won’t hurt him. I really want this to work out. He’s too important for me.” He assured her, and this was all that Izzy needed to know right now. Magnus seemed to know about the truth and he knew that Alec struggled a lot with this stuff. But she could see that Magnus would never do anything to harm him. And that was all that mattered to her for now. 



“How was your evening out?” Alec greeted his sister as soon as she had entered the Institute. It almost seemed as if he had waited for her to talk to her the moment she would set foot into the building. “It was nice. The food was fantastic.” She replied with a smile, eyeing her brother carefully. “Um, okay. Nice. So, you just went out for... food?” Alec tried to sound casual as he walked with her along the hallway back to her room. Izzy could hardly hold back her chuckle. “Yes, we just had dinner together. No need to be jealous.” She stated and Alec stopped immediately, staring at her, looking slightly caught. “Um, I have no clue what you’re talking about.” He replied with some delay, trying to avoid her look, before he started to walk again, still accompanying her. “You’ve seen us, right? You saw that it was Magnus who picked me up for dinner.” Izzy asked while Alec did not react to it at first, looking into the other direction. “Maybe?” He stated after a moment of silence. Now it was Izzy’s turn to stop, reaching out for her bigger brother to pull him back slightly so that he would stop as well and look at her. “Alec, no need to be jealous.” She repeated with a grin. “Magnus just invited me because he wanted to talk.” “I am not jealous.” Alec muttered and bit his lower lip. “Yes, you are. Or at least, you’re acting like that. But maybe it helps when I tell you that he wanted to talk about you. He just wanted to talk about you.” She said softly and saw that little smile that was crossing Alec’s face before it vanished again. “Me?” He asked instead and Izzy rolled her eyes. “You sound like a parrot. Or as if you were deaf.” She sighed and shook her head before she decided that she should probably have another talk this evening even though she was already quite tired. But she felt that there was definitely another conversation needed. 

So, she dragged Alec with her towards her room and kind of forced him to sit down while she closed the door behind her. “Um...” All of a sudden, Alec looked quite insecure, staring at his sister because he was not sure what she could want from him now. “Look, Alec. Everything is fine.” She got rid of her shoes and sat down right next to him, pulling him into a half-hug as she put her arm around the other’s body. “He told me that the two of you talked. About what’s going on between you. And before you can say something... there is something between you. You know that. Even if you still have no clue how to react or handle it.” Alec tried to wriggle himself out of her embrace, shaking his head. “It’s not that. I... I talked to Clary because of her... she knows now. I told her.” Izzy looked surprised at first that her brother had trusted the other woman with his secret but it made sense because Clary was the only one who could probably understand him completely being in a similar position as an Omega herself. “And what did you two talk about?” She asked. Alec shrugged his shoulders. “We talked about Magnus. And that I might... Izzy, I am scared. I really am. This is somehow overwhelming, to be honest. You know I never thought that this could happen. I was always focused on my tasks, my duty. To work hard, to make everyone proud, to care for others, to become Head of the Institute. And then Magnus appeared and... by the angel, it seems that all I can think about lately is that my inner Omega calls him my Alpha. Do you understand this? I think I want Magnus to be my Alpha. My mate.” As soon as he had started to talk he could hardly stop himself, spilling everything that was on his mind and what he had talked about with Clary. “He feels like home. He can calm me down and I like being close to him and... Izzy. He is  my  Alpha.” Alec had gotten up on his feet, pacing in front of the bed but stopped at the last sentence to stare at his sister. 

After he had talked with Clary, Alec had been clear about what he wanted. And after all, some things were still clear. Like, that he wanted to give it a try. That he wanted to get closer to Magnus. That he still wanted his Alpha. But on the other hand, most of his insecurities were back. Him being an Omega. Him being gay. Him being with a Downworlder. This would cause so many problems. What if they would force him to leave the Institute? To get back to Idris? To marry a woman and take care of the house like an Omega should? What if... his breathing had become quicker, Izzy had noticed that and gotten up to her feet as well. She had put her arms around his body and pulled him closer. “Hey, Alec. It’s fine. If you want Magnus to be your Alpha, then he should be it. He told me that he is interested as well. He wants to give it a try.” She could feel Alec stiffen at her words for a second so she raised her arm to brush along his back in a soothing pattern. “And about all the other things... you don’t have to reveal anything. Or you can tell everybody about your second gender and sexuality. I don’t mind. It’s your decision. You know, big brother. I am always here for you. And so is Jace. And I am pretty sure Clary’s in it as well. We have your back. Like we had since you presented. If anybody has a problem with you, he has a problem with us as well. You know, I am really eager to kick asses.” Izzy added to lighten the mood at least a bit. And she could feel that it worked because she heard a stifled chuckle.  “Thank you.” Alec muttered, glad to have her close right now. 



After Alec had left Izzy’s room to let her finally go to bed, he had headed towards his office. He was not ready to sleep yet himself. He had a lot to think about. His conversation with Clary, the one he just had with his sister, the one he had with Magnus. And the one he should have with the latest again. Alec sat down behind his desk, his fingers pushing through a few reports even though he could hardly concentrate. That was why he gave up to pretend to do some work, leaning back instead to let his thoughts wander. 

Izzy had told him that Magnus was still interested as well. That somehow, he wanted to give it a try. And he had even said so himself as the two of them had talked. Why Magnus had been so sure about this, why he had been so forward, Alec had no clue. He could hardly understand why Magnus wanted all of this. Yes, he had told him that he was an interesting person, that he had a lot to offer. But still, he doubted what Magnus could see in him. He was an Omega who pretended to be an Alpha just to be able to lead the Institute. He was faking almost everything. How could Magnus be okay with that? He had an image of Alec which was wrong. Which seemed to be different.  
For a second, he got lost in his self-doubts. That he was a bad person, not really enough for the other man because he was a liar, living a farce. But then he shook his head, forcing him not to go down that road with his thoughts. He might pretend to be a different person but not everything was made up. Just him being an Alpha, that was the only lie. Everything else was just him. He was the one who wanted that change, who stood up against prejudices against Downworlders and Omegas alike. He wanted to change the Shadowhunter’s reputation. He wanted to start anew, to make things better. This was him. Not his Omega or his non-existent Alpha. This was all him. And these were traits that Magnus had told him he liked as well. That he had been surprised by Alec. It was not all about the second gender unlike they had been told since birth. This was about himself. And that he was an Omega that could be mated with the other Alpha... this was just another bonus. But it would not define him or them or any relationship that would develop between the two of them. 

Alec closed his eyes and rubbed them. He really needed to talk with Magnus. It was urgent that they had another talk. One where he would not send the Alpha away. One where he would tell him the truth. Maybe not about his second gender because how much did it matter after all? But about him being drawn to the other man. Being interested in him. That Alec wanted to go on that date Magnus had offered. To get to know him. That they could figure this out together. That they could have a chance, no matter what everybody thought. It was time that he thought about himself for once. Getting closer to Magnus would not stop him from being a Shadowhunter or his other duties. He would still be the same. The one he always had been. The one Magnus had shown interest in. And this should be enough for a start. 

Chapter Text

Alec had to admit that he was nervous. Like, really nervous. He had been awake almost the whole night, thinking about everything. About Magnus. About what he would tell him. About what he should tell him. About them. It was kind of weird to really take it into account. Getting closer to the other man. Getting into a relationship with Magnus. But Alec could only think about how much it felt like the right thing to do. To give them a chance. To really try to get to know the other man better even though his Omega already told him that he did not need to do that. Because somehow it already felt as if he knew him completely. After all, he still felt comfortable around Magnus. Safe. At home. With his Alpha.  

Alec shook his head. It was still a bit weird to think about Magnus as his Alpha. This was something that really had never occurred to him that this could happen. Actually, he had thought that he would be on his own forever. That he would pretend to be an Alpha his whole life and would pretend not to be interested in another person because he was so dutiful so that there would be no need to confess about his sexuality, his interest in men. And then, all of a sudden, everything had changed. With meeting the one person that had him question everything. The one person that had made his Omega respond in glee. Full of hope and happiness.   

Alec sighed but smiled at the thought, playing with his phone. It was around five in the morning and he had finally given up to get some sleep. Maybe he should get up and go for a run or head towards the training centre to let out some steam before he would start his day. He was quite sure there was a desk full of paperwork waiting for him already. But even though he really knew that it would probably be the best to follow this plan about training and work, he could not really get up. He still sat in his bed, the phone in hand. Perhaps he should text Magnus. To get it done. To take the next step. Ask him to come over today at some point. He could hardly wait any longer. They needed to talk. About everything. Alec was not sure if he wanted to reveal the complete truth already, still a bit scared about telling others about his real second gender. Because it could still ruin everything even though he knew that sooner or later he probably would have to do it. At least, to tell Magnus about it. But what if Magnus was not interested in him anymore if he knew that he was an Omega? Maybe he had been just interested because he had thought that Alec was an Alpha like him? An Alpha that was as powerful and strong as him? What if... Alec groaned and shook his head. No, he should stop over-thinking things. He had talked with Izzy about that the day before. He thought about their conversation and about the one he had with Clary earlier on. Perhaps Magnus was fine with it. After all, he did not seem like a person that was all about second gender norms. Downworlders were also different, more open-minded when it came to that and... yes, he should really stop thinking about it. If he was on his own with his thoughts the whole time, he would probably get crazy sooner or later, thinking about all the possibilities what could happen and what would not happen. But the only way to find out what would really happen was to talk to Magnus. And to tell him the truth. At least about him being interested in him. If he would tell him about the other thing... that would depend on how their conversation would develop. One thing at a time, Alec told himself.  

Before he could think about it any further, Alec had opened the messenger app and opened Magnus’ contact. “Are you free today? I think we need to talk.” He wrote and sent it without further hesitation so that he would not chicken out again. Now, he could only wait. He had done the first step. With a sigh he put down his phone and got up, heading towards the bathroom to start to get ready. Now, after sending out the message, he needed to do something to distract himself. He knew otherwise he would be on edge the whole day, waiting for the other man to reply. Alec reached for his toothbrush as he heard a little *ping* that announced a new message. For a second, he was slightly confused, heading back to his phone just to see Magnus’ name on display. Why was the other already awake? He had thought that Magnus was a person that would not be up until early noon. Well, it seemed that he had been wrong. Or maybe, the other had not been able to sleep as well. Maybe Magnus had thought about them like he had which had kept him from sleeping? “I agree. Could be there around late noon. I have a few clients in the morning.” Magnus had replied and Alec nodded. “Sounds fine for me. I’ll be at the Institute. Just text me when you’re about to come over so that I can make sure nobody will disturb us.” “I will.”   

Alec put his phone back onto the nightstand and got to the bathroom again to finally get ready. Okay, now he had around half a day to pass before they would be able to talk. He could manage that.  



He could not manage that. Alec felt tense. It had not helped at all to get to the training centre, hitting the punching back for what felt like hours. He could hardly concentrate on anything today, his thoughts always wandering back to Magnus and the conversation that would happen later that day. What would they talk about? Would it work out in the end? Would they... Alec sighed. He had not thought that this would be so hard. And his inner Omega did not make it any easier for him, being giddy the whole time, humming in excitement. He could feel the Omega’s anticipation of being finally with his Alpha again. Somehow, he had to smile at this thought. The more he thought about it, the better and more natural it felt. To call Magnus his Alpha even though it was just still in his mind right now. How would it feel to say it aloud? To really go for it. To be claimed by Magnus and claim him and... Alec could feel himself getting more nervous if that was even possible. He could hardly wait for the late afternoon to happen so that he would be able to talk to Magnus. It was long overdue. They should have talked a lot earlier. But maybe they had needed this extra time. At least Alec had somehow needed it. To wrap his head around the thoughts that were floating through his mind.  

He almost jumped as his mobile started to vibrate on the table, announcing a new message. Magnus. He would be here in around half an hour. Alec’s mouth felt dry all of a sudden while his hands started to sweat. Why was he like that? What was the worst that could happen? It would be okay. He already knew that Magnus was somehow on the same side. Before he could get lost in his thoughts again, Alec got up and headed towards the Ops centre, searching for his sister. He found her in front of one of the monitors. It seemed that she was still working on that case with that stone from Edom and the vampires. “Izzy, do you have a second?” He asked while he tried to sound calm but failed miserably. His sister could see that something was going on. “You okay, Alec?” She asked and arched an eyebrow. He nodded and licked his lips. And Izzy seemed to understand all of a sudden. “Magnus is coming over.” She stated and Alec nodded again. “Could you... We need to talk and... could you make sure that we won’t be disturbed?” He asked. “Sure, you can count on me.” Izzy smiled and put her hand onto his lower arm. “Everything will be fine, don’t worry.” She added with a reassuring squeeze.  



Magnus had not been able to concentrate properly on anything that he had to do this morning. He had tried to not think about the talk with Alec he would have this afternoon. He had tried to stay calm and go through everything that needed to be done this morning. Like visiting a few customers, getting two potions ready. But after he had almost managed to blow up his loft because he had been too distracted and lost in his thoughts so that he had put the wrong ingredients into the potion, he had given up on doing anything. He had called his clients and postponed their appointments. This was probably the best, for all of them. He was of no use today. His thoughts were circling around Alec the whole time. What the other would tell him. What he would say. What he had decided. What if Alec had thought things through and decided that he would not be in it. That he would not give them a chance. What if Alec had gotten to the point where he did not want to risk anything for Magnus because he thought it was not worth it. What if... Magnus groaned, his head fell to the backrest of the couch he had been sitting on almost the whole day already after the incident in his apothecary. He should stop thinking about it. It would not help at all. It would make him even more nervous. He should stop thinking so negative. There was still a chance that everything would work out fine in the end. It seemed his Alpha agreed with that thought. He seemed excited to be close to his Omega soon enough. Even though Magnus was still not certain if this could happen. That Alec would be  his  Omega after all. That he would become  his  mate.  

A fter he had tried to grab something for lunch in hope to calm himself down, he had not wanted to wait any longer. He had written a message to Alec that he would be on his way and would be at the Institute in around half an hour so that they could talk. Slowly, he walked over to his closet, thinking about to change his clothes but he decided against it. But walking into the closet, his fingers brushing along the fabric of some of his shirts seemed to have a soothing effect on him. After almost half an hour had passed Magnus felt ready to face Alec, to get to the Institute.  

He opened a portal and stepped through it just to appear right in front of the entrance. He was a bit taken aback to see Alec already waiting there for him. He had thought that the other would wait for him in his office and another Shadowhunter would lead him there. To see Alec now in front of him was surprising and for a moment Magnus was not able to say a word. What was happening to him? Why did Alec have this effect on him? He had never been a man not being able to talk, at a loss of words, insecure around another person. Why now? “Glad you could make it.” Alec greeted him and Magnus could see that the other seemed as nervous as himself, biting his lower lip. “As if I would say no to you inviting me to come over.” He replied almost automatically, trying to get back into his usual self. “Let’s... um... please, follow me.” Without waiting Alec turned around to get through the door and Magnus was right behind him. He ignored the looks the two were getting as they walked through the Ops centre. He just caught a glimpse of Izzy who smiled at him with a nod.  



Alec had no clue how long they were already sitting in his office in complete silence. He did not dare to look at Magnus, not sure where to start this conversation. He had been so sure what he wanted to talk about last night when his thoughts had gone through this conversation over and over again because they needed to talk. But now, when he was all alone with Magnus in the same room, he was not able to say a word. His mind seemed to be blank. And that his Omega was causing his inner guts to stir in excitement as if it wanted to crawl out of his skin was not helping at all. He looked up in surprise as Magnus cleared his throat. The other man was sitting across himself on the other armchair, observing Alec. He had his legs crossed and his hands were placed in his lap. A little smile played around his lips. “I think we should at least say something if we want to talk, dear.” Magnus stated and Alec could pick up the other’s nervousness. Maybe the other felt the same way he did... “Um, you’re right. It’s kind of stupid to just sit here and stay quiet. We should...” Alec replied and swallowed. For another moment, neither of them continued to talk, then it was Magnus again who broke the silence. “Look, this is stupid. It’s not that we haven’t talked before.” He chuckled and shook his head at their stupidity. “We shouldn’t act like... I don’t know. We should talk about what’s going on. Between us. We should talk about us.” Alec nodded slowly at the other’s words and before Magnus could continue, it was Alec’s turn now to speak. He had to. Otherwise, he might not do it at all. And he felt the need to get everything out before he could overthink it again.  

“You’re right, Magnus. I asked you to come here to talk. And we should. And you’re also right that we already did. Kind of. Before I sent you away. I am sorry. Really. This was... I’m not sure. Maybe it was too much for me at the moment? But after all, it... you... gave me a lot to think about.” He had lowered his eyes and started to play with the hem of his shirt. “I... I lied to you. About me finding my mate, fulfilling my duty and... I might not be able to do that anymore. My whole life I thought this would be the way. To make everyone proud. To be able to help others. To fulfil the expectations they had. And then... then I met you. And everything changed.” Alec raised his head slowly to look at Magnus whose eyes were on him, a soft expression on his face. “I think I really like you. I like being around you. You can calm me down and... my inner O-...self is pleased by your presence.” It had almost slipped, the one thing he was not sure if he was ready to tell Magnus yet. “If you still want to go on that date... I’d be happy to accept. To get to know you that way and maybe... who knows how this’ll end.” After he had finished, Alec bit down on his lower lip and waited for the other to react. Magnus stayed quiet for a second before he opened his mouth, getting up on his feet at the same time. “Alexander, I am... I am happy that you feel that way.” He had gotten closer to Alec and now he was kneeling down in front of the other, one hand on Alec’s knee which caused him to shiver, his Omega screaming almost too loud in anticipation that he could hardly hear Magnus’ words. “I’d love to go out with you. I really want to get to know you.” His nostrils flared as if Magnus had smelled something. Alec was not sure if it was him, he could not remember if he had taken his suppressants that morning because he had been too nervous about this talk. All he could think about right now was his Omega growling the now well-known words inside his chest –  my Alpha, mate, home  

Magnus continued to speak but Alec was not able to really listen to him. He felt dizzy, drawn to the other man who was still kneeling in front of him. He tried to focus on his eyes, his words, but his eyes darted more than once towards the other’s lips. How would it feel if he...  

A knock interrupted them and Alec blinked, confusion on his face, as if he had woken up from a trance he had been in. “What...” He muttered and stared at the door which opened to reveal his sister right outside the room. “I am sorry. You said you didn’t want any disturbance. And I tried to deal with this myself. But we really need you out there. Something went wrong and dad...” Izzy looked really sorry as she had stepped inside Alec’s office, seeing Magnus kneeling in front of her brother, both men obviously still in the process to figure out what this would and could be between them. But the situation out there was too serious to leave Alec out of it. They needed him as the Head of the Institute. Alec sighed, shaking his head slightly. He threw an apologetic look at Magnus who nodded slowly, understanding that Alec still had his duties. Maybe they could finish their conversation afterwards. Both men got up while Izzy explained what had happened. There had been an incident at the Institute with one of the Alphas. The Shadowhunter had done something really stupid and two Omegas were involved. For some reason, their parents had been there. And their father was kind of causing a scene somewhere in the Ops centre. Alec groaned. Sure thing, his father would just appear in a situation like that. But he would not let it slip. His father was not the Head of this Institute anymore. Alec was. And he would handle the situation.  

The three of them, Magnus had followed Izzy and Alec, could already hear the Lightwood Alpha complaining loudly, blaming the two Omegas for being responsible while his wife stood a bit afar, looking uncomfortable and trying not to flinch at her husband’s words directed at the Omegas. Alec clenched his fists. He would have preferred to have been able to talk to Magnus some more instead of dealing with something like that. “What’s going on here?” He immediately asked as he had approached his father whose face was full of anger. “These stupid Omegas here did...” He started but Alec raised his hand to make his father stop talking. “I didn’t ask you. I asked them.” He stated, looking at said Omegas in question and the Alpha who seemed to be involved as well. Alec could see that the man seemed really sorry. It had been stupid and actually it was not a big deal. The Omegas were also fine, it had been a misunderstanding. So, this problem would have been solved within a few minutes if there had not been his father who had decided to get involved. Alec could hear him mumble in the background while the Alpha and the two Omegas explained the situation and with a short note that they would talk about this again later in private he dismissed the three of them just to turn around to stare at his father who glared at him with rage.   

“What are you doing? Why do you accept such a behaviour?” The man growled, stepping closer to his son who did not waver. Alec had crossed his arms in front of his chest and did not even blink. Magnus had to admit that he really was impressed to see that Alec could withstand the other who obviously seemed to be in full Alpha-Mode, his voice loud, dangerous and kind of on edge. “I can do whatever I want. Remember? I am Head of this Institute. And I decide how to handle things here. There’s no need to cause such a ruckus that would just lead to a distraction. We have more important things to do than this.” Alec’s voice was low and it sounded a lot more threatening than if he had growled back. “Alec, you cannot be serious. These Omegas... they need to be punished. They are just like one would expect them to be. Useless and without thinking about any consequences of their deeds.” His father snarled and for a second his eyes flashed red. And still, Alec seemed not impressed at all, returning the look his father gave him. “They are innocent. It’s not their fault.” He simply said, his voice a bit louder now as he stared at his father. “You... You’re getting soft. I told you. Being around all these Omegas makes you soft. They have a bad influence on you. You should be more of a leader. Like...” Robert started but was interrupted by Alec. “Like you? Really? Is that what you wanted to say?” Now, everybody around them could hear it in his voice that he was angry as well. The Shadowhunters around had stopped working, had stopped to pretend they would not listen, staring at the two men in question, watching their exchange of words. “You were the worst Head this Institute ever had. You are so full of prejudices. You have no qualities to work together with others. Everybody knows that. And they are glad that you had to step back.” Now it was Alec’s turn to growl and get a step closer to his father. “Alec, you should know your place. You might be an Alpha but you’re still my son. And I don’t accept a behaviour like this. I demand respect.” Robert muttered furiously but Alec shook his head. “How am I supposed to respect a person who is so full of bigotry and Omegaphobia? You blame Omegas for everything. They are not worth anything in your eyes. How dare you?” He hissed, trying to hide that his hands had started to shake because of his anger. He wanted to hold himself back but he could no longer. Everything that had been bottled up inside of him about his father and his view on Omegas finally wanted to get out, years of hatred he had to endure by Robert could not be held back any longer.  

“They aren’t worth anything. They are just made to serve us Alphas. They are just here to fulfil our needs. And nothing more. They are weak. They don’t deserve anything else. Like going on patrol.” Robert almost spat out the last sentence, staring at Clary who had been close by the whole time with Jace. And maybe this had been a mistake. One of many his father had made in the past. But this one was probably too much. It was the one thing that made Alec snap. “How can one person be so narrow-minded? What did Omegas do to you that you have such a view on them? You think they are weak? They are worthless? While it is you who is the weak one here. Otherwise, you would not need to blame them for everything that went wrong in your life. It’s a lot easier to blame someone else for your own mistakes, right?” Robert wanted to interrupt him, he had already opened his mouth to say something. But Alec glared at him and raised his hand again to make the other stop. “No, I don’t want to hear a word until I am done. It’s my turn now. And I am finally not holding back anymore to call you out for your bigotry and racism. I have no clue how you have been able to lead this Institute with such a view on everything. What would you do if there were no Downworlders? No Omegas? We need each other. It cannot be just one side. Not just Alpha Shadowhunters. Every one of us needs a counterpart. Shadowhunters need Downworlders. Downworlders need Shadowhunters. Alphas need Omegas. Omegas need Alphas. And I need mine.” Alec had not noticed what his last sentence had been. What it had meant. He just heard a little gasp. He could see his father’s eyes widen. “Alec, what do you mean by ‘your Alpha’?” Robert looked horrified at the thought, not really understanding what his son had meant with these words, spoken in rage. And just the look on his father’s face made Alec’s decision. There was just one thing he could do, he should do – the right thing. To finally start not hiding anymore. It might be about time after all. He had already thought about it, right? Did it really matter anymore to think about finding a better opportunity, to overthink everything? Now might be a good time like any other time. To set an example. To overcome his insecurities and stand up for himself. His true self. “Like I said it.” He pulled out his stele and pulled down the hem of his pants until his gendermark was visible – the crossed-out circle. The Alpha mark. He looked down and drew his stele over his mark until the cross was gone. Just the empty circle visible for now. His Omega mark. He could hear the surprised gasps around him which got more and even louder as Alec looked up and flashed his emerald green eyes at his father.  

“If you say something against Omegas, you say something against me. And I will not allow that.”  

The complete room was silent, just the beeping noise of the tech that did not stop working could be heard. All the Shadowhunters around them were quiet, staring at Alec. At the Head of the New York Institute. Who was an Omega, not an Alpha like everyone had thought. This was a revelation nobody had expected. Out of the corner of his eyes, Alec could see that Jace had gotten closer to Clary and had taken her hand in his, a proud smile on his face. The same smile he could spot on his sister’s face. And Alec knew. They would be with him. They would stand beside him. Like always. Like they had since the beginning. They were his siblings. His family. He could count on them. He took a deep breath to brace himself for what would come next because he could already see the anger boiling on his father’s face, now completely directed towards him. But he was not scared of the other man. Not anymore. Because he felt somehow calm. His secret was out. And it was okay. With every breath he took he inhaled the soothing scent of his Alpha. Of Magnus who was still close by. It smelled like happiness, support and most of all – pride.  

“Are you joking, Alec?” Finally, his father decided to talk, getting closer to his son. He bared his teeth, trying to intimidate the Omega in front of him. But Alec looked at him unimpressed without even flinching. He could smell Magnus’ anger, that his Alpha wanted to protect his Omega. But he was grateful that Magnus could hold himself back not to intervene. This was his fight. He had to stand up against his father. “Do I look like I am joking?” He arched an eyebrow, his voice cold. “You are an Omega? This is sick. You cannot be such a weakling. You are a Lightwood.” His father muttered and Alec interrupted him. “Yes, I am. I am a Lightwood. And I am an Omega. Deal with it.” He had put back his stele and crossed his arms again. “Oh, definitely. I will deal with it. You will step back as Head right now. You cannot be in a position like that. This is ridiculous. An Omega leading an Institute. You will hand the position back to me. And you will come back with us to Idris where we deal with this… disappointment. We will find a way to handle this the best way possible.” “Are you finished?” Alec asked after his father had stopped talking. He still sounded calm, staring down at the Alpha who stood almost too close to him. “Don’t you dare to speak to me like that, Omega. Soon you will know your place and…” His father hissed just to get interrupted again. “This is enough.” Alec’s voice was stern and loud enough to be heard in the whole Ops centre. “I just say this once. I will not give up my position. I am Head of this Institute. I deserve this. This is my duty. You have no right to say something about it. I am their leader, my second gender doesn’t matter. And you? You are nothing. Not anymore. So, back off. I don’t want to see you again at this Institute.” Alec had growled the last part, his eyes flashing green again while his father’s turned Alpha red.  

For a moment it was quiet in the room, the two of them fighting a silent duel by staring at each other. Robert was the first to look away. “I won’t accept this. This won’t be the last word spoken in that case.” He muttered and turned around to leave. “Maryse, are you coming?” He hissed at his wife after he had passed her because she did not move. “No.” She replied, obviously she was surprised herself about this answer and licked her lips nervously. “No.” Maryse repeated and shook her head. “I won’t.” “What do you mean?” Robert had turned around to stare at her, his eyes bright red. “I won’t come with you. I just… won’t. I will never come back to you.” She swallowed, glancing at Alec who was over at his mother in an instant. He put his arm onto her shoulder, standing right behind her. Izzy and Jace did the same, shielding her left and right. “Maryse, this is not the time. You will come with me and we will talk about this behaviour at home.” Robert hissed in his Alpha-voice. Alec could feel his mother shiver at that. He could feel that she wanted to give in, not able to resist. “No, she won’t. If she doesn’t want to, she will stay here with us. You cannot force her.” He replied instead, squeezing his mother’s shoulder who turned her head to smile at him thankfully, knowing that she would not have been able to resist her husband’s voice. “She is my wife.” Robert said to Alec. “You will let her go.” He still used his Alpha voice but Alec did not react to it. “And she’s our mother. So, I won’t. She will stay. And you… will leave. Get out. I already told you to.” Alec growled again. And after a final glare at his family, Robert turned around again, his scent full of anger and hatred.   

“Thank you.” Maryse let out a deep breath the moment her husband had vanished and turned toward her kids. “You’re welcome. I meant what I said.” Alec stated. “You can stay with us and we’ll figure this out together.” Maryse almost started to cry but she was hugged by Izzy and Jace while Alec turned around. He really wanted to stay with his family now, talk to them, sort the things out that would follow for them now. But there was something else he had to do first. After all, he still was the Head of this Institute. He turned and took a few steps so that he was back in the middle of the Ops centre. His eyes wandered through the room, looking at the Shadowhunters who surrounded him, still silent and waiting for him to talk.  

“As you all know now I am an Omega. And I am the assigned Head of the New York Institute. As I said earlier I won’t step back from this position. Because I think it’s time for a change how we see things. In this Institute there’s no place for any prejudices. I won’t tolerate this. You all know how I handled my duty until now. I have always worked hard and I have shown what I am capable of even though I am not an Alpha like all of you thought I’d be. I hope that you can still trust me and accept me in this position. I promise that I will always do my best. Together we can make things happen. Together we can be able to change everything to something better. I just want to know… I need to know… if you are with me or not.”  

After Alec had ended it was quiet in the room and nobody reacted except… Clary was the first to move. She took a step closer to Alec and lowered her head. And so did Izzy and Jace. More and more Shadowhunters joined them until almost every person in the room stood there with their heads lowered to show Alec their respect. To accept him as their leader. As the Head of this Institute. A few stared at Alec and turned around but they were just a few. Most of them seemed to be okay with the situation. To accept him as the first Omega to lead this Institute.  



“So…” Alec swallowed as he closed the door to his office behind him. After he had the confirmation that most of New York’s Shadowhunters were with him, there was still a conversation needed to be held. That was why he had led Magnus back to his office and followed him inside. He closed his eyes and did not dare to turn around to look at the other, his hand still at the doorknob. “Alexander?” Magnus’ voice was soft and Alec could feel him standing close. His scent was full of calm and warmth and adoration. So, Alec turned around slowly to look at the other who smiled at him. “Magnus?” He bit down onto his lower lip and it seemed that all the strength he had shown earlier on facing his father had vanished now when he was all alone with Magnus again. He felt quite drained but they needed to talk. And Alec did not want to postpone this conversation again. “I am sorry…. this was not… I did not… you should not have… This was not how I wanted to tell you.” He quieted down and wanted to lower his head with a sigh. But Magnus was getting closer and put his hand against Alec’s cheek, kind of forcing him to look at him. Alec could feel the other’s skin against his, his Omega burst into happiness due to the touch. “It’s okay, Alexander. You don’t have to apologize. For anything. I already knew. My magic… I found out as I reached out for you the other day. If somebody has to apologize, it’s me. I shouldn’t have done that. It was not for me to get to know your secret that way. I should have waited for you to be ready to tell me.” “Magnus, no. You don’t have to apologize either. We…” Alec started but did not finish his sentence. He could not help himself but he had to laugh slightly. “This situation is so messed up. Really.” Magnus blinked in surprise but had to grin at the other man’s reaction as well. “You’re right, dear. This is… absolutely not…” Now it was Magnus’ turn to laugh and Alec had to admit that it felt good. And liberating. How they stood here together laughing at the situation they were in.  

It took them a few moments to calm down again. In the meantime, Alec had put his arms around Magnus’ waist and had pulled the man closer, pressing his face against his neck, breathing in Magnus’ scent while the other had his arms around Alec’s as well and leant into him. They stood there in silence, enjoying being close to each other. But Magnus pulled away after some time to be able to look at Alec. “We still need to talk.” He stated and Alec nodded. “We do.” He agreed with a little sigh. “So, what does this mean now? For us?” Magnus asked and looked up, his eyes locked on Alec’s who swallowed. “I meant what I said earlier. About my Alpha. If you and your Alpha feel anything close to what I and my Omega feel… I think we can figure this out pretty well. I… want to be with you. I want to get to know you.” “I feel the same, darling.” Magnus confirmed with a little nod and smile. “Good. That’s… really good. I am glad about that.” Alec swallowed again. “You know… I… don’t want you as my Alpha because I have the need to be with an Alpha. Because I can’t be without one. I want you as my Alpha because I chose you. It’s my choice.” At these words, Magnus raised his hand and brushed his fingers along Alec’s cheek, a smile playing around his lips. “Oh, believe me. I know that. I am glad that you chose me. I absolutely know that you don’t need any Alpha. Because you’re the most powerful and most Alpha-like Omega I know.” Alec had to chuckle at these words. “You might be right. But more important. I am your Omega.” Before Magnus could reply something, Alec had lowered his head a little to brush his lips against Magnus’. They both closed their eyes, leaning closer towards each other to be finally able to kiss for the first time. And damn, this felt just right. And finally, everything clicked into its right place.   

Chapter Text

Alec should have known it. He really should have. Sooner or later, there would be a fire message to call him back to Idris because the Clave wanted to have a talk about the whole situation. About the whole thing that had happened at the Institute. That he was an Omega and in charge. He should have known that now after his secret was out it was just a matter of time that such a message would arrive. To be honest, Alec had expected this to happen a bit sooner. The conversation with his father, the revelation of his true second gender, it had taken place six days ago. And until now, nothing had happened. Alec had almost thought that the Clave might have no problem with that. That they would not care or would just accept it. But he had been wrong. Sure thing. As if the Clave would not talk about something like that. It had never occurred that an Omega was leading an Institute. And after all, he had pretended to be an Alpha. He had gotten this position under the wrong circumstances. So, it was just natural that he would have to get there to be interrogated or whatever they wanted from him. And still. He had hoped that nothing would happen. That he could get away with it. After all, there were so many things going on right now with all the usual Shadowhunter business. There was no time to get to Idris. To face the Clave.  

But his hopes were shattered at the sixth day as he received the fire message that called him and his siblings back to Idris. This was important. This could change everything. Everything was at stake now. His position. His future. All the work he had put into this Institute. He had to admit that he felt nervous about it and also a bit insecure why the Clave had called Izzy and Jace as well. Maybe they wanted him to step back as Head of the Institute and put Izzy into his place because she was an Alpha after all? Maybe they wanted to keep him at Idris due to his lies and to bring him to court for what he did?   

“Alexander, are you okay?” Magnus’ voice interrupted his thoughts. They had been together as Alec had received the message and Magnus had noticed that the other man’s hands had started to shake slightly as he had read the words. “It’s... it’s fine. I’m fine.” Alec replied and swallowed hard. He did not want to bother Magnus with his worries. “You don’t look fine to me, dear.” Magnus had gotten closer and had put his hand against Alec’s cheek who leant into the touch immediately with a sigh, closing his eyes. “You know you can tell me if there’s something wrong.” For a second, Alec stayed silent before he nodded carefully. Yes, he could talk to Magnus. He was not on his own anymore. Finally, he had someone, his Alpha, to share things with. Thoughts. Fears. Worries. “It’s just... the Clave. They want me to come back to Idris to...” He bit onto his lower lip and opened his eyes to look at the other, raising his hand to cup Magnus’ which was still at his cheek. Alec turned his head slightly and placed a little kiss against the other man’s palm which caused Magnus to smile. “Do you want me to come with you?” He asked without hesitation, his voice steady.  

And Alec had to smile at this, shaking his head slightly. He knew how much this meant for Magnus to ask such a question. He was still a Downworlder, not fond of most Shadowhunters or people living in Idris, especially the Clave. He had not forgotten about the prejudices and everything that hung over his head as a warlock even if he was the High Warlock of Brooklyn. And still. Even though everything inside of Magnus revolted against going to Idris to face the Clave he had not hesitated to ask if he should go there with Alec. He would suppress his feelings to be at Alec’s side. And this made the man smile, turning his head again. “Thanks. But you don’t have to. I can do it on my own. And I need to do this on my own.” Alec replied and entwined their fingers before he put their hands down so that he could lean in, kissing Magnus’ lips softly. To be able to do this was still a bit weird. Weird but on the other hand it also felt natural. As if it was the right thing all along. And it probably was. Because Magnus was his Alpha and he was allowed to just kiss him randomly whenever he wanted to. And Magnus was none to complain about that, returning the kiss slowly, pecking Alec’s lips a few times with a smile on his face.  

“Are you sure? I mean... I know that you probably should face them on your own. That this is your fight to be fought. But still...” Magnus could not help a growl escaping his lips at the thought that he would have to let his Omega go there on his own. That he would not be able to be with him to protect him even though he knew that Alec did not need any protection. His Omega was strong, stronger than anyone else he knew. And although Magnus was sure about that, his Alpha was not really content with it, his instincts revolting slightly at the thought of leaving his Omega on his own.  
It was still unfamiliar to get used to this new dynamic between the two of them. Their relationship. And yes, it was a relationship after all although they had not labeled it yet. Six days ago, after Alec’s secret had been out and they had kissed for the first time, everything had just fallen into place. They had not really talked about it, they had just acted on their instincts. The same instincts that had told them from the beginning that they were probably meant for each other. And Alec and Magnus had given in, finally, falling into an Alpha/Omega dynamic that just had developed itself between them naturally. It was strange but somehow everyone around them had just accepted it. They had accepted it. Maybe because they had felt and seen that it was the right thing? Maybe because it did not change anything around them except the relationship between Magnus and Alec? Because Alec still acted the same way he did before, being the Head of the Institute while Magnus was still the High Warlock of Brooklyn. 

“Magnus.” Alec sighed and leant against the other man, their foreheads touching each other as he chuckled at the other’s words. “You said it. This is my fight. And as much as I want you to be with me... You shouldn’t be there.” He licked his lips and took a deep breath, inhaling his Alpha’s scent that was kind of embracing him with warmth, trust and some concern due to the situation Alec would soon find himself to be in. “I know.” Magnus sighed and agreed as he closed his eyes, putting his arms around the other man’s body. He leant further in, hiding his face against Alec’s neck where he could take a breath of the Omega’s scent. It was still not fully developed because Alec had been on suppressants for so long now, since the day he had presented, but he was slowly getting off the chemicals because now he did not need them anymore. There was no need to hide his second gender any longer. And he had wanted Magnus to be able to smell him. Like he could smell his Alpha. Magnus could recognize the faint scent of happiness, content and a bit of nervousness. Yes, Alec had to be nervous about the situation. Magnus could hardly imagine what it would mean to Alec if the Clave did not approve of him as the Head of the New York Institute anymore. If they would want to replace him, force him into a traditional Omega lifestyle. He was sure that the other had to be nervous about that and maybe he was also a bit afraid of it. “I know that I shouldn’t be there with you, my dear.” He repeated with another sigh and moved slightly so that he could look into the other man’s eyes. “But I am allowed to say how much I disapprove of the whole situation, right? I don’t want to leave you on your own.” Alec grinned again. “It’s noted that you disapprove. And believe me, you’re not the only one to disapprove it. My Omega hates it.” Now it was Magnus turn to grin. “Glad that at least the Omega agrees with me.” He teased which earned him a playful slap against his upper arm. “Magnus.” Alec rolled his eyes and shook his head, letting go of Magnus. “But I can assure you... you don’t have to worry that much. Izzy and Jace are supposed to come with me. The message explicitly said that the three of us should be there.”   

Magnus arched an eyebrow at this information. On the one hand, his Alpha hummed in satisfaction that at least his Omega would not be on his own and could be protected by his siblings. But on the other hand, he was confused why the Clave wanted the three of them to be there. This was about Alec, wasn’t it? He had been the one to drop the bomb about his true self, not Isabelle or Jace. But who was Magnus to question the ways the Clave would handle things? He had done this in the past more than once and he had given up already to fully understand their way of thinking. “Okay, if they are with you, then I am feeling a bit better about it. But just a bit.” Magnus reached out with his hand to brush his fingers along Alec’s cheek again. “You have to promise me to give me a call if there’s anything wrong. I will be there in an instant.” Alec stayed quiet for a second before he nodded. “Sure, Alpha. I will.” And with these words he leant in again to press his lips against Magnus’, the two of them getting lost in another kiss, Alec’s meeting with the Clave forgotten for now.  



“I still don’t get it why we need to be here with you.” Jace sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose in disapproval. “I mean... what do they want us to do?” He asked and turned towards his siblings. Izzy shrugged her shoulders while Alec pushed his hands into his pockets, trying to hide his nervousness that way. “Maybe they want us to reassure them that Alec can still lead the Institute? That he is not under the influence of anyone?” Izzy replied with another shrug. What she had really wanted to say was obvious for the three of them, there was no need to say it aloud. That they were probably here with Alec to testify that he was not under the influence of anyone. Like Magnus. A Downworlder. Who was his Alpha. And who could now have the New York Institute in his hands because of Alec. “Maybe...” Alec swallowed and took a deep breath before he looked at his phone.   

“It’s time. We should enter.” He simply stated. They had arrived a few minutes earlier, still waiting in front of the room they were supposed to meet up with the Clave representatives. They had been led there by two guards who had welcomed them as soon as they had stepped out of the portal that had brought them right into Idris. “You’re right. No need to drag this out any further.” Izzy nodded, moving so that she stood right next to Alec, Jace on his other side. The three of them exchanged another look before his siblings both gave him a reassuring squeeze. Alec took another deep breath before he raised his hand to knock at the door. They waited until they heard a voice from inside which called them into the room. They entered and Alec swallowed again, his throat dry as he saw five people right in front of them sitting at the big table, moving their hands so that the three of them would sit down as well on the opposite side. There was silence in the room as they stared at each other. Alec tried his best to keep his eyes steady, not to falter under the disapproving looks he received. He leant back and crossed his arms. It was time. This would be a turning point in his life and the Institute’s future.  

