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Learning How to Share

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Kinktober Day 18 - High Heels/Rough Sex


Buddie-Taylor -Bobby in charge 


Bobby Nash wasn't too keen on Taylor Kelly, even after the Treasure Hunt. His wife, Athena Grant was in the same boat, but somehow Eddie broke up with his teacher girlfriend after he got shot, and moved on… with Buck and Taylor. 


Though it seemed like Taylor and Eddie weren't the greatest of friends, and mainly had Buck in common. Eddie had come to him one day complaining that Taylor was taking all the fun out of fucking Buck by not including him, and Bobby decided right then and there, the red head needed to learn how to share. Bobby and Athena after all learned how to share with Buck and Eddie, and so Athena told him he needed to make sure their resident reporter learned how to. 


Otherwise Eddie would withdraw, and Buck wouldn't know what was wrong and then Bobby would have to fuck them both into oblivion. If Buck wanted both of them, while still playing with his captain, and sometimes Athena, he needed to know how Eddie felt. 


One day, when Christopher was at a sleepover, the first one since Covid, Bobby and Eddie waited patiently for Buck and Taylor to arrive. Eddie was squirming from the plug in his ass after Bobby fucked him over Buck's counter a few minutes ago, while Bobby sat in the chair in Buck's bedroom, Eddie naked and waiting on the bed. 


The key sounds in the lock, and Eddie perks up then deflates. Oh that wouldn't do. Buck and Taylor's voices sounded below, when Bobby turned on the plug in Eddie, causing him to moan. He smirked when Buck stopped whatever conversation he was having. 


"Eddie, you're here?" he asks, climbing up the stairs, Taylor smirking right behind him, only to stop seeing Bobby sitting there, jeans open and chest bare. "Bobby, what…" 


"It seems to me, Buck, that when you entered into this relationship that you didn't learn how to share. I have had to pick up the slack, making sure Eddie knew he was loved. Athena even joined in one time," Bobby drawled, eyes narrowing at Taylor, when Buck ducks his head in guilt. "But then I realized that you want to share, but Taylor doesn't know how to. She also agreed to Eddie's part, and he hasn't had any time with you." 


Meanwhile, Eddie is squirming on the comforter, trying to get the plug inside him more so he could find release. But it wouldn't come despite being fucked and plugged, because Eddie would only come inside Taylor, whenever he deemed it. "You see Buck, you were so concerned about Taylor that I had to bring Eddie here, fuck him, just so I could show you what you're missing. But you already know judging by your argument downstairs?" 


His blonde boy nods, looking over at Eddie lovingly. "Now if you want to continue to play with me and Eddie, then you need to inform Taylor who really runs the show." 


"Wait, what do you mean? You mean that you played with Bobby and Eddie before me?" Taylor says, surprised. 


Buck turns to her, leveling a stare that screamed duh, "Uh, yes, why do you think I know how to please Eddie so well, or how he knows my body? Bobby taught us that." 


"Wow, I did not expect that," she muses, looking between the three men. 


"Taylor, listen. Bobby's right. You haven't been sharing me very well, and Eddie deserves just as much love as you do. As I do. So what do you say?" Buck says, looking at Bobby for approval. 


"Uh, what do you mean by this?" she asks, waving her hand at the three men. 


Instead of Buck replying, Bobby does. "You let go of any notion of control you think you have, and let me teach the boys how to please you. You will come so much. And if I want you, maybe I will join in. Either way, our boy will be getting fucked in front of you, by me, by Eddie and then Buck will do the same." 


Taylor shuts her mouth and whimpers. "Oh you're turned on by that are you? Well since you can't share, you won't be able to touch. Buck has a very nice spreader bar that I like to use, and you will be tied to that for our pleasure. I think if we aren't fucking you, one of Buck's toy can be in you. And oh I bet you have nice nipples, how about some nipple clamps? Then we can see how much pleasure you can receive when you're not being selfish." 


"You want that, Taylor? You want to be used by us?" Bobby asks, erection filling out again. He looks toward Eddie, whose legs were splayed, showing the plug in him, hard on against his stomach. 


"Please show me," she whispers, eyes dilated. 


"Please show you what?" Bobby prompts, not moving. 


"Please show me how I can be a good girl and share?" she says, voice wavering with want. 


