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Too Comfortable

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One step, and it will all be gone. 


The curls on her head spiked, a quickly fastening heartbeat as her breathing got harder to steady. 


Takemitchi could really do it, throw herself off towards the edge and be gone, forever. She was tiptoeing towards the deep end, something she has been doing since leaving from her monthly visit home. Though she believes it's been like this even before that, she can never be quite sure. The temptation was so, well, tempting . A boring life like hers would hardly be ever missed. 

And all it would take would be one step. 


Though as the opportunity came, it left as she felt a hard pull on her shoulder pulling back from the train coming by, causing a breeze to throw both of their hair as the lights of the train passed them. 


“Hey” a smiling boy appeared in front of her, his hair was quite particular too with it probably a natural black with yellow stripes coming from the roots, he seemed around her age. “You were getting a little too close there.” laughing a bit while getting her a rough pat on the back. 


Takemitchi laughed awkwardly, “H-haha yeah, I’m sorry, I was daydreaming.” she said, scratching her chin awkwardly. 


“Just be careful next time.” He smiled once again.


She gets on the train, noticing the sudden disappearance of the boy that was just next to her a moment ago. He probably got in too, she thinks. 


Takemitchy just stares at the window as the train begins to go on. 


Takemitchi Hanagaki, age 16 and just a normal teenager trying to live her life. 


It's been two years since Takemitchi has been basically kicked out from her house and moved out of her childhood home to where she is placed now, living alone. She's been trying to rebuild her life with little to no change really. It's like she has been in a flunk of living in consistency of self-pity, though normal-normal days have been good compared to the rest.

Once the train stops, she could see her breath show in the dark as it seems to be rather cold today. 


She brings up her hoodie and she walks with the city practically being alive right now as she tries to go home. 


Takemitchy was so tired, her trip to her family wasn't great as usual and she couldn’t even hang out with her friends as she wanted. It just drained her mood, and she couldn’t wait to sleep once home. Her only relief. 


Of course her life isn’t that simple as she must have taken the wrong turn or something as she mistakenly took a turn to the wrong trackway towards the park. She mentally slapped herself for getting so side-tracked that she got lost towards her own house, she is always left like this after going to her parent’s place.

Takemitchy pulled her sweater up as she carefully walked home. She ignored everything around her until she heard a loud shriek, waking her mind. She drops everything and run towards it 


(An idiot, that is what she was. Either having a reaction early enough to not think through or a reaction so late and filled with overthinking. 


She’s always been a fucked up. )


She didn’t realize what she was doing until she noticed a fist into someone’s face and them falling down from the impact. 


“Oh fuck fuck fuck. Takemitchy whined  in pain as she waved away the impact caused by her hand. (God she was a dumbass-) 


Takemitchy finally realized there was one another person around, a really pretty girl with blonde hair with really starking yellow eyes. Takamichi has to admit she isn’t sure if the other girl is just beautiful or movie star beautiful compared to her ugly self, the other has the femininity that Takamichi lacked in many ways (straight wavy hair, light color, petite and thin,etc) that made her stunning. It sorta reminds her of Hina in a way (god how she missed her). 


The pretty girl stared at her, shocked, causing Takemitchy to get panicky for doing something wrong. 


“I- uh he was harassing you right? I-i didn't like to attack your boyfriend or something did i-” Her voice rising in high pitched and panicky, her big blue eyes getting teary.


“Oh god no- I was so surprised how strong you are, you're almost as strong as my brother!” She claps her hand with Takemitchy’s, her eyes glowing in gratitude, “My name is Sano Emma, but please call me Emma.” She smiled sweetly. 


“Hanagaki! Uh, Hanagaki Takemitchi!” She said awkwardly, making Emma laugh. 


At that exact moment a loud clash sound went through the park as Emma yelled at her herd once again, Takemitchy feeling a sharp hit to the back of her head. 


“That's what you get you bitch!~” A slurred voice said. 


Takemitchy let go of Emma’s hands quickly and touched the behind of her head, seeing the blood on her hand. 


Things started to go dark but with the little consciousness left into her she aimed back towards the man before being plunged into darkness. 



Her head aching painfully as she slowly regained consciousness. 


