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The Innkeeper's Earl

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What a day.

It was nothing extraordinary at the Wandering Inn, or rather, it was like any other day of the week sometimes, given all that could happen there. Still, Erin Solstice felt exhausted. First there was this courting… competition, then the ransom for her friend, and her trying to force her skill thousands of miles away as if she were a [Queen].

But Erin was not. She was just a [Magical Innkeeper]. Sometimes she wished she was more, that she could do more for her friends.

“Argh, so frustrating!”

She wished she was at the level of a [Lady] or [Countess] sometimes. She could… she could…

She sighed.

“Bah, thinking about it too much is pointless.”

The young woman was lying flat on her bed, face into a pillow. Her apron was off and hanging on the back of a chair, and she was still in her red shirt and black pants. She felt drained, but in a good way. Relieved would be the right word, actually. Relieved that her friend was safe.

It was pretty late already, and Erin was resting in her room even though her shift wasn’t over. But everyone heavily insisted that she take a break, especially after what she just did.

She was about to doze off like that when a knock was heard at her door.


Erin looked up from her pillow and towards the door.

“It’s me, Altestiel. I wanted to check on you. Are you alright?”

The [Innkeeper] got up and went to open the door. She thought he was a little persistent even though she turned him down, but she couldn’t dislike the guy. He had genuine intentions, she could feel it.

“I’m fine, I think. I rested a bit.”

The Earl of Desonis was a little taken aback by the door opening, but he kept his composure.

“Ah, that’s good to hear. No one really wanted to bother you, but I felt like I should, at least, inquire about your well-being.”

Erin offered him a warm smile.

“Want to come in?”

Erin thought that she could need some company right now. Altestiel’s eyes widened.

“What? That wouldn’t be… I mean, entering a lady’s room is a bit—”

“I have a chessboard.”

He gave her a blank look as she interrupted him, then stepped in.




Altestiel was ever so careful, and he looked around without trying to look like he was intruding too much. He spotted a discarded bra and panties right before Erin kicked these under her bed. The man quickly looked away, embarrassed. Fortunately for him, Erin didn’t realize he saw these.

“I rarely get to invite people up there, I’ll admit. Sorry, there’s a bit of a mess…”

“Oh, it’s fine, really, I don’t mind. My own room isn’t really a sight either.”

Erin had barely any time to take care of her own room. Just like when she was sleeping in the kitchen for such a long time. There was her bed, of course, which looked pretty comfy actually, a dresser, a full-length mirror, and, against one of the walls, a small round table with a chessboard.

A chessboard with ghostly pieces.

She was busying herself taking that one away and putting it on the dresser next to her clothes. Altestiel knew what this chessboard was for, of course, but didn’t comment. He instead took the time to watch her move around the room and get another wooden board with its pieces, which she placed on the table.

“Come here, let’s play. I think it’ll do me good.”

That warm smile, once more. An enchanting smile he would never forget. He had noticed it before, how Erin was always so happy when playing chess. The Earl smiled in return and sat down on one of the chairs around the table.

“Let me.”

He placed the pieces neatly on the board and looked up at her.

“Do you want to be white?”

Erin was sitting down as well, looking at him.

“Sure. You’re setting yourself a handicap there, buddy.”

He chuckled. Erin was so unlike anyone else he’d met. A unique being, fascinating, charming in so many ways. She just couldn’t see it herself. That was obvious though, now. The more he got to know her, the more he could tell, and understand why he was rejected.

“I’ll be fine, I think. As long as we’re not betting any money or lives, I don’t mind having a handicap.”

Erin made her first move and raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, so you’re telling me you’re not playing to your fullest until there’s a stake, heh?”

The girl was in a good, relaxed mood after what happened. Altestiel also did his first moves while casually chatting.

“I’m a [Strategist], Erin. And I don’t like losing. When you’re betting money, or playing with soldiers’ lives, you don’t take any risks. At least that’s how I see it. When we’re relaxed like that, I don’t mind much.”

She felt like teasing him a bit.