"Buck, strip her, but keep her heels on. Tell me how wet she is," Bobby instructs, pulling off his jeans. "Eddie?" 


"Yeah?" he breathes. 


"Help Buck undress, kiss whatever part you want on his body," he says, watching Eddie scramble off the bed and plaster himself against Buck's back. Buck has Taylors shirt off, leaving her in a lacy bra and her skirt which he promptly takes off her. He turns her around to show her to Bobby, who nods. Meanwhile Eddie has unhooked Buck's belt and unzipped his pants, shoving them down to his shoes, which he unties. 


"Play with her folds, Buck. See how turned on she is by this," Bobby repeats, when the large hands dip in her see through underwear, and dip inside her. He's barely touching her, head not even by hers, while Eddie undresses him. Instead of kissing her, he turns his head so he can kiss Eddie, who is slowly unbuttoning his tight shirt. 


Once Bobby is satisfied with Buck's state of undress, he watches as Eddie takes Buck's dick in his hand. Looks like Eddie needs Buck in him, but first… "Buck, go get all the toys I mentioned. Time to make Taylor realize what she's missing out on. While he is setting that up, why don't you show her what you can do with your mouth, Eddie." 


Eddie smirks and lays Taylor down on bed, spreading her legs over his shoulder, and licks up her wet folds, sucking on her clit. She moans loudly, trying to move her body on his mouth more when he holds her down. "Make her come, Eddie, she's close." 


Eddie is so good at listening to orders that he fingers her, hitting her g spot, and her whole body shakes with the ferocity of orgasm, and he doesn't stop even when she gets oversensitive. Bobby doesn't intend to let him stop, even when Buck comes back with the toys. She is not only going to come, but enough times she may cry with pleasure. Make sure she understands she does not hold all the cards, in fact the only people who do are Bobby and Athena. 


The redhead tries to squirm away from the tongue and fingers, when Bobby snaps his fingers. Eddie stops and sits back, when Buck comes up to him and licks away her juices. "Get her tied for our use, boys. Let me see what we are working with." 


Bobby wants access to her mouth, so they flip her on her stomach, spreading her legs wide, and tying them to the bar revealing how wet and wanting she is. Buck sits her up for a second, while Eddie balances her. Buck takes out the nipple clamps that are attached to her clit (Bobby knows these, Athena loves them) and Taylor is still coming down from the first of many orgasms. He rubs her nipples, making them pebble and hard while Eddie fingers her ass, making room for a plug and also inserts a vibrator in her pussy. That should keep her busy while Eddie rides Buck. 


Buck attached the nipple clamps to her, and allowed the chain to drop before attaching the other end to her clitoris, and then tugs making her moan. She can't squirm away from the sensations, while being full. Bobby is enjoying the view, seeing Eddie push in the plug and take the toy, bent to provide stimulation to her g spot and clit and places it inside it, giving Bobby the remote. 


The blonde situates himself after laying Taylor back down, her pussy and ass on display for the man behind and her face at eye level with Buck's own firehose. "That's not yours to play with, sweetheart," Bobby says when she tries to get it in her mouth, "It's Eddie's to play with. You have your pussy and ass stuffed, do you need your mouth stuffed too?" 


She was about to reply, when Eddie stopped her. "She definitely needs to be stuffed, Bobby, otherwise she is going to try to get to our dicks before she deserves them." 


"How about you go pick the gag, Eddie, since Buck picked the toys. In the meantime, Buck can come suck my cock for a bit," Bobby demands, before Taylor is left on the bed, with a vibrating plug in her ass and a toy in his pussy and about to be gagged by her nemesis. She was learning very quickly that Buck wasn't just hers, but theirs. 


Bobby turns on the vibe, and she almost screams in pleasure, as it vibrates against the clit clamp and her g spots, and then turns on the butt plug to add to all the sensations. It vibrates up to her nipples and with the way her hands are tied, she can't do anything to alleviate it. Bobby is evil, and so are Buck and Eddie, who returns with a penis gag. 


"Good choice, Eddie, you need to prepare her to take your cocks in her mouth," Bobby says, looking down as Buck sucking him off gently. When Eddie had come into the picture, he had no idea how well trained Buck was. The first time he played with them together, he was a bit jealous until he rode Eddie's dick while Bobby fucked his face. From them on, it was play sessions and nothing serious, and the two men wouldn't kiss. 


