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The Dark Tales of HG – The Master’s Club

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The cobbled streets of London had never felt so rough nor had the sound of the carriage been so loud.  It was taking all her effort to remain balanced on the hard seat – pressed forwards as she was because her hands were tied behind her back.  She had rocked sideways twice before and had fallen against her Master.  His tut of annoyance, louder and angrier the second time, had made her work hard at staying as steady as she could.  It was made all the harder by the fact she was blindfolded and although her senses were heightened she was severely disorientated.  The cloak was tight around her neck and rough against her naked skin.  She wore nothing beneath but thin, strapped sandals.  

The sound of the large wheels rumbling over the cobbled surface quietened and she realised that they had moved to the smoother, muddier roads on the outskirts of the city. 

The carriage eased to a stop and she listened intently, eager for any clue as to where they were.  The sound of gates opening was followed by the movement of the carriage.  The echoing clip-clop of the two horses indicated that they had entered a yard.  Her Master slid past her and she shivered as rush of air filled the space around her.

  ‘Come on,’

She stood, trusting that he would take her arm and help her out the carriage.  He did and made sure she had gained her balance before taking her upper arm and leading her forwards.

She had a sense of entering a building.  The air changed and feint specks of light showed through the thinner portions of the blindfold.  She felt hands at her neck releasing the small chain that closed the cloak.  Once unfastened, he let it fall and she felt it pooling around her feet.  She gasped as something cold encircled her neck and clipped shut with a snap.  The clinking of a chain sounded close to her ear and the collar about her neck shifted as the chain was clipped to it.  A tug and she moved forward.  Blindfolded, hands bound behind her – she had no choice but to trust her Master.

She was thankful that, wherever they were, it was warm.  But as they walked she became more anxious and started to wish for the coolness of the carriage rather than the beads of sweat that she could feel collecting and then running down between her breasts.

A hand pressed to her shoulder, a familiar motion now, and she lowered to her knees.  He steadied her as she did, stopping her from pitching forward. 

  ‘Keep your eyes shut,’ he commanded.

The blindfold was removed but something was tied around her head in its place. 

  ‘Open your eyes now.’

She did and couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped her suddenly trembling lips.  Through the eyeholes of the mask that now covered half her face, she stared out at a line of well dressed men.  And they were studying her with keen interest.  There were about ten of them – her analytical mind was keen to count them but they started milling around, making it an impossible task. 

She felt her Master’s breath hot on her neck as he leant in to say quietly, ‘No harm will befall you tonight, you have my word.’

She lifted her chin and took a steadying breath, ‘Yes, Master, thank you.’

He must have heard something in her voice because he said, ‘You may ask me one question before you will be silent for the rest of the evening … in words, anyway.’

  ‘Master … am I to …’ she tried to stop the fearful lifting of her voice, ‘… all these men?’

He laughed indulgently but his words were harsh, ‘Stupid whore, no man is to have your cunt but me …’

She flinched at his guttural language, quickly realising that here, in this place, her Master would be different.

  ‘You remain my property and mine alone.’

  ‘Yes, Master …’ she whispered softly – both relieved and repulsed by his words.


Deep-voiced murmurings made her lift her eyes.  The men had all turned towards the door and she felt her heart suddenly still as she watched them enter.  The woman was blindfolded, naked with hands bound behind her back.  She was led into the room by means of a chain attached to the collar at her neck.  Helena realised that, but for the blonde hair, this is how she must have looked as her Master led her in.

  ‘Yes,’ her Master announced, his tone pleased, ‘Sir Philips has done himself proud …’ His fingers stroked through her raven hair, ‘… but mine is of equal match.’

She felt her chest swell with pride at his words, her breasts lifting and hardened nipples now very prominent. 