The minutes stretched out and the silence was almost unbearable. But Alec did not want to give in. He did not want to be the first to talk. The Clave had called him to be here. They wanted to talk. So, they should start. But before one of them could say a word, Jace was the one to interrupt the silence. “As much as I like to be in Idris but why are we here?” He asked, his voice sounded quite loud in the quiet room. Alec had to hide a smile at his brother’s words. He should have known that he would be the first to give in. Jace was not made to stay silent, not made to play these kinds of mind-games the Clave representatives obviously wanted to play with them. “Thank you for following our invitation.” One of the Clave members simply said. Dieudonné. Alec remembered the man. He was glad that there had been no need to meet up with him that often in the past years. That he had been able to stay away from this man. Because the few times he had been forced to talk to him, he had felt disgusted at the words that had fallen of the man’s lips. Dieudonné was probably a perfect example for all the bigotry and prejudices the Clave was known for. Right next to him sat Horace Dearborn, also a man that was well-known for his hateful views on Downworlders. On his other side was Emil Pangborn, who stared at Alec in obvious disgust. Who the other two men were Alec had no clue. “Did we have a choice?” It was Izzy who spoke up next. Alec was surprised to hear the anger in her voice, he could also smell it in her scent. And even though Alec did not want to admit it but he was glad that his siblings were here with him. And proud that they seemed to support him even when they had to face the Clave. “You always have a choice, Miss Lightwood. No need to get angry.” Dieudonné snarled, his tone belied his words.   

“So, what do you want to talk about?” Alec decided that he should finally start to talk. The sooner he would, the sooner they could get back home again. Or at least, he hoped they could. For another moment, there was silence again before Dieudonné started to talk. “I think you know why you are here, Mister Lightwood. This is about you and your big secret that you hid from all of us. You are an... Omega.” He almost spat out the last word. “How dare you to keep something like that for yourself? Do you really think we could let that slip? That you would still keep the position as Head of the New York Institute?” Before he could continue, he was interrupted by Jace. “Alec is the best that could have happened to the Institute.” The blond stated, his voice wavering slightly as he tried to hold back his rage. “As an Omega? I doubt it. He is worthless. He even allows other Omegas on patrol and... he would risk the lives of dozens of Shadowhunters just so that his little fellow Omega friends could play with the Alphas. As if they could compare to any of them. Omegas are weaklings.” Alec could feel his sister clenching her hands next to him and the flash of red showed in her eyes. “How dare you talk about him like that?” She hissed, almost up on her feet at these insults. But Alec reached out and put his hand onto her arm to calm her down again. It would not help anyone if she attacked the men right now. They needed to stay calm. They... he had to endure it for the moment. “I talk about him the way I want to. I am an Alpha. And he is just an Omega. He does not deserve to be treated as an equal.” Alec swallowed at these words, taking in a deep breath. “See, he doesn’t even defend himself. He let his siblings do all the work.” Pangborn muttered with a smirk which caused Jace to roll his eyes at the man. “Do you really expect us to just accept that you insult our big brother?” He asked through gritted teeth. “We don’t insult him.” Dieudonné stated, his voice calm and his eyes fixed on Alec’s. “We just say what’s obvious. And this is the truth. He is just a weak Omega, he’s of no worth. And especially after he decided to... spread his legs for a Downworlder.” Alec clenched his teeth at this insult. It was one thing if they went against him. But against Magnus?  

“This is about me, not about him.” He pressed through his lips in a low voice. Waves of anger wafting off his body, his scent rich of rage, as his eyes flashed emerald green for a moment. Magnus was not here to defend himself and he would not let them insult him. “Oh, you poor little Omega. Do you really think that we accept that? First, you pretended to be an Alpha just to fool everyone and second you chose a warlock to be with you. A male. How... this is disgusting. And not natural.” The five men grimaced at this thought.  
It was Izzy who lost her temper again now. “There’s nothing disgusting about this. You are disgusting to think he should lie about himself. You are self-righteous assholes, full of hate, bigotry and racism.” She almost yelled and Alec could not hold her back now. She was on her feet, her hands pressed against the table as she leant towards the five men, her eyes a deep red as she bared her teeth at them. “Miss Lightwood, you should know your place. Even though you’re a fellow Alpha, you should not be disrespectful towards us.” Dearborn hissed, his eyes red as well. “I cannot respect a person who insults my brother. My family. I won’t accept this. Alec, Jace. Let’s go.” She turned towards her siblings. Alec could smell how angry she was. And he almost felt the same rage cursing through his veins. Because, after all, they had insulted him. And Magnus. His Alpha. But it would not help anyone if they left now. This conversation was far from over, the topic still on hand about his future. Probably, he was still at their mercy about his position at the Institute. And even if he also wanted to get up as well, to tell them what he really thought about their opinion. To show them how weak he was. It would not help at all. They were in a higher position. It was their decision to be made. So, Alec tried to swallow everything he wanted to say, every word he wanted to spit into their faces. They needed to calm down. 

“What do you want then?” After a moment of silence Alec asked, his eyes did not leave Dieudonné’s. He ignored Jace who had gotten up as well to follow Izzy. All he could hear was the door that was opened, probably by one of his siblings. And then, a sudden gasp which caused him to turn around. “What the...?” He muttered, his eyes wide in confusion as he saw his brother and sister standing at the door, confronted with some guards, weapons pointed towards them. “Get out of my way.” Izzy growled, her eyes red and her teeth bared again. Alec was up on his feet as well the same second, throwing one glance back at the Clave members before he turned around to get to Izzy and Jace. “We thought this conversation would turn out differently. Well, we hoped it would at least. But on the other hand... we did not expect anything else from the Lightwoods. You’re never going to follow any rules. This turn was inevitable.” Dieudonné had gotten up as well and sighed, crossing his arms in front of his chest after he had given the guards a sign to get closer. “What the hell is wrong with you?” Jace hissed and the three took a step back, not sure what this was all about.  

Alec looked at the men at the door. They all seemed very determined, a grim look on their faces. He evaluated their chances to get past them. They were three against around eight even though he had no clue how many guards were still waiting for them outside. Possibly, there were more, just not able to fit into the room yet. The three of them were unarmed, their weapons still back at the Institute because who would have thought that they would need their seraph blades or something similar in Idris. All they had was Izzy’s staff, the one that was wrapped around her wrist as her snake bracelet. But it could have been worse. They had been in situations like that before. Situations that seemed with no way out where they had been outnumbered. The only thing was that usually they were confronted with demons and not fellow Shadowhunters. This would make it a bit more difficult because they were trained the same way. And still. The three of them were not just any Shadowhunters. They were the best the New York Institute had to offer. They trained since their childhood, excelled at every test that had been thrown at them in the past. They could make it. They could overpower the guards and get out of here. This was their top priority right now. To get away from Dieudonné and the other Clave members. And then they needed to find out what this was all about. Because Alec could hardly believe that this was the usual way to handle a situation like this. Attack fellow Shadowhunters, and even a Head of an Institute? No way. And after all... after thinking about it for a second, he noticed that the five men were just normal Clave members. Neither an Inquisitor nor a Consul. It would have made more sense to have an Inquisitor or Consul talk with him about the problem ahead. Because even if he hated to admit it, him pretending to be an Alpha to be able to lead an Institute was not an easy matter. It was probably worth the attention of higher-ranked Clave members.  

But this was all something they should think about later on. Now, they still had a different problem. Slowly, but steadily they were surrounded by the guards. They had started to form a circle around the three of them, threatening them with their weapons. Alec threw a short glance at Jace and Izzy who nodded at him in unison. Probably, they had had the same thoughts. That they had a chance to get out of here. They were used to work together in a fight. So, why should this be different than usual?  

It took a few moments where nobody moved, the men stared at the three Shadowhunters, probably waiting for any sign to attack them. But Jace, Izzy and Alec did not move, returning the looks, trying to find a weak spot to get through the row of men around them. “What are you waiting for?” They could hear Pangborn snarl. It was as if this had been the sign the guards had been waiting for. All of a sudden, they moved together, getting closer to the three siblings, attacking them all at once. The men tried to take them down, throwing themselves at the three young Shadowhunters who defended themselves pretty well at first. They could manage to take out three guards at their first strike, evading their weapons. Alec could hear a nose breaking as he hit one of the men right in his face, the guard’s blood covered his fist as he yelled before falling down onto the ground. But Alec did not notice the man’s fall, already turning around to face the next one who had started to get closer with his weapon, swinging it, trying to find an opening in Alec’s defense.  

To be honest, the fight was not fair. They had to use their bare heads while their attackers used the brute force of their weapons, trying to hit the three siblings. Out of the corner of his eye Alec could see that Izzy had lost her staff because three men had attacked her at once and had been able to disarm her. But she still held herself up against them, hitting them ever so often to keep them out of her reach. He could also spot a few cuts and bruises on his sister’s bare arms but it seemed that she was still fine. Before he could look out for Jace, he had to concentrate on himself again. It seemed as if more and more guards poured into the room. The more they took out, the more seemed to appear. And now, Alec had to face two of them who both tried to harm him with their weapons, one approaching from his left, the other from the right. He could hardly duck down in time to dodge the attack so that instead of him the men hit thin air. Before he could start to counterattack the two of them, he had to face another two already who tried to hit his legs so that he would tumble down. He had to take a step to the side even though this brought Alec closer to another attacker who was now able to inflict a slash on his upper right arm. Not deep enough to make him stop but deep enough to bleed slightly. Alec did not feel the pain, his focus still on their attackers, so that he had not noticed that he had been kind of separated from his siblings, surrounded by five men on his own now who started to attack again, getting at him at once. Alec swallowed and thanked Raziel that he had been pushed to train so hard his whole life. Because his lifelong training probably saved his life right now. He earned a few bruises and more cuts but he could defend himself pretty well, taking down the five men one after another.   

After the last one got down onto the ground, Alec dared to take a deep breath for a second, looking around frantically to see how his siblings were doing. If they were okay. And where he had to hurry to to help them. It was just in time that he was able to yell at his parabatai. “Jace, behind you!” Alec tried to warn him, rushing towards the other because a guard had gotten too close to the blond from behind. But it was too late. Jace had been too distracted by the two men in front of him who had kept his attention by attacking him violently so that he could not react in time. And Alec was too slow, not being with the other in time. He stopped the same instant as a blade was pointed at Jace’s neck, close to his pulse point, breaking his skin a least a bit so that a few droplets of blood were falling to the ground as Jace hissed.  

The whole fight stopped immediately. Izzy seemed to have noticed it as well and lowered her arms while Alec stood still, his fists clenched at his sides. Jace groaned while his arms were pulled towards his back by the guard, the blade now at his neck, ready to slit his throat any second if any of the other two would make a wrong movement. Izzy growled again as two men finally got close enough to her to be able to grab her arms roughly from both sides. They pulled her back to the seat she had been in earlier and one man pointed his weapon at her throat as well. In the meantime, Jace had also been pushed into his former seat and had sat down with a groan, glaring at the man in front of him who forced him to stay still with his raised blade.   

Alec could do nothing than to just stand there, staring at his siblings and the men who threatened them before he turned his head to stare at Dieudonné and the other Clave members. “Take a seat.” The man grinned at him widely, his eyes flashed red as he used his Alpha-voice to force Alec to sit down. Alec clenched his fists, a low growl left his lips but he followed the request. Not because he had to follow the Alpha’s order. No. He followed because he somehow feared that his brother and sister would get hurt if he did not. And that was something he did not want. “So, now that this is finally over...” The Clave members got back into their seats, facing the three young Shadowhunters who stared at them in anger, their feelings strongly noticeable in their scents, a mix of rage and hatred.  

“What do you want?” Alec hissed, glaring at the weapon that was now directed at his throat as well so that he had to lean back against the backrest of the chair that he would not get cut by the sharp blade. For a moment, there was silence in the room again, almost deafening after their fight a few seconds ago. Just the ragged breath of the men around them could be heard. At least they had not made it easy for them. “It’s simple. We want you. All of you.” Jace groaned and Izzy’s eyes widened in surprise for a second. Alec was not sure about what this meant. “Why? What do you want from us?” He muttered under his breath and swallowed, his adam’s apple touching the blade as he did. “For a brief moment, we thought that this could be an easy thing. That you would submit easily. That you would be clever enough to give up your position as Head of the Institute so that you could be replaced by someone worth it. Someone who would follow our way of thinking. But what to expect from people like you? You would never give in... That left us no choice to prepare another plan to... convince you somehow.” Alec huffed at these words and Dieudonné sighed in a dramatic way, the grin still playing around his lips. "Convince us... me... to do what? Give up because you threaten me and my siblings? As if.” He asked through gritted teeth, ignoring the blade that pushed a bit further against his skin. “Your father was probably right. You’re too stubborn to do what’s the right thing. You’re too insubordinate. Probably, no Alpha had shown you your right place until now, Omega. But we can change that immediately.” Before Alec or his siblings could say something the guards around them moved, putting their hands on them to press them even further against the chairs they were sitting in so that the three of them were not able to move. “If you fight against it, it’ll hurt more. So... stay still.” Diedonné, Pangborn and Dearborn had gotten up again and walked around the table until they stood next to each one of them. “What...” Alec opened his mouth but closed it again with a little hiss of pain as the blade was pressed against his skin, cutting it slightly. “If you behave, everything will be fine.” Dearborn whispered, his voice sounded slightly maniacally as the three of them pulled out their stele, grabbing Izzy’s, Jace’s and Alec’s arm. The young Shadowhunters tried to squirm away from the touch but the guards were still pressing them against the chairs.   

They had no choice except to watch the three Clave members to raise their steles, drawing a mix of the Quietude rune and something that looked similar to the Energy rune, but not quite like it, onto their lower arms. Izzy groaned and Jace hissed at the touch of the unwelcomed runes. Alec opened his mouth because he wanted to say something, to protest, to maybe yell at them. But there was no word coming over his lips, the Quietude rune already working. A smirk crossed Dieudonné’s lips as he noticed the reaction. “And now we just have to wait a moment until it’s fully working.” He stated and let go of Alec’s arm that fell down onto the armrest. Alec stared down and blinked for a second. He had no clue what was happening right now. But he could feel his mind getting dizzy. As if there was a veil that was pulled over his eyes all of a sudden. He tried to shake his head and blinked again, hoping that this would help. But the guards were still holding him in place so that he could hardly move. All he could feel was that his body started to feel tired and heavy. His limps had started to tingle and even if he could have been able to do it, it was not possible to move his arms or legs for now. His breath slowed down and he swallowed, blinking again, hoping that this would help his mind getting clearer. But this did not work as well. It felt harder and harder every second to concentrate and he tried to focus, tried to stare at the man in front of him. But all he could see was a blur, his vision not fully working anymore. He opened his mouth again. But nothing. All he could hear was a chuckle and some slurred words that he was not able to understand before everything went black.  

Chapter Text

“Alec? Alec? Are you okay? Are you awake?” Izzy’s voice made him groan. He could feel his headache. His throat felt dry and sore as if he had gargled with sand. “What...” He muttered and started to open his eyes slowly. He was surrounded by darkness, there was just a dim light somewhere so that he could see his siblings as mere silhouettes in front of him. “What happened?” Alec asked with a raspy voice and sat up on the bench he had woken up while Izzy was sitting right next to him now and Jace knelt on the ground in front of him. “We have no clue. We just woke up a moment before you. The last thing we can remember is that they somehow sedated and silenced us with these runes.” The blond explained and raised his arm where the now already faded marks could be seen. “But it seemed to be just temporary.” Izzy added and bit onto her lip. Alec could see that her hands were shaking slightly and he immediately put his arm around her to pull her closer. “We’ll get out of here. I promise.” He tried to assure her but his voice did not sound assuring at all. “We won’t give up. We have been in worse situations, right?” Jace sighed and got up to sit down on Alec’s other side, leaning against his parabatai and brother who pulled him in as close as possible with their sister on his other side.

They had no clue how long it had been since they had woken up here. It was obviously a cell they had found themselves in. It was cold and dirty and wet. And it seemed that they were on their own, nobody was around. Alec had tried to call out for anybody but there had just been a dull echo without any reply. At one point, they had tried to use their phones. But no chance. Jace’s had run out of battery and Izzy and Alec had no connection due to probably being so deep down inside the building that no call could get through the thick walls. So, all they could do was to wait. Even though it was really hard, the three of them not made for just sitting around. Especially when they did not know what would come up next.

Jace had gotten up onto his feet at one point, pacing along the cell bars in front, trying to push against them, hoping they would move. He tried to stick his hands and arms through them, looking if he could find anything right next to the cell. Maybe the key or something. But nothing. He got almost stuck between the narrow bars, hardly able to pull his hands back without his arms getting scratched. In the meantime, Izzy moved along the walls, looking around, searching for anything that would show a spot where they could get through, that was weaker than the rest of the wall. Like a hidden door or whatever she hoped to find, probably just the last straw she tried to hold not to lose hope. Even though they did not have their steles with them, not being able to use any rune, they still were trained fighters. They still were strong to maybe get out on their own. But also, her tries to find a weak spot were unsuccessful like Jace’s. While his siblings moved around because they were not able to stay still, trying to find an exit, any way out, Alec still sat on the bench, bent over and deep in thought. He really wanted to know what this was all about. It was hard to find the reason behind all of this. Yes, he had kind of betrayed the Clave by his pretence, by making everyone believe he was an Alpha to be able to lead the Institute. But was this lie worth being attacked and thrown into a cell. All of them? If it had been just him, Alec would have understood it. Because he was the one who had lied. But his siblings? They had just protected him by keeping his secret. But was this reason enough to bring them down to the cells with him, imprison them, bring them to court? He was not sure about this. All he knew was that there was something more to it. After all, it did not feel like official Clave business. He knew that the Clave had special ways to treat some situations. Some very unconventional, yes. But this way? This was not like they usually did things. Not even close. Not when fellow Shadowhunters were involved. It was wrong. It felt wrong. And the words Dieudonné had spoken made no sense. Or at least, they gave another impression. Something that was as far away as possible from how the Clave usually handled situations like that.

His thoughts were interrupted as Izzy fell down onto the bench again right next to him with a huff. “No way. There’s no chance to get out of this cell without any weapon or our steles.” She stated and closed her eyes for a second. Jace had crossed his arms and leant against the opposite wall, rolling his eyes. “I have no clue what they want from us. They can’t treat us like that just because of this whole stupid Alpha/Omega thing. And not after they insulted you and... and...” His voice had gotten louder and anger was coming off of him in wafts. Alec looked up at his brother and shook his head. “Calm down. It doesn’t help if we let our anger cloud our thoughts. We need to keep a clear mind to get out of this. Even though I don’t know either what this is about. There are so many things that doesn’t sum up and...” He groaned and rubbed his face. “If I had known that this would happen, I...” He muttered and let out another groan. “Hey, it’s not your fault.” Izzy had raised her hand and put it onto Alec’s shoulder. “Who would have thought that these assholes would be like that?” Jace asked and pushed himself off the wall as he started to pace along the bars again, his eyes darted outside into the hallway, hoping he would see something to get them out of here. “It’s like you said, big brother. We’ve been in worse situations. We’ll get out of here.” A little smile showed up on Izzy’s face as she squeezed Alec’s shoulder and nodded at him. “You’re right. Actually...” He started but was interrupted by a loud noise coming from the other end of the corridor. It sounded like a door was opened.

The three of them were on their feet immediately, standing close to each other, ready to fight. “Oh, look. You’re finally awake again. Just in time to start.” Dearborn’s voice was loud in the otherwise empty corridor. He got closer to their cell, accompanied by eight guards who had their weapons already drawn. “What do you want from us?” Alec growled and moved slightly in front of his siblings without noticing it, always ready to protect them. “You’ll get this sooner than later. But until then... stay back, Omega.” Dearborn snarled as he pushed his hand into his pocket to take out a key to open the cell. The guards were close by, getting into the cell with him, their weapons pointed towards the young Shadowhunters who had moved a step back at the threat. “Now... if our dear Isabelle and Jace would follow... please...” His voice sounded sickening sweet but his eyes were cold. He totally knew that he had the upper hand right now, that none of them could do something against the situation they were in. “And what if we don’t want to?” Izzy hissed and narrowed her eyes, scanning the guards as if she thought about starting another fight, thinking about their chances to win this time. “Oh, you will, my dear. Otherwise...” Dearborn simply stated and shrugged his shoulders before he left the cell to make room for the rest of the guards that had been with him. “Don’t make it harder for you.” One of the men muttered as he moved closer to them, his blade raised and pointed towards them.

For another moment there was quiet in the room and nobody moved. Obviously, the guards were not sure if the Lightwood siblings would behave and would let them have their way. And Alec, Izzy and Jace were calculating their options of getting out of this almost unharmed. If this time they could win a fight. “Hurry up, we don’t have that much time left.” They heard Dearborn from outside and this seemed to be the sign for the guards to move. “Raise your hands.” One guard said to Izzy and Jace while three moved closer to get between the two of them and Alec, separating them. The men were quick. One got behind Alec and had grabbed his arm, pulling it towards his back while his blade was against his throat. For a second, Alec struggled, tried to free himself. “Don’t move, Omega.” The man behind him hissed and pressed the blade harder against his skin so that Alec could feel the cold and sharp blade that almost cut him. “One wrong move and he’ll be... you know...” The guard stated towards Izzy and Jace who both gritted their teeth at the threat before they raised their hands like the men had wanted them to do. While three of them stayed on guard two got closer, pulling out ropes to tie Izzy’s and Jace’s wrist together before they pushed them forward so that the two would be able to leave the cell. “Alec!” Jace turned around, staring at his parabatai who was still held by the one guard. “Don’t worry. You know... Three go in...” Alec said. “...three come out.” Izzy replied immediately while Jace nodded. And then they were gone, out of Alec’s sight. “Don’t worry, you’re next. Soon.” The guard whispered into Alec’s ear before he pushed him away from himself which caused Alec to stumble a little. Before he could turn around to react, the man had gotten out of the cell. The bars closed behind him and Alec was alone now. In the dark cell. Without his sibling. Without a clue what was happening right now and what to expect.



At first, Alec had decided to try to break free on his own now. He had grabbed the bars and tried to push them away, using brute strength. But no way. His attempts to get free were useless like Jace’s before. There was no chance to get him out of here. He was scared and worried about his siblings more than about himself. He did not care what would happen to him. But to Jace and Izzy? They had taken them. And he had no clue what they would do to them. If they would harm them, threaten them, hurt them. Now, he was sure that there was something going on. That this was not like the Clave usually behaved. They had been thrown into this cell without being told why. And now, they had taken Izzy and Jace with them, tied them up and brought them to who knew where. Something was up. And wrong. So, so wrong. Alec groaned and had to resist the urge to kick against the bars in front of him out of anger because he felt so helpless right now before he let himself fall back onto the bench with a deep growl. For a second, he wished that Magnus would be here with him. The warlock would probably have been able to get them out of this in an instant. With just the snap of his finger. But on the other hand, probably... they would have made sure that Magnus would not have been able to use his magic. And they would probably have their ways to hurt him. And Alec was not sure if he could bear with that the same way he could not bear with his siblings getting hurt. So, somehow, to be honest, Alec was glad that the Alpha was not with them. That it was just them. And Magnus? Magnus was probably safe back in New York. After all, they were Lightwoods. They could handle something like that. Would not be the first time they would find themselves in a hopeless situation.

Alec had closed his eyes, his arms on his knees while he had his head between his hands, trying to breath calmly. He had to come up with a plan. To find his siblings and to get the hell out of here. Preferably alive and mostly unharmed.

“Oh, look. The poor Omega. All on his own now. Do you already miss your Alpha sister and your Beta brother?” Alec had not noticed that Dearborn had come back, now standing again in front of the cell with three guards close by. “Where are they? Where are Izzy and Jace? By the angel, I swear...” Alec snapped as he raised his head to scowl at Dearborn. He had gotten up to his feet immediately, stepping closer to the bars to stare down at the man in front of him. “Calm down, Omega. It’s not your place to talk like that. Silence. And step back.” Dearborn’s eyes flashed red for a second and the tone in his voice was threatening. Alec swallowed and stopped himself from saying something in return. Because all he could think about right now was to insult and attack the man. But that would not help at all. It would probably just hurt Izzy and Jace. So, even if it was hard, maybe if he kept quiet, he would get out of here and would be able to find his siblings to get away with them. To be able to escape.

For a second, Dearborn stared at him before a smirk formed on his face and he nodded slightly, seemingly pleased. “Now, that’s how you should behave. Follow my orders like the little weak Omega you are.” He growled, showing his teeth. Alec returned the stare and there were already words forming on the tip of his tongue to say something. To tell the other man to go to whichever hole he had crawled out of. But then he blinked as he took in the other man’s expression completely. Dearborn looked quite satisfied. And together with his words, it started to make sense for Alec. Obviously, the other man thought that Alec did not say something and had taken a step back because he had wanted him to do so. Probably, he had used his Alpha-voice, convinced that it worked on Alec. That the Omega would behave and do whatever the Alpha was telling him to do. And why should he not think like that? It was the way Omega’s usually reacted to an Alpha in a situation like that. It was what they expected from him. It was the way these omegaphobe bigotrists thought he should behave.

A plan formed in Alec’s mind. Maybe he could use this as an advantage. Maybe if he pretended to be a rule-following Omega, influenced by any Alpha, not being able to resist, he could get into a better position. Getting close to Izzy and Jace. And finally, being able to free the three of them to escape. So, he did the only thing that would help right now. His eyes flashed emerald green for a second before he took another step back and lowered his head in a submitting gesture even though everything inside of him was screaming due to the situation. It took him all the strength he could muster to do that, to convince his inner Omega that he had to submit right now to this Alpha. The Alpha who was not his Alpha. Who was not Magnus. The only one he would consider as an Alpha to submit to.

There was another moment of silence before he could hear a laugh from outside the cell and Alec forced himself not to look up. He could already imagine the look on Dearborn’s face about his gesture. About what he thought had happened. “Everything could have been a lot easier if you had submitted in the first place, little Omega. But well... the situation now isn’t less... let’s say... interesting.” Alec clenched his fists at these words and bit onto his lower lip but still stayed quiet. “Raise your hands. We still need to play it safe.” Dearborn ordered and Alec followed so that one of the guards could tie him up like they had done earlier with his siblings. “Now... move. And behave.” Dearborn patted Alec’s cheek and he could feel the growl building up deep inside his chest. He wanted to say something, let his temper run free. He was sure that he could overcome the three guards right now. But this would lead to nothing. His siblings would still be in danger. So, he gave in again, gritted his teeth and started to move, playing the role of the obedient Omega.

It took them a few minutes to get to their destination. At first, Alec had thought they would get back to the room they had been in earlier. But on the contrary. They were heading towards the opposite direction and it felt as if they were getting deeper and deeper into the building. They passed a few more cells and dark halls, closed doors and walls with runes Alec had not seen before. It seemed that this situation was a lot more serious than he had thought at first. For now, he was not so sure anymore if they could get out of this unharmed. Or could get out of it at all. But there was no way to change his mind now. Or to give up. He needed to follow his plan, as crazy and hopeless as it might seem. It was the only chance they got. To make the other man believe that they had him under control because of him being an Omega, following their Alpha’s orders.

“There we are.” Dearborn stated with a smirk and turned around to stare at Alec who returned the look. “Soon, you’ll be finally of worth, Omega.” He stated before he opened the door so that they could get in. Alec had to hold himself back as he spotted his siblings who knelt on the ground. They looked more beaten up than they had when they had been forced to leave him alone in the cell. Every hand was tied with a rope onto a ring on the ground at their back so that they were forced to kneel down with their backs arched slightly. Runes were drawn around them onto the solid floor, runes Alec did not recognize. People were standing close to them and he could spot Pangborn and Dieudonné in front of Izzy and Jace. And also, his father who stood a bit further away from them who returned his look with hate and disgust written all over his face. “Finally, the last one we needed arrived.” Dieudonné exclaimed with a loud voice and turned to face Alec who was pushed towards the man by one of the guards that had accompanied him. “What...” Alec started but was interrupted by Dieudonné, eyes red and his voice full of Alpha. “Quiet!” Alec forced himself to flash his eyes before he lowered his head. All he could hear was Izzy and Jace gasp at his reaction. Maybe they bought his act as well, thought that he had given in to the Alpha, submitting to him. Even though they should know better. But well, probably it was for the best right now if they believed otherwise. “Good boy.” Dieudonné laughed and took a step closer to Alec.

“Now you behave the way you should. We should have forced you from the start. But to be honest... where would have been the fun in that? You just handing over the Institute? Yes, that would have come in handy but... this might be a better option. This is actually what we really want.” Dieudonné had started to circle around Alec and as he paused they could hear little cheers coming from the other people in the room. “After all, when you and your siblings are gone, we can still overtake the Institute. Your father is happy to take back the place he deserves.” Alec could hear Robert hum in agreement but he did not dare to look up because he was not sure if he could keep up his act if he did. So, he just stayed quiet, did not move and still looked at the ground in front of him, his head lowered in a submissive gesture. “We will have the control over the New York Institute back and we will be able to get rid of all these filthy downworlders. All these Seelies, werewolves and vampires that aren’t worth living. And we’ll free the city of all these dirty warlocks who have their hands on so many things that rightfully belong to us. This will be such a pleasure. Especially, to get rid of the one warlock that dared to spoil one of us. A Shadowhunter. Even if it was just an Omega…” “Magnus.” Alec gasped and raised his head, not being able to hold back now. Not when they threatened his Alpha. Another laugh escaped Dieudonné’s lips at Alec’s reaction. “See, you’re still under his influence. He had gotten under your skin, he had corrupted you. The moment he had laid his hands on you. The moment you have submitted to him. The moment you have started to please him. Your mind is probably completely clouded, just being able to think about him. All you probably want is him getting into your pants.” The more he spoke, the closer he had gotten to Alec, the last words whispered into Alec’s ears. “You weak, little Omega.”

Alec closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. He needed to control himself. He needed to keep up this act. This was probably their only chance. He needed to endure these insults. “But don’t worry, you sweet little thing. We will deliver you from your pain. Your sins. You will be the one to perform this ritual. To give us the power to overcome all the Downworlders. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.” Dieudonné took a step back and Alec opened his eyes again, looking at the other man. “Why? What do you want me to do?” He muttered under his breath, forcing his eyes back to glow green to make the act more believable. “Alec, no...” He heard Izzy whisper, fear obviously in her voice but he did not dare to turn his head to look at her because he was not sure if he could still pretend if he would see her. “We need the three of you. A full circle of Alpha, Beta and Omega, all related. A perfect triad. Even though your brother here...” Dieudonné pointed towards Jace but Alec kept his eyes on the man in front of him. “...isn’t your real brother. But you two are Parabatai so it will work the same way. We need your sacrifices. Your mixed blood will make us strong enough to be able to overpower the Downworlders. Not even the strongest warlocks will be able to fight us anymore.” A chuckle fell from his lips and Alec could see it now. The maniac glint in his eyes. He had to be crazy. He could not want this to happen. This was absolutely insane. But then he turned his head slightly, looking over the other people in the room. And he saw that all of them looked alike. Like lunatics, trapped in their views of Shadowhunters being a better race than Downworlders. That all Downworlders had to die. They were murmuring under their breath, getting closer to Izzy and Jace, forming a circle around them.

While Dieudonné had talked Pangborn had approached him. He held out a little dagger, glowing in a dark red, marked with unknown runes, obviously made for this ritual. “It will be your task. You will take your siblings lives and then you will sacrifice yourself, Omega. And your combined blood, your combined strength... will give us the power we deserve. To show everyone else their place. To rid the world of all Downworlders.” A mad laugh escaped Dieudonné’s lips as he reached out for the dagger and turned towards Alec, his eyes glowing red. “I will free your hands now and I will give you this dagger. You will head over towards your siblings and you will take their lives. And then you will take yours.” He snarled with a deep Alpha-voice, low and threatening. Alec swallowed, a shiver ran over his skin as he slowly started to nod. This was probably the best chance they got. He needed to get his hands onto the weapon so that he could free his siblings and they would have a chance to get out of here.

“Alec, no!” Jace yelled and Alec could hear that the other was pulling at his ropes, the rings on the ground rattled due to his movements. “Stay quiet. It’s inevitable.” Pangborn snarled and used his leg to kick against the blond’s side which caused him to hiss. Alec took a deep breath, his eyes still emerald green as he raised his hands slowly in front of him and lowered his head, hoping that he would finally be getting rid of the rope that tied his hands together. “There’s no point in trying to avoid it.” Dieudonné turned to look at the two Shadowhunters still on the ground. “Your beloved brother is under my control now. As I said earlier... He is just a weakling, an Omega. Easily controlled by any Alpha around.” “You asshole.” Izzy growled through gritted teeth, her eyes flashed red as she tried to pull at the ropes, to get free. But they were too tight, she had no chance. All she got was another laugh directed at her before Dieudonné turned his attention back to Alec who still stood there motionless with raised arms. The man used the dagger to cut through the rope, turning it around to hand it over to Alec who took it. “Now... do as I told you. Kill them. And then, kill yourself.” He muttered, licking his lips in anticipation before he took a step back to make room for Alec.

The dagger felt cold in his hands but Alec was glad that he finally had a weapon. Even though it was just this small thing, nothing compared to their seraph blades or even his bow. But better than nothing. For a second, he stood still, thinking about his possibilities. He needed to get Izzy and Jace free at first. Hopefully, the dagger was good and sharp enough to cut through their ropes as quick as he needed it to do. Without any further thought, he started to move and surrounded his sister who still knelt on the floor. She turned her head, followed his movements. “Alec, please. Stop. This isn’t you. You know you don’t have to follow this.” She whispered, her eyes wide as she stared at her brother. Alec could hear the mutters in the background, the people around them seemed to be excited, maniac, full of want to be finally able to drink their blood. Slowly, he got to his knees behind Izzy and raised his hand, pushing the dagger against her throat while he leant in, his lips close at her ear. “You know me. On the count of three.” He muttered almost inaudible so that just his sister was able to hear him. Her eyes widened in surprise for a second before she nodded slightly. Alec turned his head a bit so that he could look over at Jace who still tried to break free, still somehow convinced that Alec was under control by these lunatics.

“One. Two. Three.” Alec whispered into Izzy’s ear while he raised the dagger again. The noise around them got louder and the people seemed to be on edge, thinking that they would finally get what they always wanted. Uncontrolled power. As soon as the word ‘three’ had left his lips he moved, the dagger cut through Izzy’s rope and the female Shadowhunter was on her feet, ready to fight, while in a swift movement Alec whirled around to cut through Jace’s ropes as well so that the three of them were finally free. For a second, they could see the shock on everyone’s face around them, Dieudonné’s eyes wide as he stared at Alec. “What...” He muttered not knowing what just had happened but Alec interrupted him with a growl. “Do you really think I could lead the New York Institute if I’d give in every Alpha crossing my way? I trained my whole life to resist any lousy Alpha’s attempt to control me. I am not weak. I cannot be forced to do anything I don’t want to do.” He hissed, his eyes flashed emerald green while he spoke. As they finally realized that they had been tricked, Dieudonné let out a loud yell and his followers moved, trying to get the three Shadowhunters, still wanting to perform and finish their ritual. Because they felt betrayed, not being able to get the power they thought they deserved.

“Jace, Izzy.” Alec looked at his siblings and nodded before they were caught up in another fight which was a lot easier than the last one. This time there were no guards like before. They had been sent away because Dieudonné and his followers had probably thought that there was no need for them. Or maybe they had not wanted to share their triumph, their new powers, with simple guards. So, there were just the people who had taken part in this ritual, older Shadowhunters that were not on duty anymore. The days they had fought on a daily basis long gone. They were no match for the siblings. Even if they tried to attack the three of them all at once. One after another was knocked out easily until just Pangborn and Dieudonné were standing, their faces convulsed with rage and madness. Alec took a step closer towards them but was held back by Izzy. “We need to leave. They are not worth it, big brother.” She bit onto her lower lip and stared at Alec who nodded after a moment even though she could understand that he wanted to knock them out as well. “You’re right. They are not worth it. I am sure they will get what they deserve soon enough.” After one last look he turned around so that he, Jace and Izzy could get out. Finally.

At first, they had no clue where to go. They did not know where they were, where they had been brought to after they had been sedated. “This way.” Jace pointed towards a hallway. “We need to stay in motion. Otherwise, the guards will get us. And I am sure they already called for their help.” Izzy and Alec followed, running after their brother. They turned a few times, hearing some people close by one time or another, but gladly not meeting any guards or other people who would stop them. A few minutes later Alec noticed that the hallway had changed slightly, looking different. Like a normal building, not a dungeon anymore. Probably they were getting back to some upper storeys where they would finally be able to find a way out.

“I think I know where we are now.” Alec said, his breath a little ragged, as he finally recognized the doors they passed right now. “Around this corner and...” He stated and ran further as he turned around said corner just to bump into somebody. “By the angel, be careful.” The other person yelped and her eyes widened as she saw the three Shadowhunters, covered in sweat, dirt and blood standing right in front of her. “What is happening here?” She asked with a firm voice.

Chapter Text

“Okay, now... calm down. Take a breath. And explain to me what this is all about.” Consul Penhallow had led Alec, Jace and Izzy to her office after they had bumped into her. She had been confused about how the three young Shadowhunters had looked. And why they were here in Idris. She had not expected the Head of the New York Institute to be around. And not in a constitution like he was in. So, she had given them a sign to follow her even though she had noticed that the three of them were looking around nervously, on edge the whole time. As if something could happen to them. As if they were chased and threatened. And probably they had been, depending on their looks.

After they had entered her office the three had sat down while she had handed them some water to drink before sitting down as well, now staring at the three young Shadowhunters in front of her. They exchanged a look, nodding in a silent agreement that it would be Alec’s turn to speak for them. “Consul Penhallow... this is... something dangerous is going on here.” He started, obviously still looking for the right words. Whatever had happened to them it probably had confused them enormously. And maybe left them even a bit scared. “Dangerous?” She repeated and arched an eyebrow. “If there is something dangerous going on, you should speak, Mister Lightwood. If there’s a threat, we need to eliminate it.” Alec returned her look and swallowed before he cleared his throat. “You’re right. We have been called here by an official Clave message to meet up with some representatives due to... the situation I am in.” He stumbled over the last of his own words but got back to it after that. He had to stay calm. The consul needed to hear the whole story. And so, he told her. That they had been here to talk and all of a sudden, they had been captured. And their kind of kidnappers had tried to force him to proceed with a ritual that would have killed the three of them just to give some Clave members weird superpowers. The consul listened to his words carefully and her eyes widened at the revelation. “So, you said Dieudonné led the whole thing?” She asked after Alec had finished and he nodded. “Yes, he seemed to be behind all of this, having his followers with him. We can tell you all their names.” Alec stated.

“Okay, then...” The consul got up and rushed over towards her desk, reaching for her phone. Out of the corner of her eyes she could see the three tensing up slightly. And she could understand them. Maybe there was still a bit of fear that she was part of this, that she could call Dieudonné or anyone of his group to come and get them back to get on with their ritual. But she was not a person like that. She would never do that. Could never do that. So, while she spoke through the phone she carefully smiled at the three, trying to assure them with this smile that she was no threat. That she was on their side.



After the consul had brought them to her office and Alec had revealed what had taken place just a few hours ago in the same building, everything else had happened pretty fast. Guards had been called and Consul Penhallow had reassured them that these men were totally on her side, that they were loyal and not corrupted by Dieudonné and his way of thinking. The men had been instructed to leave and find the group of Clave members. The consul had left the siblings to handle the rest and had asked them to stay in her office, placing two guards in front of the door for their safety. So, finally it was okay to relax.

Alec leant back in the seat he was sitting in. He had been tense the whole time, since they had met the consul. For a second, he had really thought that they had run into another traitor. But deep down he had known that this would not be the case. Because he knew Jia. And her daughter Aline. They had been good friends back at the Academy. And she had always been fair when he had met her in official business. “Gosh, I can’t wait to get back to the Institute. I need a shower.” Alec heard Izzy right next to him as she sighed, raising her arms to stretch herself. The marks where she had been tied up were still visible on her wrists and all the bruises and cuts could still be seen. Like Jace’s and his own. There had been no medic in here yet but after all, they were not hurt that bad so they could wait. Their treatment could wait. It was more important to get all these lunatics who had tried to perform this crazy ritual. And to stop them before they could try it again. “They had wanted to force me to kill you.” Alec muttered almost inaudible and blinked, closing his eyes as if he had just realized this instant what had happened earlier. “But you resisted. Alec, I am proud of you. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you trained so hard to resist an Alpha-voice.” Jace leant over towards his brother and put his hand onto Alec’s knee, squeezing it carefully. “But... they wanted us dead. All of us. They... did you see dad with them?” Alec opened his eyes to look at Jace, then Izzy.

Izzy looked away and nodded slowly, clenching her fists while Jace groaned, anger crossing his face. “I knew that he was an asshole. That he despised you being an Omega. But that he would do something like that, sacrifice his own children...” He hissed and got up to his feet, pacing through the room as if he was not able to sit still anymore. “I haven’t thought he would go that far. He... would have accepted us to get killed.” Izzy added, her voice low and a bit hoarse. For her, it had to be hard the most because she had never given up hope that their father could change. That he would one day accept his children, all of them, and their mother. Even after his outburst at the Institute a week ago. She had wanted him to change. But to see him now as a part of the group that wanted to kill his children just to drink their blood to get more power? This was hard.

Alec shifted closer to his sister and put his arm around her. She leant towards him immediately with a sigh, pressing her body against his. “We should stop thinking about that. It’s... this whole situation is ridiculous. That they even considered to get through with this. But well, after all their own pride caught them. They have never expected an Omega to be able to resist. To have his own mind.” Jace stopped and looked at his siblings, brushing his hand along Izzy’s shoulder in a soft way as he passed them, still not able to stand still. “I am proud, Alec.” Izzy said and raised her head to look him in the eyes, a little smile on her face, and he nodded in return. “Thank you. As if I could ever hurt one of you on purpose. No Alpha could ever force me to do something like that. You’re my siblings. And as I said... three come in...” “...three come out.” The other two replied in unison.



Magnus was nervous. And so was his inner Alpha. Restlessly, he wandered through his loft, his phone in his hand as he stared at the dark display. Alec had left yesterday for his Clave meeting and he had not heard from his Omega since then even though he had promised to call. Or at least write a message. But nothing. Silence. So, it was just natural that Magnus felt nervous. Maybe something had happened to the other? Maybe they had really done something to him, concerning his second gender? Like, forcing him to get rid of all his connections and put him into an Omega lifestyle, forcing him to... Magnus rubbed his face. No, he did not want to think about that. He would go crazy then. He should have accompanied him. He should have gone with Alec. But... would it have changed anything? No, probably not. Even though he was Alec’s Alpha now the other was still capable of protecting himself, of fighting for himself. He was strong. He had to trust his Omega although he did not trust the Clave at all. But this was still Alec’s fight. And he had to handle this on his own.

