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Chapter 9

Sidelines II

cuttlefishCuller [CC] began trolling twinArmageddons [TA].

CC: )(ey Sollux!!
CC: Glub glub glub! 38D
TA: oh, hey ff.
TA: iit 2eem2 liike you've been makiing your2elf 2carce lately, what have you been up two?
CC: O)(, you know, just glubbing around wit)( some fronds!
TA: liike who?
CC: Does it reely matter w)(o?
TA: only iif one of them ii2 vk.
CC: W)(ale maybe one of them was!! >38I
TA: god damn iit, ff, why would you want two be friiends wiith her?
TA: 2he'2 a horriible eviil back2tabbiing friiend-murderiing biitch.
CC: No s)(e isn't!!
CC: S)(e's a cool, funny, attractive girl w)(o's a lot nicer t)(an you're giving )(er credit for!
TA: what the fuck do you mean "attractiive?"
CC: I meant it in just a general sense!
CC: T)(oug)( you )(ave to admit, s)(e IS pretty attractive in t)(e OT)(-ER sense of t)(e word, too...
TA: no ii fuckiing don't.
TA: everythiing about her ii2 viile and repul2iive and ju2t dii2gu2t2 me iin every po22iible way.
TA: urrgh, ju2t thiinkiing about her ii2 pii22iing me off.
CC: )(-E )(-E )(-E!
TA: what?
CC: It's just kind of finny )(ow in denial you are about being black for )(er!
TA: god fuckiing damniit, ff, do NOT 2tart wiith thii2 2hiit.
TA: ii ju2t regular hate her, okay? platoniically.
TA: why ii2 iit 2o hard for people two beliieve thii2?
TA: liike, what part of "2he actually, liiterally ruiined my liife and forced me two kiill the only per2on ii ever cared about" don't people under2tand?
CC: T)(e only person you ever cared about?
TA: ugh, you know what ii meant.
TA: cared about, pa2t ten2e.
TA: obviiou2ly that'2 changed now.
CC: So you don't care about Aradia anymore?
TA: god damn iit, that'2 not what ii meant eiither!
TA: you're mii2iinterpretiing thii2 on purpo2e, aren't you?
CC: Sollux, I'm not accusing you of anyt)(ing )(ere!
CC: I'm just curious is all.
TA: look, ii don't want two talk about thii2 riight now.
TA: ju2t 2top hangiing out wiith vk, okay?
CC: W)(y is it any of YOUR business w)(o I do and don't )(ang out wit)(?
CC: Are you my morayeel or somet)(ing?
TA: really, ff?
TA: diid you 2tart thii2 conver2atiion wiith the expre22 purpo2e of briingiing up every 2iingle thiing ii don't want two talk two you about?
TA: becau2e you're three for three now.
CC: Ug)(, off course knot!
CC: But I mean, t)(e w)(ole "W)(ere )(ave you been? W)(o are you )(anging out wit)(? No, I don't approve of your fronds!" t)(ing seems like an AWFULLY pale line of questioning!
TA: okay, fiine, ii'll admiit i ju2t 2ort of went off there.
TA: 2orry, ff.
CC: It's okay, Sollux.
TA: 2o what diid you want two talk about?
CC: W)(ale...
CC: I just kind of wanted to talk about us.
TA: what do you mean, u2?
CC: I mean, about US!
CC: Look, it's...
CC: It's about quadrants, okay?
TA: ugh, 2eriiou2ly?
CC: Yes, seariously!!
CC: In case you didn't notice, Nepeta's getting R-E-ELY searious about t)(is w)(ole s)(ipping t)(ing!
CC: People are )(ooking up port and starboard rig)(t now!
CC: And I mean, a few days ago, she reeled me into one of )(er s)(ipping sweeps, and s)(e asked me w)(at t)(e deal was between us.
CC: And I was like, "I don't know!"
CC: Because I DON'T know, Sollux!
CC: So kelp me out )(ere!
TA: ff, do we really have two talk about thii2?
CC: I just don't sea w)(y you're so appre)(ensive about t)(is!
CC: I mean, I R-E-ELY like you!
CC: And you R-E-ELY like me too, rig)(t?
TA: of cour2e ii R-E-ELY liike you, ff.
CC: So, I mean, it's a simple question: flus)(ed or pale?
CC: Unless you just want to be fronds. 38/
TA: ff, don't take thii2 the wrong way...
TA: but FUCK ju2t beiing friiend2.
CC: )(-E-E )(-E-E!
CC: O)( no, I agree completely!
CC: So t)(ere's only two c)(oices )(ere! )(ow )(ard is t)(at?
CC: Wait.
CC: O)( cod, I just reelized w)(o I'm talking to!
TA: whoa, okay, hold on a 2econd here...
CC: You're not trying to double down on me, are you??
CC: Trying to pull some kind of matesprit-morayeel double reac)(around or somet)(ing??
CC: Do I need to call up Karcrab wit)( all )(is romantic comedy smarts to tell you w)(y t)(at's a )(ORRIBL-E idea??
TA: ff, giive me a break here, ii'm not THAT 2tupiid.
CC: So w)(at is it?
TA: look, ff, i liike you, okay?
TA: enough two be your mate2priit or your moiiraiil or whatever el2e.
TA: iit ju2t 2eems liike iit'2 a liittle 2oon two be talkiing about thii2.
TA: ii mean, no offen2e, but ii've only known you for liike two week2.
CC: W)(ale, t)(at's true, I guess...
CC: So )(ow long will it be until it's not too soon?
TA: hone2tly, ii kiind of ju2t want two waiit untiil thii2 whole horriible game ii2 over.
CC: W)(AT?!
CC: Seariously?
TA: kiind of, yeah.
CC: Sollux, t)(at's crazy!
CC: I mean, w)(o KNOWS )(ow muc)( longer we could be playing t)(is game?
CC: I like you and all, but I don't know if I can wait t)(at long!
CC: W)(y do we )(ave to wait until after t)(e game?
TA: ff...
TA: okay, you know what?
TA: ii know you're ju2t goiing to bug me about thii2 untiil ii tell you, 2o ii'll ju2t come out wiith it.
TA: iit'2 ju2t...
TA: whenever ii get clo2e to people, bad thiings happen two them.
TA: and ii'm afraiid iif we get two attached two each other, you're goiing two get hurt 2omehow.
CC: I )(ate to ask, but...
TA: ye2, thii2 ha2 2omethiing two do wiith aa.
CC: O)(.
TA: and that wa2 before the game, even.
TA: now we're 2urrounded by mon2ter2 and armiie2 and flamiing braiin2 and all 2ort2 of horriible dangerou2 2hiit.