“I see, so I’m not worth it.”

Erin made a pouting face, which gave a chuckle to the Terandrian Earl.

“Come on, that is not what I meant, and you know it. I’ve played games for money sometimes, just to make it more interesting. I don’t particularly like it, but some opponents won’t take you seriously if you don’t give them a little something in return if you lose, you know?”

“Yeah, I know. Once I had that guy who was always making excuses for losing, saying he couldn’t play seriously against a girl. I offered to play strip chess instead to motivate him. I didn’t care much since it was an online game.”

She covered her mouth as she let the online part slip from her lips, but that wasn’t what caught Altestiel’s attention.

“...Strip chess?”

Erin then realized how embarrassing the conversation started to be, and blushed. She scratched the back of her head a little.

“Haha, never mind.”

“Oh, we’re adults, Erin. I’m not going to judge.”

She giggled a little at that, almost relieved he completely disregarded her little slip. The two continued to play as she explained.

“You’re right… Well, it’s an adult version of chess, in a sense? It’s a bit silly. I mean, I played that once when I was younger just for the thrill… because I knew I wouldn’t lose.”

Altestiel grinned a bit.

“And right now, you wouldn’t want to play that because you know I could win a few games.”

She paused and stared at him with an accusing look.

“Are you provoking me Altestiel?”

“Me? Oh, I would never—”

“You’re definitely taunting me.”

He chuckled, and moved another piece, taking Erin’s first knight.

“Well, what if you told me about the rules of this… strip chess? I’m interested in knowing at least.”

His opponent retaliated and took a pawn immediately after. Erin was serious as ever, when it came to chess. She wasn’t going to go easy on him, even if she had broken his heart earlier that day.

“Ah, hmmm, let me think… If I remember correctly, each opponent should have roughly ten articles of clothing on. Each time your rooks, knights or bishops are taken you lose one piece of clothing. Queen is two pieces. Checkmate is two pieces as well. Hmmm, ah, right, if one of those pieces is taken by a pawn, it’s two pieces too, and you can get one piece back if you take any chess piece with your king or queen. I think that sums it up. I remember there were some tournament rules but seriously, who plays strip chess tournaments?”

Altestiel was quite surprised to hear that, especially for a game like chess. But then again, he had heard of card games with similar, erotic rules in Baleros. No one in Terandria would likely admit to playing such games.

But he wasn’t in Terandria right now, and he couldn’t help but feel Erin wouldn’t judge him either. She was so different from anyone he had met before. She didn’t treat him like nobility at all.

“I see. That’s pretty interesting. How many articles of clothing do you have on right now?”

The bomb dropped. Erin paused, her rook in her hand. She started to blush at what he was insinuating.

“Wait a second, you’re not saying…”

“I totally am.”

He kept his face calm as he told her that, still with a little grin though.

“...eight. Wait, nine if I undo my hair, hmmm…”

She looked around her room a bit for something else to add.

“You could put that apron back on if you’d like. That’d make ten. I’ll be sad when you let your hair down though. I quite like your ponytail.”

He winked at her, which made her blush even more.

“Because you think you can get that far if I go all out on you? I’ll crush you, and your memory of me won’t be a good one. It’ll give you nightmares on your way back. Maybe even for years!”

The teasing continued between the two chess partners while they exchanged blows on the board.

“Oh, I’m pretty positive I’ll make it a good memory. For us both.”

Erin smirked.


That didn’t start very well for the Earl. He chuckled and accepted his first defeat. While he was rearranging the chess pieces into place so he would be playing first this time, she grabbed the apron on the nearby chair and tied it up around her body. She then proceeded to warn him.

“I’ll butcher you. How many articles of clothing do you have?”

She had a menacing, yet playful grin on her face. She couldn’t take this too seriously, but then again, Altestiel was a pleasure to play against, and a worthwhile opponent. Not as good as her distant chess partner or Chaldion, but he was fun to talk with.