Nevertheless, Magnus was worried and his Alpha had curled up inside of him, concerned, and had started to wail. “I need to know.” Magnus muttered under his breath. If he could, he would portal right to Idris. To look for Alec himself. But he could not. There was no way to get into Idris like that. And actually, he should not just show up there unannounced. Under Alec’s lead the New York Institute might have turned more open-minded but he was sure there were still enough Shadowhunters who would not be happy about the High Warlock of Brooklyn just appearing on their somehow doorstep in search for his Omega. This was still Idris we were talking about.

With a groan Magnus let himself fall into his couch and put his phone right next to him, still staring at the display which did not light up as if it was mocking him. Just one message. One little message. That Alec was okay. That he would be back any minute. Magnus closed his eyes and another groan left him. Since when had he become so dependent on another person? Right. Since he had found his Omega. His mate. Even though they had not talked about it yet, Magnus already knew about that. That Alec was the one meant for him. His mate. But this was not the moment to think about something like that. Not when he was so worried that something had happened because he had not heard a word from Alec since yesterday. Yes, he had tried to call the other but it had led him straight to voicemail. And this did not help as well for Magnus to calm down. On the contrary. This made him even more nervous.

There was probably just one thing he could do. Going to Idris was off the table. But he could pay the Institute a visit. Maybe Clary or even Alec’s mother could tell him what was going on. Maybe they had some information which nobody had thought about sharing with him. Before he could think about it twice, Magnus had gotten up and had opened a portal to get right to the front of the Institute. Nobody was welcoming him this time and for a brief moment he thought about that he could have called Clary instead. But if he was already here, he could also go in, right? After taking a deep breath, he headed towards the door and opened it. For a second, he thought that the moment he stepped into the building there would be an alarm going off. But then he scolded himself for being so stupid. First, why should there be any alarm? He was not a threat. And second, he was the one in charge for the wards here. So, his wards would recognize him everywhere, not giving away a sign that it was him breaching them. He started to walk slowly along the hallway towards the Ops centre. A few Shadowhunters passed him but nobody stopped him. They seemed relaxed which calmed Magnus down as well. If Alec and his siblings were in danger, there would be a lot more going on here and everybody would be on edge. So, he let out a sigh of relief as he entered the Ops centre to find Clary in front of one of the monitors. She stared at the tablet in her hands as if she tried to figure something out. “Hey.” Magnus greeted her with a soft smile on his face and Clary looked up at him. “Magnus. Oh, hey. Nice to see you. What are you doing here? Alec’s not here. They are still in Idris.” She said and put the tablet down, leaning over to hug the warlock briefly. “They are?” Magnus arched an eyebrow, his nervousness back all of a sudden. “Um... yes... what’s wrong? What is going on, Magnus?” Clary asked with a frown. She had probably smelled him being nervous and on edge. “It’s probably nothing.” Magnus tried to brush it off with a wave of his hand. “I just... did you get a message from Jace? Have you heard from them?” He asked. Clary shook her head. “No, I haven’t. But I don’t mind. Jace is not the type to call or text me that much. Most of the time, he even forgets to charge his phone.” She chuckled at this thought but got serious again a second later. “Are you worried?” She asked and moved closer to Magnus, leaning against the table next to him as she turned her head to study his face. “It’s probably stupid. There might be so much going on and... Alexander... had no time to call or write and...” Magnus sighed. “Hey, it’s okay. If you are worried... He’s your Omega. You share a special bond even if you’re not mated yet.” Clary raised her hand and placed it on Magnus’ who looked at her. “I want this to stop. I want him to be back. I have a bad feeling even though I cannot explain it.”



After an hour of waiting in the consul’s office the door opened again and she returned. “Did you get them?” Izzy had been dozing off slightly while Jace had stepped towards the window, staring outside without saying a word. Alec had been lost in his thoughts about their father and what he had done to them. But the three were highly alarmed the moment Consul Penhallow was back. Alec had gotten up the instant she had stepped into the room. “Don’t worry. We have it under control.” The consul nodded. “We need to talk. But first...” She let her eyes wander over the three Shadowhunters in front of her. “I should bring you to the infirmary. Your wounds should be treated. Sorry for not being able to let you go there earlier.” She let out a sigh and waved them over to follow her. It took them a few minutes until they reached said infirmary. Two Omegas welcomed them and led them towards treatment couches. Alec sat down in silence, just hissing slightly as his shirt was pulled over his head so that they had better access to the slash on his arm and the other bruises. He looked around carefully and sniffed. There were just Omegas around. As to be expected. Was this the life he would lead in the near future? Would they force him to change? To turn into a medic or something similar? Would he have to give up his position?

There it was again. His thoughts. All the fears he had had before their ‘talk’ with Dieudonné. His worries about his and the Institute’s future. The ritual might have delayed it but it was inevitable. Sooner or later, he would need to explain himself. And other people would decide his future for him. He would not have a say in it. At least, he was not on his own. He had his Alpha and... “Magnus.” His eyes widened and he flinched as one of the Omega’s put some disinfectant onto the open wound. “Where’s my phone? I need to call him.” He stated, already trying to get up again to look for his phone. He had not thought about the other until now. He had not thought about calling him, telling him about what had happened, too lost in the stuff they had had to endure. “You need to calm down.” The Omega in front of him had raised her voice and put her hand onto his chest, pressing him back onto the couch. She pinched the bridge of her nose, probably at his scent that was streaked with desperation and worries. “You can call him as soon as I am done with you. I need to treat you first. So please. Calm down.” Easier said than done. Alec closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He was able to smell the soothing scent that was coming from her, probably to make it easier for him. “Have you gotten into a fight?” She asked after a moment of silence, trying to make some small talk during her treatment. Alec nodded slowly and bit onto his lip, hoping that she would stop talking and would hurry up. All he could think about now was to call Magnus. “That must have been one...” She stopped for a moment to turn around to grab some bandages. While she did, she took a breath. And her eyes widened as she turned back around. “You’re an Omega. Now I can smell it.” She stared at Alec, not moving any further, the bandages in her hands. “Um... yes.” Alec replied slowly, feeling a bit awkward now at her statement. “How does it come that you... You’re an Omega but you were in a fight and... you look like that and... and...” She muttered, still staring at him. “Mara, I’d appreciate it if you continued treating your patient. There will be a time for a talk. But it’s not now.” The consul had approached them. She had not left at all and had waited for them at the entrance. Maybe to make sure that they were treated correctly and that nothing else would occur during their time here. Or maybe to be able to lead them back to have the promised talk as soon as possible. “Um, sorry. Sure, Consul Penhallow.” Mara lowered her eyes and continued to put the bandage around the slash on Alec’s arm even though she could not help herself glancing at him from time to time.



“Please, follow me. We’ll sit down in my office to talk about everything.” The consul’s voice sounded firm. It had taken the medics around ten more minutes to patch the three young Shadowhunters up and they were back on their feet. While Izzy and Jace nodded, Alec shook his head. “No, first I need my phone. I need to call my Al-… Magnus.” He stated, already turning around to reach for his phone that was still on the table next to where he had been treated. He ignored everyone around him who looked at him, pushing the buttons. But nothing. Probably, there had been not enough battery left and the phone had died somehow in the past hours. “Shit.” He hissed and grabbed his phone even harder. “You can use the phone in my office.” The consul stated and turned around to leave the room, sure that the other three would follow her. For a moment, Izzy and Jace looked back at Alec before they started to move. Alec sighed, then he followed.

They walked together in silence which stretched as they reached the consul’s office. She led them in and Izzy and Jace sat down while Alec headed towards the desk. He did not care which impression he left right now. His thoughts were with Magnus. His Alpha had not heard from him since yesterday and must be worried. For a second, he stared at the phone, reaching out for it before he realized it. “I don’t have his number.” Alec muttered and rubbed his face. He had no clue how to contact Magnus. He had not memorized the other’s number and his own phone had died. So, there was no way to call. “Mister Lightwood. Please. Sit down. We will sort this out. But first... we really need to talk.” And as if to underline her words, the door opened all of a sudden and Imogen Herondale entered. “What is this all about?” She asked, taking in the four people in the room. Her face did not give away anything about what she thought about the situation, seeing Consul Penhallow in her office with the three Shadowhunters who were obviously injured concerning the bandages on their bodies.

“Madame Inquisitor. Please. Take a seat. And you, too, Mister Lightwood.” The consul turned towards Alec who followed. With the Inquisitor in the room there would be no option to call Magnus right now. Their conversation would have to wait. So, he sat down right next to his siblings, Herondale and Penhallow on their opposite.

“You asked me to come here, Jia. What do you want to talk about? And why are they here?” The Inquisitor’s voice was stern and Alec felt slightly nervous. Maybe they were here to talk about him? Finally? Because the Inquisitor should have been informed by now about the situation with Dieudonné, right? It was Izzy to reach out for Alec’s hand, to take it in hers. And this gesture calmed him down. “Imogen, there were things going on in Idris we had no clue about. And they were involved, even it was involuntarily. I have already taken care of the situation. Kind of. But the best is to let them explain.” She gave Alec a sign to start to speak. He took a deep breath before he started to retell the story. The Inquisitor was silent the whole time, her eyes did not leave his and she listened to him, just nodding slightly at his words. Minutes later, after Alec had finished, she stayed quiet, thinking about what she just had heard. “This is a serious issue what you’ve told me, Mister Lightwood. Something like that is... inacceptable. Shadowhunters, members of the Clave, sacrificing our kind for their own advantage. I am glad that you could escape almost unharmed. We will now take care of this whole situation. I promise you they will suffer the consequences. We will find everyone who took part in this. I won’t allow such a treatment. Blood-rituals, really? What are we? Back in the Middle Ages?” She shook her head and got up to her feet with a sigh. “I expect a report on the whole thing in the next days. And I wish you all getting well as soon as possible. Probably, it’s the best to get back home right now. To rest. But you are expected to stay in touch for your interrogation on this case. We need your statements in person. This thing is big. And we shouldn’t make a mistake by handling it the wrong way.” The three Shadowhunter nodded and the Inquisitor turned around to leave.

This was the moment Alec could not hold back anymore. They had just talked about them being captured. About what Dieudonné and his followers had done. But there was one thing still not being spoken of. What he himself had done. About him being an Omega. About him having lied to the Clave. On the one hand, he was glad that nobody had talked about it yet. Because this could mean something. This could mean that it would be okay. But on the other hand, it drove him nuts. What if it was not okay, would never be? And being left in the darkness? He hated it. So, he decided to be brave. To ask about it. He did not want to wait any longer. He needed to hear them talk about it. “Madame Inquisitor? Consul Penhallow?” He raised his voice and the two women looked at him. “May I ask...” He started, his mouth dry and his voice a bit hoarse. The two women exchanged a quick look before the Inquisitor started to speak, interrupting him. “Mister Lightwood, I know what you want to ask about. But I think this is not the time. We have more important tasks at hand right now.” She stated. “All we can say for now is... that we will have a conversation about this topic as well in the near future. Because we cannot ignore this. What you did.” The consul added and Alec nodded slowly, swallowing at her words. But before he could start to think about it any further, before his thoughts could start to spiral down, she continued. “But I can assure you. Don’t worry. It’s not as bad as you might think it is.” A little smiled crossed the consul’s face and the Inquisitor nodded. “We will talk. And you will have to explain yourself. And you might be judged for what happened. You will have to face the consequences. But, it will be fair. After all, you’re the Head of the New York Institute. And you deserve to be treated like that.” And with these words the Inquisitor finally left the room, leaving a very confused Alec behind her.

“What?” He croaked in disbelief before he turned back towards the consul who now had a wider smile on her face. Izzy clenched his hand even harder but Alec did not notice that, his eyes glued to the woman in front of him. “You might find this hard to believe but like the Inquisitor said... we’re not in the Middle Ages anymore. And there are some people around here having your back. Because we think... Because we know maybe it’s time for a change. And you are just the beginning.”

After this kind of confession everything was a blur for Alec. He could hardly believe what he had heard. Yes, he would have to deal with his somehow betrayal. But it seemed that nobody wanted him to step back. To give up his position. He would still be able to lead the New York Institute. He would still be able to make a change. To work on a better future for all of them, Downworlders and Shadowhunters alike. For all the Omegas and Alphas and... Magnus! All of a sudden, his thoughts were back at his own Alpha. He still needed to call him, to tell him that he was okay.

“Consul Penhallow, I...” He started and stood up. “I know. You want to get back home. The three of you need their rest. It has been a lot in the past days, right?” The consul had gotten up to her feet as well with a nod. “And you probably want to get back to your Alpha.” She added with a lower voice, getting closer to Alec to put her hand onto his shoulder, looking up at him. “Yes.” Alec muttered, not looking away from her. “So, let’s get you to the portal room.”



“Have you heard anything yet?” Magnus asked Clary for the umpteenth time. He had not been able to leave the Institute. He had wanted to stay there even though he knew that it was maybe a bit stupid. Still being here while Alec was obviously not. He should get back home to wait there. And after all, he had his own work, his own tasks to fulfil. He was the High Warlock of Brooklyn with his duties and... but still, he had not heard from his Omega. And that was all that mattered right now. “No, sorry. Jace’s phone’s still dead. And so is Alec’s. I can’t even reach Izzy. Probably they have forgotten their charger and...” But even if Clary tried to find a reasonable explanation for the missing contact she also sounded less convinced by her own words with every moment that passed. Maybe Magnus’ nervousness had somehow rubbed off onto the Omega as well.

“What are you doing here, warlock?” The sound of a harsh voice interrupted their conversation and Magnus turned around to look into the eyes of another Alpha. “You are not welcome here.” The man sneered as Magnus did not reply. “Just because Alec decided that he want to submit to a Downworlder as an Omega doesn’t mean the rest of us accept you here. You’re nothing like us. You are still a Downworlder and so much...” He got cut off by a stern voice. “This is enough.” Alec.

Without noticing the three Shadowhunters had gotten back just in time to witness the situation in front of them. That a fellow Shadowhunter was insulting Magnus because he was a Downworlder. And Alec could hardly hold himself back, not after what he had to go through in the past days. Magnus had turned around the moment he had heard the other man’s voice and his eyes widened as he took in the bandages that were wrapped around the sibling’s bodies. He had been right. Something had happened in Idris. “Alexander...” He muttered and took a step closer to his Omega who just raised his hand. “Wait. There is something more important to handle first.” Alec stated and passed Magnus whose eyes followed him as he approached the Alpha who was still standing there, his head high and his arms crossed in front of his chest with a wide grin. “Look who’s back. Our great Omega leader. Well...” He started, his voice dripping of sarcasm, but was cut off by Alec again with a loud growl that made the people in the room flinch. Even Magnus wanted to lower his head slightly at the sound. “What did you just say?” Alec narrowed his eyes who had turned emerald green again, stopping just in front of the Alpha. “I said that we’re all so happy that our Omega leader is back.” The man said but now his voice wavered slightly as he took the Omega in who stood in front of him. As he smelled his scent which was full of self-confidence and determination. Alec could feel that the other was a bit intimidated right now even though he would never admit it. Because he could smell it in the Alpha’s scent. “Yes, I am back. And I am still Head of this Institute. The one you are a part of. Or better... were a part of. As I said a few days ago. I won’t accept any prejudices around here. And it seems that you have a lot. So, maybe it’s time you learn your place.” Alec had gotten even closer to the other who had taken a step back, feeling slightly threatened by Alec’s behaviour. “You will pack your stuff and will head back to Idris. There’s no place for you around here. Maybe back there you will learn how to act like a decent human being.” The Alpha blinked at him but did not move. “Did you not understand my words?” Alec bared his teeth with another growl. “S-Sorry...” He man lowered his head and swallowed, cowering down as much as possible to make himself look smaller to show Alec his submission who kind of towered over him now. “Leave. I expect you to be gone in ten.” And without any further words the Alpha turned around and almost fled out of the room.

For a second, there was silence in the room and Alec sighed as he looked around. “I think you all have work to do?” He stated and all of a sudden, the few Shadowhunters who had been there started to work again, getting back into what they had done before this short intercourse. “Alexander, what...” Magnus had approached Alec but was not able to finish his sentence because he found himself in a tight embrace. “Magnus.” The Omega hid his face in his Alpha’s neck, taking a deep breath of the other man’s scent. They stood there for a moment before they could hear Izzy clear her throat. “Maybe... let’s take this to somewhere else. There’s no need for everyone to be part of this.” She stated and Alec let go of Magnus even though he did not put much distance between them, taking the other man’s hand in his and entwining their finger in desperate need of his Alpha’s touch. “Sure. Let’s get back to my office.” He replied.

After a few moments, they finally settled down in the armchairs in Alec’s office. Clary had not left Jace’s side the whole time as well and even now she had wrapped her arms around the man’s waist, pressing herself close against the Beta’s body as if she needed this to make sure that he was there and safe. And Magnus felt the same. He resisted the urge to pull Alec into his lap to be able to hold him as close as possible. But he could not stop himself from having his arm around Alec’s shoulder, pulling the man in to be pressed against his side. He took a few deep breaths to take in his Omega’s scent, knowing that it would soothe him. “What happened?” He then asked, glancing at the man by his side. And Alec started to explain for the third time in the past hours what they had to endure in Idris.

“I knew it was a bad idea to get there on your own.” Magnus muttered after Alec had finished, a short silence had fallen over the room. “It probably was. But nobody could have known that this would happen. We have not expected that there was a group of lunatics waiting for us.” Jace stated with a sigh, leaning over to kiss Clary’s head. “You could have died.” She said as she looked up at the blond. “But we didn’t. Because Alec did not go through with it. Because he resisted as they wanted to force him to kill us.” Izzy stepped in which caused Clary to turn her head to look at her. “You are really different.” Magnus muttered and he pushed Alec away a bit to look at him properly. “Told you. You knew you wouldn’t get a common Omega.” Alec shrugged his shoulders and tried to smile at his Alpha who frowned. “Don’t you dare to scare me like that again.” Magnus whispered before he leant in to place a soft kiss against Alec’s lips. “I promise.” The other replied as they parted, leaning back against Magnus’ body.


Chapter Text

It had been three days. Three long days since Alec and his siblings were back in New York. Back at the Institute. Back in safety. But even if they were back they were nowhere near being able to rest. To take their time to work through what had happened. Because not long after they had gotten back there had been a fire message for Alec, announcing the Inquisitor and a few Clave members to get to New York to take part in their interrogation, starting the same evening. There were still a few holes in their story to be filled in. And Consul Penhallow had written in her message that she wanted to get the much-needed information as quick as possible because Dieudonné and his followers should be taken to court immediately. They should pay for what they had attempted to do by being locked up for the rest of their days.

Alec’s interrogation had taken place in his office. After the first evening and a short break to get some sleep it had continued. And continued. One day turned to two turned to three. And Magnus had not left Alec’s side the whole time, just being gone for once in a while to change, to take a quick shower or to grab some food for them. His instincts had told him to be with his Omega and he had hardly been able to leave. He wanted to be there. For Alec it felt as if Magnus had wanted to convince himself by being there that the other was safe. That nothing bad happened to him again. That Alec was in no danger anymore. And Alec? He was glad about Magnus being there with him. To have the other’s soothing presence close by the whole time while he spoke, while he told the story over and over again. The first time the Inquisitor had appeared to talk to him she had raised an eyebrow as she had spotted Magnus sitting in the back of the room. But she had not said a word about it, she had not told him to leave. Probably she knew why the other was here. Support. Instead of talking about Magnus she had started to ask Alec the needed questions, telling him to explain exactly what had happened, who had been taken part in the whole thing and what they had tried to force him to do. And Alec had answered, told her everything he knew, repeatedly. Told their story. And Magnus? Magnus had just been there, in the background. Alec had been able to smell his scent, a mix of concern, anger and support. And maybe a bit of awe when Alec had explained that he had been able to resist the men’s attempts to control him with the usage of their Alpha voice.

Just once Magnus had gotten up and closer to Alec, taking his hand in his own while sitting down next to him. It was when he had spoken about his father and how Robert had been involved. That it had been him to send the three siblings to their doom. Alec had already known it. He had known that his father was lost the moment he had spotted him during the ritual when he had seen the look in his eyes and how he had partaken in everything going on there. That he would never care for Alec because his son was an Omega and gay, even though he had no clue which was worse in his father’s eyes. Hearing the Inquisitor saying it aloud, that after Dieudonné had told Robert about the possibility to gain power to overcome the Downworlders by sacrificing three people, Robert had all too willingly offered his own children as the perfect triad, the perfect sacrifice, because he had thought that Alec would at least serve one purpose then. He had not minded to lose him because Alec was not worth anything anymore for him. It made Alec swallow. His relationship with his father had never been a good one because he knew about his prejudices and his view on certain things. But hearing this, coming from another person… this was hard even though it just confirmed what he had known for so long. No matter what, he would have never been enough for his father. Before he could think about it too much, Magnus had squeezed his hand softly and asked the Inquisitor for a short break so that Alec could take a breath. And he had been glad about it. The Inquisitor had left the room for a few minutes. And Magnus had just held Alec in his arms without saying a word, supporting the other by just being there so that Alec could organize his thoughts, to get his mind back on track. To be able to continue with the interrogation. And most of all, to calm down.

After that, there had been no need to talk about his father anymore in the further interrogation. Magnus had gotten back to his seat in the back and Alec had spoken about everything else so that the Inquisitor could write down everything important to file a case against Dieudonné and his followers.



“Mister Lightwood, I think this will be enough.” Inquisitor Herondale closed the notebook she had held in her hands for the past three days. Where she had written everything down Alec had said. “I think you might want to get some rest. You need it. Sorry for taking so much of your time.” She stated and got up to her feet, Alec did as well. “I understand. It was necessary due to the circumstances. If you need anything else…” He started but the Inquisitor shook her head. “No. Thank you. This will be enough for now. Maybe we have some further questions later on. But for now, everything is fine. And I am sure that with your sibling’s statements we can really file that case and send them away for as long as possible.” A sigh left Alec’s lips and he nodded, opening the door for the Inquisitor. Before she left she turned around one last time. “About the other thing… about you… we will contact you. But like Consul Penhallow has already said. No need to worry too much.” Alec nodded again. “Goodbye, Mister Lightwood. And Mister Bane.” And with these words she was gone, Alec and Magnus finally alone in the office.

“What did she…” Magnus started but was cut off as he felt Alec’s body pressed close against his. He was almost tackled by the other, his arms wrapped around him in a tight hug the moment the door had been closed while Alec had his face against his neck, to inhale his scent. “Magnus.” Alec sounded tired and a bit desperate as he hid his face, closing his eyes. Magnus had put his arms around the other’s figure as well. For a moment, the two of them just stood there, holding each other before Magnus interrupted the silence. “Are you okay?” They had not exchanged that many words in the past days, being under surveillance almost the whole time. “Yes. I am okay. Because you’re with me.” Alec replied and wanted to pull Magnus closer again, just to enjoy the moment. But Magnus had a different plan. He now pulled away completely even though their fingers were still entwined. Alec could feel the warmth emanating from the other man’s body. “Let’s just get somewhere more private. So that you can rest properly.” He stated with a soft smile on his face, brushing his lips against their raised hands, against Alec’s skin. “Okay. But… just let me write a short message to Izzy.” He said, leaning towards his desk to grab a pen. He scribbled down a few words and sending the paper away in a flame so that his sister knew where he was.

A moment later, both men were entering the loft and Alec let out a sigh, taking a deep breath. Even though Magnus had not really been here in the past three days because he had been with him the whole time the loft still smelled like his Alpha. Like home. “You should take a shower.” Magnus suggested. “I will have some food ready when you’re done.” For a second, Alec just wanted to tell Magnus that there was no need to treat him like that. That he was not a fragile human being in need to be taken care of. That he was capable of looking after himself. But when he turned around to look at Magnus he closed his mouth again as he saw the feelings showing up in the other man’s eyes.

The fear of Alec getting killed. Of losing him.
The need to protect him. To do everything to keep his Omega safe.
The pride because Alec had endured so much and had not given in any moment.
The relief of having his Omega back, mostly unharmed.

And so much more that Alec could hardly grab. So, instead of insisting that everything was okay, that there was no need to treat him like that, he just nodded with a little smile. And to be honest? He felt at ease by doing so, his inner Omega purred happily because his Alpha wanted to look after him. That finally there was another person who cared for Alec. “Thank you.” He simply stated and leant over to kiss Magnus, pressing his lips softly against the other’s. It was just a light touch but it made him shudder slightly. “Hurry, darling. You need that shower and you need food.” Magnus smiled and raised his hands to brush a strand of hair away, before placing another kiss onto Alec’s lips.


Alec had taken his time to take a shower. He enjoyed the hot and steady stream of water running over his body, soothing his muscles which were still a bit tense and felt slightly sore due to sitting in the office for so many days. After he stepped out, his hand cleared the mirror in front of him that was fogged by the steam and turned around carefully, eyeing his own body. He could still see some of the bruises and cuts, the slash had already been treated by one of their medics again who had changed the bandage. All in all, he looked okay, most of his physical injuries almost already invisible. There was just a dull ache in his head which was probably caused by his lack of sleep and what he had gone through in the past days. Nothing a night of good sleep could not fix.

After he had dried himself with the towel and had put some clothes on, thanks to Magnus who had left something for him to wear just outside the bathroom, he strolled into the living-room, his hair still a bit damp due to the shower. “Oh, just in time. Sit down on the couch. I’ll bring the food over.” Magnus had looked up with a smile, waving his finger’s in the air. Blue sparks were flickering off his fingertips and the food that had been on the kitchen counter vanished and appeared on the coffee table an instant later. “Thank you, Magnus. Really.” Alec let out a sigh and sat down on the couch, rubbing his face. After sitting down here, with Magnus, in the soothing presence of his Alpha, he could finally relax. And he felt how tired he actually was. Everything in the past days had been so draining. He just wanted to rest. “No need to thank me, dear. That’s the least I can do.” Magnus sat down next to him and winked at Alec before he reached out to grab a plate, putting some food onto it for the other and handing it over. They sat in silence for a moment, just eating their food. “You did enough in the past days. You were there with me the whole time. And I am grateful for that. You helped me. A lot.” Alec said after a while in between two bites. “I can just repeat myself. The least I can do. After not being able to be there with you in the first place. To protect you.” Alec could hear the anger in the other’s voice at these words and put his now empty plate down. “Hey, don’t worry. Don’t be mad. It’s okay. You could… we could not…” Alec started and raised his hand to cup Magnus’ cheek who closed his eyes with a sigh. “Still. I am mad at myself that I let you go in the first place. I should have felt it. That there was something off. I should have…” “Magnus.” Alec interrupted him, his tone caused the other to open his eyes. “Even though you’re my Alpha and I’m your Omega… it doesn’t mean that you’re responsible for me. I can look after myself and so can you. We just… complete each other. But we’re still our own person. Don’t rebuke yourself. It’s not your fault.” While he had spoken Alec had gotten closer, his forehead now pressed against Magnus’ as he looked the other in his eyes. “I know. I know that you’re not depending on me like that. It’s just… I can hardly suppress these feelings because my instinct tells me that I have to take care of you.” A wry smile appeared on Magnus’ face which caused Alec to chuckle slightly. “Maybe you have to teach your Alpha that I am not an Omega damsel in distress.” Magnus rolled his eyes at the little tease. “Maybe I need my Alpha to get acquainted to his headstrong Omega some more by spending more time with him…” He suggested playfully. Alec chuckled again. “I’d love that.” He simply said and leant in for another soft kiss before he pulled back. Before Magnus could say something, Alec moved sideways to be able to put his head into the other’s lap, curling slightly against the other man. He reached out for Magnus hand to put it against his head, a silent request to Magnus to card his fingers through Alec’s hair.

And who would Magnus be not to follow such an invitation? With a smile he began to move his hand, his fingers touching the soft hair while he moved his other hand to make the leftover food disappear with another blue spark. “You know, Alexander, that we still have to talk about what happened.” Magnus said after they had sat there in silence for quite some time, enjoying each other’s company and the closeness. “Do we? I have told this story so many times now. And you have been there. You know…” Alec sighed and turned his head slightly so that he could look up to Magnus who had stopped his fingers at his words. He furrowed his brows and nudged Magnus’ arm with his shoulder to tell him he should keep going. The soft fingers playing with his hair was really appreciated by Alec. “Yes, I know.” Magnus replied with a little smile and continued the movement of his hand. Alec closed his eyes again and seemed pleased. “But I still have a question that I have no answer for.” “What do you want to know?” Alec muttered. He had raised his own hand to Magnus’ thigh, drawing unknown pattern onto the clothed skin. “I know you trained your whole life to not give in, to resist any Alpha. And you did. Over and over again. I saw you doing it. So… would you… submit to me?” For a moment, Alec stayed quiet and Magnus was not sure if this had been the right time to ask such a question. “I haven’t told the Inquisitor the whole story, you know.” Alec started slowly. “Why so?” Magnus asked. “What do you mean?” “My inner Omega was fighting against me submitting to them. Or to pretend to submit. That is what I told the Inquisitor.” Magnus stayed quiet and listened while Alec continued. “I didn’t tell her that I felt the urge to submit.” Magnus’ eyes widened at these words and he opened his mouth to say something but he was cut off before he could say a word. “To submit to you. My Omega was screaming for his Alpha, telling me over and over again that I would submit to nobody. Except you.” And with this, Alec got up into a sitting position, turning around so that he could face Magnus. “I’ve never felt the urge to submit or to give in. I have always been independent. But then… you came around. And… you might have unlocked something in me as well.” Alec moved closer. “You’re my Alpha. The whole shebang.” He chuckled at his own words and Magnus joined after a second. “I am glad to hear that, Alexander.”

It took a moment for them to stop, still looking at each other. Magnus’ eyes were full of approval and adoration, his scent content and happy. Alec took a deep breath and smiled before he moved again to lift his legs over Magnus’ hips to straddle the other man. Both his hands were on Magnus’ shoulders, playing with the other’s hair. “You’re my Alpha.” Alec almost whispered. “And I don’t want it any other way.” Magnus replied. He raised his head to claim the other’s lips in a soft kiss which Alec slowly returned. He had closed his eyes and leant into the other’s touch. Yes, this felt right. Or better, more than just right. How Magnus’ lips moved against his. How his hands were caressing his waist. How their bodies brushed against each other with every little movement. Just… everything.
Alec sighed, opening his mouth slightly. Magnus took this as an invitation to deepen their kiss, his tongue slowly exploring the other’s mouth, pulling Alec a bit closer towards him. They sat there for a few moments, enjoying each other.

But before their kiss could get more heated, Magnus pulled away from Alec, smiling as the other automatically tried to chase his lips with his eyes closed. “As much as I enjoy this… but… you should rest, dear. You need the sleep.” After Alec understood that the other would not continue kissing him, he sighed. “I hate to agree with you but you’re probably right.” Another sigh left him as he got up to leave Magnus’ lap which turned into a little groan as he felt the dull pain he had felt earlier in his head intensify. Slowly, Alec rubbed his temples. “What’s wrong?” Magnus asked, immediately worried. Alec could also smell it in the other’s scent. “Just… a little headache. Probably due to the lack of sleep. My body probably needs to recharge.” “You can take the bedroom. It’s all yours.” Magnus offered and Alec tilted his head. “Care to join me?” He asked and reached out with his hand. “I just want… to be close to you while asleep. It will probably help to relax because of your scent and…” Magnus smirked and took the other’s hand in his, getting up as well. “Nowhere I’d like to be more right now.” He stated while Alec led them to the bedroom.

He got down onto the bed and pulled Magnus down as well who changed into something sleep-approved and comfortable with a swift movement of his hand. He had curled himself up against Magnus’ chest, pressing his back against the other’s body and let out a content sight. “Yes, I like that.” Alec simply stated before he closed his eyes, finally able to get some well-deserved and well-needed sleep, enclosed by his Alpha’s warmth and scent.



Alec opened his eyes slowly, not sure where he was for a second. But then he noticed the already familiar scent around him and he smiled. With his eyes still closed he reached out with his hand, searching for the other body that had been with him when he had fallen asleep. But there was nobody with him. Alec frowned and cracked his eyes open. Immediately, he missed the other’s warmth even though his scent was still lingering around him. Maybe Magnus had just gotten up to use the bathroom or… what time was it anyways? Alec turned his head slowly to glance at the nightstand. His eyes widened in surprise as he noticed that it was almost noon. He had slept for around 14 hours now. The last time that had happened… well, that actually had never happened before. Maybe he had really been more exhausted than he had thought. He had to admit that he felt a lot better now. The sleep and Magnus’ presence had helped quite a bit and he felt well-rested. Alec yawned and stretched before he sat up in bed, tilting his head from one side to the other before he got up. He stifled another yawn as he scratched the back of his head, strolling into the living-room where he hoped he would find the other. “Magnus?” He softly called out, his eyes darted through the room. “I’m in the kitchen.” He heard the other reply and moved over towards the voice.

“Good morning. Or should I say… good afternoon?” He could see Magnus staring at his phone for a second with a frown before he put it down and turned towards Alec. “I assume you slept well?” The warlock grinned and leant over to place a little kiss onto Alec’s lips who just nodded. “Who was it?” Alec returned the grin and leant against the kitchen counter, pointing towards the phone. “Nothing important. The more important is… that you’re probably hungry again and in need of breakfast. Or lunch?” “Yes, food sounds great. I’m starving.” Alec replied and moved to wrap his arms around Magnus from behind, putting his chin onto the other man’s shoulder, hiding his face against his neck for a second to breathe in his scent. “Then… let’s sit down.” Magnus turned in the embrace, pecking Alec’s lips before he pushed away from him to head towards the dining table, winking at him with a smile. And Alec followed the other with his eyes. For a moment, he realized how domestic this felt. And how right. And how stupid he had been to deny himself this in the first place. That he had had so many doubts about this. About Magnus. About revealing who he truly was, an Omega. Why had he been so scared when there was this perfect Alpha for him so close by? “What are you thinking about?” Magnus asked as he watched Alec smile at him as he sat down as well. “Oh, nothing important. Just… that I am quite a lucky man to be able to be here with you.” “And you call that not important?” Magnus replied with mock hurt in his voice even though there was a teasing glint in his eyes. Alec shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe.” He simply said and reached for a cup to pour himself some coffee. “What have I gotten myself into?” Magnus muttered and sighed dramatically, taking a sip of his own coffee while he watched Alec reaching out for some fruits. “You just got yourself the Omega you deserve?” He replied without returning Magnus’ look, trying to hide his grin. “That I have.” Now, Magnus could not hold back and let out a laugh, leaning over to kiss Alec’s cheek.



“Magnus, I’m fine. Stop worrying.” Alec rolled his eyes and took a deep breath, leaning back in the armchair he was currently sitting in. He had no clue why the other was fussing about it so much. He had just blackened out for a second or two behind his desk. Maybe the past days had taken a larger toll on his body than he had initially thought. And well, it was maybe just natural? He had not slept that much in the past days except the one time in Magnus’ loft four days ago. But even such a long sleep could not power up his batteries fully again. Maybe he needed some more rest that he would stop feeling so tired all the time. “Alexander, don’t you dare to play this down. You almost fell of your chair. Luckily, I just stood close enough to catch you in time.” Magnus growled at the man he knelt in front of, holding his hands in his own. He scrunched his nose. “I can literally smell your exhaustion. You should take some days off.” Magnus stated, his eyes glued to Alec’s. “I can’t. There are still questions to be answered concerning the case and we need to prepare for the trial. And there is still the Institute and our day to day business and…” Alec muttered but was interrupted by Magnus. “But you won’t help anyone if you find yourself in the infirmary sooner than later because you won’t look after yourself.”

There was a moment of silence between the two of them as they stared at each other. “Magnus.” Alec sighed and rolled his eyes again. “Alexander.” The other replied, his eyes still on Alec. “I am not going all Alpha on you but… understand that I am worried. Okay?” He added, his voice a bit softer now than before. “I know. And I am glad that you… don’t try to force me. But… I am fine.” Before Magnus could say something, Alec had raised his hand. “To calm you down… I’ve already seen a medic. And she told me that I am fine. That my injuries have all healed properly and that there is nothing wrong with me. I might be just a bit tired and need more rest. Okay?” He let go of Magnus’ hand to raise his, cupping the other’s cheek. “But… what if there is something they have not found yet?” Alec could not help himself to chuckle at the other. Even if this was more or less serious he could not stop finding it adorable how much Magnus already cared for him. That’s why he asked “What can I do to make you stop worrying?” “Let’s get you to another check-up. Second opinion?” Magnus suggested, glad that Alec did not take any offense by his words or his concern. Alec tilted his head and nodded slightly. “Okay, if that helps you to calm down.” He got up and wanted to pull Magnus with him, heading towards the infirmary but was stopped by the other right after he stood. “No, as much as you might trust your medics… I don’t want another one examining you not properly. Let’s… Catarina. A friend of mine. She’s a nurse. I trust her. If she tells me you’re okay, I won’t bother you anymore. Deal?” Alec sighed and shook his head with a smile. “If you want this… Deal. Give her a call. Or a fire message. Or whatever. And tell me where I have to be at which time. Until then… I need to go and see the others. I still have an Institute to run.” He winked at Magnus, leaning in to kiss the man’s cheek and squeezing his hand slightly before he let go of him to leave the room.

Magnus did not wait another second before he called Catarina to ask her when she had time to meet them.



“Hello, Alexander. I am Cat. Finally, we can be introduced properly. Last time has been a bit in a hurry.” The woman reached out her hand to shake Alec’s. “Call me Alec.” He replied with a smile and took her hand in his for a moment before he let go. “It would have been a lot nicer to meet one of Magnus’ friends under different circumstances. First, rescuing Samuel. Now like that. But he absolutely insisted that you’d examine me. So…” Alec had turned his head slightly to glance at Magnus. “I’m sorry, Alexander, that I am worried about you.” The warlock let out a huff and shook his head. “Don’t be so dramatic, Magnus.” Alec leant in and nudged the man’s shoulder playfully. “I am not dramatic. I am just concerned about your health. That’s all.” Magnus replied. “So concerned that you insisted on a second opinion, not trusting our medics at the Institute who have treated me since I was a child.” Alec had crossed his arms in front of his chest and grinned. “But they could have overlooked something this time…” Magnus had wanted to say some more but he was interrupted by a light chuckle. They had almost forgotten Catarina who was still standing there with them. “As much as I like to listen to your little carefree banter, I suppose I am here for a reason.” She stated with a smirk, winking at her old friend. “Yes, you are. To examine Alexander and to tell me that he is fine. Because I don’t believe what any of his medics say.” Alec rolled his eyes slightly at Magnus’ words. “They are not all incompetent fools, you know.” He muttered under his breath but followed Magnus to the living-room, Catarina right behind him.

Cat pointed towards the couch and Alec sat down to it while she put the bag she had brought with her onto the table on her left. Magnus had gone for a drink before he sat down on the armchair on the opposite side. He took a sip and stayed quiet now. He knew that Cat hated it when she was interrupted during work. She always wanted to concentrate on her patient, giving them her full attention.

“Okay, Alec. First, I’m going to ask you a few questions. I need to get to know you and your medical record. About symptoms and stuff. And then, second, I’ll do a quick examination. But there’s nothing to be worried about.” She explained and Alec nodded. After taking a few things out of her bag she sat down right next to him on the couch, turning towards him. “First of all… what happened to you? Why is Magnus so concerned that there’s something wrong with you?” She asked. “I might have blackened out a few times.” Alec could hear the sharp intake of air out of Magnus’ direction. He had not told the other that the time in the office had not been the only one. He had felt dizzy the same morning and it had taken him a few moments to get up from his bed. And the days before it had happened from time to time as well. Luckily, nobody had been around to see him sway. And he had not injured himself by falling down something or against something. So, he had decided that it was not that important. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Magnus muttered and clenched the glass in his hand a bit tighter than needed. “Because you would have been worried even more than already. And I didn’t want to concern you. Thought it would fade away with a few nights of sleep. And I went to the infirmary for a check-up…” Alec tried to explain. Before Magnus could say something, he was interrupted by Cat. “Thanks for being honest with me. Wouldn’t help if you had kept that to yourself. So, did you just black out or anything else?” She asked. Alec bit down onto his lower lip, avoiding Magnus’ eyes. “I also felt dizzy. All together it might have happened like… ten times throughout the past days.” Alec knew that Magnus was slightly annoyed that he had not told him. His scent giving him away. “Magnus, maybe you should leave us alone. I am not sure if it helps if you are moping in the background.” Cat turned towards the other man who groaned at her words. “But…” He started but closed his mouth again at Cat’s look. “Fine. I’ll be… in the kitchen.” He muttered and got up to leave the room. Alec let out a sigh, looking down at his hands.

“You should have told him.” Cat reached out and squeezed his hands with hers for a second. “I know. But… I am still getting used to having someone caring for me in that kind of way. I haven’t had something like that before. I usually kept stuff like that completely for myself. Or just told my siblings. And to my defense. Really, I haven’t thought that this would be such a big deal. I have gone through worse. I am just exhausted.” Alec raised his head to look at Cat who smiled at him. “Magnus has always been like that. If he cares for somebody… and he definitively cares for you a lot… he can be like a mother-hen sometimes. Don’t be mad at him. He doesn’t mean any harm.” “I know…” Alec returned the smile. “But still, thanks for sending him to the kitchen.” “You’re welcome. I meant what I said. When he’s moping like that, I can hardly concentrate. So, I sent him away for my own good, not yours.” Cat whispered and winked at Alec who let out a chuckle.

“So, where were we? Any other things that happened recently except the dizziness and the black-outs?” She asked. For a moment, Alec thought about it, then shook his head. “No, I think… just me being tired most of the time. I feel like really exhausted.” “Any reason for that? Did you do something special in the past days? Any fight? Encounter with a demon? Anything?” Alec bit into his lower lip again, thinking about what he should tell her. “Everything I say won’t leave this room, right?” He asked and Cat nodded. “You can trust me.” “Okay...” With a few words he explained what happened back in Idris days ago. He kind of held his breath as she stayed quiet after his explanation. “So, this has been very stressful for you, right?” He nodded. “But they have not done anything to you? They could not perform any part of a ritual on you?” Alec shook his head. “Okay, then… you have encountered a lot of stress with you and your siblings being threatened, the interrogation and all.” Cat stated and Alec waited for more. But nothing came. “You are…” “…not surprised? No, not at all. Alec, I’ve lived for so long already. And I have been confronted with the Clave more than once. I know what some of them are capable of. I just have never thought they would use their own kind in a way like that. But well… it seems that there’s already taken care of. So, no need to worry for me right now. I am a nurse, not a politician. I care for your health. That’s my top priority right now.” It was Alec’s turn now to reach out for her hand, squeezing it for a moment. He would never understand why some people back in Idris were still so prejudiced against Downworlders when people like Magnus and Catarina existed who were nothing less than gentle and kind. “Okay, back to the task. To summarize it. You felt dizzy, had some black-outs and are exhausted a lot.” Alec nodded.

