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Afternoon Delight

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After a long afternoon of flying around the earth looking for Nyxly’s ship, Kara was actually looking forward to Alex and Kelly’s bachelorette party. She wasn’t really into the whole idea of throwing parties when two of their most fearsome enemies were still out there wreaking havoc, but Lena had come through with a VIP spot at her friend’s club (because of course she did) and well, carpe diem. Life was so unpredictable with Lex Luthor involved, they might as well party now before the world ended, even if it felt a little bit like Nero fiddling as Rome burned.


As she buttoned her umber vest and began to roll the sleeves of her crisp white button up, Lena walked into the locker room of the tower, and just like that, there was no stopping the arid dryness of Kara’s mouth as all of the moisture in her body promptly headed south. 


Lena’s heels clicked on the buffed wooden floors as she slipped past Kara to get to the mirror with a bright ‘Hey!’ before beginning to line her eyes in onyx. Kara could barely force out a choked ‘hey’ in return as she took in Lena’s skin tight black dress that displayed ample cleavage and her long, elegant neck, her killer heels, and elaborate ponytail that pulled her hair back from her face, allowing her sharp jawline to be prominently displayed. She looked incredible, and Kara had to force herself to look away and continue rolling up her sleeves with shaking hands.


“It’s, uh, really cool of your friend to offer her VIP suite to us tonight,” she stammered, trying to get her heartbeat under control. It was always like this around Lena now, had been ever since she’d returned from the Phantom Zone -- even longer, if she was honest with herself.


“Oh sure,” Lena replied brightly, as she began to line her lips in red. “She owed me a favour and I figured I might as well cash it in now. Never know if I’ll get the chance again.”


There was some underlying fear and bitterness in her voice and Kara knew she was thinking about Lex. Lena would never admit it to her, but she knew that she worried about what Lex would do if he ever caught any of them, especially herself. Kara was well aware of the abuse that Lena had suffered at Lex’s hands and knew that Lena was well within her rights to be terrified of him. But Kara would never let anything happen to her. Not Lena. 


“Hey,” she said, reaching out and putting her hand on Lena’s where it gripped the countertop with white knuckles. “We’re gonna stop them. Don’t worry.”


Lena looked at her with a soft smile, flipping her hand over to squeeze Kara’s. 


“I’m not worried. I have you.”



Lena and her friend had really outdone themselves. The VIP suite was completely exclusive, stocked with a full bar and DJ. After throwing back several shots, Alex and Kelly headed to the dancefloor and began to move to the music, foreheads pressed together and hands roaming each other’s bodies. 


“Wow, that’s awful handsy for public,” Nia laughed, jumping up to grab Brainy’s hand and pull him to the dancefloor. “Come on, babe. Monkey see, monkey do.”


Kara looked on as Lena laughed watching them go. She saw her stare after the two couples wistfully, and the look on her face when she turned back to where J’onn and Kara sat was like an echo of Kara’s own thoughts: I wish I had that too.


But then quick as a flash, the yearning look was replaced by her usual smirk and mischievous eyebrow quirks, and Kara wondered not for the first time just how much pain and how many secrets she kept expertly hidden behind snark and a cutting quip. She watched as Lena rose from her seat, downing the last of her scotch.. 


“Okay well, I’m going to go dance,” she announced, setting the empty glass back on the table, “because what’s the point in saving the world if you don’t get to enjoy it sometimes? Especially on a day as momentous as this.”


Kara watched as smoothed her dress, running a hand over the bottom of her breast down to her stomach and tried to ignore the beating of her heart in her ears. That self-restraint quickly went out the window as she watched her best friend sway and shimmy her hips seductively as she joined the two couples on the floor.


Holy fucking Rao. She suddenly had the desire to just let her body slither out of the booth and onto the floor underneath the table. 


“You should be out there too,” J’onn said from her right and Kara had to pull back from her invertebrate thoughts. 


“I don’t know,” she replied, shaking her head, “I mean, I know I told Alex to take the night off, but I can’t.”


“You can!” He insisted with a small laugh, “The Tower is autoscanning for Lex and Nyxly, and I’m keeping a psychic overview of everything.”


“Of course you are,” she laughed, looking out to the dancefloor where nearly all of her loved ones were gathered in a tight circle, swaying and moving to the beat. Her eyes zeroed in on one set of hips in particular and she had to swallow quickly to lubricate her dry throat.