TA: not to mentiion ii'm now apparently the mage of doom, whiich ii2 a pretty 2hiitty, horriible, paiinfully appropriiate tiitle.
TA: iit'2 not exactly an au2piiciiou2 fuckiing 2iituatiion iin general.
CC: Wow, Sollux, I didn't even reelize it was like t)(at.
CC: Now I feel bad for pressuring you like t)(is. 38(
TA: ju2t don't, okay?
TA: ii realiize ii'm beiing an enormou2 a22hole about thii2.
CC: You're not being a bass)(ole, Sollux!
CC: I mean... Jegus, I can't even IMAGIN-E w)(at it would be like to go t)(roug)( everyt)(ing you )(ave.
CC: )(ave you ever talked to anyone about t)(is?
TA: what do you mean?
TA: ju2t liike iin general?
CC: No, I mean, like, in dept)(!
CC: It just seems like too muc)( to bear wit)(out any kind of emoceanal support!
TA: why would anybody ever want to talk about thii2?
TA: ii mean, fuck, people have plenty of theiir own problem2, why 2hould they care about miine?
CC: W)(ale, maybe you s)(ould find someone w)(o DO-ES care!
TA: liike who?
CC: Like a moirail!
TA: you mean a morayeel?
CC: NO! I mean a moirail, because I'm being super searious rig)(t now!
CC: In fact, )(ere's )(ow searious I'm being:
CC: Sollux, I think you need a moirail.
CC: S-E-E? No quirk or anyt)(ing!
TA: holy 2HIIT that ii2 glubbiing 2eriiou2.
CC: Glub glub glub! 38)
TA: but why do you thiink ii need a moiiraiil all of a 2udden?
CC: It's not all of a sudden, Sollux!
CC: I've t)(oug)(t you needed a morayeel for a W)(AL-E now!
CC: I mean, you're so moody and depressed all t)(e time.
CC: No, wait, scratc)( t)(at.
CC: You're moody and depressed )(ALF t)(e time.
CC: And you're COMPL-ET-ELY, INSUFF-ERABLY moody and depressed t)(e OT)(-ER )(alf of t)(e time!
TA: FUCK, ff, you're kiilliing me here.
CC: )(-E )(-E )(-E, sorry!
CC: But )(ave you ever t)(oug)(t about t)(is?
TA: well, kiind of.
TA: ii mean, you're riight, ii probably do need a moiiraiil.
TA: but fuck, who would iit even be?
CC: W)(ale, w)(at about Karcrab?
CC: You've been fronds wit)( )(im for a w)(ale, rig)(t?
TA: ugh, ye2.
TA: except he'2 liike the 2hiittiie2t, wor2t friiend ever.
CC: 38?
TA: okay, that wa2 a liittle har2h.
TA: but for 2ome rea2on, we ju2t can't 2eem two talk two each other wiithout pii22iing each other off.
TA: eiither becau2e ii'm a 2mug biipolar douche, or becau2e he'2 a 2elf-ob2e22ed fuckhead who never want2 two admiit when he'2 beiing an a22hole.
CC: W)(o says it can't be bot)(?
TA: man, ff, what the fuck?
TA: you are ju2t beiing completely RUDEBRAZEN today.
TA: ii'm goiing two need a triip to the fuckiing burn ward 2oon.
CC: I was just joking!
CC: Cod, would you just clam down already?
TA: eheh, okay, fiine.
TA: the poiint ii2, kk and ii would have liike the 2hittiie2t moiirallegiiance ever.
TA: god, he'd almo2t make a better kii2me2ii2 than anythiing.
TA: but no, that'2 2tupiid, ii never 2aiid that.
CC: )(a)(a)(a, okay, I never )(eard it!
CC: W)(ale, w)(o else could be your morayeel?
CC: Terezi, maybe? Aren't you fronds wit)( )(er?
TA: tz? hmmmm...
TA: 2he miight actually be a pretty good moiiraiil.
TA: but ii don't know iif 2he'd want anythiing two do wiith me.
CC: W)(y not?
TA: well, what the fuck problem2 doe2 2he have?
TA: that 2he need2 my help wiith, anyway.
TA: the whole thiing would ju2t be me aiiriing out all my dumba22 problem2 and leaviing her two deal wiith iit.
CC: You don't )(ave to )(ave the exact same number of problem as your morayeel, Sollux, t)(at's dumb!
CC: Anyway, I know for a FACT t)(at s)(e DO-ES )(ave problems.
CC: Like t)(is w)(ole t)(ing wit)( Vriska, for one!
TA: oh god.
TA: yeah, THERE'2 a healthy ba2ii2 for relatiion2hiip.
TA: me and tz, the vrii2ka 2erket 2upport group.
TA: 2iign me the fuck up, ii can't waiit.
CC: 38P
CC: W)(ale...
CC: W)(at about me?
TA: ff, do you 2eriiou2ly want two be my moiiraiil?
CC: Sollux, I'd LOV-E to be your morayeel!
TA: really?
CC: Yes, reely!
TA: no offen2e, ff, but that'2 a 2tupiid thiing two want.
CC: >38O
TA: holy 2hiit, ff.
TA: why are you so ---EXCIT---ED all of a 2udden?
CC: Because I R--E--ELY want a morayeel, Sollux!
CC: And I t)(ink you and I would be GR---EAT morayeels!
CC: And before you even ask, I'm not saying you )(AV--E to be my morayeel!
CC: T)(is isn't my way of dunking you into the pale zone or anyt)(ing ridiculous like t)(at!
CC: If you just want to be my matesprit and t)(at's all you're interested in, I'm completely fine wit)( t)(at.
TA: no, ff, ii'd be fiine wiith beiing your moiiraiil.
TA: ii just thiink iit'2 kiind of weiird how p2yched you are on the whole thiing.
CC: W)(ale, maybe it IS kind of weird.
CC: -Everyone is always so )(ung up on t)(e concupiscent quadrants, but I've always DR-EAM-ED of finding t)(e perfect morayeel!
CC: I mean, I've never suffered from any s)(ortage of flus)(ed suitors, but bereef it or not, most trolls aren't interested in being moirails wit)( t)(e most dangerous person on Alternia!
CC: T)(e w)(ole reason I was morayeels wit)( -Eridan was because )(e was t)(e first one to ask.
CC: And part of t)(e reason I stuck wit)( it for so long was because I t)(oug)(t nobody else would ever be interested.
CC: I've just... always fis)(ed I could )(ave t)(at bond of trust and )(onesty and commitment wit)( someone.
TA: ...oh.
CC: And )(onestly, t)(e well is starting to dry up )(ere.
CC: I mean, besides you, t)(ere are, w)(at, four ot)(er people w)(o could be my morayeel?