“About your medical record. Any allergies? Medical conditions?” Cat continued with her questions. “There are just the usual injuries you get when you’re a Shadowhunter. A few broken bones, some slashes, cuts, bruises, demon-poisoning… but nothing in particular. Nothing that is different than the stuff I usually have to get through.” Alec answered.

Cat had raised her hand and patted the tip of her finger against her lips, thinking thoroughly. “Okay, I think I should take a few tests then. Right now, it might seem that it’s probably really just the stress that’s taking its toll.” “That’s what I tried to tell Magnus the whole time.” Alec stated while Cat moved towards the table. “First, I’m going to take your temperature.” She held out the ear-thermometer and raised an eyebrow as the digits appeared on screen. “What is it?” Alec asked. “Nothing. Just a bit higher than expected.” She put the thermometer down and reached for the stethoscope. “Are you okay with raising your shirt for me?” She put the instrument into her ears and Alec followed her request. He noticed immediately as her eyes darted towards his gendermark. “You probably already knew that I am an Omega.” He muttered but blinked in surprise as she shook her head. “No. Magnus hasn’t told me. He didn’t say a word about that. Until now I thought you were an Alpha just like him. Even though I might have heard a few rumors. But I am not into that kind of gossip.” She patted his knee with a smile and had to smile even more as she noticed the look on Alec’s face. The wide grin that had appeared. Magnus had not outed him, not even in front of his friends. Everything had been on Alec’s terms. And that made him feel kind of proud and happy. “Um… stop it. Please. Your scent gets kind of overwhelming right now.” She giggled and noticed the little blush on Alec’s cheeks at her words. “Sorry. It just… I thought he would have told you.” Cat shook her head. “Magnus respects you. He has from the start.” She raised the stethoscope. “But we’re not here to talk about him. I am still working. And I need to examine you properly. Otherwise, he will never stop.”

Alec took in a little breath as the cold metal touched his skin but watched Cat’s every movement. How she pressed the chest piece against the skin and listened carefully. She requested him to take a few deep breaths. After she was done the last thing to do was to take his pulse and blood pressure. “So, am I going to be okay?” Alec asked as he pulled his shirt down again, looking over at her while she put the instruments back in. Cat stayed quiet for a moment before she turned to look at him, leaning back a bit.

“Alec, am I right that you have taken suppressants until recently?” She wanted to know and Alec was not able to decipher the look she gave him. “Yes. I stopped taking them a few weeks ago because there was no need to hide what I am anymore. I have taken them to hide my scent and the uncontrolled flashing of my eyes.” He stated with a shrug before he crossed his arms in front of his chest. “You know that they are not just for suppressing scents and eyes, right?” Alec blinked for a moment in confusion before it dawned on him. How could he have forgotten about that? “They are also…” “… suppressing a heat?” He asked with wide eyes while his throat felt completely dry all of a sudden. “Yes, you have suppressed it for so long. And now, after not taking the pills anymore… I might need another confirmation with a blood sample but… Alec, I think your heat is approaching.”


Chapter Text

For a long moment, it was quiet in the room. Alec just sat there in shock while Cat watched him, giving him time to process everything.

How could he have forgotten about that? He had taken the suppressants for so long now, always been able to make his scent vanish. To help him that his eyes did not flash when it was not wanted. The suppressants had helped to keep him in line. And then… Magnus had appeared. Magnus. His Alpha. His beautiful Alpha. And Alec had wanted to give in. He had finally accepted who he was. That there was no need to hide himself. His true self. That there was no need to take the pills anymore. That it did not matter if people were able to scent him. It did not matter that they knew that he was an Omega. Because all that mattered was that he had Magnus by his side. The only person who was important right now. And for Magnus he would do almost anything. So, the day after the big reveal in the Ops center it had been on pure instinct to stop taking his suppressants. He did not need them anymore. He had not even needed to think about it. He just… had stopped taking them. People knew about him now. He did not care anymore if they could smell him. His Omega scent. And after all, he wanted Magnus being able to smell him. As much as he could smell the other. All his happiness, his pride, his fears, his content, his concern. Every little detail that Magnus gave him through his scent. He wanted this for Magnus as well. That the other would be able to inhale his Omega’s scent. To know what he felt even if he was not able to say it sometimes.

That the suppressants had also had another purpose… Alec had absolutely not thought about that. Because it had never been a problem for him, had never been a thought in his mind. It was not that he did not know about an Omega’s heat. He had read about it. He had wanted to know everything about it when he had been younger to understand his own body. There had been a time in his life where he had thought that him being an Omega could have been the reason for him being attracted to men instead of women. That being an Omega made him gay. But after he had read a few things about an Omega’s physique, it had not taken him long to find out that this was absolutely stupid. The second gender had nothing to do with your own sexuality.
But due to his research he knew about an Omega’s heat. At least, he knew the biological part. What it did to your body and how it would influence you and stuff like that. But all of that had just been theory. And he actually knew that the suppressants he had taken until a few weeks prior had also stopped him going into his heat. He had just not spared a second thought about it. He had never been in one. So, he had ignored it until the thought of an Omega’s heat had been buried deep in his mind.

However, he had stopped taking the suppressants. So, it was just natural that not only his scent would come back. Also, his heats would now be a part of his life. Except if he decided to start taking the pills again. Alec shook his head. No way. He would not go back to that. Because it would feel like hiding again. And that was something he really did not want anymore. But that also meant that he would have to deal with his heats from now on. Or better, more important, at first, with the one already approaching. His first heat. The first one in his whole life. He swallowed and fidgeted with the hem of his shirt. How should he get through this? What would this mean? He could not do this. Not now. He was sure that it would be awful. He had read about the first ones being really strong, exhausting and long-lasting.

His thoughts were interrupted by Magnus’ voice. The other man was standing in the kitchen’s doorframe, not getting closer, looking carefully at the two people sitting on his couch. “Alexander, are you okay? I could smell… you seem distressed.” He muttered, his eyes fixed on Alec. “Everything’s okay, Magnus. Just… give us some more time, please. There’s nothing to worry about. I promise.” It was Cat who had replied, a soft look on her face as she tried to calm down her friend who seemed to start to feel distressed as well due to his Omega’s scent. “Alec’s fine. I just need to talk to him some more. And after that, you can come back in. Okay?” For a moment, Magnus just stared at Alec who still kept quiet before he nodded slowly. “I will be over here. If you need me.” He simply said before he turned around again to get back into the kitchen even though it was obvious that everything in him screamed not to leave right now.

“Thank you.” Alec muttered, his voice a bit hoarse. He swallowed. “Are you okay?” Cat asked and reached out with her hand carefully, brushing her finger along the upper side of his hand. “I… I think so.” Alec replied and blinked before he looked up at her face. “Are you sure about this? About… me and… and… my heat?” He almost whispered the last word, scared that Magnus would hear him say this aloud. Cat nodded. “Like I said. I think I should take a blood sample. But I am pretty sure that it will just confirm what I said earlier. You are an Omega who stopped using his suppressants. You have been under a lot of stress lately. You feel dizzy and exhausted. Your body temperature is a bit higher than usual and your heart rate and pulse are also a bit up. Looks a lot like there’s a heat approaching.” She explained with a soft and understanding voice. She knew it had to be hard for Alec. “Have you ever been through a heat before?” Alec shook his head. “That would be my first. I have… the day after I presented I have started to take suppressants and… never stopped until now.” He bit onto his lower lip. “Never? Then… okay. This makes it a lot harder, to be honest. I thought that you had at least one or two in your life. But if it’s your first… do you know about heats in general?” Alec nodded. “I read about it when I was younger.” He stated. “Then you also know that the first one is the most intense. Because your body needs to adjust itself to everything that will be a part of your life from this moment. Usually, it takes three days to go through it. But the first might…” “… I know… usually it’s supposed to last three to five days. And because I have suppressed it for so long it might tend to the five days part or even longer.” Alec sighed and rubbed his face while Cat blinked in surprise. “Yes. I see you really read about it.” “I did. And that’s the… the problem. I read about it. I know about the stuff. But not about the… real stuff… and…” He stopped mid-sentence. He was not sure if he should continue this conversation at this point. Because after all, it was Cat he was talking to. And she was Magnus’ friend. And he did not know her that well. Not that he did not trust her but maybe he should have this kind of conversation with somebody who knew him a bit better. Even though she seemed really professional and he was sure that he would be able to ask her almost anything. His thoughts were interrupted as he heard her clear her voice.

“Alec, there is nothing to worry about. Even if it’s the first heat and you’re not experienced with being in heat… I am sure you’ll find a way. If you want me to, I can give you some advice. You won’t believe how many people come to me at the hospital with questions probably similar to the ones going through your mind right now. And I am totally fine with answering them. But…” She reached out again to touch his hands, taking them carefully in hers. “I can also understand if you want to talk about this with somebody else. This is a very personal thing and not everybody is able to talk about it openly. I know that you have hidden your real second gender for a long time. And now talking about something like that already just after coming out a few weeks ago, might make you feel uncomfortable. So… I just want you to know… If you need somebody to talk to, I am here for you. And I promise I won’t tell Magnus anything about it. Nurse-Patient-secret. Or better… a secret between soon-to-be close friends.”

Alec listened to her and exhaled slowly. He blinked a few times before he nodded, surprised by how much empathy she obviously had and showed. “Thank you. I really appreciate that. I hope you don’t…” “…no, I am not offended that you probably want to talk to someone else.” She smiled and Alec returned it with a little surprise obvious on his face. “How do you know that?” “What? That this is what you wanted to say? This is my secret warlock power.” She chuckled as Alec arched his eyebrow in disbelief. “Okay, you caught me. But like I said. I had a lot of conversations about this topic in the past. And sooner or later, they start to repeat with the same thoughts people have about it. So, you know what people want to say. And what you need to tell them.” “Thank you, Cat. I mean it. I… I’d love to be close friends in the near future. And thanks for not telling Magnus. I… I have to sort this out on my own first before I can tell him.” “Just one request. Don’t wait too long. Even if I tell him that you’re fine… what I will do in a second when we’re done here… He will not stop to worry if he can feel that there’s something off about you. Don’t keep him in the dark longer than needed. He will be miserable otherwise. And if he’s miserable he can be dramatic. And a pain in the ass.” She chuckled and Alec joined her. “I promise. I will tell him as soon as possible. Thank you. I can’t say it often enough.” “You’re welcome, Alec. I hope we’ll see each other soon. And everything will be alright.” She leant in to kiss his cheek before she reached out for her bag and got up.

“Magnus?” She called the warlock who seemed to appear out of thin air a second after she had said his name. Obviously, he had waited impatiently the whole time, wanting to know what was wrong with Alec. “So?” He asked and licked his lips nervously, glancing at Alec who still sat on the couch. “You can trust my professional opinion that there’s nothing wrong with him. He’s perfectly fine and everything works the way it should.” Cat simply stated. Magnus let out a deep breath he had held as he had waited for her words. “No need to worry about anything.” She added with a smile and tapped his shoulder, leaning over to kiss Magnus’ cheek as she had done with Alec a few seconds earlier. “See you soon. And bye, Alec.” Cat waved shortly before she created a portal to leave the loft.

“So… you’re okay?” Magnus approached Alec who smiled at him softly. “Yes, I am fine. Like I said. Nothing is wrong with me and I am not sick.” He said. It was the truth. Being in heat soon was neither wrong nor a sickness. So, Alec was not lying right now, just bending the truth a little bit. He could feel Magnus relax as he sat down next to him, pulling Alec closer into a tight embrace, hiding his face in the other’s neck. “Good. I was really worried. And even more after I could smell an intense scent of distress coming from you.” Alec brushed his fingers along Magnus’ back. “I am fine. But… thanks, nevertheless. For worrying and taking care of me.” “Always, my dear. Always.”



Alec had decided to come back to the Institute this evening even though Magnus had not been happy about it. He did not want Alec to leave, getting a bit clingy, still concerned about the other. Not that Alec would mind. He really liked being close to Magnus, being with him, scenting him, talking to him and getting to know him more and more with every minute. But he needed some time for himself. He needed to process what Cat had told him earlier. And he needed to talk. Not with Magnus. Not yet. So, even if his inner Omega had made a very unpleased whining noise deep down inside of Alec as he had left Magnus’ loft, he had known that it was probably for the best right now.

Almost bumping into Clary on his way to his room had been proof enough of his choice to come back being the right one. “Hey, Alec. How’s Magnus?” The redhead greeted him with a wide smile even though there was still some concern visible in her eyes. She might have been back in New York and safe, not being part of what had happened days ago, but Jace had been there. Her mate. And it was hard for her, too, to think about it that she had been close to lose him. The same feeling Magnus had to endure. Being wary and on edge because something had happened to their other half. “He’s fine. Or well, at least as fine as he can be right now. He’s still… You know.” Like you. He did not add the last two words but Clary understood him. Because he was right. She knew how Magnus felt. “And you? Are you okay?” She said as both of them walked along the empty corridor. “I am. Or well… depends on how you define ‘okay’.” Alec stated and glanced at her. Clary arched an eyebrow. “What do you mean? Is there still something about… what happened back in Idris? Did they do something to you?” She had stopped and stared at Alec who shook his head at her words. “No, don’t worry. Concerning that, everything’s fine. It’s… something else. But actually, I’d prefer to talk to you about that in… um…  private.” For a moment, Clary looked at him before she started to walk again, side by side with Alec until they reached his room in silence. He opened the door and let her in. Clary hopped onto his desk, leaning a bit forward and looking expectantly at him while Alec sat down on his bed with a sigh. “So, what do you want to talk about?” She asked.

Alec swallowed and bit onto his lip before he let out another sigh. He had talked with her before. She knew most things. It could not be that hard to tell her about this. She would know what to do. She had probably gone through similar stuff. She was a fellow Omega. She could give him the advice that he needed. He should not stall any longer. He needed to get this of his chest. While Alec was lost in his thoughts for a moment, Clary just looked at him and stayed quiet. She knew that he would talk when he was ready. And she was right because after another moment he opened his mouth. “You know that I have taken suppressants until recently so that I could hide my scent and stuff. Because of the whole ‘pretending to be an Alpha’ thing.” Clary nodded. “I have stopped taking them some time ago after the secret was out because I did not see any need to hide anymore.” “And I am proud of what you did.” The redhead muttered which made Alec smile slightly. “Thank you. But… my point is… I am off suppressants now. That means that I am not only starting to give off my Omega scent. There’s a bit more about it.” He licked his lips nervously. Well, it was harder than he had thought to actually talk about it. Even with Clary who he had entrusted with so much already. She continued to look at him and Alec looked back. “It’s about… not only the scent and my eyes flashing. It’s also about other… um… Omega related stuff and… things that… happen… and…” Alec started to stammer a bit and he could not stop his cheeks from heating up, the blush obvious on his skin. “By the angel, Alec, are you talking about… your heat?” Clary gasped and chuckled slightly as she felt and smelled his embarrassment. “Hey, there’s nothing to worry about. Sure you have been in one before and…” The look Alec gave her made her blink. “You haven’t?” Alec shook his head and cleared his throat. “I started to take them the same day I presented and haven’t stopped ever since.” He muttered under his breath, looking at his hands now. “Okay, that’s… wow. I haven’t expected that. Are you nervous about it? You know what it means, right?” She asked and Alec let out a huff. “Yes, I know about that stuff. It’s just… I don’t have any practice.”

Alec could hear Clary jump onto the ground and that she got closer, sitting right next to him on his bed. “So… what are you worried about? Tell me. And sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. It’s just… sometimes I forget that not everyone has been an Omega their whole life like me.” Alec turned his head to look at her. “It’s okay. It’s just… Actually, I don’t like that I have to talk about it. It’s… weird. But I have to talk about it with someone who has some experience because…” He trailed off, looking at his hands again. “Because what?” Clary had raised her hand and had placed it over Alec’s. “Because my heat will be there soon. I already show first signs concerning Cat who examined me today because I did not feel well in the past days.” He slowly said as he squeezed her hand. “It’s approaching?” For a second, Clary was quiet and Alec could hear her sniff, inhaling his scent. “Um… right… now that you say it… There’s a hint in your scent that’s off…” Alec’s eyes widened at her revelation. “You mean others can smell it? That I am soon in heat?” If he had not still held her hands, he would have jumped off of his bed.  “Unfortunately, yes. And even more because you’re not mated. A heat is supposed to attract Alphas so that the Omega can be bred.” Alec made a disgruntled noise and scrunched his nose. “I know. That’s archaic and stupid. But it’s in our instincts. And it’s how it’s supposed to be. Even you who resisted so many Omega traits cannot resist this one. When you’re in heat, you’re in heat like every other Omega.”

Alec groaned and let himself fall back onto his bed. “That’s awful. I don’t like it. I don’t want that.” He stated. Clary had shuffled back on the bed and had put her head onto her elbow to look at him. “I’m sorry, Alec. But it is what it is. You cannot escape it. Your heat will put you in a state where you crave sex, being knotted… But it could be worse, right? The knot might be something new but…” Alec scowled at her, the blush on his cheeks started to deepen again. “What? I’m sure you have…” She blinked and looked at the other next to her who tried to hide his face behind his raised arm. “Oh my… I am stupid. You meant it when you said you lack experience. I really put my foot in it. Clary Fray, master of sandtraps.” She rolled her eyes and fell down right next to Alec who had to chuckle at her words. “But Alec, seriously. You have never…?” She asked and turned her head towards him. “No, how? I mean… until a few weeks ago I still have been in the closet. Nobody knew about me being gay. So how would I even find a person to have sex with?” He swallowed and dared to look at her in return just to see her smiling softly. “You have never tried to sneak out to find a person to let off some steam?” She asked softly and Alec shook his head. “No. I mean… I haven’t had that much time anyways. Being a Shadowhunter and the pressure that has been on my shoulders the whole time…”

For a moment, the two of them laid there in silence before Clary started to speak again. “Okay, so… you’re a virgin who has his first heat in the near future.” She simply stated and Alec nodded, trying to force back another blush because of her words. It still sounded weird to hear anybody saying it aloud. “Well… there are two options. The first one would be to try going through it on your own. There are a lot of ways because you’re not the first Omega in heat and not everyone is mated. So… there are many toys and things that could help you through it. I would even recommend finding yourself a safe space where you could get through it because when it starts your scent will be like an aphrodisiac and will lead Alphas your way. And you won’t be able to give your full consent because your mind is running on instinct after it has started. So, you should lock yourself up somewhere safe and get some help. And I am sure, you’ll be through it after a few days.” Alec let out a deep sigh. The prospect of hiding somewhere to jerk off for days did not really sound great and he felt kind of gross just by thinking about it. Obviously, it had shown on his face because he heard Clary chuckle. “It sounds worse that it is. Really. It’s a mess, yes. But it’s manageable.”

“And what is the other option?” He asked even though he already knew the answer. “You find a partner who helps you through it, preferably an Alpha.” Alec huffed. “I cannot ask Magnus. We just… this thing between us. It’s still new and… even if I feel that I already know him. I cannot ask him to share my heat with me after a few weeks. And not just my heat. Also my… my…” “Then you’ll have to find another Alpha.” Clary simply said although she knew how Alec would react to this suggestion. “No way. I cannot… I don’t want another Alpha. I just want Magnus.” Alec growled and he did not notice his eyes flashing for a second, reacting just the way Clary had expected him to. “I know. I just needed you to say it aloud. Do you trust him?” The redhead asked and Alec nodded without hesitation. “And you like him?” Another nod. “Then… I think there’s no real problem. You should talk to him. Explain everything to him. And I am sure he’ll understand. And he will help you. The two of you will find a proper solution to this. He’s your Alpha after all, right?” Alec bit onto his lower lip before he nodded again. “Yes, he is.” He said softly and his inner Omega agreed with a humming noise. “Then everything is said. And pretty obvious, isn’t it?” Clary grinned and nudged Alec’s shoulder with hers. “Why do you have to be so damn smug about being right? Do you always have all the answers to my Omega-related problems?” Alec asked with a smile which caused her to chuckle. “Hey, I just enjoy being more experienced at least in one thing than you. Leave this little victory to me, okay?” 

Before Alec could reply he heard a knock on his door and somebody came in without waiting for his reply. “Do I have to be concerned that my girlfriend is in bed with my older brother?” Jace arched an eyebrow, staring at the two people in front of him even though there was a smile playing around his lips. “As if Alec would be any competition, Jace.” Clary had gotten up to her feet and walked over to the blond, wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning in to brush her nose over his neck. “Hey, I can hear you.” Alec had pushed himself up to sit on the bed, looking over towards the other two. “Hush, you know it’s true.” The redhead said and turned her head slightly to look at Alec over her shoulder who started to mutter something under his breath. “But really, everything okay? Or do you want me to leave so that you two can have more girl-talk?” Jace asked with a little tease in his voice and was just able to dodge the cushion thrown at him and Clary in the last second. “I hate you. Both. Now, get out of my room.” Alec had gotten up to his feet and moved over towards them, shoving them slowly through the door. “Okay, okay. We’re going to leave you alone.” Jace chuckled and Clary turned towards him one last time before the door closed behind them, winking at him, mouthing “Go talk to Magnus”.



Alec had waited one more day to prepare himself until he had called Magnus if he would like to come over. If he could see him. And Magnus had agreed instantly, glad about the opportunity to be with Alec. He had felt that something was off with the other, not believing Cat’s words completely because he had seen the look in Alec’s eyes. And how their conversation had felt after Cat had left. That there was still something between them. Something was there. And he needed to know what this something was. But he had not pushed Alec into giving him an answer. He would wait for him to talk. He knew that if there had been something with his health, Cat would have told him. And she had said that Alec was okay. So, probably he was, health-wise. And the other thing… Alec would talk to him, sooner or later. Probably, he just needed some time. And Magnus would give him all of it, no matter how much he needed. He knew that everything that had happened to Alec in the past weeks had been pretty hard for the other. He had to get through so many things. All Magnus could do for him right now was to be there for him. So, he would. He would be patiently waiting for Alec and be there for him.

At the time they had agreed on meeting, Magnus had opened a portal to get over to the Institute. A smile showed up on his face as he spotted Alec already waiting for him at the entrance of the building. “Hello, handsome.” Magnus greeted the other as he got closer with a wink, leaning in to leave a little kiss on Alec’s cheek. “Hey, Magnus.” Alec replied with a nervous smile and reached for the man’s hand to hold it before they started to walk. Away from the Institute. Magnus blinked in surprise but he decided not to mention it. Going on a walk with his boyfriend versus staying at the Institute? The walk would always win. Being in this certain building still caused too many bad memories even though they were replaced by better ones lately. But still… a walk seemed the better option. Also concerning how nervous Alec seemed to feel right now. He was giving it away in waves, his scent drenched by his nervousness and a hint of fear and embarrassment.

“Do you have anyplace special in your mind where we’re heading towards or are you just walking? Not that I would mind. I’d go anywhere with you.” He asked after a moment of silence with a little tease in his voice, squeezing Alec’s hand as he glanced at the other. He hoped that he could distract Alec at least a bit, hoping that his tease would make the other smile and soothe him. But all Alec did was to swallow and to not dare to look into Magnus direction. “Hey, Alexander. What’s wrong? I can feel it… smell it… there’s something on your mind.” Magnus had stopped. He took a step in front of Alec, taking both of his hands in his own. “Please, tell me, sweetheart.”

Slowly, Alec lifted his head to look into Magnus’ eyes. The other’s look was soft and warm and full of concern. “Smell it?” He muttered and bit his lower lip. “Right… forgot about that… you can now…” He stated more to himself than saying it aloud before he sighed, pulling one hand away from Magnus’ hold to push his fingers through his hair. “This is… let’s just… over there’s a bench. Let’s sit down there. We need to… I have to… tell you something.” Alec swallowed again. Magnus nodded and turned around to head over to said bench with the other, still holding his hand. “What do you want to talk about?” Magnus asked softly, his fingers rubbing soothing circles along Alec’s hand while they sat there in silence.

“You… this is not easy for me, you know? I… I need to tell you something. The whole truth. I haven’t been honest with you.” Alec muttered and stared at their combined hands before raising his head to look at Magnus who furrowed his eyebrows at Alec’s words. “What do you mean?” He asked and shifted slightly on the bench to be able to have a better look on Alec. “You haven’t been honest with me? Is it about something that happened in Idris? Or is it about me? About us? Did you decide that you do not want me that way and…” Magnus started to ramble but was interrupted by Alec who had raised his free hand to cup the other’s face, brushing his thumb along Magnus’ cheek. “Hey. It’s nothing like that. I still want to be with you. I chose you, remember? You are my Alpha.” Alec whispered and leant in to kiss Magnus’ forehead who let out a sigh. “I’m sorry. I just… Your scent is so full of nervousness and some fear and… it might have rubbed off on me and…” Magnus muttered and shook his head before he sighed. “Sorry. You were the one who wanted to talk to me. I should better stop now.” He stated, leaning into Alec’s touch for another moment before pulling back to be able to listen to the other fully.

“You are right. I am nervous. And a bit scared. But it has nothing to do with you, Magnus. Or at least, not in a way you might think. Even though I am not sure why you could even think about something like that and….” Alec closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath. “Focus, Alec. So, this is not easy for me. Because… like I said. I haven’t been completely honest with you. Even though Cat told you that I am fine… I am not. Or at least, I am fine but there is still something going on with me right now.” He took another breath and his hand reached out to hold Magnus’ in his own. He needed this skin to skin contact at the moment for the conversation that would follow. “You know that I am off my suppressants, right?” Alec asked and Magnus nodded. “That’s why I am able to smell you. Finally.” He muttered. “The suppressants have hidden my scent since the day I presented because I took them from that day on. They also hid my eyes.” Alec explained as Magnus listened to him attentively. “But… it’s more than that. Not only the scent and the eyes were hidden or suppressed.” Alec had to close his eyes for the next words, not sure he would be able to see the look on Magnus’ face when he told him the truth what would happen in the near future. “Alec, you’re scaring me, to be honest.” Magnus whispered and squeezed the other’s hands. Alec’s mouth felt dry but he needed to tell Magnus about his heat. The other needed to know about it. And they needed to talk about it. What to do with that.

“I am… going into heat soon.”

Alec’s words were nothing more than just a whisper but Magnus had heard him. “You are… oh.” Magnus blinked in surprise. Without noticing he took a deep breath, inhaling Alec’s scent. And his eyes widened at the sudden realization. Yes, he could smell it. It was just faint, very faint. But it was there. How had he not noticed this earlier? How had he not thought about it the moment the other had told him that he was not on suppressants anymore? “Alexander.” Magnus shuffled closer to the other, raising their combined hands to his face to kiss the other man’s palm. “You were nervous about that? Because you’re in heat soon?” He asked, his voice soft and soothing while Alec opened his eyes and nodded even though he could hardly return the look Magnus was giving him. “It’s not just that. It’s…” Magnus tilted his head at the other’s words. “I… haven’t been in a heat. Like… never. I have never been through one. This would be my first. And not just… I have never… this is… damn…” “Alexander. Dear. Calm down. You know you can tell me anything.” Magnus leant over to place a little kiss onto Alec’s lips before he looked at him encouragingly. “I have never been with anyone.” Alec whispered. “And now I am going into heat and… I… I need to get through it somehow. But… I have no clue… and I don’t want this. I hate it. I…” Magnus moved closer and put his arms around the other man’s body, pulling him into an embrace. For a second, Alec stiffened at the touch before he leant in as well, wrapping his arms around Magnus, hiding his face in the crook of his neck to inhale Magnus’ scent. “I understand, my dear. We’ll find a way to get you through this. I will be there for you. I will help you find a place where you can work through your heat and…” “No!” Alec almost pushed him of the bench as he interrupted him, moving away from Magnus to stare at him. “I don’t… I mean… I can’t…” He blinked, not sure what he had wanted to say. “I just… I don’t like the thought of being on my own.” Magnus tilted his head at this confession, not sure if he had understood the other, had gotten it right what Alec had wanted to tell him. “So… you want me to be there? With you?” He asked slowly, hoping to get a verbal confirmation. And after a moment of just staring at him, Alec nodded. “I… I think so. I don’t want anybody else. Magnus. I want you. You are my Alpha. And… and… everything else would feel wrong, wouldn’t it?”

Alec licked his lips nervously, still staring at the other man. He could see that there was a lot going on in Magnus’ mind right now. Obviously, the other had to work through this and all the thoughts that were flowing through his head after this revelation. For a moment, Alec had not been sure if he really wanted this. To go through his heat with Magnus. Not just because they had not been together for such a long time. And not just because it would be his first one. No. It would not just be his first heat. It would also be his first time. And to have his first time during his first heat was… weird? Strange? Too rushed? Too much? He had no clue. But the longer he looked at Magnus, the surer he felt. It might be an uncommon thing to do and maybe not really perfect but… to think about going through it on his own or with somebody else? That was not an option for Alec. His only option was Magnus.

“What do you think?” Alec muttered after another moment of silence, looking at Magnus insecurely. “I… I feel flattered that you want me there with you. But… are you sure? A heat… your first one… and your other first… with me?” Magnus had moved closer again, both his hands on Alec’s face now. “I know. It might not be the way it should be but… It feels right for me. Somehow. I’d want that. What about you?” Alec asked, leaning into the touch. “Are you really okay with this?” Magnus asked and the other nodded slightly. “I… yes. I am.” He replied. “Then… let’s just… okay. But… we need to talk about it. All of it. But not now. Now, I just want to be here with you, Alexander.” “That I can do.” Alec smiled, letting out a relieved sigh while he leant in some more and looked into Magnus’ eyes before the other closed the distance for a kiss that would distract both of them from the conversation they just had. And this distraction was something both of them needed for now. Yes, they needed to talk about the rest. But now, it was just them on a bench, kissing each other. The conversation could take place the next day. The topic would still be on the table tomorrow.

Chapter Text

Alec stared at the report in front of him and tried to read the sentence for the umpteenth time without being able to focus on the words properly. He raised his hand and, without noticing, brushed his fingers along his temple, wiping away a drop of sweat. As he heard a knock on his door he raised his head, glad about the distraction. Maybe this would help him to focus again. “Come in.” He called for the person outside and immediately scrunched his nose, letting out a growl at the sight of his sister entering the room. “Izzy…” He almost hissed, flaring his nostrils at her scent. “Alec, what are you doing here? I thought we agreed that you would get ready to leave the Institute.” His sister let out a sigh and crossed her arms, looking at her brother. “And, by the way… you should hurry. You look horrible right now.” She stated with an arched eyebrow. “Thanks, I love you, too.” Alec groaned and pressed his hands to his eyes, leaning back in his seat while trying to just take little breaths that he would not inhale too much of her scent. Usually, he had liked the way she smelled. But right now, he could hardly stand it, her Alpha scent. “I know that it might be hard to leave right now for your…” She started but was interrupted by Alec. “Don’t say it.” He muttered but Izzy did not stop. “…for your heat. But you should better leave now. Your scent… it’s already out there and… I passed two Shadowhunters who were more than just distracted by it. Two Alpha Shadowhunters, I might add. So… hush… Magnus is probably already waiting for you. You should go. You don’t have to be worried. Jace and I, we promised not to burn down the Institute during your absence. And Clary promised to help us keep this promise. So… Leave, big brother. Before something happens that you don’t want to happen.” And, as if to underline her words, a growl could be heard outside the office and a Shadowhunter came in sight, staring right at Alec with his teeth gritted. “Back off!” Before Alec could say something, Izzy had turned around and flashed her eyes at the man, slamming the door right in front of him almost into his face. “Do I have to call Magnus?” She asked as she turned around to stare at her brother. “You’re right. I’m leaving…” Alec muttered and got up, reaching out for his phone to send a text to Magnus. That the other would open a portal for him. Because heading towards Magnus’ loft any other way was probably too dangerous right now, too many Alphas that could bump into him on his way.



In the past days, Alec and Magnus had talked a lot about what to expect during Alec’s heat. He had felt embarrassed at times to talk with Magnus about stuff like that, about what they would do and what he would need. But Magnus had insisted on talking about everything thoroughly. He had wanted Alec to know what he would get himself into. And he had wanted Alec to consent to what to expect. Just after what felt like the hundredth time Alec had confirmed that he wanted to spend his heat with Magnus with everything that came with a heat and an Alpha and his Omega being together, he had asked about Magnus. If he was okay with it. Because this would not only have an influence on him. Yes, he was the one with his first heat in his whole life. And he was the one to be intimate with another person for the first time in his life. But it would also affect Magnus. So, he had wanted to make sure that the other would be okay with it as well. The honest smile Magnus had given him at his questions because he had thought about Magnus’ well-being as well in a situation like that and the answers he had gotten, had assured Alec that Magnus would be fine with it.

In the end they had agreed that Alec would stay with Magnus at his loft during his heat. Being in the Institute would not be such a good idea due to all the Alphas around. And, to be honest, Alec still felt a bit embarrassed just thinking about anyone hearing him and/or them during his heat while strolling through the corridors and passing his room at the Institute. Or worse, could smell them and what they were doing behind closed doors. So, after all, Magnus’ loft was the better option. Nobody would disturb them here and Alec could relax. At least, concerning this part of their time together. Probably, it was also better for Magnus to be at home during Alec’s heat because him being at the Institute for some days in a row… He had not liked that thought and had been glad that Alec had agreed so quickly to stay at the loft.

They had no clue when Alec’s heat would start exactly because it was all so new to him. That was why they had set up everything in advance like taking some of Alec’s stuff into the loft that he had his clothes with him to change between the spikes. He had also brought a little bag of clothes that did not belong to him. With a flushed face he had explained to Magnus that these were his sibling’s and Clary’s and something his mother had provided because he had read about nest building and how much he could crave doing so during his heat eventually. He had no clue if he was into nesting because not every Omega was alike, some not thinking about a nest or using familiar scents during building. But Alec had wanted to be prepared and that had been the reason to bring some clothes with him to have the familiar scents around if needed. Magnus had smiled at this explanation and had kissed Alec’s cheek, taking the bag in his hands. And with a little wave of his magic he had evolved the bag to prevent the scents from disappearing in the next days because still, they had no clue how long it would take for Alec to be in heat.

So, everything was ready. Or at least, as ready as it and they could be when Alec stepped through the portal Magnus had opened for him after he had texted him. “Magnus?” He called for the other, looking around. He could already feel that being here made him feel better. Lighter. And maybe a bit hotter, but Alec decided to ignore that last part. He wanted to put these thoughts as far away as possible for as long as possible. He took a deep breath and let the scent of his Alpha wash over him, his inner Omega purring in agreement and at ease. “I’m in the kitchen.” The other called before Alec followed the voice to the next room. “I assumed you…” Magnus had turned around with a smile but the look on his face froze the moment he caught sight of Alec. Or better, the moment he took a breath and inhaled Alec’s scent. “Alexander…” He muttered and without noticing he took a step closer, pulling Alec into an embrace, nuzzling his neck to take another deep breath, smelling his Omega. “You… this is wonderful… You… home.” Magnus mumbled and Alec let out a growl at the other’s words. Just the touch of their bodies, being close to the other, made him feel… like his temperature was rising and he started to sweat again. “Magnus, I…” Alec said with a hoarse voice, his eyes closed. He had put his arms around Magnus’ body and without noticing it, he had moved slightly, pushing the other backwards until Magnus hit the kitchen counter behind him. “Magnus.” He repeated and raised his hand to card his fingers through the other’s hair, pulling his head back so that he was able to kiss the other man. And Magnus was willingly leaning into the kiss, returning it as Alec deepened it immediately, his cheeks flushed. Overwhelmed by his Alpha’s scent and how their bodies fitted together.

“As much… as much as I like that…” After a moment or twenty Magnus had to pull away from Alec due to the sheer need of oxygen in his lungs even though the other was already chasing his lips again, not happy about them not kissing anymore. “We should… you should… gosh… Alexander…” It was hard to form a proper sentence with Alec pressed even closer against his body, trapped between the other and the kitchen counter behind, his lips trailing along Magnus’ cheek and jaw down his neck, leaving a trail of kisses, being surrounded by the other’s tempting scent. For a moment, Magnus gave in and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of Alec’s lips. His Alpha humming happily inside but growled the moment Magnus started to pull away from Alec again. “You… you should eat something first.” Slowly, he had opened his eyes again and returned the look Alec gave him while he carefully pushed him away a bit so that they were not pressed against each other anymore.

It felt as if Alec would wake up in this moment and blinked in surprise before he started to blush deeply. “I… Magnus… I’m… sorry. I have no clue… This was… I don’t know what I am doing.” Alec muttered and swallowed. He wanted to take a step away from Magnus but was stopped by the other who held him, his hands on Alec’s waist. “Alexander, you don’t have to apologize for anything. It’s not that I would complain about it, right? It’s quite a nice way to be welcomed.” He chuckled and brushed his hand along Alec’s cheek which caused the other man to lean into the touch and tremble slightly while biting his lower lip. “I told you… if there’s something I don’t want or like. I’m going to tell you. Same goes for you. We talked about this before, right? And agreed on it.” Alec nodded. “Yes, it’s just… I have no clue what has gotten into me to be so straightforward. And… talking about things in theory and then being in the situation is… on a complete different level.” He stated with an almost whisper. “I know… but we’ll get through this together. So… first things first. You should probably have some food, I prepared something for you. You need all the energy you can get.” Finally, they were able to separate. Alec had to force himself not to let out a whine due to being away from the other as Magnus turned around to reach out for the plates that had been on the kitchen counter. “Follow me.” He moved his head towards the living-room, leaving with Alec right behind him.

“You know… you don’t have to treat me like that. Feeding me and… stuff.” Alec stated as he sat down on the couch. Magnus handed him the plate and took the other himself, waiting for Alec to start eating. The other gave him one look and then sighed before he took the fork. “Darling, it’s not because you’re in heat. It’s because I really like doing things like that for you. I’d even do this any other day. Or better, every day if you let me.” Alec blinked and opened his mouth to say something but all he was able to get out was a little growl and his fingers clenched around the plate and the fork in his hands. “Take at least a few more bites. And then… let’s get more comfortable. Seems that it’s about to start any moment now.” Magnus tilted his head and watched the other who just nodded. “How does it come that… that you are still so calm?” Alec pressed through gritted teeth. Sweat was starting to form on his forehead and he could feel it deep down in his bones. The start of his heat was obviously just moments away, the first spike approaching. Magnus’ scent was getting more and more overwhelming right now and he needed all his strength not to throw the plate he was holding away and jump the other. “This is about you, not me. It’s my responsibility as your Alpha to take care of you. To look after you. And even if that means to resist your beautiful and very tempting scent…” Magnus trailed off for a second before he cleared his throat, shaking his head slightly. “It’s not easy but you are my top priority now. And your well-being.”

“Magnus…” It sounded more like a whine than actually the other’s name and any other time Alec would have felt embarrassed about how devastated he sounded. But now, he did not really care anymore. His heat had finally settled in and his mind was no longer that focused. He felt slightly dazed. “I cannot… it’s… I…” He mumbled as he closed his eyes. “I need… need…” “I got you.” Magnus soothing voice calmed him down a bit even though he could feel his mind getting more and more clouded by feelings he was new to. Something he had not felt yet. Or at least not in that intensity.

And most of all - want.

These words were repeating themselves in his mind over and over again. His breath had started to quicken and there were a few drops of sweat rolling down his temples, his cheek, jaw and vanishing in the hem of his shirt. There was no doubt about what was happening to him right now.

Alec barely noticed that Magnus had leant over to take the plate out of his hands, reaching for his fingers to entwine them, making him get up to lead him away from the couch. All he could think about for the moment was how good it felt to have Magnus’ hand in his even though he wanted more. He needed more. “Magnus…” He repeated, slowly opening his eyes to realize they had entered the other’s bedroom. His eyes darted around and he licked his lips before he could concentrate on Magnus again. On the Alpha who stood right in front of him. “Alexander…” The other man whispered, brushing a strand of sweaty hair away. The touch felt like fire on Alec’s already hot skin and he had to bite his lip not to let out a whining sound. “Let’s get you a bit more comfortable.” Slowly, Alec felt that he was pushed closer to the bed and he fell down with a huff, launching forward to grab Magnus’ shirt to pull him down with him. With a sound that was very close to a moan he arched his back as he felt the other’s body pressed against him completely, his hands raking along Magnus’ back. “I… Magnus…” He let out a breath and opened his eyes again, having no idea when he had closed them after they had entered the bedroom. They were in a deep emerald green now and Alec licked his lips, his hand moved towards Magnus’ neck because he wanted to drag the other down, to lock their lips in a kiss. And Magnus willingly accepted, leaning down, getting lost in their kiss. First, it was just slightly teasing but a few seconds in and it was more heated, more passionate as their lips clashed. “Not… not enough…” Alec grumbled against Magnus’ lips, his free hand moving down the other’s back, his fingers slipping under Magnus’ shirt, satisfied by being able to touch skin even though it still felt not enough.

“Need. More.” Alec groaned, his actions driven completely by instinct now. He pushed himself up and wrapped his legs around Magnus’ waist, earning a low growl by the Alpha due to their touch. He could not stop his lower half grinding against Magnus, moaning into the kiss even though it was still not enough, just a little relief. “Alpha…” He groaned again and with a swift movement he pushed himself up some more and turned them around that he was now straddling Magnus’ lap, the Alpha underneath him. “Alexander…” He could see the surprise on Magnus’ face that appeared at the sudden change of position which made him smirk. “Alpha…” Alec licked his lips and swallowed, moving his lower half, pressing himself further down to get at least some friction while his hands were brushing over Magnus’ clothed chest. “Need… to touch… to feel you…” He muttered which made Magnus let out a breathless chuckle which turned into a gasp as he could feel Alec’s fingers slipping underneath the shirt to pull it upwards. Magnus pushed himself onto his elbows so that the other would be able to lift up his shirt, pulling it over his head. “Better.” Alec simply stated, throwing the piece of clothing into the room behind him as Magnus was now naked from the waist up.