Helena couldn’t take her eyes of the pair as they moved to stand opposite her Master and her.  Like her, the woman was helped to kneel down and then her Master sheltered her from view as he removed her blindfold and slipped a mask over her features.  Helena assumed that, given everything else, their masks would be identical.  And if they were then she hoped she looked as stunning as the blonde did.  The mask was golden and crafted by masterful hands.  The metal was smooth yet the lines and contours made it look as if her skin itself had been painted gold.  As a means to hide her features, it worked.  At the same time it somehow enhanced her and made her look so wonderfully, naturally beautiful.  She felt her arousal rising quickly and for the first time – in what seemed like an age – she desired someone other than her Master.  Helena was surprised to realise that she was grateful that the mask only covered half her face, leaving her mouth.  She studied the other woman’s lips from across the room.  They were full and plump and suddenly Helena couldn’t think about anything but what they might taste like. 

The two women were left kneeling opposite each other.  In the shadows of the mask, it was impossible to know where her eyes were looking and whether she was studying her as much as Helena was her.  And Helena was studying her.  It was perhaps the curse of her mind but she had focused on every tiny blemish and birthmark that she could see.  There was a particularly attractive birthmark on her right breast, just above her nipple.  Helena wanted nothing more than to trace the irregular shape with her tongue.

The men moved around them.  Carrying large glasses of brandy and strong smelling cigars.  Their Masters went with them, slapping shoulders and laughing along with their peers.  Had she not been kneeling naked then Helena would have felt herself at one of her brother’s card nights.

Time passed and a sense of anticipation settled over the men.  A double door was opened at the other side of the room and, atop a trolley, a bed was wheeled into the room.  The two men, scruffily dressed, didn’t look around.  They merely deposited the bed in the centre of the room and took the flat trolley out with them.

One of the older gentleman stepped forward, tapping his signet ring against the side of his glass.  ‘Gentlemen, gentlemen,’ he smiled at them as they gathered around the bed and the other woman was momentarily lost from view.  ‘Master Phillips, we thank you for your offering tonight …’

A polite round of applause accompanied a mumbling of approval.  She straightened her back as her Master stood beside her, leaning down to take the chain at her neck.

  ‘And Master Richards,’ he nodded at her Master, ‘we thank you too.’

He nodded his appreciation of the applause that followed the other man’s words.  Then, after tugging sharply the chain, he grabbed her arm and helped her to her feet. 

The men had circled the bed and they parted to allow them to approach it. 

  ‘Get on,’ he commanded, waving her to one end of the bed as the other woman climbed on the opposite side.  They were both made to kneel, their chains attached to the metal frame.  ‘I know you have bedded women,’ he whispered hoarsely in her ear, ‘but tonight your disgusting encounters will be used for something worthwhile.’  He straightened, nodding at his counterpart at the other end of the bed, ‘Sir Phillips, shall we let them loose?’

The older man nodded and laughed, ‘I believe the bitches are ready.’

Helena held her breath as the collar was released from her neck and her Master hissed in her ear, ‘Put on a good show and you will be rewarded … fail to impress and …’ his hand ran down her back, to an outside view it might have looked like a lover’s caress, but she felt his nails pressing into her skin and his message was clear.


The two men stepped back and the women on the bed stared at each other – separated by a few feet of empty mattress and a sudden sense of anticipation that charged the air between them.  They slowly crawled towards each other – meeting in the middle.  Helena’s heart was hammering so hard against her ribs that she believed, if she looked down, she would see the outline of it beneath the skin of her chest.  She could see the other woman’s eyes now.  Although shadowed within the mask, they were a bright and beautiful blue.  Helena moved closer, hand lifting to gently take her face as her lips pressed forward.  The first touch of their lips was hesitant, unsure.  But then a groan from the blonde sent an electric bolt of pleasure between Helena’s legs and she deepened the kiss, forcing her tongue between unresisting lips.  Her other hand lifted to clasp a soft, firm breast.  A hard nipple pressed against her palm and she squeezed gently but with promise.  The blonde’s tongue found its way into her mouth and she bit gently on the searching organ, eliciting a tiny cry of surprise from the other woman.  They pulled back from the kiss and paused, staring at each other.  Then, as if by some hidden signal, they both reared up and crushed their bodies together.  Hands clawed and stroked, mouths connected and feasted hungrily.  Their groans of delight became louder as the world around them disappeared and the focus of the entire universe centred on the bed and the two lustful women.