CC: And frankly, you're kind of at t)(e top of my list.
TA: 2eriiou2ly?
CC: Y---EP!
TA: have a lii2t?
CC: Of COURS-E I )(ave a list, Sollux!
CC: It's all scribbled in one of t)(e back pages of my journal, and all t)(e lowercase i's and j's are dotted wit)( little diamonds.
TA: eheheh, niice.
TA: but 2eriiou2ly, you'd con2iider me over anybody el2e?
TA: even 2omebody liike ky?
CC: Kanaya?
CC: S)(e's at t)(e BOTTOM of my list, actually.
TA: whoa, hey, what'2 wrong wiith ky?
CC: T)(ere's not)(ing WRONG wit)( )(er!
CC: It's just... we used to talk a lot back w)(en I was wit)( -Eridan and s)(e was in )(er moirallegiance wit)( Vriska.
CC: And s)(e was always carping about )(ow muc)( s)(e )(ated it and s)(e didn't want to be morayeels wit)( Vriska anymore.
CC: Well, relatively. As muc)( as s)(e carps about ANYT)(ING, anyway.
CC: Meanw)(ale, I'm busting my tailfin trying to salvage t)(ings wit)( -Eridan and I'm just like, "You t)(ink YOU'V-E got problems???"
CC: Like, I'm trying as )(ard as I can to make t)(ings work, because I wanted a morayeel SO BADLY, and s)(e's just trying to blow t)(e w)(ole t)(ing off???
CC: I mean, I guess t)(is w)(ole quadrant-flipping t)(ing explains t)(at, but it doesn't exactly inspire confidence in )(er pale potential!
TA: ff, holy 2hiit.
TA: that'2 the clo2e2t thiing to aniimo2iity you've ever expre22ed toward2 anyone but ed.
CC: W)(... it's not like I )(AT-E )(er or anyt)(ing!!!
CC: I'm just trying to explain my reasoning )(ere!!
TA: eheheh, 2uuuure you don't, ff.
CC: Look, I just take t)(is seariously, alrig)(t?
CC: I just reely want somet)(ing like -Equius and Nepeta )(ave.
CC: Or even more recently, t)(is w)(ole t)(ing wit)( Tavros and...
CC: W)(ale, nevermind. 38/
TA: alriight, a2 much a2 ii don't liike vk, ii have two admiit the whole thiing wiith tv ii2 pretty iimpre22iive.
TA: ii mean, iit doe2n't make up for anythiing, but iit'2 a 2tart.
CC: )(e's kelping )(er too, you know.
CC: In case you didn't notice, s)(e's a lot less weird and angry and spastic t)(an s)(e used to be.
TA: ii diidn't notiice, actually.
TA: and ii probably never wiill.
CC: O)(, w)(at's t)(at?
CC: Do I sea SPAD-ES in t)(e air???
TA: ye2, ye2, ii'm well aware of your liittle theory, ff.
CC: You )(ave to admit, t)(ough, it'd be R-E-ELY nice to )(ave somet)(ing like s)(e and Tavros )(ave.
CC: Or even like w)(at -Eridan and Gamzee )(ave!
CC: I mean, )(ave you S-E-EN t)(ose two recently? It's like t)(ey're completely different people!
TA: yeah, ii kiind of notiiced.
TA: iit'2 2o weiird to 2ee ed apologiiziing for anythiing.
CC: Bereef me, it's BIZARR-E to sea -Eridan apologizing as muc)( as )(e )(as been.
TA: ii'm not 2ure how much of that ii2 becau2e of gz, though.
TA: ii mean, iit'2 been what, two days, and he'2 2uddenly over hii2 liifelong flu2hcru2h and droppiing everythiing for 2ome mystiical caliigiinou2 angel de2cended from the heaven2?
TA: ii don't know 2hiit about moiirallegiiance, but that 2hiit doe2n't happen after one feeliing2 jam.
CC: )(mmmm... it DO-ES seem a little odd w)(en you put it T)(AT way.
CC: If I )(ad to guess, it probably )(as somet)(ing to do wit)( t)(is mysterious blackcrus)( of )(is.
CC: )(e's always been reely )(ung up on )(is black quadrant for some reason.
CC: Always glubbing on about FAT-E and D-ESTINY and finding )(is ON-E TRU-E FUCKIN RIVVAL and all t)(at carp.
CC: But if it's not you and it's not Vriska, I )(ave absolutely NO ID-EA w)(o it could be!
TA: whatever.
TA: ii'm ju2t glad the guy'2 fiinally off my back.
TA: and your2, for that matter.
CC: PS)(, Sollux, don't be glad for MY sake!
CC: I'm )(appy for )(im, )(onestly!
CC: I reely do )(ope t)(is little plan of )(is to find a matesprit works out!
CC: I mean, as long as it's not M-E. 38/
TA: eheheh, yeah, ii'll 2econd that.
CC: O)( wow, R-E-ELY? You'd "S-ECOND" t)(at?
TA: well, excuuuuuu2e me iif ii don't get a2 many opportuniitiie2 two make 2tupiid pun2 a2 you do, YOUR IIMPERIIOU2 COD-DE2CEN2IION.
CC: Weeeeeeeeaaaaaaaak. 38P
TA: oh cod, plea2e don't 2tart doiing the vk thiing.
CC: W)(atever!
CC: If I want to type t)(ings in eig)(ts, I'll do it as maaaaaaaany tiiiiiiiimes as I waaaaaaaant!!!!!!!!
CC: Glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub!!!!!!!! 38888U
TA: ugh.
CC: Okay, okay, it's probably )(ig)( tide t)(is conversation ended.
CC: But t)(ank you for talking to me about t)(is quadrant stuff!
CC: I R-E-ELY appreciate your )(onesty.
TA: uh, yeah, no problem, ii gue22.
CC: But I s)(ould warn you.
CC: One of t)(ese days, Nepeta's gonna target you for one of )(er s)(ipping sweeps, and s)(e won't be N-EARLY as lenient as I've been!
CC: T)(e girl won't take "I don't know yet" for an answer, bereef me!
TA: oh god, ii forgot about that.
TA: maybe ii 2hould ju2t block her now.
CC: Sollux, B-E NIC-E!
CC: S)(e's just trying to kelp everyone, and frankly, s)(e's doing a DAM good job of it!
CC: So just give )(er a c)(ance, alrig)(t?
TA: yeah, yeah, fiine, whatever.
CC: Anyway, I'm gonna go now!
CC: I've got some fronds to glub to.
CC: Fronds w)(o I won't mention by name for no particular reason!
TA: whatever, not liike ii can 2top you.
TA: have fun, ff.
CC: You two, Sollux!