“Go on,” J’onn insisted, shooing her away, “Go, go, go!”


“Okayyyy,” she relented, draining the last dregs of her alien rum and sliding out of the booth. As she raced to the dancefloor, she heard Alex cheer and saw Kelly gesture for her to come closer. As she moved closer, she took the opportunity to break out some of her finest dance moves, which really was only to make Lena laugh, and it was extremely successful. Nia pulled her in, pushing her between herself and Alex where they were dancing. She let the music wash over her, just enjoying being here in the moment with her family and friends, enjoying the little respite of time she had before she had to return to the chaos of the world beyond these walls. 


But as the song changed to something slower, the couples began to pair off, and soon it was only herself and Lena left on the floor, looking altogether too good to handle. 


Lena walked over, her hips swaying dangerously, and lifted a perfectly manicured brow. 


“Shall we?”


Kara gulped and nodded, welcoming Lena into her arms, hands placed respectfully on her waist instead of on her heart shaped ass where she really wanted to rest them. Lena’s arms snaked around her neck and her long, dexterous fingers began to play with the golden curls they found there. 


Kara cast around for something to say so that she would not let out the moan of delight that threatened to wrench itself free from her chest. 


“This was a really good idea,” she said quietly, fighting to keep her voice level. “Going out tonight, I mean. It’s so important to celebrate the good times while we’re able to. Never know what tomorrow will bring.”


Lena looked up at her with a coy smile and tilted her head to the side. As the music shifted into something more fast and pulsing, she grabbed Kara by the suspenders and pulled her flush against her body and began moving to the beat, pulling Kara’s hips along with her.


“I couldn’t agree more,” she said, tucking her face up near Kara’s ear so her lips dragged along the soft flesh of her earlobe. “It’s so important to seize the things you want in life while you’re able to.”


Kara could feel herself becoming overheated and extremely aroused as Lena turned around and began to gently grind her ass back into Kara’s hips to the beat of the music. This was unbearable. She felt her hands slide around to cup Lena’s hips and continue south to her thighs quite without her permission. Lena didn’t seem to mind, what with the way she pushed her ass harder back into Kara’s hips, letting one of her arms reach back and cup Kara’s neck. As Lena pushed back into her at a particularly pleasant angle, she gasped out and her hands gripped Lena’s thighs tight. She could feel Lena chuckling against her chest. 


Kara groaned out loud. “Am I a joke to you?”


Lena giggled and turned around, lacing her arms around her neck again and smiling up at her softly. 


“What do you mean?”


Kara shook her head, trying not to think about Lena’s ass pressed into her clit through her slacks and the thin material of her sheath dress. 


“You know what you’re doing,” she muttered, not making eye contact.


“I’m just taking your advice,” Lena husked, looking up at her through heavily lidded eyes. “Seize the moments we want while we still can.”


Kara gulped, her palms beginning to sweat where they clung to Lena’s hips. Perhaps Kryptonians were somehow related to hummingbirds, because her treacherous heart was approaching hummingbird speeds.


“And -- and you want this?” 


“I want a hell of a lot more than this, Kara,” Lena whispered, that mischievous look that usually sat in her eyes replaced with something more akin to...sincerity. “I want all of it. I want you.” 


“Me?” Kara asked, eyes widening. Lena wanted her? Was this some kind of prank? It was a very mean one if it was, and she didn’t think that Lena was the pranking type. So, could this actually be sincere?


“You,” Lena said seductively, pressing herself against her. With that devilish look back in her eyes, she looked around quickly at everyone else, seemed content that they were distracted enough, and then grabbed Kara’s hand.


“Come with me.”


Kara let herself be pulled through the VIP suite, around the corner from the dancefloor to a corner circular booth, away from prying eyes. She slid in and was most pleased when Lena slid in after her, pushing the table further away from them, climbing onto Kara’s lap, her legs straddling either side of Kara’s hips and pushing her dress further up her thighs. Kara gripped them like a lifeline tethering her to Earth.


“Whoa,” Kara breathed, looking up into Lena’s darkly painted eyes. “Are you -- are you sure? You’re not just tipsy?”


Lena smiled softly, winding her arms around Kara’s neck and fiddling with her curls. 


“I’m clearer than I’ve ever been,” she replied. “I promised myself I wouldn’t say anything until it was all over -- I didn’t want to give you anything else to think or worry about, but…”


She trailed off, her eyes looking without seeing. 