How long was it since she could really let off some steam, relax, laugh, and have fun? With all that had happened, the Raskghar, the run for the cure, the monster attacks…

For once, she felt at ease, and she couldn’t deny Altestiel helped in making her feel like that at this moment.

“I have ten if I count my rings as one.”

She then looked down at her own hands.

“I… don’t wish to take off mine. They’re important.”

She didn’t want to reveal her levels and skills by taking off her anti-appraisal ring. That and the one Ilvriss gave her. Altestiel nodded.

“Everyone has a right to keep their classes and levels a secret, don’t worry. Also, Erin?”

She looked up from her hands, and into his eyes. He continued.

“Before we begin, I want to let you know that if you feel uneasy at any time while we’re doing this, you can say it and I’ll listen and oblige. Alright?”

It took a moment for Erin to process that. It sounded so… formal. Yet welcome. She couldn’t help but smile back.

“Thanks, Altestiel. I’m glad you said that. The problem is that you’ll be the one begging for me to stop.”

She smirked confidently and let him begin. He, too, was playing with something at stake this time. It didn’t start too well for Altestiel though when Erin took a bishop of his. His rings first came off and were laying on the table next to the chessboard.

“Not bad, not bad.”

He chuckled, and the game went on. There was no time limit though, and Erin was extra careful not to lose any important pieces. She ended up sacrificing a pawn or two to save a bishop of her own a bit reluctantly, as she knew this would bite her back in the end.

And that happened. She lost her first important chess piece, a knight she thought he wouldn’t care about. She grinned back as she took her sweet time untying her apron and tossing it on the nearby chair.

“Not bad yourself.”

“Can you leave undoing your hair for last?”

She blinked. What kind of request was that?

“What for? What if I want to avoid removing clothes?”

“That’s your right, Erin. Then in exchange I will ask you to play the next game with a handicap of my choosing. You can of course refuse to play the next game after I checkmate you.”

He was the one smirking, confident, perhaps a bit too much. He had to take off his shoes and socks after Erin ran over him with two conveniently placed pawns, right before they were taken back in revenge by the Earl.


Altestiel was determined to win, but he had a hard time getting the upper hand on Erin. And yet…

“Ha, I thought you wouldn’t see this one coming. I’ll be kind and count my shoes and socks as one.”

“Are you pitying me now? I don’t ever want to be your enemy on a battlefield, Erin.”

He joked as the young woman before him made a show of removing her shoes and socks when he took two of her chess pieces.

Erin was left with her two bishops, a knight, a rook and her queen. Plus her king, obviously.

“That’s good, because I don’t want to be on one ever again.”

He paused at that. When did she…? He didn’t press on the matter though. Curiosity was a bad habit of his, but he cared too much about Erin to ask her about something she wouldn’t want to talk about.


He smiled warmly and they continued playing, trading verbal jabs and actual blows on the chessboard. Altestiel had to remove his top, and while he wasn’t trying to distract Erin, she couldn’t help but stare at his naked chest and some of his battle scars. Contrary to him, the girl was actually trying to give him a little show while taking her clothes off.

While he was topless, Erin still had her pants and t-shirt on. She had let down her hair too, taking off the hair tie as one article of clothing during the game. There weren’t many pieces left on the board either, and she bit her lip as she tried desperately to avoid losing her bishop, which Altesiel was now chasing with abandon.

“You’re making mistakes.”

Erin pointed out the obvious, but her opponent was apparently very aware of what he was doing.

As she was too focused on his chest, Erin didn’t see the hit coming at her. His own bishop took her queen.


“Ah ha! See, you were distracted.”

She pouted and started to blush as she realized what she had to take off.

“Well, Erin?”

He was grinning at her. If it was just that... It was the right time to say stop, to quit this. But she was having a bit of fun, she had to admit. And he did expose himself… Erin slid her hands down to the hem of her t-shirt and lifted it up, revealing her soft cleavage clad in a white cotton bra. The girl couldn’t stop blushing, but tried to hide her embarrassment.

“Stop staring.”

She scolded him, and Altestiel smiled in return. He felt a little sorry about that stare now.