CC: Glub glub! 38)

cuttlefishCuller [CC]
ceased trolling twinArmageddons [TA].


centaursTesticle [CT] began trolling apocalypseArisen [AA].

CT: D --> Aradia
AA: what
CT: D --> Um
CT: D --> I was simply wondering how you were
AA: im 0k
CT: D --> Are you a%ually
AA: n0
AA: i was just saying that in h0pes 0f av0iding a c0nversati0n
CT: D --> Er
AA: n0t necessarily with y0u in particular
AA: just av0iding c0nversati0n in general
CT: D --> Really
AA: i d0nt kn0w
AA: ribbit
CT: D --> 100k, Aradia, I'm worried about you
CT: D --> You seem distressed by something as of late
AA: i am
CT: D --> Well
CT: D --> What is it
AA: its a time thing
AA: w0uld y0u even understand
CT: D --> I could attempt to
AA: 0k
AA: this wh0le timeline is d00med
AA: weve diverged significantly fr0m the sequence 0f events meant t0 create this universe in the first place
AA: and n0rmally when a timeline is d00med the entr0pic mechanisms 0f the multiverse sl0wly recycle it back int0 the furthest ring destr0ying it in the pr0cess
AA: but this branch is part 0f a large c0llecti0n 0f 0ther timelines that arent being destr0yed f0r s0me reas0n
AA: theyre all definitely d00med and yet the pr0cess 0f their destructi0n has simply halted
AA: its n0rmal f0r d00med branches t0 remain in existence f0r l0ng peri0ds 0f time
AA: s0metimes its even necessary f0r them t0 c0ntribute s0mething 0f significance t0 the alpha timeline
AA: but even in th0se branches the pr0cess 0f destructi0n is taking place albeit at a significantly reduced rate until their c0ntributi0n is c0mplete
AA: d0es any 0f that make sense t0 y0u
CT: D --> Er
CT: D --> No, not really
CT: D --> I fear the whole topic of temporal mechani% e100des me
AA: its 0k
CT: D --> Is it really
AA: yes
CT: D --> Are you abso100tely certain
CT: D --> It 100% to me as if this whole topic weighs heavily on you
CT: D --> And that you have no one to di%uss it with
AA: thats n0t true
CT: D --> What isn't
AA: i have s0me0ne to discuss it with
CT: D --> Who
AA: d0es it matter
CT: D --> I was simply curious
CT: D --> If you tr001y don't wish to answer, I won't pry
AA: 0k
AA: then i d0nt
CT: D --> Ok
CT: D --> But
CT: D --> Aradia
AA: what
CT: D --> Have I done something to upset you
AA: n0
AA: im n0t upset
CT: D --> Then why are you behaving like this
AA: like what
CT: D --> Recently, you have been cold and a100f with me
AA: when have i ever n0t been c0ld and al00f with y0u
CT: D --> Er, pra%ically never
CT: D --> But your disdain 100% to be intensifying
CT: D --> Am I incorre% in reaching this conc100sion
AA: equius
AA: its n0t y0u
AA: its just
AA: i d0nt kn0w
AA: this wh0le d00med timeline thing has me
AA: c0nfused i guess
AA: at first i th0ught i sh0uld jump t0 the alpha timeline to assist in the fight with the black king
AA: but when i saw that the universe wasnt being destr0yed i felt the need to stay behind and study it
AA: and n0w ive learned that i can even visit 0ther timelines with0ut fear 0f destructi0n and i have t0 w0nder why
AA: its like s0me entity has laid 0ut this grand sweeping puzzle f0r me and given me all the t00ls i need t0 s0lve it
AA: but i d0nt kn0w what the puzzle is 0r if theres even any p0int t0 s0lving it in the first place
CT: D --> What entity
AA: s0mething is c0nsci0usly h0lding back the destructi0n 0f these branches
AA: but n0t all 0f them
AA: a few slip int0 0blivi0n every n0w and then
AA: and there must be s0me s0rt 0f pattern t0 it but i cant figure 0ut what it is
AA: i think it wants t0 see things g0 differently
AA: they already have in this particular iterati0n and it seems t0 be g0ing str0ng
AA: and i have t0 w0nder if it wants t0 change
AA: certain things
AA: 0r if im just idi0tically letting myself get my h0pes up
CT: D --> What do you mean
CT: D --> Certain things
AA: its
AA: ribbit
AA: its n0t imp0rtant
CT: D --> Well
CT: D --> Is there nothing I can do to ease your mind
AA: pr0bably n0t
CT: D --> Oh
CT: D --> I'm tr001y sorry to hear that
AA: its n0t y0ur fault
CT: D --> But it sort of is, isn't it
AA: um
AA: h0w s0
CT: D --> Well, we're
CT: D --> Kind of matesprits, aren't we
AA: are we
AA: were we ever really matesprits t0 begin with
CT: D --> Um
AA: w0w that came 0ut harsher than i expected it t0
AA: s0rry
CT: D --> It's ok
CT: D --> I think we have both been und001y la% in e%amining the nature of our relationship
CT: D --> From the beginning it's always been somewhat
CT: D --> Dysfun%ional
AA: kind 0f yes
CT: D --> I have to wonder
CT: D --> Have I ever tr001y made you happy
AA: um
CT: D --> Feel no obligation to di100te your words with me
CT: D --> If a problem e%ists between us, it behooves us both to cut to the heart of the matter
AA: 0k
AA: well
AA: in all h0nesty
AA: n0t really
CT: D --> I see
CT: D --> I'm sorry, Aradia
AA: its 0k
CT: D --> No, it really isn't
CT: D --> It was my intent from the very beginning to force you into a relationship with me
CT: D --> At first literally
CT: D --> For which I tr001y cannot apologize enough
CT: D --> But even now, I feel as though I've
CT: D --> Trapped you
CT: D --> Isolated you from the others by imprisoning you in a cold, intimidating shell of steel and circuitry
CT: D --> Which somehow seems even worse than installing a chip in your heart to manip001ate your feelings for me dire%ly
CT: D --> Ugh
CT: D --> I despise myself
AA: well
AA: we have that much in c0mm0n
CT: D --> What
CT: D --> Despising me
AA: n0
CT: D --> Then
CT: D --> Um
CT: D --> Oh
AA: equius
AA: its n0t that bad
AA: well
AA: 0k it is that bad
AA: but its n0t y0ur fault
CT: D --> How is it not my fault
