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Go to the forest planet, she said. It’ll be fun, so she said. At this point, Yas isn’t exactly sure that what they are currently doing could be described as “fun”, but then again, she’s not exactly not having fun either, in a way.

In actual fact, she’s pretty sure that she’s lost all cohesive ability to form thought say...half an hour ago (?), as when she and the Doctor were boarding the TARDIS, everything was fine, then it most certainly wasn’t, given she’s now against a metal wall half-naked with the Doctor in between her legs, pointy nails and callused hands stiff on her thighs while her blonde hair tickles the inside of them and her tongue reaches places it’s never been before.

Graham and Ryan had just left them, they just wanted to explore and according to the Doctor, there had been a newly terraformed forest biome that had sprung up somewhere in a nearby galaxy and the local alien species that lived around it were having a festival to celebrate.

Given that everything seemed to always end up chaotic, but fun around the Doctor, Yas couldn’t help but grin and say yes, practically watching the Doctor’s eyes light up in glee before she was at the controls. Upon landing, they found themselves in a wondrous parade of colours and faire as the festival swished around them, several alien kinds (all of which, the Doctor pointed out excitedly and spoke knowledge of) flying, pushing, walking or even jumping over them as they attempted to explore it all with the time they had, streams of language blending into a buzz of pleasant noise.

Eventually, the attention of everyone is pulled to the sky as a sudden onslaught of shadows falls over everyone and before they can figure out what is happening (and trading looks of fairly decently feeling concern), showers of glowing, golden shards are falling from above their heads and coating them liberally as they sparkle in the lowlight. They land on their clothes, in their hair, pool around their shoes, some of the small dots even float down to land on the Doctor’s nose, making her sneeze and send a whole cacophony of them onto Yas, who narrows her eyes in unappreciation as she receives a mildly sheepish look back.

It doesn’t seem to be a bad thing, however, or feel like one after a while given everyone is dancing around, kicking and spinning the shards back into the air and leaving them suspended in motion twinkling like the brightest stars before they would gently come back to the ground or person once more. It seemed to be making everyone more joyous, as the longer this went on, the dancing and the noises both in the background and at the forefront got louder and more raucous as time went on, filling Yas up like bubbles and somehow pulling out a startled, but excited laugh as a feeling washed over her that she’d never felt before.

It was clear that whatever was affecting her was affecting the Doctor as well, given when she turned to her side, the blonde was bathed in a halo of gold, eyes closed and smiling, making Yas’s heart flutter and stomach clench. Watching her carefully as she reopened them, the look that she gave the Pakstani as she turned to her was almost hunger-like, mixed with joy.

That expression, coupled with the atmosphere, is how they had now ended up here.

Yasmin’s back is freezing even under her sweater and jacket, but the rest of her is on fire as mouth and tongues and teeth prod, bite and poke at her insides, head stretched back in a moan as the Doctor’s hands are snaking up higher and she somehow doesn’t care.

Nothing like that has happened between them before and despite the one part of her brain not in a haze screaming at her, the rest that is has drowned it out before she notices, shivering as the sensations washing over her body intensify the more she lets it go on. She’s barely breathing between the gasps that leave her throat and mouth and supposes that it’s spurring the Doctor on in her actions as the more than leave, the more frenzied and heated it gets.

She hears a noise and worries that someone’s going to come aboard and see them in this position, compromised and raw, but the worry is so swallowed by the feeling of her legs quivering before her insides gives way and as she slumps quite boneless against the metal, the blonde resurfaces, face dripping, hair wild from where her hands had been pulling and eyes wide like a baby who’s been given candy for the first time.

She’d usually laugh at that kind of thing, but Yas isn’t laughing. In fact, it sends a spark through her so powerful that she’s pulling the almost bashful alien up by her suspenders to latch her lips onto hers, despite the smell and taste of her body lathering them, biting them as the other tries to pull away and pulling her back as they leave them a lovely shade of purple while her mouth and tongue travel down her neck, hands holding her firmly in place almost the same way as she did her, only on her hips as she pulls at the clothing still covering her.

She doesn’t know just how she manages to not let the Doctor’s neck out of lip or teeth sight while unclothing both herself and also her, but she’s achieved it in under half a minute given she can feel the silk of the Doctor’s inner thighs between her knee that’s pushing her back as they continue the actions, the sound of the Doctor’s voice speaking foreign words continuous now as Yas reaches her chest and starts biting and sucking instead of feeling and licking.

She doesn’t really remember what happens after this, though part of her wishes that she could somehow, as the next morning when she wakes up in the Doctor’s bed, naked, quite stiff and coffee coloured skin marked as much as her pale shade is eventual, but also not welcome as, despite the confusion and of course, the embarrassment, there’s no need for discussion somehow as they meet eyes and the feeling is still there and present in the air as they blush and look away, both smiling behind each other’s backs as they hastily maneuver themselves to get dressed for the day and onto the next adventure. The TARDIS seems cozier now, which is a change, but it’s a good one, as much as whatever happened to them was, even if neither knows just how or what it was.

For now, they just continue on ever forward. Yas and her Doctor. Always and forever in time.