“Sorry, it’s just… you’re really beautiful Erin. I couldn’t help it.”

This didn’t help calm her down. At all.


They resumed the game, but Altestiel had a good position. In order to win, Erin would have to sacrifice another precious piece. She really didn’t want to lose another one, but alas, it couldn’t be helped. After a full minute of hesitation, she decided to go for it.

“Wise choice. I lose.”

He smiled, visibly happy. Both chess players were in their undergarments now, and Erin couldn’t help but stare, more out of curiosity than anything else at this point. The Terandrian was in the same situation, even if something stirred inside him. He wanted to push his luck a bit. He wanted to ease her worries, seeing her state of embarrassment.

“Another game? This time no stripping, though. I don’t want you to feel any more unease.”

She smiled a little at that.

“How generous, your Earlship.”

She mocked him with a little giggle before continuing.

“I’ll play you with a handicap of your choice, as agreed, then. And I’m double-checking, you’re not playing with any [Strategist] Skills, right?”

He raised an eyebrow, intrigued.

“You’re the generous one, Erin. Any other skill is fine?”

“Yep, any other skill.”

He then grinned at that, and Erin saw him slide slowly under the table

“A...Altestiel, what are you…? It’s your turn first!”

Erin looked down, panicking a little, until she felt his strong hands caressing her naked legs, making her squirm. He was trying to push them apart gently, kissing her knee. Then a voice came from under the table.

“Pawn to E5.”

Erin gulped, hesitated… and felt a shiver run down her spine as she reached with a hand to move Altestiel’s pawn to the desired position.

“Pawn to E3.”

She was trying to focus, but below, Altestiel was tenderly kissing her skin, gradually getting her to part her legs and allow his head between her thighs. Erin was so glad he couldn’t see her face right now. So that was the handicap he was talking about?

“A...Altestiel, this is a bit…”

“Difficult, isn’t it? I won’t use Skills, but I have other skills. Pawn to A6.”

His game didn’t make any sense. Was he playing seriously? Erin was trying to think about it, to find a strategy, but she squirmed when his kisses, like feathers, touched her skin, gradually moved upwards. He was taking his time, kissing, nuzzling, aiming for her crotch.

Erin continued to play, having a hard time focusing as she moved his pieces and hers. She could feel him getting closer to her mound, still protected by her panties. She should definitely be kicking him out of her room, but the idea of doing this while playing chess was… exciting, to Erin. It made her feel warm inside, aroused, even.


She jumped a bit on her chair when his lips eventually reached for the section covered by cotton.

“Bishop to E6.”

His voice was like a murmur now, filled with lust, and Erin started to relax. She moaned softly, trying to focus on the game, but actually neither of them could properly do that right now. She felt his nose pressing against her panties, his tongue, his lips, they were… teasing her through the material. She had never even imagined something like that before!

“Your moans are cute.”

“D...Don’t say stuff like that! Ah… Knight to… to E4!”

She moved the piece, trying to play quickly to make his kisses and licks slower, to force him to make a move. But Altestiel was in no hurry, and kept on nuzzling, feeling some dampness starting to form on the otherworldly young woman before him. His strong hands were moving over her legs at the same time, caressing, warming them up.

“It’s your turn you know!”

Erin’s fingers curled on the wooden table. She heard a chuckle coming from under it.

“Hmmm, we didn’t decide on a time limit, did we? Just relax a bit Erin. And remember, you can tell me to stop anytime.”

He had said that, and Erin remembered it clearly, but then again…

It felt good.

“Mmmh, don’t… stop. Unless you need to make your move.”

He grinned and breathed over her mound through her panties.

“Rook to A3.”

As she was moving his piece and hers next, announcing her own move, Erin shivered a bit when she then felt the crotch of her panties being pulled to the side, her sex exposed. She was a little scared by what was going on, but it felt good. New sensations, both thrilling and scary, were running over her mind.