It shined so brightly that when she opened her eyes it was almost as if she needed glasses. The first thing she saw was something with obsidian colored eyes and a blurry yellow coating. 


‘A cat?’ Takemitchy thought of, thinking she must have awakened in the park. She blinked once or twice before getting the full picture of a boy with almost strawberry colored hair (it looked soft)  on top of her, staring directly at her. 


“GAAAH!” She yelled falling from the bed to the ground, getting accustomed to the light and now fully wondering where the hell is she and who is she with. 


The boy followed and landed on top of her and looked at her face again, staring so closely their foreheads could be touching making her slightly flustered and even more nervous. 


“Hey, your name is Takemitchy?” He said coolly, his eyes meeting hers. 


The ravenette gulps, “Hanagaki Takemitchi” She says nervously.



“Takemichi” She repeats,slightly annoyed with the butchering of her name. 


Takemitchy .” He stares at her more with a smile turning on his face now, “ Mitchy, from now on you're going to be my girl!” He said finishing with the most carefree smile. 


“HUH?” She choked out in complete astonishment, not knowing this was the start of a new chaos in her life (for the better or worse.)  

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Takemitchy must have heard wrong, he did NOT say not-


“Mitchy, from now on you're going to be my girl!” He repeated with a little too much cheer in his voice. 


“I-wh-WHAT” She managed to stumble out, only to gain a confused face from the blonde. 


He pulled away from her face ( much to her relief), he was currently sitting on her stomach with a small pout forming on his face.

From this new perspective she could see the boy in a better view. His almost strawberry hair was a bit long, having the top part of his hair tied back with leaving the sides down and untamed. His eyes were almost a scary obsidian black, though deathly black and unemotional from the couple seconds that Takemitchi had met from this guy, it was very much filled with life (still, you cannot blame her for mistaking them for cat-eyes). He was wearing a normal sweater that exposed his neck area enough that you could see a shirt under it.


From the outside this guy looked totally normal, really cool in fact.  


Until he  opens his mouth. 


“You could instead be my wife if you like that better~!” He shamelessly said, deciding to invade personal space via rubbing his face against hers as if he was a cat showing affection, making Takemitchi wonder what the hell is happening in her life anymore. 


“I-I’m sorry i just-uh-don’t think i can?” She squeaked out when his face landed on her chest looking directly at her as if he was a kicked puppy. 


“Ehhh why not?” He whined. 


Takemitchy thought of millions and millions of reasons why she couldn't but could only blurt out a pitiful, “I-I don’t know your name?” 


As he was about to say something the door of the room opened, the girl from before and a very intimidating tall boy from just behind her.

It was a comedic sight, it seemed like they were having a staring contest between them three, all while Takemitchy hoped that they would get him off of her as she could feel herself get teary eyed. 


“MIKEY!” A girl ( Emma, if she remembers correctly?) hissed out, almost dropping to what Takemithcy thinks is a med-kit. 

The person next to her with the dragon tattoo just rushed towards them, trying to yank ‘Mikey’ off of her who in response wrapped his arms around her as if his life depended on it. 




“KEN-CHIN NOOO, I WANNA GET TO KNOW MY WIFE-” Mikey having the audacity to yell out. 


It was like a tug of war, just with the other force not wanting to participate in the pulling. 


She started to feel a bit light headed, being only noticed by Emma, looking more and more annoyed.


“Huh? I would never hurt my wife!” 




This already long day has become longer by the second. (Takemitchi just wants to go home,man.)




Draken, the tall man with an intimidating face and dragon tattoo on his head’s temple, bowed (making Mikey to do as well) as an apology, though Mikey kept a pout (almost like a kid).  


“And thank you for saving Emma, we would have probably made it too late.” Draken said. 


“It's no problem, anyone would have helped.” She said awkwardly. 


Emma was fixing up the bandages that she had on the back of her head, apparently she got knocked out from the beer bottle and they patched her up. She honestly didn’t notice the cause of other things


“As a thank you, you could be my wife!” Mikey said bluntly

Those things being the boy in front of her. 


“Stop being a creep Mikey! You're gonna scare Mitchy-Chan away” Emma said, puffing her cheeks out like how Mikey did before, Emma then clinged onto the back of her back. 