AA: well
AA: its true that because 0f y0u im a creepy dead girl r0b0t
AA: but if n0t f0r y0u i w0uld just be a creepy dead girl fr0g thing
AA: ribbit
AA: its n0t really a huge difference with regard t0 s0ciability
CT: D --> Oh
CT: D --> I never thought of it that way
AA: besides
AA: its n0t true that im c0mpletely is0lated fr0m every0ne else
AA: i mean its alm0st true
AA: but there is 0ne 0ther pers0n im talking t0
CT: D --> If you don't mind my a%ing
CT: D --> Who is it
AA: its uh
AA: terezi
CT: D --> Oh
CT: D --> Really
AA: yes
AA: shes very g00d at understanding temp0ral mechanics f0r s0me reas0n
AA: shes actually been a great deal 0f help in the investigati0n 0f this wh0le d00med timeline mystery
CT: D --> I see
CT: D --> I'm glad to hear that, a%ually
AA: im glad t00
CT: D --> So
CT: D --> If we were to conc100de our matespritship
CT: D --> Or whatever it is
CT: D --> You wouldn't feel as though I were
CT: D --> Abandoning you
AA: n0
CT: D --> Ok
AA: d0 y0u want t0 end it
CT: D --> Er
CT: D --> Kind of
AA: its 0k equius
AA: y0u sh0uldnt feel 0bligated t0 try t0 maintain 0ur relati0nship if y0u arent happy with it
CT: D --> Do you tr001y believe so
AA: yes
CT: D --> Ok
CT: D --> Then
CT: D --> I think it behooves us both to end this
AA: 0k
CT: D --> Is it really
AA: yes
CT: D --> Ok then
AA: if y0u d0nt mind my asking
AA: what br0ught this 0n
AA: just 0ut 0f curi0sity
CT: D --> Well
CT: D --> I recently had a di%ussion with a friend
CT: D --> And I realized something
AA: y0u d0nt l0ve me anym0re
CT: D --> Er
CT: D --> I'm sorry, Aradia
AA: its 0k
AA: i just wish falling 0ut 0f l0ve was s0 easy f0r 0thers
CT: D --> Oh
CT: D --> Hmm
AA: is there s0me0ne else
CT: D --> What
AA: i mean that y0ure c0nsidering
CT: D --> Well
CT: D --> I had thought of the highb100d
CT: D --> But the mudb100d's intervention has neatly e%tinguished that possibility
CT: D --> So I suppose I'm left with few prospe%s
AA: 0h
AA: im s0rry t0 hear that
CT: D --> There is one other candidate I had considered
CT: D --> Although it seems abso100tely f001ish to think about
AA: wh0 is it
CT: D --> It's
CT: D --> Um
CT: D --> The heiress
AA: what
AA: feferi
AA: seri0usly
CT: D --> Yes
AA: 0_0
AA: w0w
AA: thats weird
CT: D --> I know, the whole idea is udderly 100dicrous
AA: n0 i mean
AA: its n0t the idea thats weird
CT: D --> Then what
AA: its
AA: um
AA: nevermind
AA: anyway if y0ure seri0us i think y0u sh0uld pursue her
CT: D --> What
CT: D --> Really
AA: abs0lutely
AA: i think y0u tw0 w0uld be great f0r each 0ther
CT: D --> Seriously
AA: yes
AA: im c0mpletely certain 0f that suddenly
CT: D --> Wow
CT: D --> I have to say, I didn't e%pect this rea%ion from you
CT: D --> I thought you might disapprove
AA: really equius if y0u think y0u tw0 w0uld be happy t0gether i abs0lutely enc0urage y0u t0 g0 f0r it
CT: D --> Um
CT: D --> Wow, ok
CT: D --> Thank you, Aradia
AA: its n0thing really
CT: D --> Well
CT: D --> I was afraid this conversation would become awkward
CT: D --> But it 100% to have gone e%tremely smoothly
AA: i guess s0
CT: D --> So
CT: D --> Have you given any consideration to your quadrants
AA: um
AA: n0t really
AA: ive been t00 f0cused 0n this wh0le weird time thing
CT: D --> Well
CT: D --> Perhaps you should
AA: i think id rather f0cus 0n s0mething with a little m0re h0pe
AA: like the destructi0n 0f 0ur universe and everything in it
CT: D --> Ha
AA: 0_0
CT: D --> Er
CT: D --> That was a joke, corre%
AA: kind 0f
AA: ribbit
CT: D --> Well
CT: D --> In any case, I wish you luck
CT: D --> And I hope you can find some e100cidation on this whole timeline incident
AA: thank y0u
AA: and i really d0 enc0urage y0u t0 pursue feferi if y0u believe she w0uld make y0u happy
CT: D --> Yes, thank you
CT: D --> Well
CT: D --> I suppose I've wasted enough of your time
AA: believe me
AA: time is the 0ne thing 0f which i have n0 sh0rtage
CT: D --> Ha
CT: D --> I suppose so
CT: D --> I'm
CT: D --> I'm tr001y glad this hasn't caused any bad b100d to e%ist between us
AA: 0f c0urse
AA: i d0nt hate y0u 0r anything equius
AA: i want y0u t0 be happy
AA: and if its n0t with me
AA: well
AA: im 0k with it
CT: D --> Thank you, Aradia
CT: D --> I wish you the greatest of happiness as well
AA: thanks equius
AA: even th0ugh were b0th really messed up
AA: i think well b0th turn 0ut 0k
AA: 0u0
CT: D --> Um
AA: it l00ks stupid i kn0w
CT: D --> It's
CT: D --> It's not that bad
AA: equius
CT: D --> Ok, it 100% terrible
CT: D --> But I agree with the e%pressed sentiment regardless
AA: thats g00d
AA: im glad y0u were able t0 f0cus 0n the imp0rtant part
CT: D --> Of horse
CT: D --> There's no need to fi%ate on f001ish emoticons
CT: D --> That would be filly
AA: ha
AA: well
AA: i guess i sh0uld g0
CT: D --> Yes, I suppose you have better things to do
CT: D --> So
CT: D --> Goodbye, Aradia
AA: bye equius

apocalypseArisen [AA]
began trolling centaursTesticle [CT].


arachnidsGrip [AG] began trolling grimAuxiliatrix [GA].

AG: Heeeeeeeey Fussyfangs. <3
GA: Oh Hello Vriska
GA: Um
GA: Are You Really Using That Nickname Again
AG: Is that okay?
AG: I mean, just so we're clear, it's supposed to 8e a term of endearment.
GA: Seriously
AG: I already told you, Kanaya!
AG: Your fussiness is one of the things I love a8out you the most!
GA: I Still Find That A Little Hard To Believe
AG: Whaaaaaaaat????????
AG: What's so hard to 8elieve a8out me loving 8eing 8ugged and fussed over and meddled with 8y you?
GA: Um
GA: Maybe That Those Were All Things You Complained About Incessantly When We Were Moirails
AG: Kanaya, it's all a8out context.