Magnus had to swallow. Actually, he had not expected anything. Yes, he knew that an Omega in heat was most likely acting on instincts. But all the other ones he had been with had never been that straightforward. The shyer Alec had been in the past due to his inexperience, the more passionate and active he was right now. And for a second, Magnus was not sure if this had been such a good idea to give in, to accept the other’s plea to go through his heat with him. Because this side of Alec? He had to admit that it did things to him, turned him on more than it should. He really needed to control himself, to hold himself back and to not give in to his inner Alpha’s demands.

While he had been lost in his thoughts for a few moments he had not noticed that Alec had leant down, his green eyes glowing slightly, his lips on Magnus’ naked chest, trailing kisses along his body and further down. A moan left Magnus’ lips, bringing him back into the here and there, as the other’s tongue circled his right nipple while glancing up at him. He could hear a chuckle and felt the other moving further down. “Alexander…” Magnus let out another moan and took a breath, just to be overwhelmed by the scent the other was emanating. It was actually too intense just to be his scent. It had to be something… His thought was cut off as he felt something wet against his thigh. Immediately, Magnus propped himself up, looking down to discover the damp spots on Alec’s pants that seemed to smell heavenly. With a deep growl his eyes flashed red for a second and he pulled Alec up again to crash their lips in a kiss, his hands finding their way beneath Alec’s shirt, almost yanking it over the other’s head without breaking contact and turning them around again so that Magnus was on top now. “Magnus… please… Alpha…” Alec muttered breathless, staring up at him with green eyes, licking his lips, writhing beneath Magnus who had his lips pressed against Alec’s neck, kissing and licking the skin there. Alec tried to press against the other’s body, grinding himself against the Alpha on top of him, giving out little moans as he could get some touch on his dick.

Magnus’ hand traveled further down, his fingers at Alec’s waistband, pushing the fabric of his pants and boxers out of his way the same time until he could not reach it anymore. For the rest, he snapped his fingers to make them vanish in an instant just to be rewarded with another moan. And it sounded beautiful in Magnus’ ears. “Need… more… please…” Alec’s begging was like music for Magnus as he brushed his fingers through the liquid on Alec’s thighs. Slick. And obviously enough when it already trailed down the other’s thighs. A groan left Magnus at the touch and made Alec groan in repeat, leaning up towards him, trying to capture Magnus’ lips, his hands raking over the other’s back again, hoping to get as much touch and contact as possible. “Please… Alpha… Please.” Alec sounded already a bit desperate and a little whine escaped him. Probably, it felt like teasing for him because Magnus was still half-clothed and seemed not to do anything about it soon.

The sound of the other’s voice, how wrecked he already sounded, went straight to Magnus’ cock and he had to swallow. He really tried to hold onto the rest of his sanity, that part of his body that was not driven by his own instincts because his Alpha inside was roaring loudly and wanted nothing else to do than to claim his Omega. To take him. But he could not do it like that. Not as rough as his Alpha might have demanded it. Something inside Magnus remembered that Alec had never done this before. That this was his first. And even if it was in heat, Magnus wanted it to be nice. To be something that Alec would never forget or would never hate afterwards how it had happened. But he could not wait too long with getting to it. Because Alec was already far gone in his first spike and he needed to get some release. If he would be in that state for too long, it could cause physical harm. And that was also something Magnus did not want. “Alexander… Omega…” He growled. “Got you…”

And he had. With another snap of his fingers, Magnus was naked as well. He hid his face against Alec’s neck as their naked bodies touched, both their hard cocks pressed against each other. As Alec moved slightly, squirming underneath him, both let out a deep moan of pleasure and Magnus bit down on the skin in front of him, luckily not hard enough to break it. But it made Alec almost cry out in pleasure. “Magnus… please… I… you… need… Alpha…” The other rambled, his legs lifted and wrapped around Magnus’ lower half, trying to pull him closer, that Magnus would finally move and do something about his arousal. “I got you.” Magnus whispered repeatedly, his lips brushing along Alec’s neck and collarbone and he shifted slightly. His hand pressed against Alec’s thigh that he would open his legs some more to leave more room for Magnus. The other seemed to understand, spreading his legs even more while wrapping them tighter around Magnus’ hips. He let out another cry as he felt Magnus’ fingers brushing over his rim. “Need… you… not…” Alec muttered, biting on his lower lip. His green eyes stared at Magnus who had raised his head to return the look. “Just… a moment.” Magnus muttered. He wanted to make sure that Alec was really ready as first one, then two fingers slowly pushed inside, moving smoothly due to the amount of slick the other’s body had produced in expectation of an Alpha’s knot soon. He studied Alec’s face to see if there was any sign of pain. But nothing. On the contrary.

For a second, Magnus almost stopped his movements as he saw the pleasure that crossed Alec’s face. His green eyes were clenched close and he had scrunched his nose, his lips open as moan after moan fell from his lips with every little touch of Magnus’ body around and his fingers inside of him. “Mag-… I… plea-…” He mumbled incoherently, swallowing hard while his own fingers dug into Magnus’ back, his nails scratching along the skin to leave marks. That was the moment Magnus had to finally give in. He could and did not want to wait any longer. Alec had told him before that he wanted this. That he was okay with it. About them, the heat, his first time. They had discussed it at length. So now it was not the time to think about it. Now was the time to do it. To give his Omega what he needed and wanted. And to enjoy it himself.

Alec whined at the loss of Magnus’ fingers, almost clawing into his back that would have caused Magnus to hiss at the pain under normal circumstances. But this right now was everything except normal. He did not feel it or at least ignored it. Instead he moved his body to put himself into the right position, lining himself up. “L-look at me.” Magnus whispered breathlessly, forcing Alec to open his eyes to return his look.

Emerald green was staring into a deep red as Magnus slowly entered Alec’s body, both moaning in unison at the feeling while continuing to look at each other. Magnus’ Alpha cried out in pleasure, being surrounded by his Omega. After a second of waiting Magnus started to move, carefully at first, still thinking about that he did not want to hurt the other.

“F-faster… I… Alpha…” Alec pressed the words out between his moans, licking his lips as he tried to make the other move at a quicker pace. He had thought that it would hurt. That it would feel weird, having something inside himself that was not his. The stretch. The burn. He had read about it. He had known about it. But this, right now? Was the furthest away from hurt that it could be. Probably due to the amount of slick he had produced. He had felt the liquid the moment he had straddled Magnus’ waist. He had been able to smell it. Smell himself. The unique scent of his slick. And he had seen Magnus’ reaction as he had flared his nostrils, his inner Alpha breaking free for a moment at the scent. This had been breathtaking and hot. All he had been able to think about was that he wanted Magnus inside of him. That he wanted the Alpha to take use of the slick, pushing inside and knotting him. Because this was what he needed right now.

As Magnus started to move, for a second, Alec was tempted to close his eyes due to the sheer pleasure that shot through his body. His slick making it an easy and smooth slide for Magnus’ cock as he pushed in slowly and pulled out carefully just to push in with another thrust, repeating this movement over and over again. But he did not close his eyes. Instead he stared right up into his Alpha’s, smelling the same things that was probably in his own scent – arousal, want, need, mine, mate, home. Even though Alec was not sure if it was just his scent anymore or if it was theirs now, both their scents mixed and put together to create something new. That was uniquely them.

“Mag-…” He cried out with a growl as Magnus hit his prostate, a string of pleasure shooting through his body. His hands moved downwards, cupping Magnus’ ass, trying to make him to hurry up, to pull him deeper inside of him. To urge him to move faster. And it seemed to work. Magnus’ thrusts were quickening. And with each thrust, it seemed that he hit Alec’s prostate, making the other squirm underneath him, leaving him a moaning mess, interrupted by muttered words that made no sense anymore.

Alec could feel that it would not take him long to get some release. Not when Magnus rubbed against his spot over and over again, his cock twitching in excitement, precum already pooling on his stomach. He was lost in his pleasure, in what he felt. What Magnus was able to make him feel. This was amazing. Breathtaking. Wonderful. And almost too much. Especially, when Alec felt a bit more stretched all of a sudden, the pressure getting more present as Magnus’ cock seemed to grow even more. “Wha…” He bit on his lower lip, his nails scratching along Magnus’ back again which caused the other to groan. “My knot…” Magnus replied but the rest of his sentence got lost in another moan. It seemed that finally Alec was not able to hold it back any longer. He tipped over the edge due to the feeling of the other’s swelling knot, the pressure on his prostate and their tantalizing mixed scent, clenching involuntarily around Magnus’ cock as white spurts of come shot onto his stomach and chest. His eyes were squeezed shot as he cried out his pleasure of feeling the other inside of him.

If Magnus had not been chasing his own orgasm, being so close to it, he would have stopped to look at Alec. To take in the image the other presented as he came. But there might be another time for that. Now, all Magnus wanted was to come, to knot his Omega, to fill him up. His thrusts grew a bit more erratic and he was hardly able to move that much because his knot had popped, keeping him inside. “Magnus…” Alec panted, still clenching his walls in his orgasm’s aftershock and squirming underneath the other. The moment Alec raised his head and pressed his lips almost softly against Magnus made him come, made him let out a deep growl as with one final thrust he pressed himself inside of Alec, as deep as possible. He did not notice that Alec had bitten onto his lip as he had emptied himself inside of the other and that he had moaned as well by doing so.

It took them both a moment to come down from their heights, their breathing slowing down bit after bit. Magnus could taste blood on his lips and licked his tongue over it just to hiss at the slight feeling of pain. “I’m sorry…” Alec muttered, staring at him with wide eyes. “It’s… okay. Don’t worry.” Magnus leant down and brushed the tip of his nose against the other’s. “It happens and… actually I don’t mind.” He smiled before he moved carefully to roll over onto his back, pulling Alec on top of him so that the other could cuddle up against his skin, trying not to make it too uncomfortable for Alec because they were still locked due to his knot. He snapped his fingers, blue sparks of magic visible shortly. And then they were covered by a blanket, the sticky feeling of Alec’s come between them gone. “You should take a little nap until the knot is deflated enough.” Magnus muttered, carding his finger’s through Alec’s hair, kissing his head softly. He felt the other nodding and heard a little yawn which made him smile. He hoped that Alec was fine. That it had been okay for him.



“Magnus?” Alec’s voice was soft and a bit sleepy as he turned around and opened his eyes carefully. He had not noticed that the other’s knot had gone down enough and Magnus had moved them again so that they had been laying side by side now, his back pressed against Magnus’ chest. “I’m here, darling.” The other muttered in reply, pressing a kiss onto the skin behind his ear as he wrapped his arms tighter around him. “Hey…” Alec tried to turn around in their embrace to face Magnus with a smile. “Hey…” The other returned it, the look in his eyes full of care and warmth. “Glad that you’re awake now. Hungry?” He asked and Alec opened his mouth. “No, don’t want to move.” He replied but was interrupted by a chuckle as they both heard his stomach rumble in protest. “I think your body tells you otherwise. And you should shower. Let’s get dressed up again and…“ “I like us being naked.” Alec whispered under his breath, almost inaudible, his cheeks flushed at his own words. Magnus had heard him and arched an eyebrow. “It’s very tempting but… you should get up and shower and get some food. We can cuddle up on the couch then if you want to.” The Alpha suggested, placing a little kiss on Alec’s nose which made the man sigh. “Fine. If you insist…” He moved and sat up on the bed, leaning against the headboard, while Magnus pushed away the blanket to get up.

He reached out for his robe as he heard a gasp behind him. “Magnus… I… oh… sorry…” He turned around to look at the other who stared at him with wide eyes. “What do you mean?” Magnus blinked and tilted his head. “Your… back… I…” Alec moved on the bed, kneeling behind the other as he raised his hand to carefully brush his finger along the marks he had obviously left there earlier. Magnus flinched at the touch for a second and turned to look at his back in the mirror on the opposite site of the wall. “I haven’t thought you’d be into marking me that way.” He shrugged his shoulders with a wide grin as he turned back to see the look on Alec’s face. “Hey, it’s fine. Nothing to worry about. Nothing a bit of magic cannot heal. Even though… I like it somehow.” He winked and let out a little laugh at the groan he heard from Alec at his words, his cheeks flushing in a deeper red.



After he had taken a shower, Alec had felt better. His first spike was over and it would take some time until the next would come. Or at least, he hoped it would take some time. Because Magnus had been right. He felt hungry. And he wanted to eat properly, hoping that he would not be interrupted. He had no clue how long his intervals would be. It could vary, depending on the Omega how much time he had between two spikes. So, all Alec could do was hope. That there would be at least a little break.

As he had come to the living-room, Magnus was already on the couch. It seemed that he had magically enhanced it so that it would be more comfortable for the two of them to cuddle up against each other there, having more space to get comfy. He already held out a plate with food the moment Alec sat down and moved closer to the other, pushing his body against his Alpha, enjoying the other’s presence. For a little while, they sat there in silence. Eating. The tv played something in the background but Alec did not really listen to it, too much into feeling the joy to be here with his Alpha who took care of him, who was here with him.

“Alexander?” Magnus’ voice interrupted his thoughts and he turned to look at the other. “Are you okay? How are you feeling?” The warlock asked and Alec blinked, putting the plate down. “I’m fine. I feel better now. My temperature seems normal for now and I…” “That’s not what I meant, sweetheart.” Magnus interrupted him. “Oh, you mean…” Alec swallowed and cleared his throat. He could not help it that he blushed a bit due to the question which was stupid, his brain provided, concerning what he and Magnus had done just some time ago. Feeling embarrassed about it was really stupid. But still, he could not force it back that his cheeks would not heat up slightly. “Hey…” Magnus voice was soft as he pulled Alec closer, his arms wrapped tightly around the other man’s body. He pressed his face against Alec’s neck, nuzzling his nose over his scent glands and Alec could feel that Magnus took a deep breath. “I am… um… I am fine. It was…” He swallowed as the images of what they had done flashed before his eyes for a second. “I… I am sorry for… If I have done anything… it’s still new and… are you okay, Magnus? Are you happy?” Alec asked instead. Magnus arched an eyebrow and raised his head to be able to look at Alec. He could smell the faint hint of insecurity in the other man’s scent. “I’m fine. More than fine. And completely happy. I thought you would have noticed earlier.” He snickered while he could see the other’s eyeroll at his words. “I am not talking about… this… not just this… I am… I mean… in general. Are you happy with the situation right now? How everything turned out? That you are here with me during my heat and you are…” Before Alec could say another word, Magnus had raised his hand and placed a finger against Alec’s lips. “Sssh, you really have nothing to worry about. There’s no place I’d prefer to be right now than to be here with you. I am happy. And I wouldn’t trade you or what we have for anything in this whole wide world. This is perfect. And exactly where and with who I want to be. My Omega.” “And maybe your… mate?” Alec bit onto his lip at the question. “Let’s talk about this when your heat’s over, okay, darling? First things first.” Magnus replied and Alec nodded. “So, how do you feel? Think you’re still having a break or…?” Magnus wanted to know, his fingers carding through Alec’s hair as the other man pressed himself closer again, wrapping his arms around Magnus’ body as much as possible in their current position. “I still feel okay. Doesn’t seem that there’s another spike already close. But I have no clue how long it’ll take. And if it will be a sudden rise or…” Alec shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe you should take another nap then. And try to collect as much energy as possible in the time between.” Magnus suggested. “Probably, you’re right.” And with these words, Alec closed his eyes, a happy smile on his lips as he hid his face against his Alpha’s chest, embraced by his… their mixed scents… his inner Omega satisfied about how this had turned out.




Chapter Text

„If it is always going to be like that… I might start taking the suppressants again.” Alec groaned as he pushed himself deeper into the cushion behind him on the couch. He felt exhausted, sore and a little bit drained even though he had to admit that Magnus had taken good care of him in the past seven days. He had provided food, had made Alec shower and after all… he had been able to get through his heat in a way he would have never thought he would. He might also feel quite good, to be honest. Satisfied in a way that made his Omega giddy and pleased with everything right now.
He could hear Magnus’ laugh at his statement, coming from the doorway to the bedroom. The other had just taken a shower, coming to the living-room to move towards Alec while he pulled down his shirt. “You wouldn’t, would you?” He asked with a smile on his face, sitting down himself and pulling Alec’s legs into his lap to brush his fingers along the clothed shins. “No, I wouldn’t.” Alec sighed before he turned his head slightly to look at the other. “It’s just… I thought that I would at least be a bit more… Don’t know. I might need another day or two to regenerate now, after my heat’s over.” He chuckled.

“Well, I wouldn’t mind you staying here for longer.” Magnus shrugged his shoulders. “A day or two or…” He left the rest unsaid but Alec knew what he was talking about. “Not yet, Magnus.” He stated with a soft voice, moving so that he could turn around, pulling his legs off Magnus’ lap that he could lean against the other man, wrapping his arms around Magnus’ waist and putting his head onto his shoulders. “Not yet.” He repeated with another sigh. “You said it yourself… let’s talk about this in a few, when everything is over and we can be sure that I am fully myself again. Not ‘clouded by my instincts’ like you have said five days ago.” A chuckle fell from Alec’s lips while he felt Magnus’ arms around him as the other man placed a soft kiss onto his head. “I was just trying to be at least a bit reasonable. We… there are a lot of decisions we need to make. And I want them to be made with full consent. After all, there will probably be a lot of people looking at us, observing us, trying to find a mistake being made. That I forced you or whatever. That’s why we need to be thorough and careful.” Magnus explained and he felt Alec’s head moving as the other man nodded slowly. “You’re right. We are probably under complete surveillance because of this connection between us. Never in all these past years I heard or read about an Alpha and Omega couple, composed of a Shadowhunter and a Downworlder. Even if the Clave has started to change, there is probably still a long way to real progress in front of us.” Alec sighed and turned his head a bit so that he could look up at the man in his arms. “But, Magnus, you know what? As long as we are together, in this… It’s totally worth it.” He grinned and closed his eyes as Magnus leant down to place a little kiss against his lips with a laugh on his own.



Alec had spent two more days in Magnus’ loft. He had messaged Izzy about it, that his heat had been over but that he needed some more time to recharge. She had assured him that the Institute was still well and Jace and her would take over and cover two more days so that he could rest enough. It would help everyone if he got back in top condition than still being exhausted due to the heat and what had come with it. And Alec had enjoyed these days. He was no longer driven by his instincts. He was himself again. Even though Magnus had not stopped to try to pamper him. It had made him smile at more than one occasion that the other was buzzing around him, trying to please him with food, cuddles and whatever Alec needed. It was kind of adorable, Alec had to admit. He would have never thought that Magnus would act like that. Or… that he would be able to have something like that. To be out, to be an Omega, having an Alpha who wanted to take care of him. But now he had all of that. And he could not wish for more right now. He felt loved.

So, instead of complaining about Magnus being all over him almost 24/7, trying to do everything Alec desired, he had enjoyed it. He might have teased the other once or twice or maybe even ten times about his treatment but Magnus had known that there was nothing serious behind his tone. That it was just some teasing. That actually, Alec liked it. And he would have liked it even longer than the two days he had given himself to get back to his usual condition before his responsibility had kicked in. Even if he had preferred to stay with Magnus at his loft, to be with his Alpha the whole time, he had a job to do. There was still an Institute to run. And he had to get back to reclaim his position.

Alec had known that it might be a bit hard after being gone for more than a week. And even after being away with everyone knowing why he had been away and what he probably had been doing the whole time during his absence. He was not sure if everyone would accept him back at the Institute. Yes, he had taken care of all the Shadowhunters that had talked bad about him, had called him bigoted slurs or had tried to question his ability to be Head of the Institute before his heat or as an Omega in general. He had sent most of them away, back to Idris so that the Clave would do with them whatever they wanted to do with them. But this had been before his Omega had been so obviously shown. Now, after a heat, after being with Magnus for the past days, he knew that his scent had changed. And maybe this would cause some ruckus. Maybe some of the Shadowhunters would think less of him now, being able to ignore it beforehand. But not any longer. Not when…

“You don’t need to worry. You are respected. You are a leader. And they know this. And accept you.” Magnus had assured him for the umpteenth time before Alec had left the other man’s loft, cupping his cheek with a wide and honest smile. And Alec had returned it, leaning into the touch before he had turned his head slightly to press a little kiss onto Magnus’ palm. For a moment they had stood like that, then Alec had moved back a bit to lean in, kissing the other goodbye to head back to the Institute.

Magnus had let him go even though his Alpha was not happy about this decision. It felt wrong and his stomach did a strange flip at the thought of Alec not being around anymore. That he would be alone in his bed tonight. He had to admit that he had gotten used to the other being with him the whole time. It was so easy, it felt so natural. Even between Alec’s spikes during his heat they had had time to talk to each other, to get to know each other better every day. Magnus knew that finally, this was it. This was how his life was meant to be from now on. To be finally able to have an Omega, another person on eye-level to complete him. He had wanted to ask Alec to stay. Not for today, no. He knew that even if Alec was his Omega, the other had a job to do. An important job. He was needed at the Institute. He might be the one to help with a change in the Clave’s behavior towards Downworlders and Omegas alike. So, he had to let him go. Had tried to calm down his inner Alpha. But he had wanted Alec to come back. Sooner than later. Maybe in the evening, after work was done. They could sit on the couch, have dinner together, have a drink, talk… and cuddle up in bed afterwards. Magnus heart had made a little jump at this thought and he had not been able to hold back a smile. However, to ask Alec to come back, to be there every day… this would be a certain level of commitment. And Magnus knew that they should wait with something like that at least a week or two. Everything else might be born out of their hormones due to the shared heat. He wanted to do this the right way. That they both could and should have a talk about their future together. “Our future…” He whispered into the empty apartment, still standing at the door, his hand at the door knob, completely lost in his thoughts after Alec had gotten out and had left the loft.



“Look who’s back.” Jace was the first one to greet Alec as he entered the Institute with a wide grin plastered all over his face, wriggling his eyebrows. “How do you feel?” He asked which caused Alec to roll his eyes even though he could not hold back the smile at his brother’s behavior. “What do you want to hear?” He replied and shook his head, passing the Ops center to get to his office. “Details, Alec. I want details. This was your first heat and you have spent it with Magnus. And you have lost…” Before Jace could finish his sentence, Alec had stopped and raised his hand, pressing it against Jace’s face to muffle his words. “Could you at least wait until we’re somewhere where nobody could listen to us?” He muttered and let out an exasperated sigh, heat crawling up his cheeks. “Sure.” Jace said with a smirk after Alec pulled away his hand quickly because the blond had darted out his tongue to lick at Alec’s fingers. “You’re gross.” Alec scrunched his nose and turned around to get to his office, still followed by his brother. “Where’s Izzy?” He asked after entering the room, surrounding the desk to sit back behind it, Jace let himself fall into a chair in front of it. “She’s out on a mission. But don’t worry, nothing serious. Just the usual chaos.” Jace stated with a shrug.

Alec nodded and looked around. He had to admit that he was surprised. Somehow, he had expected to find his desk loaded with reports and cluttered with stuff. But it was actually pretty neat. There was a pile of papers, obviously things only him could sign as Head of the Institute. But other than that… “How did you manage all of that?” He asked and looked up, tilting his head slightly and watching Jace who shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. “You know… it’s not that hard… and we are very capable human beings…” The other man stated but could not hold Alec’s look longer than a few seconds before he looked away. Alec raised his eyebrow and crossed his arms in front of his chest, staring at Jace who decided to stay silent. “Alec, you’re back.” Before he could reply to the knock that had been there, the door had opened and Clary came in, a big smile on her face. She headed towards Alec and put her arms around him to hug him which he returned. “Glad to be back.” He stated, his eyes for a moment still on Jace who blinked and bit onto his lower lip. “You did it.” Alec realized as he pushed Clary a bit away from himself so that he could look at her. “Did what?” She tried to sound innocent which just was rewarded with another eyeroll by Alec. “You helped them keeping the paperwork in line. And that they would not leave too much of a chaos back here.” Clary chuckled and glanced towards Jace before she shrugged her shoulders at the other man defeatedly. “Sorry, Jace. Told you he would figure it out.” Jace started to pout and muttered something inaudible under his breath, making Alec and Clary laugh at his behavior. “Oh, no need to feel offended. We all know that you and Izzy aren’t made for paperwork.” Alec stated, still grinning. Now it was Jace’s turn to roll his eyes. “Fine. You’re right. I have no clue how you are able to do all of that. And not going crazy by doing so.” Jace let out a deep sigh and shook his head. “I am happy to step back from being the interim Head of this Institute. It’s all yours again.” He got up and turned to leave. “Jace?” The blond stopped, looking at his older brother. “Thank you. For covering for me. And now go. Back into the field where you belong and do what you like the most.” A grin spread across Jace’s face. “That I’ll do. Good to have you back, Alec.” And then he left, leaving the door open, obviously hoping that Clary would follow him.

But the redhead did not make a move, still lingering around Alec who turned to look at her. “Thanks, Clary. For keeping them in line. I am pretty sure it’s up to you that the Institute still stands and… that I won’t drown in reports in here.” The other woman chuckled at his words and moved towards the door to close it, leaning her back against it. “No need to thank me. That’s the least I could do. And it was kinda fun, to be honest. We worked pretty well together. Even though I have to agree with Jace. It’s good to have you back. And that you’re going to do this kind of work again now.” She chuckled again and walked back to Alec’s desk, leaning against it. Alec still had his arms crossed and leant against the back of his chair, looking up at her. “Anything else?” He asked. “Do you need to debrief me on anything that happened in the last week?” He wanted to know, but Clary shook her head. “No. Luckily, everything went pretty smooth. Nothing extraordinary happened. A few demon sightings. Day to day routine.” Alec nodded. “Glad to hear.”

For a moment, she remained quiet before she decided to speak up. “So…” “So?” Alec repeated. “How do you feel? How was it?” She asked. At first, Alec had wanted to roll his eyes as her like he had done it with Jace earlier on, thinking that she was just curious, that she just wanted some gossip about Magnus, his heat and their time together. But the honest smile on her face made him decide against slightly snapping at her. “It was… okay.” He answered which caused Clary to arch an eyebrow. “Just okay?” She questioned with a huff. Alec took a deep breath and rolled his eyes. “It was more than just okay. It was… perfect? Magnus was perfect. He cared for me the whole time, between the spikes and… during… things…” Alec could feel the blush on his cheeks, memories of all the things Magnus and he had done in the other man’s bed and elsewhere flashing his mind. “See. I told you. That it would turn out fine and just the way it should be. I haven’t thought Magnus could be anything else than wonderful. He is really totally gone for you.” Clary leant forward and placed her hand onto Alec’s arm, squeezing it softly which made him smile. “Yeah, you were right. It was… I cannot imagine it in any other way. This was just… He asked me to move in with him, I think. He said that he wanted to take care of me every day.” Alec said with a low voice, biting his lower lip. He uncrossed his arms and started to play with the hem of his shirt. “Alec, that’s amazing. That is wonderful. You totally deserve this.” Clary said with a joyous tone in her voice. “Thank you. I… I didn’t say yes. We decided to wait at least a few days. To make sure that the stuff we said during my heat was not just due to the moment we were both caught in. That we want these things because of us. Not because of any stupid hormones.” Alec explained and glanced up at the redhead who nodded. “That is very responsible. But I think it will be only a matter of time then. When you have your conversation in a few days, you will move in with him in the end. And that will be the right thing. Because otherwise, I am quite sure your inner Omega will drive you crazy, craving your Alpha.” She winked at Alec with a smirk before her face changed into something a bit more serious. “And what about… mating? Do you consider it already?” She wanted to know and Alec nodded without hesitation. “Yes, we do. We will talk about this as well. It feels right, you know. I am not sure if I am already in a state where I can say that there is no hormone’s influence. But I think I will not change my opinion. I… I want him to be my mate. I want to claim him and be claimed with a mark. Because this is what feels right.” He sighed and closed his eyes just to open them as he felt Clary’s lips against his forehead. “I am really happy for you, Alec.”



It had taken him some time to sort through all the papers that he had found on his desk the day he had been back in the Institute even though Clary had really sorted through all the stuff and just left the important things for him to revise. Between all the reports, day-to-day routine, demon sightings, going on patrol, training… Alec had not noticed that already three days had passed since being back on duty. He had seen Magnus in the meantime, the other had stopped by more than once to make sure that Alec looked after himself. That he would not forget to eat or sleep. But other than that, Magnus had been really distant. At first, there had been doubts starting to form in Alec’s mind. That now, after they had shared a heat, Magnus had noticed that he was not really into Alec like he had thought before. Or that he decided that he had imagined being with Alec would be different and better and that he was disappointed how everything had turned out. That he wanted to get some distance between each other, to break-up or something similar. Maybe because he thought Alec was boring and not worth a second thought. It had taken Alec a lot of effort not to spiral into these thoughts. Because he had gotten to know Magnus in the past days. And the other was not a person who would do that to him. Especially not because he had fussed over Alec’s well-being the whole time. And who would look after another person if they did not care about them? So, one evening as his Alpha had shown up with something that looked a lot like a picnic basket full of Italian food, Alec had dared to ask him. Why he did not text more and why he had been over just a few times and not for long. If he was not happy with the situation or with Alec. First, Magnus had been surprised about these thoughts, then he had pulled the other into a close hug to tell him that he had wanted to give Alec enough space that he could clear his mind after his heat. That they would be able to have a proper talk soon without being influenced by anything like hormones or scent. Alec had let out a little sigh of relief at this explanation and had hugged back. While having a wonderful picnic in Alec’s office, cuddled up against each other, they had agreed that they would wait a few more days, just to make sure. And then they would go on a date and talk about everything. About their future. Together.

Well. This had been the plan. But usually things would not go by plan. And this was not anything different. Because the next day, Alec had been in the Ops center, getting a debriefing of a current problem with Ravenor demons close by Central Park, he had received a fire message by the Clave.
He and his siblings were requested back in Idris to attend the trial, to testify hopefully one last time what had been done to them by Dieudonné and his followers. Alec let out a sigh after he had read the words. He listened to the end of the debriefing before he turned around to look for Izzy and Jace as he heard his phone ringing. Magnus’ name was showing up on his screen and he could not help himself but smile at it before he accepted the call. “Alexander, love. How are you?” He heard the familiar voice and his smile widened. “I am fine. Nice to hear from you, Magnus. I miss you.” He muttered, stepping a few steps away from the people around him so that he could at least talk a bit in privacy. “Miss you, too.” The other replied immediately. “I just got a very surprising message.” “You did?” Alec asked, glancing around the room to observe the people around him doing their job. “The Clave sent me a request. They want me to take part in the trial. I don’t have to witness anything. I am just… invited to be there.” Magnus stated and it was obvious in his voice that he was not really able to wrap his head around his invitation and the thought of the Clave inviting him voluntarily into Idris to be part of a trial against their own kind. “Really?” Alec let out a surprised huff and blinked. “Just got the same message. Izzy, Jace and I have to be there to testify again.” He had raised the fire message while he had talked to read over the lines just to notice something small in the corner of the paper. It seemed to be the Inquisitor’s neat handwriting. “We asked Mister Bane to attend as well. Moral and emotional support by Mister Lightwood’s Alpha.” Alec muttered in a hushed voice while reading the words. His eyes widened as the meaning sank in. “They really… did this?” It was almost unbelievable. “This is a surprise. Acknowledging me as your Alpha. Maybe there is really a change in their way of thinking.” Magnus chuckled on the other end of the line. He had absolutely not expected something like that. That the Inquisitor seemed to accept that Alec was an Omega. That his Alpha was a Downworlder. And that she would ask him to come that he could comfort his Omega to be there for the other man because the trial would surely be a very stressful situation. “Do you want me to come?” Magnus asked. “I mean… I know that you are strong and that you don’t depend on me. And that I…” Alec interrupted him. “I’d prefer having you by my side, Magnus.” He could hear the other letting out a little breath he had obviously held in. “I am grateful that they stepped out of their comfort zone to offer you coming with us.”



In the end, Clary also accompanied them. She had gotten a fire message as well as Jace’s mate to support him. So, Magnus had conjured a portal to get all five of them into Idris. It felt strange to be there. And even more because there were still enough people staring at him as he walked right next to Alec, holding the other man’s hand, to get to the Council where the court would be held. But nobody dared to say a word. Not even somebody muttering something behind his back. It felt weird and exciting at the same time. Maybe this could be the start of something new. That the Shadowhunters would finally start to progress into something more open-minded, getting rid of all the prejudices and turn into a modern society based on respect and equality. Yes, it would probably still take a lot of time until they would get there. But after all, this trial would maybe probably be the start of it.



“Gosh, I am glad that it’s finally over.” Jace let out a deep sigh before he buried his head against Clary’s shoulder, wrapping his arms around her to hold her close. Alec leant against Magnus, still holding the other man’s hand while his other arm was pulled around Izzy’s waist to support her. Magnus nodded in agreement at Jace’s words and rubbed his hand along his temple, closing his eyes for a second before he let out an exhausted sigh. It had been really draining to sit at court and to have to listen to Dieudonné as he had tried to justify his deeds. He had been the only one allowed to speak up because he was their main culprit, the leader behind all of that. And even if they had allowed anyone else to speak, the look on the other men’s faces had given away that they had nothing to say. That they would stay silent. Except Dieudonné. He had tried to talk some sense into the Inquisitor and the consuls sitting in front of him, trying to convince them that he had done nothing wrong. That what they had tried to attempt had been the right thing to do. Yes, they had tried to force an Omega to kill two fellow Shadowhunters and himself. But this would have been just a little sacrifice for the greater good Dieudonné had sneered, staring at Alec and his siblings. And then he had started to insult them, especially Alec. About him being an Omega and still in charge. And the most important, having a warlock as his Alpha. Before he could spit out more hatred, Inquisitor Herondale had raised her hand and had waved two guards over to pull him back to his seat, forcing him to get quiet. Then they had left to talk about the punishment even though it had not taken them long to come back.

Dieudonné and his followers, including Robert Lightwood, had been sentenced to a lifelong imprisonment at the Silent City without any chance of getting out. There would not be a re-evaluation of their deeds. They would stay there until their deaths.

Alec had let out a breath as the Inquisitor had passed judgment. Finally, they could move on. Finally, this part of their lives would be over. One last glance at his father as the other man had left the courtroom. And there was still nothing else than disapproval, disgust and disappointment on Robert Lightwood’s face. Well, so be it. They had no father anymore.

Before they had been able to leave as well Consul Penhallow had stopped them. “I hope you’re all okay?” She had asked and had gotten just nods in return, a small smile on her face. “Glad to hear that.” Then she had turned slightly to face Magnus. “I hope you know that having you here during the trial was a big thing. That it meant more than just the support you provided. I... we... really want this to work out somehow. Change is needed. And I would be happy to be able to have a few conversations with you about possible changes in the near future. Together, we can do it.” She moved and turned to look at Alec after Magnus had given her an approving nod. “I’d be happy if I could be invited to your next Cabinet meeting.” The smile was still on her face so Alec nodded slowly, returning the smile. “It would be my pleasure to have you there, Consul Penhallow.” “There is just one thing we need to talk about beforehand.” Her smile turned a bit more serious and Alec knew what this meant. “I have a few things to handle right now. And the Inquisitor as well. If you could stay here for a bit longer, we might be able to see you in two hours. Come to my office then and we will talk.” Alec swallowed at her words and squeezed Magnus’ hand harder without noticing before he cleared his throat. “Sure thing, Consul. I’ll be there.”

After she had said her goodbyes to the others, Penhallow had left them so that they could finally get out of the building. “What does she want to talk to you about?” Clary asked and Alec flinched slightly at the question. “About me not telling the truth about my second gender and hiding myself. I got the position as Head of the Institute under the pretense of being an Alpha. Therefore, I have to expect a punishment.” He explained, his voice low, trying not to sigh as he bit onto his lower lip. “But... Alec! Do they want to replace you? Do they...” Izzy started but was interrupted by Magnus. “I don’t think so. If, they would have taken him away the same instant it came out that he was an Omega. And you heard what the Consul has said. They want some change. I doubt that there will be any hard punishment for Alexander.” While he spoke, Magnus had brushed his hand along Alec’s arm to soothe him. He knew that probably Alec had nothing to worry about even though he would still be worried. “I can come with you. I’ll wait outside.” He muttered and Alec nodded. “That would be nice.” Alec replied. “We’ll wait for you as well. I cannot go home with you still being here and not knowing what’s going to happen to you.” Jace stated and Izzy and Clary nodded with the same determination in their eyes as Jace. Alec had to smile at their antics. “Thanks. I really appreciate it.” Having the ones he loved around him would really help calming him down, even though they were outside. But just knowing that they were there, would be enough.



“You wanted to see me.” Alec had knocked exactly two hours later on the consul’s door and had been asked to come in. Besides Consul Penhallow and the Inquisitor there was another Clave member present, introducing herself as Madeleine Bellefleur. So, it would be the three of them to judge him and his misbehavior, Alec thought. “Please, have a seat, Mister Lightwood.” The consul offered and Alec took it, sitting down in front of her desk, looking at the three women. “You know why you are here.” It was more of a statement than a question that left the Inquisitor’s lips and Alec nodded. “Yes. Because I pretended to be an Alpha to get the position as Head of the New York Institute.” He confirmed. Bellefleur hummed at his words. “You know that we are not happy about you lying to us, right? We want things to change. And change cannot happen if it is built on a lie.” She tilted her head and studied Alec who nodded again in reply. “Yes, I understand that. This was wrong.” For a moment, there was silence before the consul started to speak again. “So, Mister Lightwood. Please, explain why you did this. How does it come that you pretended to be something else? Was there any need to do so?” She asked.

Alec was not sure if he really wanted to answer this question because it was too close to something hurtful. Things that had been expected from him since he had been a child. Things that were partly forced on him. Things his father had said and done. For just a second, he really thought about being dishonest with them, not wanting to open up. But then he looked at the consul and the encouraging smile she was giving him. And he decided against it. He needed to be honest with them. Even if it hurt him talking about it. Even if he would feel vulnerable. No more lies. They wanted a change. And they had told him that he had not to worry that much. Like Magnus had said earlier as well. If they had thought that he had made a mistake too big to handle, they would have already replaced him. So, he took a deep breath and started to speak.

“When I was sixteen, I presented as an Omega without anyone except my siblings knowing. It was horrible because everybody, especially my father, had expected me to be an Alpha because my future, the path I would follow, was already decided by him. Back in these days, I was too scared to tell him or anybody else the truth. So, I decided to take suppressants, making everyone believe that I was an Alpha. I put all my work, all the efforts into making it work. I didn’t want to disappoint him. Even though I really hated his bigotry when he started to show off his hate and disgusts for Omegas because he thought they were worth less than any Alpha. I tried to ignore it, concentrate on my training and how to prepare myself for becoming Head of the Institute. I knew that when I would finally be in that position, I would be able to work against all this racism and Omegaphobia and any other prejudice. I have never wanted to fool anyone like that. My intentions were never to mock the Clave or the Shadowhunters in general. I just wanted to be able to help change their view.”

The three women in front of him listened intently what he had to say and Alec could see Bellefleur nodding slightly in agreement. “So, you pretended to be an Alpha to be able to become Head of the Institute that you would be able to make a change?” She asked, trying to resume what he had explained earlier. Alec nodded. “Yes. That kind of sums it up. I have never had any ill intentions with what I have done.” “I believe you.” The Inquisitor stated and crossed her arms in front of her chest before she turned her head to the other two women. “Me too.” They both agreed. Alec swallowed, not sure what to expect next. “I am pretty sure, Mister Lightwood, that you had nothing bad in mind. It is not your fault. You were raised to hide your true nature. And this led to your little stunt with the Institute.” The look on the Inquisitor’s face was stern and she stared at Alec who did not dare to move. “I am also sure, you’ll understand that we cannot accept you lying to us about something so important. It could have led to a completely different outcome.” Alec nodded and bit onto his lip. His hands were clasped in his lap and he tried to hold her piercing look. “So, you have to make sure that something like that won’t happen again in the future. We expect honesty. In the next few weeks, we will check your reports ourselves and you should expect one or two visits to the Institute for reviewing if you try to hide anything from us. Understood?” Alec nodded slowly and blinked in confusion, waiting for more to come. But it did not. The three of them stayed silent. “That’s... it?” He muttered after a moment or two without a word being said. A smirk started to spread over Bellefleur’s face. “What? Do you want another punishment?” She asked and Alec shook his head immediately. “I just...” Consul Penhallow cut in. “We told you... we cannot let your behavior slip. We had to talk about it. And state some consequences. But.. Mister Lightwood. We would never take that position away from you. You earned it because of your hard work. That you are an Omega... well, that’s unexpected. But I am sure after all I have heard about you that you can stand any Alpha and keep them in line. And that’s all we need. We need a leader. Somebody who is responsible and reasonable. No matter his or her second gender. This is not important.” She had gotten up while she had spoken and stood now next to Alec, putting her hand on his shoulder. “And you are such a person. We’d be bigoted ourselves if we talked about change and then would replace you. Yes, it was not okay what you did. But we understand. And just because you made one mistake...” Alec looked up to her and swallowed. “T-thank you. That... means a lot to me. I promise that I won’t disappoint any of you. I want this to work out as well. If you are willing to make a change, I want to help doing so.”

Another moment of silence had followed and finally, Alec had been able to relax, feeling at ease. After another quick exchange concerning the consul’s invitation to the Cabinet meeting, he had been dismissed. The moment he had stepped out of the office, his friends and siblings were at his sides, looking at him with wide eyes. “I swear if they have replaced you, I’m going to...” Jace started with a growl but Alec raised his hand to place it onto his brother’s arm with a smile. He still felt a bit dazed about what had happened. But he was glad about the outcome. He had expected so much worse. “Don’t worry. I am still your boss and allowed to order you around.” He started to grin and heard that all of them let out a sigh of relief. “As if I let you...” Jace replied, a grin on his face as well. “Glad to hear that, Alec.” Clary pulled him into a short hug, followed by Izzy. “They would have been stupid to do something else.” His sister muttered before she let him go. “So, what do you think about me getting us all out of here and have a little celebration?” Magnus offered while Alec got closer and wrapped his arms around the other man, leaning his head against his shoulder, taking in a deep breath, the smile still on his face. “Sounds perfect. Lead the way.”


