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Too Comfortable

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For what is it all worth, Takemichi for all of her stupidity knows one thing and one thing only, 


The small house’s walls shaded in darkness of the night looked abdnaded, all would be quest if there wasn’t a noise bouncing on it. A noise of pure disgusting retching could only be heard. 


She is worthless. 


Takemichi groaned, her eyes feeling heavy and her body feeling all aching while the alarm clock on her desk rings loudly. If it were up to Takemichi she would have thrown the clock out her window and stayed in bed more.

Though that is not an option now. 

She begrudgingly got up, she stretched her arms and only hoped for an easy day at school today (just for once). 


She started her routine by going into the bathroom to brush her teeth. While she was doing so she could only feel more eyes on her than hers, judging her for all she is worth. She could only cringe at her reflection. Every flaw and ugly just looked so prominent. Her hair was disheveled, her face was too round, was her nose crooked? Once she was done she brushed her unruly black hair but could not stop disliking how it went. It went down the same as when she was brushing her teeth. 


 She quickly finished up and left for the kitchen. Her house had an abundance of mirrors and reflections (it was like this ever since she was a child), they were there to keep her in check of what she was eating. Takemichi never had problems eating with other people (that were not his family) but once she was alone all the awareness was there. She had eaten plenty in Sano's household yesterday so today she would only have some toast for breakfast and just eat a little more for lunch. Before eating she packed some leftovers for lunch. They were a couple of days ago but probably still tasted just fine. 


She ate in discomfort, her throat feeling sore from last night. It was quiet, she was the only thing in the whole house and sitting at the small round dinner table. A sense of nothingness fell over her, though it was a peaceful nothingness. 


Takemichi grew up in a busy household, there was plenty of noise and voices in the morning, grew terribly quiet during afternoons and suddenly became more alive towards dinner. Though even now in the quiet, Takemichi still has to say the same feeling of numbness stayed. Everything stayed the same, she could not say there was a better or worse out of her previous and present situations. 


One she was finished eating she quickly went over to change into her uniform. She quickly gathered her things and put them into her school bag. She speeds past her kitchen for her lunch to put it in her bag and leaves out the door. 


It was still a fresh morning, she gained a sort of permanent routine of getting up early from getting used to walking with Hina for school. Takemichi gains some sort of nostalgia from it, one of the simple things she missed from moving. 


Takemichi’s mind was fuzzy, the morning is always the worst time for her. Shei sorta blacks out during this time, just dreamly walking towards school while wishing she could be home and nothing else in her mind. 


Though because of her being in this state, it leaves her unaware of her surroundings. 


Specifically a pair of yellow-eyes on her, looking at her curiously. 


Takemichi does not notice their eyes widening and the boy gaining a cheshire type of smile, taking out his phone and making a call, his bell earnings giving a jingle from him moving in amusement. 


Takemichi just idling walking to school not noticing that a normal day of school is clearly not possible now as a whirlwind of chaos is gonna happen.