Altestiel could charge in now that he had removed his opponent’s only protection. The [Strategist] carefully gave her lips a lick, up and down, slowly, before testing the same tactic on her clit, to gauge her reactions. Erin’s voice was trembling, and he could feel her legs shift a little. One of them had even draped over his shoulder and was rubbing against his naked back.

“A...Ah, damnit…”

She was breathing hard, and at some point, couldn’t play the game anymore herself. She laid her hands flat on the table’s surface and closed her eyes.


Altestiel was hungry for more. He kept going, focusing on her pleasure, on making her feel just right. She was overly wet, both from her juices and from his own saliva. At some point, he dared slip his tongue inside her, lewdly kissing those lower lips. Erin took a deep breath and threw her head back. One of her hands reached for his hair, which she caressed, before digging her fingers into it. Erin wasn’t pushing him back, but rather, keeping his mouth close to her.

“Altestiel…! I think I’m cl... ahn!”

She felt him moan against her pussy. Her pleasure was his, and as he could feel her nails trying to dig into his scalp, the Earl felt her shiver with an orgasm, her back arching, and a higher-pitched moan escaping her lips.

“Oh dead gods…”

After so many months here, Erin had caught on using these words. She was panting heavily, her head still thrown back, her hair flowing down behind it. She had released Altestiel’s head, but he kept it there, between her succulent thighs. He was determined to help her ride her orgasm to its fullest before retreating.

The man slowly crawled from under the table and got up to move behind her. He looked down into Erin’s face when she opened her eyes again.

“Your upside-down face is cute as well.”

It just made her blush even more. She sat there, on that wooden chair, trying to come down from her climax.

“I never… felt something like this before. It was… intense. Thank you.”

She reached up with a hand to caress his face.

“May I kiss you?”

The question almost hit her like a truck.

“Mmmh. I don’t know. You’re losing.”

She giggled and pointed at the chessboard. Indeed, Altestiel didn’t have Erin’s skills when it came to playing chess blind, and the Earl was clearly losing. He looked up at it, then back at her face.

“That’s because you are too distracting, Erin.”

“Pffft, you have a way with words.”

She giggled.

“But you know Altestiel, I think I owe you a little something. This has been the most exciting thing I’ve ever done.”

He blinked at that.

“Really now? I thought your life was less boring than that.”

She frowned, and stood up, not bothering to rearrange her panties. She looked him up and down and thought about it more seriously. She started counting on her fingers.

“Okay, right, maybe I did fight face-eater moths, a Goblin Lord army, Skinner, Crelers, Raskghar, stupid Gnolls, angry customers…”

Altestiel’s jaw dropped. There were rumors, intelligence even from spies, but none of these were a match for the real thing.

Erin Solstice.

She giggled, and went to him for a hug, resting her cheek against his chest. He was surprised, but gently wrapped his arms around her smaller frame.

“You’re incredible. Innkeepers are dangerous.”


She rocked a little left and right while hugging him, and then realized something.

“Ah. Uhm you’re…”

She felt something poke at her belly through his underwear. The man gently ruffled her undone hair.

“It’s fine Erin, I’m already very happy that I was able to make you feel better tonight, after what happened, you don’t have t— ah!”

He let out a little moan as she ground her body against his a bit teasingly. She then looked up at him with a smirk.

“Ooooh. You make cute moans as well! Who would have known?”

He blushed a bit, taken by surprise, and decided to take the matter into his own hands. He crouched down to slide his arms under her thighs and lifted her up. It was Erin’s turn to be surprised this time, the girl holding onto his neck as he carried her bridal style towards her bed.

“Whoa! W...Wait, I can walk you know!”

“Sorry, Terandrian custom. It’s your first time, isn’t it?”

She gulped.

“Was it that obvious? Yes it is.”

He gave her a little wink and a reassuring smile.

“Erin, I’m a [Strategist]. I have to see things normal people don’t see.”

He delicately put her down onto her bedsheets.

“Are you sure we should be doing this? I’m just an innkeeper, and you’re an Earl. It’s a little…”

She was laying there, and lifted herself up on her elbows to look him over. Altestiel slowly took off his underpants, and he joined her on the bed. However, instead of crawling over her like a wolf on his prey, he sat next to her feet.