“Ehh but I already said Takemitchy is my girl!” Mikey said puffing his cheeks as well (from this Takemitchy can confidently say that these two are definitely siblings, it's almost funny how similar they are). 


Draken proceeded to ignore them, sighing, “You did a number on the man, even when it seemed like you were out of it. You must be an experienced fighter?” Draken complimented but also asked a question. 


Takemitchi flinched a bit, it went a majority unnoticed thankfully as the two siblings glaring at it at each other (though not by Draken.) She laughed awkwardly. 


“Uh just learned a bit here and there hahaha. It's not my strong suit really.” She laughed, hoping to change the subject as fast as possible.   


Perhaps she has dabbled with wanting to be a gang leader, and taking over all of japan. Perhaps she trained a bit. Perhaps by a bit is by a majority of her preteens. It was a chessy middle school dream she gave up fast ( she’s always been so weak. She couldn’t stop that from happening to her. They would be disappointed.

Emma offered Takemitchy to stay for dinner but Takemitchy had to politely reject, she honestly ate enough today.


Once she left the house she tried to put on her sweater to only notice, her sweater had blood stains and got slightly ripped, making her frown. 


It was one of her only good sweaters too. 


“Your jacket got ripped?” Mikey asked, putting their head on Takemitchi’s shoulder, causing Takemitchi  to jump in surprise. She didn’t realize MIkey followed her out. 


“Y-yeah a bit, i could try to clean it up at home-” she got interrupted with Mikey stealing the sweater from her. 


“I could have someone fix it!” He said proudly. 


“Ah no, it's really fine Mikey-san-” Takemitchy said, trying to reject the offer. She could tell this boy was trouble, trouble she doesn't need now in her life.

“Ehhh don’t say it like that! You're too uptight Mitchy!” Mikey complained.


“Ah okay, Mikey, it's really fine-” Takemitchy, once again, gets interrupted by Mikey walking away mid-sentence back inside the house, leaving her stunned. 


“He took my sweater” She said to herself, feeling a vein pop out of her head. 


“He did, his very stubborn.” Draken said, causing her to jump up from barely now not in his presence. “He means good, i swear” 


Takemitchy just laughed awkwardly.  


“Oh and here.” Takemitchy stared confusedly at the fabric he passed her, once holding it she noticed it was the sweater the blonde was wearing before, “You could use it as a replacement, it's cold outside today.” 


“Eh? No no no it's fine, I'll be fine.” Takemitch tried to push it back towards the other. 


“You could give it back later.” Draken shrugged off, pushing it back.


She kept insisting to give it back and that she’s fine. Draken seemed to have gotten annoyed by this point and seemingly took it back, but only wrapped it around her shoulders. 


“Look it's the least i could do, you saved Emma and we owe you at least this much. Contrary to what you said, not many would go out their way to sucker punch someone twice their height for a stranger. ” He huffed. 


Takemitchi tried to talk back and counter what he said but all that came out was gibberish, her face becoming quite red. 


“Oi Draken, stop flirting with my Mithcy! She’s my girl!” Mikey said childishly, finally coming out holding something. 


“I was not flirting- SHE ISN’T YOU GIRLFRIEND!” Draken yelled, half way realizing what the other said. 


“She’s gonna be! Right, Mitchy?”


Takemitchy just stuttered, not really wanting an answer just because of the pure madness of the situation. 


“I-i should get going.” Was the only thing she managed to say. 


“Oh yeah, it's late.” Mikey said as if he barely realized. He looked at Takemitchy and threw what he was holding at her. She scrambled to hold it, only to realize it was a helmet? “Come on! Ima get you to your house!”

Takemitchy only stared, she thought of rejecting but from being around Mikey this long, she knew he would not accept the answer. 


Why would she need a helmet though? 

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Love is mediocre.  


For Mikey anyways.