Chapter Text

Alec had not thought that it would feel different stepping through the Institute’s door the same day after being back from Idris. But it had. He felt lighter and better, knowing exactly where he stood. Now, he was sure that he could really make a difference, that the Clave would kind of have his back. And that the consul wanted to join them at their next Cabinet meeting. It would help a lot to make his position stronger. To show others that it was not just him having a different way of approaching things concerning the Downworld.
Slowly, he walked back towards his office, just being held back as he passed the Ops center to look over something another Shadowhunter wanted to show him, getting his opinion on what he had found. They talked a little and he told the other man to observe the demon activity he had found because it could lead to something bigger, maybe an attack. With an approving nod, he left, finally getting back to his office. There was a lot of work waiting for him and it needed to be done. This was his duty after all. As Head of the New York Institute.



Only two days later, Alec groaned and rubbed his eyes, falling back into his chair. “Maybe I ask the consul to replace me nevertheless... this is horrible.” He sighed and earned a chuckle from his sister who was lingering in front of him, sprawled out on the couch in his office. Alec was tired, he had hardly been able to sleep due to all the work that all of a sudden had been dropped onto his head and his Shadowhunters. There were so many reports which still needed to be revised, new protocols in need to be fixed, a spike of demon activity that was caused by a minor demon who had thought it would be fun to roam the streets of New York, playing with Mundanes, so that they had to go and put a stop to this. He had also not been able to really talk with Magnus. Or even see him for a longer time span than just half an hour yesterday and only twenty minutes today. And to be honest, this was the one thing that annoyed him the most. Even though he usually loved what he did, being in charge and all of that... But he really wanted to be able to see his Alpha, to spend time with him that they could sort things out. About moving in. Being mates. Alec was sure that the hormones were finally gone, that he was able to think completely fine. But fate seemed to mock them, throwing one thing after another at them to leave them no time for their much-needed conversation. “Don’t be so dramatic. Seems Magnus is rubbing off on you.” Izzy stated with a grin. Alec rolled his eyes. “I’d be glad if he rubbed off on me...” He muttered under his breath but his sister was able to get his words. “Alec Lightwood, did you just make a sex joke?” She asked with a gasp, smirking at him. Alec glared at her and turned to look down to his desk because he needed to work through more reports. Not because he blushed at his own bold words that held probably more truth than he expected. Yes, he missed Magnus. In every way possible. He could already feel his inner Omega getting itchy because they were separated for so long now.

He felt Izzy’s eyes on him, knew that she was still grinning widely. But before she could say something else that would probably deepen his blush, there was a light knock on the door. “Come in.” He called and threw a look at his sister who got up immediately, ready to leave that he could do his job. They were both surprised to see their mother standing in the doorframe, an insecure smile on her face. Yes, they both had known that after she had refused to leave with their father she had lived at the Institute. They had been with her a few times. But seeing her now was unexpected. “Mom, what... come in. Is there anything I can help you with?” Alec asked and got up to his feet, moving closer to the other woman, leading her to the couch Izzy had sat on just a few moments ago. “There is something I want to talk to you, yes. You both. And actually, I’ve hoped that Jace would be here as well...” The woman stated, her hands in her lap as she looked at two of her children. “I’m going to get him.” Izzy nodded and left, heading straight to the training center where she would find Jace because he had announced earlier that he would have another training session with Clary this evening. “Do you want something to drink?” Alec asked while they waited and handed her a glass of water after she had answered his question. They were quiet for a moment before Maryse turned towards her eldest son, reaching out to take his hands in hers. “I am so proud of you, Alec. Everything you did... Where you are now... It’s all I could have wished for my boy.” She whispered, her voice filled with pride which made Alec smile in return as he squeezed her hands softly. “Thank you.” He replied. “And I am glad that at least you found an Alpha who cherishes you. Who seems worth of you. Who loves you. You know... not every Omega has such a luck.” A sad smile passed her face which made Alec squeeze her hand even more. “I am sorry what happened with Dad.” Alec muttered. “No need to be sorry. It’s his own fault. He deserves what happened to him.” She said, her voice getting a bit harder at the thought of her husband. Alec sighed and leant in to place a little kiss onto her cheek.
Until Jace and Izzy came back, they sat there in silence. Comfortable with each other.

“Now, that the three of you are here...” Maryse started, her eyes wandering over her children. “Mom, is there anything wrong?” Jace interrupted, leaning over and putting his hand onto her knee in a reassuring gesture. She shook her head with a little smile, covering his hand with her own. “Don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong. On the contrary. For the first time in decades, I feel good. I feel free. And esteemed.” She chuckled softly at the confused look on her children’s faces. “You know I have been around since... that day. And after the bravery Alec had shown by revealing his true self, not wavering in his decisions, I have started to think. Your father had suppressed me in the past. For so many years, I have been just a fraction of myself. And after seeing you... I decided that I needed to change. To take my life back into my own hands. I am not sure if you have noticed but... People around this Institute... everybody is equal or they at least try to work towards this. And so, I had the chance to do things. I was finally able to not just be the little Omega, waiting at home for her Alpha to come back.” With every word, every sentence, her voice had gotten stronger, more serious. Determined. Alec could see on his sister’s and brother’s face the same pride he felt for their mother. That she wanted to reclaim her life. “We are glad to hear that, Mom.” Izzy stated affectionately, leaning against their mother’s side.

“I have tried to... to help the change that followed after your revelation.” Maryse looked at Alec and reached out to brush her fingers along his cheek for a second before pulling them back. He could already see that she had started to change. While being with their father, she had never dared to touch her children because Robert had thought that this would coddle them. And his children needed to be strong. “I have been able to impact a few Shadowhunters around here. I talked to them, I listened to their needs. You have to know, some of them were worried about what the future would bring for all of us with such a big change in dynamics. I tried to solve their problems, help them through it all. I was even able to help with some minor disagreements between the few Omegas around and some Alphas. And before you can say something...” She looked at Alec, knowing that he would demand to know what had happened the moment the words had left her mouth. “Everything’s fine. Nothing serious. If it had been, I would have told you. Just... small things.” “But if...” Alec started and Maryse nodded. “I will tell you, don’t worry. Even though... I am not sure if I will be around that much.” “What do you mean?” Izzy asked with confusion and Alec arched an eyebrow at her words. “Will you leave?” Jace wanted to know and their mother nodded. “Probably. Yes. I... I have an offer. Consul Penhallow has reached out to me. She has heard about my attempts here at the Institute to help Alphas and Omegas alike to get along with each other and... she offered me a position. They want me as their newly founded ambassador for everything Omega related. I will be an advisor to the Clave.”

For a second, there was silence in the room before it was broken by a joyous gasp coming from Izzy as she wrapped her arms around their mother. “That’s amazing.” The young woman stated before she was pushed aside by Jace who wanted to hug their mother as well. “That’s awesome.” The man stated. Alec smiled and reached out to pat her knee. “You deserve this, Mom. I cannot think of somebody better to fill in this position.” He stated. “I actually could. But at the moment, he’s needed right here in New York to lead this Institute to keep his siblings in line. Jace, please, you’re crashing me.” Maryse started to giggle and tried to free herself before her son pulled away. “We don’t need to be kept in line. We’re just very... outgoing and it happens that...” Jace tried to explain with a grin, earning an eye roll from Alec and a laugh from Izzy. “Stop it, you know she’s right.” Their sister said which made Jace huff. “Fine. But still. We’re really proud of you, Mom. You deserve this chance. And to finally be happy.”



Alec stood at the sideline with Jace, watching Clary carefully as she fought with Izzy. He had to admit that the redhead had made a lot of progress in the past weeks. Thinking back at where she had started, a bit hot-tempered, insecure at times and not being able to have a chance against any other Shadowhunter. Now, she stood at least some chance against Izzy. Well, not to forget that his sister had been trained since young age and Clary would hardly reach her level of fighting skills. But she was on a good way, standing her ground. She had a few good moves and could hold herself long enough against Izzy. “What do you think?” Jace asked and turned his head to look at his brother right next to him who nodded slightly. “I think you did a good job training her. And she really turned into something that resembles a real Shadowhunter.” Alec stated with a little smile playing around his lips. “Glad you think that way.” Jace grinned and turned his head to look back at the two women in front of them. “Yes, I think… if she trains like that and works on her skills, there is no need to be scared having her out in the field. She is absolutely capable of being out on patrol with you or any other Shadowhunter.” Alec nodded again. “I thought so.” Jace stated with a soft voice. Alec glanced at him, seeing the love on his brother’s face as he watched his mate. “And I am glad for you. You changed. You seem… more level-headed. She has a good influence on you. And actually, I have never seen you so happy.” Alec smiled as he nudged Jace’s shoulder. “Yeah, I am happy. She’s the best that could have happened to me. Never thought that I would find a mate. And one like her? I am one lucky guy.” Jace chuckled.

“What are you two talking about?” The two women had stopped their fight after Izzy had been able to disarm Clary, moving towards the other two. While Izzy grabbed a bottle of water, Clary had reached out for a towel Jace had handed her. “Nothing important. Just that, if you continue to train like that, one day you’ll be able to mop the floor with my dearest brother.” “Hey!” Jace exclaimed and tried to slap Alec’s arm who just moved out of his reach with a grin. “You think that I’d be able to do that?” Clary asked with a grin and Alec could see the pride in her eyes as she beamed at him. “Totally. Especially, when he gets more and more lazy, not training that much himself.” Alec teased. “Oh, you’re totally on. What about us having a little one on one?” Jace scrunched his nose and stared at Alec, a mischievous glint in his eyes as he unzipped his hoodie. “I’m in.” Alec replied.



“How are you, big brother?” Izzy asked after she had stepped into Alec’s office, circling around his desk to put her hands onto his shoulders. She could feel that he was a bit tense. “I’m fine. At least as fine as I can be. There is so much work to do and…” He stated and turned his head to look up at his sister who smiled at him. “You haven’t been able to spend enough time with Magnus.” She ended his sentence. Alec nodded and let out a sigh. “Yes. After spending my heat together, we had barely time for each other. First, there was the trial. Then the usual Institute stuff and… I miss him. I miss being with him.” He muttered and leant his head against her arm as she squeezed his shoulder carefully. “Speaking of your heat…” Izzy started and Alec let out a snort. “Not you, too. I don’t want to talk about it.” He stated and clenched his eyes shut. Izzy chuckled. “Oh, don’t worry. I know you well enough to know that you won’t talk about this with me. And after all… I have quite some imagination.” Izzy grinned and leant over to kiss Alec’s forehead. “All that matters is that you’re happy. That’s all that counts for me. And I can see that Magnus makes you feel that way. So. No problem with that.” She winked at him before she let him go, moving to the other side of the desk to sit down in front of it. “Actually, I wanted to talk about something else. Concerning your heat. You know that we need to talk about your future heats. How to handle them and what to do. It would be best to be prepared, right?” Izzy asked and leant back, her finger drawing patterns onto the armrest of her chair. “Um… what do you mean?” Alec frowned and tilted his head. “We just handled it this time and will the next times. It’s not that I have one every few weeks. We have quite some time between each and every one of them. So…” Izzy nodded. “Yes, I know. We managed to get through it this time. But, let’s be honest… without Clary’s help, you would have come back to a desk full of work and chaos. She helped us a lot. But what if… both your heats happen at the same time? Or that any of us isn’t there? We should have a plan ready how to work through it.”

For a moment, Alec stayed silent and thought about her words. Izzy might be right. This time, everything worked out pretty well. They had just their usual workload, nothing big had happened. But what if there was something happening the next time? He should put some thoughts into this. And also about Magnus’ position. Who would be his replacement? He was the High Warlock of Brooklyn after all and they needed his help from time to time. So… they needed another warlock to help. And how the Institute would handle any emergencies without him. The good thing was that usually a heat would not last that long. Just his first one had been a week and he had needed another two days off to regenerate. Usually it would be between three to five days. And if he experienced it more often, then he would be able to get back to his feet a lot quicker. “You are right. I should think this through. We need to have some back-up plan at one point. I mean… I am hardly able to do anything during… a heat.” Alec cleared his throat and blushed slightly which made Izzy chuckle. But she decided against saying anything about it. “I can help you figure a few things out because I know where we somehow struggled during your absence.” She instead suggested and Alec nodded, grateful that she had let it slip.



For a moment, Alec hesitated, dropping his hand. He had wanted to knock at Magnus’ door but all of a sudden, he was not sure if it was okay to just appear randomly without a further notice. He had thought that it would be nice to talk with the other man about their ‘plan b’ for any more of his heats, about taking the High Warlock out of the picture if anything would happen. And if it happened that they talked in person and not just on the phone… well. But now, standing in front of the apartment, he was not sure if he should have called beforehand. He did not even know if Magnus was home. Sure, the other man had his own work to do. His clients, appointments, his tasks as High Warlock. Really, he should have called. However, Alec had not thought about it. He had just wanted to see Magnus. And their talk, even if it was work related, was a good opportunity to come and see the other. His thoughts were interrupted as the door opened itself and he heard Magnus’ voice. “Do you want to stand outside for some more time or do you want to come in?” The tease in the other’s tone was obvious.

Alec cleared his throat and moved slowly, closing the door behind him. He scanned the loft, looking for Magnus. At first, he could not see him before he turned towards the other’s voice. “I’m over here, darling.” He heard him, obviously being in his apothecary, and walked over. “Hey, Magnus.” Alec said, stopping in the doorframe to see Magnus working with what looked a lot like a kettle where he was throwing different things into. Obviously potion making. “Alexander.” Magnus replied softly and put the stuff he had had in his hand down to get closer to Alec, putting his arms around the other man’s waist to pull him closer. He leant in for a short little peck on Alec’s lips. The smile on his face dimmed a bit because Alec did not react at first. “What’s wrong?” Magnus asked and forced himself not to let go even though it would have been his first instinct to do so. “Nothing. It’s just… should I have called? You seem busy and…” He muttered. Magnus sighed. “Nonsense. You never disturb me, my dear. I am happy to have you here. Why do you think so?” He asked. “I… I don’t know. It’s just… after the heat we had barely time to see each other due to all the work and… we hardly talked and… my thoughts started to wander and… It’s stupid. I’m stupid. I know that and I… I just missed you, Magnus.” Alec babbled before he admitted having missed the other, finally wrapping his arms around the other man’s body, leaning in to hide his face against the other’s neck, taking a deep breath of his Alpha’s scent. “I missed you, too. Really. Believe me. I missed you, too.” Magnus sighed and raised his hand to place it against Alec’s neck, playing with a few strands of hair, his fingers brushing against the other’s skin.

For a moment, they stood there in silence before they got interrupted by the buzzing sound of Magnus’ phone. “Do you not want to have a look?” Alec asked as Magnus did not make a move to walk over. “Probably nothing important. Or at least… there is nothing more important than you, Alexander.” He replied which made Alec smile. “You’re sweet. But… maybe it’s urgent?” He suggested and Magnus shrugged his shoulders. “Get your phone. And let’s sit down for a bit. I need to talk with you. On a professional basis.” Alec winked at Magnus before he let him go and turned around to leave for the living-room. The other followed a moment later and Alec could see him frowning as he pushed his phone into his pocket. “Something wrong?” Alec asked with an arched eyebrow. Magnus shook his head. “No, don’t worry. Nothing wrong. Just people being stupid.” He moved towards the drinking cart and poured himself a drink, raising another glass to ask Alec silently if he wanted something as well. But Alec declined. “Still at work.” He stated. Magnus shrugged his shoulders and sat down right next to the other, pulling him against his side. “So, what do you want to talk about?” He asked. “Um… it’s about my heat.” Alec started, glad that he did not face Magnus right now because he knew that he was blushing at his words. It was still strange to talk about it. And it would take a lot more heats and some experience before he would stop being that embarrassed about it. “What about it?” Magnus wanted to know, relaxing in Alec’s touch. It felt satisfying and great, finally being able to hold his Omega in his arms again. “Izzy talked to me about it today and she suggested that we should think about a plan b for my next heats. What to do in any emergencies, write down some protocols and… this made me think about you. Because… it has an influence on you as well. Because… um…  if you decide to spend all my heats with me…” Alec could feel Magnus’ half-embrace getting tighter at these words which made him smile. “…we should have a back-up plan for you as well. Another warlock or any other procedures.” Magnus nodded at his words. “Good point. I should really think about working out a plan for these occasions. Because I won’t leave you during your heat. I won’t let you alone.”

In this moment, Alec thought that he had been stupid. Why had he been worried in the first place as he had waited in front of the door? Magnus had told him that he wanted this. That he was his Alpha and he would do everything to be able to stay with Alec. Thinking that the other would not want him here or close? Really stupid. Sometimes, he wondered if he would ever be able to stop his thoughts from spiraling, from going down this path.



Finally. Alec had never been happier to be able to leave the Institute for this evening to be able to meet with Magnus at a restaurant. They were finally able to have a date, to spend time together and to have their talk about all that stuff that was long overdue. Magnus had texted him that he would take a bit longer than expected, the client he had to meet this afternoon had been a bit demanding. So unfortunately, he would not be able to come and get Alec, to portal them to the restaurant. But they would meet up there. For just a moment, Alec had been a bit grumpy about it because that would mean that his date with Magnus would be delayed. But after all, his happiness won because, well, they were finally going on a date after all. So, he had gotten to the subway and drove towards the inner city where they would meet. It was a nice restaurant, Alec had to admit after he had entered. He looked around shortly and decided to wait for Magnus at the bar that they could be seated together. He had sat down on a barstool so that he could watch the entrance, ordering a drink for himself to bridge the time. And maybe to calm himself down a bit because he and his inner Omega felt giddy. They would be able to sort things out tonight. About moving in with Magnus, about their mating, about their future. Alec smiled, swirling the liquid in his glass, lost in his thoughts.

“Hey, handsome.” A voice interrupted him and he looked up to see a man who had slipped onto the stool right next to him. For a second, Alec was not sure if the other had meant him and he turned around to see if there was somebody standing behind him. But no, it was just him. He heard the other man chuckle. “Yes, I am talking to you.” He stated and raised his hand to order a drink himself. “Um… okay.” Alec arched an eyebrow. “You seemed lonely and so I decided that I could… be your company for tonight. What do you say? My name’s Frederick by the way.” The other man moved a bit closer towards Alec, leaning towards him which made Alec feel slightly uncomfortable. “Um. Thanks. But no thanks. I am waiting for my” He stated and shifted so that he would get some more distance between them. “Oh, come on. If your date is not here already and if they make you wait, they are stupid. Leaving such a beautiful Omega behind… they must be…” Frederick had moved his hand and placed it over Alec’s, a wide grin plastered on his face. “Um… excuse me.” Alec narrowed his eyes. He did not notice that they flashed green as he let out a growl. “You have two choices. Your first one is to leave without any further word and we’ll forget about this. Even though I would suggest you should think about your approach towards other people in the future. And your second one is to stay here with me and face the consequences. And I can assure you. You rather want to choose the first option.” Alec growled again, his other hand now at the man’s wrist, grasping it tightly and turning it around so that the man flinched at the angle he found himself in all of a sudden. Some people were looking at them but they did not make a move. “What the hell is wrong with you, you stupid Omega.” Frederick hissed, his eyes red as he stared at Alec. “Take your hand away from me.” He snarled, trying to Alpha-voice Alec. But all he got was a smirk. “You aren’t the first one to underestimate me. Believe me, there have been more powerful Alphas than you. I still suggest… the moment I let your hand go, you get up and leave this restaurant.” Alec muttered with a low voice, tightening his grip while the other man stared at him, the pain obvious on his face. “Fine… Let me go.” He whispered and let out a huff as Alec finally loosened his grip, pushing the other man slightly away. Frederick almost toppled off the stool he was sitting at. “Now it’s obvious why you don’t have a mate, Omega.” He gritted his teeth and turned around to leave.

Neither Alec nor Frederick had noticed that in the meantime Magnus had appeared. And that he had heard the little conversation the two men just had and how Frederick had reacted, not leaving Alec alone. “Who says he hasn’t?” Magnus stared at the other Alpha with a stern face before it softened as he looked over at Alec. “Sorry that I am late, darling. Traffic was hell.” He stated with a smile which was returned by the other. “No problem. I am quite sure that this guy here was just on his way out. Right?” Alec said as he got up to his feet to move over towards Magnus, wrapping his arm around the other man’s waist. “Whatever.” Frederick mumbled and without another word, he rushed past the two and out of the restaurant. “Are you okay?” Magnus asked and turned towards Alec who looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “Do I look like I am not? Do you think that such an asshole could sour my mood?” Alec asked, leaning over to kiss Magnus’ cheek. “Actually… no. I know that you can handle yourself.” Magnus replied. “Good. Because I am totally capable of.” Alec stated with a wink and another smile. “And now, I am hungry. Let’s get a table and have some food.” He added which made Magnus chuckle.

They moved to the front desk to check in their reservation. A young waitress led them towards their table and after taking their order for something to drink, the two of them were finally alone. “I am glad that we were able to manage this date.” Alec whispered and squeezed Magnus hand who had reached across the table to hold Alec’s in his. “Me, too, Alexander. A date outside of my loft and the Institute. This is rare. No Shadowhunter or Warlock duty. Just the two of us.” Magnus nodded, his finger brushed along Alec’s skin. “I like that. I really do. And… I would prefer if we could have this more often.” Alec bit onto his lower lip as he looked up from their joined hands to the other man’s face. “You know… it’s been around two weeks now. I can really say that there is nothing heat induced anymore. And I still want to be with you. Like all the time and…” Alec muttered and smiled softly. “You really consider moving in? Because like I said earlier on… I want to take care of you. I want to be with you. You living with me would be… I can hardly describe it.” Magnus returned and let go of Alec’s hand as the waitress came back with their drinks, handing them the menu.

For a second, their conversation had stopped because they were both trying to decide what to eat but they continued the moment their orders had been taken and the waitress had left with the menus again. “Magnus. I… I want to live with you. I want to be with you as well. Being at the Institute and not being able to see you… that felt horrible. I wasn’t happy and my Omega wasn’t as well. I… missed you so much. The thought of being able to come back home to you every day. To fall asleep in your bed and arms. To cuddle up against you on the couch. All these things, they sound perfect to me. You… sound perfect to me.” Alec whispered, reaching out for Magnus’ hand again. “And you are perfect for me.” Magnus replied, raising their fingers to place a kiss against Alec’s palm. “Have you thought about the other thing?” He asked and Alec nodded. “I want this as well, Magnus. And I don’t want to wait. I mean… why should I? There is hardly another Alpha waiting around the corner who would be more perfect for me than you are. You are my Alpha. And… I don’t want anybody else. I want you. You know… Nephilim love once. Fiercely. And I think… No, I know that you are that one for me.”

Magnus had to swallow at these words. He took in a deep breath and he could smell everything, ever emotion that surrounded Alec. He really meant it. He really wanted to be with Magnus. And he really… “You love me?” Magnus asked, his voice wavered slightly. “Yes, Magnus. I do. I love you. Just thinking about being without you… it hurts. I don’t want to be without you. Like never.” Alec replied and got up to move towards the other man, leaning down as he placed a soft kiss onto his lips, their hands still entwined. “I…I love you, too, Alexander.” Magnus said and swallowed again. What had he done to deserve such a wonderful being? To be loved by Alec like that. He had never thought it would be possible. “Good. Then… I want us to mate. Sooner than later.” Alec simply stated as he sat down again. “I belong to you and I want everyone to see that. I want to be claimed. I want to wear your mark.” “I think we can manage that.” A shiver went along Magnus’ spine at Alec’s bold words, never wavering while speaking. They were so simple and meant so much. And Alec had said it like it was nothing. Or better, like it was the only logical consequence. Like it was obvious that this was what they should do next. And probably, he was right. Probably, this was the only step they should and could take next. Everything else, like thinking about the logistics of Alec moving in, how he would be able to stay Head of the Institute and everything else… they could work this out some other time. Now, everything that mattered was that they both agreed on a mating bite. That they would claim each other. That they would be with each other. And just this thought made Magnus smile, the same kind of smile he could see reflected on Alec’s face.


Chapter Text

“Are you sure about this, Alec?” Izzy had crossed her arms in front of her chest, looking at her brother who stood across from her, holding the same posture. He arched an eyebrow and nodded. “Totally sure. Why wouldn’t I? Haven’t you told me that Magnus would be the one for me?” He asked, trying to hide his grin at least a little as she rolled her eyes at him. “I did. It’s just... It’s a big step. And I want to make sure that you... This...” Her voice trailed off. Alec sighed and took a step closer to her, wrapping his arms around her body to pull her closer, feeling her warmth against himself. He could smell her distress and concern. “Hey, I know that you just want to look out for me. And that is fine. But this time, there’s no need to be worried. I’ll be with Magnus. And that’s all I want.” Alec whispered against her hair, brushing his hand along her back while he tried to soothe her with his own scent, to wash away her fear. “I know... it’s just... This is a big step and...” She started but Alec shook his head. “And I am willing to take this step. Together with Magnus. And you know that this is the right thing to do, Izzy. So... what’s behind this for real?” Alec asked and pulled away a bit so that he could look in his sister’s eyes. For a moment, she returned the look before she lowered her eyes, letting out a little huff. “I’m going to miss you. When you’re not around anymore. When you live with Magnus.” She muttered under her breath, barely audible so that Alec almost missed her words. “Oh, Izzy. I will always be your big brother. And I will take care of you and protect you and be there for you, no matter where I live. You can always come over, you can call. Whatever. This won’t change that much, I promise.” A soft smile played around Alec’s lips and he leant down to place his hand under her chin to make her look up. “Nothing can separate us. You, Jace and I, we are siblings.” He placed a little kiss onto her forehead which made her close her eyes. “Sorry. That I came up with it. It’s just... I am not used to not having you around.” She bit onto her lip. “Me neither. But hey. We’re Lightwoods. We can handle everything, right?” Alec stated with a wider smile and winked at her which made her chuckle. “Right.”



It had taken them a few days to arrange everything. Alec had informed the Clave about his new living arrangements. They had asked if this would cause any problem or would clash with his duties as Head of the Institute. He had denied it and they had accepted. Clary had been thrilled for Alec to be finally able to be with his Alpha, to live with Magnus because she was still convinced that he deserved all of it. Even though, in a quiet moment one day around midnight she admitted that she would miss him. Alec had told her that he would miss her as well, especially because of all the advices she had given him and her listening to him which had helped him so much. Jace had seemed not to be bothered by Alec moving in with Magnus but Alec knew that deep down Jace was as worried as the others. That he would miss him. Because of that he had asked his brother for a sparring session late one night, throwing playful insults at each other. And after they were drenched in sweat, completely done, he had nudged the other man’s shoulder and had assured him that he would still be there for him. Jace had glanced at him with a nod and had hummed something in agreement before they both had departed to shower, joking lightly with each other.

Alec had to admit to himself that this situation was exciting and scaring at the same time. On the one hand, he really wanted to live with Magnus. Even though they just knew each other for a few months now, it felt as if they knew each other for almost their whole life. There was something about the other man Alec could not describe. All that he knew was that he was completely drawn to Magnus. His wit, his care, his love. There were so many things Alec loved about the other man. But on the other hand, it was also really frightening that he would leave the Institute for good. That he would not live there anymore, not being able to be close to his siblings. He was scared that he might not be able to protect them anymore even though he knew that they could at least take care of themselves most of the time. They were grown-ups, not little children he had to look after. But still, they were his siblings. And they meant the world to him. But so did Magnus. And maybe... or well, probably Clary had been right. Now it was time to do something for himself. Because he deserved it. He deserved to be happy.

That was why he found himself in front of Magnus’ loft some days later, his stuff packed in two large bags. Before he could knock the other had opened the door already, smiling at the man in front of him. “Welcome, home.” Magnus greeted him and leant in to kiss Alec who smiled at his words. “I might need some time to get used to this.” He muttered. “But I will definitely get used to it. I like that sound. Home.” Alec’s smile widened and he leant in again to place a kiss onto Magnus’ lips, lingering there for a moment before pulling back. “So, when will the rest of your stuff arrive?” His Alpha asked, glancing over his shoulder at the two bags on the ground. Alec shrugged his shoulders and frowned. “That’s all. I don’t have that many things. I lived at the Institute, remember. They provide furniture and everything else. I just... needed clothes and some personal things.” He explained. Magnus tilted his head. “Moving in will be very quick then.” He grinned. “I already cleared some space in my closet for you. And... to make you feel at home we can think about redecorating? That you won’t feel like this is my apartment you moved in. More that this is our apartment. Giving it a special us touch.” Magnus stepped aside and waved his hand, making the two bags disappear into their now shared bedroom. “As if I have a clue when it comes to decorating or furniture.” Alec muttered with a little laugh and entered the loft, closing the door behind himself. He looked around just to find a weapon rack right next to the door. He turned to look at Magnus who gave him a shrug and a sheepish grin. “Thought you’d appreciate that. You can place your blades and the bow here and... well...” He explained and Alec leant over, putting his arm around Magnus’ waist to pull the other man closer for a second. “Thank you. I like it.” While he moved over to undo his thigh holster, putting his seraph blade and the bow into their designated spots, Magnus left for the kitchen. “Dinner’s already ready. If you’re done, we can have food first and then you can go and unpack your stuff.” He told Alec over his shoulder while he moved, emerging the kitchen a moment later with two plates full of food.



It had been four days now. Four days since Alec had moved in. At first, he had been nervous about their new arrangement. How to act around Magnus, being with him his whole free time. And if it would work out with him being Head of the Institute, being there on time. To his surprise, everything went smooth. In the morning Magnus conjured a portal for him to get to the Institute. And when he came back home they had dinner together, cuddling up on the couch, talking with the tv in the background. It felt nice and completely natural. Even though it had been just a few days Alec could hardly imagine it being somehow different. Just the thought of his former life in the Institute, being on his own more than once, rushing between training, duty and looking after his menacing siblings, felt weird and far away. And he had to admit that he liked his new present, the domesticity of it all. And he could see that Magnus liked it as well because the other was almost constantly smiling when he was around Alec and he had that soft look on his face when he watched him. It was perfect.

Well. Almost.

Because since their last bigger conversation about the moving in part the topic of their mating bite had never occurred again. Neither Magnus nor Alec had mentioned it. Not that Alec did not want to mention it. Because there was nothing he would want more than finally being claimed. But somehow, he did not dare to talk about it. He was afraid that it might destroy something. After all, they just moved in together. And even if they felt at ease being around each other the whole time, there might be still some time needed to get really used to each other. Maybe this was the reason why Magnus hesitated to bring it up again as well. Because he wanted to make Alec feel settled and good and... But unfortunately, it made Alec feel quite the contrary. While he liked their new situation a lot, he felt somehow restless. His inner Omega felt as if it was pacing around the whole day like a trapped animal in a zoo, pacing behind their bars from one side to the other and back. There was also a craving deep down inside of him. The urgent need to be whole. As if there was missing something. And actually, he was missing something. Or better, someone. His other half. His Alpha. He needed Magnus. He wanted him. To finally settle their bond as Alpha and Omega. Two people who would belong to each other.

“Hey, handsome. What’s on your mind?” Magnus had approached Alec who jumped a little at the sudden interruption. He had been deep in his thoughts about the whole mating and had not heard when Magnus had approached him. He had been out on their balcony, a few reports and his tablet in front of him at the table while his mind had started to wander. “Hn?” Alec turned to look at Magnus, needing a moment to be fully back. “What are you thinking? You seemed deep down. And it’s obviously not work related because you haven’t moved any report since the past ten minutes.” He chuckled and sat down next to Alec on another chair, crossing his legs. He had a drink in his hand, swirling the liquid slowly before taking a sip as he watched the other man. “Um...” Alec bit down onto his lip. Maybe he should use this moment to talk to Magnus? Now or never? It was not that he doubted the other would let him down. That he would not want him anymore all of a sudden. No, Alec was sure about that at least. He just could not get a grip on why they were still unmated. “I... I thought about us.” He started and Magnus arched an eyebrow. “Us?” He asked. Alec nodded. “Yes. But... in a good way, don’t worry.” He smiled softly and Magnus let out a chuckle. “I am not worried. You just moved in and I think it goes quite well.” Magnus stated and now it was Alec’s turn to chuckle. “Pretty confident, aren’t we?” He teased and turned even more so that he could face Magnus completely. “Always, sweetheart. Confidence is my middle name.” Magnus replied and Alec smirked. “Thought it was ‘too much’.” Magnus snorted, enjoying their little banter. “Well, a man can have a lot of middle names, Alexander.” He stated, taking another sip, looking at Alec over the rim of his glass.

For a moment, they were quiet. Alec shuffled closer towards Magnus, putting his hand onto the other man’s knee, his finger brushing along his clothed skin. He took a deep breath, taking in Magnus’ scent and partly his own, smiling slightly because of the calming effect. “Um... Magnus... I need to talk to you about something.” Alec started and bit onto his lower lip while the other raised an eyebrow at the serious tone in Alec’s voice even though he was still smiling. “What do you want to talk about?” He asked, placing his hand over the other’s. Now or never, Alec thought. “We talked about me moving in and so I did.” Magnus nodded at his words. “But we talked about something else and I was wondering why we haven’t... um... we didn’t...” His voice trailed off and he looked down for a second before glancing at the other man in front of him. “You mean... the mating?” Magnus voice was soft and Alec could feel him squeezing his hand. So, he nodded. “Um, yes. We both want it but... we haven’t talked about it again and we didn’t do it and... when...” He bit onto his lip again, swallowing for a moment. “I mean... It can’t be that hard, right? You have to bite me and I bite you and it’s done.” He frowned as he heard Magnus chuckle at his words. “Oh, dear. Yes, it could be like that. But doesn’t this sound a bit too... sterile? Shouldn’t it be a bit more special?” Magnus had raised their combined hands and placed little kisses onto Alec’s fingers. “Um... what do you mean?” Alec blinked, trying to hide the little blush that started to show on his cheeks because of the other’s soft touches. “Yes, we could do it like you described it. Biting and done. But I’d prefer something more... intimate. It’s a lifelong commitment and we should make it special.”

As Magnus mentioned something about intimacy, Alec blushed a bit more, certain images flashing in his mind. “Do you want that without me being in heat? Because I’d like to…” He asked, his voice almost inaudible. Just a whisper. For a moment, Magnus pulled back and blinked in confusion, not sure what Alec was asking. But then it dawned on him. “You mean... sleeping with each other?” Yes, they had not done that since Alec’s heat a few weeks prior. But not because Magnus had not wanted to. Because, he definitely had wanted it. It was just that there had been so much going on and he had also wanted to give Alec all the time and space he would need. Because after all, his heat had been his first one and sleeping with him had been his first time so he would probably need a bit to process everything. That was why Magnus had held himself back, even though his Alpha had protested more than once. And Magnus had thought that Alec really needed the time because the other had not started anything. There had been not that much of any kind of intimacy between them since then. Yes, they had shared kisses. And even though they had been very heated more than once they had not gone any further. But now, when Alec had asked this question Magnus was not sure if they had not done anything because Alec still had to process his heat. Maybe it had been more because of Alec not being sure how to start this out of heat due to the lack of experience. And maybe he had not been confident enough to ask about it. To be honest, Magnus wanted to slap himself internally. Sometimes, he really forgot how inexperienced the other man was when it came to stuff like that. He had thought that Alec just wanted to take it slow after being with him during his heat because this had been a special situation. And usually, people would take their time before they started to sleep with each other. Magnus let out a sigh as he realized that they could have done and explored so much in the past weeks and just because both had not talked about it, they had missed these opportunities. They should really work on their communication skills.

“Alexander, sure. We can do it whenever we want. It’s not just because of a heat. I mean... I don’t want to be intimate just when you’re in heat. I love you and I want to be close to you all the time. So, it’s okay. If we feel that way, if we have the desire to sleep with each other, we can do that.” He replied softly, his free hand palming Alec’s cheek, his thumb brushing along the other’s lip. He could feel the heated skin underneath his fingers and he could not help himself but think about how adorable Alec could look for the umpteenth time. In moments like this he was really happy that he was allowed to see this side of Alec. Not just the strong leader. Head of the New York Institute. No. This was his Alexander, full of love and sweetness. Just for him.

Magnus leant in and placed a little kiss onto the tip of Alec’s nose. “I love you.” He repeated, smiling at the wide grin that spread on Alec’s face. “Love you, too.” The other man replied and raised his hand to put it over Magnus’ on his own cheek. “So... do you want to... um... when you mean being more intimate during the bite... do you... should we...” He tried not to look away even though he knew that the blush would probably spread even further on his face. “I’d love to.” Magnus chuckled softly. He placed another kiss onto Alec’s face, this time on his lips, before he got up slowly. He held out his hand for Alec to take it. “Let’s switch to a better location.” Magnus whispered which caused Alec to shiver slightly. “Yeah.” He muttered in reply and followed the other slowly to their bedroom.

Alec had to admit that he was nervous. And he felt quite insecure. Yes, he was not a virgin anymore, thanks to his last heat. But still, this time it would not be them driven by their instincts. This would mean so much more. This was about him and Magnus. And he was scared that he could or would do something wrong. Last time he had reacted on instinct. But this time? His body was not full of hormones this time. He was completely himself. And now, being with Magnus in their bedroom? Yes, they had slept here in the past days. But they had just laid there, cuddled up against each other, fully asleep.  Just some lazy goodnight kisses and nothing else. But now, they would...

“Hey.” Magnus’ soft voice interrupted his thoughts. The other was standing in front of him, looking carefully at Alec’s expressions. “If you don’t want it, it’s okay. We don’t have to... We can get ourselves comfortable and... I’d be okay to go through with the mating just like that.” Magnus offered. For a split second, Alec really considered this option. But then he shook his head. No. He should stop being stupid. This was Magnus. And he loved him. And, to be honest, even if he had been under the influence of his inner Omega during his heat, he had to admit that he had liked it. And he wanted to feel it again, to get lost into each other. “Magnus, no. I am just... nervous, that’s all.” Alec stated and swallowed but raised his hands to put them around the other man’s neck to pull him closer. Magnus’ arms moved around his waist automatically. “There’s no need to be nervous. Just... be yourself. And listen to what you want and like.” Magnus replied and leant forwards, waiting for Alec to give his consent. “Okay.” Alec whispered and closed his eyes with a little nod. Just a second later he could feel Magnus’ soft lips against his skin, placing featherlight kisses along his neck.

Alec sighed at the touch, tilting his head even more to give the other better access, his fingers playing with the short hair in Magnus’ nape. “Magnus...” He whispered the other’s name, pressing himself closer against him. He could feel his warmth, him being close, being surrounded by his Alpha’s scent. Without noticing he started to purr, especially when Magnus started not to just kiss his neck, but rather mixed it with little bites and licking along the skin. “Magnus...” Alec repeated, his eyes still closed while he lowered his arms, brushing his hands along Magnus’ sides, stopping just at the hem of the other man’s shirt. His fingers slipped underneath the fabric and he let out a little content sigh at the contact with Magnus’ skin which turned into low gasps as Magnus bit into his skin without breaking it and licking over it instantly, just to repeat this motion. Alec’s hands were flat against Magnus’ back underneath his shirt, brushing along the skin. At first, it was just a tender touch, slow and careful but with every bite the movement started to get more unfocussed, his hands trembling slightly as he pushed the shirt further up. Alec let out a little growl as Magnus pulled away from him.

“What...” He hissed, trying to get back closer to Magnus again who chuckled at his movement. “Let me...” Magnus muttered and placed his hands next to Alec’s to help him get rid of his own shirt before he moved, pulling Alec’s over his head so that the two of them were both half naked. “That’s better.” Magnus grinned and winked at the other who returned the grin with a nod. “Yeah, I approve.” Alec stated. A second later his hands were back at Magnus’ neck, pulling the other man closer again to be able to kiss him. What started to be a soft and almost tender kiss turned into something more heated and passionate after a few seconds as Alec pressed his body against Magnus. He gasped against Magnus’ lips as the other man moved his hands, roamed over his back and slipped his fingers under the waistband of the pants he was wearing. Without noticing, Alec tilted his head and closed his eyes to give Magnus more space that he could kiss along his neck. He could feel his soft lips against his skin and he bit onto his lips to keep himself away from letting out a moan because of the treatment. “Hey…” Magnus raised his head, placing a few kisses against Alec’s jaw. “I want to listen to you. Don’t hold yourself back.” He muttered, his voice a bit hoarse already because who would not be influenced by his Omega pressed against his body like that. Alec nodded slightly and let out a low moan immediately because Magnus had turned his focus back onto his neck, leaving little marks all over his skin.

There was a certain feeling that was welling up inside of him at seeing the other man’s skin marked like that. As if this was a special way to claim Alec as his even though he knew that the real claiming, the most important mark, would follow soon. But still, all these hickeys would make it clear that Alec was his. That nobody was allowed to take away his Omega. “Magnus… can we…” His thoughts were interrupted and he looked up at Alec’s words to look right into the other’s eyes, already blown a bite wider than usual. “What do you want?” Magnus whispered while his fingers dug a bit deeper under the waistband, pulling Alec closer against him. “You.” The other replied immediately, leaning down to capture Magnus’ lips with his own. It was a bit sloppy because Magnus could feel that Alec tried to push him forward, to make him move. Obviously, the other wanted to take the next step. To get to their shared bed. Magnus smiled against Alec’s lips, enjoying that the other seemed so eager. He had been worried that Alec would not be able to follow through with this. That there would be something to hold him back. Because after all, the other man was still a bit shy sometimes when it came to things he desired. But maybe Alec had taken his words by heart. That he should not hold back and that he should follow his heart. What he really wanted. And if so, Magnus would be the last to complain about that.

For a second, he struggled to stay upright as the back of his legs hit the bed, still kissing Alec, before he fell down with a huff, pulling the other down with him so that Alec was sprawled all over him. He grinned at the man on top of him, pushing a strand of hair out of his face before cupping Alec’s cheeks to pull him down into another kiss. Alec followed the movement and gladly returned the kiss. His hands were placed next to Magnus’ head so that he could keep at least a bit of balance because he did not want to crash Magnus completely with his weight. His lower half was pressed against Magnus’ and without noticing he had started to move against the other man, letting out a few moans because of their touch. “Maybe we should…” Magnus stated a few moments later and a bit out of breath, pointing downwards towards their pants and boxers. Alec nodded, gasping at the sudden feeling of air against his naked skin. Magnus had snapped his fingers to get rid of the disturbing clothes so that the two of them were naked now, Alec lying on top of Magnus.