Helena gasped as she was pushed backwards, her legs still bent beneath her.  Her back arched, presenting her breasts to the blonde’s mouth.  An arm was slipped beneath the curve of her spine as hot lips sucked at each nipple in turn.  Helena’s head fell back, mouth open to moan loudly.  She quivered as teeth nipped at the sensitive flesh of her breasts and then slowly moved downwards.  She quivered with anticipation as the hot breath slid over her stomach.  Hands beneath her buttocks helped her to lift and unfurl one leg at a time, pressing her feet into the bed so she could lifted herself.  The blonde moved between her thighs, strong hands holding her up as she lay her open mouth over Helena’s sex.  She sucked at the flesh, her tongue darting out to tantalise whatever came within reach.  Helena knew that she was wet and the blonde seemed keen to lick every last drop from her flesh – although every delicious stroke of her tongue just made her wetter.  Helena’s hands suddenly slammed down against the mattress and she lifted herself, pressing hard against the mouth and tongue that had driven her so quickly to climax.

  ‘Oh!’ she gasped then louder, ‘Oh! … Oh! …’ she could hear her moans, hear her own delight and it was enough to tip her over the edge with a shuddering cry.  Her body quivered and she sighed loudly.  But the blonde didn’t stop and soon had her cresting a second wave of pleasure that made her cry out even louder.  ‘Ohhhhh …’ her cry was long and drawn out, almost a scream.  Her body bucked and the intensity of it made her pull away and crawl back up the bed.  But the blonde grabbed her ankles and pulled her back, laying her flat.  Helena reached up to grab the metal frame at the head of the bed as the blonde fell between her legs and pushed her tongue hard against her sex, flattening it over her clitoris.  Helena’s head tossed from side to side, knuckles white where she gripped the iron bars.  Another long, drawn out sigh ended with a shuddering, ‘… Yes!  God – yes!’ as a finger was slid into her soaking pussy.  The digit was pulled back slowly before a second was pushed in.  Helena was nodding, gasping and sobbing.  She felt the blonde’s lips close over her clitoris and then it was as if she were being turned inside out.  Her body tensed and arched before she relaxed with a loud, sexy sigh.

She heard a grunt and then something hot splashed across her breasts.  She half opened her eyes to see one of the men fisting his cock and spurting the last of his come onto her chest.  Further down the bed, another man was pleasuring himself and moaned loudly as his semen spurted and splashed across the blonde’s buttocks.

The blonde was looking up at her from between her legs and even within the shadows of the mask, Helena could see that her eyes were dark with desire.  She lifted herself into a sitting position and ran her hands through the blonde’s hair, encouraging her to lift into a kiss that was passionate and wet.  Helena tasted herself on the other woman’s tongue and it made her head swim.

The blonde pulled back from the kiss, whispering, ‘Will you spank me now?’

Helena felt her throat dry, ‘What?’ she whispered hoarsely.

The blonde kissed her again, her tongue sliding pleasantly around Helena’s mouth.  When she pulled back her eyes shone with desire, ‘Please ..?’  She turned then and moved so she was kneeling, hands gripping the bedstead at the foot of the bed.  She bowed her back, pushing her buttocks out.

Helena moved until she was on her knees behind the blonde.  She rested her hand against her buttock for a moment.  Her skin felt soft and supple.  She lifted her hand and tapped at the flesh, a touch so light it barely rippled the skin.  She tried again, a little harder but the blonde didn’t even react.  She took a breath, lifted her hand to shoulder height and brough it down with a resounding smack.  The blonde gasped and quivered with ripples of delight.  Helena stared at the pink mark that her blow had caused and quickly lifted her hand, eager to do it again.  She struck a little harder this time and the blonde’s gasp was a little higher.  Each successive blow brought a louder and louder gasp  from the blonde as her buttock quickly turned a deep shade of pink.  When Helena’s palm and fingers started to sting, she lifted her other hand and quickly turned the woman’s other buttock to the same shade. 