Mikey wasn’t one to feel love, or romantic love to be more clear. He could clearly express his love for his sister, draken and everyone in Toman but romantic? Not really. Density or not, he is just not into it. His seen girls at his school and the girls from Draken's brothel, not of them really ‘sparked’ in him (whatever that means). Not in the way those pervy dudes in the brothel feel or the way Baji feels for Chifufuy (Mikey may be dense but not that dense). From the amount of disney movies he was shown, he understood what love should feel but like man turning into beasts or mermaids, there is a certain fictional aspect that isn’t in real life. He only needed to look at his older brother to figure that out. Mikey has seen his older brother fail in his love-life, from troublesome girl after another. 


This doesn't mean that Mikey is angsty of love, he just never saw anything that caught his eye to make him feel that way. To get him all giddy like Emma is to Draken (again, Mikey is not that dense) or so overly jealous like Baji is. It all felt fictional, just like Shinichiro unneeded love advice to be able to get a girl 100% of the time (it was always after a newly heartbreak and a bottle of alcohol).  


He had heard love made one feel like you have run a marathon. 


And now, Mikey understood that.

Because he felt like ran twenty.  


It all started with Emma texting him frantically while hanging out with Draken. Hearing his younger sister being harassed angered him and he and draken were about to beat the shit out of the creep. They started to panic even more when Emma stopped texting them back and didn’t respond to their calls. 


“Oi Ken-chin hurry!” Mikey yelled, jumping off his ride to run towards the place of the park his sister texted she was. 


“I’m going!” He yelled back. 


MIkey was already feeling the anger in him rising, oh someone was going to die. 


When he was right around the corner from where Emma was at he heard a loud clashing sound, along with a drunken yell slurring the words of “That's what you get bitch”. 


He thought his sister got hit and before he went to kill the bastard that would ever dare to touch his sister, he saw her

A slightly tall girl with a bloody head filled with shards of a beer bottle turned back and gave the man a well deserved punch, and a hell of a punch it was. 


She was a beauty.


Her hair was like a bob-cut but it was so curly and messy that it seemed to mop every time she walked.  While a bit bruised, she was pale with a light pink hue on her cheeks and her face was so round and even fluffy that it reminds of peach flavored mochi.  


The raven haired girl seamlessly was able to give one last punch to put the man down cold before dropping from the past hit, Mikey was already there to be able to catch her before she falled while Draken dealt with the fallen bastard.

As his sister and draken yelled at him to get her to their house quickly to patch her up, all he could think…


She is going to be his.   


(and I wanna be hers.) 


Mikey’s laugh ran through the once silent road of Tokyo as Takemichi clings onto him. 


“Waaaaaah~!” She cried out, subconsciously holding closer and closer  to the boy (she could feel the wide smile growing on his face.)


To say she did not expect this was an understatement. If she had she would have definitely not accepted this, why did she agree to this? Is she incapable of saying no? 


“What kind of highschool has motorcycles!?!” She yells, her crybaby tears falling out and being drifted away from the speed. 


“Come on michi! Isn’t this fun.” Mikey laughed, twisting the mortar handler even more to make it go faster. “Wooo!” He cried out. 


Michi is pretty sure they passed a couple red-lights and stop-lights. It would be lucky they would not be stopped by the cops. 


Oh god this is how she is going to end. 


“Oi don’t you think speedy whole having a person who literally knocked down is smart, Mikey?” Draken sighed, riding right behind them both.


Mikey pouted, “Ehhh? Fine, I'll slow down but only for mitchy!” He said shamelessly, making Takemichi guess that he did it on purpose to get her to squirm. 


He slows down but Takemichi doesn't let her grab be any less tighter. Mikey just laughs loudly, gaining a betrayed quiet snicker from Draken, she only responds to Draken with a slight pout. With the now slower speed she calmed down a bit, the regret was still though as she feels like when given the chance Mikey would go ahead and go past the speed limit.  


“So Michi…” Mikey interrupted her train of thought, “You said you want to know one another, so let's talk and get to know each other~!” Mikey proposed, seemingly vibrating from his seat. 


Takemichi’s sweat dropped, “You're really serious about this?”  


Mikey smiled, “You said you will be my girl if we get to know each other! So I wanna get to know each other!” 


Takemichi just sighed and went with it. 


As they rode on she asked basic questions and they responded and vice-versa. But it soon leads to Mikey telling stories of their childhood stories and more especially the embarrassing ones of Draken. 