AG: I mean, when we were moirails, the 8ugging and fussing and meddling was all a8out tripping me up and getting in the way of my schemes.
AG: 8ut now that we're m8sprits, it's all pretty clearly 8enign in n8ure, and it turns out that I kind of get off on that kind of thing.
GA: Well
GA: I Suppose Its Only Natural That You Would Derive Some Sort Of Weird Pleasure From Being The Center Of Attention
AG: Yeah, exa........
AG: W8, that was a 8urn, wasn't it????????
AG: Kanaya Maryam, you just snuck a 8urn in on me!!!!!!!!
GA: Yes I Suppose I Did Didnt I
AG: See, that's another thing I like a8out you, Kanaya, you're sassy!
AG: 8ut you're sneaky a8out it, too.
AG: You're like some super sneaky asSASSin, sneaking little pithy 8urns in on people and then fleeing the crime scene 8efore they even realize they've 8een 8urned.
AG: It's kind of completely amazing.
GA: Wow Vriska Youre Making Me Blush Here
GA: What Did I Do To Deserve This Flattery
AG: Who says you had to do anything to deserve it?
AG: May8e I just feel like flattering you!
GA: Vriska Dont Get Me Wrong Its All Greatly Appreciated
GA: But Its Pretty Obvious That You Want Something From Me
AG: Okay, okay, so it is.
AG: God, you can just read me like a 8ook, can't you????????
GA: Do You Want Me To Stop
AG: No, as a matter of fact, I don't!
AG: I think that's a little kinky too. <3
GA: You Just Find The Strangest Things Arousing
AG: Maaaaaaaan, don't you even judge me, little miss rain8ow drinker roleplayer girl!!!!!!!!
GA: Haha Okay Fair Enough
GA: So What Exactly Did You Require Of Me
AG: Well, I realize this is a8surdly 8razen of me to ask you........
AG: 8ut I wanted you to m8ke me a few costumes.
AG: And yes, I remem8er what happened the LAST time you m8de a costume for me, 8ut it's not anything like that, I swear!!!!!!!!
GA: I Wasnt Going To Say Anything
AG: You were totally going to say something.
GA: Really I Wasnt
AG: Kanaya, you would've had every right to say something!!!!!!!!
AG: I just totally used you for something and I hurt your feelings and it wasn't cool at all, okay?
GA: Vriska Thats All In The Past
GA: We Were All Confused And Didnt Really Know How To Express Our Feelings In The Healthiest Of Ways
GA: But It Doesnt Matter Anymore So Can We Just Drop It
AG: Well, I still feel really shitty a8out it, 8ut okay.
GA: Anyway Id Be Happy For An Opportunity To Do Some More Tailoring
GA: What Kind Of Costumes Did You Have In Mind
AG: Well, here's the thing.
AG: I kind of got the urge recently to do a little FLARPing.
GA: Oh
GA: Really
AG: 8ut not the dangerous kind!!!!!!!!
AG: Just a little nonlethal, most-holds-8arred roleplaying 8etween friends.
AG: Or kinda-sorta friend-enemies, as it were.
AG: I just want a chance to resolve our differences and 8low off a little steam without murdering each other.
GA: Oh
GA: Well That Doesnt Sound So Bad I Guess
AG: I should certainly hope so!
AG: If it sounded 8ad, no8ody would even think of particip8ing.
GA: So Youll Want Costumes For The Characters Of All The Participants I Assume
AG: Of course!
AG: It will 8e the final showdown 8etween Marquise Spinneret Mindfang and Neophyte Redglare, so we'll need costumes for me and Terezi.
AG: And you should pro8a8ly go ahead and make one for Eridan, too.
AG: Wherever Mindfang goes, it's a safe 8et to assume Orphaner Dualscar won't 8e far 8ehind.
GA: Okay
GA: I Hate To Ask But
GA: This Isnt Part Of Some Sort Of Scheme Is It
AG: Well, that depends. What kind of scheme are you talking a8out?
GA: Well Between The Presence Of Terezi And Eridan I Kind Of Have To Wonder If This Isnt Some Sort Of Elaborate Black Solicitation
AG: Whoa, hey, no, let's get one thing clear right now!
AG: I am NOT waxing 8lack for either of those two, alright????????
AG: I mean, I know Eridan and I had a thing, 8ut that's all totally water under the 8ridge now.
AG: He is my 8usiness associ8, and that's it.
AG: And as for Terezi, well........
AG: I don't h8 her, alright?
AG: I still feel like shit for 8linding her, actually.
AG: 8ut yeah, no, I don't even have a hoof8east in this race, trust me.
GA: But You May Or May Not Still Have Some Sort Of Scheme
AG: Yes, I may or may not!
AG: Unfortun8ely, I'm sworn to secrecy on the matter.
GA: So You Do Have A Scheme
AG: I never said that!!!!!!!!
AG: How do you know I don't have a policy of swearing secrecy on the matter of my schemes even when I don't have any schemes????????
GA: Because
GA: Thats Kind Of Stupid
AG: It's not stupid, it's 8rilliant!!!!!!!!
AG: Anyway, if I did have a scheme, which I may or may not, it's all completely 8enign, alright?
AG: I'm not trying to get any8ody hurt here.
GA: Well
GA: Thats Believable Enough I Guess
GA: So Did You Have Any Specifications About The Costumes
AG: Just a few.
AG: First of all, historical accuracy is PARAMOUNT.
AG: As much as I'd love to let you get cre8ive with the outfits, I want the whole thing to 8e completely immersive.
GA: So For Mindfangs Outfit Youd Be Looking For Some Sort Of Black And Cerulean Gamblignant Attire
GA: Paired With A Hideous Garish Pair Of Bright Red Boots
AG: They aren't hideous!!!!!!!!
AG: Come on, Kanaya, the 8oots are 8adass, they're like the 8est part of the outfit!!!!!!!!
GA: I Just Kind Of Wish The Idea Of Color Coordination Existed A Thousand Sweeps Ago
GA: Like Why Couldnt The Boots Just Be A Little Darker Red
AG: So, what, more like........ maroon?
GA: Yes Whats Wrong With
GA: Um
GA: Oh
AG: ::::/
GA: Well Okay
GA: What About The Opposite
GA: Brightening Up The Cerulean On The Main Outfit So It Didnt Clash So Much With Your Footwear
AG: So what, you want me to par8de around in 8right red and 8lue like some kind of 8ipolar psychic douche8ag????????
GA: Urrgh Nevermind
GA: Ill Concede To Your Ridiculous Demands For Now
GA: But If You Ever Flarp After This Youre Letting Me Design Some Costumes That Are A Little More Fashion Conscious
GA: Are We Absolutely Clear On That
AG: Okay, okay, fiiiiiiiine!