Until Ana came along. Then Buck got jealous, with Taylor reappearing after that. He knew that Eddie and Buck slept with Shannon, but Ana didn't like it. So Buck went back to Bobby, tail between his legs and him and Athena had to bring him out of his funk. Taylor came along, and Eddie got jealous and petty. He broke it off with Ana, explaining that he was always polyarmous and had a lot of love to give. 


Suffice to say, he was willing to give Taylor a chance but then was left in the cold because she didn't want to give him one. Bobby thinks after this she will understand how generous a lover Eddie is. But she had to learn the lesson first. 


"Open for Eddie, Taylor. You wanted a dick, so you're getting one," Bobby says, closing his eyes for a moment, reveling in the warmth of Buck's mouth. Taylor begrudgingly opens her mouth, adjusting to the gag Eddie picked out for her. Instead of seeing pettiness, she saw pure lust because that's what Bobby saw. 


"Alright Buck, time to give Taylor a show, you ready Eddie?" Bobby asks, as Buck lifts his mouth off the cock he was sucking, then looks at his boyfriend and girlfriend, nodding quickly. Eddie has turned the red head toward Bobby, seeing his spit slick cock. 


"If you're good you can taste that later. He fucked me so well earlier that I probably don't need any prep to take Buck. You have had Buck but you haven't had both of us at the same time," Eddie says, sticking his cock in her face and letting the sticky fluid smear on her gagged lips. She is close to tears with the many sensations she's feeling. Bobby loves the view of her wet pussy and asshole, while she keeps her Louboutins on. Soon she would be fucked within an inch of her life, with cocks in all her holes, until she was crying for release. 


Until then, he would watch his boys enjoy each other. Eddie needed reassurance that Buck wanted him too, and Buck was more than happy to oblige. Buck fingers the plugs in his ass, and pulls it out, cum leaking from his hole. 


The blonde moans and so does Taylor from behind her gag, while Bobby smirks. He will get up soon, maybe double team Eddie with Buck, maybe fuck a mouth, he will decide soon. He lowers the vibrations of the toys down, so she can enjoy the show. 


Eddie's legs are circled around Buck's waist, as he lowers himself down on the huge cock, moaning at the feeling of being full. He arches his back, eyes closed in pleasure and Bobby wants to mark that neck up. The blonde thrusts up into the body above him apparently hitting Eddie's prostate head on making him moan. Taylor is also moaning behind her gag, watching how beautiful the two are together. 


Bobby can't resist any longer, and palms the pale ass of Taylor and smacks it, getting a cry of pleasure from her. Interesting, looks like she needs some tough love also. He decides to continue with the spanking, making sure she knows what she did wrong. 


He spanks her on her ass, getting it red and oh she is dripping wet now. He thought Eddie loves to be spanked, but no, this tiny woman does also. The sounds of fucking are coming from the top of the bed, and the body in front of is tempting but no as tempting as his boys lost in the throes of pleasure. 


Smacking right on her holes, she screams, body shaking from a mini orgasm. "You like that did you, baby girl? I'll make sure you have more of that." He whispers, tugging her hair up. "But let me show you how to please my boys, because you obviously don't know how to." 


She's keeping the tears from flowing, obviously wrecked from the toys in her. He moves to the side of his boys, kissing them deeply. "You want me in you with Buck, Eddie or have me fuck Buck." 


"Both, please," Eddie says, breathing heavily. "Want to feel you both before .. We take care of Taylor. Show her what she's been missing." 


Bobby smirks, and kisses the elongated neck, biting down on the collarbone and worrying at it with his teeth. He takes the lube Buck grabbed and inserts his fingers into Eddie, who moans wantonly. The former Army medic loved being full, and he wonders now if Taylor realized she could fuck him with Buck. Hell they could do the same to Buck. 


Scissoring the hole, Bobby lines up and enters Eddie again, blocking the red head's view. Instead she deals with the sensations ramping up, causing her to get into an elongated orgasm when Eddie moans his, making Buck and Bobby come in him at the same time. Bobby and Eddie had taken some herbal supplements to help them get hard faster, while Buck just had the shortest refractory period ever. 


