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Let Me Be Your Strength

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Peggy's POV

You sigh deeply as you gently pull the chain on your lamp. It had been a long and trying day. Hell it had been a long trying decade. All you wanted to do was lay down on your bed, and close your eyes. Too simply sleep. No dreams. Just sleep.

"Hello English." A soft but thin femiane voice spoke to the left of you.

You tighten as you realize you made the most stupid mistake. One that could very well have cost you your life. You didn't make absoute sure that your room was empty. That no one whom wasn't appossed to be in there was in there. Your head turns to the right as you gaze at the sight of Angie laying on your bed. In the spot that you yourself have slept in. "How did you get in?" You heard your hard voice. You cringe at the tone. You didn't mean to be so rough with her. She was your friend. Why did you need to feel the need to push her away from you?

Every personal lose crashed through your mind then. Right. That's why. You were deeply afraid that you would have to say goodbye to her down the line. The sooner you push her from your life …. then the better it will be when she decides to leave you. Willing – or unwilling.

"I picked the lock." Angie replied her voice unyeilding.

You narrow your eyes. Your danger sense was yelling at you to get out of the room. Now. To never return. Yet your feet refuse to move. "Why?" You question wrapping your right arm across your waist; and your left arm over your chest.

"I wanted to see you." Angie sighed.

"You could have knocked." You sighed also. "As you always do when you know when I get home."

"I knew that you would send me away." She said. "I'm not going to be denied. Not tonight." Her eyes ran up and down your body. You stiffened even more as you felt her seeing the brusing that was just beginning to show underneath your shirt.

"I'm tired Angie." You allow your sheer exhaustion to over come your system. You simply couldn't act any longer. You didn't want to act any longer. Not in front of this person whom had snuck up on you; and all ready had craved too deeply into your soul. That even if you did manage to push her away from you – you would still be a broken shell when she left this earth.

You watch as in slow motion she sat up; and stood from your bed. She seemed to be glinding towards you as you gaze with bleary eyes. Your arms tighten against your body as you try to protect yourself one last time from giving in.

"Oh English." She sighes softly under her breath. Her hands were gentle as she cups your face in the palms of her hands. You feel the hot tears well up in your eyes as her face became a blur. You try desperately to hold in the sobs that fought to break out.

Her hands felt smooth and heated as they gently caress your skin. A gentle sob broke out. You brokenly moan as you simply broke. You lean into her touch. Your arms were shaky as they remove themselves from your body; and you simply clung onto the warm body that was offering itself comfort to you.

You felt her fingers slid down your neck and unto your collar bone. You hiss in pain as you felt her touch the top of the bruise on your right shoulder. You felt her gently push you back so you were standing tall once more. Your hands are still clinging on her body; but they have moved down to gripe her waist. You felt her fingers on the buttons of your blouse. Her fingers were at the hem of your top slip; and you felt it edge up against your heated skin. Soon her breath hit your face as she whispered; "Oh English." Such saddness was in her voice as you knew she spotted the bruise that was from the top of your right shoulder down towards the rib cage.

You felt your knees buckle; and soon you found yourself in her very strong arms. You rested your head against her neck as she carried you to your bed. You felt her gently sit down with you still in her lap. You burried your head a little closer into her neck as you got comfortable.

You felt your body move backwards; and soon your back was against the sheets of your bed. You felt her begin to remove her hands from your body. "D-don't leave me." You beg as you look into her eyes.

"I'll never leave you Peggy." She promised as she leaned in once more. "I promise you." She whispers against your ear as her right arm crosses your waist underneath the covers that she had pulled up.

That was the last thing you heard before everything went dark.

Angie's POV

You swallow your sobs as tears rolled freely down your cheeks. You move more tightly against Peggy as you could. Your chin rested on the top of her head as you kept seeing the huge bruise on her body. You didn't know how she managed to get back to the hotel from where ever she was when she got the bruise.