He swallowed as he locked eyes with Magnus, staring at the other. His glamour had already started to flicker and Alec could see Magnus’ warlock mark. He bit onto his lower lip and swallowed again, his breath a bit faster than usual. He could feel his heart beating and he was sure that Magnus could probably feel it as well. “You okay?” Magnus asked softly, his hand brushing along Alec’s arm because the other had not moved for the past seconds, just staring down at him. “Um… yes… I am… this is just… I love you.” Alec mumbled before he leant down, hiding his face against Magnus’ neck who wrapped his arms around the other’s body to hold him closer. “Love you, too.” Magnus replied and squeezed his eyes shut with a deep moan as Alec started to lick along his neck. Obviously, it was his turn now to mark the other with hickeys, leaving mark over mark on Magnus’ skin. His breathing had become almost erratic because they had started to move, their cocks brushing against each other. They were both already leaking precum and Alec was not sure how long he would last. This was a lot more intense than he had thought. Everything that had happened during his heat had felt different. Driven by the urge to be knotted, to be as close as possible to his Alpha. But this? This was Magnus and him, not just their Alpha and Omega. And he wanted to feel him, enjoy him. But right now, there were a lot more feelings involved than during his heat. This was different and meant so much more.

“Magnus… I…” Alec groaned, pressing his face against Magnus’ skin. He could not stop moving his lower half, rubbing himself against Magnus’ cock, enjoying the feeling of losing some of the friction. “How do you… want… want this to… to happen?” Magnus asked with a little stammer in his voice and Alec was glad that the other sounded as wrecked as himself. And he was even a bit proud that he was able to do that to Magnus. “I just… want to… claim… and inside and…” He was not able to form a coherent sentence because Magnus had already started to move his hands further down his back, squeezing his cheeks and moving in sync. Alec’s hands were in Magnus’ hair, his head still pressed against his neck and his eyes closed. He moved slightly as the other pushed himself up and let out a gasp as he found himself on his back a moment later with Magnus between his legs. But before he could think about this, he arched his back because Magnus had started to trail down his chest with his lips, leaving wet kisses and little marks on his skin while one hand moved between them. “You seem already excited.” Magnus whispered with a tease in his tone but still a bit breathless as his fingers swept through the slick that already trailed down Alec’s thigh. “Who wouldn’t?” Alec managed to say back, raising his head a little to look at Magnus, a smile on his face. For a moment, neither of them moved. But then Alec had to close his eyes, his head fell back onto the pillow and he let out a moan because Magnus had started to carefully push one finger inside of him to start preparing him. Another one followed a few moments later after Alec had nodded fervently at Magnus’ question if he could take another.

Magnus observed Alec’s reaction to his preparations, watched every movement and listened to every noise the other man made. And it was just perfect. He could sit there and watch him for hours because he could get drunk on this sight and noises. Without noticing he licked his lips before he pushed a third finger in, causing Alec to clench his hands in the sheets, almost ripping them as he brushed along the other’s prostate. “Magnus!” Alec exclaimed with a deep growl, moving himself to get more of Magnus’ fingers inside, to make him move faster. “Need… more… you…” Alec had to swallow between his words, biting on his lip, breathing harshly. He raised his head to look at Magnus, want written all over his face as he flashed his emerald green eyes at his Alpha. “Come… and… and claim me.” He groaned and pushed himself up onto his elbows, reaching out with one hand to the man who was kneeling between his thighs. He wrapped his hand around Magnus’ neck to pull him upwards again which caused Magnus to pull his fingers out to balance himself. “Are you…?” He asked but was not able to finish his question before Alec yanked him further down to kiss him deeply. Magnus could feel the other raising his legs, crossing them behind his back, trying to nudge him forward, pressing himself against the other man’s body. “Do it.” Alec broke their kiss for a second, taking a deep breath before he sealed their lips again. And Magnus was only willingly following this plea. He lined himself up and pushed in slowly, trying not to move too fast because he did not want to hurt Alec even though it was hard being engulfed by the other’s heat and to wait.

For a moment, after he was fully inside, he did not move because he could feel that Alec had tensed up slightly. “Breathe, darling.” Magnus muttered, leaning down to pepper the other man’s face with light kisses before Alec nodded. “I’m… I’m fine… you can… move.” He replied after he forced himself to let loose, to calm down. Magnus hesitated for a moment but Alec wrapped his legs closer around Magnus, pressing him closer against himself. “Move.” He let out a moan, arching his back slightly. His hands were on Magnus’ back, his finger’s trailing along the other’s skin while Magnus finally started to move, pulling out almost completely before he started to thrust in again. Both men moaned in unison, clenching their eyes shut. “You can… can… faster… won’t break…” Alec whispered, his head pressed into the pillow so that he could move his lower half against Magnus’ in need to feel the other man even deeper. “Your… your wish is my… my command.” Magnus replied.

The two of them set a rhythm, moving against each other. The only sounds in the room were the slapping of skin against skin, interrupted by their moans and as Alec cried out as Magnus hit his prostate over and over again, being overwhelmed by the pleasure it caused. “Magnus… I… not…  long…” He let out a whine, his fingers digging into the other’s back, leaving marks on his skin while Alec tilted his head. “Come for… for me…” Magnus breathed, leaning down. He started to lick along Alec’s neck. He could feel the other man tensing up before he clenched around him tightly, letting out a long moan as he came between their bodies. And in this moment, Magnus bared his teeth, sinking them into the other’s neck, breaking the delicate skin to leave his mark on Alec’s body. “Magnus!” Alec tightened his grip around Magnus’ body some more if that was even possible as he felt the other’s teeth and raised his head. His mouth found Magnus’ neck and he licked a long strive along the other’s skin before he bit into it, leaving his mark in return. Feeling Alec’s teeth, being bitten by the other man, was the last bit to tip Magnus over the edge. With one last push he came and emptied himself deep inside the other’s body.

It took them both some time to get down from their climax, both panting hard. Magnus had slumped down on Alec’s body, their legs entangled and his head rested in the other’s crook of his neck. They could both feel it. There was something that just clicked in place the moment they both had claimed each other. Their mating had been successful. They felt satisfied and content, both Alpha and Omega purred with happiness. They felt complete. Alec had his eyes closed, his hand brushed along Magnus’ back and he hummed slightly, a smile played over his lips. He had never felt that good. This felt exactly like he had missed something big in his whole life without knowing it until now. Now he felt like one part of a bigger something. And Magnus was the other part. He could feel the other man. It was similar to his Parabatai bond with Jace but also something completely different. Something… deeper. And more. He could feel the other’s emotions, he knew that Magnus felt the same way. And not just because he could smell it in Magnus’… in their scent. No, he could really feel it. He knew it. There was a new connection between the two of them. And it felt overwhelming and wonderful at the same time. “Are you okay?” He heard the other’s voice. Magnus still sounded a bit breathless but he could hear his smile in his tone. “I have never been better.” Alec replied and turned his head to be able to kiss Magnus’ temple.

Magnus moved and raised his upper body a bit so that he was able to look at Alec. He leant down on one elbow while his other hand started to brush along Alec’s cheek. “Me as well. It’s… amazing. I love you.” He stated before leaning down to peck the other man’s lips slightly. His glamour was still down as he looked down at Alec, his eyes glanced at the freshly left mark before his fingers moved over it carefully. “It feels good. Haven’t thought I’d ever be able to have something like that.” Magnus muttered before he felt Alec’s palm against his cheek. “But you deserve it. We both do. This is… special. And I cannot imagine sharing such a mating bond with anybody else than you, Magnus.” Alec whispered with a soft smile. “Me neither.” Magnus replied and closed his eyes, leaning down to nuzzle against Alec’s neck, taking in a deep breath of his Omega’s scent, now forever mixed with his own. Because Alec was for once and for all his Omega now. And nothing in this world would or could change that.


Chapter Text

A warm feeling was spreading through his whole body and a smile was crossing Alec’s face while his eyes were still closed. He could feel the soft fabric of Magnus’ sheets around him and he could smell the other man’s scent. His Alpha’s scent. His. Alpha. A chuckle left his lips at these thoughts. Months ago, he would not have dreamt about ever being able to have an Alpha. To live as an Omega. To not hide his secret anymore. And now? Now, he had moved in to his Alpha’s apartment, being mated and happier than he had ever thought. It felt so new but just perfect. A content hum left his lips and Alec rolled around, his hand searching for the other body that had been with him, curled around him when they had fallen asleep last night. But all he could feel was an empty bed. Slowly, he opened his eyes, slightly confused as they darted through the barely-lit room. Magnus was not there, the other side of the bed empty even though the other’s scent was still lingering. “Magnus?” Alec muttered, his voice still a bit sleepy, before he yawned, stretching his arms. What time was it anyways? Alec turned to reach out for the watch on his side of the bed. It was still a bit early. Earlier than Magnus would usually get up.

For a second, Alec was not sure why the other was not here with him, why he had left him that early. Did he have work to do? Without noticing he had sat up in bed, leaning against the headboard while his hand had moved towards his neck, his fingers brushing over his mating bite. And then, all of a sudden, a warm and satisfied feeling flooded his body. He had to close his eyes, being a bit overwhelmed by it right now. It felt like his connection with Jace through their Parabatai bond and still so completely different. Like a deep connection with another person on an emotional level. He inhaled sharply. So, this was what a mating bond felt like? This was... wow. He blinked, rubbing his finger over the bite, feeling a buzzing sensation. It was so intense, so much. He had to close his eyes again, kind of bathing in the feeling of Alpha. Magnus. His mate. It was thrumming through their bond and made Alec smile again. He could feel the other man’s love, his satisfaction, their closeness. A chuckle left his lips as he concentrated on these feelings. He should get up and head to the kitchen to be with his Alpha.

A few moments later he had dressed himself in a simple shirt and some sweatpants, strolling towards the kitchen. Magnus was standing at the stove, obviously preparing breakfast for the two of them. There was bacon sizzling in a pan, scrambled eggs already done on a plate right next to him. He had placed bread, coffee and a bowl of fruits on a tray, decorated with a little rose in a vase. He was humming an unknown tune under his breath while stirring the bacon. “Morning.” Alec wrapped his arms around the other man’s body from behind, nuzzling his face against Magnus’ neck, placing a little kiss just onto his mark. He could feel the other shiver slightly at the touch. “Morning, love. Hope you slept well.” Magnus muttered, putting one hand over Alec’s while he still held the spatula in his other. He turned his head so that he could look at Alec, kissing the man’s temple. “Absolutely. Though I had hoped to find you in bed with me this morning. But this alternative, you preparing food... is a good alternative.” He chuckled, tightening his grip for a second before he let Magnus go. “Thought you’d sleep a bit longer so that I could surprise you with breakfast in bed. But well...” Magnus laughed and shrugged his shoulders before he grabbed the pan to push the now finished bacon onto another plate right next to him. Alec watched him doing it while he leant against the kitchen counter, having his arms crossed. “I could get back to it and act all surprised.” He suggested with a grin and Magnus tilted his head, shaking it slightly. “I mean... who am I to deny such a wonderful service provided by my mate. Such pampering.” He added and could not help to grin even wider as the word ‘mate’ slipped over his lips. “I like that.” Magnus stated and turned around, placing the plate with the bacon onto the tray. “What?” Alec asked. “You calling me your mate.” Magnus replied before he got closer to Alec, wrapping his arms around the man’s body to pull him close again. Alec lowered his arms, putting them around Magnus as well, leaning into the other. “So do I. My mate. My Alpha.” He whispered while his eyes locked with Magnus’. “Never thought I’d ever be able to have someone to call them my mate, Alexander.” Magnus muttered. “My mate. My beloved Omega.”



After their shared breakfast Alec had gotten up to get ready for work. He had headed towards their bedroom and changed his clothes while Magnus had lingered there watching him. “What?” Alec chuckled and put his crumpled sleeping shirt onto the chair right next to him while reaching out for a new one. He could feel Magnus’ eyes raking all over his naked chest, staring at the love bites he had left the prior night with a smug grin. “Nothing. I just… like watching you.” Magnus stated and stretched, being sprawled all over their shared bed and still in a loose shirt and some sleep pants. “You know that this could sound kind of creepy.” Alec let out a little laugh and pulled his shirt over his head. He could hear a little disagreeing growl coming from the other, probably because he blocked his sight with the shirt now. “You know I have to go to work, Magnus.” He turned and arched his eyebrow, smiling at the man on their bed. “I like what I saw. My apologies.” The other shrugged his shoulders and leant against the headboard with a smirk. “Don’t be insatiable. You know that I’d love to stay here with you. But I have my duties and so have you.” Alec closed the closet behind him and headed towards Magnus, leaning over to kiss the other man. He had gone in for a small and little kiss but Magnus had raised his hand immediately, placing it behind Alec’s neck and pulling him closer for a moment to be able to deepen their kiss while his finger rubbed along Alec’s mark.

It took Alec some of his willpower to pull back, to end their kiss. Because he knew if they did not stop now he would be late at work because they would probably not leave the bed in the next hours or so. “Why do you have to behave so reasonable?” Magnus let out a little groan, his eyes still closed for a second. He opened them when he heard Alec chuckle. “Because after all, one of us has to be. You know how we can get.” Alec stated and took a step back, looking at the other who was still on their bed. “So, I can’t kiss my boyfriend? My mate?” Magnus asked and started to pout, blinking at Alec from under his lashes. “You can. But not like that.” Alec winked, leaning in again and placing a little kiss onto Magnus’ head, his hand brushing along the other man’s cheek. “I’ll be back soon. And you better get up to get to work as well. There might be a client or two waiting for you today.” Magnus let out a sigh. “Fine. You’re right. Do you need a portal to the Institute?” He asked and moved so he could get up, standing right next to Alec who nodded. “Would be nice, yes.”

Together, they got out and Alec grabbed his weapons that were placed onto the little rack at the front door while Magnus let his magic flow to open a portal for him. “See you later, Magnus.” Alec said and headed towards the portal just to be pulled back again into an embrace. “See you later, my love.” Magnus muttered, nuzzling against Alec’s neck for a second and taking a deep breath before he let go. Alec smiled, pecking Magnus lips and then stepped through the portal to just be right at the Institute’s front door.

For a moment, he stared at the dark wooden door. His hand moved towards his neck for a second, pressing against his mark. A feeling of happiness spread through his body, knowing that his mate was back at their home. And with a content smile he started to walk, to open the door.

He strode through the Ops center towards his office. Alec could feel the eyes on him, hearing one or two surprised gasps as the Shadowhunters around him started to spot the mark on his neck. Magnus’ claim on him. He was now officially mated.

“There you are.” Alec heard a familiar voice and spotted Jace a second later who was marching towards him with a wide grin plastered on his face. His eyes darted to Alec’s neck for a second and his grin widened if this was even possible. “I knew I felt the right thing last night. I think it’s time to congratulate you, big brother.” The blond stated and patted Alec’s shoulder who let out a chuckle. “I think so, yes.” Was his reply and he returned Jace’s grin. “Good for you. I am happy that you’re finally mated. Took the two of you some time. Thought it would have been a bit earlier. But well…” He shrugged his shoulders while he accompanied Alec towards his office. “We took our time. And I just wanted to wait until my heat was over and Magnus would believe me that my wish to mate was not a product of my heat hormones.” Alec stated as he opened the door, letting Jace in before he followed, heading towards his desk. He let out a sigh as he spotted the pile of papers there. There was obviously a lot to do.

“So, how do you feel?” Jace sat down in front of him, ignoring that Alec had started to pull the first paper out of the pile to start reading through it. “I feel amazing? It’s… hard to describe, to be honest.” He raised his head to look at Jace. “Yeah, I know.” The other man nodded and raised his hand to brush his finger along his own mating bite with Clary. “How do you… I mean… How do you handle all these emotions? It feels as if Magnus is here with me. I can feel him. It’s like our bond. But on the other hand, it is completely different.” Alec asked and leant back, fiddling with the pen in his hand. “What do you mean? You can feel Magnus?” Jace blinked and tilted his head. “It’s like I said. Like our Parabatai bond. I can sense him somehow. There’s warmth and happiness and… I can feel him being at home, content and satisfied and full of joy about our mating.” Alec explained and arched an eyebrow. “Isn’t it the same with you and Clary? Can you not feel her that way?” Jace stayed quiet for a second before he shook his head. “Not like that, I think. I mean I can feel a deep connection, her being my mate. But I cannot sense her feelings. Not like you described. It doesn’t feel like our bond with her.” Jace stated and frowned slightly. “Um… okay? Maybe… it’s because you’re a Beta? And that means your mating is different than mine? Or maybe it’s because Magnus is a warlock?” Alec shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah, maybe you’re right. It is different indeed. But well, at least you’re happy with how it is right now. And that’s the most important thing.” A smile spread over Jace’s face and he pushed himself out of the chair. “And now, I don’t want to stop you from working anymore. Seems like you have a lot to do. I really don’t envy you doing all this paperwork.” Alec huffed at the other’s words. “And if you decide you need a break. You know where you can find me.” Jace winked and left the office.

Alec’s eyes followed him until Jace had closed the door behind him. Their little conversation started to replay in his head again. Jace’s bond seemed to be different than his own one. He had thought that this, how he felt, what he experienced, would be with everybody. But maybe it was because of their difference, not having an Alpha/Omega bond. Or maybe every couple had a different experience of their shared bond. He decided to accept it for the moment. After all, Jace was right. It just counted that Alec was happy with how it was right now.

With this thought he started to work through the reports, forgetting his surroundings easily as he dug through the papers.



Alec had no clue how many hours had passed until he heard a knock at his door. “Come in.” He called and raised his head just a moment to see Izzy strolling into his office. He smiled at his sister and his smile even widened as he spotted the plate she held in her hands. “You know you don’t have to feed me.” He stated with a little grin. “It seems like I have to. Because you seem to have forgotten to eat something, Alec.” She replied and rolled her eyes before she put the plate down onto the desk in front of him, shoving the papers aside. “Izzy, I was just in the middle…” Alec sighed, trying to put the papers in order again. “Food. Now. I don’t want to be responsible for you fainting in the office.” She crossed her arms in front of him, raising an eyebrow in a daring gesture. Alec had to smile fondly at her as she seemed to mimic his posture without noticing. “Okay, okay. If you insist.” He stated and grabbed the sandwich she had brought but stopped before biting into it. “Did you prepare…” He started. “Don’t worry. Clary did this.” She rolled her eyes and let out a groan before she sat down, watching him bite into the sandwich with a content sigh. He had not noticed how hungry he had been until now.

“So, it seems you’re finally off the market.” Izzy interrupted the silence, pointing at his mark with a nod of her head, a smile on her face. “Yes, since last night.” Alec said between two bites. “Glad to see you happy. You really deserve this, Alec.” Izzy stated. “Thank you. I am… I can’t describe it. This feels so overwhelming.” He replied. “In which way?” Izzy had crossed her legs and sat comfortably on the chair, one hand playing with a strand of her hair. “I haven’t thought that a mating bond would feel similar to my Parabatai bond.” Alec pushed the now empty plate away from him, leaning back as well and looking at his sister. “It does? Well, that’s interesting. You know… I haven’t experienced it yet. Sometimes, I wish I’d find my mate like you and Jace did.” She lowered her eyes for a second and Alec could see a glimpse of sadness wash over her face. “Oh, Izzy.” He got up and surrounded his desk, lowering himself to kneel in front of her. “I am sure you’re going to find your mate. I am sure there’s a wonderful guy out there just waiting for you to meet him. Because… you deserve to find happiness like Jace and I did.” He had raised his arms and pulled her into an embrace. He could feel her leaning into him. For a moment, the two siblings stayed quiet before Izzy pulled away from him, a soft smile playing around her lips. “I am glad that Magnus makes you happy. That you’re finally able to be your true self.” She stated and Alec nodded slightly, squeezing her knee before he got up again. “He does, yes. Being able to have a person like him… my mate… coming home to him every day… waking up next to him in the morning… it’s amazing.” He said and Izzy could hear the fondness in his words. “I can see that. You seem to glow. And I can smell it. You still smell like you but also… like him. Your scent is now mixed after you shared this connection. In a good way.” She looked up to him and Alec blushed slightly. “Well… this is just…” He muttered and caused Izzy to let out a laugh. “Oh, Alec. I know what comes with a mating. How it is supposed to happen. And sure that your scents are now mixed like that. But that’s not what I meant.”

Alec cleared his throat and turned to get back behind his desk, not sure why he felt so embarrassed about it right now. Izzy had not even made a remark about anything concerning sex before. But somehow, he had taken her words like that and… “Magnus seems to have a certain influence on you.” His sister chuckled and Alec looked up at her. “What do you mean?” He asked. “Because he shamelessly flirts with you all the time so that you see innuendos all over the place now.” She stated and Alec rolled his eyes. “By the way. Where is he? I wanted to talk to him.” Izzy asked. “He’s in Downtown right now… no, wait… in Brooklyn, near Prospect park.” Alec replied immediately without thinking. Izzy arched an eyebrow. “Oh, have you talked to him recently?” She asked and Alec shook his head. “No, why? I have been working on the reports the whole time.” He stated. “Then how do you know that he’s near Prospect park?” Izzy blinked and furrowed her brows, looking at Alec who tilted his head, thinking about it for a moment. “Um, I don’t know? Maybe he has told me that he had a client there today earlier? Or I have read it somewhere in the loft?” He answered, shrugging his shoulders. “Okay… well… maybe I’d call him myself then.” Izzy got up to her feet, reaching for her phone in her pocket to dial Magnus’ number. “Say hello from me.” Alec said with a smile.

“Hey, Magnus. Hello. And a hello from Alec as well.” Izzy greeted the other man on the phone. “He says ‘hello’ back and… no, Magnus, I won’t tell him that. You can tell him yourself. I might be nosy but not that nosy. And I don’t want to hear these things about my big brother.” She huffed and rolled her eyes again even though she was grinning at Alec, heading slowly towards the office door. She mouthed a short goodbye at Alec before leaving the room.

Alec shook his head. He could imagine what Magnus had told his sister even though he hoped that it would not be too embarrassing. Sometimes, he was not sure if he liked them being so close because she had a lot to tell Magnus about him and Magnus could also inform his sister about things Alec preferred to be kept a secret. But well, that was one price to pay to being mated to a person like Magnus. While his mind went back to work on the reports, he did not think about how he had known Magnus’ location so easily without thinking about it, without having talked to the other. He just had known somewhere deep inside.



Magnus leant against the handrail outside the Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center in Brooklyn. He had two cups of coffee in his hand, waiting for Catarina. It was early evening and he knew that her shift would end in a few minutes. He had decided to meet her, to surprise her because lately they did not have that much time for each other. He being occupied with Alec, she being occupied with work. And after all, to be honest, he just wanted to talk with her, see her, tell her about the mating he had finally gone through. She was one of his closest friends and he really wanted her to know as one of the first. That was why he was here right now, waiting in front of the hospital. He watched people passing by, deeply in their own thoughts or in a conversation with each other. He heard his phone buzzing in his pockets and reached for it to read the message he had received. Magnus frowned shortly at the words but before he could reply to it, he heard a familiar voice. “Magnus?” Cat had approached him, sounding surprised. He pushed the phone back into his pocket and decided to ignore the message like he had in the past with all the other similar messages. Instead, he put a smile on his face and looked at his friend. “I thought you’d want a coffee after your shift. Or better, you need one.” He stated and handed her the to-go cup. “You’re a life-saver.” She chuckled and grabbed the cup, taking a big sip. “Stressful day?” Magnus asked and Cat nodded. “Yes, since I started to teach newbies as well, I can hardly think of having any free time at all. Has been long since the last time we…” Her words trailed off as she stared at Magnus all of a sudden.

“Magnus Bane, when did that happen?” She demanded with a loud voice, pointing at the mark she just had spotted. “Um… last night?” Magnus had a wide grin on his face as he beamed at Cat. She blinked and then grinned in return. “Congratulations. Finally. I am happy that the two of you finally sealed the deal. This was long overdue.” She reached out with her hand and squeezed his arm softly. “Thank you. You have no clue how happy I am.” “Oh, I think I can imagine how much. You look like you’re vibrating with magic.” She chuckled before she took another sip. They had started to walk along the pavement towards the next bus stop. Sometimes, the two of them preferred to travel the Mundane way. And this would also give them more time to be together, not just portaling to one of their homes. “Really? I mean… this feels so special. It’s like he’s with me the whole time and my inner Alpha is almost purring constantly.” Magnus stated. “Like… there had been a place inside of me, inside my soul, that had been empty the whole time and is now filled with Alexander. As if he had taken that place and made himself comfortable there. I can feel him, how happy and content he is and how much I am.” Cat listened to his words and glanced at her friend. “How does your bond feel?” She asked curiously. “I am finally whole again. As if now I have found what I have been missing the whole time. As if he is close. Constantly.” Cat nodded slowly. “I am happy for you, Magnus. That you were able to find your mate. I have always wished for you to not be on your own anymore. And I can see that he’s the right one. The one for you.” She had thrown the now empty cup away and had linked their arms. “He totally is. I really love him. And to be able to call him my Omega, my mate… This is so amazing.” Magnus smiled at her.

Catarina patted his hand and leant against him while they walked next to each other. “So, where is Alec? Is he still at work?” She asked after a moment of silence. Magnus shook his head. “No, he’s already on his way back home.” He replied. As he noticed his own words, his steps faltered for a second. Cat blinked in surprise because she almost stumbled at his movement. “What’s wrong?” She asked. “He’s on his way home.” Magnus repeated his former words and Cat frowned. “You already said that?” She stated. Magnus turned towards her. “I know that he is on his way. I can feel that he’s not at the Institute anymore, that he had already left. And that he’s not home yet. So, that means he is on his way.” Cat blinked in confusion. She did not get what he tried to explain. “So what?” She instead asked. “Cat. I know that. It’s not that he has told me. Called me. Or whatever. I just… now. I can feel it.” For a moment, Cat kept quiet, finally catching up to what he had said. “You know? Um… okay. That is…” “That is strange. And not usual. I shouldn’t be able to feel him like that. I mean… yes, we are mated now but…” Magnus swallowed, looking slightly confused. “Oh, I am sure there’s an explanation for that. Maybe because your mating was just recently and your bodies need to adjust.” She suggested. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s just that.” He muttered.



Magnus had decided not to tell Alec what he had discovered. Because it had happened again after he had accompanied Cat. More and more often, he could tell where Alec was. If he was at work, at home or somewhere else. The closer he got to the other the more exact he could tell. Like, when they were at home and he was in the kitchen, he could tell if Alec was in their bedroom, the living-room or another room in the loft. But, it was not like he would see him. It did not feel like he would be with him the whole time, seeing through his eyes, what he was doing. It was more like a knowledge buried deep inside his body. Something natural. Like a memory even though it was not a memory at all. Like he knew for sure where he had placed the bathrobe this morning or that there was some orange juice left in the fridge. Simple things.
At first, he had thought that it was because of their mating. Because their Alpha and Omega needed to sync. And after that it would change to how a mating bond should work. That after a few days had passed it would turn into what was expected, like it was described to be between mates. That you could feel your mate from time to time and catch a glimpse of them if they were feeling something very strong or emotional. But just then. Not the whole time. Not like Magnus could feel Alec. To be honest, it confused him. He had not heard about a bond taking so much time to manifest, to turn into a common mating bond.

“Are you okay?” Alec looked worried, his hand cupped Magnus’ cheek. He was standing in front of the other man, staring down at him. Magnus shook his head and blinked. Obviously, he had spaced out slightly, getting lost in his thoughts about their bond. “I’m… fine, my dear. I am fine.” He smiled and turned his head to kiss Alec’s palm. “No, you’re not. And I can tell. There’s something on your mind.” Alec frowned, his thumb brushed along Magnus’ skin and his other hand sneaked around the man’s body, holding him close. “I know that there is something.” He added and Magnus let out a sigh, lowering his eyes for a second before he looked back at Alec. “It’s nothing. Really. Or, nothing serious. I am just..” “Magnus, tell me. Please.” Alec pecked the other man’s tip of his nose, smiling encouragingly at him. “I can feel you.” Alec tilted his head, looking slightly confused. “What do you mean? Sure you can feel me. I am standing right in front of you and I am kind of hugging you. I would feel offended if you couldn’t feel me.” He stated and it made Magnus chuckle. “It’s not what I meant. I meant… I am confused because I can feel you like all the time. I can feel you when you’re not around. I know where you are, as if my body is reaching out for you and keeping track of your location.” He had no words to describe his feelings in a better way, hoping that Alec would understand him. “Um, then it’s not just me?” He heard the other say. “What?” Magnus asked. “I thought it would be just me but… I noticed this in the past days as well. Even my siblings and Clary noticed that when we were talking about you I could immediately tell them where you are. It was something I just… knew. I didn’t need to think about it. It was just there, somewhere deep down that I could tell if you were home or on your way and… it felt weird. But I thought it would be because of our recent mating and… didn’t want to think about it too much.” Alec explained slowly. Magnus nodded at his words. “So, you’re experiencing the same. That is… unusual, you know. I am not sure how much you know about mating and what would happen afterwards but it’s not usually described like that. Mates are supposed to feel each other and have a special connection. But not in this kind of way.” Alec bit onto his lower lip at Magnus’ words. “So, what does this mean for us? Why is our mating different?” He asked and Magnus could smell him being deeply concerned. “It doesn’t have to mean something bad, Alexander. Maybe it’s because we’re both different supernatural beings. I am an immortal warlock, you’re a Shadowhunter with angelic blood. A bond like ours doesn’t happen that often and… it could be connected with that.” Magnus tried to calm the other down, trying to pour it into his own scent so that Alec would be able to smell it.

He could see the other taking a deep breath, leaning forward to hide his face against Magnus’ neck. He could feel the other’s nose close at his scent glands and the mating bite. Magnus wrapped his arms closer around Alec, pulling him tighter against his own body. “I promise. We will find out what this means, okay?” He whispered into Alec’s hair and could feel the other man nod at his words. “Okay.” Alec muttered against his skin and Magnus could smell his concern dissipating.



After they finally knew that both of them were on the same page, that both had developed a kind of radar, location and emotional wise, for the other, they had decided to do some research on that topic. Why their bond had manifested in a different way than a usual mating bond. They had described the situation to Catarina because she could probably help if there was a biological or medical reason behind it. She had promised to help, reading through her library to find an answer. And a few days after that she had come up with one.

“Glad that you were able to come over with such a short note.” Magnus welcomed her after she stepped through the portal. She could sense and smell that he was nervous even though he did look calm and like his usual self. Alec could not hide himself that much, he stared at her wide eyes, biting on his lower lip as he greeted her with a short hug. “Sit down. Do you like a drink?” Magnus offered and Cat shook her head. “No, thank you. I’m fine.” She replied while sitting down on the couch. Magnus and Alec sat down as well on the other side, opposite of her. “Okay, I am pretty sure you want to know what I found out.” She said and the two men nodded. They had their fingers entwined and Cat could see that it was a tight grasp, probably tighter than needed. But concerning how nervous and worried the two of them were… It was obvious in both their scents.

“Well, after Magnus described to me what had happened and he told me that you, Alec, were experiencing the same, I started to work through my most recent books I have about second gender and all the stuff that comes with it. But I couldn’t find anything in there. They just explained things between mates of the same race. So, I started to dig a bit deeper. Luckily, I have still access to a lot of older books, even some before the Clave had become so… well… you know.” She shrugged her shoulders and Alec nodded again while Magnus glanced over at him. “To be honest, it took me some time and… then I found something. I brought the book with me.” She reached into her bag to take out said book, handing it over to Magnus who took it even though he did not open it. He just placed it into his lap, waiting for Catarina to continue. “What did you find?” Alec had cleared his throat but his voice sounded still a bit hoarse. “One reason for your bond being different is probably really due to Magnus being a warlock and you being a Shadowhunter. There was something written about mixing angelic blood with demon blood through a mating bond. That a bond like that would manifest differently. So, this is one reason for your bond being not like any other.” She explained and Magnus arched an eyebrow because he knew that this was not all, that there was something else. “What is the second reason?” He asked. He could feel Alec squeezing his hand at his words. “I am not a hundred percent sure but it seems very likely for me. Your bond was destined to be different because of your blood’s origins. But this had nothing to do with what kind of difference. This depends on the two of you.”

“What do you mean? It depends on us?” Alec asked and tilted his head. “It’s about the way you two complete each other. It’s about your emotions. The two of you fought so much for you being able to be together in the end. After you’ve been drawn to each other since the first time you met. And this might be the reason for the way your bond shows. The deep feelings you have for each other. That you wanted to be close to each other from day one even though you tried to ignore it.” She glanced at Alec with a little smile. “So, your Alpha and Omega bonded through your mating with the fear of losing each other again, to be apart from each other. I think that’s why you know where the other is. That you won’t lose the other. That you are always able to get to each other, no matter where the other is right now. To be able to be together.”

For a moment there was silence. It seemed that Magnus and Alec had to process this information. Somehow, it did make sense even though it still sounded a bit overwhelming that their Alpha and Omega were too afraid of losing each other so they had formed a bond where they would never be able to lose each other again. “That sounds…” Magnus started. “… like a possible explanation?” Alec ended his sentence. Yes, this could be possible even though it was still hard to believe that they shared such a kind of bond. “You know, Magnus. It is always like that.” Cat interrupted their thoughts with a little laugh and a smirk on her face. “What?” The man blinked at her. “Normal? Common? Usual? That’s not your way to go, right? You always have to make it special.” She stated, winking at the two men in front of her. “Seems like that.” Magnus replied and finally he was able to smile as well, turning his head to look at Alec. “You okay?” He asked and Alec nodded slowly and a smile appeared on his face. “Um, yes. I just… I haven’t thought that something like that would be possible. To have an uncommon bond, something so special. But… I should have known that getting mated to you would be anything but special.” Magnus rolled his eyes at Alec’s words but instead of replying he just leant over and placed his lips against the other man’s, accompanied by a little chuckle from Cat.



They had needed some time to get used to that thought about their bond being different, being special. But to know that it was nothing bad, on the contrary, helped a lot to settle down. There was no need to be worried anymore. They were mates with a functioning bond. And that was all that mattered. It was just them and their newly found day-to-day routine which contained of their work, friends, family and living-together. Everything had fallen into place and worked out pretty well.

Until a few days later it did not…

Magnus had been called to a client and instead of meeting with a man who had wanted to buy some potions, he had found himself in a magical trap which had drained him of all his energy until he had not been able to stay conscious anymore.

Everything around him turned black.


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Magnus groaned. He could hardly remember what had happened. All he knew was that he had been called to a client. The man had asked for a few potions. Nothing special. He had not sounded suspicious at all. It was like any other assignment. So, he had packed said potions into a little bag and had opened a portal to a nearby place. He should have known that there was something going on the moment he had stepped into the house after the guy had opened the door for him. He should have noticed the magic that was flowing through the air. He should have. But he had not. He had not noticed or he had and had decided to ignore it for the moment. Magnus was not sure about that, why he had not been more careful. He had no clue why he had not been more wary.

All he knew was that he had followed the man into a room that resembled a living-room and had placed the vials onto the table as all of a sudden three people had stepped inside. They had circled him and had started to recall an unknown enchantment. Magnus had immediately summoned magic to his fingers. Or at least, he had tried to but there had been just a small spark. He had been surprised. Confused. And then he had felt weak. Drained. As if there was something pulling at his energy to make him lose his strength. Without noticing, he had fallen to his knees and his breathing had become ragged. He had closed his eyes and had tried to force himself to stay awake. But he had not managed to do so. The enchantment they had casted upon him had been stronger than anything he had ever experienced, reminding him of a very old and dark magic. He could remember that he had closed his eyes at some time and then his mind had gone blank as he had lost his consciousness.  

Until now.  

Slowly, he tried to open his eyes, rubbing his temples because his head felt as if he had the biggest hungover even without having drunk anything in the past days. He could feel something around his wrists, cold metal against warm skin. Another groan left his lips and he tried to soothe the pain with his magic. But nothing happened. In this moment, Magnus noticed that he could not feel the usual buzz of his magic flowing through his veins. Yes, he could still feel it. He had not lost his magic. It was still there. But it felt as if it was damped. As if it was forced to be buried deep inside of him without a way to get out. “What the…” He muttered and licked his lips, finally being able to open his eyes slowly which instantly fell onto his wrists. He hissed and a growl left him as he spotted the metal cuffs. He would recognize them everywhere. He had gotten to know them once or twice in his long life already. And the last time he had sworn to never be tricked again to be forced to wear them. Because they were there to bind his magic, to stop him from using it. Whoever had taken him knew what they were doing. And what he was capable of with his magic. Probably, they were too careful to leave him with his abilities so they had cut him off of them.

Another groan left him and he tried to get as comfortable as possible in the small room he found himself in. The cuffs were linked to a chain which was attached to the wall behind him. It was not hindering him that much, he was still able to move somehow properly. But after all, his range was limited. He slumped onto the chair that was in reach and closed his eyes again for a second, his fingers brushing along his face. This headache was killing him. It felt as if somebody had punched a needle right into his brain. What kind of spell had they used? What had they done to bind his magic earlier on? Why had they been able to get him, to overbear him? And the most important question that was pending in his mind was who the hell they were? And what did they want?

His thoughts got interrupted all of a sudden and Magnus had to blink at the unexpected brightness coming from the door right in front of him. “Oh, it seems he’s awake.” He could hear a voice. “Good. Then we can have a talk.” Another voice replied and it took Magnus a moment to get used to the light before he could see three people entering the room he was kept in. “To what do I owe the pleasure?” He asked and tried to relax in his seat, trying to look as unimpressed as possible because it would not help if he acted nervous or scared. And actually, he was neither nervous nor scared. He might be confused and pissed. But there was no fear. He had been in worse situations before and had gotten out each and every time. He was convinced that he would manage this situation as well. After all, the most important thing was to find out why they had brought him here and who they were. And then he would be able to find a way out.

The three men approached him. One sat down on another chair in front of him while the other two stood guard on his sides. Magnus could spot one of them having pointy ears. So, the Seelies were involved in this scheme. This could explain the old magic he had felt during the enchantment. The other two looked normal, maybe they were warlocks. Or maybe werewolves or vampires. Magnus was sure he would find out sooner or later. “Magnus Bane. High Warlock of Brooklyn.” The man who had sat down snarled, staring at Magnus who had crossed his arms in front of his chest, leaning back against his chair before he casually started to observe his nails, not returning the look the men gave him. “In the flesh. Yes. And you are?” He asked nonchalantly. “How sad that you don’t recognize any of us. You actually should have paid more attention in the past weeks.” The man stated with a wicked grin which made Magnus raise an eyebrow. For a second, he looked at the other but he did not ring a bell. He did not look like anyone Magnus had met. Or at least, he could not remember. 

“I am sorry but... I have been with so many people in my long life... You don’t look familiar to me.” He shrugged his shoulders and turned his head to look back at his hands again for a moment. “Look at your arrogance. As usual. Didn’t expect anything else. But now you can see where your arrogance has taken you to. And you’ll feel the consequences.” The other stated, a hidden threat already in his voice. Magnus rolled his eyes at these words. “Can we just skip these vague pleasantries and get to the point? I don’t have the time to have this little chat with you. There are more important things waiting for me. What do you want from me?” He huffed. “Seems like something big when you’re that scared to bind my magic.” To underline his words, he raised his hands slightly so that the chains were rattling, pointing towards the cuffs. A laugh escaped the men’s lips at this gesture. “Oh, this was needed. We know about your powers. And how much you can do with the snap of your fingers. We are not dumb.” “That’s up for discussion.” Magnus muttered but was ignored by the man. “But maybe you are.” Magnus frowned. “What do you mean? Did you just kidnap me to insult me?” He let out a chuckle and shook his head, playing it down slightly. “Really?”

The man in front of him leant a bit forward, his hands on his knees as he stared at Magnus. “We are not insulting you. On the contrary. You insulted us. We warned you.” He grimaced with a hiss. “You did warn me? Wait a minute.” Magnus licked his lips. Something seemed to click in his mind at this information. “You have been the ones to send me these silly text messages? About my decisions lately. About my private decisions, so to say.” He remembered. He had received a few messages in the past weeks. But he had not paid that much attention to them. They had been threatening, yes. Concerning Alec’s and his relationship. They had contained a few slurs, snide comments and a lot of hatred. He had been accused of betraying his origins by getting involved with the Shadowhunters like that.

Magnus had read them all. He had read all these harsh words. And he had decided to keep it for himself. Because he had not wanted to disturb Alec with a few Downworlders being stupid and bigoted racists even though Alec had noticed it once or twice and had asked about it. The other man had had enough on his own plate with the whole coming out, the fear of losing his position, the trial, his heat and everything else. Alec had already faced omegaphobic people who had treated him like a lesser being. He had not needed another group of people insulting him. Even though it just proved that bigoted thoughts were not just living in the minds of some Shadowhunters. Obviously, Downworlders could also be bigoted assholes. That was why Magnus had not wanted to load another hardship onto his mate. So, he had decided to ignore these messages because he had thought that this was just a harmless and empty threat. Would not have been the first threat in his life and would probably not be the last one. But well, he had been wrong. For now, he could not change it anymore. Now, he had to deal with it. 

“Silly? You think they were silly?” The man in front of him growled and got up to his feet. He started to circle around Magnus as if he was eyeing his prey, stopping right behind him. Magnus could get a faint whiff of the man’s scent but was not able to identify it. He just thought that it smelled awful, permeated with hate and anger. “Yes, I did. What did you want to accomplish with them by insulting me and my mate?” Magnus tried to turn his head to follow the other’s movement. “Mate.” The man almost spat out the word. “How are you even able to say this word and sound so smug and proud about it?” He hissed while he grabbed Magnus’ hair, forcing him to tilt his head so that he could see the newly formed mark on his skin. “How did you dare to mate with a Shadowhunter?” He growled and let go of Magnus with a little push so that Magnus almost slipped off the chair. He needed an instant but then he raised his head, flashing his eyes red at the man. The cuffs might have bound his magic but not his inner Alpha. “Don’t insult my mate.” He muttered with a threatening tone in his voice and clenched his fists. Even without his magic available right now, he would not let the other man say something bad about Alec. He would protect him, no matter what.