She tried to not laugh and be charmed by it, but it all really failed because of how charamstamtic Takemichi discovered Mikey is and the ability he has of just making everything so light and funny. 


“Oh god.” She tried to muffler her laugh, turning away from a blushing Draken. 

“Shut up! I was like twelve” 

Mikey just laughed “It was not my fault, you went down like a tree! One drink and BOOM!” 

It was quite refreshing when she began to talk to Mikey and Draken. It's been a hot minute since she has had a pleasant conversation with people, it is what she missed during her trip to her parents and just life in general ever since moving. She swears she has not laughed this hard in a long time, not since Yamagishi tried to convince everyone in their grade that the bigfoot was real and was his uncle. 


Maybe these guys aren’t that bad. 


“Shut up MIkey! I swear I'll beat you!” His ears grew a particular shade of pink, making Takemichi giggle a bit.

“Hahah for a gang member you're such a lightweight!” Takemichi chucked at that comment. 


Imagine being a lightweight as a…




“EHHHHHHH YOU GUYS ARE GANG MEMBERS?” She yelled in shock, letting go of Mikey for a second before holding back on as she remembers she is on a motorbike. 

“Ehhh? what makes that so unbelievable.” He pouted childishly


Takemichi feels like she is about to have a heart attack, what the hell type of luck does she have?

She has like a thousand reasons why but decided to say the obvious, “I don’t know, you don’t seem like the type.” She blurted out. 


 “You're so critical, michi! Just to let you know I am the leader!” He yells proudly, as if it was something to be proud of. 


Oh god. 


“You're kidding.” She muttered,  just her luck to get associated with a gang leader, oh god she could hear Hina scolding her and Akkun’s worries (the also brotherly disapproval and criticism from a particular raven-hair money freak and emotionally deprived assholes if they were here to witness it, which she is thankful they weren’t.). 


“He's not, I've been dealing with the same crazy shit with this guy since middle school.” Draken said, making his voice sound tired and as if he aged twice as fast when around the chaotic blonde (which she cannot blame him). “I’m his second in command.” 


While handling the thought that she was laughing with a gang leader and his second in command because she SWORE to never come back to even close to the topic ever since middle school, Draken got a call from his phone causing the both of them to stop temporarily. 


“Ay Mikey, I got a call from Pah-chin, it sounds pretty urgent, I’ll meet you later ‘kay?” Draken said, moving his motorcycle towards an opposite direction.

Takemichi really wanted to yell at Draken to stay and not leave her with Mikey but he just waved off and left. Leaving her with the chaotic boy. 


All alone. 


This could only end in disaster, good or bad who knows. 

-EXTRA (i didn’t know were to fit this lol)-

“Ken-chinnnn! I wanna hold her! Why do you get too?” Mikey whined as they both drift off towards Sano's place. 


Draken was currently in hold of Takemichi while Emma rode back with Mikey. 


“Mikey, she is literally knocked out!” 



That last comment got him a hit from both Emma and Draken. It is safe to say, Mikey had to wormed his way into the room to see Michi when they were both distracted.

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The night sky looked so illuminating, it has to be one of the only times she has ever appreciated it. (The nights are always so dull when walking alone, it just feels isolating as it is cold).


Mikey stayed quiet for a while, leaving her to squirm what words he is going to say next. She would have started overthinking if Mikey had interrupted her thought. 

“I wanna make a new generation, something new but old and great. Just like old times my brother had.”

Takemichi hums, crazy idea but it's not surprising with a crazy bastard. “Won’t that be chaotic.” 


“Not like that, we won’t go hurting people just having fun. Taking over all of Tokyo with friends sounds amazing doesn't it?” 


“It sounds interesting to say the least.”

Takemichi has dealt with gangs before, of course she would have to as she aimed to take over tokyo. She has dealt with particitic one to another, of course she wasn’t any less than that but it was clear to her that the ‘honorable’ aspect was long forgotten. 


It was stupid, but hearing a form of it from Mikey it sounded less than stupid. 


“I want you to be in it.”


“People like you and my brother always make a difference.” She couldn’t see his face, leaving her to wonder if this was Mikey being serious. 


