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Too Comfortable

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One step, and it will all be gone. 


The curls on her head spiked, a quickly fastening heartbeat as her breathing got harder to steady. 


Takemitchi could really do it, throw herself off towards the edge and be gone, forever. She was tiptoeing towards the deep end, something she has been doing since leaving from her monthly visit home. Though she believes it's been like this even before that, she can never be quite sure. The temptation was so, well, tempting . A boring life like hers would hardly be ever missed. 

And all it would take would be one step. 


Though as the opportunity came, it left as she felt a hard pull on her shoulder pulling back from the train coming by, causing a breeze to throw both of their hair as the lights of the train passed them. 


“Hey” a smiling boy appeared in front of her, his hair was quite particular too with it probably a natural black with yellow stripes coming from the roots, he seemed around her age. “You were getting a little too close there.” laughing a bit while getting her a rough pat on the back. 


Takemitchi laughed awkwardly, “H-haha yeah, I’m sorry, I was daydreaming.” she said, scratching her chin awkwardly. 


“Just be careful next time.” He smiled once again.


She gets on the train, noticing the sudden disappearance of the boy that was just next to her a moment ago. He probably got in too, she thinks. 


Takemitchy just stares at the window as the train begins to go on. 


Takemitchi Hanagaki, age 16 and just a normal teenager trying to live her life. 


It's been two years since Takemitchi has been basically kicked out from her house and moved out of her childhood home to where she is placed now, living alone. She's been trying to rebuild her life with little to no change really. It's like she has been in a flunk of living in consistency of self-pity, though normal-normal days have been good compared to the rest.

Once the train stops, she could see her breath show in the dark as it seems to be rather cold today. 


She brings up her hoodie and she walks with the city practically being alive right now as she tries to go home. 


Takemitchy was so tired, her trip to her family wasn't great as usual and she couldn’t even hang out with her friends as she wanted. It just drained her mood, and she couldn’t wait to sleep once home. Her only relief. 


Of course her life isn’t that simple as she must have taken the wrong turn or something as she mistakenly took a turn to the wrong trackway towards the park. She mentally slapped herself for getting so side-tracked that she got lost towards her own house, she is always left like this after going to her parent’s place.

Takemitchy pulled her sweater up as she carefully walked home. She ignored everything around her until she heard a loud shriek, waking her mind. She drops everything and run towards it 


(An idiot, that is what she was. Either having a reaction early enough to not think through or a reaction so late and filled with overthinking. 


She’s always been a fucked up. )


She didn’t realize what she was doing until she noticed a fist into someone’s face and them falling down from the impact. 


“Oh fuck fuck fuck. Takemitchy whined  in pain as she waved away the impact caused by her hand. (God she was a dumbass-) 


Takemitchy finally realized there was one another person around, a really pretty girl with blonde hair with really starking yellow eyes. Takamichi has to admit she isn’t sure if the other girl is just beautiful or movie star beautiful compared to her ugly self, the other has the femininity that Takamichi lacked in many ways (straight wavy hair, light color, petite and thin,etc) that made her stunning. It sorta reminds her of Hina in a way (god how she missed her). 


The pretty girl stared at her, shocked, causing Takemitchy to get panicky for doing something wrong. 


“I- uh he was harassing you right? I-i didn't like to attack your boyfriend or something did i-” Her voice rising in high pitched and panicky, her big blue eyes getting teary.


“Oh god no- I was so surprised how strong you are, you're almost as strong as my brother!” She claps her hand with Takemitchy’s, her eyes glowing in gratitude, “My name is Sano Emma, but please call me Emma.” She smiled sweetly. 


“Hanagaki! Uh, Hanagaki Takemitchi!” She said awkwardly, making Emma laugh. 


At that exact moment a loud clash sound went through the park as Emma yelled at her herd once again, Takemitchy feeling a sharp hit to the back of her head. 


“That's what you get you bitch!~” A slurred voice said. 


Takemitchy let go of Emma’s hands quickly and touched the behind of her head, seeing the blood on her hand. 


Things started to go dark but with the little consciousness left into her she aimed back towards the man before being plunged into darkness. 



Her head aching painfully as she slowly regained consciousness. 


It shined so brightly that when she opened her eyes it was almost as if she needed glasses. The first thing she saw was something with obsidian colored eyes and a blurry yellow coating. 


‘A cat?’ Takemitchy thought of, thinking she must have awakened in the park. She blinked once or twice before getting the full picture of a boy with almost strawberry colored hair (it looked soft)  on top of her, staring directly at her. 


“GAAAH!” She yelled falling from the bed to the ground, getting accustomed to the light and now fully wondering where the hell is she and who is she with. 


The boy followed and landed on top of her and looked at her face again, staring so closely their foreheads could be touching making her slightly flustered and even more nervous. 


“Hey, your name is Takemitchy?” He said coolly, his eyes meeting hers. 


The ravenette gulps, “Hanagaki Takemitchi” She says nervously.



“Takemichi” She repeats,slightly annoyed with the butchering of her name. 


Takemitchy .” He stares at her more with a smile turning on his face now, “ Mitchy, from now on you're going to be my girl!” He said finishing with the most carefree smile. 


“HUH?” She choked out in complete astonishment, not knowing this was the start of a new chaos in her life (for the better or worse.)