“But?” Kara prodded.


“But,” Lena sighed, scratching Kara’s scalp with blunt nails. “Life is unpredictable. And as an idiot cop who once had the gall to arrest me said, we should kiss the girls that we want to kiss.”


She tilted her head, letting her nails drag along Kara’s scalp with such delicate precision that Kara had to stifle a moan.


“That is,” Lena continued, “if you want to kiss me too.”


Kara did. She really, really did want. 


She surged up, pulling Lena’s face down to hers and pressing their lips together. It was messy and rich and a little bit desperate on her end, and if she had stopped to think about it she probably would have been a little embarrassed about that, but she was afraid that Lena was going to change her mind and it would all be over just like that.


Instead, every time their lips parted, Lena dove back in, kissing her deeper and longer every time, grinding her center down against Kara’s abs with each new kiss. Kara began scattering kisses all over her jaw, trailing them down her neck as she did what she had been thinking about doing for months and grabbed two giant handfuls of Lena’s voluptuous ass. Lena gasped into her ear with a breathy moan and Kara almost removed her hands, thinking she had gone too far when Lena bit down hard on her earlobe, making her gasp and thrust upward into Lena.


Kara grappled for the edge of her dress with shaking hands, pushing it further up her thighs. It was loud in the club and they were hidden away in their booth. No one would see them or hear them. Kara slid her hand further up Lena’s pale thigh.


“Is -- is this okay?” She stammered, as her hand slid closer to the warm heat she could feel radiating from between Lena’s thighs.


“God yes,” Lena moaned quietly, grappling with the button on Kara’s slacks. 


“I mean, right here though?”


Lena stopped her desperate finessing and grabbed Kara’s face. 


“The only reason my fingers are not inside you right this second is because your damn button won’t come undone. Does that answer your question?”


Kara stared up at her in shock. 


“Rao, that’s -- yeah okay....okay….”


Sliding her hand up Lena’s thigh, she tried to gently pull her panties to the side, but in her passionate haste, she accidentally lost control of her strength and shredded the lacy fabric.


“Shit, sorry,” she muttered, pulling the destroyed fabric down her legs and hastily shoving them in her pocket for lack of anywhere else to put it. 


“I don’t care, I don’t care,” Lena replied in a breathy moan, her voice tinged with pent-up frustration as she finally managed to undo the button on Kara’s trousers. “Just -- inside, please.”


And Kara, well, she was nothing if not obedient and eager to please. Manoeuvring her arm into the space between them, she thrust inside with two fingers, curling up as Lena let out a breathless moan, biting into her shoulder. 


“Oh fuck,” she cried, sliding her own hand into Kara’s boxer briefs to thumb over Kara’s clit as she writhed on top of her, bucking down on her fingers.


Kara tried to muffle the groan of pleasure but she couldn’t help it. It was like every dream she ever had come true, being here, doing this with Lena. At her loud moan, Lena shoved her face into the soft valley of her breasts, muffling her cries.


“Sorry,” she murmured against the warm skin of Lena’s chest, before nuzzling back in between them. The skin here was soft and silky -- almost downy. She flicked out her tongue and ran it along the swell of each breast. Lena hummed in approval, speeding up her fingers against Kara’s clit and grinding harder into her hand. 


“More,” Lena moaned into her ear, her voice coming out in breathy gasps, high pitched and erotic as hell. “I need more. Harder, Kara.”


Hearing her name said like that, in that tone of voice, combined with Lena grinding against her and her fingers working against her clit was more than she could take and she came with a muffled cry as she buried her face in the firm warmth of Lena’s breasts, pushed together by the tight dress. 


Lena wound her hands into golden waves and tugged gently. 


Please, Kara.”


Kara pulled out and plunged back in with three fingers, swallowing her elated gasp with her lips, pushing her tongue deep into her mouth as she lost herself inside of Lena.


Lena’s panting breaths grew heavier and higher as Kara drove into her as hard she could, given the angle, without losing control of her powers.


Suddenly, her hearing picked up noises moving toward them, as well as Alex’s voice.


“Where’s Kara and Lena?”


“I think they stepped out for some air.”


That was J’onn. Oh god. Soon her sister and her father figure were going to come around the corner and find her three fingers deep in her best friend. Fuck.


“Lena,” she gasped, “Lena, someone’s coming.”