Suddenly the blonde rolled over, propping her back against the frame and spreading her legs.  Her hands gripped Helena’s shoulders and pulled her down between her thighs.

  ‘Please!  Have me!’

Helena smiled as she dove between her thighs, tongue and mouth feasting hungrily at her soaking pussy.  She had wondered what the blonde would taste like and now she knew – she was delightful.  The blonde started to climax almost immediately.  Helena’s treatment of her arse had clearly heightened any arousal she had felt after driving Helena to multiple climaxes.  Helena responded in kind – using her tongue and fingers to drive the blonde into one screaming climax after another.  The feel of her juices sliding over her tongue and fingers was enough for Helena to want to slide her other hand between her own legs but she didn’t.  She felt hot splashes across her back and buttocks, quivering with delight at the knowledge that the show her and the blonde were putting on was having the desired effect.

When the blonde could take no more, she pressed her foot against Helena’s shoulder and pushed her away.  Firm hands suddenly grabbed Helena’s waist and she gasped as she was hauled onto knees and turned.  She sensed her Master behind her as he pulled her towards the edge of the bed.  His cock sank into her open, welcoming pussy and she tilted her head back, eyes closing.  He fucked her hard, shaking her violently as he slammed into her.  When he came, he pulled free to spray his come across her arse.  His juice was smeared across her tight entrance and then he slid his finger into her tight passage, twisting and probing as she groaned.  He reached beneath her with his other hand and plied her clitoris for several moments before sliding fingers into her pussy.  She came – gasping and shuddering and trying to ignore the shouts of ‘Filthy whore!’ – ‘Look at her go!’ – ‘She’s loving it!’ – ‘Whore!’ 

Her Master’s fingers slid from inside her and she was rolled onto her back.  Further down the bed, the blonde was on all fours, her Master taking her in the same way.  A slap across her buttocks sent Helena to her and she slid beneath her.  She used her mouth and hands to tease her breasts and pussy, adding to the wetness that was dripping from her. 

More men stepped forward to pleasure themselves over the two women.  When the blonde’s Master came deep inside her, he was quickly replaced by another man.  Clearly her master was more willing to share.  Four more men took the blonde in quick succession and Helena thought that she could quite possibly go mad from arousal.  The sound of the blonde being fucked was an aural accompaniment to the sights and Helena was swept up in it all.

The blonde, having been fully used, collapsed in an exhausted heap, leaving Helena to quiver with unspent lust.  Her Master approached her and she trembled with anticipation but he merely snapped her collar back around her neck and left her, chained to the end of the bed, for the hour or more that remained of the festivities.


Later, as they rode home in his carriage, her Master allowed her to sit on his cock and she gasped her thanks as the rocking carriage gave her the release she had so desperately craved.  He allowed her to press fingers to her clit as his teeth sank into her shoulder and he sucked the flesh harshly.  She climaxed with such ferocity that she could barely contain her cries.




Weeks turned into months and Helena found herself falling easily into a double-life.  She remained the strong, competent Warehouse Agent as well as the driving force behind her brother’s novels.  Yet at the same time, when her presence was commanded, she suffered the whims of her Master.  He was cruel and sadistic but he made her feel pleasure that was beyond reckoning.  She was his and she wanted nothing more than to please him.  Her dark passions grew and she became stronger, suffering her Master’s abuses with greater tolerance.  But that would eventually be her undoing.




The crop sliced her breasts just above her nipples and her whimpered cry echoed around the space.  He had struck her several times across the breasts but, where before she would have sobbed and screamed, nothing but small cries escaped her.

When he fucked her, he pushed his cock into her from behind, forcing his way in with angry, violent thrusts.  His hands gripped her hips and she longed to have him reach round and play with her clit but he didn’t and he came quickly, leaving her aroused and unfinished.

He lowered the chains and released her wrists, snatching her right hand back before it fell.  His face was expressionless as he took the silver band from her wrist.

  ‘Master?’ she whispered fearfully.

  ‘I’ve tired of you,’ he announced coldly and turned away, ‘Get dressed and get out.’