Eddie is coming down from his high, whining at the loss of Bobby and being lifted off Buck, only to have their cocks replaced with a bigger plug, and Eddie sighs. He strokes his flank, and places a kiss then a bite on the round ass, before laying down next to Buck. 


"Isn't she gorgeous like this?" Buck asks, staring at Taylor, whose lipstick was smudged and mascara running, as she was overwhelmed. "Taken apart, and we have barely started." 


"Athena was right, she needed to be shown how to share," Bobby muses, rubbing Buck's thigh and squeezing it. "I think maybe she deserves one cock to suck on and clean?" 


"How about she cleans Eddie first, tastes our come?" Buck suggests, watching Eddie remain on his stomach, hole on display, cum leaking around the plug. "And we go clean up so we can fuck her." 


Bobby leans forward, rubbing the pink cheek of the woman tied up. "How does that sound, you lick the come from Eddie and keep him warm in your mouth until Buck and I get back?" 


She blinks her eyes and nods, when Buck vacates the bed and moves Eddie toward Taylor, unhooking the gag, allowing her to swallow. "No speaking, your mouth is going to be occupied the rest of the night." 


She nods, shaking from the intense sessions she's experiencing, before putting her mouth and tongue to use. "Don't worry about the plug. We filled him up good and wants it to remain that way. Once he deems himself clean enough, you will warm his cock. Just Eddie's lovely cock in your mouth, filling you the right way." 


Bobby nods, leaving the two be. This was going to be interesting. 


Ten minutes later, after fingering Buck in the shower and kissing him, they dry off to find Taylor's head in Eddie's lap, mouth around Eddie's now half hard cock, while the toys keep vibrating in her. "Her mouth is wonderful, one of us should be in it all night. She loves both of your spunk." 


Bobby turns off the toys, unties Taylor from the spreader, and removes the toys, while they finger her ass and pussy, sometimes flicking the clit clamp. "So here how it is going to go, you get Eddie hard, and then he has first chance at this wet and dripping pussy, while I fuck your ass and Bobby fucks your mouth. We all took things to keep up hard, despite coming. While we filled Eddie, we are gonna make you drip come." Buck says, looking at his girlfriend. 


Eddie looks down at the raised ass, as Taylor suctions his dick in her mouth, taking him in the back of her throat, making her gag. Taking her red strands in his hands, he tugs her off his cock as the four of them situate to fuck her. Buck directs her to the dick beneath her, while he positions himself at her other hole. She takes them both into her mouth open in pleasure. 


Bobby is sure they can feel themselves in her, just like they can when they are in each other. His cock is ready, and he feeds it to the red head, grabbing her hair setting the pace. Buck and Eddie bounce her on their dicks, while she tries to moan over Bobby's cock, just being used for her holes. She was already extremely sensitive so when Eddie reaches down and rubs the clit clamp another orgasm ripples through her. 


Her throat is still getting fucked, and soon Bobby is coming but pulls out, coming on her face with his cum. She doesn't bother wiping it off, because the other two are still just fucking her with all they are worth. Bobby is still half hard, and wanted a turn at her ass, and maybe her pussy. She is getting wrecked, tears streaming down her face as she howls her pleasure. 


He lays back on the sheets, watching Eddie's face go slack in pleasure as he releases within Taylor and Buck does the same. She is still squirming, breathing hard when Buck picks up the two toys that were in her and replaces his dick with the plug, and Eddie's with the vibe. Her hands are still tied, and she is kneeling there when Bobby turns on the toys again. 


"Clean us, you can come again and then we are switching places until each one of us has gotten to fuck a hole. You won't be able to walk tomorrow," Buck says, motioning to the three men laying down, cocks half hard and covered in come and her juices. Through all this, she still has her heels on so she lays down in front of Bobby, sucking him and licking him clean. His cum is drying on her face, and Eddie's is dripping out of her. 


She moves to Eddie, doing the same thing, before swallowing Buck's and gagging on it. By now, the three men are hard again. Buck pulls out before swinging his legs off the bed, "Maybe next time you'll share with me," Eddie murmurs, watching as the two other men drag her to the edge of the bed, tying her open again. 