Lena ground down onto her fingers and moaned, tossing her head back. As she came back down, she looked through heavily-lidded eyes and smirked.


“Well then you better hurry up and make me come,” she husked.


Kara felt her stomach swoop with arousal and she grabbed Lena’s elaborate braided ponytail, yanking back on it and exposing her long neck, and attached her lips to it, intermittently using tongue and teeth as she fucked into Lena’s silky wet heat harder and harder. Lena’s voice got higher and higher, pitching up and down with every movement. 


“I’m gonna go check on them. See how they’re doing.”


“Lena,” Kara urged in fear, nipping at her earlobe. “Alex is coming.”


Lena let out a choked cry and came all over Kara’s fingers, writhing with a groan as she rode out the final waves of her orgasm.


“Fuck,” she gasped, burying her face in Kara’s neck. “Fuck .”


Kara could only take a second to bask in the glow of Lena twitching on her fingers and panting into her neck before she had to slide her fingers out and button up her trousers.


“Baby, Alex is coming,” she whispered, patting Lena’s thighs. 


Lena groaned in frustration but climbed off of her lap and pulled her dress down, smoothing the wrinkles out of the fabric and fixing her hair as best she could. Kara tucked the front of her shirt into her pants and ran her hands through her tangled hair from where Lena had been grabbing it. 


As they rearranged themselves into something reasonably approaching  presentable, Kara took a chance to shoot a look at Lena, who was checking herself in the reflection of a picture frame, and watched as she rubbed at her smudged lipstick. 


She trailed her eyes from raven locks to perfectly manicured brows, blue-green eyes, sharp jawline, and perfect pouty lips. Had that really just happened? Did she really just have Lena Luthor in her lap, riding her fingers to kingdom come? Fuck, what if there were security cameras? What if --?


"You okay?" Lena asked, touching her arm tentatively. Kara looked down where their skin touched and smiled, turning her palm up and intertwining their fingers.


"Yeah, I’m great."


Lena hesitated for a second, not meeting her eyes. 


“You called me baby.”


Kara opened her mouth to ask if that was okay, but at that moment, Alex came around the corner and Lena pulled her hand away. 


"Hey, there you are! You guys good?" 


Kara looked up and tried to look innocent. Sneaky wasn't really her forte, but it was either that or admit to her sister that she had just had mindblowing sex with her best friend in the corner booth of this nightclub. 


"Yeah we're good. Just got a little overstimulated with all the sounds and lights and stuff. Lena didn't want me to be alone."


Alex nodded, looking between the two of them. 


"That's good. I was about to step out and check on Esme. Want to get some fresh air with me?"


“Sure,” Kara replied, sliding out of the booth. They’d done it. They’d gotten away with it. Alex suspected nothing and she and Lena were well on their way to exploring the tension that had boiled over between them after all these years.


She rose from the booth, and pulled on the thighs of her trousers to straighten them out.


“Let’s go,” she said, walking past Alex.


Alex turned to her to follow, but something on the floor caught her eye and she frowned and stopped. 


Tilting her head she squinted in the dimness in the club. 


“What’s that?”


Kara turned around and looked down at the floor. Her heart stopped. 


“Are those --” Alex started, leaning down to get a closer look.


Kara sped forward and grabbed Lena’s torn panties off the floor from where they’d fallen out of her pocket. 


“Nothing! Uh, just -- just a handkerchief!” 


“A lacy handkerchief?”


Kara winced. “Yes?”


Alex scoffed and yanked the lace out of Kara’s hands.


“Oh my god, are these…?” She looked over at Lena, who was suddenly very interested in the wood grain on the table. “NO. You guys did not!”


Kara opened her mouth, trying to find an excuse -- any excuse -- to refute what her sister was insinuating, but she couldn’t think of anything to say.


“You guys are unbelievable! I didn’t even know you two were -- that!”


Lena slid out of the booth and walked over to the pair of them with her head held high and took the shredded fabric out of Alex’s disgusted grasp. 


“I believe those belong to me,” she said stiffly, arching an indifferent eyebrow in her direction. “Well,” she continued, sending a smirk Kara’s way, “what’s left of them anyway.”


And with that, she turned to Kara and kissed her cheek, tucking the panties in her pants pocket, and headed back to the dancefloor, leaving an utterly devastated Kara and a thoroughly traumatised Alex in her wake.