She sobbed pitifully as she dressed.  He had already left, leaving the door open for her to leave.  She felt lost, wretched.  Her fingers kept going to her empty wrist and she cried with despair.


She barely ate for days and hardly slept.  Charles worried about her, thinking her ill and sent her to her bed.  He sent word to her employer and no one came to find out how she was – Charles would keep them informed.

After a week she could bear it no more and made contact with a fellow Warehouse Agent who she trusted to not ask questions.

She stood, shivering with anxiety and slowly opened the door of the hotel room.  He looked up from the newspaper he was reading, one eyebrow lifting.  She closed the door behind her.  His gaze didn’t waver from the gun that trembled in her hand.  He stood slowly and approached her.

  ‘You have broken me!’ she gasped, taking half a step back.

His smile twisted her guts and the gun shook even more.  He suddenly reach out and snatched the gun from her grip.  She gasped as he dropped it to the floor and pushed her back against the door she had just entered through.  One hand lifted her skirts while the other freed his cock from the confines of his trousers.  He drove into her, lifting her onto her toes as she cried out.

His hands yanked the top of her dress down and she gasped with relief as his nails dug into her flesh.

  ‘I am broken!’ she sobbed as he started to fuck her harshly, teeth biting at her neck.

  ‘On the contrary,’ he told her, lifting his mouth from her skin, ‘I have made you stronger.’

His hands dropped and he pulled back, making her whimper with desperation as he slipped from her.  His pulled his belt from his trousers and spun her round, forcing her against the door.  ‘Hold your skirts up,’ he demanded.  She did so, almost sobbing with relief when she heard the whine of the belt cutting the air.  The thick leather snapped across her arse and she yelled.  He beat her mercilessly and she thanked him for every blow. 

Finally, unable to suffer the leather anymore, she sank to her knees and crawled towards him.  He looked down at her, lips twisted in annoyance.

  ‘Please, Master … let me finish …’ she begged.

He dragged her up by the arm and threw her onto the bed, dropping onto her.  She lifted her hips to meet his downwards thrusts.  Her teeth gritted, eyes tightly shut, she groaned as she tried to hold off.  She knew that he no longer expected her to ask permission to climax but, as he drove her close, she did and the whispered words as much as his thrusting cock sent her tumbling over the precipice.  His eyes widened at the sound of her and the way her pussy contracted around his cock and he shouted as he came.  A sense of pride ran through her – she was the one in control at that moment.  The sound of her climax.  The feel of her pussy around his cock.  He had been the slave to her desires at that moment, his climax had been at her command.


  ‘You are too strong,’ he announced as he watched her rearrange her clothing, ‘With every blow … every moment of pain I give you, you grow stronger,’ he lifted a thin cigar to his lips and puffed, ‘That is why I have tried of you so quickly - you will not be broken. I will never see a woman as a man's equal - which is why I no longer wish to bear witness to your strength.’

She turned to him, eyes meeting, ‘I see …’ she whispered, ‘… and what of me?  What of these dark desires that you have conjured in me?’

He shrugged and turned from her, dismissing her – like men had been doing her whole life.


She left the hotel – no longer lost and adrift.  Something had happened during that final encounter – she had found a sense of freedom.  On the way home she stopped by a small tavern that she had visited frequently up until a few months ago.  The barmaid – an attractive woman with grey-blue eyes and a riot of dark curls – seemed genuinely pleased to see her.  Helena took her hand and, without speaking, led her into the storeroom.  Within moments the barmaid was sitting atop a barrel, Helena beneath her skirt, sucking and licking at the delights the barmaid had shared many times before.  Helena slipped her fingers between her own pussy lips as she licked the barmaid to climax.  Her teeth moved to the barmaid’s clitoris and she came again as Helena’s own release flooded through her.


She arrived home later that night to find a note waiting for her.  She recognised His handwriting but felt none of the cold anxiety that had normally accompanied receiving a note from him.  Instead, she read it with a detachment that made her smile.  His words were … interesting.



   Tomorrow.  Next week.  Next month.  When you are ready, go to the address below.  You will not find me there but I feel you will be able to find yourself.