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I almost seem to scream as my hands curl and hold my thighs. I cradle myself in my own arms and attempt to hold myself, I am crying, crying as if the world had come crashing down.

“Potter.” Boris spoke as he turned the light on, he was only greeted with my figure holding itself, with a horrible attempt to breathe.

Boris almost stopped breathing himself.

— no pov

He immediately pulled the other into his grip, slowly but surely inching him on his lap and setting him down and letting the boy curl into his lover — though it was hard. Theo was in his own world. Boris knew that he was one with the museum, the bombs, the loss of his mother.

Boris could only watch as the happiest of glimmers from his recent hot-shower that he’d been looking forward to slowly faded from Theo’s eyes. His eyes felt null, overwhelmed with surroundings. He was nothing but oh, so young again.

Boris knew Theo was strong. So he held him, rocked him until he could speak again.

- Boris pov -

“My mother… where is she?” Asked Theo. He was suddenly so fragile in my arms, my arms were gripped upon tightly by the boy who demanded such an answer to his ongoing question.

“She’s shopping, Potter.” I sputter out. “She’ll even be home soon” I was choking on my own words this time, it was my turn to shed the tears.

“She’ll be home soon?” He asked, assured for an answer and leaning into my grip. He barely had his breath, yet he was able to finish the sentence with no stutters.

“Yes, Potter. Yes” I repeated before I out my hands softly on his face and kissed his head. I was so delicate with him, convinced he’d break under my fingers.

He leant into the affection and soon made my kisses travel to his lips. Each kiss pulling us more back to reality.

“Boris?” Theo finally asked. Holding my waist ever so tightly. It hurt but I didn’t move, desperate to feel him, to take him on as my own. He is mine, but I feel like I just need to sink into him, as if there was more to love in a way. I sat on my knees and leaned into the back of my heels as he pulled me in for another kiss, only having to pull away a soon after to breathe and readjust his glasses.

“God, potter.” I breathed, i held my chest. A smile on my face and I felt droopy with affection, he was the boy that I wanna love.

I felt as if I was nothing but a puddle, I felt as if I needed to be with him, forever. If I died right here I’d be happy.

I placed my forehead to his, laying him down on the bed, I was on top of him, listening to his breathing before I started fo kiss along his temple and down to the corner of his lips — he closed his eyes. His breathing was relaxed and steady.

I could live like this