He turned around and smiled, “I’ll tell you later on. But that is why I want you to be with me, to run this new generation. To the new world, with me and draken. ” 


The world went silent, the glint of determination in Mikey’s eye didn’t go unnoticed in Takemichi. It always felt like she could feel what Mikey was saying, feel all of what he wants and his power in wanting to do it. It made her heart skip a beat. 

“That is why you have to be my girl!” He said before shamelessly laughing at Takemichi's red face. 


Takemichi swears she cannot read Mikey. 


“That-that is not a good reason Mikey-kun! I barely know you.” Takeichi said when she gained her compulser back. 


Mikey just widely smiled again. 


“Then let's get to know each other! I wanna know all about you” Mikey said. 


“It's not that simple!” Takemichi complained, and she then sighed, “There is also not much about me anyways, everything I have told you it's really about me.” The not bad things about her anyways. 


“I’m just, well, simple.” She shrugs. 


“Nuh uh your special i can tell!” He smiled. 


“You’ll see.” She shrugged, not meeting the blonde’s eyes, leaving a confused look on Mikey’s face. “I’m pretty boring.” 


“No! I don’t think so!” Mikey pouted, saying it childishly. 


Takemichi just laughed at the childish response. 


She held onto mikey as they rode the rest to her house, her chest feeling something warm. 


Mikey stopped when they got to her house. 


“It's here?” He asked.


The house was pretty small for two stories but it had a pretty but simple garden in front. All while it looked like all the houses next to it, just small .


Takemichi would say it's ‘home’ but for some reason she can’t bear to lie to herself for that. It was more of an empty prison, she could leave whenever she wants but why would she want to if she deserved it. 



She hoped off carefully, not wanting to trip. Takemichi took off the helmet and tried giving it back. But Mikey refused. 


“Keep it! You're going to ride my bike plenty of times!” He smiled. 


Takemichi blushed, “You shouldn’t say shameless things like that Mikey-Kun.” 


“Ehh why not? You're gonna be my girl anyways.” He said, smiling widely as the moonlight hit him so perfectly that it made him glow. 


Perhaps this will be nice,as much of a hell-raiser Mikey seems to be. 


He's not that bad. 


Her face flares up in a red-embarrassment of what she thought. 

What kind of idiot is she??? She barely knows the guy! Why would she want to date someone as seemingly chaotic and in-a gang! That is just asking for trouble. 


It would be a huge change from her last relationship (she shouldn’t even consider this! Hina was different, she was a sweetie). 


Though before Takemichi would deny again and for Mikey to say another shameless thing they heard a motor in the background and saw a Draken coming closer to them. 


“Mikey, we have to go.” He yelled, looking more serious than before, “Emergency meeting at the shrine,now.” 


The carefree face that Takemichi always thought would be on Mikey’s face dropped, it morphed to one of seriousness, his eyes seemed to darken as well “What happened?” 


Draken throws at him a black coat with golden imprinted kanji on it, he swiftly puts on the jacket showing the back off to her, her eyes widening at the word “Toman”. Her mouth muttered ‘you gotta be kidding me’. 


Mikey is Mikey, the infamous leader of THE Tokyo Manji???


The ones trying to take down…


“Pah well explain it, you just need to get there.” Mikey simply nodded and turned back to Takemichi, with a simple smile. 


He gives Takemichi a quick kiss on her cheek, “Gotta go Michi! Bye! Bye! I’ll see you later~!” 


She turns to a tomato, her mind jumbling up into pieces. 


Mikey just smiles and gets onto his motorcycle, he waves off to her and leaves with Draken. 


She felt such a rush, a gooey glow in her chest, it was like butterflies fluttering around but in a goodway. Something so disgustingly good. 


It all drops down before she comes back to her past realization. 


Oh god, Mikey is a Toman member. 


Oh god, he is the Toman LEADER .


The one gang, the ONE THING she was told to never associate with just made her his girl. 


Oh god oh god oh god- 


Takemichi breaths in, and breaths out. Trying to calm down with rationality and simple denial. Mikey seems like that the type would get many types of girls and people! Of course as someone as the leader of toman, he could get girls and guys left and right! He would get tired of her easily, probably going with another girl right after his meeting with Toman. He could definitely find someone way prettier than her.