AG: Jegus, Kanaya, you are so fussy!
AG: (And I love it <3)
GA: Haha Of Course
GA: Well Ill Get Started On Them Right Away
AG: That's gr8! Thank you, Kanaya!
GA: Its My Pleasure Really
GA: And Speaking Of Pleasure Would You Happen To Want Me To Fit You For Your Own Outfit Personally
AG: Uh, that miiiiiiiight not 8e a good idea.
AG: You remem8er what happened the last time we tried that, don't you?
GA: Um
GA: Yes
GA: Im Really Sorry For That By The Way
GA: Its Just You Were Standing There With Barely Any Clothing On While I Worked My Hands All Over You And I Got A Little
GA: Distracted I Guess
AG: Hahahahahahahaha, don't 8e sorry, Kanaya!!!!!!!!
AG: 8elieve me, I could've stopped you if I'd wanted to.
AG: And I didn't stop you, now did I?
AG: :::;)
GA: Oh My
GA: Miss Serket Youre Making Me Blush Again
AG: You know, Kanaya, for this whole "8lushing swooning maiden" shtick you like to play up, I can't help 8ut notice you seem to 8e the one to initi8 these things more often than not.
AG: It reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally m8kes me wonder sometimes........
GA: You Knew What You Were Getting Into When You Entered This Relationship Vriska
GA: Rainbow Drinkers Are Passionate And Aggressive Lovers
AG: Oh Jegus, not the rain8ow drinker thing again!
AG: Okay, just for the record, the whole 8itey thing in general is amazing and I love it.
AG: 8ut the thing where you pretend to 8e a rain8ow drinker is so goddamn ridiculous I can't help 8ut laugh at it.
GA: I Really Wish You Wouldnt Laugh Vriska
GA: I Mean Its Not Even That Im Offended Or Anything
GA: It Just Completely Breaks My Immersion Is All
AG: Awwwwwwww, I'm sorry, Fussyfangs.
AG: I'll try to 8e a little more consider8 in the future, okay?
GA: Thank You Vriska
GA: <3
AG: Anything for you, Kanaya!
AG: Aaaaaaaanyway, as fun as it would 8e to........ distract you from m8king my outfit, I really don't want to disrupt the cre8ive process.
AG: These costumes have to 8e perfect!
AG: In fact, eeeeeeeeverything has to 8e perfect!!!!!!!!
AG: I've got a lot of irons in the fire, and they're all hinged on this one night, so if even one thing goes wrong, the whole thing will fall apart!
AG: And then the irons will fall on the floor and they'll all get 8ent out of shape, 8ecause they're all hot and mallea8le.
AG: And I don't like 8ent irons, Kanaya.
AG: I fucking h8 them.
GA: Um
AG: 8ut hey! No pressure or anything!
AG: Just do your 8est on them, and I'm sure they'll turn out perfectly!
GA: Of Course Vriska
GA: Ill Settle For Nothing Less Than Perfection
GA: So I Can Assure You You Wont Be Disappointed
AG: Gr8! Thanks again, Kanaya! I really appreci8 this!
AG: And while I don't want to 8ug you while you're working on my costume, I might 8e willing to come over once you're done and........ try it on.
AG: :::;)
GA: Oh My
GA: Yes I Do Believe Id Like That A Great Deal
GA: But I Wouldnt Be Dragging You Away From Anything Would I
GA: I Understand Youve Been Spending A Lot Of Time With Tavros Recently
AG: Tavros? Oh, no, he's with Gamzee right now!
AG: They're off doing quests on LOTAM or something.
GA: Oh
GA: Theyre Adventuring
GA: I Thought That Was Kind Of A Thing For You And Tavros
AG: Well, yeah, it kind of is.
AG: 8ut the whole point of all this shipping stuff was to get our emotional shit together and m8ke us focus on the task at hand.
AG: And I don't want our glorious leader going off at us 8ecause all we ever do is w8ste time on feelings jams and sloppy makeouts!
GA: But
GA: All We Ever Do Is Waste Time On Sloppy Makeouts
AG: Hahahahahahahaha, yeah, I guess that's true!
AG: Hey, may8e you and I should do some adventurin' sometime!
AG: You haven't done many quests on your planet, have you?
GA: I Havent Done Any Actually
GA: But The Whole Situation Is Kind Of Complicated
GA: Namely I Dont Have Any Consorts Because Almost The Entirety Of The Planet Is Underwater And It Will Stay That Way Until I Figure Out How To Light The Forge
GA: Which Up Until Recent Events Had Been The Main Thing I Was Beating My Head Against Ineffectually
AG: Oh.
AG: Well shit. ::::/
GA: Its Okay
GA: Im Sure Ill Figure It Out Eventually
GA: And Once I Do We Can Do All The Questing In The World
AG: Yeah!!!!!!!! That sounds gr8!!!!!!!!
GA: Besides I Wouldnt Want To Distract You Right Now
GA: Youve Got This Whole Flarping Thing Planned
AG: Well, sure, 8ut I've always got time for you, Kanaya.
AG: I'd never 8low you off for anything!
GA: Well Thank You Vriska
AG: I mean........
AG: Alright, look, there's something I need to talk to you a8out.
GA: Oh
GA: Of Course Vriska What Is It
AG: Well........
AG: It's a8out Tavros.
GA: Is There Some Sort Of Problem Between You Two
AG: No! There's no pro8lem at all!
AG: Well, I mean, there kind of is a pro8lem? Sort of?
AG: Arrrrrrrrgh, this is really hard to explain, especially to you!
GA: Its Okay Vriska
GA: I Wont Judge You Or Anything
AG: Well, the thing is........
AG: Okay, look, I'm pale for him, alright? Pale as a rain8ow drinker.
AG: And I'm pretty sure he's just as pale for me.
AG: 8ut recently, I've found myself really........ attracted to him.
AG: Like, in a not so pale way, if you know what I mean.
GA: Oh
GA: Uh
GA: Wow
AG: I mean, I'm still flushed for you, Kanaya!!!!!!!!
AG: I'm flushed as FUCK for you, and nothing's EVER gonna change that!!!!!!!!
AG: It's just........ I'm really afr8d all these feelings I'm having for Tavros are going to ruin things 8etween me and him, or 8etween me and you.
AG: Or even 8etween him and Gamzee, for that matter!
AG: I mean, the whole reason I encouraged him to go after Gamzee in the first place is 8ecause I thought it'd help get my mind off him.
AG: I figured he'd do something sweet and adora8le and they'd 8ecome m8sprits and that would 8e the end of it.
AG: 8ut instead he did something COMPLETELY FUCKING 8ADASS and it just made my crush on him even worse!!!!!!!!