By now, Taylor is so wrung out, she's floating and fully enjoying being used. She was always the one taking others apart but never got this end of it. She's exposed again, the toys in her vibrating against the clamps, bringing her to edge over and over again. Eddie's dick is in front of her face, and when he grabs her now tousled hair, he shoves his dick in her while it feel likes Buck fucking her pussy… with the toy in her. 


The boys are using her for their pleasure, not caring that she is shaking with overstimulation. Eddie pulls out and comes on her face, before Buck comes in her wet pussy. Another cock replaces him and she assumes it's Bobby, fitting in her differently than Buck did, and ramps up the vibes against her clit. 


Buck smiles at her, blue eyes glinting evilly, before lowering her head against his cock and making her clean him up. The men obviously took something to keep hard, so soon Buck is fucking her mouth, lipstick completely gone. Bobby finally comes, filling her up even more. Buck is the last one to spray her face with his cum, while she is left exposed on the edge of the bed. 


She suspects they aren't done with her, when their stomachs rumble loudly, Bobby smacking her ass, giving Eddie the remote before heading downstairs. "Hmmm, we should do this more often. Leave her here for our pleasure, like you and I have done. Maybe some of the others could fuck her at the station," Buck mulls, giving her a break from the cocks that have been fucking her. "Make her sit on a cock, show them a good time." 


"Thank you for indulging me, Buck," Eddie says, kissing him soundly. Taylor watches his ass, when food sizzles from below. "I didn't know what to do." 


"She wouldn't have done it otherwise, Eds, she needs to be taught. She's ours now, to do with as we please," Buck says, not looking at her. She shudders at the thought, knowing they could do this most of the time. 


"I like the sound of that," Eddie says, slowly making out with Buck like they didn't just fuck her stupid. They stop and turn to her. "Let go get some food, so we can continue this," Eddie says, walking and untying her again, only for him to swing her over his shoulder. They get downstairs and there are only three plates, so she's wondering what's going on. Eddie sits down, and then lowers her onto his dick, eating some food and feeding her. The vibes are still going, but not very high. He finishes, before lifting her and placing her on Bobby's cock, putting his plate in the sink. 


"She's not as good as you are, Buck, but she can do this anytime," Bobby says, finishing his food before Eddie picks her up again, this time making her sit on Buck's cock. She's basically their personal cock warmer. Buck feeds her, and finishes it by helping her drink the water. 


"Do you think she's learned her lesson?" Bobby asks, looking at her wrecked state. 


"I think she has, Bobby. Do you need to get home?" Buck replies, slowly thrusting into Taylor. Bobby looks at Eddie, who smiles at him, wiggling his butt, but pouts when Bobby shakes his head. 


"This ends my time here, but I hope that you learned how to share properly. The boys control you now, but I expect you at the firehouse in a couple days to test you. Don't wear any underwear," Bobby says, before disappearing to gather his clothes. He kisses both Buck and Eddie, pinches a still clamped nipple and leaves. 


Taylor is used, getting fucked everywhere in the apartment and was also their personal cockwarmers. When they finally tired out, and showered with her, kissing and petting her. They release the clamps, and make her come with their mouths. By the time they pass out, she's in the middle of them, the cocks nestled against her gaping holes. 


She awakes to both cocks thrusting in and out, and goes to work with a plug in her ass, and cum dripping down her thighs. Taylor goes by the station two days later, not having seen the boys since their night together. They lead to Bobby's office, and all three take her against the desk, leaving her dripping with cum again. Athena comes in while she is under the desk, her mouth around Bobby's soft cock and gets a "good girl" in return. 


Later on, she is left on a bunk, tied down and pleasures any firefighters that want her. She learns how to lick pussy, enjoying it more and meets a Lena Bosko, who was subbing again at the station. 


Despite everything, she's still possessive of Buck, and makes him late to family things she doesn't want to go. Eventually she and the boys go their separate ways, only to end up with Lena. 


Taylor learned that not everyone is meant for polyamory, and she was one of them despite the extremely good sex. 


She sits in the crowd as Buck and Eddie get married, clapping and cheering when they are pronounced husbands, knowing she made the right decision. 


But they invite her to their bed every so often and if she's having a bad day, she still allows herself to be used to let off steam. After all, it's how she met Lena. 


Being overwhelmed is exactly what she needed.