Heat overcame your body as you thought of what she was doing to get the bruise. Also what other bruises are on her body? Fully knowing that there was no way in hell that English got this bruise working at the telephone company.

"What are you doing to yourself?" You whisper as you stroaked the hair from the right side of her face. "Why won't you allow me in?" Your anger against her rose higher than ever before. Once she has gotten the rest her body so craved; she'll be answering all your questions. You aren't going to allow her to brush you off any longer.

She whimpers in her sleep.

"I just want to take care of you English." Your voice soft as you whisper in her ear. "I don't want you to be alone any longer."

She moves closer to you; then she pulls away. You sadly sigh as you witness that even in her sleep she's still trying to pull herself away from you. Wrapping your arms around her you pull her close to you once more. She cries out. Your eyes widen as you realized that you have touched her bruise unknowning. You quickly remove yourself from the bed. Her right hand waves around to cling to you. "I'm still here English." You knelt at her side. "I just need to see how truly badly you are injured."

You lean down and kiss her forehead. "Let me take care of you." You couldn't keep the beg from your voice.

She stiffens under your hand. You wait with baited breath. She ever slowly relaxes and breathed in evenly. "That's my girl." You kiss her forehead once more; before sitting straight once more. "I need to clean you up; so your bruises can heal cleanly." You got off the bed and made your way to the bathroom for the medical kit; plus warm soapy water. You may not be able to get Peggy compeletly clean; but you can clean around the injuries.

You lean against the wall as you take in your injured friend lying on her bed. The soft light from the lamp that Peggy had turned on when she entered her room bathed her in just the right light. If you didn't know how truly deeply hurt she was – then you could honesty have stayed in that spot all night long. Simply just watching her sleep. Your eyes drift from her face to her bare shoulder where the dark purple overwhelmed the smooth white skin of her natural beauty. She was injured. She needed your help.

You carefully carry the medical kit underneath your arm as you carried the bowl of warm water to the bed side table. "I'll find something soft and smooth; English." You softly say as you make your way to the dresser. You just knew which silk night grown that Peggy would feel the most comfortable in. Pulling it out; you couldn't help but remember the first time you saw English in it. You forcefully brought yourself back to the present as you turn to see her uncomfortablely moving on the bed.

You place the nightgrown on the foot of the bed; and reach down; and pulled the covers from her body. You see goose bumps break out on her skin. "I'll have you nice and warm again as soon as I can." You promised her. "But I have to get you cleaned up first."

You gently take her shoes off her feet; placing them on the floor at the end of the bed. You set to work on unbuttoning her slacks. Gently you lifted her toso off the bed; so you could slip the slacks from her body. Your breath hitched as the first bruise on her thigh made it self known. You could tell that it wasn't as big as the one that was on her chest; but it still looked painful. As more skin appeared you saw that she had a bruise in between her knees. While her entire left knee was one huge bruise. You saw smaller bruises spotting on her legs. Your breath stopped when you saw that her entire right foot was just one huge bruise. How did she managed to get back to the hotel in this state? Even if she was just down the street she must have been in agony every breath she took. Let alone every step she took.

Your hands suddenly found the warm washcloth in the water. "Oh English." You cried silently as you ever so gently tended to her bruises. Your fingers gently trace the bruise underneath her panty line. She moans as you gently push the material around so you could access the damage to her senstive skin. You breathed in relief as you realized the bruising ending just before her most private of all places was revield. So she wasn't injured there at least.

You managed to finish tending to her bruises. You ever so gently slip the nightgrown on her and cover her back up. You slip underneath the covers next to her. Cradling her in your arms you allow your tears to drip onto her neck.

"I promise never to leave you; Peggy." You whisper into her ear. "No matter how much you push me away. I'm never leaving you." You kiss the side of her heated forehead. "Till my dying breathe I'm going to take care of you." Your eyes drift close as you feel yourself finally giving into your tirdness.