“Your mate.” He let out another huff, seemingly not impressed by Magnus right now even though he looked away for a moment. “How could you betray your people like that? How could you get involved with the Shadowhunters? They have never treated us the right way. They have always looked down on us. And what did you do? Even though you’re the High Warlock, you decided to mate one of them. To get under their influence. To get in bed with one of them.” The man’s voice had gotten louder with each and every sentence he had spoken, magic started to flare around his fingers. He was a warlock then. Magnus let out a low growl. “I am under nobody’s influence. What bullshit are you talking about? By Lilith, what is wrong with you, you prejudiced asshole?” He snarled and tried to get up to his feet but was pushed down by the two other men who had stood still the whole time until now. Magnus hissed and glared at them. But they did not waver. They were holding him down, pressing him against the chair and he had to face the other man again. “You are mated to a Shadowhunter. And this is absolutely not acceptable. But we can do something about that.” He raised his hand and brushed his fingers along the mark on Magnus’ neck which caused him to jerk away slightly at the touch and the tingling sensation the man’s magic left on his skin. “Don’t you dare.” He muttered, glaring at the other. “Oh, we will. You know there’s a way to dissolve a mating bond.” The man had put his fingers underneath Magnus’ chin, pushing his head up slightly. “You... that’s forbidden.” Magnus’ eyes widened at the realization what these men were planning to do. “It’s against the law. Against nature.” He added and had to swallow for a moment before he could control his face again. “What do you expect to happen? Do you think I will be at your service afterwards? On your side?”

“As if it’s natural for a Downworlder to be bound to a Shadowhunter. You are one of the most powerful warlocks and Alphas. There are a so many better Omegas for you.” The man snarled, ignoring Magnus’ questions. “And you are the one to decide which one fits me?” Magnus pressed through gritted teeth but the other continued. “There are Omegas you deserve. That are worthy. Ones that are as powerful as you. And not just a little Shadowhunter who probably used his Omega charm to lull you in. Your Shadowhunter is worth nothing. He’s just a Nephilim, just an Omega. We know how they are treated in their society. He probably used his only chance to get out by seducing you that he wouldn’t be forced to play housewife anymore. And you fell for him. How stupid.” The man stared right into Magnus’ face who somehow lost it a bit. He could not control himself anymore at these ridiculous words. Alec? Seducing him? Playing housewife? He could not stop, a bubbly laughter escaping his lips. He could see how the other man tensed for a second and blinked in confusion due to his reaction before his mimic was back to the grimace. “What’s so funny? Is it because you finally realized your mistake? Do you accept your failure?” He asked and tried to sound threatening even though he was still a bit thrown off by Magnus’ reaction because he was still snickering. “Oh, you have no idea. My mistake? Failure?” Magnus chuckled and shook his head, finally being able to pull away enough that the man would not be able to touch him anymore. “You have no idea about my Omega. You know nothing. Do you even know him? Do you know who I mated?” He stated with a wide grin, the question just a rhetorical one because he knew he would not get a satisfying answer and actually, he did not want one.

“We just heard about him. A few things. But we don’t need to know him that much. It doesn’t matter. He doesn’t matter. He’s just a Nephilim Omega. A weakling. And we’ll break your bond. You deserve a better Omega. One who is fitted for your power and position. And we’ve found you just the right one. One who isn’t a suppressed Shadowhunter Omega who has probably never gotten out of his home.” With one last push the two men let go of Magnus who still could not stop himself from chuckling. “Do you really think you can force me into another mating bond? Even if you’re able to break my existing one and get me another Omega... do you think I would forget about everything? Do you really think I would just accept my fate and thank you for doing so? It’s not that you’d be able to control me once these cuffs are off. I still have my memories and my free will.” His chuckle had ebbed out and Magnus glared at the three men. He could see the flaws in their plan. Or at least, he thought he could see them. “You’ll see what you’ll get. We need to prepare the spell. And after that... you’ll be grateful. And do as we please.” With these words and without another glance or any further explanation the men left his room, leaving Magnus on his own. 

“Oh my... by Lilith. They are insane.” Magnus shook his head and whispered under his breath. He pushed his hand through his hair and got up to his feet, starting to pace through the room as much as his chains allowed him to do. These guys were absolutely out of it. They were maniacs. Magnus could catch a glimpse of what Alec had probably felt back in Idris when these lunatics had tried to force him to kill his siblings and himself. And now, he was in a similar situation even though his life was not at stake. At least, he thought so. Because they had sounded as if he would still be alive after that. Even though he had no clue what to expect after their attempt to break Alec’s and his bond. He was not sure if they were really able to go through with this. But he did not dare to wait for it until they could try. Even if his life was not at risk, his happiness obviously was. If they were able to go through with their plan, at least with the breaking part, he would probably lose what he had with Alec. He would lose his Omega.

He had already experienced their power, casting that spell that had knocked him out and made him lose his magic temporarily. They seemed to have access to some old magic although it seemed not to be their own. Because it had felt different, unlike the magic the man had touched Magnus with earlier. Maybe they had found something in some old spell books, something forbidden, to break a bond and force another one onto him. And maybe, after that, they would use this against him. But, looking at it all, Magnus had still no clue what they would get out of it. Even if he would get a new mate, he would not be under their control. Or would he? Would this new mating also force another spell onto him that would turn him into a marionette? The thought of a memory wipe or maybe a mind control spell was crossing his mind. He did not dare to properly think about it. No, this was something he absolutely did not want. Nor did he want a new Omega to begin with neither did he want to be controlled by anybody. He had sworn to himself that this would never happen again after his last encounter with his father who had kept him in Edom for too long. And a new Omega? Not when he already had the perfect match. Not when Alec was his mate. Because Alec was the one for him, their bond so special.

Hopefully, they would not be able to break said bond. Hopefully, it was strong enough not to dissolve due to their spell. Magnus could feel the doubt creeping up his spine, not sure if their bond was really that strong. Yes, they loved each other, that much he knew. But the bond was still fresh and maybe it was not settled enough and... A sigh left his lips. He had to stop. It was not helping if he started to spiral down right now. He needed to focus. He needed to get out of here. He needed a plan. He needed to find a way back home. Back to his true mate. And away from this insanity. 



He had no clue how long he had been here already. He just knew that it felt like an eternity until the three men were finally back. In the meantime, he had gotten food once. But other than that, he had been on his own, thinking things through over and over again. So, when the door opened again, Magnus looked up from the chair he was currently sitting on. “Ready?” The man asked and Magnus rolled his eyes. “Would it change anything if I said no?” He asked. “No, not really.” The man who was obviously their leader jerked his head towards him. The other two got closer and each grabbed one of his arms to yank him up from his chair. “So, what kind of spell are you using?” Magnus wanted to know, hoping that he would win some time even though he had no clue how it would help him right now. But maybe he would recognize the spell and would know how to stop it. His mind was whirring. He had not come up with an idea yet. Because there was one big flaw in all of his escape plans. His magic. Because unfortunately, he was still not able to access it right now. “It’s none of your business.” The man replied while the other two dragged Magnus behind him through a long corridor. “Oh, I think it is. Because after all it’s my mating bond you want to break.” He stated and almost stumbled as he was abruptly stopped. “We can talk after your new mating. From warlock to warlock.” “By the way... I didn’t get your name the first time. How rude not to introduce yourself.” “Also, none of your business. Not yet.” The man snarled and opened a wide door to get into another room while Magnus was pushed into it behind him. His eyes darted around but except a few candles the room was empty. To be honest, he had expected some more people around here. If they were about to cast a spell that big to break a mating bond, he supposed that there was a lot of magic needed. And he was not sure if the three of them had enough magic in them. Maybe this could be his chance to get out of this situation.

“So, that’s it?” He asked and forced himself not to raise his hand to fiddle with his ear cuff, a nervous tick he had since... forever. “Over there.” The men did not react to his words, he was completely ignored, just handled like an accessory for their spell. Instead, he was pushed towards the middle of the room and he could spot two pentagrams on the ground, one a bit bigger than the other one. He furrowed his brows. “So... does the new mating takes place here as well? Because if so... I’d like to get a bit more comfortable concerning the circumstances a mating usually involves.” Magnus tried to cover his nervousness with his words but nobody seemed to listen to him. The Seelie grabbed his arm and shoved him towards the bigger pentagram without a reply while the other warlock stepped into the other one. “This won’t be like a mating you know. I am not interested in any intimate intercourse with you.” He gritted his teeth and shuddered slightly, obviously disgusted at the mere thought of it. “You’re the Omega you think would fit better than Alexander?” Magnus’ voice was a bit louder than expected, disbelief clear in his tone. No, this should not happen. Not at all. Not with this guy who had kidnapped him and wanted to force him into a new mating bond now. This was not allowed to happen. This could not happen. Maybe, if they had been able to use an enchantment so powerful to knock him out in an instant with just the three of them, they might be able to produce a spell to really break the bond and form a new one with this warlock... Magnus could feel the panic rising in his chest. “I won’t let you get through with this.” He shook his head, trying to loosen the grip the Seelie had on him. But all of sudden the man whispered something into his ear and he felt weak, not being able to move. What kind of magic were they using now? Why were they powerful enough to manhandle him like that? He had not understood the man’s words. He just had felt the brush of magic that had pushed through his body, making it impossible to move. 

All he could do was to stand there in this pentagram, watching the Seelie and the third man to take their places right and left while the warlock prepared himself in the smaller pentagram, closing his eyes. Magnus inhaled sharply, taking a deep breath. It felt as if all his power had left his body. He had no clue why he could not fight against it, what made him so weak. He was not even able to speak properly anymore. They really had to use some strange strong spell on him. He took another breath, scrunching his nose at the bitter smell that surrounded him.  

The smell of the Omega right next to him who was trying to force him into a new bond.  
The smell of the two other men who were reeking pheromones that almost caused him to vomit. 

The smell of... wait... Magnus’ eyes widened and he inhaled again. This smell... he knew this smell. This was... “Alexander.” He whispered, his tongue heavy, turning his head, searching for his mate. Was the other man here? Did they catch him as well? Was he needed for this spell to work, to be able to break their bond? Did they hurt him? Or was this just the spells work to make him smell his mate? “Alexander.” Magnus whispered again, his voice a bit stronger now, and swallowed, not daring to close his eyes again at the familiar scent. That scent that calmed him down, soothed him, gave him the feeling of family. Of happiness. 

Even though, right now, the scent was everything except happy. He could smell anger and worries flooding his nose. Could it be...? 

All of a sudden, they heard a loud crash outside the room and an even louder growl. For a moment, the warlock beside him stopped in his ministrations, completely and utterly surprised at the noise, still in the middle of preparing the spell. The other two men turned to look at the door, stepping slightly in front of Magnus as if they knew what would happen next. But actually, nobody could have expected what would happen. With a deafening noise the door flew open and in the doorframe stood Alec. He was in full Shadowhunter gear, his bow raised and his eyes were glowing emerald green in the half-dark. “Leave him alone.” He hissed, aiming his arrow at the other warlock. Right behind him three other Shadowhunters appeared. Izzy, Jace and Clary. They stepped into the room. Izzy’s red eyes scanned their surroundings, her whip curled dangerously around her wrist. Jace’s seraph blade was glowing intensely and so were Clary’s daggers. The four of them looked like angels, indeed. Angels of Death maybe, but still angels.  

Magnus could hear a gasp right next to him. “Who are you?” The warlock almost yelled with a stiff voice, his hand clenched around the candle he had held for his planned enchantment. “I am Alec Lightwood, Head of the New York Institute. And I am here to get my mate back.” Alec muttered with a low voice, taking a step closer. “You filthy Omega.” These were the first words the other two men had spoken as they started to move, trying to get to Alec to take him down. But he did not even flinch. In the split of a second, he had shot an arrow to take the first man down and then a second one for the other so that the two of them were on the ground in the blink of an eye while his gaze was still fixed on the warlock who stood too close to Magnus in his opinion. He had not even looked at the men as he had shot them. Magnus felt the warmth inside him, his Alpha humming happily at the sight of this side of his Omega. “You are...” The man started but Alec interrupted him harshly. “I am his Omega and he’s my Alpha. My mate. And I would appreciate you stepping away from him if you don’t want to be pierced by another arrow of mine.” And as if he wanted to strengthen his words an arrow flew past the man’s head, making him tremble so that he let go of the candle with a gasp. A loud thump could be heard as it hit the ground. “But you’re a Shadowhunter. A Nephilim Omega. Why are you...?” The man muttered. Without noticing it himself, he had taken a few steps back, stepping outside the pentagram. And finally, Magnus was able to move again. As if the binding spell was finally broken.  

“Alexander.” He whispered and swallowed before he let out a huff as he was wrapped up in two strong arms all of a sudden. “Magnus, by the Angel. You’re okay.” He heard Alec mutter as he pressed his face against his neck, pressing his nose against Magnus’ scent gland as if he needed this reassurance as well. To smell him. To inhale his scent. “Yes, I am. Thanks to you, I think.” Magnus had raised his arms and put them around the other man’s body, pulling him closer. For a second, he just enjoyed them being able to scent each other. Being able to let Alec’s scent wash over them. But then, Alec slowly pulled away, his eyes wandering over Magnus’ body to scan if he was hurt or if anything had happened to him. Luckily, he was in a good state. Except the cuffs that were still around his wrists. As he heard a low growl both of them turned around, staring at the other warlock. While Alec had been concerned about Magnus’ health, his focus completely on his Alpha, Izzy and Jace had gotten closer to the warlock. He had been too surprised by the sudden intrusion that he had not gotten to summon his magic. Before he had been able to think about it, Izzy’s whip was wrapped around the man’s body, keeping his hands down so that he was not able to move his hands for any magic anymore. Jace had his seraph blade pointed towards him to keep him in line while Clary stood still at the entrance, surveying the corridor for any further threats. “How?” They heard the man snarl in disbelief and disgust. “How is it possible that a mere Omega like you can... overpower us? You are an Omega Shadowhunter. You are usually weak, trained to stay at home.” Alec gritted his teeth at these words, clenching his fist as if he wanted to hit the man’s face any second, wanting to take a step closer to him but Magnus had raised his arm to hold him back. “He’s not worth it.” He said with a sincere voice and Alec nodded, closing his eyes for a second to take a deep breath to calm him down. “I might be an Omega. But I am not weak. I can and will fight for my Alpha, my mate. I thought just the old Clave members would be bigoted assholes... but I have been wrong. There are also Downworlders with very outdated views. Even though I am disappointed to hear a fellow Omega say such words.” Before the man could reply to this, Alec jerked his head and Izzy stepped in line, pushing the man forward, leading him out of the room while he was still throwing out insults. They could hear a loud slap and a groan and then there was silence, just the sound of footsteps left. Obviously, Izzy had taken care of his filthy mouth. With one last glance and a nod Jace put his seraph blade back into his thigh holster and reaching out for the two men on the ground to pull them up to their feet. They whined both due to their injury but Jace did not care. “It’s your own fault.” He muttered and handed one of the men to another Shadowhunter who had just stepped inside the room so that they could lead the men outside. 

Then Alec and Magnus were on their own. “Magnus, I am so glad we were able to find you.” Alec whispered and pulled the other man back into an embrace, holding him close. “Yes, this was... a close call.” Magnus replied and swallowed, realizing just now how close it actually had been. A few moments later and they would have probably been able to break the bond between Alec and him with the spell they had prepared. “What did they want from you?” He heard the other mutter. Magnus sighed. “They thought you were not worthy as my mate, as my Omega. So, they wanted to break the bond and force me into another one. With that warlock. Hoping to gain power or... actually, I have no clue about their intentions. I haven’t even gotten a name.” Magnus could feel Alec’s fingers carding through his hair and the little press of his other hand against his back. “This is insane. Why do people do that? Why are they not able to accept this? Us?” He shook his head slightly and Magnus could feel the movement against his body. “I don’t know. This was just crazy and... I am just relieved that you got here in time and...” With a smooth movement he pushed Alec away from himself to be able to look him in the eyes. “By the way, how did you get here? How did you know that I was here?” He asked, arching his eyebrows in confusion. “Um...” Alec bit down onto his lower lip and shrugged his shoulders. “I... I just knew. It was our bond, probably. I could feel it. I knew that something was wrong. That something must have happened. And then... I knew where to find you. I could feel it through the bond and... nobody questioned it. And it seems I was right.” He tried to explain, shrugging again. “I think we definitely have to talk to Cat about this again. But, darling, I have never been so happy about something I have no clue how it works before. I don’t need to understand that bond completely if it is there to rescue me. It seems that I am your damsel in distress and you are my knight in shining armor. Even though... there’s not much shining here.” A soft and teasing smile played around Magnus lips at his last words which caused Alec to chuckle. “Well... black isn’t made for shining, you know.” “Am I allowed to tell you something?” Magnus asked, leaning in a bit closer again. Alec raised his eyebrow. “What?” He asked. “You looked damn hot when you busted through that door, like an angel seeking for revenge. If we had been in a different situation...” Magnus’ voice had gotten a bit sultry and now the teasing was pretty obvious in it. “Magnus.” Alec blinked, trying to force back the heat that wanted to spread all over his cheeks. “Don’t flirt with me in a situation like that. It’s neither the place nor the time.” He said with a hoarse voice. “Then... maybe later at home?” Magnus leant in even closer, brushing his lips along Alec’s skin, whispering right into his ear which made the other man shiver. “You’re such a tease.” Alec groaned and rolled his eyes. 

Magnus chuckled before he pulled away from the other. “But before we can skip to the better part of the day... I need to get rid of them. I am not interested in that kind of bondage.” He raised his arms and glanced down at the metal cuffs around his wrists. “It starts to hurt because my magic can’t flow freely, being dampened by them. Any idea?” He asked and Alec tilted his head, ignoring the little innuendo. “I have no clue, to be honest. But I am sure that Izzy will come up with something. Weapons and stuff like that, it’s more her department than mine.” He reached out with one hand to entwine their fingers. “But first, let’s get you out of here. And then she can have a look. And if she cannot find a way, we have a prisoner who can be forced to tell us how to unlock them.” Alec’s voice had gotten darker, more threatening, at the last sentence and Magnus was convinced that the other would really force the warlock to spill his secret if needed. On the one hand, he knew it was wrong. Not if they wanted to improve any relationships between Shadowhunters and Downworlders. Forcing or even torturing a warlock should not be on their agenda. But on the other hand, a small voice inside of him, maybe his inner Alpha, felt overwhelmed by what his Alexander would do for him. That he would even risk everything just to free him.  

He could feel the emotions washing over him, so full of endless love. Alec turned as he could smell it in Magnus’ scent because it had changed, smiling at the other man as he raised his free hand to brush along Magnus’ cheek. “I love you.” He whispered with a soft voice and Magnus returned the smile. “Love you, too, Alexander.” He replied. 

And in the end, this was all that counted.  

That they loved each other. 
That they were a perfect match. 
Being able to complete each other. 
Who had found and rescued each other. 
To overcome all the bad things thrown into their direction.  
To resist all the people who were there to put obstacles in their way.  

A sealed bond.  
And nobody would be able to come between them.  

An Alpha and Omega connected forever.

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“Alec. Stop. Fidgeting. You’re ruining it.” Jace growled while he tried to tie his Parabatai’s bow tie. “Sorry. I... Um... It’s just...” Alec took a deep breath, trying to calm down, trying to stop moving. He was hardly able to manage it, staring at the blond with wide eyes who stood in front of him. “You need to calm down, big brother.” He heard Izzy chuckle behind him as she carded her hands through his hair. She still had some hope left to be able to force this mop of hair into something that would resemble at least some kind of styling. “I can’t.” Alec muttered, his voice hoarse and he closed his eyes. He could feel his hands getting sweatier with any minute. He needed to force himself not to push them along his pants because he did not want to ruin them with sweat stains. “Actually, I have never seen you so nervous before.” Izzy leant over his shoulder, brushing her lips over his cheeks and Alec turned his head, glancing at her with one eye open. “I mean... this day... today is special and... what if... something happens? What if I fuck up? What if...” Alec started to mutter before he let out a strangled noise as Jace almost choked him with the tie, wrapping it a bit tighter as needed. “Stop it. You won’t fuck this up. This day will be perfect because you deserve it. And if there is anything or anyone who thinks he can mess with you... they have to get past us first.” The blond rolled his eyes fondly before he loosened the bow tie a bit to tie it properly. “I... This...” Alec swallowed, his now open eyes darted from his brother towards his sister and back. Izzy had circled him and was not standing right next to Jace who had put his hands onto Alec’s chest. “Calm down. I am pretty sure Magnus won’t be pleased if we have to tell him that his fiancé has passed out because of a panic attack on their wedding day.” Izzy chuckled and leant forward to pull Alec into an embrace. “And I don’t want to feel this warlock’s wrath on me again.” Jace added with a grin before he joined their embrace, his arms circling around his siblings. Alec could not help himself but he let out a little laugh at the other two’s words and raised his arms to hug them back. “I love you two, you know that, right?” He muttered, hiding his face in his sister’s hair.

“Hey, what about me?” A female voice was interrupting them and the three siblings raised their heads in unison to turn around to face the door where a certain redhead stood, her arms crossed. She frowned slightly even though there was a playful smile around her lips. “Come here.” Alec jerked his head a bit to make her move so that she could join the group hug. “I love you three then. Okay?” He stated. “I can live with that, yes.” Clary replied and cuddled in between him and Jace, her arms wrapped around Alec and Izzy. The four of them stood there for a long moment before they heard a careful knock on the door. Slowly, they let go of each other. “Come in.” Alec said, his voice wavered just a bit, feeling less nervous now after being close to the others. “Oh, look at my boy.” Their mother had entered the room, a proud smile on her face. There was a certain glint in her eyes but she would deny anybody asking now that it was due to her being close to tears. She stood there, proud, radiating a certain warmth. Her scent was full of love and happiness. Nothing compared to the woman that had stood up against her husband so many months before by denying him to leave the Institute with him. She had changed. Her new position as Omega ambassador had made her more self-confident. Stronger. She was no longer that shy Omega she had been. She was now a proud Omega. Proud of herself. Of her son. Of her family. “We’ll wait outside. It’s time.” Izzy hushed and kissed Alec’s cheek. Clary squeezed his hand with a warm smile on her face while Jace patted his chest. “See you in a few.” With these words the three left and Alec was on his own with his mother.

“I am really proud of you. Look how far you’ve come, Alec.” Maryse had taken a step closer to her eldest son, cupping his face with both of her hands. Her lips were curling up slightly and her eyes started to glisten with joyous tears. “Thank you. This... I have never thought I could have something like that.” Alec muttered and raised his hand to palm his mother’s, returning her smile. He had to swallow and it was hard forcing back his own tears because actually, he wanted to burst due to all the feelings inside of him. He was not sure if he could make it outside. If he would survive the ceremony. “If anybody deserves this, it’s you. I know you’re strong. I knew it since you were little. I was just not able to tell you and to support you.” A shadow crossed her face and Alec shook his head. “No, let’s not get down that road. Not on a day like that. I am glad that you’re here today. This is a happy day.” He stated with a soft voice and she nodded. “Yes, it’s a happy day indeed. This is your day. I am really proud of you, Alec. For everything you achieved. I cannot stop repeating it.” She pulled him into an embrace, her arms tight around his body and Alec relaxed into the touch. “So, should we... I mean...” He muttered after a moment of silence and Maryse raised her head to look in her son’s eyes. “You mean to go and get you married? Definitely. I think there’s a wonderful Alpha and soon-to-be husband waiting for you already.” She chuckled. “Yeah, he’s already at the altar.” Alec said without thinking. “I will never get it how this bond of yours works. It’s so... special.” Maryse pulled away from him slowly and hooked her arm into his as he offered her his elbow. “It is. It’s really special.” Alec whispered.

They had tried to do some further research on their bond. Why they were able to feel each other the way they did. Always knowing where the other was exactly if they thought about it. They had talked to Catarina and Magnus had even involved the other warlocks at the Spiral Labyrinth. They had come up with a few more explanations than that what Catarina had told them the first time they had talked about it but none of them had really fitted completely. They were not sure why their bond was the way it was. So, after a while they had given up and had just accepted that their mating bond had manifested itself in that way, just bringing them closer to each other. Maybe the truth was something in between all the explanations they had found. Who knew?

“Let’s go.” With a little nod Maryse opened the door and together they left the room where Alec had himself prepared in to head towards the wedding venue. Soft music could be heard and warmth flooded Alec’s whole body. The moment he stepped onto the way to the aisle, accompanied by his mother, a certain calmness took over. His eyes were focused on Magnus who stood at the altar, waiting for him. Magnus was there, waiting for him. For him. To get married to him. He was marrying Magnus today. In a few moments they would be husband and husband. Alec could still not really believe that this was happening. But it was. A few steps and some instants later they had reached the end of the aisle. Maryse had turned towards her son, kissing his cheek and cupping his other, looking at him with an approving nod before she retreated to her front row seat, sitting down right next to Izzy. Alec turned towards Magnus who had reached out and offered him a hand. Alec took it and climbed the last two steps towards him. His hands were trembling slightly and he felt Magnus’ thumb brushing over his palm to soothe him even though he could smell the same nervousness in the other man’s scent which betrayed him and his behaviour as he pretended to be calm. “There you are.” Magnus whispered and Alec squeezed his hand. “Yeah. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now.” Alec replied and for a moment they stared into each other’s eyes in silence.

“Let’s begin with the ceremony...” The Silent Brother next to them started. “ unite these two men in a sacred bond.” A warlock continued the other’s words and Alec and Magnus turned their heads towards the two of them. They had agreed to combine both of their Shadowhunter and Warlock traditions for their wedding so that the Silent Brother would perform the one part and the warlock would do the other part. They had wanted to set an example. This wedding was as special as their bond was. And everybody should be able to see that.



“I still can’t believe it.” Alec whispered and Magnus pulled him even closer as they swayed to the music, sharing their first dance as husband and husband. As a married couple. “Me neither. But it’s true. You’re officially mine now. In every way possible.” Magnus replied as his fingers carded carefully through Alec’s hair at his nape. “As long as you’re mine as well, I can live with that.” Alec snickered and turned his head to look at the other man while their bodies were pressed close against each other. “You’re not getting out of this easily now, Mister Lightwood-Bane. You’re bound to me now.” A wide grin was plastered over Magnus’ face. “Is that so, Mister Lightwood-Bane? Good that I don’t want to be bound to anyone else then.” Alec stated and before Magnus had been able to reply, Alec had leant down to place his lips onto the other mans to kiss him softly.

“I love you, Magnus.” He whispered a moment later as they broke their kiss, their foreheads still against each other while they still swayed to the music in the room. “I love you, too, Alexander. Always.” Magnus let out a little breath before he stole another kiss.



“There you are, big brother. Knew I’d find you here.” Izzy leant against the doorframe, her arms crossed and a wide grin was on her face as she stared at her brother who sat at his desk in his office, holding a picture frame in his hand. “You okay?” She asked and pushed herself of the wooden frame, getting closer to the man who turned and nodded at her with a smile on his face. She could smell his satisfaction, his content and all the joyful feelings in his scent and it made her grin even wider. “Just a bit... I don’t know...” Alec shook his head, getting back from the trail of his memories of their wedding day, and shrugged his shoulders with a little sigh before he put the picture down again. His fingers brushed along it lovingly without him noticing. “I cannot believe that this has been over a year now. That you’re married.” Izzy said and glanced at the picture which showed her brother and his husband on their wedding day. “Yeah, I can hardly believe it myself. That I got that lucky. And everything fell in place.” Alec said, looking at his wedding band for a moment before he got up slightly awkward, letting out a little huff. “Hey, be careful. I don’t want my little niece or nephew to get stressed.” Izzy brushed her hand along his stomach and Alec rolled his eyes at her. “Don’t worry. That little thing in there won’t get stressed. If one is stressed, it’s probably me. Or Magnus.” He tilted his head and let out a little laugh. “Okay, most likely it’s Magnus. He’s really stressed right now, fussing all over me as if I am made out of glass or something.” “That’s just because he cares about you two.” Izzy winked at her brother, linking his arm with hers and pulled him away from his desk. She noticed his longing look and let out a snort. “Alec, it’s not that you’re gone forever. It’s just for a few weeks, maybe a few months until after giving birth. You’ll be back before you know it. It’s just a paternal leave, not leaving forever.” She shook her head and Alec growled. “But it’s... there’s still so much to do and...” He started but was cut off by his sister. “Alec, do I have to remind you that you promised to take the time off to concentrate on the baby?” She asked with a stern look on her face. “No.” He sighed and finally did not struggle to follow her lead, leaving his office behind.

“Good. You need to relax. After that little something is born, you can be fully back as Head of this Institute. I promise neither Jace nor I will burn it down in your absence.” Izzy added and Alec glanced at her while they walked together along the corridor towards the Ops center. “I am really glad that Clary is with the two of you.” He muttered under his breath but still loud enough for Izzy to hear him. “Hey, you really have no trust in your siblings, don’t you?” She slapped his arm playfully. “Careful. You’re not allowed to hit your pregnant brother.” Alec returned, hardly hiding his grin now while Izzy let out a deep sigh. “But hey, I know that the Institute is in good hands with you. And I am not out of everything. You can always call me and...” “Alexander Gideon Lightwood-Bane. You are going to give out your last orders now and then you’re off on paternal leave.” Izzy growled and her eyes flashed red for a second without her noticing it. “Good try, little sister. You know that doesn’t work.” Alec chuckled. “Oh, Alec, you...” She huffed and shook her head. “Hey... Don’t worry. I’ll look after myself and the baby. And I trust you and Jace. And Clary. Thank you. For being there for me. Since the beginning. I have no clue what I’d do without you.” Alec had stopped them and turned so that he could face Izzy, taking her hands in his and squeezing them. “Always, big brother. Always.” She replied and a soft expression showed on her face as he leant in to kiss her cheek carefully. “So, let’s get this over with. My last official debriefing before leaving.” He winked and let her hands go before he rounded the corner to enter the Ops center.

There were already all the Shadowhunters that were stationed at the New York Institute waiting for him, standing there in a big crowd, looking towards him as Alec came in their sight. He stopped in front of them, his eyes darting through the room until he found his husband in the back who leant against one of the columns, smiling at him. He nodded before his attention got back to his Shadowhunters.

“As all of you know I will be temporarily not in charge of this Institute due to me leaving for a few months.” His voice was stern, his arms crossed. His whole stature and expression had changed. Gone was the man that had stared at his weeding picture with a loving look, smiled at his sister and rubbed his belly in a content motion. Now, Alec was fully back in his Shadowhunter mode. Warrior. Leader. Head of the New York Institute. “Jace and Isabelle will take over during my absence with the help of Clary. I advise you to follow their orders because after I’ll be back, they will report to me directly. And even during my absence... I can promise you that I will get to know about any misbehavior. We haven’t come that far in the past year just to let this be ruined." For a second, his eyes lingered on the people in front of him. “But I trust you. That you’re able to run this Institute the same way like I’d be there to lead it. That we’re all on the same team. That we’re all having the same interests at heart. Because most of you have volunteered to be here. And therefore... I am proud to be Head of this Institute right now. For everything we have managed so far. And that each and every one of you took their part in that way. And I am convinced that there will be nothing to complain about while I’m gone. Because you will work as hard as you already did. So, keep up your good work. You’re dismissed.” For a moment, there was silence in the room before the Shadowhunters started to move, getting back to their work. Back to the monitors, their work stations, to the training room, to the armory, out on patrol. Business as usual.

Alec stood there for another second before he left the place he had stood in, heading over to a group of Shadowhunters. “Underhill.” He greeted his Head of Security who nodded at him in return. “You have put up the new security protocols, right?” Alec asked and Underhill nodded again. “Yes, we did implement them two days ago, did a test run yesterday and they should be fully working from tonight on.” The other man replied. Alec had opened his mouth to say something else but was cut off by a familiar scent surrounding him and a well-known hand placed around his upper arm. “Alexander?” A soft voice could be heard and he turned around to look at Magnus who had tilted his head at him, a smile on his face even though he was frowning a little. “Yes?” Alec asked. “You’re officially off now. Let’s leave them to it. It’s Izzy’s and Jace’s turn now. We need to go home.” The other man simply stated which earned him a huff by Alec. “But there is still...” He started and crossed his arms, looking at the other in front of him. “Alexander. Please. We’ve been through this already a thousand times.” Magnus rolled his eyes but had to chuckle. “Let’s go home. I am convinced that your siblings are capable of keeping the Institute working.” “At least one is convinced...” Alec muttered. “Hey, I heard that.” Jace pouted as he passed Alec in the same moment, nudging him slightly. “But Magnus is right. Go home, Alec. We got this.” The blond said with a smile, squeezing Alec’s shoulder.

Alec stood there for a second before he exhaled with an exasperated sigh. “Fine. But... you’ll call if...” “Yes, we’re going to call if we need anything. But don’t expect to hear from us. At least not about anything concerning work. We’re just talking to you about that little baby that will soon be with us.” Jace gently pushed Alec towards Magnus. “Take this stubborn man home with you. Or otherwise, I am sure he’ll never leave.” He chuckled and Magnus nodded with a grin. “As you wish.” With a swift movement he conjured a portal close by, glancing at Alec. “Ready?” Magnus asked as he grabbed Alec’s hand. “I think so.” He heard the other man say before the two of them walked through the portal while Alec threw one last glance at the Ops center where his Shadowhunters were buzzing around, concentrated on their work.



“Good morning, love.” Magnus purred and shuffled closer to Alec who had just opened up his eyes a moment before, yawning slightly. “Morning.” He replied and wrapped his arm tighter around the other man who had his head put on his chest, his hand drawing unknown pattern onto the naked skin, his fingers following the runes drawn on Alec’s upper body. He could feel the other shiver slightly at the touch and a smile crept up on his face as he turned his head so that he was able to look at the other man’s face while he started to press little kisses onto the other’s skin. “Um, a very good morning.” Alec chuckled and raised his hand to card his fingers through Magnus’ hair, letting out a content sigh as he glanced down. “This could turn into an even better morning.” Magnus growled with a low voice as he started to also lick along the other’s skin, moving slightly so that he could straddle his husband, placing his hands to his left and right side, his lips trailing down Alec’s chest who had now closed his eyes again. “I like the idea.” Alec agreed with a hushed voice, his hand still in Magnus’ hair while the other curled into the sheets underneath him. He let out a content sigh and arched his back a bit to get closer to the other. “Magnus...” He whispered and gasped in surprise as he felt the other biting playfully into his skin, leaving a mark just above his hip bone. Alec could hear Magnus chuckle at his reaction and he smiled, opening his eyes again to look down. “Love you.” He muttered, pulling the other man up again to be able to wrap his arms around him. “I love you.” Alec repeated, staring into his husband’s eyes lovingly before he reached for his lips, pulling Magnus down with him to be able to kiss him. It was slow and kind of lazy and both got a bit lost in the tender touch while their bodies grinded against each other in a languid pace. They just enjoyed being close without the need to go any further. Right now, it was just the two of them, bathing in each other’s closeness. Their mixed scent surrounded them, full of love and joy and a little spike of arousal.

“I love you.” Magnus stated as they parted for a moment to take in some air, their foreheads pressed together while Alec’s fingers rubbed along Magnus’ shoulder blades. They were relaxed and content, being in bed together early this morning. The sun had not really started to dawn, it was still slightly dark outside and there were just the faint city lights providing some brightness in their shared bedroom. “Do you think that we’ll ever be able to love each other less than we do now?” Alec asked, pushing a strand of Magnus’ hair out of the other man’s face. “Never. I won’t be able to love you any less than I do. On the contrary.” He stated and leant down to kiss the tip of Alec’s nose, smiling at the man laying beneath him. “Even with all the stretch marks and with me not being in my usual form?” Alec asked with a little tease in his voice, knowing the answer already but still asking the question. “Even with them. You’re beautiful. No matter what.” Magnus replied and his hand trailed down a bit, his finger brushing over the stretched skin. Alec chuckled at the touch, feeling a bit ticklish. “You’re flattering me.” He stated with a grin as Magnus turned his head to face him again. “I am just telling the truth, my love. You are beautiful. And these marks are another sign of our love because you have them because you gave birth to our sweet baby boy.” Magnus voice was low and he leant down, brushing his lips along Alec’s cheek, kissing a little trail towards his neck before he buried his face against his mating bite, licking over it which caused Alec to gasp again. For a moment, he stayed there, nibbling at the sensitive skin. Magnus could feel Alec arching his back and the grip around his shoulders got tighter. He grinned against the other man’s skin before he started to move, shuffling down a bit, continuing with what he had started earlier. His mouth left a trail of wet kisses along Alec’s chest and he could hear his husband sigh which turned into little moans every time he started to bite and lick the skin, leaving mark after mark on Alec’s chest. He hummed in contentment as he raised his head, looking down at the other’s body underneath him, covered in his marks. “Satisfied?” Alec asked with a hoarse voice, laughing slightly while Magnus nodded. “Totally.” He replied. His fingers were brushing along the other’s chest and caused Alec to shiver. “I love it.” He added and sat there, still watching his husband who, after a moment, got up to his elbows. Alec raised one arm, putting it around Magnus’ neck, trying to pull him down with him again. “There are still some places without your marks.” Alec purred seductively and Magnus chuckled, leaning into the other’s touch, following his movement.

But before their lips could find each other again a little cry interrupted the silence. Magnus let out a huff and they fell down onto the sheets, their intimacy and what they had been up to a second earlier all forgotten now. “He’s awake.” Alec stated while Magnus hid his face against his neck. “I know. It’s your turn to get him some food. I was up the last time.” Alec groaned at Magnus’ words. “Then get off of me that I can go and get him.” He sighed. Magnus followed, moving away from his husband, flopping down on the bed beside him. He hid his face under his arm and yawned all of a sudden while Alec wriggled to get out from under the sheets, reaching out for a pair of sleeping pants before getting up. “Raincheck?” He asked and turned towards the man on the bed who turned his head to glance at him from under his arm. “Unfortunately... yes. Maybe next time.” Magnus said with a sigh and blinked shortly as Alec leant down to kiss his forehead before he left the room to get to the nursery to get Max. It took just a few moments until Alec came back, carrying their little baby boy in his arms with a bottle of milk, feeding their son. He sat down on the bed, rested his back against the headboard while Magnus shuffled closer, putting his head into Alec’s lap. “He knows that he’ll get this back when he’s older.” Magnus muttered. “What does he get back?” Alec asked and glanced down at the other man. “Being such a cockblock.” Alec let out a laugh at the other’s words, staring at Magnus who looked up at him with a little pout on his face. “You can’t be serious.” He snickered. “Why not? If he’s not letting his papa and daddy have some them-time... he won’t have some when he’s old enough to want to have some.” “Magnus.” Alec shook his head, letting out another laugh which seemed to startle Max in his arms and he squirmed a bit. “What? It’s true. This little one here prevents us from having some fun together. And even from maybe giving him a little brother or sister.” Magnus had pushed himself up a bit and even his words were slightly accusing their son, there was still a soft smile on his face. “Or maybe he does it on purpose because he doesn’t want to have any siblings. Because he likes being pampered as an only-child.” He shuffled a bit so that he now sat next to Alec, leaning against the other man and poking their son playfully who started to giggle at this treatment, the bottle forgotten for now.

“You’re an idiot.” Alec stated fondly and without any heat in his tone, turning his head to kiss Magnus cheek with a grin. “Are you insulting me now? Max, did you hear that? Your daddy did insult me. You have to defend my honor.” His fingers rubbed along the boy’s arm which caused him to giggle some more. “Oh, Magnus.” Alec shook his head and cuddled up against Magnus who now put his arm around his husband’s shoulder, pulling him close while he held their son in his arm. “Thank you.” Magnus muttered after a moment of silence. “For what?” Alec asked and did not turn his head, still looking down at the boy in his arms who had fallen asleep again, now fed and tired. “For being my mate. My love. My husband. The father of my child.” Magnus replied and kissed the top of Alec’s head. “No need to thank me for anything. Because you’re everything I could have wished for.”



They had fallen asleep again, both men on their sides and Max in between the two of them, until the alarm had gone off. Alec had reached out immediately to turn it off to make sure that his husband and son were still asleep. Slowly, he slid out of the bed and headed towards the bathroom. Today was his first day back at the Institute, taking over again after his paternal leave. Max would stay with Magnus and they would take a turn in looking after him. While Alec brushed his teeth, he stared at the image in the mirror right in front of him. He felt excited to be finally able to take over his duties again even though that meant he would have to leave Magnus and Max on their own at home. But to be able to come back to them day after day in the evening... this was enough.

After he got ready, dressed in some simple jeans and a black button-up shirt, he slipped out of the bedroom to get to the kitchen, making himself some breakfast while also preparing a new bottle for Max so that Magnus just had to heat it up later and some food for his husband. He took the last sip of his coffee before he put the mug into the sink, cleaning the counter of the remnants of his own quick breakfast. Slowly and still trying to be as quiet as possible not to wake the other two up he headed towards the door so that he could get into his boots, grabbing his weapons he had neglected for so long. Carefully, he strapped the thigh holster onto his leg, wrapping his fingers around his quiver and bow before he put them around his upper body. Alec turned around as he heard footsteps, bare feet on the wooden floor. “Sorry if I woke you up.” He apologized as he spotted Magnus who looked a bit disheveled and still sleepy, holding Max in his arms who had his eyes open which darted around the room curiously before they found Alec. “Don’t worry. It was Max. He’s probably hungry again.” Magnus yawned. Alec crossed the little distance to his husband to kiss his cheek. “I need to go. Breakfast’s in the kitchen. And there’s also enough coffee.” He stated before he moved back to the door, his hand on the handle. “Want a portal?” Magnus asked while he slowly padded towards the kitchen, yawning again. “No, thank you. Not sure if I’d show up at the Institute when you’re still tired.” He chuckled and ignored the little pout on Magnus face. “See you tonight, Magnus. Love you. Bye, Max.” “Say goodbye to your daddy.” Magnus raised the little boy’s hand and waved it carefully in Alec’s direction which made the man smile again before he turned to leave the loft.

His heart almost burst with happiness and complete and utter contentment as he walked along the hallway to get out of the building. This was how his life had turned out to be now.

He was married to the most beautiful Alpha he could imagine.
He was living with him in their shared home.
They were proud parents to their little baby boy.
And right now, he was going to get back to the Institute, taking over his position as Head again.

What had he done to deserve this? Alec wondered for the umpteenth time.

He did not know. But he knew that he was grateful for all he had gotten in the past months and weeks. And he would not want it any other way.