“I’m pretty sure I want to do this with you Erin. You’re not just an [Innkeeper]. You’re Erin. I love your intelligence, your looks, your smile… so many things I can’t name them all. You’re wonderful and fascinating. Do you think an Earl like me would have come all this way from Terandria just to meet a mere [Innkeeper]?”

Despite the sweetness of these words and how they touched her, this was making Erin a bit uncomfortable, and she looked down at her body still clad in her bra and panties.

“I… don’t like being the center of attention, that’s all. This courting competition was a little too much for me, I think.”

She offered him a weak little smile, and he nodded.

“I realized that a bit late, sadly. If I had known more of you, I would have acted differently. But what’s done is done, and I don’t regret it. Although, for someone who doesn’t like attention, you sure know how to attract it.”

He chuckled, and Erin punished him by kicking his side gently.



She stuck her tongue out at him, and silence fell into the room. The two could hear the busy inn downstairs, but neither cared. They were in their own little bubble right now. Altestiel decided to break the ice.

“Actually, the question you just asked me should be asked to you, Erin. Are you sure you really want to do this?”

She didn’t immediately respond, and she lifted one of her feet to rub at the spot where she kicked him earlier. Her toes lazily caressed his skin, as if to apologize for the hit.

“I guess it should be a big thing, but… for some reason it kind of feels natural tonight with you.”

He seemed relieved, and Erin could almost feel like the tension was leaving him. Still sitting on the edge of the bed, he patted his lap, and invited Erin over.

“Face away from me.”

Erin nodded, and turned around, leaning against his back as she sat on him. She could see his arousal poking out from between her thighs, and experimentally pressed them against it, as she looked down. It wasn’t really her first time seeing a cock, if you count the ones she saw online of course. The young woman was blushing, watching how his member reacted when she rubbed her thighs there.

“Hmmm, don’t look down at this. Look in front of you.”

He whispered softly into her ear and brushed some of her hair away from her face to have better access to it. When Erin looked up, she saw herself sitting there with him, in the mirror’s reflection.


“Don’t like it?”

She blushed even more.

“Watching myself like this is—”


He cut her off by kissing her earlobe, making her moan cutely. His hands moved to caress her legs, her belly, learning the curves of her body.

“Well, yeah, a little.”

He chuckled, kissing her ear again to hear her moan some more. His fingers squeezed her waist gently.

“Just a little?”

“Just a little.”

She offered him a warm smile through the mirror. Altestiel slid his fingers down into the waistband of her panties and took them off her legs with her help. He was patient with her, his hands travelling up and down her sides, her flat, sexy (in his opinion) belly, and felt her shivers run through her body.


She sighed softly when his fingers gently pushed the cups of her soft cotton bra up to reveal them to the mirror.

“You’re wonderful, Erin.”

He whispered softly against her and leaned down to kiss the nape of her neck, before moving where her shoulder and neck meet with his nuzzling. Fierre would probably kill to be in his shoes and taste that neck right now, but she sadly wasn’t here.

Erin relaxed, and closed her eyes, moaning in soft pleasure. When he saw she was getting into it, he moved both his hands to cup her breasts, squeezing the soft flesh there to gauge her reactions, to see what was getting her even more aroused. The older man didn’t pause his assaults on her neck though, trying to stimulate her even more, to give her a good time.

“Hmmm, you’re… making me feel good.”

“I can feel that.”

He was still trapped between her thighs, but visibly in no hurry to take this further. His fingers continued teasing her breasts, feeling her nipples getting erect under his fingers. Two of them squeezed gently, before pinching a bit harder, just to test her limits. He hmmed softly against her neck, switching from soft kisses to running his tongue over her skin there.

Still with her bra on, Erin tensed when she felt his hand touching her directly, sliding down her pubic hair to her pussy softly. He was careful, and the fingers touched, caressed, tickled, teased…

“Enjoying yourself I see.”