Thoughts like those calmed her down, she was used to disappointments so thoughts like those are comforting, especially for the denial.


“Pff someone in Toman? They don’t even have someone like Koko on their crew, it must be all crazy.” She laughed quietly. 


(Hmm, she hasn’t thought of Koko and Inui in a while. 

She could hear their disappointment, well not just with Mikey but with the other things. It makes her stomach curel.) 


It's not like she has any against the infamous Tokoyo Manji, except for the sort of rivialy with Black Dragons and random conflicts and chaos they cause (she has heard of one of them even burning a car down cause they were apparently hungry? It was abandoned but still). She was also just told that as a piece of advice (more like a polite protective warning). 


She just sighs, she could feel a slight headache going to happen.

Takemichi just looked up at the moon, showing off in a gentle light throughout the night sky. She touched her cheek for a moment before shaking her head and heading back inside her house. 


It was an exciting day but it will all die down tomorrow as if it was just a somewhat pleasant dream. 

Everything will go back to her normal and well deserved misery. Alone and pathetic. 


(Though one can only appreciate feeling like they were Cinderella, for only one night of actual happiness before back to the same painful normal.)

Chapter Text

For what is it all worth, Takemichi for all of her stupidity knows one thing and one thing only, 


The small house’s walls shaded in darkness of the night looked abdnaded, all would be quest if there wasn’t a noise bouncing on it. A noise of pure disgusting retching could only be heard. 


She is worthless. 


Takemichi groaned, her eyes feeling heavy and her body feeling all aching while the alarm clock on her desk rings loudly. If it were up to Takemichi she would have thrown the clock out her window and stayed in bed more.

Though that is not an option now. 

She begrudgingly got up, she stretched her arms and only hoped for an easy day at school today (just for once). 


She started her routine by going into the bathroom to brush her teeth. While she was doing so she could only feel more eyes on her than hers, judging her for all she is worth. She could only cringe at her reflection. Every flaw and ugly just looked so prominent. Her hair was disheveled, her face was too round, was her nose crooked? Once she was done she brushed her unruly black hair but could not stop disliking how it went. It went down the same as when she was brushing her teeth. 


 She quickly finished up and left for the kitchen. Her house had an abundance of mirrors and reflections (it was like this ever since she was a child), they were there to keep her in check of what she was eating. Takemichi never had problems eating with other people (that were not his family) but once she was alone all the awareness was there. She had eaten plenty in Sano's household yesterday so today she would only have some toast for breakfast and just eat a little more for lunch. Before eating she packed some leftovers for lunch. They were a couple of days ago but probably still tasted just fine. 


She ate in discomfort, her throat feeling sore from last night. It was quiet, she was the only thing in the whole house and sitting at the small round dinner table. A sense of nothingness fell over her, though it was a peaceful nothingness. 


Takemichi grew up in a busy household, there was plenty of noise and voices in the morning, grew terribly quiet during afternoons and suddenly became more alive towards dinner. Though even now in the quiet, Takemichi still has to say the same feeling of numbness stayed. Everything stayed the same, she could not say there was a better or worse out of her previous and present situations. 


One she was finished eating she quickly went over to change into her uniform. She quickly gathered her things and put them into her school bag. She speeds past her kitchen for her lunch to put it in her bag and leaves out the door. 


It was still a fresh morning, she gained a sort of permanent routine of getting up early from getting used to walking with Hina for school. Takemichi gains some sort of nostalgia from it, one of the simple things she missed from moving. 


Takemichi’s mind was fuzzy, the morning is always the worst time for her. Shei sorta blacks out during this time, just dreamly walking towards school while wishing she could be home and nothing else in her mind. 


Though because of her being in this state, it leaves her unaware of her surroundings. 


Specifically a pair of yellow-eyes on her, looking at her curiously. 


Takemichi does not notice their eyes widening and the boy gaining a cheshire type of smile, taking out his phone and making a call, his bell earnings giving a jingle from him moving in amusement. 


Takemichi just idling walking to school not noticing that a normal day of school is clearly not possible now as a whirlwind of chaos is gonna happen.