AG: And I don't know what to do a8out it and it's really stressing me out and I feel so horri8le for having all these stupid feelings.
GA: Vriska
GA: Are You Honestly Telling Me That You Feel Guilty Towards Me For Having Flushed Feelings For Your Moirail
AG: Kanaya, it's not like what happened 8etween me and you!!!!!!!!
AG: I mean, were you ever really pale for me in the first place?
GA: Well
GA: No Not Really
AG: Yeah, and I was never too hot on the idea either.
AG: 8ut I'm INCREDI8LY pale for Tavros, and he is for me too!
AG: And I really love helping him and dealing with his pro8lems and having feelings jams and adventures with him, and I'm scared I'm gonna ruin all that with this stupid little crush on him.
AG: Ugh, I really h8 myself sometimes.
GA: Vriska
GA: Look
GA: This Is Going To Sound Completely Insane Coming From Me
GA: But Maybe You Should
GA: Act On It
AG: Wh8t????????
GA: I Mean
GA: Moirails Are Supposed To Help Each Other With Their Problems
GA: And If Its A Problem That Youre Attracted To Him Then Maybe You Should Attempt The Um
GA: The Most Obvious Thing To Solve The Problem
AG: Kanaya, are you seriously telling me to........
AG: To do stuff with him????????
GA: Im Just Saying Maybe You Should Try It
GA: Just Once
GA: Just To See If It Helps
AG: Well, I........ GUESS that sounds reasona8le enough.
AG: And I guess if it doesn't work, we can just write the whole thing off as a 8ig mist8ke and move on.
AG: 8ut what if it does work, 8ut not completely?
AG: And it ends up 8ecoming a thing we have to do, uh........
AG: Regularly?
GA: Honestly Vriska
GA: What You And Your Moirail Do In The Privacy Of A Feelings Jam Isnt Really My Business
GA: Or Anyone Elses For That Matter
GA: And If Whatever You Do Ends Up Solving Your Problem Then It Doesnt Really Matter To Me What Specifically You Did To Solve It
GA: Especially If It Makes Things Easier For Your Moirallegiance
AG: Wow.
AG: I mean........
AG: You'd seriously 8e okay with that?
GA: If It Were Anyone Else Id Have A Problem With It
GA: But Tavros Is Your Moirail
GA: And The Bond Of Moirallegiance Is A Deep Personal Connection That Even I Dont Really Understand All That Well
GA: Frankly Im Not Really Sure How Intimate Is Too Intimate As Far As Activities Between Moirails Go
GA: Especially Since We Did Some Questionable Things Together When We Were Moirails And The Things In And Of Themselves Never Seemed To Cause Any Problems Between Us
GA: Honestly I Think Whatever You Do Is Okay As Long As Youre Doing It For The Sake Of Saving Your Moirallegiance And Not As Part Of Some Horrible Selfish Manipulative Quadrant Flipping Gambit
AG: Man, Kanaya, don't even start with this again!!!!!!!!
AG: I already told you, I don't 8egrudge you for anything you did when we were moirails!
AG: You didn't manipul8 me into anything! I was already flushed for you and I was just in complete impenetra8le denial a8out it.
AG: And yeah, if you'd 8een more direct a8out your feelings with me, it would've saved us 8oth a lot of grief.
AG: 8ut if I hadn't 8een as dense as fucking lead, I would've noticed your feelings sooner, and the same 8asic logic applies!
AG: We were 8oth 8eing completely stupid a8out it, 8ecause we're only six sweeps old and 8eing stupid is 8asically our fucking specialty.
AG: So just drop this whole thing a8out what an awful moirail you were, 8ecause you fucking WEREN'T, alright????????
GA: I Really Wish It Were That Easy Vriska
GA: But I Just Feel Completely Terrible About It
GA: And Im Not Really Sure What I Can Do
AG: Well, may8e you should find another moirail.
GA: Seriously
AG: Yes, seriously, Kanaya!!!!!!!!
AG: Honestly, I think you'd 8e a gr8 moirail for pretty much any8ody!
AG: Except me, of course.
GA: I Dont Know
GA: I Feel Like After What Happened Between Us Nobody Would Even Want Me As Their Moirail
AG: Kanaya, we were a 8l8ant mismatch, and every8ody knows it!
AG: A8solutely no8ody's gonna judge you 8ased on our moirallegiance.
AG: And if they do, well, fuck them!!!!!!!!
GA: Heh
GA: Maybe Youre Right
GA: But Honestly I Just Dont Feel Like Looking For A Moirail Right Now
AG: Well, suit yourself, I guess.
AG: I'm not your moirail, so I can't really tell you what to do.
AG: I just h8 to see you 8eating yourself up over stupid shit like this.
GA: Thanks Anyway Though
GA: And Honestly Whatever You Decide To Do With Tavros I Wont Think Less Of You For It
GA: You Two Are Really Good For Each Other And You Should Do Whatever It Takes To Preserve Your Relationship
GA: Even If It Would Look Like Infidelity On The Face Of It
AG: Really?
GA: Yes Really
GA: Were Matesprits Vriska
GA: Unconditional Love Is Kind Of A Fundamental Part Of The Equation
AG: Well, if you're really okay with it, I guess I could talk to him a8out it.
AG: Thanks for 8eing so understanding a8out this, Kanaya.
GA: Its No Problem Really
GA: Besides I Highly Doubt He Can Do The Bitey Thing Anywhere Close To As Well As I Can
AG: Hahahahahahahaha, yeah, you're pro8a8ly right.
AG: Even if I do........ attempt anything with Tavros, it won't mean you'll see any less of me in the slightest, 8elieve me!
GA: Thats All That Really Matters To Me
AG: Alright, well, I should pro8a8ly get going.
AG: I've got accomplices who I can't name who I need to talk to a8out schemes I may or may not have regarding irons that may or may not 8e in the fire at this very moment.
GA: Haha Whatever
AG: Hey, don't laugh!!!!!!!!
AG: This may or may not 8e serious 8usiness!!!!!!!!
GA: Okay Then I May Or May Not Stop Laughing
AG: Hahahahahahahaha, fair enough.
AG: Troll me when my outfit's done, okay?
AG: I'll 8e there to try it on faster than you can say, "My goodness, I do wish Miss Serket were here to undress at my discretion!"
GA: But Of Course
GA: Im Not Going To Rush Anything
GA: But Needless To Say I Will Complete The Costume To Your Specifications As Quickly As Possible
GA: <3
AG: Hahahahahahahaha, riiiiiiiight.
AG: <3
AG: Anyway, 8ye, Kanaya!
GA: Goodbye Vriska

arachnidsGrip [AG] ceased trolling grimAuxiliatrix [GA].