He lets out against her neck, playfully biting there, much like a cat play-bites their owner’s hand sometimes. Enough to cause a little jolt of pleasurable pain, not enough to actually hurt.


“Oh, another kind of cute moan I hadn’t heard yet.”

Erin turned red at that remark and arched her back.

“You’re just… hmm!”

She moaned and squirmed around on his lap.

“Are you ready, Erin?”

His voice was soft in her ear, kind, reassuring. From his point of view, she was totally ready. But he wanted to make sure she was, with her own words.


He nodded, and gave one last kiss to her neck, before pivoting on the bed with her so he could be lined up with it and laid down. He could see her backside like this and caressed her hips.

“Turn around Erin. Show me your face while we do this.”

He whispered hotly while watching her. Altestiel was clearly aroused, and the Earl was fighting hard against the desire to just pounce her and take her like a noble would do with a low-born in some stories from that erotica author who took the world by storm lately with her daring stories.

But this… This wasn't fiction.

Erin decided to take off her bra at long last as she moved to straddle his hips. He watched with a smile, his hands caressing her legs and hips.

“Okay, here goes…”

The man before her shivered when she held onto his shaft, and the innkeeper guided it to her tight entrance. She went slow, obviously, and took a deep breath when it was time to go all in.


She gasped a bit and frowned at the initial pain.

“Give me your hand, Erin.”

Altestiel urgently took her left hand in his right one, and he intertwined his fingers with hers. He could feel her grip on his hand tightening while she was adjusting. It only took a few moments, but they felt like a long time to her.

“T...Thanks. I’m all right, just… wow. Feels weird, huh?”

She gave him a weak smile as he looked up at her, and then she started moving on top of him. Up and down, gently, taking her sweet time.

“Go at your own pace Erin. Ah… you’re… pretty good.”

“W...Well, let’s say I watched some of it before.”

There was no way she could explain the concept of porn and the internet to him right now. Instead, she focused on the movements and the pleasure it was giving her. Her breasts were softly bouncing as she rode him like that. She leaned over him to look down into his face closer, while still holding onto his hand tightly.

“It’s… pretty nice, like this.”

She whispered, looking down into his eyes. Erin was close enough to kiss him, but didn’t dare. Somehow, she was doing this with him, and enjoying herself a great deal, but… she just couldn’t bring herself to kiss him for some reason.

“I like it… a lot too.”

To show this, he was rocking his hips upwards, deepening penetration inside the innkeeper’s snatch.

“Ah… hmm…”

The two were lost in a slow, leisurely pace. It wasn’t like any porn she saw on the net, and more like what she actually had imagined a few times. Erin’s fantasies were simple, but she liked it that way. She was no Lyonette or Krshia. She didn’t need accessories or kinky setups. Something simple, something casual… That worked for her.

Erin didn’t know she was actually the empress of vanilla. And there was nothing wrong with that.

“Your moaning face is cute up close too.”

She let out with a tender smile as she kept on riding him, quickening the pace a bit once she felt comfortable enough.

“Haha… Yours as well, Erin. I’m so glad.”

His hand not holding hers ran over her side, her back, her ass, caressing, exploring, trying to remember those curves. Both of them knew he had to leave, but they didn’t care. It felt just right. Enjoy the moment. Do not care about tomorrow. Is this how Ryoka feels? Erin didn’t know. She had a million questions, but she was definitely enjoying herself. Her own free hand caressed Altestiel’s face, his chin, his hair, his neck, his shoulder…

She was into it now. Then a voice came from the hallway, just behind her door.

“Erin, are you alright? Pawn and the other Antinium are worried and want to see you...”

Altestiel almost jumped. It was Lyonette’s voice! Erin almost froze as well, and she placed a finger on her lips to signal silence.

“I’m fine Lyonette! We’re playing a game with Altestiel!”

She didn’t mention what kind of game of course. The young woman looked at the door, hoping this will do to shoo her away. But another voice was soon heard.

“Oh, chess? Can we wat—”

Altestiel almost lifted himself on his elbows, scared the door would open all of a sudden.

But it didn’t.

Instead, there was silence, save for Erin’s soft moans. She gently pushed Altestiel’s flat back onto the bed and was suddenly moaning louder while riding him.

“Erin! They’re going to hear—”

She giggled at that, and she kept on bouncing on him. Looks like she was close as well.

“Don’t worry. I just used [Immortal Moment]. Because this moment is worth it.”

Altestiel’s eyes widened. He had heard of a Skill like that before. Time stopped around them, and the two could let their voices out and keep on their passionate lovemaking.

Erin felt liberated, somehow. She definitely should have used that earlier!

This continued like that for a few more minutes where Erin grew wilder and even more passionate. She was literally bouncing on top of him. Her grip on his hand tightened, her nails digging once more into his skin as Altestiel groaned in pleasure when he suddenly came.

“Erin! Erin! E-rin!”

He moaned her name, over and over, and trembled under her, releasing his seed inside her. His orgasm triggered hers, and she arched her back beautifully, throwing her head back in the process. She was sitting upright above him, blushing terribly.

“Oh dead gods.”

She giggled, and slowly let herself lay on top of him, her breasts softly pressed against his chest. Erin let out a little sigh of pleasure and relief, as if a heavy weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

“This was… wow.”

Altestiel was coming down from his own pleasure too, and reached to wrap an arm around her, and pet her back gently. Erin’s other hand was still holding his, even though her grip had loosened considerably.

The two laid there for a bit in post-coital bliss for a few minutes, until Erin came to the full realization of what they just did. And the immediate consequences.

“Damn, I… we have to clean and… dress up and... “

She almost sat up, still impaled on him, and blushed bright in embarrassment. The others were still behind the door, unable to do anything to get in, thanks to Erin’s Skill. Altestiel looked embarrassed, and he tried not to panic while doing some quick thinking.

When Erin released the skill and Pawn opened the door to the room, he found both humans with clothes on, sitting at the round table in the middle of a game.

“Hey, Pawn! You can’t just barge inside someone’s room!”

Lyonette was arguing with him.

“Is that improper etiquette?”

He looked at him and tilted his head. Erin just waved at them.

“I’m fine, really. We’re almost done with our game anyway, right Altestiel?”

He coughed and nodded, all smiles. Erin was so relieved Mrsha wasn’t with them, or the little Gnoll would have definitely smelled something had happened there. She could almost see that little “You’re disgusting!” card of hers being waved around in her general direction.

“Alright. It’s good to see you’re well.”

Pawn moved his mandibles into what was basically a smile for the Antinium, and Lyonette seemed relieved as well.

“Anyway, you two should come downstairs as soon as you finish your game.”

The [Princess] and the [Priest] left, and Erin sighed in relief. Neither had noticed the innkeeper’s bed sheets had disappeared into the [Garden of Sanctuary]’s pond. She had thrown them through the summoned door to quickly hide them, and her [Immortal Moment] allowed them to freshen themselves up a little and dress back up.

They looked at each other and burst out laughing together.

“Haha, that’s the most unique way of using such Skills that I’ve ever heard. That’s so… so Erin!”

She was laughing too and kicked him under the table.





They still decided to finish that ongoing game, even if it made no sense given how Altestiel poorly played it at first while he was eating out Erin.

She finished tying her apron back on, while Altestiel had his hand on the door, about to open it.


She smiled at him and approached before he could go further, went on her tiptoes, and planted a soft kiss on his lips. Just like that. There was no hesitation anymore.


He let that out with a smile when she broke the kiss. It was a little chaste. Nothing like the passionate French kisses she heard about, but it felt just… right.

“I had lots of fun. I think I really needed that. I feel so much lighter, as if my worries had dissipated. So… take it as a thank you. For earlier, for the water slides, for everything.”

Erin smiled softly. A warm smile. A smile full of kindness and relief. She placed her hand on his and opened the door to the hallway, where they would go back downstairs and mingle with the guests.